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President Banda honours hard working Zambians

Headlines President Banda honours hard working Zambians

President Rupiah Banda has paid glowing tribute all hard working Zambians who have worked tirelessly to build the country in which millions of Zambians can be proud.

On the eve of the Heroes Day and Unity Day, President Banda said Zambia is a role for the world securing on its own independence and determine its future.

” Today, our young people, who make up 68 percent of our population, can look to the futures which are full of possibility,” the President said.

President Banda said this in a statement obtained by ZANIS to mark the eve of the Heroes and Unity Day celebrations signed by his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Dickson Jere.

He said Zambians have their ancestors to thank for the opportunity to work and earn a living, to benefit from good education and healthcare, and to enjoy a peaceful society.
Celebrated each year as a national holiday, the two days mark the successes and challenges Zambia has faced in its years since independence, in becoming a place that prizes the values of freedom, security and stability for all people.

President Banda added: “Our past achievements in building a united nation founded on co-operation and mutual support will always be at the heart of what makes Zambia great.

” We must never forget the people – young and old, past or present – who have played a part in making us what we are today.”

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  1. What good standard of living ? more than 80% of zambians wallow in abject poverty. Only Lebanese, indians, chinese, the Banda clan were a realetive is in every embassy and the fake muzungus are thankfull for Zambia to be such a free place.

  2. @2 witness, do not forget that bwana sata and mmembe are not in the 80% bracket of poverty, they are probably in the top 5%. i have noticed that many pf supporters despise anyone who looks comfortable, for some foo.lish reason they tend to think that bwana sata is one of them in poverty and do not realise that actually he is one of those that want to build and increase their comforts by exploiting the ignorance of the poverty stricken down trodden majority. bwana sata will never deliver, not only because he has no idea how, but also because he can never get to power as long as he campaigns on a platform of deception of God’s people.

  3. IwePFgovernment are you fine upstairs? No one has talked abt sata here and there you go spewking nosense. Grow up u kaponya

  4. #2 Latest figures show that the number of people living in absolute poverty is now 60% and not 80%. Still have a lot of work to do but we are going in the right direction. The bumper harvest means that people in the rural areas have enough to eat and those in urban areas can enjoy the benefits of a single digit inflation. Hence the the price of mealie meal is actually falling in real terms which is not the case in many other African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Senegal to name a few. What people dont know is that the real meaning of ‘donchi kubeba’ is that no one is able to alleviate poverty and build massive infrastructure in 90 days.

  5. #2 u nid 2 grow up. which embassies hav u found RB relatives? learn to give credit where its due. No one will alleviate poverty to 0% not even yur Satan u ‘re supporting will change things in 90 days. U shud not be acting as if u ‘re a knows it all person jst like Sata, the post boss, simataa, magnande etc they are ****ing *****s…

  6. What are these possiblities of the future? This is what Mubarak, Ben Ali and Ghadafi thought..but consider that for the last 20 years we have on the average sent out 5000 graduates from university alone but there are no jobs for them to go to….means you have at least 100,000 jobless graduates looking to the future….the street kids first appeared in full bloom in 1990 aged about 16 so most of them are now 36 plus ever wonder what they are up to?

  7. # 7 lackson
    Check staffers at embassy in Tanzania, malaysia, germany and italy just as a sample. i have just come back from Zambia, and belive me pipo are suffering.

  8. Incidentally who are the “hard working Zambians” being honoured? If only Zambians at the top were honest and accountable Zambia would be competing with South Africa. For now Zambians should be content with wallowing in poverty because they have allowed themselves to be governed by very selfish “leaders”.

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