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Don’t be deceived by newspapers– HH


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has advised Zambians not to be deceived by the self imposed popularity of some opposition leaders who are making headlines in some tabloids.

Mr. Hichilema says making headlines and what is obtaining on the political ground are different.

He says it is wrong for any leader to assume that they can control voters through making newspaper headlines.

Mr. Hichilema says being sidelined on coverage by some media institutions has given his party an opportunity to get to the grassroots physically.

Mr. Hichilema was speaking at a media briefing at the party secretariat this afternoon.

He also says it is mischievous for the Patriotic Front-PF to think that they still hold ground on the Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces.



  1. If you are planning to provide an alternative leadership focus on what you can give than spend your energy attacking who are not in leadership

  2. Under-five is back with his under 5 theories.At least ZNBC thought of covering you.Continue with your political dreams which will never come true….cut my finger!

  3. Why always attack PF and Sata? why don’t u go 4 ULP,ADD or abena Chifire LIfwe…ntweno or Chanda chi……mbwi the thirteenth iwe ka under susu?

  4. HH, we all say the latest pictures of you CB our. Is was badly attended. So what grassroot have you physically got to? Is UPND looking to provide alternative government of opposition? If you are looking at goverment then concentrate on attacking government. If you are looking at oppostion then disolve your NGO

  5. HH we were informed that you had mammoth rallies in Choma and kabwe and on the recent rallies on the Copperbelt and Western province its been quite. Did you even go to western province by the way.

  6. Tell the quarks please, there vuvzelas are losing grounds also coz people have realised your potential despite being blacked out. Go for it. Ifwe ni 20HH epela olo bachite shani!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This chap is such a sailout. Busy attacking the opposition instead of the Government. He is totally warped in his thinking. What Faking twat!!!!

  8. The way i wounder whether sata is still active in politics,imagine from the UNIP days upto now.since politics is similar to prostitution i can imagine what energy he has

  9. here we go again this HH of the Tonga peoples party, he has come up with his usaul Tonga BULL S.H.I.T. This under5 and his fellow tribalists are obsessed with Mr Sata and the PF…… This guy does not show his wife or kids, how much do we know about this chap apart the fact his father was a cattle thief and spent many spells in Jail.

    Maybe HH is a Butty boy, he is afraid to attack MMD cos RB cos he has the power and resources to out him, RB is keeping this boys butty secrets to keep under5 in line and make HH sing for MMD……BUTTY BOY is another word poof,gay or homo and ka under knika homo…but uta babili cos them tonga bulls don,t like butty boys, they will let their bulls take turns on HH..

    • try to talk about real issues not insults.we ar all zambians. nothing like tongas,bembas no,u ar the same fools who ar bringing problems in this country. why do u want to see HH’s wife and kids? wat do u want to do with them? dont u have your own wife and children, grow up u fool.this is our country and we ar all special. so go **** yourself.*****

  10. HH you have been compromised by the Banda boys. It is common knoledge that UPND officials have been travelling to international seminars on behalf of GRZ. What have you been promised ?

  11. BA PF Please attack these cows, we can,t allow them to constantly insult our president,

    they can call us kaponyas but the same kaponyas will rule them, no tonga in plot 1 not in this life time bwana

  12. Does HH want to become PF president or Zambian president? Why is he avoiding any attacks on RB? Ba HH, we know that you had a meeting with RB in Mfuwe. Please explain to your blind supporters your real position.

  13. Madodo @ 17

    What province? not everybody in that province belongs to HH,s tonga peoples party, he is trying to decieve himself

  14. This idea of avoiding to attack sata because some pf cadres think he is a demi-god is backward. Sata, HH and Banda are competing for our votes. Any right thinking candidate will do everything possible to reduce the number of votes for other competitors. It would folly for HH to reduce the number of votes for banda and watch sata’s votes rise. Parties by nature have very few members. Party sympathisers who are usually undecided are the ones who decides the winner. HH has to hammer hard on both sata and rb naturally

  15. HH I will copy and paste this article and come and remind you of your words….be wise!! you understand why you can not run this country reach at least 65yrs may be you might have an insight

  16. HH I think its time you enquired from VJ Election Consultancy what the fee for their election campaign is. You need some grooming on election strategy. Don’t waste your time with the tabloids. Just engage Foot Soldiers and consult VJ.

  17. Sata served as a constable in the colonial government, snitching on freedom fighters and beating up protesting women. He later vanished to london and worked as a cleaner and porter.
    After having gained some grainy experience in sweeping, he came back to Zambia and became a pimp for Kaunda. As a pimp, his job was to organise women in markets to go and dance for kaunda at the airport. Kaunda was so impressed that he appointed sata as governer of Lusaka a position he cherished so much. With experience as a sweeper and porter from London, sata was in no time spearheading the clean up of Lusaka. With his stint as a train garbage collector, sata was able to moot the idea of LUDIC buses which eased transport blues in Lusaka.

  18. Come on young man. Stop the nonsense. I am now beginning to lose my respect for you. PF does not have the power of government at present. You focus on getting power from MMD, if it is power you want, unless, of course, you have an adulterous political relationship with the MMD.

  19. Kaunda was not sure of the ambition of sata and thus removed him as governor where as a populist he was getting scary noticed by the masses and appointed him minister of state for decentralisation where he was detarched from the grassroots. When MMD was formed, kaunda realised that sata was sitting on the fence and instructed the VP to fire him. Sata jumped the fence and joined the mmd where he became the chief comical and comedian. In no time Sata was in a vintage position to purge all those who threatened his interest leveraging his Bemba tribe and Kinship to Chiluba. Chiluba could not brooke this nonces and shunted him to a post without portifolio. Later sata would form his PF which performed dismally in 2001 with only one MP. After Mwanawas became president, there was a general fealing

  20. Mr. President i will vote for you.Atleast you are the only making sense on the political arena.Others are just PF,PF or MMD MMMD what? We are behind you.mr President.

  21. @ 23. PF Cadre
    Dont you get tired/bored of trying to sell the same anti-Sata message? We have been hearing this since 2001, but it never defered his support. It just keps on growing

  22. that mwanawasa would be Chiluba’s purpet. The post had to Jump on something to control Mwanawasa from the powers of Chiluba. They had two options, Sata and Mazoka. The Post outrightly did not want to back Mazoka because he is Tonga and had a meeting under the tree with Chiluba. They settled for sata who they started rebranding with a lot of fear because think sata is uncontrollable and unpredictable. Sata the colonial constabel, london sweeper, train cleaner, demago, chawama hacker, K2billion Kabwe convention courier bacame a darling of the post as a wedge to control, levy and banda. That is the short history of our president the demagog

  23. Thieves are regrouping in PF,but we will smoke them out! Viva the Real Change and it is coming soon.

  24. A tabloid headlines has blinded Perpetual Failures for making them believe that they are popular when not

  25. Attacking Sata as usual! Whats wrong with you? Why not attack RB as well since he’s also in the competition?

  26. HH. you have felt the heat in the kitchen. Mmembe is not covering you and you are crying like an under 5 kid. Please go back to Mmembe and apologise for your insults. How many times are those MMD Mkushi ward councellors going to resign from MMD

  27. hehehe..there we go..the post shall close up as soon as RB wins again..HH doing a great job..PF is buried..

  28. This year is for either Sata or RB. If Sata wins, lets brace ourselves for a state funeral within two years into his Presidency and if it will be RB, a state funeral two years into his second term. Thats what Zambians are asking for by voting for nkote based on tribe. By the way bloggers, Fred Mmembe will be in jail during the elections period. Sata has everything to lose while RB and HH will be all smiles.

  29. Let’s see what the election will bring out.. we only have a few months to go.. There will be “shock and awe” for a lot of people on this blog. I see alot of hardline positions by bloggers in support of all the three front runners.. Supporters in the RB and SATA camps beware.. you are the most prone to die of shock seing how confident of victory you are!!!

  30. PF Cadre

    if president Sata was pimiping for KK your mother was the W.H.O.R.E that even Dingi Banda refused to F.U.C.K

    swine ewe ule mwana whabwa T.O.E.O.B.A noko, you can insult Sata all you like HH has sold you out to the Banda boyz soon you will be dribbled badly

  31. Where are HH’s advisers? He needs to attack MMD who have the biggest slice of the cake and make inroads, boost his numbers than attack MCS. This isn’t doing him a favour. Also each time he opens his mouth and attacks a fellow opposition he is weakening his position. He and his followers have completely lost it that UPND, ADD FDD, NRP, PF are on the same side of the fence. By jumping on the heads of others on his side wont take him anywhere. He needs to climb the fence and book out MMD if he stands a chance of being a resident of plot 1. Let the show go on.

  32. PF are very afraid of HH attacking sata…!! There are things PF should worry about HH attacking their leader, these elections may be the last for sata to contest before he hangs his legs up HH still have more years in the politics of zambia, if there is any leader who insulted HH much is sata, so I do not see any reasons to be afraid of when to you is approved that HH have a choma party. PF must just slep well, stay well and dream well because they are competing with MMD..according to your supporters.HH is third, so don’t worry because is a small party he is hearding,,,,during the counting, we will be looking only on MMD and PF. But if there is any candidate to win these election is HH….if RB is not standing, I would have told you 100% sata is winning these elections. not now..!

  33. PF cadres do not over-rate yourselves,i can assure you will be very shocked when the results will be announced.This is just like an Examination,the best candidate takes it.The exams are in the field and the results will come either September or October whatever month but this year.

  34. You guys, HH doesnt attack Sata.Hejust talks about the old and how long they have been in govt. Why do you choose to take only one issue when the guy talks a lot of issues like empowering the youths, improving the economy etc. The issue of the old is genuine and is not an attack on Sata please.Try tp flip your minds and look at it from a different point of view. The guy says what he intends to do for you.The issue of the old just comes when he has to defend himself like when someone calls him a calculator boy, underfive blablablaaaa!

    Viva HH, YOU HAVE MY VOTE.I will tell my extended family in Luapula to vote for you.

  35. NO NAME




  36. #3 kapilipili. if anyone cuts your fingers, how are you going to pick-pocket? Dont cut the finger that feeds you, LAZO!

  37. The PF kaponyas will be shocked that their Cobra will be distant third. Failure to analyse issues has terribly exposed their ignorance. HH will lead you this year and this is a dose you need to get used to now to avoid making fools of yourselves. 20HH

  38. HH has best advisors as compared to Sata.No matter what amount of intimidation you habour against HH.HH will poll fairer than Sata! Right now as voters are asking themselves why is that Old and recycled politician are joining Sata? What do they want which they did not achieve from the current and previous regime? Definitely they are opportunists.Real Change is in HH and UPND Team.

  39. Those of us who are sober and understand what our country needs in this day and age will vote for HH. There are more of us than these few bloggers who just know how to insult.

  40. PF cadres debate objectively,if you bring tribal politics on this fora,i will triger mine and scamper like bees smoked from the beehive! Mind your language ladies and gents!

  41. You are all crying for change of govt. HH is only telling you that you are in a bad situation coz of the people who have been in gvt previously.How is this an attack on Sataand PF? Busy making noise change,change,change! What change are you talking about? Sata does not represent any change at all. If things are alright , stop making noise.As long as you make noise, we shall remind you who has brought the bad situation you are in and offcourse what we shall do for you, especially those of you who just sell on the street.

  42. Self imposed popularity, excellent observation. One thing pf should know is that people have eyes and you can gloss over your president but we know him very well. your recent convention where he imposed his preferred puppets says it all. the POST thinks zambians are dull but come polling day your hopes will be shattered and the post will be finished.

  43. What insult is in saying ” we have done our job on the copperbelt and the pf must do theirs?
    The man has just put up a challenge for you to do your damn job, f.u.c.k.e.r.s

    Take it as a challenge, not an insult. Now I understand when people say PF is full of school dropouts.

  44. Serpenta Sata @ 40

    you say to me insults out,but just your name is an insult to The PF president.

    Iron Bemba Lady @ 44

    Please use your real tonga name, there are no bembas in Luapula please do your home work
    HH your under5 is not going anywhere, he is already working for President Banda.

  45. #55 Get it right mate,the word Serpent is not an insult please check any dictionery papa you will get it right.Serpent means snake and am not wrong to use this word coz if you walk into sata’s office you will find a wooden cobra on his desk..Cobra is a snake if you do not know mate.Thats reason he is called King Cobra or serpent.

  46. To be honest, if I had to choose between HH and Sata, I would choose HH. Those that are staunch supporters of Sata, we know why they support him and it is not because he can make a good president. However, even HH at the moment is far worse than RB. I have studied these 3 leaders over the past year and I know what I’m talking about. Even with his weaknesses, which we all know, RB is still by a mile better than any of the two major opposition leaders. Personality-wise, only Charles Milupi surpasses RB; however, we all know that Charles Milupi is not even a factor due to the tiny size of his party – although I think by 2016 he could be a force to reckon with. Watch this space. At the moment, my money is on RB – he is cleverer than HH and Sata PUT TOGETHER!!!!

  47. @20, you are very stupid, stop abusing the Church of God in your mediocre politiking, you will end up blaspeming..

  48. Senthday adverntist. You may ask Kaunda for confirmation that Sata if only fit for some lower portifilio in government or a chief pimp. Thieves are regrouping in PF. All these good guys like Lubinda, Kabimba, Inonge, will be sidelined after the election. If you didnt know sata and now I have enlightened you and you dont like it, go **** yourself your Homo

  49. Seventh day adventist sounds like he is from Mporokoso. Too rural, a blind follower of a demago, colonial snitch, convetion money courier and chawama matchet hacker

  50. Let there be love shared among us,
    Let there be love in our eyes,
    May now Your love sweep this nation,
    Cause us O Lord to arise.
    Give us a fresh understanding
    Of brotherly love that is real,
    Let there be love shared among us,
    Let there be love.

  51. As much as I would like to see a young president in Zambia, HH is not that person. This guy  has
     no principles. He is part of the opposition and he is busy attacking the opposition, what a loser!    Start campaigning fool and stop bitching.

  52. NGOLI CHIPUBA, VOTA PANKOLOKO – EBAKOPALA MWANA. If Hakaivotela Heka (HH) thinks the POST is no force why talk about them. Sata already has Copperbelt Province and will Northwestern Province as well. I see MMD coming out with not more than 5 votes in Solwezi central and Lumwana Constituencies.

    If HH thought he was popular in Northwestern province, he’s jocking. UPND’s popularity came from there having supported Mazoka through Benny tentamashimba. Non of the 2 people mentioned above are with us.

  53. I used to have great respect for HH. Now it is evaporating day by day. You are not telling us why we should vote for you. All you are screaming about is hatred for the opposition PF who are not even in power. Am very disappointed with your shockingly degenerating behaviour.

  54. When the media quote HH, they don’t quote him in full. especially ZNBC. if listen to his press breifings you will realise that he mostly speaks of issues and not personalities. the media just peak out the things that will make you guys start fighting eachother.

  55. HH lacks direction in his political career. Maybe after 25 years he ll mature. I hope that time comes.


  57. HH has just blasted himself into political oblivion just like STS-135 (A.K.A Space shuttle Atlantis) on its last journey!! Coz after elections, UNPD will be history, pity that such a, once vibrant, party has been driven into the ground by one, though endowed with money & probably some education, has not been endowed with INSIGHT, FORESIGHT, WISDOM, HUMBLENESS, PEOPLE SKILLS, REALITY CHECKS & least but not last, “LEAVING THE VILLAGE, BUT FAILING TO RID HIMSELF OF THE “STICKS!!””

  58. “Least but not last?” did i really say that??? Just goes to show how difficult it is to try & understand this man, rather boy, one is bound to “get lost in translation!!!!”

  59. Sturbon tonga people it again shows that u are so selfish. All u think about is u and yo stomach. Dont be so narrow minded. No one is supporting except the ones ur paying and even yo own wife doesnt believe what u talk about. IN FACT YO WIFE’S PF.

  60. #60 SO YOU FINALLY ACCEPT THAT PF HAS GOOD PEOPLE, so why do you still hang on for dear life & support RBish & his shimmering, rather “mirage” of a party????

  61. PF cadre 

    Chekala chaweso musata nyoko 
    You son of a cow stinking shagging hoe
    Your under5 never ever shall he get plot 1′ we shall take all you f.u.c.k.I.n.g losers out never shall we allow a f.u..c.k.i.n.g tonga into state house
    We shall always  put you 6 ft under as we always do
    Do u understand why we don, t want you in the OP
    Think cows

  62. its really out of naive that the underfive can not admit that their is nothing for UPND this year. Atleast i am too sure that the UPND can not win this year’s election and it will be unwise to vote for them even in bwengwa! Let the underfive try even councilorship because the trip to the copperbelt should have been a eye opener.

  63. 14,16,20// Try to choose a different name for yourself otherwise you are wrongfully describing yourself. The Seventh Day Adventist Church name should not be used to express poltical opinions like you do. Leave the Church out of your political aspirations. Otherwise know that HH is a President of a Party not Tongas as you purport, hate him or not. He has a following with equal chances of winning this elections a fact you can not ignore.

  64. #14,16,20 as observed by #78, do not use the good name of the Church to insult your fellow bloggers. Do not drag God into these simple minded discussions.

  65. LT, please bar this son of the devil called SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST from posting his insults on this blog.

  66. Dear #61 please leave people from Mporokoso out of this before you loose all the votes for the president you are representing. And for all those people who are against the school dropouts aren’t they Zambians? aren’t they allowed their freedom of speech?where is the democracy and fairness in them being ridiculed?

  67. Why do we keep on tearing each other apart on tribal lines, Zambians? Remember, Zambia is one nation and that’s what we’re known outside the boarders of this country. We’re NOT KNOWN BY TRIBE BUT by the NATION of ZAMBIA. So all those who want to practice tribalism are alien to the nation of Zambia to which I belong. Besides people have the right to choose their preferred candidate and that right can never be taken away from them. So lets give each other space to promote our preferred candidates with dignity and respect. Proudly Zambian and Zambia is my tribe.

  68. Zambian blogs are more of insults than bring up the reals issues for people to make sound decisions. No wonder in Zambia we will never develop because by reading most of the contributions nothing else apart from insults.

    We need change of our thinking then we can be able to choose better leaders and develop the nation. For now too much scarcism and insults which are not good for the nation…..maybe it shows the level of peoples reasoning as a nation.

  69. Many of the people who post comments on this blogger due not even deserve to be given space looking at the quality of their debate. This is the sad story about this country. It is because of such logic that Zambia and Africa in particular will never develop. How I wish we could start thinking using our brains than our tribes and political inclinations. God save this country and Africa. I would have proposed that we swap with the white for two decades only, but on one hand I think we shall just destroy their countries as we have done to ours and Africa. Is it a curse to be born black. Why this terrible thinking?

  70. Better be wise you chaps. What do you want, a better Zambia or you stupid comments? Be wise and write sense. Your mediocrity leads you to talk about tribes. No tribe is better than the other here. I am surprised that you have no sense, let alone one that allows you to use a bit of computer technology. We want to develop this country to an admirable nation. So, lets discuss sense.

  71. The guy who is using the name “Seventh Day Adventist”, is looking for God’s wrath on him. Be careful! You will soon be retired to the grave and resurrect to hell. Be careful!

  72. The guy who is using the name “Seventh Day Adventist”, is looking for God’s wrath on him. Be careful! You will soon be retired to the grave and resurrect to hell. Be careful!

  73. I think this is one of the such a lot vital information for me. And i am happy reading your article. However want to statement on some normal issues, The web site taste is wonderful, the articles is in reality great : D. Just right activity, cheers

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