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Masebo was smuggling information from the MMD to the PF-RB

Headlines Masebo was smuggling information from the MMD to the PF-RB

President Rupiah Banda
President Rupiah Banda

PRESIDENT Banda has said that he had failed to trust Chongwe member of Parliament (MP) Sylvia Masebo because he knew that she was a mole in the MMD.

And President Banda has wished former deputy minister of Works and Supply Lameck Mangani good luck with his newfound love in the Patriotic Front (PF).

President Banda said Ms Masebo, who recently resigned from the MMD and joined the PF, had remained in the ruling party after the death of President Mwanawasa as an agent of the opposition political party.

The President said in an interview at Lusaka International Airport yesterday shortly before departure for South Sudan that he had always doubted Ms Masebo’s loyalty to the MMD.

He said he had always been aware of Ms Masebo’s political mischievousness and that is why he could not trust her.

President Banda said he had reminded Ms Masebo about her schemes but being what she is, she continued maligning him and smuggling information from the MMD to the PF.

President Banda said when President Mwanawasa died in 2008, Ms Masebo waged a vicious hate campaign against him because she wanted former Minister of Finance and National Planning Ng’andu Magande to succeed the late Head of State.

President Banda said Ms Masebo launched a malicious and smear campaign against him just because he was the favourite to succeed the late President Mwanawasa.

The President stated that while he has never said anything against Ms Masebo, the Chongwe MP has always abused the Head of State without justifiable reasons.

President Banda said Ms Masebo continued abusing him even after the 2008 Presidential elections.

“It is an open secret that Masebo was a mole in the MMD and I did not think I could trust her. When President Mwanawasa died, she launched a hate and malicious campaign against me because she thought Magande would be president. She verbally abused me but I have never said anything against her. So let the people judge between me and her who has hatred against the other,” President Banda said.

Mr Banda said since Ms Masebo is claiming to be the most popular in Chongwe, the MMD is ready to meet her on the campaign battle field.

The President said he is waiting to see how popular Ms Masebo is in Chongwe adding that the elections will dictate who is going to have the last laugh.

And President Banda has said Mr Mangani has exercised his democratic right by resigning from the MMD and joining the PF.

Mr Banda said while he is sorry that Mr Mangani decided to resign when the MMD was considering adopting him to re-contest the Chipata central seat, he wished him good luck in his new party.

“He has chosen to go and when the MMD was formed way back in 1991, it was on the basis of giving people the right to freely associate themselves with their preferred parties. He has made his choice and has chosen to go. I am sorry that he has left at a time the party was considering adopting him as a candidate,” President Banda said.

And WALLEN SIMWAKA reports that the MMD in Eastern Province has described Mr Mangani as an egotistical, greedy and ungrateful person who has always wanted everything to himself.

MMD Eastern Province chairman Kennedy Zulu said Mr Mangani has been fighting President Banda for a long time now and that the party is happy that he has finally left the party

Mr Zulu said in an interview yesterday that the MMD in Eastern Province will always consider the resignation of Mr Mangani as good riddance.

“For the first time, the ruling party will breathe fresh air. Mr Mangani has been fighting the President and he has always wanted everything good for himself. He is a selfish, greedy and ungrateful man. The MMD in Eastern Province had sacrificed so much just for him but he has never appreciated. Time has come for us now to show him that he has never been a factor in Eastern Province and Chipata in particular,” Mr Zulu said.

Mr Zulu said when President Mwanawasa appointed President Banda as Vice-President, Mr Mangani was not happy because he (Mr Mangani) had wanted the position.

He said that Mr Mangani has always thought that he is better than President Banda and that is why he has always exhibited traits of insolence.

Meanwhile, YANDE SYAMPEYO reports that Southern Province MMD chairperson Edgar Keembe has said that Mr Mangani’s resignation from the party will have no impact on the MMD.

Mr Keembe said this is so because the party has gained ground and popularity in most parts of the country, describing Mr Mangani’s resignation as a “drop in the ocean”.

He said the MMD is bigger than any individual member adding that the party will remain intact.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Mwilaponta, you embrased himwhen he was with you and today you ve turned around. Any way the writting on the wall is very clear. RB your days are numbered!

    • Thats true my brother. MMD must go lets prepare them now out of that offfice and give it to serious politicians and not SUGAR DADDYS WHO START DEVELOPMENT AT THE LAST MINUTE JUST TO HAVE THAT PAYSLIP.

  2. The party wanted to adopt him again – so says the Party President. Good riddance – screams the Provincial Chairman! There is a disconnect there, somewhere….

  3. Politics of hate. Where to next MMD? Thank you RB for confirming your personal hate for Masebo. You can try as much as possible to justify your hatred, but luckily we are not as foolish as your UNIP cadres in MMD chitenges who believe everything that come out of that lying and insulting mouth of yours. Even the monkeys at State House know you better, hence pissing on you and your brains.

  4. RB, the rate at which you are increasingly becoming unpopular is worrying.. you just have to admit that you will not do well this election. the young man HH has equally penetrated your strongholds. MMD is weakening day by day..

  5. How do you reconcile these statements? Please HELP

    “I am sorry that he has left at a time the party was considering adopting him as a candidate,” President Banda said.

    And WALLEN SIMWAKA reports that the MMD in Eastern Province has described Mr Mangani as an egotistical, greedy and ungrateful person who has always wanted everything to himself.

    Mr Zulu said in an interview yesterday that the MMD in Eastern Province will always consider the resignation of Mr Mangani as good riddance


  6. As a leader you are not supporse to pay bad for bad.you should hv jst counciled her. But now u hv lost chongwe.plz leave a good legacy as levy did.

  7. the excitement of reading zambia papers is really going down. every time you want read the news papers all what is there is petty isues what supprices me is that even the head of state is also petty. Our beloved Zambia can actually develop the problem is people spent much time on pettty isues.

  8. Mr Keembe said ………….., describing Mr Mangani’s resignation as a “drop in the ocean”.

    But even a drop in the ocean sends ripples, or doesn’t?

  9. But Banda himself has been a BIG MOLE in MMD. Does it mean that some moles are more equal than others?


  11. It is unfortunate that a Leader would pass such statements. I cannot believe this is coming from a President. Possibly Masebo was right to be against you as you show no Leadership Morals. You came from UNIP and your statements Mr. President prove it all.

    Ask yourself why most of your Good Ministers have left MMD. Your Ethics are questionable and you should be worried as a Leader. Learn from Mistakes.

    Viva Sata.

  12. Having studied psychology I find Masebo to be a very untrusted person, just by her looks you can see that she is not worthy trusting.

  13. Just how much pettier and lower could a president sink? So literally everything Masebo said was true, and I also now believe Derrick Chitala was right when he claimed Banda was waging a vicious campaign against him. Well, Banda should know that he has created so many enemies for himself and come election day, the chickens shall come back home to roost, in the ballot box.

  14. Ba Delegate naimwe, state the theory and show evidence displayed by Masebo for you to state what you just stated. Psychology has many levels. What psychology are you discussing? Child Psychology? Abnormal Psychology? Biological Psychology?
    Cognitive Psychology?

    Developmental Psychology?

    Personality Psychology? Social Psychology?
    What in any these few Psychologies I have mentioned here made you conclude as such? For how long did you observe Masebo for you to say that “Just by her looks”? Please. Psychology 101 will deceive you that you have studied Psychology. No real Psychologist will give such a diagnosis from 10000 miles away. Only quacks do that.

  15. Kekekekekekekekekek you mean all those people that have resigned from MMD were passing data to the pf. No ways. Bwana nkani yazanda for your party. The sooner you realise this the better. Some more resignations are coming. Watch out……………………In bemba there is saying that goes like ” A failure always has an excuse”. Uwawa tabula kabepesho. Kekekekekekeke and its very true the MMD is cracking at a very fast rate. Lost parliamentary seats coupled with resignations. 

  16. I have long suspected that there was a mole in MMD. The mole is now in the open. This mole is none other than Rupiah Bwezani Banda, ex-UNIPist.
    The man has done a decent job in undoing whatever good he found in his adopted party, changing practices and hounding out good men and women.
    Yes, the MMD is beyond salvage, will suffer a bloodied nose and its lot will leave this year’s polls with their tails firmly between their legs – a vanquished side, thanks to Rupiah Bwezani Banda

  17. Rupiah you are a very petty person to occupy the office of republican president. With this level of hatred, you are a danger to our national security. You treated Sylvia Masebo as a piece of possession and isolated her so that you could exert your manipulation and apply your multiple roles as the terrorist, the tyrant, the fiend, and now, the victim.
    Please give specifics and show maturity in advancing your arguments!

  18. What a President! Well lets wait and see if this cadre can get the Presidency this year. Sure MMD is on its way to extinction. Without any assets, RB’s new Party will disappear from our political front in next 24 months. Mangani, teach RB a lesson by defeating him in Chipata Central on PF ticket.

  19. My goodness, is everybody in this Party a MOLE? Every one who resigns from MMD is a mole, really?! Or has MMD simply run out of proper terms to describe the real reasons why people who can read “time” (the MMD PANKOLOKO) and can tell it is time to abandon ship, the “clock” ain’t working any more!

  20. @5, have you seen how excited people are when he meets them? everybody wants to shake his hand which is an expression of deep affection for their president. see the latest pictures on znbc when rb was mobbed by the people of maamba to shake his hand. not doctored pictures like in the post but real live pictures. if your only source of news is the post you will be blinded and not see that you have actually boarded a leaking boat.

  21. when you want to sail on stormy seas you use a ship and not a banana boat which will capsize and cause everybody aboard to drown. and you use a captain to navigate the stormy waters and not a charlatan. sailing is not about guess work or magic wands, the captain has to have knowledge of navigation. this year pf is in such a predicament, wrong vessel for the wrong purpose, and a paddler instead of a captain.

  22. Very immature, petty, childish, ukubuta. These are some of the reasons Zambia hasn’t taken off economically and politically. We allow ourselves to be governed by nincompoops, ninnies, zanies, dullards and simpletons. If we expect punks likes these to deliver us from economic malaise we will wait in vain forever. It’s always politics of hate and unmitigated personal attacksm from cadres all to the president! When do they set aside time to focus on the programs they are mandated to perform?

  23. Is there any record that Rupiah Banda resigned from UNIP to join MMD? Can someone please remind us! Was he a mole too? Only a mole knows the other mole!!

  24. When the ‘rebel’ MPs from PF decided to participate in the NCC it was fine for Sata to embrace them? See if he will adopt even those that claim to have repented….rebelling against a party and its leadership is not about accepting everything…By the way why didnt Masebo join Magandes Party since he is the ‘preferred’ choice


  26. Since he only speaks upon arrival or departure at the airport why didnt someone ask about the election date plse?

  27. Masebo is a girlfriend of Vuvuzela’s Malupenga, so what do you expect? She’s alwys been the mole who was leaking MMD’s information to the Vuvuzela. Good riddance RB. She will tumble in Chongwe just watch the space.

    • unless namugalaena nishi…………………ask edith kapijimpanga what happened.don’t kubeba biggggggggggggggg

  28. RB has successfully and diligently managed to destroy mmd the party which was very very vibrant in its infancy. no geniune zedian envies mmd now!

  29. I agree with my elder brother Shiwanya. Am equally CONFUSED. Bottom line, Mangani was a factor as admitted by HE RB.

    Messers Zulu and Keembe should honestly reconcile there statements and avoid ridiculing HE. Give the big man some respect. Mangani may have the last laugh.

  30. @28, good question sam, good question why didn’t masebo join magande’s party if she genuinely believes that he is the right man? surely is there any similarity between magande and bwana sata? in spite of everything about magande he deserves kudos for having at least the decency and basic principle of not prostituting himself to pf like masebo, mpombo, chitala, mulongoti and similar scum are doing.

  31. Masebo thats what u get for undermining any leadership (whether good or bad) Try to undermine King Cobra and see how quick it will strike your funny face. Ask the rebel PF MPs. The price for any rebbelion is what you got.

  32. For sure our political level is very low. Instead of discussing what we intend to do for our poor people we discuss the opposite. What is wrong with us Zambians kanshi. 47 years after Independence we are still behaving like BROKEN HILL MAN. This is really sad. Hatred is another disease we need to get rid of otherwise we are headed for crap. Great minds discuss ideas while Simple minds discuss people. Even our President Rupia Kamuzu Banda has been doing the same and so have the opposition. When shall we learn to tackle the issues at hand? When shall we learn to respect each other? Kaya. Sometime I wish I were not a Zambia, sorry to say this but it really pains to see how issues are unfolding. Some people think they can live for ever, just look around yourselves. Old f.o.o.l.s

  33. Zambia, Zambia akantu ku bwalyo, ala ni so tambe. We need the young generation to take over. Don´t we have Obamas in Zambia? The same heap of Gabbage all the time, I wonder why people bother to vote


  35. i dont get it, so if they were moles them why did you keep them on this long, why saymall this after they have rrsigned, i mean why did you consider mangani again when you knew he was a mole? Reasoning ya ruphia beats me.

  36. i dont get it, so if they were moles them why did you keep them on this long, why say all this after they have resigned, i mean why did you consider mangani for the chipata central seat again when you knew he was a mole? Reasoning ya ruphia beats me.

  37. Masebo should thank President Banda for his maturity, pragmatism, patience and christianity that left the lady long time of her mischieveous activities. Espionage is panishable by hideous summary death in many countries. The Government and secret have had evidence briefed the head with material evidence but RB chose to tolerate her to weigh consequencies. Under KK or Chiluba, Masebo would have been exterminated hideously long time ago the very week counter intelligence outfits found her wanting. Good luck!

  38. Does anyone remember Bert Mushala? Once upon time MMD mp in mfumbwe, but he resigned from the party when he was adopted in 2006 and since then he has remained a footnote in Zambian politics. Can mangani learn anything from this episode?

  39. # 41,
    Instead of pressing a sledge hammer on outlaws, good leaders as RB gives chance for mischievious followers to introspect and reform on their own. Dropping mangani from Cabinet minister position to Deputy with a statement that he was too exposed and should reconstitute himself was best life time opportunity a good leader gave.

  40. Does anyone remember Bert Mushala? Once upon time MMD mp in mfumbwe, but he resigned from the party when he was NOT adopted in 2006 and since then he has remained a footnote in Zambian politics. Can mangani learn anything from this episode?


  41. President Rupiah Banda is one of the very few rational acting statesmen Zambia has been blessed with. His tolerance and temperament are the greatest assets our country has. He believes in building people other than destroying them. He has the powers and instruments to abuse but he is always standing out as a magnanymous rational actor. Again Mangani and Masebo have lost it big because MMD has consolidated its victory trail and the margins are swelling every day. MMD wins and wins.

  42. The problem with Silvia is that she cant keep her skirt down.I know she slept with Kabimba when she was deputy mayor of Lusaka,then with Sata and many prominent people and maybe she wanted Banda too.Phela thats her trademark.She is reunited with her lovers.Lets wait and see in the party of failures(Pf)!Infact te pabwato ni pabed!ni govt yamusongo shani bengapanga?Guy Scot?The worst agriculture minister since independence.Rodger Chongwe?Is he even a lawyer?When Sata took Govt money and put in his personal account,he said theres nothing wrong!can you believe that?For now my vote is on Banda coz i have not yet seen anything wrong with him!Gudday.AMEN.

  43. The truth is that Sylvia will win Chongwe but RB will win Chongwe on Presidential level. And of course the national vote.

  44. Democracy embraces both opposing and for – the ideologies otherwise it’s not democracy….. if someone does not like your idea that should not translate into hate or having fresh air after the people leave….if you can’t accept critics then you don’t know democracy….. this tyrant attitude is what every Africa Leader wants…”Bwana or Kanalesa” President Band stop killing the democracy

  45. Yeah!Mangani is a factor in chipata central.The guy made chipata looks like super town.Whereever u go in chipata u find all the roads have tarmac .so what do u expect?Mangani is going to beat MMD .I’ve been to chipata and i know how the man is liked by people including chief Mpezeni.The chief and Mangani are related.Therefore i see masacre of MMD in Chipata.Mangani is just like Masebo,katele kalumba and Given lubinda.These guys are too popular in thier constiuencies.MMD will loose this year .It’s known even to ECZ guys.

  46. #48 Can you tell me the relationships between Rupia and Dora and that of Mugala and Rupia. Bushe ni pa Mbushi nangu nu pa bed

  47. Rupia Banda your friend Gaddafi, remember the one you visited frequently is in trouble. He gave you tractors and these are now at your farm. Why don’t you go and rescue him or even just to try and defend him? You are as silent as water in a well. Go help your friend Gaddafi. You can take your concubines Dora and Mugala with you. We C.h.i.p.u.b.a we. Din *****

  48. The night time shadows are growing. Not even the billions and billions you are rushing to spend on emergency construction projects will save you, we also know about your famileys ties in these construction deals, Banda boys does NYATI construction from SA ring a bell ? we know who brought them to Zambia

  49. This is the President of a country reduced to cheap ass mudslinging…this foolish man is degrading the Office of the President…what a buffoon!!

  50. #27 Kimabanguist RB never renounced his unip membership. When this question came up RB with the help of fellas like Mulongoti had to run around to manufature an mmd card for RB. Let Mike deny this

  51. So what Independent Observer has been saying about Ms. Masebo is true. All I have to say is the voters in Chongwe and Chipata central are not personal-to-holder. This is not like the sham PF convention where all the members of the central committee are hand picked by Mr. Sata and not a single ballot is cast. The MMD cannot be held to ransom by 1 or 2 people. The MMD is bigger than any person in the party. It is a brand and not a person.

    I wish Mr. Mangani and Ms. Masebo good luck in his future endeavors. No one is indispensable. The MMD will find a replacement in no time.

  52. Us guyz who work na Sata know that this man can never rule this country. How can you have a president who doesnt know how to write? An Illiterate? Elo healthwise, Ba Sata, ni dead man walking!! The problem we are having mu Bwato is that every Jim and Jack who joins us from MMD is a hero today. If Shikapwashya was to resign from MMD and join us today, he will be a hero. For George Kunda to join us today, he would be made PF Chairman for Legal Affairs. Lifwekelo would be made party spokesman. PF is basically relying on MMD rejects!!!! Surely how can we rejoice at having Mbita Chitala, Mulongoti,Mpombo,Mangani,Kapijimpanga.? Eba Sata aba.

  53. this is very sad for the nation to have people without any moral fibre. why did it long for you to sepond coz masebo resigned long time. what do you say about mangani?

  54. If Rupiah resigned today (which is impossible) what would people like Senior Citizen and the rest say about him, the biggest mole ???
    MMD please tell us your weakest MPs and your Moles today so that we know them before they leave you, coz its kinda childish and embarrassing that you always want to save face after someone has left your party to say that you didnt need them after all.

    So Senior Citizen Capitalist and the rest, please give us a list of the remaining moles in your party so that we know.

  55. The biggest mistake surviving MMD members made after Levy was to adopt RB as Republican president. They should have chosen a true “Blue” and I’m sure the violence we see today in our politics would not have existed because no sane being would have adopted ka William Devil Banda to be MMD cadre. Yes MMD loyal members shot themselves in the foot and are now ripping the fruits of bringing a “Foreigner” to lead them. RB does not have a clue what MMD stands for and its manifesto.

  56. Its amazing to see how we find it easy to address peoples weakness in the media and find it difficulty to address it on one on one. If we perceive something is going wrong the best thing to do is to ask someone about it and find a way to address it.

  57. The bemba adage says and I quote ” Ubukulu bwankoko masako” reterally meaning you look at a chicken to be big because its feathers. Or in simple man’s language( together we stand strong than apart). When you start loosing parts of your body you can not claim to be strong as you were before. If you loose a leg due to amputation it’s foolish and stupid to claim that you can still play football the way you used to. Another example of my beloved late brother MHSRIP Willie Phiri former Chipolopolo team member and well respected zambian football legend in the then KK 11 of 1970’s was paralised in his last 18 years of life due to a very un fortunate road accident, could not do what he used to do in his prime years as a footballer and former coach of Nchanga Rangers football team.

  58. Those complaining about RB not announcing election date are broadcasting their ignorance about the current constitution. And Masebo was a mole even during LPM’s time. About other moles still in MMD, there about two more moles…

  59. time as come for mmd to take rest.We have witnessed more corruption in this era than kk’s time. Please mmd take arest befor you make more mistakes that will make most you spend alot of your time defending what you did wrong or right whilst in government.

  60. This is what you get from the polices of exclusion. RB and his inner circle seem to be the only ones together with their so called investors that seem to be enjoying Zambia.
    It will cost PF millions of dollars to recall all those usless realetives of yours RB that are on paid holidays in our foreign missions.
    The boat is now a Nohas ark. The survival of the nation depends on babwatooooooo..

  61. Mr President please stop making such statements, you are bigger than that, leave it to the small people,Dora,GK and the lot Sir

  62. Bwaima @37,39′ 53,54

    Is that picture of breast of your prostitute mother or cheap W.H.O.R.E’s  your sisters
    I hear it’s k1,000 to S.H..A.G your mother and sisters at once going by that picture of your mothers assists it’s no wonder you are called Bwaima cos it took you father years to get it up hence the name he gave you and please translate it to tonga for good measure 

  63. why do people hate women who are strong and able to face men in their face. as long as we continue to disrespect masebo, this gender thing will be a waste of time. she is a powerful woman and those women who dance for a packet of shake shake. am proud of her.i wound not like mama to dance for a packet or chitenge material.principle woman don’t listen to them. they just like barking. viva masebo

  64. prediction-masebo,mangani, patrick already gone to pf.the food is coming plkease shakafoswa get in before it is to late.

  65. Sir, you are right. This confirms the Post stories that they are correct. Thank you sir for confirming the Post news paper. Viva Pabwato. Uno mwaka kuya bebele.

  66. This is truly SO LOW and CHEAP a level for any president, even a failed president to sink to! Here he is in black and white and out of his OWN mouth CONFIRMING everything Masebo has been saying about him! Quite unbelievable! We are all waiting to hear from his ardent supporters what they have to say other than agree that this man’s hatred, personal hatred of his political opponents will lead to his won demise!

  67. Well done President Banda, actually you should have got rid Masebo a lomg time ago. She can now continue with her chain of boyfriends Sata, Kabimba and Malupenga. VIVA RB VIVA MMD


  69. much as I want gender equality, I think Masebo is also too big headed for correction. the problem is this so called support that she has in Choongwe and she thinks no one else can lead Choongwe people except her which is wrong. RB also there is something called forgive and forget Ba President. yashani.

  70. What vital information was being smuggled by Masebo, From MMD TO PF. Because as far as zambians are concerned, MMD has no vital information at the moment apart from stealng information. Time to to pay back is coming. will shall follow you at your farm Bwana RB.

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