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MMD cadres severely beat MUVI TV journalists

Headlines MMD cadres severely beat MUVI TV journalists

FLASHBACK: MMDy party cadres

More than 100 ruling MMD cadres today in the morning severely beat a MUVI TV news crew and further confiscated their equipment.

The respective also almost raped the female journalists, who were among the Muvi TV news crew.The journalists had gone to Nakachenje area in Lusaka West to interview a woman who was attacked by the same MMD cadres, who a few days ago grabbed her land.

Reporter Dainess Nyirenda and Cameraperson, Annita Kalwani, have since suffered internal injuries after they were trampled upon by the cadres.

Driver, Edward Ntele also suffered a deep cut on his forehead and while another cameraperson, Emmanuel Kaluba had his lips cut in the fracas.

By broadcast time, the camera had not yet been recovered from the MMD cadres. Other items confiscated by the MMD cadres include a camera tripod stand, a microphone, 4 mobile phones and undisclosed amounts of money.

However, other MUVI TV reporters, Paul Shalala, Brian Mwale and Bruce Mwale survived the beatings. The matter was quickly reported to Matero police Station and officers were quickly mobilised to the incident scene.

Meanwhile, MMD Lusaka Province Vice Youth Chairman, Watson Mutonga has physically identified the MMD cadres, who assaulted the MUVI TV news crew.

And MUVI TV Managing Editor, Costa Mwansa has described the MMD cadres’ assault as an act of cowardice. This incident brings to 3 the number of harassments against MUVI TV reporters while on duty in the last one month.

Earlier this month, Patriotic Front cadres threatened reporters, In’utu Mwanza and Bruce Mwale while a week ago, Lusaka Division police Deputy commanding Officer, Jackson Simfukwe harassed reporter Paul Shalala.

Meanwhile, the 4 assaulted MUVI TV personnel have narrated the ordeal describing it as uncalled for. Reporter, Dainess Nyirenda says she is no longer free to cover the ruling MMD as its cadres have become violent against journalists.

Cameraperson, Annita Kalwani almost shed tears when describing how she was almost gang-raped. Another cameraperson, Emmanuel Kaluba has said he was beaten badly because of the camera he was holding.Driver, Edward Ntele has also narrated that he was hit with a huge stone on his head making him lose consciousness.


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  1. thats really shocking!these thugs should not be allowed to roam the streets.they should be caged for the sake of peace and unity.stating with william banda himself.thats reall low life mwebantu!

  2. MMD cadres please, bupuba ubu.. Change your behaviour. Dont behave like mad dogs. Why do you fail to attack ZNBC reporters like you did on those for Muv? Jst bcoz znbc is full of Dora, Shikapwasha, kunda and Ruphia? You should change ba fi colour.

  3. Guys Mwachita over Manje this is just too much, I hope Bwezani will do something about it; If he wants to lose let him not say a word.

  4. Everyday, these thugs are beating up each other. Yesterday it was PF beating up OP officers and today MMD beating up MUVI TV pipo. What is the meaning of all this? Primitivity!

  5. this is totally un acceptable.we cant have this going on.lets wait nd hear to what there leader has to say.bladly stupid fi MMD

  6. Rupiah and his clan at it again!! Does he need to kill more people? He is very very rich and his children are rich too, so let others come in. Muvi press is so unbiased and no need to harm them. Too much RuBbish!!

  7. Why should someone in their right frame of mind attack defenceless jounalists in such a manner? Have the police arrested any suspects in connection with this unfortunate incidence? Can the MMD top brass quickly denounce this stupidity and avail those responsible so they can be handled by the fiercy face of the law. MMD may just loose the few sympathisers still remaing if such barbaric tendencies are left unchecked.

  8. Useless PF propaganda…kekeke. Isn’t that what PF kaponyas say to anything that negatively affects them. This is propaganda aimed at demeaning well intended mature and humble cadres….kekekeke

  9. Those MMD thugs should serve life sentences with hard labor for attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault….

  10. MMD cadres should avoid dragging the party’s culture of peace and issues into muddy clay. MMD members cannot just afford to start behaving like PF kaponyas. We condemn this act with contempt regardless of the provocation. As Zambians we need to uphold peace so that Professional losers are trounced again in peace. Regardless of held misgiving, MMD does not believe in such acts. Thanks Chairman Mkandawire for your unreserved condemnation of this impunity attributed to the Party just because of one bonafide member identified. Ours is tranquility.

  11. ‘MMD traitors will regret’

    CHIENGI member of Parliament Katele Kalumba has warned that the few ‘treacherous’ individuals who are still scheming to resign from the MMD will live to regret because President Banda and the MMD still enjoy public confidence.

    Dr Kalumba, who is former MMD national secretary, said in an interview from Chiengi yesterday that Zambians are too intelligent to change Government because President Banda’s administration is delivering on its promises to the people.

  12. “President Banda still has many strategic options in his political armoury to boost even further public confidence in his leadership and the ruling party, the MMD. I believe days are numbered for the few traitors who continue to betray President Banda’s confidence,” DrKalumba said.

    He said the MMD is still strong and popular because of its prudent economic management and consistency on policy.

  13. “Because of the MMD’s size and long history of leadership, there are bound to be people who feel that perhaps the cat calls for change by the opposition are loud enough to scare the voting public and that opportunity is beckoning on the other side.

    “It is my firm belief that the moment has not arrived. Zambians are too intelligent to give up something that is working for them,” Dr Kalumba said.

    He said the strong economy, difference in the style of leadership between President Banda and Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata and MMD’s consistency on policy are indicators of the outcome of this year’s tripartite elections.

  14. if the story is true, it sounds more like pf cadres or pf related hooligans to me. even the deliberate use of a picture of mmd cadres in party regalia is meant to play on the minds of the gullible, typical post tactics.

  15. Commenting on MrSata’s claims that the PF is taking over Eastern Province and former deputy minister of Works and Supply Lameck Mangani’s defection to the PF, Dr Kalumba said the MMD has experienced similar situations in the past but they have had no real negative impact on the ruling party.

    “Significantly, I believe that the people of Eastern Province are still in the saddle of power after belonging to the opposition for a long time. I wish to give myself a little credit on this that it took a long time for me personally and others in the MMD to persuade the people of Eastern Province to leave UNIP and join the MMD,” Dr Kalumba said.

    • # 18, 19 20 Nationalist, get yourself into a comprehension class. The story is not about Sata, Mangani or Katele. Please get a grip man. Do you a problem conversing or following stories. You are kind of guys who takes 2 hours watching 60 Minutes Show.

  16. He said he does not think that the people of Eastern Province are about to give up stewardship of the MMD which is in charge of national affairs.

    “I know that the east is composed of very significant population entities from Chama, Chadiza, Mtenguleni, Nyimba and Mambwe but I still believe that with intelligent leadership in the province, it is possible to unify them behind the MMD leadership. Unity of leadership in the province will have a positive impact on the other provinces,” Dr Kalumba said.

  17. He said Mr Mangani’s resignation from the MMD is not insurmountable and can be repaired if the party remains united in its work, purpose and strategy.

    “We have had similar losses before and we have been able to reduce the damage by intelligent and informed strategising,” Dr Kalumba said.

    Meanwhile, JIMMY CHIBUYE reports that Zambians for Empowerment and Development president Fred Mutesa has urged Zambians to be wary of recycled politicians who don’t deserve a vote.

  18. Dr Mutesa said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that any leader who has been in Parliament for more than ten years should be retired during the elections.

    He said Zambians should not entertain politicians who jump from one political party to another.

    “Unless Zambians open their eyes, the only change they will get is recycling the same shameless politicians,” Dr Mutesa said.

    He said some politicians fear the possibility of losing the privileges they have enjoyed in the MMD and are now trying to revive their political careers by joining other parties, hoping the ruling party will lose the polls.

  19. Announce election date and we get over this nonsense very quickly. these elections have turned violent. The story may not be related to elections but the mood in the country is for elections only one man is holding the country on ransom. Since RB became president violence has increased. RB plus Sata equals disaster

  20. We are back! UNIP- Kumulu lesa panshi RB! We have chased away every MMD original true blue from the MMD and replaced all the positions with UNIP! The only credible original thinker who claims to have formed MMD- we threw him to Tazara in Tanzania- far from the real UNIP/MMD integration! We might even launch a camp where we shall harness PF and its cadres….. Phew, I was just hallucinating how Senior Citizen will be feeling in 3 months! Then my son wakes me up “Daddy teyeni tikavote!” Definitely voting out that MMD quangos!

    The open secret talks between MMD & UPND is now in the air. HH & RB have struck a deal.

    Kunda has finally accepted to share the VP post. HH will head National Development & Job Creation and Kunda will head Law & Order and Justice.

    PF you are dead. You can spend $100m on your campaigns, it will mean nothing. Meanwhile Joe Kalusa – keep up the work in the copperbelt and dismantle PF.
    RB please announce the election and lets send Sata to retirement. MMD cadres no need to beat up innocent TV Crews, the win is in your bag.

  22. As LAZ, this shows us how much ‘work’ MUVI TV has to do to accomodate people with divergent views. Good job MMD and PF thus far. LAZ will always make a stand to defeat, sorry, defend the law. I know my tribesman, Paulman will support this view, thank you.

    • Great post … LAZ and such like organisations must do everything in their power to resist taking sides and condemn wrongs regardless of source!

  23. If any of those harrassed was my relative I would have left this calm down and then go after the specific individual MMD cadres and kill them one by one. Either the police do something really serious about this or citizens will start taking the law into their own hands to protect themselves. This is how serious mafia gangs are born in societies, because the govt is too s.t.u.pid to protect its own citizens.

  24. Barbaric Africans from the Doom continent, very shameful indeed what they did to those women. Rupiah and his thugs

  25. Sounds like imfu la pa kuya this incident. for the uninitiated, when the rainy season is almost ending, its common to find hailstorms, thunderstorms and torrential rain damaging anything in sight.


  27. MMD members are known for violence. Their language on ZNBC as well as in the pubic funded papers has elements of inciting violence. Please let us not repeat what had happened in Mufumbwe.

  28. # Snr Citizen,why drag pf into this issue?you seem to be so desperate in keeping your ka job that all you dream about is pf or should i say, pf is giving you sleepless nights just like your boss rbish.Condemn your cadres without referring to pf iwe kolwe,our cadres did not beat those reporters up but just threatened them,yours physically assaulted and stole from them.So,why are you dragging pf into this?

  29. Savages, savages. Lock them up and sue the MMD party for pain and suffering. MUVI must sue and the journalists must equally do the same.

  30. Few day ago, Capitalist and his new found boy friend were busy insulting PF and Hon Sata about not allowing the MMD media at their convention in Lusaka and the castigation by PF leadership in Eastern Province on ZANIS and other public media for their biased reporting. I await their rantings on the MMD attacks on the MUVI TV personnel and as usual as rapi.sts as they, nearly did what their leadership has told them, rap.e women to scare women. Now this makes me wonder how Thandiwe met RB.

  31. # 11 senior citizen ,very positve contribution but as usuall there was no need for you to involve pf in your advicea.thanks.

  32. please senior citizen advise chief MMD kaponya William Banda who threatens people all the time that,your party condemns such acts and you are a party of tranquillity INDEED!!!

  33. Where is this spirit barbarism coming from? Who ever is engineering these acts must be brought to book and may the crooked laws of Zambia deal with them severely. I mean these are the same thugs, who promised to rape Edith Nawakwi and the MMD big pipes were quick to deny. Now what are they going to say about this?  For sure it’s not Nawakwi that has been gang raped but another respectful Zambian woman.  MMD, remember that a rape commited on this woman is a rape that has been commited on all Zambian women, be it in the opposition or the ruling party. am ashamed to be called a Zambia man from today. Again from today, how will Rupia Banda and his croonies sing the relics on the national anthem “Stand and sing of Zambia PROUD AND FREE LAND OF WORK AND JOY IN UNITY” 

  34. Shameful, disgusting, uncalled for. Those cadres should be reported to the authorities so they can face the law. Regardless of which political party you answer to, violence is no excuse. These cadres should be locked up.

  35. MMD GANGS, from today remember that every time you stand up to sing the national anthem, the blood of all the Zambian women you have raped today will convict you shameless i d i o t s . i don’t know what to say anymore, but Rupia i have one word for you. you are weak.

  36. violence is violence and perpetrators should be stopped! They may be enjoying presidential protection but people will always find a way fighting back!

  37. MMD –from the highest level, I ask you to authorize & hunt down these guys and lock them. This is simple DESPICABLE and very PSYCHO & SICK conduct.

    We do NOT need this. We are a civilized people that have enjoyed peace from 1964
    Shame on all those Id1ot s attacking professionals doing their work

    Mr. PRESIDENT we ask you to send enforcement to round up these bandits so that they can face the law without any single protection.

  38. Senior Citizen, this is the core of MMD personalities, you just happen to be their representative on the internet, your behaviour is true to the core!!!

  39. What a shame! This is disgusting!!!! What? MMD cadres raping a journalist in Zambia? I am waiting to hear from our President RB, for his comment!!

    These MMD thugs needs to be caged. They are just playing into the hands of PF.

    As MMD this is it!!! We have lost the election before the actual elections!!!!

  40. This shows that, it is not only the Lusaka City Councillors only who need to be investigated for illegal plot allocations but even our MMD cadres!!!!

  41. #37 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth,

    You are right. I like your mature comment on these MMD thugs who have committed these unspeakable criminal acts!!!

  42. Looking at the pictures, one would be right to suggest that the poor school leavers are being recruited by politicians to advance the atrocities. They’re given tujilijili and that’s it. What is unfortunate is the fact that the people who tell the youths to do these terrible acts, will swap parties and continue using the youths. Shame! Make noise young people, sing change, change, and give positions to the selfish politicians and you will remain in your positions – no college education, no job!!!

  43. I know i dont like MMD, but even if you like MMD you should in your right mind condemn this kind of violence. Before we are PF,MMD,UPND or independent like myself, we are Zambians. Just a few months ago we heard of colonel Panji talking about how it was wrong for the police officers in Mongu to turn a gun on its own citizens, how is this different? A gun, a stone, a stick a fist should never be turned against your fellow citizens because it is every citizen’s duty regardless of whether you are in uniform or not to protect their fellow citizens, no matter what tribe, gender or political party they belong to. What these foo.ls have done is wrong and i wouldnt like to see people politicizing this in any way. Those thugs must be arrested and charged for the crimes they have committed

  44. This just isn’t right! We are a peace loving nation. What is happening to ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION? We should not condon such behaviour. ka william ka chikala u r a culprit  that causes such n one wouldn’t be surprised to find u were even there… niu imbwa!! ni nsuna iyashani ba poppy imwe….be it PF or MMD its NOT right.

  45. The problem is not William Banda but Rupiah. These youths are Kaponya’s from Intercity bus terminas recruited by MMD and paid K20 per day including lunch. There been abused due to luck of Jobs in Zambia. With change we will restore dignity of these young men

  46. Politicians over 15 years ought to start implementing their exit strategies from active politics. They have to retire, period. Time for change fellow Zambians. If they can not trust the younger generation to LEAD then shame on the elders for they have failed the country greatly, for it was and stil is their duty to groom the next leadership. SHAME ON YOU!!! senior citizen u r a gonk!! use that head u ve had it fo a long time, by now u must have some experience on how it works!

  47. we know our plight…only we can serve this genreration better. these chaps r keeping jobs for themselves and nothing for the youths. Time for change is ripe!

  48. Senior Citizen. You say you refuse to behave like PF thugs when your cadres have just done it. Sounds very hypocritical.

  49. Attacking journalist is wickedness, journalist should be left to report what is on the ground so we are kept informed. Attacking reporters is to show that there is something evil the attackers are trying to hide. The challenge is on the MMD leadership to denounce these thugs or they will be connected and this will work to their disadvantage.

  50. These thugs should be caged, whatever shade and colour of their Chitenge party regalia – inclusive of the MMD that is!

  51. This is really sad. What happened for MMD cadres to beat up Muvi crew? To me it sounds like PF propaganda at it’s best!

  52. Rupiah please can you tame your cadres? We don’t want this kind of behaviour that breeds violence. At least show us that you don’t entertain violence.

  53. The problem we have with Zed politics is populist tendencies which results in condoning thuggery whenever it is convenient. And it’s because of this that people like poor Gen Miyanda need a miracle to ascend to plot 1.


  55. RB and his thugs, UNIP mentality at work,this is all William Banda’s work

  56. William Banda at work. UNIP activities back on the scene. Vigilantee behaviour. UNIP is the vaniguard of the nation!!!!!!!!!!

  57. The other day, Many Mad Dogs (MMD) accused Mangani of having organised the Mufumbwe violence and so his moving from the party is good ridance of violent characters. Our question is has Mangani orgainsed the violence by MMD against innocent Muvi TV journalists? Can Brig. Brian Chituwo comment on the alleged land grabing by MMD since he claims to be following PF councillors for illegal land distribution? Ba MMD mwatupesha but your days are numbered!! Mukachimona one day

  58. #63 Can we vote for Gen. Miyanda. He’ll bring sanity to the dirty politics we’re experiensing now. Campaign for the general.

  59. No suspects No.. Not suspects..No thugs who did this arrested. The Police Command is still waiting for authorisation from William Banda which will never be granted. The MMd still looking for a scapegoat that it’s PF. Dora & Shikapwasha are so tight lippe liked Red lips George Kunda. This is one evidence of MMD brutality and thuggery.

  60. The country needs prayers, I am shocked

    Zambian Men and morality dont go in the same sentence, unbelievable


  61. We need to get to the root cause of this violence if we are to avoid a Rwanda like situation.What is happenning to our innocent Journalists is just a symptom of the cancer in our society.My observation is that our leaders have neglacted to enforce the law.What will happen is that people will lose confidence in the system the next thing is that people will start preaching hurt followed by formation of rival militia groups to counter the attacks.This then will be followed by total chaos.I am therefore apealing to those who hold power to realise the consiquence of paying a blind eye to this.It is in our interest that ledaders treat everyone equally regardless of political affiliation.When chaos comes people disregard all structures including the office of the president.Let us remain united.

  62. The problem we have in Zambia is job creation , most of the Zambians are so lazy to create or do any job, as a result they end up been cadres, thugs and drinking tujijili the all day.Imagine someone starts drinking tujijili at 6hrs in the morning what do you expect from that kind of a person.please Zambians work up do not be used by politians.Look at the people that visit our country within a short period of time they open up shops,they are busy here and there,but our people are in bars as early as 6 hrs.Some one tell me how do you develop like that?

  63. this election will be bloodly because we have president who does not out strong condeming this activities and prefers to keep silence when he is surpose to speak. many violence has happened both mmd and opposition has only spoken if know he make it a campigning material. we are tired to be ruled by remote president we need someone who do thing. not mobile phones,mobile hospitals and mobile president

  64. These are the words of HH on 27 March 2011

    Then I told him that, ‘Sir, if you are unable to work with Sata as an individual, can you give us Mr Kapita your vice-president to stand in for you while you stay in the background?’

    Then Mr Hakainde said, ‘Yes, I will give you Kapita but then I will resign and when I resign UPND is gone. I am UPND; UPND is me. Even if you come with AK 47s, I will be the last Tonga standing here. I know I am going to stand; I know I am going to lose. But I will make sure Sata does not win.’
    “That is how the meeting ended. So we left.

  65. I saw the kilipi on muvi – the bible says never argue with a fool coz in the end people wont notice the difference. Muvi wi educated should have argued with those chaps but withdrawing when outnumbered. Even hungry lions withdraw when they sense danger. This time around pple will mascharade as MMD, PF or even this tonga party (Ajanza), just to discredit the other.

  66. what happened yestade is realy sad,let MMD do sumthing about this issue.let them leave this nation peacefuuly coz its them who is preaching about peace during election and after.

  67. i think what is causing all this is lack of employment in youths because they have nothing to do so in the end when the MMD guys buy them the tugiligi when they are drunk they end up beating innocent people in the street.RB is saying that he has created employment for people if so we are not suppose to have cadres then

  68. they employments he has created it is only benefiting his relatives , cabine ministers wuith their relatives so if you are not close to the government or any government minister you will become poorer no job ,schools ,fees and money for business .let the government give something to do to these youth unlike using them the way they are using them shame on the governmnet

  69. Barbaric Chimpanzee behavior at its best. Not only do you confiscate their equipment but you want to go further and rape the poor young women! Seriously this is sheer stupidity. Can you imagine the psychological tremor, the physical pain and anguish these journalists are going through? This is extremely annoying… cage these losers pls!

  70. Thanks to police for arresting some of them.Maybe this will send a signal to would be pepetrators like Wiliiam B.

  71. Just wait and hear to what RB will say. Guys, the reality is that we are on auto pilot. Our president is to quiet on important issues. He should be seen to act if he is the president of all Zambians including those in opposition. I guess he will say “Vioneni vipuba bavimenya” Watch out!!

  72. The violence that was inflicted on personnel from Muvi should be seen as acts of criminals who also belong to MMD in addition to which they may belong to one of the churches around that area.Much as they predominantly shout MMD,it is grossly unfair to attribute their hideous acts to MMD without acknowledging that there was no official party function at the site of violence.These criminals were acting in their private capacities and such they deserve no protection from anybody including their families.The Provincial Youth Chairman Mr.Mtonga deserves praise for the quick response he took by accompanying the Police to identify any MMD members.

  73. bastards these thugs should be sent to jail and made to pay for the hospital bills and stolen equipment .i’ll be waiting to hear what response rb gives

  74. Ba MUVI TV ukutemwa ukukopakopa. next time u will be BID at UTH. Costa Mwansa ichilumba mwaice no bwipi bobe chikamba

    • Your blogging is pro MMD and you are backwards. Do you know what reporting means to development? MMD is busy grabbing people’s land and you don’t support the people who are exposing the rot. Alinaswe wa kwisa. You don’t even know the meaning of your name. SHAME.

  75. The problem is with the cadres but…… They somebody who really allow and sanction all this in the name of boma ni boma . Rupiah and William are the chief commanders of of this illicit attack on our armless journalist. God is watching over you and one day you answer.

  76. thats our mmd any way tutungululwa nabantu babula ukuba civilised foolish maners and being un educated. so lets see what govement law will act apon this. nga ni fi znbc teti ba fyume.


  78. Hahahahahahahaha…..did you listen to MMD news on ZNBC at 19:00Hrs?This girl was told to read that unknown people beat up muvi tv journalists.Zoooona ni news.

  79. This is exactly what Bob Mugabe was talking about that election violence in Zim is no difference to Zed. We are yet to have free and fair elections in Zed. Shame on us. For the very first time in my life im embarrassed to be Zambian.

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