The Dr.Moses Show – A delicate balancing act


Do you have challenges in your personal and professional life that seem impossible to overcome? Are you sometimes stuck and just don’t know what to do or who to turn to for help? Do your dreams seem unattainable and scary? Are you having challenges in your family life or at work?
This programme will help you in overcoming your challenges and give you valuable information that will assist you in your personal quest for excellence in both your personal and professional life.

Your host, Dr. Moses Simuyemba, is a medical doctor and Africa’s first Certified Power Coach. Power Coaching is a world renowned life coaching qualification of Coaching and Leadership International Inc, and is recognised by the International Coach Federation and the European Coaching Institute.
He is also an author, speaker and corporate trainer.

Dr. Moses is here to engage you in a “thought provoking and creative process that will empower you to maximise your personal and professional potential.”

His personal philosophy is summed up in the phrase “You are all you can be. Go on and be it.

So sit back and enjoy the show as we explore how YOU can make YOUR life better in every way.


Now listen in to this audio entitled A delicate balancing act


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    This guy is a joke.

    I don’t know what he thinks he is, he is blatantly being laughed at, a major laughing stock absolutely uninspiring

    I have him on my facebook page and his comments are extremely strange, he comes out as an abnoxious nutcase who somehow thinks by having a PHD he is that more clever than his pathetic followers.

    All the douche bags that follow him or find him ‘inspirational’ needs their mind checked.

    He has no honor, integrity, or dignity.

    Very laughable he is just a waste of flesh, air, and space.

    Why am I saying ? because most of the people who do know you aren’t going to and those who Will have no courage like I have, to say the TRUTH


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    Good job Dr Moses.We need more innovative people like you.As for Mushota #2 you are the dictionary definition of delusional. However, we are all entitled to our own opinions and thoughts I guess no matter how deluded they maybe.

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    Dr. Moses, go play your psychology on Zambians. We have enough of your kind in Diaspora and all they do is talk. Remember the fake book, Secrets!

    Every human has frustrations at one time or another and thats just nature, if you dont get it then there is something wrong with you.

    What people need is education and justice.

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    Dr. not worry abour Mushota and other worn out click. Frustrations has made Zambians this way.

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    Clearly an intelligent man. On the down side,his language contains some usual Zambian incoherence. His catch phrase “You are all you can be. Go on and be it” is definetly Zenglish as it is meaningless in the regular language…..You can not already be what you are aspiring to be, it beats common sense.

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    #1 … don’t bring confusion … the man is married now … just concentrate on what you have now and cherish it … go on moz dont listen to disgrantled bloggers

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    The world is what it is, because of what we are. We have the Moses type, we have the Mushota type, the positive mined, and the negative minded people in life and so on. Actually, we have a sence of achievement when we struggle for something, otherwise, easy things never leave a mark. All of us, with our kind of thinking, behaviour and attitude make the world we live in. This is the simple reason why we were never created equal in ability, have different approaches to issues and so on. The world would have been boring and monotomous.

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