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Earth Tremor shakes Itezhi Tezhi


Lake Itezhi- Tezhi

A Strong earth tremor on Thursday shook part of Itezhi Tezhi district in the Southern province causing cracks in some houses.

The tremor shook the walls and trees in the town centre including villages; Luubwe, Musungwa, Chilyabufu and Masemu around 15:59 hours.

Some residents in Mahungu in Luubwe area in chief Musungwa’s chiefdom ran out of their houses in panic.

Just two weeks ago, strong tremors shook Mozambique and part of Zimbabwe.

The District Disaster Management Committee -DDMC- which carried out a quick assessment has not reported any injuries or substantial damage apart from cracks in some mud houses.


  1. The earthquake was caused by fissures in Zambia’s government. Unless there is a change, an earthquake is imminent.

  2. I guess the Great Rift Valley is still evolving….???? Extending into central Zambia???? Actually, that was just RB jogging in the Kafue National Park!!!

    • This was actually an earthquake of Magnitude 5.2. According to data from Pacific Disaster Center (www.pdc.org) the earthquake occurred on 21 July 2011 13:55:55 at a depth of 13.5Km.

  3. am one of them who experienced this tremor. am a health worker at the main hospital. during the material day we were busy planning at one of the lodges outside the township. the tremor was so strong that we thought the bridge was gone. truly we are living in the last days Christ is coming soon.

  4. What has happened at Itezhitezhi is a phenomenon known as reservoir induced seismicity. It has been observed that the construction of an artificial lake (reservoir) induces seismicity i.e earthquakes. It has happened at Koyna Dam in India, Nurek Dam in Russia, Aswan Dam in Egypt, Kariba Dam in Zambia/Zimbabwe and at several other dams around the world. So far the largest earthquake has happened at Koyna Dam in India of magnitude 5. It is necessary to prepare an emergency plan outlining the people to contact and actions to take in the event of a reservoir induced earthquake. Let us be not caught by a phenomenon that is well known.

  5. You  call whatever, happened earth tremor I think some witches were testing their magic….Here in Europe if that is about to happen they inform the people b4….how can you …inform us that it happened!!!!!!

  6. It was an interesting day bcos i thought the world had come to an end. i really raced like no man’s business from the office with other cologues while cris-crossing with other people in the main road. there was sudden noise all over the town.Later it was tears of joy. Thanx God it wasnt the end of the world.

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