New PRP party formed


A new political party the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) has been formed.

Announcing at the launch of the party at Lima guest house in Lusaka’s Garden Compound yesterday, party president Bishop Stephen Mwale said the new party will provide the best leadership to the satisfaction of Zambians.

Mr. Mwale said the PRP was formed in 2006 before it was registered in 2007 and called on Zambians to support the new party that will provide good leadership to all the electorates.

He said the PRP will add value and strength so that it shows to the Zambians about what it means to be a Christian nation.

Mr. Mwale said the party will work with the Church, medical fraternity, educationists, and traditional leaders to begin to change the nation for the benefit of Zambians.

He disclosed that the party’s main duty will be to reduce poverty when it begins to preside on the country’s national affairs.

Mr. Mwale appealed to Zambians to support his party as the country goes to polls within two months.

He said Zambians should be careful in the manner they choose leaders if the economic gains achieved so far should be allowed to continue.


  1. zed never ceases to amaze me. so many political parties MUST be banned as they are like weeds on the political soil. should parties be formed even when giant ones are still reeling with poltical pain as a result of loss? join either pf or upnd all you tuntemba parties and dont spoil this years broth.

  2. Yamunyokola Njala Bishop! Please concentrate on preaching the word of GOD which is more noble than politics yanjala.Timely advice ba Bishop.

  3. Bwana Bishop Mwale, your whatever sounds more like an NGO than a political party. Don’t waste our time MAN of “god”.

  4. A mwale ngati mulibe chocita, muzinkhala muligone chabe rather than wasting people’s time. Another political party for what???? If you are interested in politics why not join hands with the already existing political parties? Anyway, you are simply exercising your democratic right Mr. mwale, go ahead. Your wife and children will vote for you if at all they are registered voters.

  5. St.upid I.diots why not join the existing, big parties fail to win do you think you can win in two months?
    MMD sponsord party, maybe your wife & children will vote for you. Just concentrate on the word of GOD.

  6. this is madness… why form a party 2 months before elections? then MMD govt has sponsored this chap to filter votes….what a loser… he should have joined one of the other big opposition parties…RB this is your last act as president…

  7. Too late for consideration bro. What happened to your love affair with FTJ’s MMD? Can the MMD tell us if aMwale was rejected in the adoption process to be MP in this year’s polls?

    Complete misunderstanding ba mudala.

  8. Here we go again Zambia at its surprises.How is the Bishop going to be preaching in Church when a church is a place where many people from different parties gather to hear the word of God

  9. Remember how people howled when Sata created his then ‘one-man’ party? Everyone has an opportunity to make themselves either fools or champions. Let the guy be, see where Sata is today – keeping MMD mambalas awake!

    • You really like it up your arse, don’t you…just admit you some ****ing homosexual prick…

  10. Ba Mwale please spare the people of Zambia with your funny ONE MAN party we are not Joking Pa ZED don’t waste the little that you have or has been given to you its DON’T KUBEBA time

  11. Bishop Mabvuto S Mwale, even if all the Christians voted for you, you would not win an election. Look at how miserably our brother Nevers failed to win a single seat in Parliament. Stop this nonsense and division of the voters. How are you coming in as a spoiler? Are you expecting the Nevers Mumba “miracle” of party trading for an appointment to happen to you also?

    It is a shame mwebakalamba. Perhaps PAOGZ should now withdraw your credentials again, so that you do not use the Church platform to further your misplaced and accidental political ambition.

  12. Mwebantu…this is RB strategy…not to split the votes but to create a seemingly political party that will almost a week before elections will declare they will not contest this year’s electeions but instead support MMD…thats the plan… other words, MMD is behind this move….


  14. It is sad to note that there are many Zambian Reverends and Pastors, prominent men and women of God with integrity that abandoned the preaching of the word with good intentions to contribute to political affairs, but they failed badly. Men with a high calling and God’s anointing should not abandon the preaching of the gospel for selfish gains.

  15. It took the tenth plague for pharaoh to release israel. It’s time that zambia must be liberated from opresors. Bishop!! U’re the Moses of today. Pharaoh has to surrender. I want to encourage u bishop. God’s favor & grace is on u. Even if the rulling MMD & all the oposition come together, they are altogether too young to fight what God has started in bringing the needed change through u. It’s time for God to act & give victory once again to zambia that will glorify his name. With God,It’s never too late. We will vote for u.

  16. Masuzgo @35, I hope that what you are saying is God’s revelation to you on the Bishop, remember that he is not the first man of God to opt for presidency over the pulpit, read also my post @ 31 and I’m a longtime standing Christian, I’m not just talking from without. Pulpit or politics? it has to be a clear calling.

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