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MMD has winning team – Vernon Mwaanga


Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga waves MMD party slogans during a campaign rally in Luanshya in 2008 elections
Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga waves MMD party slogans during a campaign rally in Luanshya in 2008 elections

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga says the MMD’s adopted parliamentary candidates for this year’s tripartite elections are a winning team.

Mr Mwaanga said the opposition is panicking after seeing the high calibre and credibility of the parliamentary candidates the MMD is floating in all the constituencies.

He said in an interview that the list of the adopted parliamentary candidates is a team that will see President Banda and the MMD remain in Government.

The MMD has released the list of its adopted parliamentary candidates that has seen the inclusion of professors, doctors, economists, academicians, social scientists, engineers, lawyers, and businessmen among others.

Mr Mwaanga said President Banda will have a wide option in selecting ministers that will form his first new cabinet after having largely inherited late President Mwanawasa’s cabinet in 2008.

Mr Mwaanga, who is Parliamentary Chief Whip and political strategist, said the MMD list of candidates has left opposition political parties in panic because they know that they are up against a formidable and credible team of candidates.

He said opposition political parties are startled by the rich and experienced team the MMD has assembled.

He stated that the difference between the MMD candidates and those that will be adopted by the opposition will be like day and darkness.

Mr Mwaanga said President Banda and the MMD are headed for victory in the coming general elections because of the confidence the people have in the ruling party.

He said there have been many political analysts who have placed President Banda and the MMD ahead of other presidential aspirants and that it will not come as a surprise for the Head of State to be re-elected with a wider margin than in the previous election.

Mr Mwaanga said all indicators are pointing to President Banda as the most preferred candidate.

He said contrary to assertions that the ruling party had difficulties in its adoptions because most of the applicants were not appealing, the MMD had a lot of credible aspirants wishing to stand on the party’s ticket.

Mr Mwaanga said the ruling party has left out a lot of credible candidates because not all of them could be adopted.

He said the MMD has a large reservoir of human resource and that it not possible for the party to lack people to adopt.

Mr Mwaanga also dispelled assertions that most MMD members avoided to apply for constituencies in Lusaka because they feared losing to the PF.

He said Lusaka Province had about 47 applicants for the 12 parliamentary seats.

“So to assert that the MMD did not have people to adopt in Lusaka is not factual and a fallacy. We had 47 applicants for Lusaka Province and you would be surprised that for the local government seats, we have more than 200 aspirants wanting to be part of the MMD leadership at local government level. It was a difficult job for the national executive committee (NEC) to select candidates,” Mr Mwaanga said.

He said he was involved in the interviewing process of aspiring candidates in Lusaka Province.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Vernom mwanga is a very poisonous politician who’s political history is chracterised by corruption scandals,and everybody knows that..but even wiyh him in mmd,i don’t see them winning the next elections…..

  2. Chikala Vernon this time we are really watching your damn (ass) as close as we can,no more (****ing) dribling this time.We know all (****ing) tricks,your fellower (****er) who just past on recently use to say they gonna play international tricks,ask me now where is he this time.his a dead ass now.kekekekek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mwaanga spot lighting intellectuals does not mean people will favour and vote for MMD you forgot to indicate that MMD has given Zambia 20 years as a political strategist you are failing too…MMD kuyabebele……… creditable rebel MPs and you are celebrating…come on VJ you are better than that…. i think mudala you are finished….. your expertise in manipulating election are over…..time to disappear in the Zambian politics…… what will you do boss….have you started thinking in those lines


  5. #7. You messed on the pact yoseves and will still want to blame in on VJ. Its written on the wall. The only way u bufoons would have won was using the pact. U wil see whose laugh will come last. Munaziyaya mweka. Chwechwechwechwe

  6. Looking at the list what VJ has said about quality of MMD candidates is true. The opposition have to rise to the challenge and also put up high quality people. In this way whoever wins will be able to put up a cabinet that can serve Zambia. Also the opposition will have people who can effectively be a check on government. MMD has played its part and the challenge is now on opposition.

  7. Good afternoon

    It’s interesting to see how VJ always comes alive during elections with his overconfident analysis… or is it just hollow propaganda? I personally think it’s a bit too early to predict the winner.

    Too bad for MMD if they get too confident and thereby overlook the chances of the opposition. It’s like a game of chess – a player with material advantage (more pieces on the board) thinks has the better chances to win but suddenly makes a wrong move and ends up in checkmate.

  8. He is getting very sick… When the elections results are known… he will be in the MORNING CLINIC!! THIS TIME WE COMING AFTER YOU AND YOUR BUDDY by…

  9. What a shame for VJ to end up this way. He had been in politics for over 50 years and just to end a rigger noone has respect for him. With RB out, he VJ will be jobless like all the young people in Zambia because all the money has been stolen. MMD you are going out whether you rig or not. Prepare for your exit.

  10. Umuntu ni VJ and is better than Octopus and i know you dont need to be octopus for this years election to know who will win.Lets be straight PF and the backwards failed to defeat RB even when he had done nothing not this time with the vigorous developmental programmes.Umuntu ni RB and this young man let him just use his small resources cos where he wants to go in Eastern Province is a worst of resources.Let him concentrate in Southern province so that he loses with honour and dignity.

  11. VJ is right the mmd will win this years elections.you destroyed the pact imwe a Pissed Fools.IN my constituency,we are looking for Willie Nsanda,he has run away and he shall stand in Lusaka.these are some of the candidates the PF have.chishimba kambwili,wife battler GBM.what a joke.

  12. #18. You have hit the nail on the head. Most people here are too blind to see and accept that no single party will ever manage to unseat the MMD. Anyways, u can blame it on the rain for all I care. The fact is that MMD will be ring for the next five years and R-B will still be yo and mine and HH and Sata’s president. president

  13. You dont need to be a wizard to predict this years election.Nga ni ba up and down kwikalafye cos na miracle ine elasala tayisafye.So concentrate on consorideting southern and you should hope that Magande wont stand cos then you will be in the same league as Siulapwa and Sondashi.Pantu i dont see what juju you will use to pass the test.

  14. VJ tell them so that they can keep there money well than to become they way benny Mwila became after losing elections.Wise advise take or end up backrupt like the Post is becoming

  15. It appears the opposition are disorganised yet again…how can you let the rulling party announce its candidates and all you do is insult them? Imwe ba Dont Kubeba election dates are announced by the President so the fact that he has gone ahead and announced his team means at any time now he can announce the dates and you will be caght with your pants down. Why dont you learn? POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME!!! We are already gauging the MMD candidates and since there is nothing from the opposition to compare with all we can say for now is that Mwaanga is right. Give us names so that we can make informed comparisons. These elections are not about Mr. Sata or HH or Nawakwi or Tilyenji. Please take note…RB has already finished his campaign all he will be doing now are mop up operations…

  16. Ba Zero Boyz @#.6 and all PF bloggers you can spat the worst insults on RB & HH. But VJ is happy with his Party’s credible team. Sata’s PF best candidates will be drawn from a crazy list of GBM, Guy Scott, Kabimba, Kambwili, Lubinda; strange characters picked from pubs named: Chitala, Mangani, Masebo, Mpombo, Mulongoti; “?professionals?” named as Mwenye (lawyer), Bob Sichinga (Accountant), Fr. Bwalya (Priest). Zambians prefer descent MPs. Given a range of Presidential aspirants such as HH, RB and Sata, Zambian voters would rather entrust the welfare of their children in the most caring arms of either HH or RB – but NEVER trust a violent, unkind LIAR Sata. These are genuine feelings of most Zambians.

  17. Iwe Mwamoneni tel them.Iwe these have no direction and do you think if today RB announced the date they will be happy.The same way they are demanding for the date is the same way they will be complaining of lack of time.instead of them ultilising this chance to put hings in place

  18. Is this animal alìve? Or was in Mauritius for rigging course? As for you MMD Psycopaths whose morale has been boosted by this unpatriotic lunatic if you think you will win tell bread winner to say the date of elections. Bushe ba Divo paliba calibre apart from being a chancer? He clang to PF even after being expelled why?

  19. what is right about someone bubbling with confidence that we have a winning team . do you expect him to say we will loose…the man is only trying to keep his job and the only right thing to say is ‘we are winning’ even when deep down his heart he knows they are loosing or if they win they will only do so because they have rigged elections…..MMD is in serious trouble and alot of infighting is going on right now. the candidates in certain areas have been imposed on people. look at nkana constituence where i am. Divo Katete cannot win here and will not win because he has been rejected by part members themselves..tukamimona bangwele…

  20. #2 sharpshooter. i like ur comment great. i thought im the only sharpshooter on this blog.how come there is another one.then honestly then one should be sharpshooter 1 and another sharpshooter2.what do you think sir/madam.. any sugestions! many thanks

  21. VJ should spend his last days building respect for himself as a person who has served the nation and not a mouthpiece of cheap political propaganda. As a seasoned politician, he should know that the MMD has lost credible leaders who have left their party due to RB’s insatiable appetite for control within the MMD. The MMD has lost the credibility it used to have during Mwanawasa’s and Chiluba’s reigns because of people like VJ who prefer lies to truth. VJ’s only contribution to Zambia are lies which have never taken this nation anywhere. Even if the MMD put the best candidates from all over the world, this election they are more likely to lose to the opposition. The MMD has never been so desperate for the elections than this time.

  22. Yes Sir , you have said it, there will be no change of govt, the pact had some potential but now under5 and the other small kapentas have no chance, people will insult VJ call him all bad things under the sun, but he is good at what he does.. You don,t need to predict you can see RB is very organised..
    Mr Sata will try as he has proven to be very hard working, but l doubt he will win a lot of votes, the presidency he has very little chance for that 

  23. The more than 80% unemployed of our population know who they will vote for, after seeing Zambias wealth pass them. If you are unemployed, no nothing, why would you vote for the same ??? The Majority of Zambias population live in poverty and have been for a long time, so this election is about rejecting the staus quo and voting for change, what ever that will bring.

    • I do agree with you, but politics is full of propaganda and the MMD have a big propaganda machine in place, as they use govt funds. As you well know my learned friend African politics are about starving or getting rich

  24. It will be interesting to see the calibre of candidates the two main opposition parties are going to adopt. I think that is when we will really tell which team is really formidable and which is not. As for now MMD must be congratulated for announcing their candidates.

  25. Let’s wait and see … politics in Africa continues to be what is was then and today; all because of selfish blind supporters like VJ and most of the MMD bloggers. MMD has failed to perfom in the time and purdon the’ve gotten. Why should a ruling political party wait to implement all the projects they canever think of during the Election Year? Do you want us to be having Elections every Year so that implementaion continues. What a shame!!! Caliber does not matter in politics if one will never give people what they deserve. What a shame!!!

  26. Talk is cheap and thats the way MMD is going to win.Busy asking for a date when they have not even chosen there MPs.Thank RB cos if i where him i canm just say in two weeks time.umuntu ni RB continue dreaming you chaps and know that this year you dont need to be octopus.

  27. i know most chaps who are making money in what ever way , illegal or whatever will not vote for the opposition for fear of being found wanting. i understand when chaps like no. 35 talk RB is only because balelya nankwe….everywhere you pass now there is something going on either aklisukulu or akamusebo being developed but we will see if this will continue after the elections….by the way next government will be in trouble paying inkongole shakwa Banda na banankwe….lets wait and see….

  28. This sucking up by V J is nauseating!! Please do it in privacy if you have to…We know its an issue of survival…free medical care in SA at the tax payers expense. MUSIYENI ATOPINGA UMOYO

  29. PF are so incorrigible that all they can shout is ”Donchi kubeba”.Instead of telling the electorates their policies they just insult the incumbent and expect to be voted in power.You MMD bloggers are at it again.You know you have already won this years elections but you insist on danglling the carrot in front of the donkey which is not fair.You know PF will never form gov so let them be. 

  30. Some of us who were in the MMD meeting, he said very clearly that this year it will be difficult for MMD to win. He did not mince his words and most of us were demoralised. Just go to our secretariat and find the  truth.

  31. Ba #26 Banda is caring sure!!!! come on do you also suffer from hatred for opposition like what Africa seem to suffer from Muyaya parties and its leaders syndrome, havent you seen that our neighbor Zimbabwe has the same supporters like you hate opposition for Mugabe…dont you believe you have had enough of 20 years MMD for real…. How will Africa go one step ahead with people thinking like you who do not believe in change. Corruption is at its best levels Banda discontinued the Task Force…come on what does that tell you…hatred awe PLEASE just vote for Change vote for PF vote Ba Sata..

  32. He has
    just been discharged from a hospital with multiple abscesses on his head. He ‘ll not take rest to ensure RB wins..

  33. @Sharpshooter, How is VJ corrupt, tell us more? Can he be compared to Sata and his council officials?

  34. why is it that people like VJ are still clinging to politics even when they are not liked by the powers that be. however i like and look forward to his predictions this year. i just hope his comment is not coming to please RB because he had fallen out of his favour

  35. When is this guy’s death date? Can’t wait. I will make sure i attend his body viewing and burial just to make sure he is D-E-A-D

  36. True Mwamoneni! It is urgently imperative that both the UPND and PF announce who their candidates are for the populace to start making assessments than wasting more time demanding for an election date which can be tomorrow! RB holds the trump card on this one and it is his prerogative to announce the date! Zambians are already disappointed with failure of the pact and no matter how much noise you make should RB’s announcement of election date catch you unawares will draw you some sympathy! Just give us names of your adopted candidates so that we start our assessment! Muzalila ka! 

  37. Whatever this diseased political weasel of the worst order, and ordour, has to say, he can keep to himself. If I were him, I would for once in his stinking life find a job outside of the political arena, watu sabila suntwe yebo pe!

  38. I predict MMD victory, though i personally wanted change. Mark my word; RB and MMD are winning this years elections though not by a very big margin – no rigging involved. PF lost it when they divorced UPND. We all know that Sata is a failure who is practicing Chachacha Politics. The PF, supposedly peoples alternative has no real agenda for the nation and its leadership is highly undemocratic. When Satan loses this years elections, it will be his fourth presidential bid. How many times should one fail in order to be called a failure. Try young guys like Prof. Chirwa, HH or Chipimo. Bring sanity to Zambian politics.

  39. MMD will get 56 parliamentary seats while rest will be fairly divided among opposition parties.
    But on Presidential level it will be clear win for RB, he will get 42% while HH and Sata will get around 23% and 35% respectively.

  40. It is wishful, irresponsible, irrational, immature and unpatriotic to dream that MMD would lose the 2011 elections. It is MMD and RB on a victory match all the way to 2016. You cannot win national elections on an insulting agenga, irrationality and kitchen sink rhetoric but tangible development RB’s MMD has exponentially being delivering within a 2 year tenure. 

  41. Dear PF Kaponyas, be advised hereon that you cannot win national elections on an insulting agenda, irrationality and kitchen sink rhetoric.

    MMD ni Nafuti Nafuti.

  42. vj has no heart for our country and he has rigged the elections already ,what need to be done is find out were he put those hidden ballots and iam certain that if they hidden ballots are unearthed the MMD will be history by 2011.they might also announce the election date to be in rainy day in december,so watch out for these tactics.

  43. Mwaanga, these are kicks od dying horse. not this time, MMD is dead. People do not be fooled by Mwaanga, he is just looking for a job. Profferssors, degree holders, is nothing, Look at the former Brazilian President, he did not have a degree but brains. Stop fllong people, Mwaanga.

  44. The truth is that Sata got most of his votes in the last two elections against Levy and RB mostly collected from Luapula when the late FTJ boosted Sata’s performance because of Levy’s harrassment of Chiluba. Due to Sata’s mistreatment of Luapula MPs and threats to punish FTJ in life and after his death, the political landscape in Luapula is now extremely hostile to Sata. Develpmental programs under RB have further cast serious doubts on Sata. In fact VJ’s analysis did not taken into account the impact of FTJ’s life and death. If VJ rated MMD win at 60%, the Chiluba factor will tip well above 60% in favour of RB. PF insults will scare away more voters in other provinces to the detriment of Sata’s political final exit in politics. No amout of LIES will pull him out alive from the ICU.

  45. In Malawi, their vice president Joyce Banda has this to day about the riots that have rocked thay country: “MALAWIAN Vice-President Joyce Banda yesterday backed street demonstrations against the despotic rule of President Bingu wa Mutharika, describing the two-day protests as a fulfillment of the people’s constitutional right to associate, assemble and demonstrate.” I hope the red lipped snake read this because our own fallen gallant son of the soil Mwana wa Kwitu “Old Chap” General Tembo sided with the people against Chiluba’s third term masalamusi even though he was VEEP. For Kunda, he justified the illegal slaughter of Loziz who in Joyce’s word were just exercising their “constitutional right to associate, assemble and demonstrate”, shame shame.

  46. You can only say one has a winning team if you know the other side’s team. What if they have a better team than yours? In other words, ba VJ is just doing what he is paid for, propaganda. He knows that MMD is in deep trouble this year. There’s only way MMD can win this year’s elections, Not having them. But since it is set in stone, we are having the elections, Banda and UNIP mascarading as MMD is out this year.

  47. PF kaponyas watch Honoravle Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP and Minister of Finance on Cultural Orientation Program on Air right now. He is touring Western Province development in Kaoma, Mongu and Shang’ombo. Thinking that MMD would lose with such historic infrustracture developments across the country is delusion of ages. Look at the Hospital and schools scattered all over Western province.

  48. 100 KM in Senanga district Zambians are in thousands registering gratitude to the RB administration for their bumper Harvest, Hospitals, schools, Hospitals. The district appreciating RB for his pragmatism and focus. The people of Lubosi, Sunda, Mata and Shikela areas thrilled with the mobile Hospitals.

  49. Of course VJ is right that MMD has picked a winning team, do you expect him to say that PF will pick a winning team instead? Does he belong to PF? Does he know what is going on in PF? Among many things that we all know about PF currently is that they went to a national “convention” and came out without a single ballot cast, the gay factor, the failure by Mr Sata to show a presidential heart (or just being Zambian) during the funeral of FJT, the congregation of plunderers in PF, the bad legacy of Mr Sata as recorded in past editions of the Post, failure by Mmembe to show that Mr Sata has changed from their description of the man, according to CC3 the failure by Mmembe to cleanse Mr Sata even in Jik, Sata’s cheap lies etc etc.

  50. MMD shall follow Senior Citizen’s positive propaganda, just one change 100% no mention of any opposition candidate’s name and things will improve very fast. Don’t under any circumstance mention anybody else name- in bad or good. It is your and your name shall resonate, talk about developments, roads, and then what is planned for next 5 years, prepare a list of schools to be opened in each province, clinics, roads to be done, gravel roads to be tarred, jobs to be created, fund to be created for jobs creation in each province, identify small scale industries that are lined up for opening in each province.I will go on thumbing down whenever any mention of Sata or HH or anybody is mentioned in any contribution on this site. I will thumbs up any contribution that presents positive side of 

  51. … of MMD but does not speak bad about any opposition. They are as Zambians as we are, they deserve as much and even more respect than we give to our leaders. We have only one Zambia, we need to embrace dissent, get good ideas and contributions from them, learn to bring them back to our common goal of betterment of future for our children.

    We will win, provided we win Hearts, and not degrade our electorate, our opposition, our brothers, sisters and daughters.
    If left to me I will like to see, all those who talk ill of opposition candidates from now onwards to be dropped from MMD list to send the right signal.

    MMD got 2011 and RB for presidency.

  52. Don’t be on the defensive. Every time reacting to what others say about us, we stop thinking.
    We become copycat with no idea, just followers and reactors.

    From now onwards, whatever they say, notice and get good ideas but do not digress from our campaign strategy. People are better informed these days, more one talk about others, more people want to know about why you are talking bad about others. Unfortunately, in present times, all of us have a past. That does not go away. Provide positive and humbleness and see how hearts are touched. It is simple, small things, smiles that make simple people, our elders and children and villagers happy. Positive brings positive, negative multiplies negative. We become what we think and speak.

  53. VJ has every right to state his opinion, just as you PF guys have every right to state yours. I also have every right to state mine: RB WILL WIN THIS THIS YEAR’S ELECTION. This, my brothers and sisters, is called DEMOCRACY. Posting insults just show how backward one is.

  54. those who have done economics and development analysis studies help me why there is great diference betwwen unip and mmd. unip in 27 years build roads and railway tazara and schools and schools in all towns and district i and university and colleges and trained many policemen and soliders,doctors agriculture officers. But mmd in 20 years has done so little physciall only in improvement in transport sectors. infact some great industries is in their reign where closed.

  55. These are people who cannot survive on their own, without politics. Yes they have political experience, and have reduced the nation to poverty, hence we cannot follow them. No wonder this time we do not need one with political experience as such just reduce our economy as they strive hard to survive economically. HH is our man.

  56. Rigging on no rigging, change will come! The “Tunisian effect” is spreading, it’s just next door.


  58. VJ is in politics, has been in politics and it seems he might still be in politics. Imagine what would happen to you if you woke up in October and found that VJ was the speaker of our Parliament? Remember he is currently the “head-boy” the chief whip. I am tempted to buy his analysis.

  59. It’s true that MMD has a winning team. We may not like it but, compared with the other players, it is not associated with any TRIBE or REGION. In addition, the recent crostitution from MMD is that of failures – apart from Masebo. Mulongoti has never won an election; Mbita is haunted by Dean’s death. And the most constistent behavioral pattern with Sata are his inconsistencies. Thanks to The Post for revealing them in the past. This, though, is working against M’membe!

  60. Is there an opposition to talk about? Honestly, almost all, including the owner of PF are all former MMD. What has changed so much that they can be our saviour? HH is an upcoming polititian, he may have grand ideas for this country, but politics being what it is, the reality is that he is not only an under five, but a pre-mature birth. There is no opposition, people are just scrounging for power for their own selfish motives, and when you have been losing elections two three times, you go into huge debts from your sponsors, not to mention personal monies that have to be paid back one way or the other. Let us be genuine…..Nafuti…nafuti for as long as there is no genuine opposition.

  61. [PF TOP 12]
    1. Sata
    2. Guy
    3. Lubinda
    4. Kabimba
    5. Kambwili
    6. Nsanda
    7. GBM
    8. Mulongoti
    9. Mbita
    10. Maseko
    11. Mangani
    12. Mpombo
    13. Inonge Wina
    14. Jr Levy
    Am ashamed to hear & see tht a credible & normal human bein wth 5senses can even feel proud of supporting the above pathetic,lunatics,gangs,& political scarvengers.w@ good thing can U expect from any of the above apart from insults.Assess & evaluate yourself before u make a grave mistake.Empo mpelele.

  62. The MMD has anounced their parliamentarian candidates a sign that the rulling party is getting itself ready for the elections and that the date is nigh.The PF die haeds are crying for the date when they have failed to find candidates for Eastern, Southern, Western. N.western and Luapula. How do they hope to win an election like this? Let them anounce……..

  63. Bakandile ba MMD Uno mwaka tulelingana, VJ if anything happens, Mulilo, he is a dead man walking anyway, bendela kumapeya, na top up airtime yalyamba ukukana ukucita load. MWATUCINGA PAKUFULA, TUPENIKO CHANCE BUT DONCHI KU TELL THEM.


  65. Lets be realistic and stop hallucinating.RB and MMD are winning.This is indisputable.The best you can do as Sata sympathizers is to swallow your misguided cheap pride and tell Sata and the P.F. leadership the naked truth of the impending loss otherwise by giving Sata false hopes,you are manufacturing a bomb that will eventually kill Sata.If at all he will not be lucky,he will collapse just upon the announcement of the election results and die the day RB will be sworn in.Guys wake up!You are talking of change,what change?Sata is more MMD than RB.The Mulongotis,Masebos,Chitalas,Manganis,etc are all recycled failkures.


  66. # 86, you ar’ very rite, sure a right thinking person cannot entrust power in the hands of these thugs.Bakaponya, inele fufulu. tukamimona, ur’ used to losing.

  67. I want to partially disagree with VJ;s election analysis.I very much respect and cherish his wisdom in predicting election results but I think this time around,he made a slight mistake over Luapula and Southern Provinces.I stand to be corrected but I strongly believe MMD and NOT PF will carry Luapula Province.Then,Southern will be a 50/50 affair between MMD and UPND.So in short,what I am saying is,MMD will get Eastern,Western,North Western,Central and Luapula .Southern Province will be shared between MMD and UPND.Northern Province will be a 50/50 affair between MMD and PF.Then,this time,MMD will grab some seats from PF in the so called urban areas both on the Copperbelt and Lusaka.Then with a proper campaign machinery,Masebos self acclaimed personal to holder Chongwe seat can be scooped.

  68. Hey guys, forget about the dead MMD. You know that this party died a long time ago and we are just waiting to bury it using PF shovels and spades. All the genuine people who believed in the 1991 change have since left the rotten and stinking MMD. My recent tour of duty reveals that regardless of what MMD tries to do, people are resolved to changing government in preference to Sata. Just here in Luangwa, it pabwatooo. I really do not even know where people like disgruntled VJ gets the breath to speak tothe contrary. MMD is dead as you can see, despite their dishing out billions to entice people, their rallies are shanned. They are literally begging people to attend rallies. Just let the knee jeck announce the election date and you will know that PF is like advanced cancer, it is unstoppable

  69. 20 YEARS of misrule, awe twalinaka sana na fi MMD. The Zion Boat is cruising and just get the tickect, get on board and thank the Lord. The streets are rejoicing each day as the MMD shackles lose their strongholds, ha. Where will the vote come from because even the Western Province brothers and sisters have woken up from slumber! You have denied them for soooooo long and worse still killed their children on the streets and in prisons. KUYA BEBELE chalipwa. Viva Sata viva PFFFFFFFFFF

  70. PLEAS E we are tired of this ****ng problem of:
    1. recycled politician
    2. tribalism
    3. corrupt people.
    we are one zambia, one Nation. we should work together to get want we want, lets try to pu behind this tribalism thinking, Sata, Miyanda and HH are all well capable or rulling the nation.
    BUT puliilzii not corrupt RB we are tired of his games silly tricks.
    no one is need your shit ass plizzz.

  71. as long as the voters get divided mmd will win so those who want change by now HH can not win so if you vote for him means mmd wins this is simple logic on ground and thats why mmd when pact could not go ahead are very happy. it had remain to the voters what do you want if want mmd vote for them but if you want change vote for pf because if you vote for HH you spoil by now. and if mmd wins will destroy HH with their machinery of propagada that by 2016 will be no a factor

  72. In terms of quality candidates,I predict MMD has shown the best brains,to be followed by UPND and at the tail end will be PF.A mere glimpse of who is who in PF will tell you the caliber of candidates to be picked.Good luck!

  73. I would rather spoil my vote on onw who is credible than a thug, after all the one getting spoiled is main not another persons’. HH is winning this year, all those sata has injured will vote for HH. MMD has no candidate this year, they promised us in 2008 that banda is just finishing Levy’s 3 year term and another presidential candidate is coming, so as far as we are concerned there is no presidential candidate for MMD. The whole zambia we were promised and do not want to again see Banda as he was just finishing levy’s term. So HH is our man, come rain, come sunshine as we spared him for 2011. This is his year, no manipulation will work.

  74. VJ is a man of his WORD..when he says such..u beta take him seriously…ba PF we are retiring ur boss this year..KUYA BEBELE

  75. “MMD’s adopted parliamentary candidates for this year’s tripartite elections are a winning team.” I see no sense in the the statement….how sure are you about this? ba V.J just let the people decide bakabolala ba ma votes …..ataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. The only person in MMD SATA fears is VJ. This statement from VJ will really go down into the cobra

  77. nga icintu pamutwe ubulwele nabo bubi vj please die and burry yourself pathetic individual go lie next to your friend the ,master dribbler thats if theyll allow you stop punishing the poor zambians stupid (Bitch of a man) ubucende encito

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