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Police open a docket against Patrick Mwanawasa for assault (Update)


Patrick Mwanawasa
Patrick Mwanawasa

POLICE in Lusaka have opened a docket against former President Levy Mwanawasa’s eldest son, Patrick, and Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata’s bodyguard Judge Ngoma for allegedly assaulting a 50-year-old Lusaka resident, Given Mumba, at the Kanyama parliamentary constituency office.

Mr Mumba, who reported the matter at Lusaka Central police station yesterday, said he had gone to Kanyama parliamentary constituency office to see the member of Parliament, Colonel Gerry Chanda, when the two allegedly assaulted him.

This is according to ZNBC TV main evening news monitored in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Mumba said Patrick and Mr Ngoma allegedly assaulted him when they identified him as an MMD cadre who could not be allowed to see the MP.

He said in the process Patrick picked up an iron bar and hit him on his arm and all over the body.

Mr Mumba said after beating him, Patrick and Mr Ngoma detained him at the constituency office for more than two hours.

According to the medical report dated July 1, 2011, signed by a Mr Julius Zulu of Kamwala Health Centre, Mr Mumba sustained a swollen hand and was experiencing severe back pains because of the assault occasioned on him.

ZNBC TV reported that when contacted for a comment, Patrick rudely refused to comment and immediately cut the line after the author introduced himself and the subject.

Meanwhile, former PF founding member Samson Zulu has said Patrick’s involvement with the PF is clear evidence that he has embraced violence.

Mr Zulu, a victim of the PF violence, said he was not surprised that Patrick is alleged to have assaulted Mr Mumba.

Lusaka Province MMD task force chairperson Chiwele Maimisa said Patrick’s involvement with the PF is a disgrace to the Mwanawasa family.



  1. BS & MMD want to punish this boy for joining a winning team(PF). MMD stands MAD MEN DONKEYS. Ni pa bwato and if they try to play with our votes, Zambia will turn into a different direction RB and his MMD will regret

  2. shocking stuff! is that story credible? if so honesty patrick and co. are geting overzelous and carried away at the spur of the moment.his future is at the finger tips, im afriad.thats totally unacceptable ladies and gentlement.he must be brought back to earth mwebantu!

  3. Assaulted on 1st July, and reported on 25/07/11?? Swollen hand severe back pains?? No, that should be due to manual labour.

    • Son of David you are great! so all the guys condeming Patrick cant read the dates…..ni ma rubbbbbbiiiiishhhhhh!

  4. If the boy has committed an offence, let the full force and muscle of the law his father believed in, deal with him. If on the other hand this is a baseless scheme to annihilate Patrick, shame on the powers that be. Let us hear more facts about this issue. This boy needs to get back to planet EARTH.

  5. have to say I have had a good laugh at the wit on here, maybe we should be a bit more tongue in cheek in the future and try not to be annoyed at the same old things……..laughter is such a tonic….
    and I certainly need it.

  6. “Cabbage Junior” what are you becoming now, you are becoming a typical PF member. Watch your movies young boy, Sata and Judge are thugs, dont become like them. 

  7. The matter of Patrick’s assault on Mumba is said to have been reported to the Police by a PF MP for Kanyama Colonel Gerry Chanda. The Colonel knows the rule of Law. Let the due process be executed without any of us creating a smoke screen. Chiluba’s son behaved in a similar manner. Besides, we need to know what prompted Levy Mwanawasa to ditch Patrick’s mother to marry the younger Maureen. Patrick must reflect hard before he goes on rampage to despise marital status of elders.

  8. i like patrik, he’s just doin his thing, being his own man, not playin it safe like the other wimps in his family that think if they upset rupiah and his ‘parte’ then they might be squeesed in contracts and etc. He doesn’t care what other family memberz say, he’s just goin for his. Isn’t that what life is all about?

  9. Ba LT this story is fake and incomplete, we need details, what happened? what was the problem and how can two powerfull men beat a 50yr old sure please we need news in depth not dyonkho..its not possible for SATA’s body guard and young LPM to gang beat a 50yr in the presence of col. GARRY MP kanyama . we need serious news , if u have no stories sometimes just gather the comments that bloggers write and come up with stories to say bloggers say bla bla bla….

  10. No 18 what useless advise to give a young boy…. i hope you will have the guts to look after him when he his down and done

  11. I am sorry to say this, the country is headed the Ivory Coast way. Only a foo cannot tell that RB is getting worse than all dictators that have walked this earth put together. Why do you Zambians act like pussies that you are? Why allow one person treat you all like foos? Even in Animal Farm some animals reacted. But you Zambians in the name of peace you are now falling into pieces. If you cannot stop Banda now, when do you think you will do it? After the elections? Do you think he will even listen to you? I promise and should assure you, few days before elections, Banda will institute STATE OF EMERGENCY to silence all of you. There will be no social media, no Post, no independent radio stations and you will suffer worse than Zimbabwes. Keep watching.

  12. No 22 and 23 i do not see how RB get involved in all this… it was a PF MP who reported the case to the police… spare us with your no sense

    • The engineer, you’re really full dull for an engineer. Where have seen written that Col. Chanda reported the case to the police? Read the story again. Shameful behaviour.

  13. PF fo0ls have been caught unware in their posts above. A PF person takes another PF person to police and who do they blame? RB, how laughable.

  14. I dont have to be a supporter of any party to know that its wrong to assault anyone even your enemy?In a proper state no one should be spared of the wrath of the law.Patrick muct dance be subjected to the same rules like anybody else…NO Mercy

  15. “The two are alleged to have assaulted a 50-year-old Lusaka resident Given Mumba at the Kanyama parliamentary constituency office where he had gone to see the Member of Parliament Colonel Gerry Chanda.

    Mr Mumba reported the the matter to Lusaka central police.
    According to the medical report dated July 1, 2011… ”

    Note who reported. Mumba not PF MP Chanda, and when. If it happenned for real, would have been news on 2nd july!!! Logic, common sense people. U think it can 24 days to report? Such a ‘juicy’ story in these days of massive propaganda. ZNBC would have jumped on this story as soon as fight ended. Think people. Don’t be easily swayed by fake stories that do not make sense at all. Be wise and discerning!!!!

  16. Ba Austrian Engineer you have an attitute problem,go to Austrilia if u will wil find pipo calling themselves Zambian Engineer.be objective and think.am trying think u ar Humphrey Siulapwa.leave my nephew alone!

  17. # 24 and 25, where did it say what you just wrote? Are you reading the same story or you have your own stories engraved in your minds? MMD Cadres, they see Banda as a papal infallible. Ni UNIP mulilo affair again.

    Ask yourselves, when these knuckle head was beaten, what did he do next? What made the police to wait a month to open dockets for assault? Assault took place in Kanyama and the medical report is signed in Kamwala? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Mwembushi mwe!

    • Yes, you cannot debate anyone at all. How can you do that if you are not making sense on anything. Try to make sense, probably someone might see sense.

  18. Ba MMD you can do what ever u want to do….we have already made up our minds…we are voting for Sata…ba fikala

  19. July 1, 2011 and the docket is only opened yesterday, damn! Was the police still working with Kanishamezy doctoring the case against the boy? And with a swollen hand and severe back pains, the guy could have been “flogging the log” and being the old man that he is, it took donkey hours before he jerked off leaving the hand swollen and the back in severe pain. He should try viagra next time before embarking on such a misadventure and leave Patrick out of his self inflicted pains.

  20. You PF kaponyas are Stu.pid, these chaps were reported to police by a PF MP because the he witnessed the assault. Why the hell do you bring RB’s name here? If you dont know the whole story, shut up!!.

  21. Kalos2121 is the most ignorant Zambian on this blog ever since he came on the scene,he is shocking.every time he adds Bemba he is swearing/insulting.I know he is PF but this is not good you are actually campaigning against PF .mate this is Internet you are not only communicating to the Bembas in luapula but all zambians,use English and try hard to end in English this way you may not insult.

    • I am not English and I am very proud of who I am, Luunda from Luapula. Do you have a problem with that? Whatever you say, I will continue using my language. God gave it to me freely. About my ignorance, yes everyone has an element of ignorance in them. Only you and other MMD cadres have the monopoly of knowledge and intelligence. Ha ha ha ha ha. Now my Bemba again, ba MMD amano tamwakwata. Amukwata amano ngatamuli fipuba. Yes, I just wrote in my lovely language. Ngaulefwaya kasose. I am not scared. Yes, I did it again.

  22. Im afraid Patrick will not live long with kaponya standards like these. It won’t be long before we mourn him. Mark my words. He is exhibiting the exact traits of young politicians who never made it into middle age. Good luck to him.

  23. Not well planned MMD,it’s too obvious honestly try again.it has to be really smart no loops,you will loose votes if you go ahead punishing the boy.Do not reply or argue this is a recording !

  24. MUKABE 2011 – Assault is an English word. Consult the dictionary. You PF cadres with your illiteracy want to impose ignorance on the rest of the country and we can’t allow that. Before you comment you must do some basic research. Just even google the word ‘assault’. That is why we will never allow PF into State House. We don’t want kaponya manners. Someone has sustained a swollen hand and you are wondering whether that is assault. Please go back to school….but anyway we know that education is not valued in PF. Never in State House, we won’t have illiterate and violent kaponyas there…

  25. Patrick Mwanawasa was not in Lusaka on that material day. He was in kafulafulata where he went to meet constituent members in readness for the conversion. The PF conversion was held between july 2nd and july 5th. So the story holds no substance. The MP’s office is next to kanyama clinic, why did it take Mr. Mumba to go to Kamwala clinic to have a medical report signed?

  26. A medical report legally admissible in such cases must be signed by a qualified and registered Medical Doctor from an authorised institution to carry out such assault examination. A Mr Julius Zulu is being used by MMD, and a document signed by him is legally inadmissible in the courts of law.

    The police officer who opened the docket must be very dull, the case was supposed to be reported to the police before the man went to the clinic as required by all medical-legal cases, unless in life threatening conditions. But in this case, the case was not reported before going to the clinic, he travelled all the way from Kanyama to Kamwala, never reported to Kanyama police station, and he’s making the claim today when his injuries cannot be diagnosed by a qualified MD, this is utter rubbish.

  27. The boy is now a confirmed Kaponya.Young man uzasila musanga You will be a laughing stock.Reflect on the path you are taking before its too late

  28. MMD & ZNBC can’t even seem to sit down together & tell a good DAMN LIE!!! It just goes to show how rotten to the core the calibre of their reporters & story tellers!!!! Ala muleya ba pompwe!! Donchi kubeba!!!

  29. What we should all be saying to RBish is, “ufisanji mamabala iwe?????” I suggest we all start singing this on Fridays at mid day – “Ufisanji mambala iwe, ufisanji mambala iwe”, then we blow the car horns, then end with the same chorus!!!

  30. The boy will son come to realize that boma ni boma. PF or Sata will not save him when all hell gets loose. They just want to use him for the elections like chipyango..kuku pyangila pyangila ukasila pataya. that’s what will happen to this black sheep of the mwanawasa family. mark my words.

  31. “The Law will take its course”…..which Law… there is no Law in Zambia otherwise the chinese murderers who shot and killed Zambians in Maamba and the copperbelt  could not be let off free on nole….

  32. Zambians shibukani, this shi RB will turn all of zambians into fertilizer. What a dull president for the beautiful country kwena.

  33. I
    don’t support Banda but I find it hard to believe that PF cadres on this blog will always defend the bad behaviour of any PF cadre and criticise RB even when RB has nothing to do with it. Guys let us grow up and call a spade a spade. Sata himself should be ashamed for putting this boy who is insulting elders in the forefront all because he wants to get into power. What Sata and the Pf should have been doing is to instill good morals into this boy.

  34. The PF cadres are at it in full force to create a large smoke screen to hide their evil actions. However, the matter of assult on Given Mumba has been reported to the Police. The real facts will unfold in the Coutrs of Law. Patrick & Sata’s Body Guard are deemed innocent till proved guilty by the Courts. Lets just relax and wait for justice. Otherwise late Levy Mwanawasa must be turning in his grave as his legacy is being torn apart by his own son as directed by Sata.

  35. I wonder if some people went to school. Those who have read the story above can tell who reported the matter to the police. How can one fail to understand a simple article. Maybe they did not pass the comprehension part of examination paper for english.

  36. BLIND BLOGGERS SAYING COL. Garry CHANDA REPORTED THE MATTER ….read paragraph TWO of the story it says…………

    ‘Mr Mumba, who reported the matter at Lusaka Central police station yesterday, said he had gone to Kanyama parliamentary constituency office to see the member of Parliament, Colonel Gerry Chanda, when the two allegedly assaulted him.’ muleke ubu fontini ba mmd

  37. people will know after elections you be friend ,so people beware how you talk there are people who are no payroll over this issue and if you are not no pay roll why getting so busy issue that even government doesn’t care about you ,why get busy none of your bunisine

  38. people will know after elections you be friend ,so people beware how you talk there are people who are no payroll over this issue and if you are not no pay roll why getting so busy issue that even government doesn’t care about you ,why get busy none of your business

  39. Njala yamunyokola Mumba!!!!!!!!!11
    Its a shame that some bloggers would rush to commenting on the story before even reading it, or may be they dont know how to read. This sound like cheap propaganda. It shows that the mmd is panicking and are seriously scared of the boy

  40. according to the law of Zambia assault the charge why not give the police and the court itself to deal the them ,because law is law nothing like you were suppose to go to police before going to the hospital know as long as is assault,give sensor what belong to sensor.

  41. #1 Correct. This is RuBBish politics the RuBBish way. #50 we know you, you belong to that NGO called DIE-HARD FOR RB, what a shame, what is wrong with you pipo let RuBBish go back to his farm.

    Assaulted on 1 July 2011 by Patrick and Judge in Kanyama
    Collected Medical Report in Kamwala
    Reported the assault case to Lusaka Central Police on 25 Juky 2011
    Are there no clinics in Kanyama to obtain a medical report from instead of Kamwala?
    Are there no Police Stations in Kanyama to report a case to instead of Lusaka Central Police 3 weeks later?
    KAYA!!! Help me reconcile and reconstruct this episode…

  43. Withe levelz of serious desperation being exhibited, it won’t be suprizing to see somebody being locked up for some trumped up non-bailable offensez.

  44. LT, honestly, why copy a story that has no basis and give the general populace to feed on? Please add some proffesionalism to your job.
    ZNBC, we need some fresh air, go to sleep for now.

  45. This is a rather unintelligent article. There is no depth to this story. LT please be more professional in your reporting!!!!!!

  46. The Zambia Police very fast to Open a Docket for opposition members. I remember they dragged their feet on Dr. Musonda the murderer cause he was MMD. A wong is a wrong but Patrick is being framed. it wont work. MMD kuya bebele.

  47. Double standards. Now that it is PF? What was the MMD cadre doing? That is trespassing? Wow I cannot just believe how MMD has gotten so petty? As if they are not a ruling party? UNIP never got this desperation in 1991.

  48. Next will be repeat of 1990 state of emergency, then we turn into Ivory Coast. Lucky I am overseas so I can mess with MMD from outside, thanks guys

  49. #22 spot on you have said the truth. RB is the most vicious and deceiptive President. Zambians must wake and at all cost stop this dictator. This fake story is a relflection of how desparate RB and his minions have become. How can the assualt case take place in Kanyama on 1st July and the medical report done in Kamwala on on 1st July only resurface on 24th July. If there is any truth in this it would have been headline on ZNBC on 2nd July. Only a fool and a die hard supporter of RB will believe this nosense. This is cheap propaganda to try and silence Patrick but it wont work. Just like Kachanda chimba and are always coming up with lies agaist SATA. RB and Dora gets so exited with such lies. Let them know that their days are numbered.

  50. To my surprise imwe MMD, this chap was in your academy, so if it means him graduating with honors in violence management, then its only logical that he was trained by William Banda.

  51. Sad reading. Patrick should emulate the non-violent conduct that his late dad inhibited. He will then have a good future ahead. Whether he has been framed or not, he should be far away from violence.

  52. It is a PF ploy so as not to adopt him. The party knows that the boy is a liability and will not win the party the seat vacated by Mr. Mpombo so what else can be a good pretext than this. Welcome to politics mwaice u have just been sacrificed. How can u stand as MP with a case in court. Grow up boy. Your political career has ended even before it matures. Advice: PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL

  53. LT, i am terribly disappointed with your shallow reporting of serious matters, by the way who should sign a medical report under the Zambian law? Why has it taken too long to be report? Why reported on ZNBC? by the way i don’t even watch the so called ZNBC but i pay a 3,000 every month, not just inpired by there reporting style. Maybe becoz i am not a Journalist trained and employed by ZNBC, please next time report factual LT.

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