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Sata hand-picks ‘MPs’

Headlines Sata hand-picks 'MPs'

Mr Sata

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata is alleged to have hijacked the process of adopting parliamentary candidates in his party, leaving no room for other members to have a say.

Impeccable sources said in Lusaka yesterday Mr Sata has been conducting interviews in person and drafting a list of preferred candidates from his home.

The development is said to be frustrating older members of the party, who fear that the opposition leader will give preference to new members.

“Mr Sata is allegedly conducting interviews at his home, and he has drafted a list of candidates for Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces,” one source said.

He said Mr Sata’s action has caused anxiety among party faithfuls because they do not know their place in the party.

The sources said Mr Sata’s alleged tribal inclination has affected the adoption process of the PF.

The names on Mr Sata’s list include Miles Sampa for Matero Constituency, Sylvia Chalikosa (Lusaka Central) and the PF president’s son, Mulenga.

Mulenga is reported to have initially been eyeing Lusaka Central and Kabwata, but may now have to settle for the lower position of councillor in one of the wards in the capital city.

The sources said Mr Sata’s action contradicts what the lower organs of the party have recommended.

They said because of lack of democracy in the PF, the MMD has adopted some of the opposition members of Parliament to stand on its ticket.

Grassroots members of the PF have rejected former minister of Health Nkandu Luo, who is PF leader Michael Sata’s preferred candidate for Munali Constituency, to take over from incumbent MP Mumbi Phiri.

Sources said Ms Phiri has also not been interviewed because the members prefer someone else for the seat.

The development comes a few days after some PF members of the central committee said members in Munali Constituency have also rejected former Chongwe MMD MP Sylvia Masebo, whom Mr Sata wanted to impose on them against the wish of the party members in Chongwe, who prefer Geoffrey Chumbwe.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. The only impeccable source for MMD daily mail is daily mail itself.
    Its so easy for public media to manufacture lies and hide under the guise of anonymity
    The public media have a lot of work ahead of them in order to recapture the long lost public confidence.
    Its too late to unsettle PF because you have been exposed for what you truly are…MMD Daily Mail

  2. Who cares. All we want is change. He can pick all his bululu’s for all I care ,this RB chap is toast!!!

    • Are you sure of what you have written Mbuzi…ka flag indicate u r ku states!! This is a shallow post. Please post another, or you have lowered your self to a goat!??

  3. Zambia, you have not witnessed madness yet. If pa fwaka wins by any chance, Zambia will be one big compound full of mwamwazis. Chaos will be the order of the day and anarchy will prevail, thugs will ran amock and no decency will charecterise any institution of Government.

  4. This has been his practice and has ended up costing his party. I thought he has learnt, but it seems he has not because the calibre of leaders is questionable!!!!!!

  5. Whatever u say,it wont change pipoz stance. Change is wat we want,actualy wat we need! And change is here! Rb kuya bebele! Meanwhile as health workers we oso want our setling in alowance nt ukulanyengelelafye ba teacher!

  6. that news is not real as Sata has the best advisors in this country so far,then whon cares though coz shrek RB must go,let him annouce the date and disolve paly

  7. eish … it’s 1991 all over again, change for the sake of change, how people have such short memories, Katele Kalumba we still remember the luxury boats you bought, Xavier Chungu Zamtroop scandal, Big Fred, Moses Katumbi, Katebe Katoto, Now Dora and the Zamtel Scandal, not forgetting the arms deal scandal how do you get your son to buy weapons for the national defence force for goodness sakes he’s a civilian and not part of the civil service, and what happened to the tendering process. ba fi.ka.la muleti nokuti MMD is working while they are busy lining their inner pockets on the side they give you mobile hospitals!!! Kwena abena Zambia muli mpanga chachine.. GUYS pabwato and then hope, fast and pray the man dies halfway through his term, they maybe we can come up with a better candidate.

  8. The adopted MMD candidates leave a lot to wonder and I believe that PF with its vicious campaign strategy will haul over 100 parliamentary seats countrywide. It is evidently clear that REBELS will be taught a lesson by PF supporters who they betrayed and worst still the few miserable MMD who had waited for their turn to be adopted will defect to PF today when RB dissolves Parliament and set election date. Look at the MMD candidates for Mandevu, Matero, Kabwata and Luska Central, these are failures from were they are coming from. Canicious Banda for Mandevu failed to perform at UTH despite him being an MMD bootlicker. Muhabi Lungu for Lsk Central was corrupt at ZDA and he sold Zamtel for nothing. People at Zamtel are now retrenched. Faustian Sinyagwe and Machungwa are rejects. Viva PF, Sata

  9. Elo first who’s lusaka times? I ve jst noticed most of ur stories side wth Rb. Ninshi naimwe nimwebo ba mmd media?

  10. shrek is anouncing the date today…. He is shievering… Kekekeke..
    If the source was somewher diferent from daily mail, i may hav thot twice, not daily mail,. How may lies have they propagated against sata? Change is enevitablle this year…. Pf viva sata…

  11. PF bloggers why turn your backs to reality?The truth is your Empty Drum is practising nepotism and his dictatorial tendencies are still in him.They say bad habits die hard.A kaponya will always be a kaponya.Thats Cobra for your president

  12. what sort of change are you people talking about! For crying out loud, be serious! the same people want to keep popping in and out of government/parliament, forming and rejoining political parties hoping to be back in power, do you honestly think they have your best interest at heart! why would they? who is fooling who here? what is it they intend to do now, that they didn’t do then when in power, come on people wake up, what will change now! or have they all learnt from there past mistakes! what change!

  13. @ #11, the reality is with the exception of LPM, the MMD have been lining their pockets at the expnese of the comon man, and now they wish to hoodwink you with cosmetic projects that will end with the passing of the elections, why scrap the abuse of office act, have you been to the passport office or the licencing department?? and the man says their is no corruption in Zambia after nearly awarding his son a $100m arms contract without going through the tendering process. mwebantu !!!! thats the same deal that made Chiluba rich $20m given to Katebe Katoto his blood cousin!!! WAKE UP BRING BACK ABUSE OF OFFICE THEN AFTER FATSO IS OUT OF OFFICE THEY CAN HOUND HIM AD HIS GOONS

  14. Ba state media. think before you write. whats wrong with you. SATA cant sink so low to do what you have written. GO SATA GO, WE ARE WITH YOU, MMD & RB KUYA BEBELE.

  15. You can take a crocdile out of the water but it will still remain a crocdile.Sata by being PF doesnt make him any different with the Sata who was in MMD.

  16. Funny this is:

    Because of lack of democracy in the PF, the MMD has adopted some 

     of the opposition MPs to stand on it’s tickect. 

    Yes because Zambians are mugs they will vote for them.

  17. the public media has gone to the DOGS indeed ! every time telling the nation lies, just tell RB to announce election date so that we can send him to his farm. instead of developing our country, the finished n corrupt mmd is busy telling lies day in -day out.


  19. @#15 Kims kwena ulifutu So what are you suggesting then? 

    When are we going to stop that then? We might as well bring back UNIP.

    Oh sorry it is back already.

  20. Even at the convention it was the same story. A prefered list from sata himself was adopted. NO one cast a vote.

  21. Mr. Sata handpicked the whole central committee and the sham PF convention. Not a single and I repeat, NOT A SINGLE BALLOT WAS CAST at the sham PF convention. What would stop him from handpicking the parliamentary candidates?

    What Zambians are experiencing right now from PF is dicatorship. PF is the personal-to-holder party of Mr. Sata and what he says in PF is law. Democracy is alien to PF. This is the democracy Ms. Masebo wants to practice.

    If Zambians love democracy, they’ll not vote for PF. PF is an autocratic party run by a dictator.

  22. Even he hand picks so what ? for all i know he is going to pick the best team . PF has already won . MMD DEAL WITH IT

  23. # 23 3RqU, EXACTLY, AS I SAID SAME PEOPLE POPPING IN AND OUT OF PARLIAMENT/GOVERNMENT…..and i am not suggesting anything as you put i am saying!!!!

  24. A crocodile in water wil not turn into a big lizard out of water. what makes the Serpent different if you want change? Go Back to school.Fikakaponya! ubufontini fulufulu mumutwe!

  25. I bet these interviews are being done in Cobra’s bedroom.And you call this a democratic party?iyo niPa Fwaka zooona.

  26. SATA will always be sata, even if he joined NADA, ZRP, UNIP, MMD, PF, UPND NAREP etc. So what change imwe bambuli? His arrongance and luck of education is just what he is. He is a Despot! VIVA MMD!

  27. Guys change is good, stagnation with MMD for the past 20 years!!! come on we can do better than this, some of you bloggers were still in your nappies by then!!! guys after 20 years give me just one serious developmental project that has been done?? a new university? bringing unemployment to single digit percentages? a new air port? a new high tec general hospital?? a muti billion kwacha housing initiative that aims to eradicate shanty townships?? 20 years of what?? can someone answer me…. and you still sing MMD mwembushi mwe.

  28. imwe ba PF u shock me..every time there is a negative story about u..u say the source is un-reliable..when its about MMD u say its gospel truth,.give a break..we all know that MCS hand picks people and he did that at ur General conference..so please save us the trouble and wait for the fire works once ur list of candidates is out..u will be shocked…


  30. I totally agree that the source of this story can not be trusted as it lacks credibility and objectivity. But having known Mr Sata from his days in UNIP, his contribution in the MMD when he hounded people out of MMD for having opposing views, when he was ready to go against the constitution of Zambia with the third term crusade, when hacked people’s heads in Chawama, when he was paymaster for Nakawala, in 2006 when FTJ campaigned for PF and he promised to drop all charges FTJ was facing plus all other dictatorial tendencies and inconsistencies he has exhibited, I am left no choice but to believe what has been reported in this story.

  31. did i hear PF supporters saying; SO WHAT, SATA CAN DO HOW HE WANTS, ALL WE WANT IS CHANGE?Please correct me.

  32. These guys contesting elections are both UNIP i.e. Banda and Sata. Where are MMD and all other other part candidates?

  33. UNIP will never go away. It’s now turned up again in 2011 (20 years later) as PF and MMD. Where are all other parties and the so called future leaders of the country. It’s a disgrace!

  34. You PF kaponyas are stupi’d, why are you refusing and pretending that this is not true when even during your PF fack convention there was not vote cast to choose you central committee, Sata hand picked the whole central committee.
    Satan has always been a dictator and there will be several defections after the names of the hand picked MPs are announced. This foolish man will never rule Zambian. 

  35. Dear countrymen and women forget about mmd and pf.these guys are tied,they are too old to run the affairs of our country.they had been in unip,mmd now pf,what change can they bring?lets vote hh for rel change.i apeal to all loving zambian to vote for this young man hh.these old madalas are finished with their corrupt deals.viva hh,viva upnd.

  36. Wednesday 28th September, 2011, we will be retiring Sata, yes, that is the date when Sata political career will end.

  37. Ok, I am a North Westerner but I was born in Kitwe, grew up in Kitwe and still leave here. I am a PF supporter but I am worried that most of the PF MP candidates on the C/B and LSK are mostly if not all bembas. I am worried that should PF win elections thi year, all ministers will be bembas. I am now contemplating, HH seems to have a heart for my north western province but the problem is, he cannot win an election, atleast not this year, maybe 2016. I an torn apart. Please any genuine advise blogger?

  38. We dont give a damn by such cheap propaganda we will still vote for change and send RuBish Shrek back to his farm where he belongs. Let the game begin by RuBish Shrek announcing the election date, Wezo fisanji Mambala?

  39. RBish story from the Rbish tabloid. Do not believe this nosense! Its just cheap campaign propagada from MMD and its abuse of the public media!

  40. 15 You are right. If this man forms govt. he will be a dictator for sure. The man has been in govt. since time immemorial but has nothing to blow the trumpet about. Let the people choose whom they want to represent them in parliament – not people who are going to be yes tata to the powers that are to be. My say – My vote.

  41. This is good, we need an authoriative leader who makes decisions and takes full responsibility of his actions. I love PF


  43. @48 Concerned PF supporter – Think with your heart and dont let any group influence you.I am bemba but there is no way I can vote for sata, because I have critically looked at him and he is not the man I can trust my kids future with.The best alternative you have to HH is RB.So vote wisely for RB-nafuti nafuti.

  44. #56, Ma Qin, waniyofwa nankani iyo. I will be the first one to leave the country before the investors leave if this monister (SATA) becomes president of Zambia

  45. You pipo of zambia have respect for yo leaders hw can u call you father shreck you president God has given u thats Y u receive curses from God, can u revise that foolish word and repeat

  46. Whoever is soliciting change for the sake of it should be ashamed of themselves.In 1991. Zambia pioneered true democracy anywhere in Subsaharan Africa, if not the entire continent. Not a single position in MMD shadow cabinet was hand picked by its leader or indeed anyone. Yes, it has its own critics in good and bad times, but tenets of democracy still remain strong to this day. It is naive to think defectors to PF are seeking democracy.Clearly, where is democracy in a party of hand picked MCC, MP candidates etc. Masebo, Mulongoti, Mpombo are chancers driven by mob psychology generated by Sata’s shallow comic approach to politics without substance.If MMD was not democratic enough for them, UPND would be the closiest party to fulfil that, but its leadership popularity. MMD & RB must win

  47. Guys, I know we all want to see change in Zambia but the way we are rubbishing nearly every story in the tabloids that seems to demonise Sata worries me. Yes, they say love is blind but at this level; Wina azalila. Let’s not be fooled by the Charisma and all the promises of making our lives better 90 days inside the presidency. This job looks very easy when you are in the opposition, just ask Cameron in the UK. He was an Angel and Blair/Brown were devils look at where things are now. He promised the big society, today what we see is a confused and depressed society. Change is inevitable but let’s not blindly put our names on Sata’s mass suicide note. The writing of what Zambia is likely to become is on the wall, but most of us have chosen to turn a blind eye to it. I rest my case…

  48. It will be travesty to democracy and a giant leap backwards if Zambians let Sata go anywhere close to power. Sata is cadre by nature, not a leader suitable for highest office. His mouth rarely engages with his brain before he utters a word.That is dangerous for a frangile economy like Zambia.It would just take one careless word to drive investment out of Zambia and wipe out capital market share values. His disregard for majority decision is dreadful for democracy. Handpicking his son to party echelons will stinct in the face of people who have bindly supported him, then may be it will be wake up call to what lies ahead in Sata’s bullish and pathetic world. God forbid!.This has a resonance of Kaunda’s ways in the late 80s when he appointed his son as Secretary of state for Home Affairs.

  49. Where is the source of the new, Don’t tell guys it is DEADLY MEALS, or whateven u may call it. IT is pabwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this year, nonsense deadly meal.

  50. If anyone I know ever votes for Sata, he is practising his voting rights but also I practice my human right to deny him any assistance when he needs it – especially if PF wins. I’m not joking about this. If I know you voted for PF and PF wins and then poverty comes on you and then you come to me for assistance, I will just spit in your face. Karibu. Go forth and exercise your right….

  51. Ba kapoli longeni utu pe twenu, pa 20th wa Sept 2011, mule lola ku mishi yenu!!!
    Ala Ubwato bwala ima!!! Pa BWAAATTTOOOOOOOO!!!!

  52. we all knew this would come up..this man is a dictator..tahts why we hope not or PF to win this year’s elections…sata would be a bad president!

  53. “…but may now have to settle for the lower position of councillor in one of the wards in the capital city”

    The statement above tells a lot about the Daily Mail. If they have the information, why are they doubting?

  54. #72 kunta kinte shame you can only spit on your relatives who beg from you,you re such a bitter person slave mind of revange! threaten your relatives & your poor friends.

  55. Lies, lies, in the morning lies, afternoon lies, at bedtime lies, now we understand and its justified for PF to have barred the public media from attending a well organised convetion. They could have twisted facts, no wonder RB is hallucinating on what really the strategy for PF is which was birthed at the convention. In a war, you got to be tactical and not careless with bullets because they may run out when the enemy has just been found. Viva ubwatooooooooooooooo Sata for 2011 and beyond..

  56. 48 Copperbelt PF supporter, If you joined other people like me and many others to vote for HH he can win just as Sata and RB can win. If you have discovered that Ba Sata is not the change which this country need then join hands with us to VOTE for HH. Its all about how many provinces each of these 3 will get and how well the perform in others they will not win that will determine whether they go to plot one or not. Convince one person to VOTE for HH and let that one person Convince another one to VOTE HH; that way he will WIN. 2011 for HH.

  57. This Tribal Scam will NEVER rule Zambia, mark my words! He can win Lwapla, Northern, Copperbelt etc….But outside the Bemba he will not get much, the truth hurts. Banda Gets Eastern, shares central with HH, shares lusaka with SataN, wins Western and also has a say in NW with HH, hence he carries the day. Anyone can respond to this post, insult me, but the truth is the truth….Bemba people can only garner votes among their own people.

  58. I willingly swallow and enjoy every word that the Zambia Daily Mail publishes, especially when I compare with the lies of the Post in the name of “independent PF paper”.

  59. Sata’s supporters seem not to understand what real change is. they think change is removing RB and replacing him with violent Sata. This won’t happen. Any real change entails getting new people and not same UNIP/MMD RB and SATA. Its better to continue with RB than risk the country with Sata at the hem because he will kill many people and Zambia will go reverse economically. PF supporters are mistaken to think that their leader is needed by Zambians. You will suffers heart attacks becuase he won’t win.

  60. When something is rotten to the core, no amount of image building. even by the might gay’s paper, would stop the rot from sipping out. Sata is charging aspiring candidates K50m each to contest on PF. No one will ever question him, after all its his own party. This old man will walk with not less than K3billion at the end of the day.

  61. What will the MMD vuvuvela and paid up chiefs say after the revised electoral code of conduct? These bribed chiefs even forgot that this country has laws. Now the battle ground has been levelled and we want ZNBC to start being balanced and covering opposition party rallies. Mifisa chani imwe ba kwindi? MMD is a dead party and everyone knows and the press briefing by RB is the last one he ever going to make as president. The rest of national issues will be handle by MC Sata. Ubwatttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooo

  62. Anything that is against Sata becomes rubish to his supporters.Wake up guys, its not everything that is a lie.Even the Chanda Chimba documentaries have a lot of truths in them. Dont be blinded and argue about issues you know nothing about. Sata does this ever since PF became popular,he dictates and no one says mpwee! I was PF but I saw a lot of wrong things happening. Sata is a bully and a serious dictator.

    Can anyone tell me where PF has a bank account, none whatsoever! Has anyone ever seen the PF constitution? Note that I dont mean the fake manifesto they published in the post, I mean the constitution! Its kept under lock and key!!!!

  63. My sincere hope that we go back to normal reporting by the state media, now that parliament haz been dizolved. I miss watching ZNBC newz and doing the puzzle in the Times of Zambia and Daily Mail. Any way now The Post haz even more entertaining puzzlez, after all.

  64. Chanda Chimba neither adds nor subtracts what Sata says in that program,! so what’s your problem imwe fikaponya?

  65. I may not agree with Sata approach. But I think he has a basis for doing what he is doing. Most original members of his party are not good leadership material, hence he is thinking of coming up with the best team through careful selection of leaders. The problems comes in that he needs the support of the leaders who are original and true to PF. And he risks being viewed as a dictator which is the main fear in most of the Zambians aho are not PF members. I hope whatever calculations he is making they work for him and he part as well as for the nation.

  66. So why are you complaining? Sata has the right to pick who ever he wants. Its his political party fulu stopu.

  67. Viva Michael Chilufya Sata! UTH will be one state of the art referal hospital under your watch! Who better understands better local govt administration and decentralization than MCS? I tend to believe MCS is disliked with consuming passion by those leaving govt that should he get to plot one the incriminating information he has on each one of them is too much for them to escape jail! However I would relish seeing misapplied resources reimbursed to the nation!

  68. Sata is a Dead Man Walking! He has been strongly advised to quit politics by his doctors. Everytime he ventures out to campaign outside lusaka – he ends up back home, in bed swelling like an Irish Potato in a Microwave. This year, we will do him a favor and force him into final retirement

  69. PF members must not complain when Sata personally selects his MP candidates. You should have known a long time ago that PF is a personal property of Sata. Let him freely impose candidates on constituents. PF is Sata’s personal Farm and all members of the Party are just his FARM LABOURERS; the cadres are casual workers to pick seasonal tomatoes. As for PF blogers, merely send letters and e-mails to Bwana Sata pleading with him to publich names of his preferred nominated (non-democratically adopted) candidates beacuse the election day is TEUSDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2011. Sata’s hand-picked candidates need to go into the field to recite Sata’s personal message. They are prohibited to think independently. Mangani, Masebo, Mpombo, Mwenye, Chitala will enjoy their newly found democracy in PF..

  70. UPND and PF please adopt your candidates. You have less than 2 months to sell you agenda to the public.


  72. Let the will of the pipo prevail. Peace we all need. God bless me, bless you and bless our mother land ZAMBIA

  73. This Sata who is so highly thought of by dimwits has all the traits of the worst dictator to ever rule an African Country. The man is running PF like his personal to holder toilet. This illiterate muppet thinks he is the most intelligent Zambian. He over rates himself so much that he gets shocked he loses elections. Get a life oldie!

  74. #99, do you to say that 75% of the Zambian population are fools? Do you realize that probably your parents did vote for Mr Sata? You should know that voting is done privately. I wouldn’t say what you just did considering that may be your parents are RB or HH supporters, but your uncles and aunties might be for Sata.

  75. A lot of people can not be fooled. Naine kuno Jo’burg nde oba. ndi mubwato. On friday I will buy the air ticket…via pa BATO! MMD: dont keep silent, kuikoseleshako. But never forget, its time for change.

  76. What did you expect people, he handpicked the so called MCCs. This is an automatic step, he is simply doing what PF imbeciles think is democracy.They would even be happy to let him vote for them……but the majority of Zambians are able to see through Mr Sata’s vanity.

  77. Uuumm, I’m not one for political comments but why am I struggling to believe this article, the story lines don’t sound very convincing, or is it just my lack of analytical skills? Not sure what to believe.

  78. That is why this country is so backward because of the mentality of its citizens. We are so backward with our thinking. We fail to see beyond party loyalty and party support. Take a hard look at HH, Sata, and RB and make a decision based on what their conducts have been in the past because that tells you who they are. They will not change because they have now become president. Their character will remain. For me Sata will be a wrong guy at State House. Anyway I pray that God will guide us by speaking to the neutral voters not to choose SATA. Let all the NEUTRAL voters consider VOTING for HH for sustainable development and real change on 20th Sept 2011. GO HH.



  80. Maybe it’s time tried a different form govt oi you guys at the barracks get off a****s and try out running this country we may have some order, am tired of this democracy ish. 

  81. # 108 Eagle Eye
    You trust soldiers in administrative roles. I would like to differ from you. Just consider voting for someone who did not or was not part of the KK/Chiluba administration, he will see things different once took office. BY said Sebistano Zulu received K250m to cause confusion in UNIP where he (zulu) was secretary general. Should gvt spend such a mount of money on mmd to help it fight its opponents?

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