Sata claims his letter to Rupiah Banda caused the announcement of election date

Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata
Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata

Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata has observed that President Banda has been forced to announce the date of elections following the letter he wrote to him on the date of elections.

Mr. Sata told QFM news that he had written to President Banda warning him of the consequences of taking the people of Zambia for granted by trying to delay the setting of the date of elections.

The opposition leader has however, noted that his party is more than ready for the elections adding that the PF will use the 5 week campaign period to intensify selling itself to the Zambian people.

Mr. Sata had earlier written to President Banda asking him to dissolve parliament.

In a letter dated 20th July, 2011 availed to QFM, Mr. Sata noted that the deliberate failure by President Banda to dissolve parliament had led to illegal expenditure by the vice president ministers and their deputies on the travels to all parts of the country in the name of carrying out the national duties.

And Michael Sata says country will need to have a new constitution as soon as a new government is ushered into office.

Mr. Sata has told QFM news that the current constitution is too porous and does not protect the rights of the Zambian people.

He adds that it is the same constitution that has allowed President Rupiah Banda to remain president on the MMD ticket when it is a well known fact that he is still a UNIP member because he is on record of not having resigned from the party.



  1. This President is a dictator without morals, He has been campaigning for the last 3 years and all he is giving the other parties is one month. Your time is up a new leader will be in State House.Nov 2011

  2. This stupid *****,, he does not stop amazing people, why is he showing folishness on straight forward things. Everyone knows that the elections will be held this year, now you have the election date, prove to nation that you have what it takes to win them instaed of insults…viva 20HHH. These electons are for HH if he does not understand… rigging will take place in Luapula and northern province of zambia. I have seen PF members have dragged their legs after hearing the election, look at other candidates like HH, he is busy campaigning without talking like this standard 4 drop out, you want to force on zambian people.

  3. Shikulu please give the nation your a team.On bolllot papers printing send a good team and we should have a 24 hrs ex servince men team at the lusaka international airport.A komandos.VIA vIA PF

  4. The President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata of Patriotic Front voted massively in 2011 polls. Viva Sata, you are inspirational!!!

  5. Caught napping.. his list of parliamentary candidates is yet to be finalised, meanwhile the clock is ticking… 53 days to go!! Is he realy ready for the fight as he is claiming to be?

  6. Attention seeker autocrat Mr. Sata at it again. This self praise ego driven drivel is laughable at most. Mr. Sata, prepare for you impending 4th defeat. We hope the magician PF lawyer Mr. Wynter Kabimba, who is famous for his disappearing act during one of Mr. Mpombo’s court case and is rumored to have never won a single case in the courts of law has already prepared an election petition after you are defeated for the 4th time.

    Continue easing your ego. The people of Zambia have seen through your drivel and have been reminded of who you are through some educational documentaries like “Stand up for Zambia”. The people of Zambia want to continue with development and food security. This is why the people of Zambia are giving H.E.R.B and the MMD another mandate.

  7. ifyamba Satana ,whom are you trying to impress ,just conduct your interviews from your sick bed!This year kwena you will cry Satana! VIVA RB,VIVA MMD

  8. Now, break it down for us, Mr Sata, put meat to the elusive 90 day skeleton theory, now that campaigns have began. How will you fill our pockets with loads of money?

    • Typical lazy man talk who think the government will put money on your lap just like that….you also have to do your party ala!!

  9. I only hope you make it this time ba Sata so that people can prove themselves wrong. Otherwise the curtain will close on you this time. I fear to imagine you as commander of the army and the police. I hope you wont declare war with one of the countries nearby because of your lack of civility. Why did you want elections this year because when you were campaigning in Kabwe in 2008 you said that they will be no election because you need to save your full 5 year term. This is the man some people want at State house. God save your people from distorting themselves. I appeal to all the NEUTRALS voter to VOTE for HH.

  10. He is the man even Late Mwanawasa confessed of doing things because of pressure from MCS, HH is no match Sata is game. Viva Zambia Viva Change Viva Sata….

    • Through policy change that’s how, you my Zambian friend have to work harder not 21 hours a week awe 45 hours and not 2hours lunch…cut it down to 30 mins, half day Friday no more!!!

  11. Pipo the time has come for the so called leaders to cheat the innocent zambians pliz dont be cheated and dont listern to fake promises like ” I WILL PUT MONE IN YO POCKETS” where on earth? if Countries like Britain, America cant do that how about a poor Zambia………….Vote wisely!

  12. We cannot have a president who uses his sons as procurement agents and DJs at his rallies , tuleku bweza ku farm 20th September 

  13. So what? Now what was the purpose of you writing to the President if you knew he wouldn’t listen? Are you saying he was scared by your letter…or are you saying he is a listening President? think Sata is right on one thing however….the constitution needs to be worked on, the Presidency is the most powerful institution of our land and it is dangerous considering the likes of the serpent.

    • I agree, Sata thinks he’s talking to kindergartens. It would imply that Rupiah listens after-all, who compels a President. Who’s going to be first lady if Sata wins because he’s still married to first wife, lives with another and is still pregnating concubines. And by the way he’s vice beats up women. Take care of home before promising to take care of world. People don’t research, Sata is older than Rupiah. US is growing at 1.6% vs Zambia’s at 6%, 5th world copper producer, lower middle class status, single digit inflation, bumper harvests, surplus cash reserves..list goes on. Sata doesn’t pinpoint what change he’ll bring. If its not broken, don’t fix it. He surely chose the right name for himself – serpent, like the devil himself.


  15. If Sata can show me how to put loads of money in my pocket now, other than by trickery, juju or printing paper money, I will definitely vote for him.

  16. This was obvious naimwe ba SATA. Its like saying the president should make tomorrow come. You should keep quiet on some of the things shikulu twapapata.

  17. Mr Sata when you advise a person and they take your word its not time to go round praising yourself,next time they will not take your word no matter how good and serious a matter is. Thanks


  19. Sata is mad, his sickness has riched his brains, everyone knew that the president was going to announce the election date soon, whats wrong with this old man? viva real change, viva HHHH

  20. Ba SATA, you are man of the pipo. You have given RB & MMD sleepless nights. Will shall vote for you and your MPs. RB KUYA BEBELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. Sata don’t claim credit where you don’t deserve it. We don’t need the details. We are not fools. Just keep fooling your illiterate PF supporters not the rest of educated Zambians. We know that it is because of ECZ work that has finished is why the President RB announced the election date. RB has been updating us constantly on this. Let us be fair. No amount of cheating will get Sata into state house. he is a bunkum.

  22. #22 &#23 – Sata does not mean he will literary put money in your pockets, but create an environment where you have money more than the case is at the more, e.g taxation systems, employment opportunities, and well structured development plans. 

  23. This chap satana thinks he is above all zambians,the president makes his own independent decisions,with or without this evil satana chap,only patriotic fools need him like they dont have brains to reason well.2011 year for the resolute minds to usher in genuine brains not dictators,desperate and demagogs.nakawala=sata=sadam=gadafi=idi amin. zambia the real africa=2011 the real change zambia.r in genuine brains not dictators,desperate and demagogs.nakawala=sata=sadam=gadafi=idi amin. zambia the real africa=2011 the real change zambia.

  24. Senseless Sata, just go and campaign in bus stations where you enjoyyour popularity. us intelectuals want RB back in office

  25. Even the on going road rehab and the so called developmental projects……..its because of the pressure from you. You are giving us sleepless nights………………..”sob, sob, sob, sob (crying)!!!!!!!!”

  26. I have taken some time to listen to Sata’s rallies and radio interviews. I have concluded that there is no substance in the man. The man is full of inconsistencies and I wonder if he will make a good leader at all. Just look at the article above, the man claims he advised Rupiah to announce the date of election and according to him he yielded to his demand. Is it okay for him to go public that he piled pressure on the president? Rupiah is MMD and not UNIP anymore and this not necessary to talk about. It appears that the man (SATA) is still MMD at heart.

  27. Following the announcement of election date and dissolution of Parliament from the President, one might expect some solid resolution from Mr. Sata to now add meat to bare skeleton rhetoric talk. But what do we get instead, an egoistic excitement meriting itself the pronouncement of the election date by the head of state. Mr. Sata may well have wanted this to be announced by himself and not the President.

  28. This buffoon never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know why he failed to claim that it is because he prayed to Almighty God that the sun has risen today. As for the issue of a new constitution, its only the gullible and his blind followers who can believe him. This is the man who supported the change of constitution to allow FTJ to go for the third term. This is the man who supported the change of the law to make theft of motor vehicles unbailable just to fix Matriboy, thank God the same worked against him. This is the man who supported the change of a clause in the constitution just to bar KK from standing for presidency. ATASE!!!

  29. Yah! I always wonder whether Satamaniacs have held books after leaving whatever levels of education they’ve achieved. Please try reading an introductory text book on 0economics and learn about the problem of scarcity and choice. Maybe then u’ll know that economic miracles cannot happen in 3 months.

  30. Come on guyz, jst who is this man .When you hear anything good, its him bad its the govt.Have you seen how craft this guy can be,yes we cant dispute he has done good things,bt to claim of all good things to himself and attribute bad to govt is surely unacceptable.hs not a saint, ask hm who built overflying bridge,its him,who built civic centre its hm……hahahaha…who advised chiluba to cede power its hm.hahhahaha……..

  31. Kaingozm,

    I have been trying to hard to search for the details, intricacies and basis for this 90 day theory as espoused by Mr Sata for sometime now, would you care to elaborate some more than the generalizations?

  32. Thats why my vote is based on age. we are too old, since the colonial times. i am sure our masters must be turning in there graves. lets see what happens now. count down.

  33. Amazing PF President – Wisdom is about wise people. Milupi used his knowledge to speculate about the election date. Now this old man says it is because of his letter to RB that made the president announce the election date. Is that being wise?
    Please take note of his promisess to change constitution if he is voted into power – What change can he bring, Third Term clause, access to state funds to support PF like the K2Billion Kabwe saga (where is TEMBO), Chilenje mezzaf saga,…? Chanda Chimbwi has said it all to those youths who were not there- take head, don’t say you were not told under the don’t kubeba slongan. He is not wise enough to know that Chiluba thought he is not a presidential material despite being his close right handman?
    Please give Zambians a break – we deserve better

  34. it amazes me to the core when a man can claim that everything good gvt does was forced by can Mr MCS claim that it is his letter that pushed H.E RB to announce the election date when the president himself told the nation that he would only announce an election date once the ECZ confirm that they are ready to hold elections in a free and fair manner..and true to his word once the ECZ confirmed this which we all recall was this very week..the president went ahead and announced the date..please be ready to retire Mr MCS..let Mumbi Phiri take over…

  35. You people who likes insulting elderly people in the name of politics,how do you fill.especialy #7.You a devil.Try to insult your on father.Mambala.

  36. the 90 days,more money in your pocket retholic worked well for councillors who came in with tropicals frm compounds and within 90 days could manage to live in extreme luxuries in chalala and makeni.Looks at the houses they built in 90 days.They hate RB to the bone becaus ehe closed the tap.Only fools would vote back those PF crooks and thieves.

  37. The only industry Sata can promote if he became President (God forbid) is the fishing industry targeting the lakes in the north. The man has nothing to do with crop and animal farming. Shame . :(

  38. Bwana Sata, tell us your team and policies.

    You are trying to sway attention away from your inefficiencies and disorganisation exposed by RB. You are full of yap, yap, rhetoric, and provocative language. That is why you failed to attend FJT’s funeral, it was your own making because you have diarrhoea of the mouth.

    Be a statesman for God’s sake.

  39. Mr. Sata, that’s you’ll never be ZM President. Those who support the Cobra think like the Cobra or have very poor memories, easy to manipulate and exploit due to fragile personalities . Sata is the one who killed the enactment of the new constitution. Can he tell us how’s going to make the new constitution if at all he becomes ZM President in 2026. From his bedroom?

  40. This rant by a foolish man is not worthy of debate. Is this all he can bring to the table? What a shame that intelligent and hardworking zambians are being insulted by this hopeless choice of leader. Do zambians sound or look like this fool, what is our calibre? Definitely not at sata’s level. If this is the best option we can offer then we really don’t deserve to develop. How can crap become worthwhile? Not even in 90 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. I wonder if PF is preparing for a change of leadership after this 4th loss. Might be the end of the party…..

  43. #38 Do you think Sata has the brains to think out a practical way of creating wealth better than we are seeing now under the stewardship of RB? Sata uses instincts to do things he does; he uses feelings just like a dog will smell the vulva of a bitch on heat and realises it has to mount. Is this the character you expect to build Zambia….’.Fodya ndi uja uli pa mphuno’. Bemba fools say akanani nikalya akali pa bwali….The english say ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush’……Vote RB

  44. This is somethelse. What constitution when he and his ministers refused to back it, after spending millions of Dollars

  45. Sata go ahead to cheat Zambians at home. Some of us in diaspora who have seen real development can not be bought with cheap slogans. If you vote this cobra in office that’s fine but remember we will simply overstay overseas and watch you suffer. Zambians don’t learn. Politics has changed in. When are starting to see the presidential debates?



  48. At the ripe old ages of seventy chakuti these two grandpaz just cant give it up already…If I make it to 70 PLUS Years I wud prob be in a retiement home reminising on the good old days that said one comforting fact is after this election its the end game for both of them their last hoorah,the final Part kwasila no sequals THANK GOD COME NEXT ELECTION ALL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES SHOULD BE UNDER 60.By the way when does Dementia start kicking in let me google that shit>>

  49. And Michael Sata says country will need to have a new constitution as soon as a new government is ushered into office.

    Sata is a big liar. On dual citizeship he critised, on enactment his MPS voted know. Vote real people not this liar. The choice is between the old recycled folks or new blood, fresh ideas like HH, Milupi, Prof Chirwa and the like

  50. Ha ha ha ha. Ba Sata balayumfwisha bwino. He likes attention. He thinks he is the change we want. Unfortunately, he doesn’t even know the change he is talking about. Mukalila imwe!!!

  51. We are on the ground, here is a true conversation among marketeers at a Kitwe township market known for PF sympathy when RB announced the election date yesterday “…. Awe ba tata ba RB balikwata umutima usuma sana elyo ne chikuku.…..balya ba Sata balibipisha umutima, kwaliba umuntu ungakana ukushika umunankwe (chiluba)?….kabili mwamona ichisoka akwata chi cobra ububi, ekubipa umutima, ala nga twamuvotela akatwipaya….Kanshi tuka votela fye ba tata ba Rupiah naba tulanga ati kuti ba tusunga bwino”.



  54. Let us be objective gentle men. Mr. Sata is an adult and doesn’t deserve name calling. You all including himself has an opinion to the elections in Zambia. Let us blog with sense. Never say never, remember the people who vote don’t even blog. They don’t even know Lusaka Times. He may become President much to your dismay. RESPECT is the WORD.

  55. #8. ANACONDA. Don’t be dull. U must be PF. What makes u think that the flag showing on a blogger is the country they are blogging from. There are proxies and what is called spoofing depending on your internet service provider. nowonder u chaps will never rule. Via ALA BEE

  56. Show me that he is not a liar, I have proof that he is one. He should be honest with his statements not trying to get to state house using shortcuts. He needs to act in a dignified manner if he wants to be respected. Some of us are tired of this crap

  57. Sata Lishilu. ba PF tamwaka spokes person for a whole president to be phoning radio stations, personally conducting interviews, handpicking MCCs? atase Party ya Fipumbu. How can Satana claim abuse of resources and yet he was the chief abuser under Chiluba. Just go and campaign instead of just going round zingalume. Election date iyi nabaiche baishiba, Sata is ignorant. Ati president SATA, akutumpikaneni ifyofine kwa chitulika.

  58. :-? One wonders what is wrong with our country especially you zambians in foreign lands who are supporting RB. Y did you live zambia is it not becoz of poverty and failing to find work, shame on all of you, we who have stuck it out need govt change, feasible change where we can have breakfast, lunch & super not the type of RB change…lol… yapa kamwa tyala[-(

  59. Sata the Clown! He claims his party is ready and yet he has not even got a list of adopted candidates. He is still waiting for the entire nation to defect to PF! Fool yourself. He says RB is not MMD. Is Sata himself MMD? If we ask MMD who is their President or member between him and RB, will they choose Sata?


    • Tomba noko na wiso naiwe wine we chisoso. You are definitely a PF ***** who does not know the basics of proxieis and hoisting of servers abroad which show some of us as being abroad but we are very much in Lusaka. Lets see if sata will smell state house. He will ALWAYS be in JOYFUL HOPE of reaching plot 1 while others are actually resident there. Ataaa!

  61. ba #7 ba limoto,why are you panicking wriiting so many comments?just go and campagn for your party stop asking questions now its too late.By the way how old is RB and Sata?

  62. Sata in State House is a dream that will never be reality. We don’t need an illiterate World War II survivor ruling us. Yes he and Hitler breathed the same air! At least his fellow oldie, RB is literate.

  63. oh this moron! He didnt hear ECZ the other day say they were going to be ready with the Voters’ Roll by this monthend! That is the inspiration that motivated RB not your lunkonena kwati ni lunshi pa mafi or satana pa mulwele! Cant wait for 20/9/11 we send you to eternal political rest.

  64. the man says he wrote to rb bout the consequences of not announcin the election date on time,and he has proof.10days later,yo rb announces the date.honestly if u are a normal resoning zedian,cant u believe that the later writtn to ala bee as some of u blofers prefare to call him,carried some weight.sata has the right to boast.remember change is inevitable.see u on the 21 of september,ba kizito and others en then u will tell me who will be in office,ie if LT will stil xist.s en then u will tell me who will be in office,ie if LT will stil xist.

  65. whts wrong with tis man sataNA kanshi? he was crying for an election date, it was given, now he has run out of things to cry for he starts making up stories, let him just tell the pipo wht he has to offer coz at the moment he has nothing to offer on the table.

  66. Sata is so simplistic. How can he claim that it was he who caused the President to announce the election date? The problem he has is that he wants all the credit to accrue to him, even on irrelevant things such as the announcement of the election date. We all know that the President, according to the current constitution, is mandated to announce the election date upon being advised on all the logistical arrangements. One wonders whether Sata has any credible advisors. This is a total embarassment. He behaves like a small child. He should learn to keep his foul mouth shut for once.

  67. Desperate ACTIONS call for Desperate MEANS there goes Mr Satana Again. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for every Situation.

  68. Iwe Bomba #90, nishani? you are scared about what? you really are a good student of you president in insultology and indescency. It is simply true, SATANA wont rule. PERIOD!

    You have to reverse all the gains we have made in knowledge as a people before Satana can snick in. everybody know this including you.
    Cimuntu che siciziba ulemu ati president. Ni president mu PF kwasila!!!! out of PF zero.

    FYI, i am a proud and registered voter and my vote is not for senseless and confused people like Satana (chisoka chikote)

  69. You can lie to your Kaponyaz, not to some of us. Whats wrong with this old dimwit?

    Anyway, its his nature to take advantage of happenings like a hyna. F.O.O.L!!!!!!

  70. Satana you belong to opposition epela. Tawakatekepo ichalo cha Zambia. We’ll bury you as an opposition leader bcoz that is where you fit well. Zambians will not allow you to be their Kateka.


  72. Ummm… Sata is a missed call. No attempt to even disguise his foolish ego. He fancies being the one to declare such things as election date, cabinet reshuffle, investiture ceremonies etc. I get the feeling that is all he thinks about, that is why he thinks government is a 90day afffair. Go to school, that is the cure or at least be humble and let your semi-educated carders organise you.

  73. Grandpa sata, sorry to say but your time is up! We shall miss you as an opposition leader and it ends there. I dont see you having any more energy after 20 september 2011. Pack your bags and let your sons inherit the party. We are sick and tired of you and your noise. Let others anointed for Presidency continue to work without undue pressure, OK?

  74. Sata is my man, practical and result oriented, his record speaks for itself, not the so called educated who cant deliver , whats the use of keeping them.

  75. Let us pray to God to help Zambia get credible leaders who will think of the people other than themselves and their children.

  76. And the grassroots on the ground shout Sata, ubwatooooooooooooo. What else? Fi MMD has developed amnesia. MMD KUYA BEBELE. Nawakwi spoke well ttoday on radio phoenix and reminded the public of the messlessness and incomptence of MMD and I believe she will be endorsing PF leader Mr MC Sata in few days. DONT KUBEBA, MMD died years ago and we just waiting to bury it, period!!!


  78. What SATA wants is not elections. He wants ERECTIONS. You know he is a finished madala because of too much Pa Fwaka (PF).

  79. So far, HERB has given us a lot of reasons to either vote for him, or vote him out. The problem I have is that Sata has not given me any reason to vote for him. What is his development plan for the country?
    Thats what I would love to know. Don’t tell me things like creat jobs for all youths in 90 days from thin air. What the hell do you think this is, magic number?
    Lets be realistic, we have 5 weeks to vote, tell us what you are going to do for us Mr Sata and your pipo.
    HERB is showing us what he can do.

  80. Undemocratic parties, awe twakana! They are saying they will just appoint a team of experts to make a constitution based on past submissions, whose constitution will this be? A peoples constitution? Give us a break! At long last, trading of insults by party cadres will over by 22nd September 2011. Thereafter, we shall start discussing real issues.

  81. Mr Sata, ever so petty. Everybody knows that President Banda had to announce the Polling Day. Why should you, Mr Sata, think you’re so important that the date had to be announced because of you? May I tell you, Sir, it’s such comments from you that make people not to take you seriously. I really wish you could see the value of Humility. You’re not humble, Sir. Things shouldn’t always revolve around you.

  82. MMD means Mahule,Mashilu , Ma Murderers all are found in this useless party. I cannot see myself being ruled by a useless woman like Dora Castle Lager Siliya, everyday beer and sex, fake reverends like Ronnie, people like Kaingu who cannot a word of English properly awe enough is enough

  83. Countrymen, three productive years have passed since we voted RB into office. Again we are called upon to do that most lofty civic duty of selecting our torch bearer for the next 5 years. To me, and millions of Zambians around the country the choice is obvious. Zambia has progressed in leaps and bounds under the recent MMD administrations, and is setting to soar to greater heights with RB at the helm. Abash Sata’s deception, desperation and inconsistency. Over the coming weeks we will debate with facts and conviction to show why Mr. Sata has no business being anywhere near the august office of the Presidency.

  84. Sata should not claim that he pressured RB into announcing election date and dissolution of parliament. The other time RB said that he will only announce election date once he was assured that ECZ has put in place all logistics. That was not true coz RB was just buying time to ensure his team Team was ready for elections as shown by Wednesday’s orientation of all adopted candidates. What followed next was dissolution of parliament and election date. Sata should not be wasting him time commenting on RB he should instead concentrate on issue based campaigns and how he is going to fix Zambia’s various problems in 90 days. I am still waiting for SATANOMICS FORMULAR to work wonder for mother Zambia. Seeing is beliving.

  85. there is nothing constitutional about setting a particular day for elections imwe. which constitution have you read? i have read the 1996 const and on powers of the president, he is constitutionally allowed to dissolve the National Assembly but the same const is silent on who announces the day for elections let alone the ECZ being mentioned as an autonomous body tasked with election issues in Zambia. Dullness is like a cancer you shameless zedians ala.

    • And that constitution is right in your little box!

      There are places in Zambia where by the time they hear about this it will be two weeks before elections.

      This is what poverty does, it makes people become selfish and planks.

      Chances are your great grand children will still be using the porous 1996 constitution.

      Stop being selfish. Make it better for them and I do not mean by oppressing others.

  86. Thank God most Zambians have no access to internet.

    Ifimasele ba Kapoli bali pano.

    One wonders how old people on here are.

    Or is it a case of being desperate? Yet LPM jr is told he has no respect for using the wordsstubborn

  87. Lt sata jus become an anti smoking ambasador full stop. This man will nevr see the seat of plot 1. And know that zambian can not make that mistake of puting satamn in state house.

  88. Mr President Sata you have said it all, thank you….we are preparing for inauguration on the 24th September 2011. At last change is here, this si not Zimbabwe, not Ivory Coast not Egypt nor Libya…. This is Zed where enough is enough

  89. Out of all creation the first creature to be cursed by God is snake.Now Mr.Sata choose it as
    a sculpture for his office desk.if by any chance he became president will he take it to plot one?
    Will he uphold Zambia as a christian nation?pls ba sata we dont need to see that idle of your cherished snake before us.I hate it.    

  90. So when are we going to see a live sensible presidential debate: HH, Sata and RB on the same platform? Every candidate  debating about their Party’s policies no insults…

  91. Cease Fire. Let me now announce the 2016 Presidential Candidate. Lucky Beene – Former BUZ President. The Man of intergrit. Lets start preparations.

  92. Kuya bebele ba Movement for Maule Divorcees. Natu developments of the roads pa last minute. Where were you all these past 15 years???????????? The last kicks of a dying horse. VIVA PF. Donchi kubebaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!\:d/ \:d/ \:d/

  93. Who ever wins in this year elections, i dont expect a miracle to happen. Pa Zed, its called politics of hunger. Zambia will remain Zambia forever and ever.

  94. people listen to the words of wisdom from the chief; vote for HIS EXCELLENCE THE PRESIDENT DR. MICHAEL C. SATA

  95. @122 Zero Option, before you call anyone dull please read the Electoral Act of 2006 as well and report back.

  96. Ba Kaingozm; does he even understand anything about economy: taxation or banking system? If he could carry k2 billion in suit cases & oliver thabo airport saga. In a modern Zambia how can someone be sweating with suit cases of money. Why blow trumpets if indeed your advice is taken? Does it mean Aug 23 has changed to sept 20? Unfortunately we shall as zambians be ruled by a mis-fit one day because of subjectivity if frivolous exercise of our democratic rights to critically scrutinise our political players.

  97. Ba Kaingozm; does he even understand anything about economy: taxation or banking system? If he could carry k2 billion in suit cases & oliver thabo airport saga. In a modern Zambia how can someone be sweating with suit cases of money. Why blow trumpets if indeed your advice is taken? Does it mean Aug 23 has changed to sept 20? Unfortunately we shall as zambians be ruled by a mis-fit one day because of subjectivity if frivolous exercise of our democratic rights to critically scrutinise our political players.

  98. So when are we going to see a live sensible TV  presidential debate: HH, Sata and RB on the same platform? C’mon ZNBC this is how you push ratings and even sell advertising space!!

  99. This foolish old man is sick, very sick….why would he say that the president announced the election date because of him? He was still going to announce it, with or with out your letter. Sata will always be an idio’t 

  100. I think lack of education is a very big problem. Sata should go back to school, this man is very ignorant to be a president.

  101. Mr. Sata has told QFM news that the current constitution is too porous and does not protect the rights of the Zambian people……THE ONE SATA VOTED WITH IN 96!


    • Youths Drink their Beer, receive their money, wear their chitenge, stick their posters but remember the future of this country lies in your hands. Never you scrifice this beautiful country for anything mentioned above. Remember we are the ones who Cue up for jobs pa Labour office, window shop the most etc….. ON THE 20TH OF SEPTEMBER VOTE WISELY……..

  102. The Zambian Not So Intelligence Agency has communicated to RB to announc dates for elections as the Ministers like Dora who cheated that they were inspecting developmental projects when in actul fact were campaigning. The campaigns had in fact ended up annoyed a lot of people. He he he RB is toast NOW.

  103. #23. When he says more money in your pockets, he means most of us in informal sector who pay PAYE among other things. He has been saying he knows where else and who else to tax and get money for the treasury, and there by giving relief to formal sector employees. This means that PAYE tax thresh holds will be reduced, say for instance from 30 % to say 20%; and in turn increasing the take-home salary by that magine. This is more money in your pocket (as majority Zambia salaries fit in the pockets)!!

    He never at any point said the government will within 90 days start getting money from the treasury and ask you to line up and start stuffing it in your pockets.
    What he has always said is that the whole tax regime can be re-arranged in 90 days. Please, take time to READ not ma romours chabe

    • Dude, your understanding of taxation is totally simplistic. U truly are PF. Rite now Govt is struggling to put in place proper logistics to tax the informal sector and u skim your moron of a president will within 90 days implement such a system??? Goodness!!

  104. Mr. Sata PUHLEEZ spare yourself this stupidity, everyone knew the announcement was coming anytime soon and had nothing to do with your letter. Soon he’ll be telling us he wrote to God that the rain season (in Zambia) should be starting in November, crass!

  105. Lupiya bwezani banda is retiring, if we replace him with sata when is he going to retire for the age difference is two years between sata and lupiya, instead lets vote for the grand son H.H.

  106. The Man never stops to amaze me! He thinks he can force the President to annonuce the date of election. NO WONDER THE MAN IS A JOKER.

  107. # 141 centmas It is not true that you peoplein the informal sector pay PAYE! I am sure you made a mistake here! In essence, what you are saying is that H.E MCS will brodden the tax to include the informal sector I would like to believe. For starters, PF has consistently oppossed taxes that ZRA (GRZ) introduced to bring the informal sector in the tax net. Examples abound: Market levy, presumptive tax for taxi and pirate taxis and many others. The other thing is that it is very costly to collect tax from the informal sector, they are simply not willing to pay. Best solution is to create more “real jobs” so that PAYE is wide spread. Remember, companies only pay tax on profits, so the easiest tax to collect is PAYE, proven worldwide.

  108. I don’ t know the worldwide you are talking about. I am in Australia and no tax is hard to collect. We need leaders who will bring reforms not just saying this or that tax is hard to collect.

  109. Sata has got this totally wrong. RB has always known this date & one just needs to see how he mobilised MMD. He quickly held a convention, Picked PM candidates & set his team to start countrywide campaigns. Only an obsolete politician completely out of tune with issues can make the claim Sata is making. 5 weeks to prepare for the election & stop the rigging by RB’s team is not enough time. HH for plot 1 for a better Zambia. If we want to end up like Zimbabwe lets get Sata in plot 1!

  110. Mr. Sata’s and the PF’s support is waning and they need a miracle to win these elections. The only credible Presidential aspirants are RB and HH. That’s it! It seems to me that Mr. Sata underestimates how intelligent, sophisticated and educated Zambians have become. This claim is a good example. And it’s compounded by his own limited education and lack of diplomacy. He also lacks what some clever people would call emotional intelligence e.g. his failure to attend Chiluba’s funeral was a sht in his own foot.

    As in the USA Zambians now seem to be focused on the economy and here RB has an urge as he has things to point at. Contd

  111. Yah, atleast Ba Mayo ba Dora baliko zeeeeeeeeeeee..
    We were getting fade up with her made up face and her baseless topics (developmental projects) and arguments

  112. Mr. Sata must begin to flesh out his 90 days development agenda and convince the citizenly that it is implementable.

    Otherwise he is toast even before the first vote is cast.
    So, why spend so much time discussing Mr. Sata and PF? I personally think that progressively hardworking Zambians are AFRAID, VERY AFRIAD of the remote possibility of him winning these elections. Because the country will lose all the gains made after the scarifices in the 90s (SPA, privatisation etc) and what they have personally accomplished in the recent past.

    ZAMBIANS, NOW IS NO TIME FOR EXPERIMENTS OR TO FRET. Vote wisely. RB continues or switch to HH.

    We even have other young credible people in Milupi, Mutati etc. NOT SATA, PLEASE.

  113. Can someone shout here PABWATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Man of action you are the next president of Zambia. Go PF Go Sata.

  114. Here is a timeline….Sata and Masebo Predict a wrong date for elections…..RB tells them he will only announce the election date when ECZ puts in place all the logistics……ECZ announces that they have everything in place….Days later, RB announces the election date….. A day later, Sata says he forced the president to announce the election day…..Foolish and stipi’d Sata, cant you see how things have been unfolding. Sata will never stop being an idio’t.

  115. All this blogging about a simple statement from QFM! The true violent language of the MMD ministers and deputy ministers is now showing. Parliament has been dissolved, you stole enough to just sit and blog until MMD is returned through rigging so that you go back to loot again! This year, the Zambian people are determined to change government. I have been in constant contact with my family and friends and they are all so determined. By the way, they do not blog, so they depend on the actual physical environment and they have emphatically told me most of the well publicised development projects are either poorly done or facades! Therefore I urge all PF supporters that this fora will now be dominated by former MMD ministers and deputy ministers and their families! VIVA PF, VIVA MCS!

  116. Don’t worry zambians, Sata is always off tune, he is so self centred. this man will never be Zed president, vote HH

  117. Mr. Sata has told QFM news that the current constitution is too porous and does not protect the rights of the Zambian people.INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO RECEIVE OR GIVE SEX WITH WHOMEVER, WHICHEVER, WHATEVER WAY YOU WANT.
    Simply put, Gay rights.

  118. So if Parlia has been dissolved…What is Dora Siliya doing in London? What capacity has she come as? Is she on holiday shopping???

  119. @155… are certainly dellussional, what makes you think it is your family and freinds alone that will be voting ? Shallow minded retards!

  120. Sata will claim praise for anything that he thinks will make him popular. He will even claim a public fart if that will do, even if he is not the owner!

    Next we’ll hear him claim he is Obama’s father. In short, Sata is an outright liar. This foolishness amuses his supporters who mistakenly think he is a wise man with 2 degrees!

  121. Another think is that most of his supporters have nothing to say apart from chanting meaningless bemba slogans!

  122. Another thing is that most of his supporters have nothing to say apart from chanting meaningless bemba slogans! You will come across fools who will just type “pabwatoooooo!”

  123. Isn’t it ironic that Sata claims anything good, but will never accept the many wrongs he and Kafupi committed while in Government?


  125. Why are so many of you here ignoring the fact that the President (incoming) is simply saying ba RB delayed announcing the election date/dissolving parliament because he wanted his MP’s/ministers to use government machinery/tax-payers money to campaign. Was it wrong of him?

  126. Is there no retirement age for these politicans who have been there for the past four decades. Even in the civil service people retire at 55 yrs to leave room for others. Vote for HH change is needed.

  127. Why is it so difficult for Sata to Shut up! what type of the head state will he make,if he has nothing to say why can he just keep quiet. he always find something to attack people. God help help us!

  128. When are you chaps going to learn to debate sensibly three quarters of this thread is just Character assassination…you turning LT into ZWD Online with its partisan HH bloggers, who contribute nothing but insults, they are clueless when presented with any other topic…..
    Wake up!!!

  129. Old age usually comes with wisdom… but this old snake is a pure Curious Case of Benjamin Burton! I mean, RB was bound to announce the date either way. Why seek praise out of logic??

  130. @170 Likonge who the hell are you for people to mark your words? Sata and his gangsters/mobsters will not form the next government. The man is too much of a clown for us to risk our nation’s future. He does not articulate policies but is well known for vulgar unrefined language.

    Just imagine a cabinet of Mpombo, Membe, Mbita, Masebo, Nsanda, GBM, Patrick Mwanawasa, Mulongoti, Lubinda, Frank Bwalya with the Clown as President!

  131. #176 CZAR – That is the most scary Cabinet Line Up I have ever seen in my humble life. I can’t imagine Zambia being governed by that list. It just makes me wonder what sort of people these guys are who support Sata. I didn’t know we had such backward people in Zambia. Back to prayers – against Sata’s victory.

  132. Zambians never cease to amaze, why vote for a rat to guard your cheese! What experience does Sata have to properly manage the affairs of the country. You have leaders like Magande who know how to manage finances, and fools are running around shouting Sata for president. Sometimes I wish we were still under colonialism, because what we have now is fools choosing fools to lead them, no logical thinking.

    • Youngstar….You probably don’t even know what colonialism is in the first place…ask your elders about it first before you wish such things…what experience did RB have?? Namboard…

  133. Sata’s polemics relating to Election Day is completely irrelevant. Our Republican Constitution states that only the sitting Republican President has power to announce the election Day. Sata must now be advised to publish his ordained PF MPs and get to work to sell his wicked ideas of gay-rights, 90 days-money-in-pockets-of-workers to Zambian voters. Sata devoted his political life to assigning KK as being of Malawian origin, Masebo as Zezuru-settler-in-Chongwe, Levy Mwanawasa’s father as a Malawian-Yao, and lately hired Milton Phiri to assign RB as a Malawian. This time Zambians will use their constitution rights thru votes to get Sata-the-MWACHUSA pack his bag for Tanzania. Then lasting peace will prevail in Zambia.

  134. SATA gives people hope because of his charisma and lack of concern about empty promises.
    He has little regard for truthfulness, but very commited to telling people what they want to hear.
    If he percieves that this gathering like homosexuality he promisses it to them. If he finds another group opposing it he tells them he does not condone it. After he sees his support in W/Province very low, he promises Barotse Agreement.
    The man failes to balance issues because of lack of any form of analysis. What he failes to understand is that when he tries to gain the support of homos he loses 100 times as much form other normal Zambians. When he tries to gain some Barotse people by use of Barotse Agreement propaganda, he loses 10 times others people from W/P and 100 times other Zambians.

  135. #167 Zigito, when you say RB delayed announcing elections what do you mean, i.e. if at all you understand what you mean?
    Delay can only come in if one passes a point in time that has been set. What time or by what time was RB supposed to announce the election day according to you callendar?
    You might say, not people’s expectations were that he should have announced the date earlier; but which people had such expectations and on what basis did they found the expectations? Which constitution did they use when raising such expectations and did they remember to involve rationale in such expectations?

  136. The only oppositional leader with strong calibre who call a spade as a spade, its time to be liberated from this cowardness and corrupt government of MOVEMENT FOR MAD DOGS. Bwezani its time for you to go back to your backyard farm come september ni pabwatoooooo.

  137. Here we go again Kunta Kinte! This man is truly a danger to Zambia. He just talks nonsense everytime. This only appeals to his group the PF illiterate chaps. It looks like his day dreaming is getting worse! Even my 2year old son talks more sense than this old grandpa. Just what is wrong with this man? He wont let anyone take credit for what they do. Watch out all you illiterate supporters he has he will be making you kneel down to him everytime he wants to speak to you if by a stoke luck he finds himself in plot 1

  138. If there is any time that SATA will get a meagre vote count since 2006, is now.
    SATA will get a shokingly low result in 2011. The vote will go down even in Lusaka and CB like never before.
    If he was a young man, his chances would have been for the future, But now age does not favour him to be a future leader as this belongs to the young. I doubt his desire to stand again in 2016 and 2021, may be!

  139. We, the unemployed, the uneducated, and the Kaponyas are the majority. So democracy is in our favour. Bane Sata, ni zeeee “Donchi Kubeba”. You the educated have failed to use your education to take Zambia forward. No wonder you are scared because Bwana wesu, Mikaili Satana will ensure that your illgotten monies will have to be accounted for. Mwalwala shiki malobo yenu bane.

  140. Abakali tabalanda landa; balanda nenchito!! Donchi Kubeba; 20th September pepi; tu Lusaka times tonse utu will have to say who their sponsors are; and am sure shiki bulwele bwenu. Just create employment for 75% of the unemployed befoe 20th September and you could be talking otherwise start seeking asylum bane, especially Chanda Chimba na Dora Silier

  141. # 186 Wabe Lobo,
    but the people in the rural areas will not allow you the kaponyas to disturb their progress and development. They have always desciplined the kaponyas in the past elections. It apears that the villagers do understand the behavior of Kaponyas and know the problems they are able to cause. So the villager will see to it that the Kaponya is punished through the ballot.

  142. Hahahaha BaSata him is just state house and even if he happens to lose these elections he will still stand in 2016 he doest want to be led but to lead

  143. RB has no respect to Sata. Sata is embarrassed that his prediction has been thrown in the water. We wont vote for Sata Wam Tarika because he will sink Zambian down the small hole that Malawi is sinking. He will insult the British and Americans just as he did to the British Airways Crew some 15 years ago. He told them to go to hell. And Sata is on record as having said, our soldiers need to little war to get jucked up.

  144. @122 Zero Option, I challenged you in my post @132 that before you call anyone dull please read the Electoral Act of 2006 as well and report back. Ba PF cadre, when your ignorance is exposed just apologise or admit the mistake, but knowing PF cadres he has even changed names to tell some more lies for Sata. When are you gonna learn that to win elections in Zambia, voters want to hear the truth otherwise they give you zero? Zambians are smart and have even seen the lies in the Post.

  145. Someone appears to have declared open season on Sata and his kaponya’s. Smoke’s literary coming out of the screen due to the comments above. One cannot underestimate the bloggers’ frustrations though; election date’s announced and instead of bread and butter issues, this is what we get from the PF president. Can the chaps running these radio stations conduct two-way interviews with these politicians as opposed to regurgitating all the nonsense they spill out?

  146. Let me say it again and again – no lucifer will ever rule ma country know what m sayib’ ma friends? I am a true homie the one wit da big machine wit da big voice. The year is 20HHHHHHH…HHH….infinite

  147. uno mwaka a lot of illiterates (like me),the unemployed,the poor, the have-nots and the unrecognised hv registered to you think these pipo will vote to continue with the status quo?

  148. Sata is the biggest media whore I’ve ever come across in my entire life! Always trying steal the spotlight even where it’s not necessary; silly old fart…

  149. Sata is UNIP, Bwenzani is UNIP, Miyanda is an outsider, HH is Under five, Magande is unpopular. Zambia has no choice at all. We have a problem. We have to turn to a foreign country for an alternative Candidate for presidency.

  150. Mulekene tata atekeko!! PF pa maka.If they{MMD} come wit money,food,clothes etc get but DON’T KUBEBA.It will be on 20th September,2011 big day for ba tata abafyashi ba kateka for ALL ZAMBIANS.

  151. Sata ulisaka sana,u think u knw evrythng.l am foreseen anada defeat 4u.U ll b president.By de way hv u consult yo sangoma in malawi oredy

  152. It makes very little sense to suggest that RB was compelled by someone to announce the date, logically elections in Zambia will always fall within the dates in September for reasons know by all enlightened citizens, such as the budget and opening National Assembly.

  153. There is nothing like a Budget in Zambia. Everyone spends money the way they want. Just look at the spending spree that the Ministers went on until Sata blew the Whistle. These guys are thieves. They are reckless big time. There is a lost of malpractices going on underground. You will see when Sata comes into power, all will be exposed. The scale of recklessness is despicable. I know from the inner circles.

  154. If he starts sending his letter every year we will be holding elections every year. When did he discover his magic?

    • Mwisho, you should campaign very very hard. What is on the ground in more than 5 provinces suggests something different from what you saying.

  155. micheal! 2011 is election year..your cousin had no option but to announce the election date with or without your letter..stop scoring cheap points because am now starting to doubt if you are fit for plot 1…its a bit bigger u chap to be president than a party leader ….grow up..we don’t want another fraud in state house…

  156. It is amazing how comedians try to use every situation sometimes to their own ridicule.
    There is no date set in the constitution, the mandate to announce that date is given to the sitting president.
    For a political leader to try and gain political millage on such circumstance simply indicates the shallowness of such leaders. RB explained that he would not announce the election date in a vacuum and that he needed to see how far the ECZ is in conducting the elections this year 2011. If RB announced the date and ECZ was not ready for that date the same comedian would have coined some criticisms around the same issue. This path of negatism and fighting “spirits” is not and will never be good for our country. God help us to ensure that such do not ascend to the highest office in Zambia.

  157. Why in Zambian presidential politis and elections does the presidetn dissolve parliament when he calls for an election… is it required by the consitituion?

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