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17 candidates to vie for the presidency


Seventeen presidential candidates are expected to contest this year’s presidential election.

This is according to a drawn up timetable for the filing of presidential nominations released to QFM by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

The filing of presidential nominations will commence on Sunday 7th August up to 12th August, 2011.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Cris Akufuna says in a statement that this follows consultations with aspiring presidential candidates yesterday.

Mr. Akufuna says aspiring presidential candidates will lodge their nominations papers at the Supreme Court before the Chief Justice who is the returning officer.

He says the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) presidential candidate will be first to file nominations together with presidential candidates from UNIP and Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) on 7th August.

On Monday, 8th August presidential candidates from the UPND, NAREP and National Movement for Progress will file nominations, while on Tuesday 9th August candidates from the Patriotic Front (PF, National Revolution party (NRP),and Alliance for Democracy and Development, (ADD) will lodge their nominations.

Presidential candidates from the MMD, People’s Redemption Party (PRP)and Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDM) will file nominations on Wednesday 10th August,with those from the Heritage party, United Nationalists Party and the Zambian Conservative Party filing nominations on Thursday, 11th August.

Candidates from the Zambia Progressive Party (ZPP) and Revolutionary Communist Party RCP) will complete the nomination process on Friday, 12th August, 2011.
[ QFM ]


  1. 17 candidates! Please all you get are split votes and then you start complaining when one emerges winner with a small margin te?

  2. mwe bantu tell me. What is happening if PF, we are waiting for names for candidates. I doubt if this these fools will win. you can know the vedict of the court case before the decision unless the matter is being tabled in a kangaroo court.

    • Iwe be real no one has announced the candidates apart from MMD. Its part of strategy. PF announces tomorrow Friday. Keep cool bola panshi mwana. The game is just starting.

  3. mwe bantu tell me. What is happening with PF, we are waiting for names for candidates. I doubt if these fools will win. you can know the vedict of the court case before the decision is made unless the matter is being tabled in a kangaroo court.

  4. I WISH THE 16 ALL MY BEST WISHES except SATAN and HIS PF cause he will EMBARRASS at UN’s HIGH DELEGATION MEETINGS when he disagrees with any MATTER, should he be elected President.  

  5. This is really good for democracy. Just like in all advanced democratic nations, a number of candidates run or stand for elections. A few are known but many unknown. In the US and UK, over 30 political parties take part – which is great! But the media rightly focuses on the major 3. In Zambia, the major 3 are: MMD, PF and UPND – all had parliamentary representation – and maybe 4 with FDD which had 2 MPs. As for the rest – please go ahead and add to the entertainment.

  6. #5 all presidential canditates you have given best wishes are losers and that is why you have put them in one bunch. The one you have sigled out will actually be the winner.

  7. The only parties that participated in 2008 are: MMD, HERITAGE,PF and UPND to this we are now adding 13 more….. Kwena ni democracy. There is no need to declare front runners even before the campaigns gears up. Let us assess all candidates fairly and choose the best because Zambia deserves nothing but the best. GOOD LUCK FELLOW ZAMBIANS- VOTE WISELY

  8. Without any trace of doubt this scenario gives MMD an advantage, people are going to make decisions on what they have seen true to the slogan of the PF! But what have people seen? simple and straight forward – new schools, new hospitals and new roads. From me, I would say well let each presidential candidate fulfil the requirements of democracy, get some money from donors and escort RB to plot 1 for another term.

  9. People, people please I beg. There are only 3 parties to look at this year. The rest are just selfish small parties that will not even emerge in the next century (maybe ADD and 2 others – dont even know what they’re called). Forget about them. Lets concentrate on the 3

  10. This just shows how (someone plz fix a word for me here) we are. Anybody can just wake up and say “I want to be president of Zambia”. They know that Zambians are dwanzy. They’ll pick on anything and anyone. The only qualification is one has to be alive – today


  12. Ba Fikal_a. 17 Candidates against 10m people. Useless people like Miyanda, Siulapwa, Nawakwi, Magande, WHY. WHY. WHY. Mwe mbwa mwe.

  13. This brings me back to our old debate, is it the fault of the constitution that it does not contain the 50%+1 clause? Surely, should we Zambians fund such pettiness and greed of politicians by going for re-runs whenever there is no 50%+1 majority? I rather think that our money is better utilised on schools, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure. Well, what I mean is until we graduate from a lower middle income to a high income country. Don’t worry PF cadres, it will not be long before we reach that status under President Rupiah Bwezani Banda.

  14. This is how elections are rigged in Africa. Where are all these pauper parties going to get K10 million to pay ECZ and raise the required number of supporters. Are these ‘candidates’ going to declare their assets?? MMD is funding them and ‘loaning’ them supporters so that they split the votes and give Rupiah Banda ‘victory’. It is a sham election!!

  15. Please # 39 all these are dully registered political parties and has nothing to do with the MMD fixing it. The zambian constitution does not place any limits on how many can contest. K10m is nothing even mishanga boys play with this kind of money in zambia; may be K50m could be a challenge. The only determinant should be at least 50 supporters from each province with their voter’s cards and NRCs. Each candidate must also come with his chief to ascertain that the candidate and his parents are truely zambian according to the constitution. Each candidate should also be able to declare assets of not less that K500m to minimise the chances of those looking at state house as a fatted cow.

  16. No. 1 Proud Zambian Woman;
    No. 7 Spokeswoman;
    No. 17 Tracy;
    No 31 Katie Good;
    and No. 34 Victoria Angela
    are five village women who talk more than they can do! If you were men- I would have called you “wankers” (like BY or RB)! However, I am ashamed that despite 17 men, not even one c_ _t (forgive my French) but very appropriate. (PLEASE DONT TELL ME ABOUT EDITH- SHE IS A MAN!) I am talking about credible women such as Sylvia, Innonge even Maureen! Perhaps Regina will be back in politics next year! The women of Zambia- Watch this space!

  17. What is wrong with us all the 17 this must be crazy ba ZED and all of them think they walk into state house, all the best some of you fools then.

  18. All of a sudden these parties have pitched up overnight, from nowhere they can raise ZMK10M, even Miyanda who has been on the scene for a while, suddenly SPLASHING OUT – this is all VJ, they have been paid the Filing fees + plus additional for the service, WELL WHO WOULD REFUSE???? They are all playing DONCHI KUBEBA!!! As we now all know, we shouldn’t even bother listen to them, or waste our votes on them!! What PF SHOULD NOW BE DOING IS MAKING SURE THERE ARE NO SIMILAR SYMBOLS!

    This is also to confuse ECZ, as SUPPORTERS ON THE DAY, WILL BE RECYCLED FOR THE NEXT DAY – THEY STILL COULD HAVE FILED IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD, ALL THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE WAS SEPARATE THE CANDIDATES, by staggering their filing times, if they were late, would be considered as not serious – & left out!

  19. ECZ, Mambilima & Isaacs are taking us for a ride!! As ours is a democracy, I see no reason WHY WE SHOULDN’T WALK UP TO THESE PEOPLE & ASK THEM FACE TO FACE, WHY THEY SHOULD CHEAT US THAT GOVT Printers CAN’T PRINT OUR BALLOTS!


    IF they can apparently laugh/joke having caught PF unprepared, HOW THEN HAVE THESE PHANTOM PARTIES BEEN ABLE TO PREPARE SO WELL?? Zambians, lets open our eyes & ears!!


  20. I have been a support of PF for some time. But having seen Sata’s behaviour when Deputy Chief Justice was addressing Presidential candidates, I felt disappointed with Sata. All his fellow Presidential aspirants humbled themselves with dignity before the Head of Election Commission of Zambia. From that moment, I had swown that I WILL NOT VOTE for Mr. Sata. His is a national, regional, continental and global disgrace at the time when the whole world is refining democratic process for the good of mankind. If I were his nephew, I would disown him forthwith. I pity Dr. Kaseba is married to a vicious monsterous tyrrant.

  21. Jack Chanda’s observations are valid. Sata’s behaviour was much worse wild than that of a vicious bear. Would this Sata be the kind of President the Danish Ambassador and the Vatican having been aspiring to sponsor to rule the decent-natured Zambians? God forbid!

  22. Can someone tell me if I got bream from kafue river and take it to Zambezi river is it going to change to a shark? So what changed person is Sata coz I still feel he is the same Sata of UNIP & MMD,am troubled can someone advise me please. Chawama hackings(2001) and MMD conversion in kabwe(2001) so many things happened there and Mr Sata was behind all that.Mayb I hve memory lapses, I seriously need advise

  23. Obviously, RB is emerging victorious even though the majority of the 13.5 Million Zambians don’t want him….. and we musn’t complain when it happens!

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