Astrea plans $20m lime plant


ASTREA Investment Zambia Limited (AIZL) has completed a bankable feasibility study to construct a US$20 million modern quick lime plant in Ndola.

The company will create 300 jobs during the construction period and a hundred permanent jobs upon completion.

Astrea Investment managing director Antonio Ventrigilia said in Ndola yesterday that the project will be funded by the European Investment Bank.

Mr Ventrigilia said the company is in the process of finalising the environmental impact assessment report.

“Hopefully we shall be given the license by to Zambia Environmental Management Agency in the next quarter,” he said.

Astrea will be the second company to break the monopoly in lime production in Zambia from Ndola Lime company.

Mr Ventrigilia said the company will implement the project to be situated on the Ndola-Kabwe high way within 14 months.

He said Astrea will start effective production in the last quarter of 2012.

Mr Ventrigilia said the investment is due to the good economic policies implemented by President Banda.

Mr Ventrigilia said during the constriction period 300 jobs will be created and a hundred permanent jobs will be created upon completion of the modern quick lime plant.

He said the company has since been given consent by senior Chief Chiwala for land in his chiefdom.

Mr Ventrigilia said the quick lime plant will meet all environmental standards and shall ensure that the quality meet the requirement of the copper and cobalt producers on the Copperbelt and Katanga provinces in Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo respectively.

He said the company will ensure that the lime production sector becomes competitive and meets the high demand for the commodity in the country.

“We want to be part and parcel of the growing economy of the country by playing a role in the growth of the lime industry,” he said.

He said consumers should be given a choice by having various brands of lime on the local market.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. This is what we must be discussing on the blog not petty political hogwash like”Donchi kubeba”.A pat on the back tO HERB for creating good economic climate for more investments.We need more of this kind in order to be SADC’s economic powerhouse soon.

  2. Ndola at one time was a ghost town with no activity under what so ever.Surprisingly,King Cobra Sata was number 3 in government at this particular time.The Cobra saw nothing wrong as he was waiting to become a Presidential aspirant to HAVE EYES!Now due to the MMD and governments resolve and foresight,Ndola is slowly but surely regaining its former status of being an industrial power house.Unfortunately,the PF and its bind supporters can not this turn of events.What a shame!

  3. Government is about CONTROLING national direction against harmful proliferation of duplacated industries some of which weaken zambians earnings.Thre are certain things which look right but are actually wrong.Lime is in short supply in zambia and will help improve our ailing agricaulture productions

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