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Border security fee for vehicles introduced


The one stop border post in Chirundu

GOVERNMENT intends to introduce K360 thousand as border security fee (BSF) to be levied on vehicles entering the country.

The proposed fee will be administered by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) following the installation of equipment at borders to secure revenues and security of incoming goods.

Deputy commissioner of customs service division Mambwe Kaenga said the proposed border fee is associated with government’s policy of reducing the cost of doing business in the country.

Mr Kaenga was speaking at a ZRA consultative meeting on introduction of the BSF held at Golfview Hotel.

“Equipment has been installed at our borders to secure both revenues and security of our country and goods. There is an urgent need to ensure that measures are sustained,” he said.

He said it is in this vein, that government intends to introduce the Border Security Fee of 2000 amounting to K360,000 per vehicle which is proposed to be administered by ZRA.

He said Government in conjunction with the Chinese government procured equipment which will be used to scan vehicles and is in the process of deploying them to other border posts.

“Government procured eight high energy scanners which will be installed at almost all our entry points including Chirundu, Kasumbalesa and we are in the process of deploy others in Kapiri Mposhi for the train,” he said.

He said the proposed payment procedures will entail that customs officers at the entry gate shall record the information captured on a gate pass; registration numbers and engine or chassis number for newly imported vehicles.

“Digital imaging will be taken for all vehicles and the driver shall proceed to make payments to the cashier for the security fee ,” he said, adding that this will be after border formalities.

He said certain clients will be exempted from paying the BSF adding that certificates will provided to clearly indicate they have been exempted.

“Exemptions will be made on diplomatic missions, passenger transport, tourist vehicles, and certificates will be given to drivers at the exit gate,” he said.

And ZRA acting commissioner general Priscilla Banda said Government through the Ministry of Finance and National Planning has enormously helped ZRA in acquisition of equipment, infrastructure, and other innovative systems.

“On behalf of ZRA,, I would like to thank the government for its support especially in the acquisition of equipment,” she said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. so many fees in Zambia…is this the economic improvements or middle lower income or whatever you call it? Who will benefit from these fees? MMD will lose elections coz of such un-planned and useless fees!

  2. “.. said the proposed border fee is associated with government’s policy of reducing the cost of doing business in the country.”

    So you reduce the cost by adding a fee? What kind of thinking is this??

  3. Bull shit hw do you reduce the cost of doing business by asking people to pay almost $ 500? and how on earth do you thank Governemnt for acquiring equipment which they rightly have to acquire? nonsense!

  4. And you complain that there’s no development….that how it works in the developed world, good job ZRA..but make sure the money is put to the right use.

    • Iwe chikala clearly you live in the village and have no hope of ever traveling or buying a car, do you know how many fees you pay just to get your Japanese rec into the country?? bearing in mind that ZRA will make you pay twice the amount of the actual purchase price!! then there is insurance, and road fee etc and now this. It is understandable if the system is implemented to captured information for security reasons but this is just so they can milk us some more!!!

  5. If you re used to free things, Middle income Nation means you pay for almost everything, reduced donor aid etc. Wina iza munyokola njala

  6. This fee will go into the pockets of the ZRA officials.Corruption is endemic in our civil service so i will not be surprised to find that one of the presidents sons was involved in procuring and installing the equipment.

  7. Using the scanners should reduce clearance times at borders compared to manual inspection which will reduce the cost of business – proposed charge K360,000, delays at borders for traders around K1,445,000 a day! – it will also increase our security. Well done ZRA!!


  9. Just making cost of buying vehicles expensive! Thats why people buy wrecks that contribute to accidents on the roads! Reduce the s.t.u.p.i.d taxes and people will be able to buy new cars. Ba CNP you have to pack next month!!!!!

  10. on top of fixing your own dollar rates at the boarder??? you mean we don’t have security at customs?? If its equipment maintenance then we need a tax for the mobile hospitals as well. TAXTAXTAXTAXTAXES the grave as well.

  11. Why ain’t they on the ball when it comes to the copper cathodes leaving the country where we are reaped off in £100 millions by the foreign investors every year.
    The government is so quick to levy us ordinary hard-working Zambian folk at market rates of brand new car even if the vehicle is second-hand, those Customs officials even rub their hands with glee and salivate when they see a top of the range vehicle check in at the border.
    Sometimes I wonder why its so expensive bring in a vehicle in the country yet we don’t manufacture or assembly cars in Zambia any more.
    Common-sense needs to apply.    

  12. If we want modern buses, trucks and vehicles (less 5 years old with low mileage or brand new) reduce duty on them on the short-term and you reap the benefits of safer and cleaner transport on our roads. You also recoup some of the tax in new registrations of these vehicles. 
    In East African countries like Kenya and Uganda they encourage returning nationals to bring in one vehicle free.. exempt from duty provided they can proof the have owned it for 2 years.In Zambia this is unheard off, its just old style of thinking and is only exclusive to the rich connected few.

  13. Very true those ZRA chaps are lunatics, totally bonkers upstairs, how can they charge you $2,000 duty for a car you bought for $1,800 ???!!!!

  14. Ma Rabbish cheee. What security improvement. These scanners came more than 12 months ago. The objective was that they do not want to pack next month.

  15. This is really a thieving government. It is like a big crime to drive to Zambia. Here are the charges you pay at the border: 1. Carbon levy 2. RTSA fee (in dollars) 3. Third Party insurance, and now 4. Security fee. What is the purpose of the security fee? These bald heads should really be sent packing.

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