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High number of presidential candidates force ECZ to extend period for filling in nominations


ECZ chairperson Ireen Mambilima
ECZ chairperson Ireen Mambilima

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has extended the period for filling of nominations for Presidential candidates by two days.

The nomination for aspiring Presidential candidates which was initially supposed to close on August 10 has been extended to August 12 due the high number of aspiring candidates.

But ECZ will not extend the nomination timetable for parliamentary and local government elections which will be held on Friday August 12.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Ireen Mambilima disclosed this when she met Civil Society Organisations at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka on Thursday.

Justice Mambilima says the schedule for filing of nominations was arrived at following consultations with all aspiring candidates yesterday.

According to the schedule, 17 presidential candidates are expected to contest for the Republican Presidency on September 20.

The lodging of nominations will start on Sunday August 7 with UNIP, FDD and Zambians for Empowerment and Development presidential candidates filing their nominations.

The nominations will be lodged at the Supreme Court before returning officer and Chief Justice Ernest Sakala.

On Monday August 8, the National Restoration Party, the UPND and the National Movement for Progress will lodge nominations while the National Revolution Party, Patriotic Front and the Alliance for Democracy and Development will lodge their nominations on Tuesday August 9.

MMD’s President Banda, the People’s Redemption Party and the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement will file nomination papers on Wednesday August 10.

The Heritage party, the United Nationalist Party and the Zambian Conservative Party will file their nominations on Thursday August 11.

The lodging of nomination papers will close on Friday August 12 with Zambia Progressive Party and the Revolutionary Communist party lodging nominations for their aspiring presidential candidates.

But the Electoral Commission of Zambia will not extend the nomination timetable for parliamentary and local government elections which will be held on Friday August 12.

Commission Chairperson Justice Mambilima announced in Lusaka in meeting on Thursday with Civil society Organizations.

And ECZ Director, Priscilla Isaac has re-iterated that the printing of ballot papers will be done in South Africa because Zambia has no capacity.

Government printers needs about K46 billion capital injection to undertake the exercise.

Ms Isaac says the Commission tendered for the printing of ballot papers from March to April and no Zambian printing firm applied.

She said only foreign companies tendered bids for the exercise.



  1. This will be a 2 horse race between and RB and Sata, with HH limping in third. The rest: Chipimo, Magande, Miyanda, Nawakwi & Tilyenji are strongly advised to “try” some other time in future. Just like in most democracies, elections are usually between 2 strong parties with the “third” party acting as either king/queen maker or just spoiler. It remains to be seen what form the Zambian third party (UPND) will take.

  2. Where are these people coming from,Zambians lets be serious i can only speculate that they are funded by MMD to split the votes,this is ridiculous,somebody needs to whip these masqueraders at the High court for wasting National time.

    • Check this link and keep quiet … marabish: slash wiki slash Rupiah_Banda

  3. As expected, poor planning at MMD infiltrated ECZ. ECZ do your work professionally this time around and ensure you address all stakeholders concerns. Printing of ballot papers has not yet started and so listen to people and do it Government Printers here.ECZ will make or break Zambia this year, so justice Mambilima, please for once let the voice of the voiceless be heard and reflected genuinely in the ballot. No manipulation of results this time around, remember PVT will be there whether you like it or not. Let the best candidate take the day, of course not the expired MMD but one popular and biggest opposition party. You the name. PFFFFFFFFFFFF has already won these elections just waiting for declaration on 22nd September 2011 for Sata to be in charge of Zambias affairs. Viva ubwatooo

  4. Frivolous Sata’s supporters are wishing to have him elected as Republican President unopposed. Sorry Zambia is a democratic country, not a PF convention. If Sata is popular and confident, there’s no need to scorn at other Presidential hopefuls. Just concentrate on your campaigns. Sata will win, what with the promise of putting more money in people’s pockets!

  5. It is quite surprising that the Govt printers have not been allowed to print ballot papers, having already undertaken a trial run. The Govt printers did not need to bid for this job as they automatically qualify as an in-house first choice. The K46 billion kwacha being quoted is equivalent to $4m. How on earth could somebody come up with such figures just to print ballot papers? If we have to ask foreigners to print voting papers, then the govt surely is a testament of a failed state. I suspect double printing taking place with voting registration completed we should brace ourselves for dribbling. We need to be steadfast

    • Just imgine K46 billion kwacha on one ballot paper template? This is criminal!! MMD has stolen too much from the poor Zambians and MMD’s time to face the hungry and angry has finally come. Vote Sata, vote PF 20th September 2011 for undisputed development.

  6. some parties dnt plan,they are just wasting their time.I even feel like voting this year koz no one is making sense 2me

  7. Iwe Chilufya Satana # 5, which schools did you attend bwana? Us the so called kaponyas in the PF were attentive at school and we are still being knowlegeable through research and analysing issues with a critical mind. The source of this article is not credible to all Zambians as can be noticed in the article, all other parties fieding in their candidates have not been mentioned by their names except one foreigner RB. Do you think disgruntled ZNBC can distract Zambians? ECZ never mentioned the names of candidates because they are yet to fill in their nomination papers and then be scrutinised. DONT KUBEBA!! Viva Sata. MMD KUYA BEBELE

  8. The best these people who want to spoil our elections.i think ecz should have said only 3 candidates stand while the rest can try it out as members of parliament. We are a poor nation that is day time robbery.


  10. #10 – there is no need to be irate and using derogatory language is uncalled for in this instance. Well, unless you tell me that Govt printers does not belong to GRZ any more, then they should not tender for an in-house job. By virtual of circumstances, they should be the cheapest. So are you content that K46m makes sense? Read between the lines. Printing ballot paper outside the country was a deliberate decision by MMD.

  11. People these are recordings from our Outgoing President Banda “When President Banda was being escorted out of the hall after the closed door meeting, he was heard saying: “Mwaliba amashilu muno mucalo.”
    gents its time MMD is gone for good joining UNIP store room or is it archives

  12. Ba ANACONDA # 10, We know mulibanono, Government Printers is Govenment itself. Do get permission from your wife when you want to …… ****** we?

  13. #6, I am with you. It is unbelievable that ECZ can be doing this now. Where have they been all along? Their calibre Is too low.

    We hope that they will not be extending voting days also, as they have done in the past. These tendencies are bad for democracy.

  14. 17 presidential candidates..thats a joke..however eh the bone of contention is surely between MMD and UPND because the PF has now failed to prove to the electorate that they are vote is for RB

  15. Just ignore this anaconda, chipuba sana ichi, just like Dora Silia and the rest in expired MMD. Imagine since 2009 there have been looking for ways to deny Sata this wonder calling for him to put Zambia on world economic record. Yasila ntawi ya MMD palibe nipa bwatooo on 20th September 2011. Sata Plot One.

  16. 17 aspiring candidates. What nonsense! The race is for PF.MMD and UPND and I would urge the rest to act honourably and leave it to the three giants instead of wasting our time. Indeed our democracy is young but it us to grow it by not entertaining such mediocricy.

  17. No, no, no, Hakaivotela Heka (HH) is an empty cymbal. He is a child who cannot learn and grow. He has failed to build on what late Anderson Mazoka left him on silver plate.Just wait after Sata wins on 20th September 2011, HH will be asked to step down in prefernce to one Prof Chirwa. HH is so dull that all intellects can’t associate with such a pathological embacile. MMD is busy dishing out tax payers money and we the rightful owners are getting it and applying the DONT KUBEBA anthem. 20 YEARS of MMD misrule is just sickening and thank God the time for it to vacate office has finally come. Out goes MMD, In comes Sata and Patriotic Front. They will be five days of continuous celebrations of PF Presidential and Parliamentary Victory i.e from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25th September 2011. Sata

    • You will die from shock like your sata,coz Mmd is winning.very simple maths…they have their solid base and pf nabainyelawila ku luapula nakwa haye.can u see that mmd wins what more with 17 candidates!watch this space.

  18. # 14 GUNDIX,
    Understand that ECZ is not the decider on issues like these.
    The presidential candidates met ECZ yesterday and deliberated the issue and agreed that the dates be extended to allow for all the aspirants to lodge. This means that the decision is not only reflecting the calibre of ECZ but your presidential candidate too. So if you are agrieved by the decision they made then go and question the calibre of your presidential (aspirant) candidate.

  19. Dagga Boys, Tonga Boys, bonse they are standing, we know it about PF and MMD others pelekeza

  20. I’m a layperson but I think and believe Govt could have just INSTRUCTED Govt Printers to print the ballot papers. Correct me if I’m wrong

  21. Some people will never learn, honestly why having 17 candidates? 15 candidates in this race are NOT FACTORS and they know this, the battle here is between foreigner RB and Dr Sata, HH third. Zambian democracy is been abused and spoiled.

  22. Paid up chaps to give an impression that a lot of opposition contested so that even if one opposition is genuinely denied power by mischief from GRAFFITI lol. (so many references) people should consider it may utterances. We know those tactics, they wont work this time.A total wastage of money and energy. Someone is busy paying for Siulapwa etc ama K10m yakuonaula!

  23. #30 Tracy,
    If Govt instructs Govt printers to print Ballot papers, we would not sleep in the country because of complaints from PF. What is needed if for all parties, including ECZ to agree on which printer . Why should ECZ included in the issue? They are the ones who understand the logistics involved in the exercise and are the ones to make a rational judgement of the capacit of the printer to do the job.

  24. the greatest blessing this year is that the gay devil sata will not ascend to power..thanx to all Zambians for the the good gesture of ushering in the best team..sata will never rule Zambia..such kind of frivolous *****s can’t rule..

  25. #33 thanks. Of course it has to be PF. Its the only opposition party that talks for the voiceless. hehehehehehehehehehehe.

    Thanks once again

  26. #16 efyo beshibe ati tonse tuli amashilu supporting Zambians of alien parentage?
    #32 to belong to the presidents club you have to renew membership every 5 years, thats what the K10 million stands for!

  27. #7. You need your head examined, do you know how many days there are before elections? Those few PF supporters who think, kindly advise your colleagues not to embarrass you and your party.

  28. Now 17 candidates!!! Zambia is not serious. Set higher standards to qualify as presidential candidate. One must be a Zambian by birth. Parents must have been Zambian.. unlike RB.One must have at least 50 supporters from each province who are registerd voters. One must not be a polygamist like Sata and Zuma. One must have a university degree from a recognized instituion not internet. One most be above 50 years old so that you dont have undr 5. These conditions will remove most of them automatically. You will remain with 3 serious ones.

  29. Let all ballots be printed abroad now, in future and forever, or at least until the PF is consigned to the dust bins. If you want to change printers try UK, Ireland, or France. Can you imagine the strife if the ballots were printed here at home? Musa ‘LAZ’ Mwenya, PF and Post would want to infiltrate Government printers and if they don’t succeed you will never hold elections. Just see their antics now, big lessons to be learnt.


  31. When Sata was told by HH he was being frivolous, the fool was grinning thinking he was being complimented. He only got annoyed after being told in Bemba what frivolous means. Illiterate!

  32. When Sata was told by HH he was being frivolous, the fool was grinning thinking he was being complimented. He only got annoyed
    after being told in Bemba what frivolous means. Illiterate!

  33. This brings me back to our old debate, is it the fault of the constitution that it does not contain the 50%+1 clause? Surely, should we Zambians fund such pettiness and greed of politicians by going for re-runs whenever there is no 50%+1 majority? I rather think that our money is better utilised on schools, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure. Well, what I mean is until we graduate from a lower middle income to a high income country. Don’t worry PF cadres, it will not be long before we reach that status under President Rupiah Bwezani Banda.

  34. In future, all these numbers should reflect primaries. We need a system where for primary elections where all of those who think can be presidential candidates battle each other and then eliminate all the time wasters so we are left with two presidential candidates. Only the two highest ones should remain in the presidential race. 17 is too big a number, we all know this race is among 3 or 4 people, no need to mention names, others are just time wasters. Winning elections is easy in Zambia. We know what the biggest party is so if the biggest party can get even 50% of its active members to vote, the other votes will be shared among the remaining 16 candidates and everyone knows the out come, this is no rocket sicence, unless a miracle happens. We need a change of constitution.

  35. In future, all these numbers should reflect primaries. We need a system where primary elections for all of those who think can be presidential candidates battle each other and then eliminate all the time wasters so we are left with two presidential candidates. Only the two highest ones should remain in the presidential race. 17 is too big a number, we all know this race is among 3 or 4 people, no need to mention names, others are just time wasters. Winning elections is easy in Zambia. We know what the biggest party is so if the biggest party can get even 50% of its active members to vote, the other votes will be shared among the remaining 16 candidates and everyone knows the out come, this is no rocket sicence, unless a miracle happens. We need a change of constitution.


  37. A year ago PF reigned supreme on LT with frivolous and ignorant comments and insults by its cadres. Now the tables have been overturned, PF cadres have been taught some civility resulting in much less insults, they have also gained some valuable knowledge from intelligent debates by others. Some have become wiser, abandoned their leader and crossed over to other parties particularly MMD. Others have learnt the truth about mining taxes in Zambia and about the provisions of the constitution. Just a year ago this conversion was unimaginable. All those who have made these things possible, let’s salute ourselves for our great service to mother Zambia. Here’s to all bloggers, Yip yip, Hooray!

  38. Yapwalala presdential where is the “know it all man” Clive from garden? These are moments when we remember the likes of Chama Chakomboka,Kenny Ngondo etc.
    The only way to avoid these crowns is to raise the fee to 100,000,000 so that they realise they are not vying for coucillorship in their villages.We Zambia love this country too much to buy such crap ECZ must do something about this high number of aspiring candidates.Please Please Twafweni Fix these mangwams !

  39. #46 Czar – for your own information, I do not know the meaning of the word ‘frivolous’ and I am not illiterate. My mother never spoke a word of English but she could read and write in five african languages and I never considered her illiterate either. You seem ill advised.

  40. MMD DEFECTOR #25. you are just a hater.You really wish no one is going to vote for HH.Get over it bro. HH will get a fair share of the votes and SATA WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA. If you want we can bet US $2 000.

  41. The ball is in our hands Zambians we are too docile to let such a situation continue. Can we revolt like Americans or let alone Egyptians. Here we are just blogging and hidding behind computors but when real fight starts we are not seen we leave evety thing to the so called Kaponyas. One day Kaponyas will rule you, don’t complain pseudolly.

  42. #55 Gumu gumu
    I like you spirit.Keep it up!!
    By september 21st probably after the election results have been announced I will be richer because I bet hundreds of $ against staunch PF cadres,bloggers and sympathisers and I put all my money on mighty MMD.All those who want to reap major rewards from betting on election results put all your money mighty MMD and you will definetely be smiling all the way to the bank.I consulted an oracle ”Paul the Octopus junior”.

  43. mwefinangwamwe…. Sata is winning period…. He has already set the ground and he is a people’s leader….. Viva pf

  44. ZNBC, Why not name all the17 aspirants…..only RB was mentioned who might be barred from contesting……….

  45. I don’t want to hear someone crying “they have rigged the elections ” and you should be saying bye guys when you loose,some of you just disappear some chage names ,the likes of kalos2121 ( the care worker in USA at an elderly people’s home) and mmd defector. Rejoice before you retire with your tribal candidate…………

  46. Thats why we need citizens to be literate, i suppose the ballot paper will be quite confusing with 17 symbols and names. I’ve encouraged my 2 candidates to use an ‘oblong dish’ and a ‘compass’ as symbols to benefit from the similar looking boat and clock respectively. lets see how their results will turn out…..

  47. shockinly,is up nd down party (upnd) still exiting with its anda5 president.even rb has no regard for anda 5 and his small dwindling part, he rarely attacks it coz u only attack mighty and real threats.I feel pity for pipo who dream anda 5 can be in state house.

  48. please bloggers help me, is anda 5 married if he is, his wife must be the most unloved woman on earth. having a husband who cant even take you to a shopping mall. is he married to a mwenye?

  49. What is the first thing a president does before he even reports for work on his/her first day?T o take OATH and swear to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of the nation.The parentage clause is a constitutional matter,any serious contender for presidency must show allegiance and respect for the constitution,HH has just failed the test,this chap is a potential tinpot dictator.

  50. Sheer utter waste of space and tax payers’ money; 17 presidential candidates. These dodgy Zambians love titles. In the next parliament please enact law to sieve out thses time and money wasters.

  51. All of a sudden these parties have pitched up overnight, from nowhere they can raise ZMK10M, even Miyanda who has been on the scene for a while, suddenly SPLASHING OUT – this is all VJ, they have been paid the Filing fees + plus additional for the service, WELL WHO WOULD REFUSE???? They are all playing DONCHI KUBEBA!!! As we now all know, we shouldn’t even bother listen to them, or waste our votes on them!! What PF SHOULD NOW BE DOING IS MAKING SURE THERE ARE NO SIMILAR SYMBOLS!

    This is also to confuse ECZ, as SUPPORTERS ON THE DAY, WILL BE RECYCLED FOR THE NEXT DAY – THEY STILL COULD HAVE FILED IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD, ALL THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE WAS SEPARATE THE CANDIDATES, by staggering their filing times, if they were late, would be considered as not serious – & left out!!!

  52. ECZ, Mambilima & Isaacs are taking us for a ride!! As ours is a democracy, I see no reason WHY WE SHOULDN’T WALK UP TO THESE PEOPLE & ASK THEM FACE TO FACE, WHY THEY SHOULD CHEAT US THAT GOVT Printers CAN’T PRINT OUR BALLOTS!


    IF they can apparently laugh/joke having caught PF unprepared, HOW THEN HAVE THESE PHANTOM PARTIES BEEN ABLE TO PREPARE SO WELL?? Zambians, lets open our eyes & ears!!


  53. I see the MMD presidential candidate winning the elections. The opposition are not serious period! Instead of having a united front, they are busy splitting their own votes. Zambians will never learn. You can`t be doing the same thing over and over, and expect to get different results. 17 Presidential candidates or 16 contenders is insanity. The opposition should have their heads examined.

  54. THERE SHALL NEVER BE FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS IN MOST AFRICAN COUNTRIES. I wonder why our country is till sourcing printing services from outside enriching the already sound and rich countries such as RSA. Pa zed we re still behind and worse still there is too much time wasting, mistrust and name it. ECZ just how do you allow resources to be externalized just becoz there were no Zambian firms which responded to the tenders. The country needs that money.Just what is wrong with our country??????????????????????????????

  55. Huu ni uchaguzi kati ya bwana Sata na Rais Bwezani Banda.Pengine bwana HH ataweza kupata nambari tatu lakini wengine wote ni kupoteza wakati,pesa na kuharibia kura wale ambao wana uwezo wa kushinda.Hata hivyo mimi siwezi taka kamwe kumwona jangili Sata katika ikulu.Yule jamaa ana kichwa cha vita na ni kinyangarika kabisa.

  56. Bane, it does not matter on who prints the ballot papers. What matters is, who wins at the end of the day.. Ballot papers dont vote. My advise to you is to campaign for candidates, though bonse ni Mbushi. May the best goat win.

  57. ma labashi,all bcose of reducing nomination fees from zmk20m to 10m.yu J and J to bring confusing,time wasters indeed.

  58. Bloggers! Are you sure General Miyanda is normal? I think something is terribly wrong with this General. Surely you can’t just wake up and say you want to stand for presidential elections. Where is his wife? Madam Miyanda can’t you advise your husband to stop wasting people’s time? I would advise the General to stop dreaming and try something else.

  59. In a democracy people are free to take part in elections and so we can have as many presidential candidates as eligible voters that is each will have only his/her vote and their families. What a mess will be. The problem in Zambia is we are too greedy and do not think about the country but individually. Some of these parties mentioned is wife and husband or husband and wife. Why waste our time? We should have had three Presidential candidates only and the rest for the purpose of mother Zambia should have joined the three(Choice is theirs) Well good luck Aspiring Presidential candidates. I know whom i am voting for

  60. The Die is cast. Elections are looming. PF has started putting up a strong candidate base. MMD in real trouble. The people they mis handled like Rayfold Mbulu (past former MUZ Chairman) will come to haunt them. Those that live in glass houses whould not throw stones at others. Now MMD traaaaaped in a tiny glass house and we have slabs/big rocks to throw at them. They are technically going to be knocked OUT.

  61. This country has many political jokers. Anyway some would like to advertise their C.Vs to the Zambian people and the World. To me the only serious political parties are MMD, PF, UPND to some extent FDD. There rest are just small spoilers who have good manifestos with one handful of membership. Or should I speculate they are just sponsored cadre political parties to amke noise and spoil the event.

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