Debate about my nationality is “nonsense”-RB

President Rupiah Banda is welcomed by Kapiri Mposhi residents
President Rupiah Banda

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has challenged Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to be brave enough and face him through the ballot box in next month’s presidential elections instead of using “short-sighted” politics that his parents are Zimbabweans.

President Banda said Mr Sata was his branch chairperson in Kabulonga and visited the residence of his parents where he ate food and wondered where claims about his nationality were coming from.

“Mr Sata has been around with me for a long time. He has eaten at my mother’s house for a long time. I wish he could say the same about me. In fact he was my branch chairman in Kabulonga, so why is he afraid of facing me?” Mr Banda asked.

President Banda said this in an interview during a tour of the MMD national campaign centre where United Party for National Development (UPND) national chairperson and former Mwembeshi member of Parliament (MP) Edward Kasoka announced their resignation from the opposition party to join the ruling party.

The president said there had been allegations that Mr Sata also hailed from Tanzania and his view was that there was nothing wrong with people coming from anywhere because of the politics of migration that took place in Africa some decades ago.

President Banda told journalists that the debate about his nationality was “nonsense” considering that all former heads of State, including Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and the PF leader had been accused of having originated from other countries.

He said Mr Sata and his party initially accused him of having hailed from Malawi and now they had changed and were claiming that his parents were Zimbabweans.

“I have not hidden about where I was born when I went to Zimbabwe. I told my friend Robert Mugabe to take me to the small hat where I was born. My father migrated there and married a Shona and Mr Sata knows that because I have been open about it,” President Banda said.

He said it was wrong for anybody to question people’s origins in a democracy like Zambia and that he believed former Kabwata MP Given Lubinda and PF vice-president Guy Scott were both Zambians.

President Banda wondered what type of a country Zambia would become under Mr Sata if witch-hunting took the centre stage instead of campaigning on issues affecting the people.

Mr Banda said initially there were demands that he should announce the date of elections and when he did, some people started making claims that he did not qualify to contest the presidency.

“He wants to become president but who does he want to beat? Let him face me because I want to beat him for me to become president.

“I want to be a strong candidate and he must face me. Mr Sata and the PF are admitting that they are not ready for these elections,” President Banda said.

He said the debate by the PF was irritating the Zambian people and cited former Information minister Dipak Patel, veteran politician Simon Zukas and Dr Scott who had contributed immensely to the development of Zambia and it would be wrong for anyone to refer to them as foreigners.

The president also said Mr Sata behaved in a disgusting manner when the 17 presidential candidates held a meeting with Electoral Commission of Zambia chairperson Ireen Mambilima at Mulungushi International Conference Centre last week.

He hailed journalists for the work they were doing and invited them to all his political rallies regardless of what media they represented because he wanted the people of Zambia to know his plans for them.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Mr President … no much sense thats why we are voting for you. We need mature politics

    The hour has indeed come

    Nafuti nafuti

    • Are you insane pr you just dont understand things. The issue of RB is about the constitution and not individuals. The constitution supercedes or individual interests. Unfortunately for RB, it is his potical advisor has fixed him. Hope you poticians can know that it does not pay to manipulate the constitution for personal selfish reasons. The ZAMBIAN constitutions which the MMD govt put in place stops RB from becoming president.. Period… Unless???????????

    • Are you insane or you just dont understand things. The issue of RB is about the constitution and not individuals. The constitution supercedes all individual interests. Unfortunately for RB, it is his political advisor (FTJ) who has fixed him. Hope you poticians can know that it does not pay to manipulate the constitution for personal selfish reasons. The ZAMBIAN constitution which the MMD govt put in place stops RB from becoming president.. Period… Unless???????????

  2. So, he has accepted that his Mum is Shona from Zimbabwe?. Its not about Sata, its about what the constitution says!

  3. RB makes so much sense….. No 2 RB has never said his mother was not Shona…  The parents were Zambian according to the constitution on the day Zambia came into being in 1964. That makes him able to stand as President. Its not about SATA its about SATA’s tribal politics which we are determined to get rid of this year for good…

    Nafuti Nafuti

  4. Now I know, the man’s father trecked from the then Nyasaland (Malawi) to Zimbabwe (Sothern Rhodesia) in the early twenties/thirties in search of food/work and ended up marrying a Shona woman. He was born (Lupiya) from there then, and is indeed NOT Zambian. Well? What do we do now? The Cat is now out of the bag, what the others say….

  5. He has said it him self… People of ZAMBIA PLEASE..What does the constitution say?…are we going to allow politicians to overide it? This is BULLSHIT…………..

  6. An NGO calling itself Committee of Citizens says it is seeking a court order to evaluate PF leader Michael Sata’s mental status.

    Committee of Citizens director Gregory Chifire told journalists in Lusaka Sunday that his organisations suspects that Sata is not normal and therefore not fit to stand as president.

    Chifire said Sata has on several occasions demonstrated signs of mental instability like when he insulted journalists after losing the 2006 elections.

    He said that Sata showed his alleged signs of madness last week during the meeting of presidentiual candidates with the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

    Chifire said the papers has already been filed in court.

  7. “I told my friend Robert Mugabe to take me to the small hat where I was born.”

    So he was born in a hat…..? And a small one too…..?

  8. RB has just confirmed that the mother was Shona. So his parent mom is not Zambian by birth. So what does the constitution say?

  9. Ok, all those born before 1964 wether in salisbury or broken hill, abercon or fort jameson, please leave politics and settle on your tuma farms ala

  10. Flabbergasted! Really true then that he made a false declaration in 2008 that both his parents were Zambian by birth or origin? Who is mad here, or indeed a liar? It is incredible that RB could be so naive as to believe that he could get away that! He has to be disqualified otherwise anarchy will reign! under the current constitution he’s not eligible to be president, period!

  11. In this case it is not about SATA its what the constitution says which the same MMD enacted.This is the consequence of enacting a law directed at an individual.The MMD has themselves to blame and it would be folly of them to try and shift the balme to any other person.

  12. We the people of Zambia are going to discard these tribal politics once and for all. President Samora Machel (M.H.S.R.I.P) once said “Tribalism is the Commander In Chief of Africa’s Problems.” Are we not capable of forgetting all this name calling and concentrating on real issues? RB is Zambian and we all have to recognise and appreciate his contribution towards the betterment of our nation from his UNIP days to date. Tribalism has no place in modern Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rupiah has eaten with foreigners, that does not automatically make them Zambians. Eating with Sata at your mothers’ home in Kabulonga has nothing to do with the issues at hand
    What we all want is to be sure that you have satisfied the constitutional provisions because you are deceitful.
    Rupiah, you are so cheap, always talking about food whenever you are challenged on serious matters. The issue at hand is constitutional, not lunch

  14. “Both parents must be Zambian by BIRTH or DESCENT”
    The question that should be asked is, ‘What was in the mind of the legislators when they wrote this constitution? What did they INTEND to mean by the words ‘Zambian’ and ‘parents?’
    The Supreme Court ruled that ‘parents’ was vague and that ‘Zambia’ did not exist before Midnight 23 October 1964. What should have happened after that, is that the constitution should have been ammended to define Zambia. We waited for a new constitution and K200 billion later we are still with the silly 1996 kafupi constitution! It is bad law because it is not clearly defined and therefore no one can be barred from contesting the Presidency, if their parents (biological, foster or adopted) were in Zambian in 1964.

    • Spot one Saint – Kafupi and MMD legislators swore this in because of Kapufi’s fear of Mr 6 feet Kaunda. This will come back to haunt not only this generation but generations of able Zambia’s. But what is amazing is that with all the money spent on “consitutional reform” we are still stuck with this retrogressive clause. Cobra knows it is enough to try and derail Humpty Dumpty’s campaign but its getting irritating – he said Mwanawasa’s dad was Malawian, RB’s mother of being Zimbabwean find something else Kinga Cobra!!

  15. Even if RB’s Parents came from Hong Kong or Guang Zhou, China it makes no diference in terms of citizenship with someone whose parents were born Northern Rhodesia. As long as both were living in Zambia at the time of independence they have equal citizenship in Zambia with no one having and form of advantage over the other.

  16. the Law is the Law

    Respect the Constitution !!

    Anyway the Change is unstoppable and that corrupt impostor will be kicked out… :-)

  17. It’s such a relief that the president himself has confirmed his origins and now let the constitution be applied. Is it a Shona tradition for one to be born in a hat?

  18. RB just produce the required documents like what Obama did in the USA. As simple as that. You have never seen a person who has been living in Zambia since childhood but still haunted by immigration that she is not Zambian. 

  19. There are bad laws ?!

    Instead of removing the abuse of office clause from the ACC Act they could have changed it !!

    but crooks are crooks
    they preferred to line their pockets and protect themselves !

    But Time is running out ! :-)

  20. NyamaSoya. The fact that Mr. Sata eat rom your house does not mean your parents are Zambians. The fact that Given abd Guy Scott have different shades of skin does not make your Parents Zambians. You failing to explain that your dad went to Zimbabwe and married from there, gwada. So according to the rule. You do not qualify to stand. period. It is not us saying this but the law brough by MMD somewhere arund 1996 to bar KK. This law has never been changed.

  21. Fine! says:
    Mon Aug 08 at 12:26 pm
    Even if RB’s Parents came from Hong Kong or Guang Zhou, China it makes no diference in terms of citizenship with someone whose parents were born Northern Rhodesia. As long as both were living in Zambia at the time of independence they have equal citizenship in Zambia with no one having and form of advantage over the other because both of then became citizens by living in Zambia at independence. None of them became Zambian by ‘birth’ or ‘descent’. Legally speaking no one who was born before 1964 ever became a Zambian by ‘Birth’ or ‘Descent’, regardless of whether they were born in N/Rhodesia or elsewhere, and being born in N/Rhodesia gave no one any qualification for citizenship of Zambia.

  22. Ooooh baziulula futi when he had maintained that his parents were both Zambians from Chipalamba area in Chipata. Anyway, we will hear on Wednesday, what the court is going to say. All this problem is because of one called KAFUPI trying to bar Kaunda from challenging him during the 1996 elections. SHAME MR. PRESIDENT YOU DO NOT QUALIFY TO STAND AS AS PRESIENT OF THIS COUNTRY ACCORDING TO THE ZAMBIAN CONSTITUTION.

  23. You will never find any human being who was born before 1964 and became citizen of Zambia by ‘Birth’ or ‘Descent’. Show me one and explain how.

  24. Buffoon RB if you want to make Sata look foolish why don’t you respond to his allegations with proof the way Obama responded to Donald Trump’s allegations….whether its trivial or no nobody is above the constitution. 

    • Jay Jay, what proof, naimwe. He has jst said his mother was born Zimbabwean but is Zambian by decent. His father is Zambian. That is clarified. The next stop if the interpretation of the constitutional clause. But that too was handled in the matter of FTJ Chiluba vs Others by the Supreme court. What the court is doing on Wedneday is a technicality at law. This wont go anywhr other than wasting precious campaign time 4 PF.

  25. This matter was rested in the case of Chiluba vs Others by the supreme court. It’s a waste of time for PF. The court is the third arm of govt that interprets the constitution. It gives meat to the doc so that it has meaning. A constitution that has all details of life and living cannot be written coz it wil hav to fill huge volumes. The courts interpret and specify things. READ THE JUDGEMENT of the Chiluba and Others case to understand. No wait, u stil won’t understand. Ba PF u celebrate ubukopo too much

  26. By the way, can someone tell me how to differently pronounce ‘hat’ and ‘hut’. Unless it written by the ‘speaker’ of the sentence, it is open to spelling abuse by the author, Lolest!!!!!

  27. A 71-year-old former Barotse treason accused says PF leader Michael Sata’s 90-day development approach can only be doubted by lazy and incompetent leaders.
    I strongly believe that changes can be done even in less than 90 days. In fact, good developmental policies can be seen in less than 90 days,” Liamba said.I strongly support the statement by Mr Sata that he can make some significant changes in 90 days. These are words which can come only from an active determined leader like Mr Sata.”

    Liamba said Zambia was hungry for development and, therefore, did not need leaders that had to wait for a 10-year term to deliver.

  28. MMD brought in the parentage clause and perpertrated a fear and distrust of “foreignors”. Its come back to haunt them. Learn from history look at nations that have thrived on diversity such as the US, Brazil, Ghana and RSA versus countries who have shunned it at their own peril Russia, Italy and Somalia.

  29. Here the fact is northern rhodisia is Zambia. So if the rb mother was south rhodisia she is still not Zambian by birth. We mean Zambia not independence or what. The findings of KK case are precident to all cases that follow after. KK did not stand in 1996 because of this clause. So here to be fare rb should pave way to another mmd person. He has reviewed that the mother is Shona from south rhodisia( Zimbabwe) he is not qualified to stand.

  30. Zambia is a Unitary State formed from Northern Rodesia + Barosteland so what other definition are people look for?? Where Banda’s parents born in Northern Rhodesia or Barotseland?? How does the issue of eating food come in?? MMD also wanted to stop MCS form contesting when they said he was once convicted and started investigations. So let the courts decide Mr Banda coz now you are directing the courts through such comments.

  31. Iam not a supporter of PF but they might have a solid case.RB has just said that he was born in Zim to a shona woman and perhaps Malawian father. It is clear that RB should not stand for elections as he is not Zambian by birth and both his parents are foreginers.

  32. RB – no one is questioning your nationality but that of your parents and this is a constitutional requirement. Sata may have eaten at your parent’s house but by then the constitution was not changed by MMD and your parent’s nationality did not matter at that time. At the time of your birth it is clear that your mother was not a registered northern rhodesia citizen and until you prove otherwise, you have been ruling Zambia illegally

  33. OK so he’s confirming that he’s going to ignore the constitution? That’s a dangerous move, if he ignores the law as president then who of us citizens can be expected to abide by the law?

  34. RB you have my vote. You have proven that you are a man. The Cobra is very scared. That is the reason why it wants to through you out of contest. Viva RB

  35. We don’t want a president who ignores the constitution please

  36. RB’s dad is Malawan, the Mother is Shona and RB was born in a small hut in Zimbabwe, our constitution is clear. I feel very sad as a Zambian!

  37. Our Constitution must be respected by all means.No sacred cows please.He must not be allowed to stand.Period!!!

  38. The judicially must prove that they are determined to handle any case irrespective of who is involved. If this case is handled fairly,our judicial system will go on recorded for being brave in delivering justice.

  39. The term CITIZEN is a legal term.
    Citizen does not mean being born in a particular country, NO. It means satisfying the qualifying criteria governing citizenship in that country.
    Being born in Northern Rhodesia did not have any legal basis to qualify anyone to become a Zambian Citizen. This means that by law, as the case was at the time being born in Northern Rhodesia was irrelevant to the issue of citizenship.
    I know that may people dont feel good about this; but it is not our feeling but what the laws prevailing state. I am not shoked that some people cant understand this simple truth, because it appears even lawyers like Wynter have not grasped the issue despite passing and obtaining a law degree.

  40. At least KK was born in Bembaland and grew up amidst that culture he is more Zambian than RB. What can we do twalilufyanya kale it may be painful but that’s what we get for gloating over details. Let the new generation Zambia redefine itself appropriately!

  41. Article 34 (3) (b) is not applicable to anyone whose parents were born before 1964, and they happening to have been living in N/Rhodesia at the time of indpendence. All those living in N/Rhodesia at the time of indpendence dont qualify to be citizens of Zambia by ‘birth’ and ‘descent’. What qualifies all of them equally is simply “living in N/Rhodesia at the time of independence”. This was the only legal requirement, and in fact it is very easy to understand why? No birth records or documents were made for our parents before 1964 and so proof is by word of mouth, which by law is not even necessary because it is not required. There Article 34 (3) (b) is invalid for the older parents, not even Siulapwa’s parents have any proof that they are Zambians, so this article is for future.



  44. RB is ryt the whole thing is nonense and its taking sata nowere and has jus shown hw low he can sink i owez knew sata was crazy bt not to this extent

  45. @18, Just to add that Mr Sata was probably the architect of that Chiluba constitution, to disqualify possible challengers to his ambitions which we all know now, how he literary chased everybody from MMD until he was dribbled from the least expected quarter, his friend Chiluba.

  46. I think mr Banda, you have missed the point. the current parrentage clause was put in by the current mmd. you are actually insulting the intelligence of your own party. If that clause was not part of the constitution PF wouldn’t have raised the matter with you. Illegality is illegality. Why are you rejecting the constitution. However I agree with you that parrentage clause for a presidential candidate does not make a lot of sense. And this makes the current constitution a bad one. On this score I will not vote for you in case you come back and waste another K200bn on constitution making process which you are not prepared to make it people driven.

  47. Everyones’ application for NRC was sent to the village for verification ( were no birth records exist) by the Chief and Head Man. These are still accurate and if you have ever lost your NRC, then you know what am saying and Zambia did not just appear form thin air as is being suggested.

  48. a mature politician indeed.all those voting for sata have no sense at all.if you are following ichipuba you are also ichipuba. sata is not a presidential quality mwebantu twapapata.

  49. #53 Kweshoni Mark??
    whether Zambia appeared from thin air or thick air is irrelevant.
    What is important is the criteria for qualification to be a Zambian Citizen. At independence this was NEVER by Birth or Descent. We are talking Law here and not how you feel about the matter.
    Take for instance you see a man stealing from someone and the person is taken to court. If you do not produce evidence you are lost because saying to the court, “Imwe ine nshibepa ine, nalimumona!” meaning ‘you people, me i dont lie, i saw him!” will not help the case.
    You dont go round saying, ‘the court is not good how can i lose when it is true’. If I found you, all I would say is sorry dear, too bad – i pitty you.

  50. Munthu avomela kuti mai wake ni muZezulu. Chipepala (Chikonsitityushyoni) nicho chikamba kuti Presidenti aenekelo nkhala na mai na tate obadilwa mu Dziko la chavuta apa nichani?? Mambala afeluka. Techinical Knock Out! (K.O). Bonse imwe bantu ba ku Zambia mulemekeze lamulo!!!!!!!!!

  51. It does not Matter if RB’s mother was born in Zimbabwe, what matters is whether or not she was living in Zambia at the time of independence, that all. everything else by law it is irrelevant.
    Even SATA’s parents never became Zambian by birth or descent, and so is the same for all other candidates includes HH, his parents never became Zambian Citizens by birth or descent, NO. all the parents to the canduidates became zambian citizens simply by living in Zed at the time of indpendence. (FULU SITOPU).

  52. Right, for the sake of some people whio still do not understand this, let us go through the Constitution again.
    A Presidential candidate must be: 1. A Zambian citizen by birth or by descent. 2. Both his parents were born in Zambia.
    There is no problem is there? The legislators meant Zambia to be that geographical entity within the boundaries passed on from Northern Rhodesia and Barotse land on 24 Oct 1964. Right? BUT the final interpreter of the law, the full Supreme Court bench, refused to admit Northen Rhodesia as Zambia. Hence strictly speaking no one whose parents were born before 1964 is eligible to stand for President. All candidates are disqualified, unless we accept that all their parents became Zambians on 24 Oct 1964!

  53. OK #59 so you’re saying KK is qualified? And that one precedent surpasses the law of the land?

  54. In the interest of national peace, I would like to suggest that we put off these elections temporarily and find a way of rectifying the constitution on the qualifications of presidential candidates. Otherwise I see this matter as being a recipe for arnachy.

    • Arnach prevailed in barotse land bcoz of hidering a written cord. And this is a new fashion in zambia if a law disadvatage some big fish and he is in power you change the stance. let arnachy rule us it will make those that will survive come up with better people driven constitution not targeting individuals.

  55. RB should blame Chiluba for introducing the parental clause in the constitution. It was introduced to bar KK, so it should apply to him as well because he has failed to meet the requirements. The law should apply equally to everyone.

  56. its about the constitution not Sata. This clause was framed by your late political consultant FTJ. Respect the constittion the way it is; you vowed to uphold the constitution. RB you are not a Zambian either by descent or birth. You have revealed it yourself. MMD find another candidate because you will be shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obey the warning

  57. The 1991 Constitution merely provided that to qualify to contest for President, one had to be citizen. ACT no. 18 of 1996 amended this by including the fact that both the candidates parents ought to be Zambian by birth or descent (descent means you may lay claim to being Zambian through your Zambian ancestors) Clearly, then, if one of the parents was not born in Zambia and had Malawian or Zimbabwean descent, for example, they would not qualify as ‘Zambian’. The clause on citizenship, interms of the transition from Northern Rhodesia to Zambia at Independence does not mean every Jack and Jill who was in the territory at that time become Zambian – that is absurd. It refers to those who could already qualify. A bus load of Chinese tourists travelling along Cairo rd on 24th October 1964??

  58. The parentage clause is a cancer in our constitution because Zambians are a diverse people. In the future constitution, this needs to be removed, together with the age restriction and ALL other restrictions. Why should citizens be classified in categories? The only qualification required is that one must be a Zambian. This will help to unify the country as no person will be higher than another under the law. However, at the moment that is the law and it needs to be respected, thanks to MMD.

  59. The Zimbabwean is RB’s late wife. His mother, so he claims, is Zambian. There is a nice piece in the Post online version on this same issue and subtly, there it is the right spelling of ‘hut’. Have a good day!

  60. So should we flaut the law in the case of RB or what should happen….even when a law is bad it must be abided by until such a time that we have that law repealed.

  61. Ok since its about the Constitution,we shall demand for a Medical Examination on Sata because we know that he suffered a heart condition during Levy’s reign.Let the Doctors tell us if Cobra is physicaly and mentaly fit to handle National Issues under pressure.

  62. The Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda exported a lot of his people from Malawi to neighboring countries advising that they hold tightly to their junior secondary school certificates for its all they needed across the border to become president!

    # 49 we are already docile for the sake of peace

  63. During sworing in, a president always declayers him self that “i will respect the contitution of the day”, now we will see if RB will respect it. But remember he realesed chiluba on corruption charges.the chief justice should now prove his powers if our judicial is not corrupt.the all world is watching.

  64. Mr President Banda Sir, it is not about Mr Sata. This is a requirement by the constitution. Now if you think this is nonsense, then the whole constitution is useless. Therefore, there is not going to be one if you participate in this election. Therefore, Zambian citizens should chose which parts of the constitution to use. E.g. if one steals something, then the part of the constitution that criminalise stealing should be called nonsense and one who is a thief becomes free. So Mr President respect the Zambian constitution because we that in Zimbabwe there is a suspension of the law.

  65. Whatever you say and I don’t care how you say it, Sata is a coward, period. Umwenso mu day light, nensoni iyo?

  66. If RB is overlooking the Constitution he swore to defend, then let us throw away the Zambian Constitution. Why should the rest of us play by its dictates, while RB and those close to him are allowed to dance to a different tune of music?

  67. Ba satana chilufya lets just go to the polls to bring in nonsense.We chikulu chonse umwenso akaiche ka HechiHechi takaletina.Ayopa mambala Mpika here we come retirement batata pa 20 Sept ilelolela pamo nafuledi kabepa mwinene.

  68. What does the law say? Zambians, if we fail to respect the constitution, then we should not have prisons! Its the law, stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Yaba, this does not sound good for Zambia. Someone tells you right in your faces that he is not Zambian by birth and his parents are not even an inch to being Zambians, and he is ruling you? RB just insulted the all Zambians that mulifipuba. They are laughing with his family in State House saying, look, Zambians are the most hopeless beings God created. They cannot find their leader. What s shame? Will we allow to be ruled by other countries? When will colonialism end for Zambia? All along I thought colonialism ended when Sir Roy Welensky left Zambia, but we imported another colonialist from Zimbabwe/Malawi. With both parents being foreigners, and him born in Zimbabwe, how does he become Zambian? How does he fulfill the constitutional requirement? Umusebanya pa Zambia. Ukushishita.

  70. Obama releases long-form birth certificate
    By Susan Page and Jackie Kucinich, USA TODAYUpdated 4/28/2011 12:01 AM |
    5977 | 25ShareReprints & Permissions
    WASHINGTON — President Obama, trying to squelch an escalating and distracting controversy, released on Wednesday a long-form birth certificate from 1961 that showed just what he has always insisted: He was born at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu.

  71. this matter of origin of Bwezani PF should just forget and concentrate on how they are going to campaign, this government and its courts of them saved chiluba. they are going to do the same and save Banda. unless if it was opposition every one was going to be feasting on the table. Zambians laws are made to pin those who are not in government. shame to this country and its law makers. Bwezani is even proud to mention where he was born and were his parents are coming from. its true they are not Zambians but he knows that no one will stop him from standing this year. democracy abused.

  72. Imagine Guy Scot taking over on Sata’s death in office as acting President! Mama newo. News story: “Zambia’s president guy scot is on a state visit to scotland to visit his great grand fathers village….” Now you call Prez Banda a foreigner? come on.

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