Court dismisses PF’s RB petition as PF vow to appeal to the Supreme Court


The Lusaka High Court has dismissed the petition by the Patriotic Front -PF- to restrain President Rupiah Banda from filling nomination papers for the September 20 general elections.

Judge in Charge Jane Kabuka dismissed the PF Petition following the Preliminary issues raised by the defence lawyers.

Judge Kabuka has ruled that President Banda, who is the subject of litigation, is not party to the proceedings.

She states that on this ground, any adverse decision on him amounts to the breach of rule of natural justice.

This is in a matter, where the PF sought an injunction to prevent President Rupiah Banda from contesting the September 20 elections because his parents were allegedly not Zambians.

Prior to the ruling, Defence Lawyers submitted that the action be dismissed.

They argued that the High Court has no jurisdiction to preside on controversies on Presidential qualifications.

The Defence lawyers submitted that any controversy on the Presidential qualification is the preserve of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, MMD national Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe has welcomed the High Court ruling.

Major Kachingwe says President Banda will therefore file in his nomination papers on Wednesday to contest the Presidency.

He says the PF’s move to drag President Banda to court on parentage issues is part of the party’s scheme to destabilize the nation.

Major Kachingwe was speaking in an interview with Journalists at the High Court on Tuesday in Lusaka.

But the Patriotic Front -PF- says it will appeal to the Supreme Court against the judgment delivered in the High Court over President Rupiah Banda’s parentage.

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the Judge misrepresented herself when she threw out the case.

Mr Kabimba was speaking to ZNBC News in Lusaka on Tuesday.



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      Are you just dull or you cant understand constitutional mattesr. The Judge throw the case out on technicalities. She did not address the contetious issues” RB’s parentage”. Constitutionary, he does not qualify, even you know it. RB has admitted it himself.

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    I am ashamed to share the same nationality with empty heads like Sata and Kabimba. It will soon be your turn to submit yourself to court for the hearing of your mental test case, lets see if you will be magnanimous enough to allow the process. ifimano ububi you loosers

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      all you need to do is acquire citizenship elsewhere & you will worry no more. Just like there are other people who are ashamed to share tha same nationality with someone with such level of hatred. Remember that
      Rupiah’s parentage issue is not personal but constitutional.

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    The president made it clear yesterday that he would definately file in his nominatin papers tomorrow and therefore the court’s judgment to throw out the PF’s petition was expected.

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    Has anybody actually seen Potential Famine (PF) list of parliamentary candidates? 

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      Have you seen UPND, NAREP ADD list of candidates to mention a few? Why are you only interested in PF alone? You crap!

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    Wynter is feeling the legal heat.

    Its campaign period and not a time for appealing on straight forward issues.

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    #4 I hear you loud and clear. I m ashamed too. How can people who claim to be popular behave like that??

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    Wonder why Sata cant just fight his battle in a straight way and stop complicating things. sorry but i hurt him ti bits.

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      Yes, he explained that his mother is not Zambian but he’ll stand as presido all the same coz he’s above the law. What a shit country full of shit heads!!!

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    Useless uneducated PF Kaponyas dont even know the right court to go to. Who takes such matters to the High court? 
    And who uses Wynter Kabimba as their lawyer? the man has never won a court case.

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    Kabimba why can’t you concentrate on looking for a constituency where you should stand instead of wasting time in the courts on straight forward issues. You are a failure in everything even to find a constituency what kind of person and lawyer are you. Is it election diarrhea you are suffering from? You don’t even know how to sue ati ba lawyer, which law school did you go to?

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    Give power to the foreigners. After all Zambians are a weak species. They cannot find their own people to lead tham. Someone stood up and told you that as long as he is an African, and it does not matter where he comes from, he can rule you. What does a cadre judge in a cadre controlled court say, he is alright for you Zambians. The judge did not even rule on the basis of the defense argument, but used the President, who she knows currently is immuned from being sued as the reason to throw away the case. Zambians, Africa’s Jokers.

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      Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I believe that in addition to what you have pointed out, the judge did NOT dismiss the grounds or the basis of the case; in other words it appears that the case is valid in alot of ways, so the easy option is to open it up for possible appeal.

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    Today’s court outcome on the incompent Sata/Kabimba petition against RB is nothing but a prelude to mother of all humiliating defeat coming on xenophobic Sata and his daft Wynter Kabimba an academic lawyer without a record of litigation success.He has has been losing from inception of multiparty democracy, he has lost this one and will lose graviously Decision 2011 then a debilitating summarizing stroke clips in. Leadership comes from God and not incorrigible hatred and unsophisticated kitchen sink political acrobats of Sata.

    Democracy and rule of law has again won us.

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      kindly tell us the case that was lost, because my understanding is that this case could not proceed on the basis of a technicality i.e. HERB was not cited as one of the defendents? You might be more enlightened than me … help!

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    Most of the comments of not all are coming from uneducated low inspiring, pathetic execuses of people.

    Contribute something worthy of reading and educating one another. Dull Zambians never cease to amaze and puzzle me.

    Most of your comments are tatamount to spanning, you egos are unexecusable and quiete frankly you do not deserve to be breathing this air I am breathing right now. Grow up and bring some decent comments are more imprortantly shut up if you have nothing to say. You act like looters in London.I hate you

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    #19 MUSHOTA – where did you learn your English? Did you just learn your language from fellow rioters and looters over night???? Go to school to learn English PLEASE….

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    This is not an issue of incompentency of Kabimba. This is incompetency of the courts which are controlled by cadres. This is about you Zambians being incompetent to lead yourselves. It is you Zambians who are incompetent and as such you find it great to borrow people across borders to rule you. What a sorry nation?

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      iwe Kalos, the first thing you learn in law are the principles of which court has jurisdiction over what, how to sue the right people before court and lastly the arguments you make on point of law. Winter Kabimba needs a refresher course in all these.There might be a good case here but if you dont strategise and plan paper work well, you are no different from common kaponyas. dont blame the courts.

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    @ Mushota, dont think you every thing…No objectivity in what u are saying, Please spare us…………

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    Peace and love be with you beloved sisters and brothers. In zambia we are one and no one i say no one will divide us , amen? We will go to the polls peacifully and these elections will put us together the more. You are all important in the sight of God although you are insulting each other. You are PF or MMD me iam both i will decide who to vote for on 19 September 2011

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    Incompetency has no dividends

    Today’s court outcome on the incompetent Sata/Kabimba petition against RB is nothing but a prelude to mother of all humiliating defeat coming on xenophobic Sata and his daft Wynter Kabimba an academic lawyer without a record of litigation success.

    They have lost this one which has exposed their dangerous incompetency and they are set to lose the tripartite elections. Then will opt to resort to violence but again with their violence, they will be swept with expediency and shown that Zambians believe in democracy and not violence. Thank God they don’t dream from Mass but will be hallucinating all these from mother earth where law and order exist.

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    The battle now is drawn and let the game begin…

    MMD 4 : PF 0

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    This is not about who will win or lose. This is about your constitution and your sovereignity as a country and a nation. Are you afraid of being your own leaders? Are you so incompetent that you cannot find your own leader? Are you so weak that even a Malawian or aZimbabwean can colonize you at this day and age?

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    Koma nkhani iyi yamu nyokola ku khosi Kalos 2121, the genocide supporter!  Kaya, antu akumawa adamchita chiyani chifukwa katinko kake kakulisa kwa basi. You can literally smell the bile emanating from his ignorant and  xenophobic body through the computer screen!! Let the Psycho’s Forum (pf) party waste their time and resources on a wild goose chase at the supreme court whilst RB opens another hospital or visits yet another village with granaries brimming full of maize.

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    The High Court ruling is no surprise unless to illiterates and semi illiterates.The writing was on the wall.Honestly,how does one just make a case in his imagination and there after takes it before the courts of law expecting the courts to rule in his favour?!This is pure insanity,no wonder Kabimba has an unbeaten record of losing cases.Yes,you are free to appeal to the Supreme Court but I can assure you the verdict will be the same.Umulandu uli ku mfula,naku musumba.

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    Yes, RB explained that his mother is not Zambian but he’ll stand as presido all the same coz he’s above the law and people have been eating nshima at his mother’s house for years. What a shit country of people with heads full of cow-dung, people that have no idea about the rule of law!!!

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    SATA and Kabimba with their Poor Finishers’ Circus Party are dangerously incompetent. These chaps have wasted 10 years of opposition opportunities on promulgating insults, incompetently schemin inimical activities against our country, working for gay groups and networking with taliban terror Groups. What a legime of natural losers they are!

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      Snr. citizen
      The guys did not only waste time but they NEVER offered any alternative solution to what government did apart from condemning.

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    HE RB has never been shy about his origins. He said it before becoming preso that he was born in Gwanda Zimbabwe! However, his parents both came from Chipata Eastern Province of Zambia in His Royal Highness Chief Chikuwe’s area. The law Kafupi put in to stop KK says the parents should be Zambians by birth or decent. Can PF kaponyas tell me how he does not qualify to run for President? Even you guys in diaspora where you are now being shot at like pigs, do want your children to qualify to run Zambia one day? besides for a country like Zambia many of you have migrated and have children being born wherever you are but they are still Zambians and for all fareness should be allowed to be presidents if they so wish. RB is Zambian just like his parents were period

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    Winter Kabimba, show us your bravery; go out and campaign now that your petition bent on malice has been thrown out. Alas you still intend to pursue it further through the Supreme Court. Anyway its your right but remember that time is against you and Zambia needs a formidable opposition front that can make MMD sweat for their money not jokers cum time wasters like you PF nonentities.

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    Why cant they report to SADC,AU and UN while the others campaign as they earlier planned.Interesting comedy

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    Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland were known as the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland which means were one country before indepedence, those who should claim to be Zambians are those who were born on or after 24th October, 1964. Looking at our 2 Giants both of them are over 70 so they should just go in the ring so that we see who is stronger than the other.  Fear not life will continue after elections.

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    All you MMD cadres blogging nonsense will cry on September 21 when results start rolling in. Its a landslide victory for Sata, the die is cast. Pabwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Unomwaka tulesenda, no rigging, no UPG to print ballot papers. We are filing an injunction restraining UPG from printing ballot papers. UPG is corrupt and they are a rigging tool for MMD. Mike Mulongoti was Chairman for Elections in MMD in 2006 and 2008 so he knows what he is talking about.

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    And some Zambians want this Kabimba anywhere near any Cabinet.

    Ooh, I forgot! He still has to find a constituency in which to stand.

    This poor guy is being used by Mr. Sata.

    Kabimba needs to be careful. He should not be part of the anarchy that the desperate Sata is plotting.

    After all the man has already conceded defeat.

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    RB has never run away from being the Zambian he is..and u go and sue..what were u trying to prove? shame ba PF shameeeeeeee

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    Even my grade one daughter knew the case would be dismissed but Winter kabimba didnt. Is this man ever going to become a SC?. Bonaventure Mutale’s name is being dented by Kabimba and Mmembe. Before he stated associating himself with Sata’s pf he used to win cases, now he has become another Winter

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    Who would be foolish enough to think that the courts(both supreme and high court),will rule against RB? One day we will vote for guy scott cause he was in zambia at the eve of the independence,u morons you will be the first ones to point to the constitution.What is source for the goose is source for the gander.

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    Just goes to show how rotten to the core the school of law has become, as well as the (is it the bar association) rather the ?NIPA (post school of law) that lawyers/judges go to !!

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    We will always remain behind and as zambians am really ashamed to be part of this country where we are ruled by foreigners! Are you saying PF is the only opposer? What about us and our children and grandchildren!! Shame on us zambians!!

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    #34 I think Kabimba does not want to campaign because balibe constituency to fight so he has to fill his time following useless pursuits just to make himself feel useful.

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    My question is, Why didn’t Wynter Kabimba consult a lawyer before making this court application.
    Wynter, please next time you want to handle a legal matter try to consult a lawyer to give you legal advice.
    PF, and SATA, please advise Wynter Kabimba to consult people in the legal profession when embarking on any legal matters.
    People have accused Wynter Kabimba of being a lawyer, but through these cases Wynter has denied the allegations.

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    The questions to ask, and soberly so, are; Are both RB’s parents Zambian by birth or descent? If either or both are not Zambian by birth or descent, does RB qualify to stand? It is not up to anyone to just speculate as to the facts, if they don’t have them. Those who are bestowed with the legal responsibilty to seek out the truth, should do so. I am not bothered whether this is being raised at election time. Let the truth be known and the matter be put to rest. Why do we claim objectivity and yet see everything in the eyes of a particular party or person we support? You are ready to ignore or explore what the law says when it suits you – but reverse the order and you will be screaming for the law to take its course! Its also sheer laziness not to seek to know and articulate properly.

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    Cosmo, you will still need to Re-brand yourself.

    2016 will still not be a walkover.

    Our Candidate Lucky Beene – Former President – Bankers Union of Zambia will be contesting the Presidency.

    It will not be as easy as thought, more competition & sanity will be at play.

    Zambian Youths influence market factor.

    By STAND & SING Promotions.

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    Am ashamed to be in this country where people support the wrong even tho they are the ones affected! Shame!

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    Viva RB! Let them go and gnash their teeth in hell! They are so arrogant to be servants of the people. Whatever, viva RB!

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    VJ Rigger, RB has done nothing to me just like he has done nothing for Zambia. It is the weakness in you Zambians that stink. How on earth do you allow a foreign born, to foreign parents be your leader? My question is simple and straight forward. Are you so incompetent that you cannot lead yourselves? How at the end of the day do feel proud as a nation to have imported your President from Malawi or Zimbabwe? You import everything and even your President? Where is your sense of pride? Probably you should even marry Malawian flag with Zimbabwean flag to make Zambian flag. Change your country name to MAZIMBA

  43. vote

    Lawyers should take a break! They are bringing so much confusion in this country. The law school at Unza has churned out so many graduates, they should skip one or two academic years without enrolling new students for under graduate studies. Namufala sana! They should make it harder for people to get a practising certificate. It was not like this when we were growing up in the 80’s. Most lawyers then were company secretaries. Anyway, it is good for our democracy and eventually we shall develop tolerance towards divergence views. Viva RB!

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    Am suprised some peolple still want to believe that Rb isnt Zambian even after the court ruling,politics of desperation and to me this shows a red flag for their motive.This isnt just mare desperation I think issues of Afghanistan funding maybe true.

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    What did you really expect? I said it last week that the court will rule in favour of Rupiah Banda. Anyway let the people of Zambia vote for the best candidate to lead the country.

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    Ba # 61 naimwe, even if it is dullness, sometimes you can at least come out of it. Which court ruled about RB being Zambian? Why don’t you people read? The court ruled based on other technicalities, not on RB being a Zambian or not. The court was petitioned for something else, not to ascertain RB’s citizenship. Which schools did you fellas go to? Mulechitafye uwatola two ngwee ati naya abroad. The outcome is people like you who cannot read even what is in front of them. Sorry, bwana, there is no cure for dullness. We can alleviate the symptoms by prescribing more reading. So, try again. Go read.

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    Ba Mushota. I expect those comments from a pure British muzungu and not a rioter such as yourself. Wait and see the polish start their crack down on illegal immigrants or the right wing racists and see where you will run to. 

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    Mushota ,you want to look good when you even fail to suport your relatives here in Zambia,Ka looter.Shut Up.Nifinga wibile mu ma shops?

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    it is RB nafuti nafuti. come 2016 it will be change to HH. Bo Sata Mmembe is cheating you. u will never taste StateHouse!

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    Matters concerning the constitution should arrest everyone’s interest. Did RB lie on oath in 2008? How do our learned men and women of the cloth interpret our constitution? That is what is of interest to the majority of us.

  51. vote


    So, in your opinion does Sata qualify as Zambian as per ‘qualification for Presidential Candidates’ clause? Were Sata’s parents born in Zambia at all? Simple enough, answer please.

  52. vote

    Most bloggers are behaving like pre-school kids when it comes to the constitution. The same courts barred  Kaunda from running in 1996, using the same clause. Today, they rule that its against natural justice. Zambians are we going to defend our constitution or not? Foolish MMD bloggers, you faces stink and how I wish you were all born in Zimbabwe! Enough of this nonsense! 

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    the pf are full of jokes and jokers it shows jus hw desparate the are to wincz the know thel lose again thank GOD RB won the case

  54. vote

    # 69, omeka, I have never seen an petition under the sun that has been filed purporting that Sata is not a Zambian. Never have you heard Sata himself discuss that he was born in Dodoma, Tunduma, or any other Tanzanian city. We have from the horse mouth, and that horse is Banda himself, saying that he was born in Zimbabwe and his mother was Shona. The last I checked, Shonas are in Zimbabwe. Banda himself ha said that his father was from Malawi. So, how does he become Zambian to you?
    Check you passport application if you have one.

    Zambian by birth – Banda does not qualify
    Zambian by decency – Banda does not qualify
    Zambian by naturalization – Banda qualifies, but cannot be President.

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    Kalos2121, Sir. I hope you haven’t quit your day job, because your uncle (or father) Mr. Sata is not going to form the next Government and along with it goes the job he has promised you at some Embassy abroad.

    That’s the trouble with bigotry. If you are a politician, fine. But do not delude yourself.

    Perhaps it’s a tribal thing for you.

    My position is clear. I do not care who ends up forming the next Government as long as Mr. Sata is kept out along with the Mpombos, Kabimbas, Masebos and their ilk. These people will destroy our children’s future. We’ve suffered enough as a country. We need progressive leaders not thieving incompetents.

  56. vote

    Good that the case has been thrown out.But fools who want to dicredit Zambians that we vote for foreigners to run our country for us should not be voted for either.we are tired of these rumours that this president is from this & that country while they are zambians.Political Fools will not occupy plot one cause they claim to talk sense but always discredit zambians.POLITICAL FOOLS KUYA BEBELE.VIVA MMD & UPND CAUSE THEY BRING PRIDE IN A ZAMBIANS.

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    The question is: Were Sata’s parents Zambian by birth for him to qualify as per the clause? How could they (Sata’s parents) have been Zambian if there was no Zambia at time of their birth? Surely, his parents must have been born before 1964 when Zambia came to be?

  58. vote

    Kalos2121, so you want Sata in State House because RB does not qualify.

    Tell us why you so intent on Sata?

    What have you been promised?

  59. vote

    Boss ba # 70..the courts cleared KK..he was not barred..KK boy cotted the elections..he was not u will waste ur time thinking in those lines…apa ni pankoloko..chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  60. vote

    Ashamed Mansa Resident, I am not MMD, nor I am a member of any party. I merely wish to ensure that Zambians choose wisely and that politics of hunger and desperation are rooted out.

    I will also tell you that the ensemble of Sata and Mpombo et al is not a progressive step.

    That is my only position. CLEAR?

  61. vote

    @70, you talk a lot of sense.the same court barred Kaunda from running in 1996. What has happened today? all you corrupt judges will loose jobs after September 28. we are tired of being treated like fools by the people we have empowered to protect our constitution. 

  62. vote

    #73 That Kalos 2121 is a genocide supporter and only hates RB because he is from Eastern province. He is probably in communication with his Tanzanian uncle on how to procure machetes so that he can start hacking easterners to death when Satanzania loses. Why the genocide supporter is not worried that a party that is supposedly ready for govt has not yet produced a list of parliamentary candidates is beyond me.

  63. vote

    PF need Savvy Campaign Strategists Asap ..this is a complete sheer waste of time as MMD knew the outcome…why are you wasting time on this drivel?? All that personnel at the high court should have been campaigning in the outskirts…POOR PLANNING!!

  64. vote

    the pf chps don’t seem to understand issues..what would it have benefited them if RB was to be declared UnZambian..coz Sata is Tanzanian..we shall adjourn the case so that the whole 41 days left you will be trotting to N fro courts..hahahah

  65. vote

    @37, The way you claim that UPG will cause rigging by printing the ballot papers, it’s like you think that they will use black magic in the printing process. I thought that voting is marking your ballot in that private room to yourself. Does PF now think that witchcraft is used in rigging elections? Now that would be another twist to rigging, do Mr Sata and Mr Mulongoti both endorse this view?

  66. vote

    Viva ba Banda. However, beyond this they just want to derail you batata. They have no basis for campaigns. Just give us the date for inauguration batata we will come in numbers for a serious zambia.

  67. vote

    I am sorry that I ate in your home but I do not want to loose. Just give me the cash and I will forget about the elections in my entire life

  68. vote

    PF should not even appeal. Let them concentrate on the campaigns and elections. It is a futile attempt.

  69. vote

    # 53 Harold Muna,
    The case that was before the courts of law as applied by Wynter Kabimba was inappropriate. No one who was born before 1964 ever became a Zambian by ‘brith’ or ‘descent’ all became Zambian simply by ‘living in N/Rhodesia at the time of indpendence’, regardless of where they were born. Birth and descent were never a requirement for becoming a citizen for those who were in n/Rhodesia at indpendence.
    Even you, none of your parents ever became zambian by birth or descent unless you tell me that your parents were born after 24 October 1964. it is after zambian became independence that ‘birth’ and/or ‘descent’ became requirements for citizenship. Even to Siulapwa, this law cant apply, as long as his Parents are zambian regardless of where they were born.

  70. vote

    Iwe Ka Hule ka Mushota #19, your english sucks. Its ‘tantamount’ not tatamout. You say ‘inexcusable’ not unexusable. Why were you running away from school during english time? You can not learn your whole vocabulary from the bed with your legs apart!!

  71. vote

    There is a million things that a Judge can pick to throw out that injunction. One of them is that it would be against the rules of natural justice (a day before RB files his nomination papers) to grant an injunction against RB, because it would disadvantage the MMD as well as millions of his supporters when there is no time to prove the arguments for and against the injunction. For any learned Judge to be on the safe side and to protect people’s liberties, they will allow the elections to proceed as scheduled, and allow those who are aggrieved if they lost to take the matter to the Supreme Court for proper adjudication. So don’t waste your time PF, just go and campaign.

  72. vote

    LT, I am Anaconda. Stop moderating me. What more would you expect from me but the hard truth. #19 sucks, period

  73. vote

    And PF, don’t even think of boycotting the elections, RB is looking for someone to beat at the polls.
    Please don’t deny us the pleasure of Mr Sata shouting at BBC reporters come 21st September 2011.

  74. vote

    # 80 Pepecho Suffering,
    You Zambians you like talking a lot even when you have no facts.
    Why do you like talking only just because thats how you feel?
    KK was never barred from standing by any court; he never take anything to court. KK simply on his own decided not to stand, if he had taken the matter to court he was going to win the case easily just like Chiluba/Kafupi case.
    What the Article 34 (3) (b) could do was simply to intimidate KK, it had no capacity to bar him from standing AT ALL. Anyone whose parents were living in Zambia at the time of independence is legible to stand if he so wished, even if his/her parents were born outside N/Rhodesia it does not matter because they share the same strength of citizenship as one who was born in N/Rhodesia

  75. vote

    When PF thugs went to Court over RB’s parentage, mature people simply said: “KUTSUTSA GALU NI KUKUMBA”. Why on earth did PF opt for such delaying tactics when they pride themselves to be the most popular party in Zambia? A Lameck Mangani, a Lucas Phiri, a Sebastian Zulu, a Dr. Chabwera, na imwe a Milton Phiri, you are a disgrace to the people of Eastern Province for working against your own Mbuto yeni-yeni ya nzeru. As for Dr. Chabwera, he was once the Chairman of the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce; and we wonder in which direction he was going to foster development in the Eastern when his mind-set is so primitive. As for Sata this case has damaged his chance of being respected as a leader. Sata is a CHIEF KAPONYA and this is the end of Kabimba’s profession as a lawyer..

  76. vote

    So the court essentially told Sata “I can’t repair your brakes so i made your horn louder” Just perfect.

  77. vote

    @70, It has been repeatedly stated that no court in Zambia barred Dr Kaunda from standing in 1996, the Court ruled that he WAS ELIGIBLE to stand. Newspapers both public media and the Post itself have repeatedly discussed that landmark verdict and the one for Chiluba. Even Winter Kabimba and Mr Sata have not disputed that, that is why they wanted to pull a fast one on the Judiciary by twisting their case to make it look as if it was different. But obviously the learned Judge was not only alert but also disgusted at the attempted insult by PF on her intelligence. Are you on Earth or on a long journey to Jupiter? If you are on Earth please go and read the judgment for yourself since you cannot believe your fellow bloggers or even your own Post.

  78. vote

    My coleagues at PF, My question is, Why didn’t Wynter Kabimba consult a lawyer before making this court application. Wynter, please next time you want to handle a legal matter try to consult a lawyer to give you legal advice.
    PF, and SATA, please advise Wynter Kabimba to consult people in the legal profession when embarking on any legal matters.
    People have accused Wynter Kabimba of being a lawyer, but through these cases Wynter has denied the allegations.

    • vote

      ‘fine’ uli mwaumwe mwe … you must write a novel and I’ll surely buy it. Thumb Up!

  79. vote

    From all these bloggers one can tell the type Zambians are…well let me just say it jokers. People have to get their heads out of the sand… I could have used a deffrent word… and be serious for once. The question Kabimba raised was constitutional, I don’t know about the timming, but when such a question is thrown out in clear breach of the same, that is not victory for all the confortable jokers supporting it rather shows how typical African and backwards we are. Nfuti nafuti in a jokers paradise.

  80. vote

    Good that the courts are alive when pf is dead.kabimba,sata and masebo distabilised lusaka council in 90’s for various reasons including promscuity and mere arrogancy…now this case!can Zambia trust them?you dont have to be a lawyer to understand that Zambia is 46 years old and anyone older than that can only be a zambian by mere fact that they were on northern Rhodesian soil on midnight 23 october 1964.As for RB,whether he was born on jupiter or mars as long as he was on N.R soil on 23/10/64 he is Zambian and so are the parents.Elyo bana Banda balemwipikila nokumwipikala cobra!A true serpent!Tell me a serpent for plot 1!If we dont want RB ,then choose from the other options.Abena cobra bakatubundisha.

  81. vote

    The issue of LAW cannot be understood by PF.
    Law is about analysis and think both of which are No.1 enemies of PF and their Wynter and SATA.

  82. vote

    If the PF case is to be correct, then we have the absurdity that no Zambian currently qualifies to stand for President of Zambia, we would have to wait until 2017. Here is the mathematics: 2017-35-18=1964. 35years=minimum age qualification for a presidential candidate, 18=likely minimum age for a Zambian to be a parent, 1964=the year when Zambia started producing Zambian parents. I hope this puts the matter to rest so that we concentrate on campaigning.

  83. vote

    Mushota, where were you? I really missed your amusing comments, which always end with “Thanks” no matter the tone of your comment.

  84. vote

    #97, on what planet do you live? Mars I take it. Kaunda was cleared years after the elections not before. Why put a clause in your constitution you are not prepared to respect? It just show how the ignorance of MMD cadres like yourself. Remember, Banda is not the issue, the constitution is! Foolish MMD cadres when are you going to learn this think for yourself? 

    • vote

      My friend, this is obviously beyond your comprehension. PERIOD. The clause was found to be wanting by the full bench of the Supreme Court.

      Here is how this can be explained without the legalise.

      Ok, so Chiluba passes a law (via parliament of course). The law is targeted to disadvantage one individual (KK). Chiluba in the meantime also forgets that there was no Zambia before 1964 and he also has a technical problem. Everyone who was in Zambia on 23 October 1964 became a citizen. i.e. KK and his parents as well. Everybody. OK?

      Can you see that KK could rightfully stand in 1996 if he had not boycotted?


      If you are a student good luck in the upcoming semester.

    • vote

      Spare yourself from heart attach you do not have enough wisdom to apprehend anything. You sound so sad cheer up try another candidate not that form three Sata.

  85. vote

    Only a clown like Sata can hire another clown as a lawyer. That Kabimba chap is very dull. He is probably the dullest lawyer in Zambia. To think he could win a case like the one he concocted is laughable. I would love to read his CV. Anyway what do you expect from the clowning illiterate, Zondwa and his bunch of muppets?

  86. vote

    # 102 Katie Good,
    I like you numerical graphics. If you will miss all the PF cadres without catch a single one with this clearly explained logic, then I am afraid PF will never produce a president. Because, If thinking is hard for PF then at least the natural flow of logic should be noticeable at the minimum. But even that is hard to get in a PF cadre, whether they have a degree or no – does not matter. The letters PF tend to have effects on human beings, there is need to conduct a research to study the effect of ‘PF’ on people.

  87. vote

    #103, Easy easy easy Mr Ashamed, just show me the judgment of 1996 which barred Dr Kaunda from standing in those elections please? As far as I know Dr Kaunda never filed his nomination papers in 1996. I also know is that KK boycotted the elections because he mistakenly thought that his nomination would not be accepted byt he Chief Justice, Mr Sata was so convincing those days!

  88. vote

    Is Winter a lawyer?In the first instance he did not know who to sue.Second,he did not know where to address is claim.What a lawyer

  89. vote

    Winter is realy a jocker.He simply cant measure upto Eric Silwamba and other learned State Councils(SCs) representing H.E.Dr RB

  90. vote

    #103 you have won in your ignorance! Its clear that you dont know the facts of the case and you still believe the junk that came from MMD. This case is about the constitution and not about Sata or Rupiya. Your reasoning begs mental evaluation.

  91. vote

    Does anyone know a single candidate with parents who are Zedians by birth or descent???

  92. vote

    #110 Ashamed Mansa Resident, Are you in high school or the hormones have got the better of you?

    Go away and study because you clearly do not understand any of this stuff. Trust me.
    Katie Good is way beyond your league. You should be learning something from what you are being instructed on.

  93. vote

    The Constitution is there to guide people in our mother Zambia. If it says for one to stand he/she must have both parents who are Zambian. Then there are no two ways about it. The courts of zambia must keep with the law of Zambia. Whats happening in our country is wrong… He who knows what is right and does not do it. He sin’s.

  94. vote

    Am sure Mansa is ashamed of Ashamed Mansa Resident!

  95. vote

    what is amazing is that the judgment does not deny the fact that but deals with the technicality

  96. vote

    Thats why KK one day said “stup1d id10t seat down” . Every one pa fwaka (PF) who is stil crying better just save your tears for the biggest funeral on 20 sept.

    Abena Kalos2121 and other fo0ls will stil cry in the name of rigging.I hate people who cannot see anything a metre away. The boat is heading a wrong direction jump out you tribal blind foo1s.why can’t you read the mood of people we are tired with sata politics of insult,dictatorship and kaponya,for how long if you can’t see what we are seeing float into the ocean in that canoe.

    • vote

      Don’t call me a Foo,l. I believe I have never called you so. You have a right to call your father and mother so. Not me. If you want to take that way. You will sweat urine soon. You don’t me, I have no intent to know which hole you came from. I don’t know how that hole smells and I have no intent to smell it. Call you father a f00l. If you cannot debate issues. Get out of here. If the kitchen gets hot, leave.

  97. vote


  98. vote

    Winter Kabimba is a lawyer but he forgot everything he learnt in law school. He needs a lawyer to advise him on legal issues. Kalos2121, sorry boss but it seems you are on the losing end. None of the candidates had parents who were born in Zambia, they were all born in Northern Rhodesia.

    • vote

      I thought Northern Rhodesia just changed the name to Zambia. It is like saying Mosi-o-tunya does not exist because someone changed its name to Victoria Falls. It is the same country, same borders, and same people.

  99. vote

    #s112 and 114
    I might be in High School! Honestly, high school kids wiser than all  MMD cadres combined.  

  100. vote

    #119 How can you be wise and support Satanzania? Is that not an oxymoron?

  101. vote

    democrancy is very expesive and all kabamba did was a right to it. we sult u winter you are a good opposition make them dream you. You made their nights long and their breathing was rentaled for sometime. Next check mate plz.

  102. vote

    #120 An oxymoron is to use respectable Bishop Mpundu’s name to insult women. Sata is the one running for president and not Dr. Kaseba. I am sure tawafundwa!! Go to hell! Shame on you, stupid *****!

  103. vote

    Good evening

    I think we can all agree that the court ruling is fair. Just imagine what would happen if instead of having presidential elections that all Zambians have been waiting for, we start having presidential interrogations in the courts. It would not only be a waste of time and money but it would also dramatically disrupt the balance of power in the country.

    What startles me most about all this ado by the opposition, is why they had to wait up to this time for their injunction. The president has been in office for the past 2 years and this is when they just wake up to discover that he has been ruling Zambia illegaly? As the African Americans would say:…oh brother please!!!

  104. vote

    #87 You really must be “ashamed of yourself” you can not call people fools and/or ****** for there freedom of choice,unless you are a fool/***** yourself .Learn to respect pipos choices just like u made your. Banabandi namupapata

  105. vote

    In a civilised society Rupiah Banda would not have been President. He was born in Zimbabwe. What ever you may think, he is Zimbabwean. The Japanese say ‘ One cannot become Japanese unless he/she is born Japanese’. The place of birth is critical to citizenship. Alas in Zambia we are more concerned with lining up our pockets when we support the ruling party and come up with law statutes which look like they were written by 4 year olds at a kindergarten….The constitution of Zambia…….. My ars e!!!!

  106. vote

    The issue at hand is to do with the constitutionality of RB’s eligibility as a candidate for Republican President. What does the law say about aspiring candidates. The rule of law must prevail and out constitution must be upheld to the letter! If RB is eligible, then let’s test his eligibility through the Supreme court accordingly. Let be objective please and not expose our stupidity through some very uneducated comments posted here.

  107. vote

    Let’s be objective aand not expose our ignorance and stupidity. The issue at hand which PF are citing is the constitutionality of RBs eligibility as a presidentional candidate. What does the constotution say about qualifying as a Zambian presidential condidate? THIS IS WHAT MUST BE THOROUGHLY DEBATED OBJECTIVELY

  108. vote

    Are naturalized Zambians permitted under the current constitution to stand for president of the republic? Banda is Zimbabwean by birth. His father is Malawan, how can he be president of Zambia? Are we mad or plaine stupid? What does the constitution say? Why can’t this be tested in supreme court ?

  109. vote

    Pay no mind to Kalos2121. Kalos2121 or is it Kalos2020 or whatever he calls himself is a genocide supporter. He prays that Zambia erupts into chaos the way Rwanda erupted into chaos in 1994 as is evident from his statement and I quote,

    “I pray that Zambia goes the Rwanda way and your family be the first to be hacked.” Kalos2020, Civil society organizations alarmed and concerned at the arrest of Fr. Bwalya, Lusaka Times, May 13 2010
    end quote
    This is the caliber of people PF attracts. Pay no attention to him. He is bloodthirsty and would like Zambia to be in chaos. As Christians, we should protect our nation from the likes of Kalos2121 or is it Kalos2020 and his band of thugs in PF.

  110. vote

    #122 Maybe you should have told Sata to focus on REAL issues instead of comparing his ugly wife to Dora, and I am not the one who told Sata to go and commit adultery and produce b.astard children with the  sisters of the Bemba supremacist Bishop. If your Sata respected women, he would not associate himself with that obese lump of lard that beats up women GBM and he certainly would not be unfaithful to his ‘beautiful’ wife.

  111. vote

    Capitalist, I am not a thug. Probably your father is the thug. I have no interest in your rants as you have never said anythings sensible on LT for over a year now. Christianity as you may masquerade yourselves is a mask to hide how much corruption and crimes you are committing. Only an ******** like you would worry about what people posted a year ago on LT. That show how one has nothing to do but worry about how to save and serve his master from Malawi. Pure colonial mentality. Even when Zambia was colonized by the British, we had people like you who did everything to protect their masters. Today you are protecting your Zimbabwean colonial master, Rupiah Banda. Why should be surprised? PURE COLONIAL MENTALITY of Zambians by a Zimbabwean/Malawian. Shame on you MMD cadres.

  112. vote

    These are the textbook responses one expects from PF cadres like Kalos2121. One just has to read comment #131 to see how a PF cadre is likely to respond once they are produced with evidence they cannot dispute.

    The fact still remains Kalos2121 or Kalos2020 is a genocide supporter who wants to see chaos in Zambia like Rwanda experienced in 1994. He has never apologized for this fact. He can say what he wants about me but facts are facts and the facts are Kalos2121 is a genocide supporter. No amount of Jik (figure of speech) can wash this fact away.

  113. vote

    no surprise

    Justice is Rupiah s puppet

    Remember London judgment !

    THE London judgment is still in force, British High Commissioner to Zambia Tom Carter stated yesterday.

    Responding to a press query on President Rupiah Banda’s scathing attacks on the donors, asking them to pack their bags if they are fed up with Zambia following their demands to have judge Evans Hamaundu’s judgment in favour of former president Frederick Chiluba appealed, High Commissioner Carter stated that the London High Court judgment had not been overturned.

  114. vote

    #131 Isn’t it your Satanzania who is on record for being a colonial spy who worked against those fighting to free Zambia from the colonial yoke? You cant change history, just like you cant change the fact that you would be happy to hack any non-Bemba Zambians with machetes procured by the thug you worship allegedly hailing from Mpika but possibly from Mbeya.

  115. vote

    I said earlier that Sata is not a peaceful fellow.I worked with him in kabwata from 1990 to 1994.let’s hope that God will influence him not to behave the way I know him.Amem.

  116. vote

    # 134, read your psuedonym. Doesn’t that tell a story of who you are and how your thoughts are? Take the two ladies you are insulting and substitute with someone so dear in your life – say your mum, how would that feel?

  117. vote

    #134, show me anywhere on paper or on this blog were I planned to hack anyone, be it Bemba or not Bemba. Yes, we know how MMD cadres operate. Bullying right from State House to small cadres like you. You will say whatever you want, but sadly, the people of Zambia have read the message loud and clear. RB is a foreigner and they will never give him chance. All that was needed was planting the doubt in them. And they have heard it. They do not want to be colonized by anyone like you and your boy friend Capitalist want. Why do you think capitalist was not posting anything about Homosexuality? Because it sounded like they are talking about him. Ask Capitalist and Senior Citizen what they do when they meet.

  118. vote

    Zambia has been confirmed as a country of pussies and MMD a party of Sissies who can not lead themselves. Next after RB, it will be James Banda his own son to lead you. Shame on Zambia. I am told soon Zambians will be wearing Scotish Skirts to signify their womanhood. Scared of William and Rupiah Banda and have accepted to be led by these two foreigners. I am printing t-shirts to send to Zambia. in front it reads: ZAMBIAN, in the back it reads: COWARD. Will be distributed free.

  119. vote

    #138 I never thought it would be possible, but you are even more mad than that thug you support! Wonders will never cease! My advice to you is to accept that RB is going to be your president and dont go and buy machetes simply because the majority of the Zambian electorate dont want to see a mad man (admittedly not as demented as yourself) in state house.

  120. vote

    Ba Nine Chale, please do not disappoint us. What does it matter if justice takes its course? Isn’t that what we all need when we see unfairness being perpetuated? Why should we just let things slide? Just because it may cause us undue trauma if justice is what it calls for?

    About the issue of having taken two years to bring this issue to court. I have seen criminals who have not been arrested in previous cases of robbery being caught even after 20 years. Are you saying that just because no one brought it up in the past two years we should let it go? Are you saying that i some was never caught in their first theft, they should not be arrested in their second theft? Awe yama. Umulandu taubola. I don’t think police just goes and arrest even before investigations. Let justice take place.

  121. vote

    Demented is the nickname for all MMD cadres. You mean they have not informed you yet? You can say all you want, but since you cannot address what I am saying, it tells me that you have a mental blockade caused by MMD cadreism. When did MMD ever address issues? It is a well know fact that in MMD, even from the top to the bottom, insults and name calling is the campaign motto. Check how your foreign president digressed when he was addressing cadres like at the launch of his campaign. MMD is the best party at not vetting its candidates. Check with Monze candidate, and then check at the candidate for presidency – foreign. PF is trying to bring pride to Zambians, but you cadres cannot accept it because you are all damn.

  122. vote

    All you RB and MMD ****** are the main reason foreigners will continue to rule Zambia. You have no morals or principles. It’s such a shame that you are all empty knuckleheads. Zambia is the only country that has been and is still ruled by foreigners. Where are the indigenous Zambians?

  123. vote

    Kalos2121, #129 has been very consistent in holding you accountable for a very careless and dangerous statement you made about a year ago – which you have not withdrawn. In #131 you are saying that you should not be held accountable for a statement you made a year ago. But in #140 you contradict yourself – have you heard about a man called Mr Sata? You are a very angry and bitter youngman and very dangerous to your country’s political process. I think it will be good for you to begin accepting that come September 21, RB will be President. Let’s be intellectually honest – he is a better candidate right now — whether he was born on planet Mars or under the sea. Let’s not twist the Constitution to suit our egos.

  124. vote

    PF never cease to amuse me. Are these guys serious about winning this year`s elections? Like FTJ put it, Mr Sata will never rule Zambia. Let us start preparing for 2015, this year forget –  Banda is winning. Meanwhile PF can also start preparing to petition the elections results. The international observers will declare the elections free and fair. Without the pact, the opposition will not unseat MMD.

  125. vote

    Kalos2121 is reacting as if Zondwa is dead! Calm down clown, the people of Zambia will decide who they want to be President. Bloggers are a minority.

  126. vote

    Listen ba ne over this appeal.It was the MMD that was planing to block Sata with with a High Court petition – to restrain from filling nomination papers for the September 20 general elections through Mr Mumbi former PF general Secretary,Siulapwa,Chifere,lifwekelo and other groups.However the information got in the hands of Sata’s people within the kamucheka system.This how Kabimba was advice this same planted Sata Kamuchekas to take Banda first before it done on Sata.That is why Sata was saying i have people in the army,zaf,police and zns and OP that give me information

  127. vote

    I am not reacting as you may perceive. It is the stoopidity in Zambian circles to allow someone who has openly confessed that he was`born in Zimbabwe to a Shona mother in son hut gwanda from a Malawian immigrant. Bushe nangu kushishita, the judge could ask his defense lawyers to elucidate on his statements. I am not angry at all, but I want you Zambians to walk tall as you go around in the countries you live, not to be a people ridiculed even by Malawian or Zimbabweans that you cannot lead yourselves. How do you defend yourselves when the President himself is on record to insult your intelligence saying, “here I am, born in Zim, but I am ruling these dull people in Zambia”. Who are we as a people? Pets? Pee ons? Damn? Anything is better than a foreigner. Even a Zambian dog is better

    • vote

      Your mum was a sl.ut! No wonder you are so frustrated! You were fathered out of wedlock. Waba bawiso uwingi!

  128. vote

    # 154, Thank you for your stoopid question. Nothing but my pride as a Zambian is at stake. Zambia is for Zambians, and not to be ruled by bamwisa again. Does that answer your childish and probably the most foolish question ever asked on LT lately?

  129. vote

    Sata said yesterday that,he knew the outcome,but why go ahead such an action just to waste the court’s time.Your action sir through your learned lawyer/s was full of malice and frivolous.Concentrate on compaigns now that,the election date was set.Leave the supreme court to concentrate on hearing corruption appeal cases and other serious matters.

  130. vote

    Kalos2121, You are not the only one who feels that way, most of us educated Zambian Citizens know that our country has gone to the Mishanga sellers and foreign born citizens who have no respect whatsoever for the Law of the land. It’s a shameful indeed that we have a citizenry among us who can be bought by foreign born citizens to loot our God given resources. It’s just a waste of time to reason with some of the bloggers on LT because you can see that even their reasoning and just the tone of language is nothing less to be desired. Just keep you ground my brother and thanks for trying to educate some of our beloved illitrate citizenry. Good luck!

  131. vote


  132. vote

    So we said it. This is just the first loss, the major one will be delivered by the people of Zambia soon. Kabimba is a time waster and he is the one who made sure that the so called pact disintergrates. Honestly, there was some chance if they had stuck together irrespective of their sick motives. Did you see the PF thugs close roads yesterday? Did you see the calibre of the boys and women who were in a mad-like freenzy?

  133. vote

    #158 your education is for you and maybe your family,we have our on views and u dont have to compel us to think the way u do.I see u can make a good dictator.

    • vote

      You are partly right, my education is for me, my family,,, and YES my community and my COUNTRY ZAMBIA. See how narrow minded you are? that’s what worries me about you mbale wanga!

  134. vote

    # 157. You asked a silly/foolish question, did you expect me to lay low and you pee on me? What did you expect? A praise for asking such a mocking question? Probably you heard something. What is the position they told you is coming my way? All I did was put you and your question in your right place. How is that emotinal? Was that too much a smart answer for you to handle?

    Anyway next time do not insult females. Most of them are smarter than you MMD cadres on LT.

    • vote

      u are just too emotional just read u previous messages or maybe am not understanding u.Anyway good day man,i didnt mean to spoil whatever u are doing

  135. vote

    160, the thing you saw yesterday comes from be a proud people. It is called CELEBRATION in English. Proud to be Zambians with a Zambian candidate.

  136. vote

    #161. I’m not going to call you names mbale wanga, I respect your opinions. But sometimes just listern to yourself, and think about your kids-if you have any- and just our next generation, I would be very worried if I were you. Mulungu Akudalise!

  137. vote

    Wynter is not a Court room Lawyer and made a lot of blunders with the procedure he followed. Firstly used a Writ to commence a constitutional matter instead of a petition.(any 3rd year law student @ UNZA knows this). Secondly, how can you ask the court to give an injunction against someone who is not party to the action. Now even non-lawyers know that this does not make any sense. As to whether the High Court has jurisdiction to hear the matter, my opinion is that it has as this is not a presidential petition

  138. vote

    # 165, thank you for your clarification. I just have one question with regard to having Banda as party of the action, don’t you think the defense or the court would have thrown the petition on basis of Presidential immunity as the seating President?

  139. vote

    The only credible true Zambian to stand as presido is HH, Sata and RB are all foreigners, HH is the son of the soil. Vote HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  140. vote

    Rupiah made a false declaration about his parentage and he knows it,he has said it several times that theres nothing wrong in being in being Malawian or Zimbabwean what more do we need.While theres nothing wrong in being Malawian,it is wrong when a Malawian or Zimbabwean wants to contest as president of Zambia. Its hard to accept Rupiah does not qualify but its the truth,i too wish things were different,going by the comments so far i shudder at the level of ignorance being expressed,this issue is not about caderism it about the constitution,remember KK was technically disqualified on that aspect by the same MMD,now they are dancing to their own tunes and you cadres are there blindly supporting things you do not know,when were you born?ent of Zambia. Its hard to accept Rupiah does not qual

  141. vote

    Kalos2121 cool down, you sound like a hackster (with machetes ie). It’s like RB has done something to you personally and you want to get rid of him at any cost. And you trying to twist the truth ala-Goebbels – RB was born in Zimbabwe to Zambian parents, like most of our kids are born outside Zambia to us Zambians. Are you saying our kids should not qualify to be presidents of Zambia!? I think your head is there just to keep your ears apart as there doesn’t seem to be any brain in it.

  142. vote

    Do people know that Major Kachingwe is also not a Zambian? He is also Malawian and no wonder he wants RB to stay into power ndi pachibaale chayo awa achimwene.

  143. vote

    Lelo-Ni-Lelo Ki-Nako yaluna you can take any court actions on every zambian from here to kingdom come (Mwachusa SATA) and his Pathetic forces will not rule Zambia,LELO~LELO~LELO`LELO,KI-NAKO KI-NAKO KI-NAKOOOOOOOOOO

  144. vote

    Okay, There was no country called Zambian before 1964, so everyone in this generation, 35+ has foreign parents

  145. vote

    no 173, walasa, We are all products of northern rhodesia and barosteland. RB is zambian

  146. vote

    PF circus, beside, even if you filed another appeal at supreme, RB’s inmmunity will be a play

  147. vote

    Change of name does not negate the fact that there was a country. It is like saying there was no Victoria Falls but with a different name. It was there, called NORTHERN RHODESIA and just changed name for pride purposes that you want to rob Zambians by importing leaders. Soon, the way these MMD cadres are going, we will have a Chinese President.

  148. vote

    Viva Sata viva PF….. its right for the judge to throw out the petition only Supreme Court has the jurisdiction to nullify a candidate in the presidential election and Banda can only be taken to Supreme court after election…. PF supporters that is the constitution….. let’s concentrate on beating him through ballot box… 20 MMD knows no one is interested in them they have depreciated in all manner of sense…. Banda will be humiliated even more once he wins and in the courts he is declared not qualifying candidate…. Patience my PF supporters… Pabwato pabwato

  149. vote

    Kalos2121, @176

    I guess that is an attempt at answering the question I posed to you earlier @ #76. Well, you have it all sooooooo wrong.

  150. vote

    What makes me laugh about the demented Kalos  Genocider is how selective and myopic he can be. He is absolutely convinced that RB is Malawian and should not be the Zambian head of state but resolutely refuses to consider that Sata might possibly be Tanzanian. Also, what I dont understand is this notion of Zambia somehow being sacrosanct when in fact it is a colonial product, cooked up by Europeans in Europe in 1884 with no African presence whatsoever. The selective xenophobia exhibited to our fellow black African brothers and sisters is truly shocking at the beginning of the 21st century.

  151. vote

    Zambians leave with it. KK was from Malawi, the second President from Congo, the third President from Congo, the fourth President is it Malawi or Zimbabwe? Sata is from Tanzania. Ngonis, kololos, luyis came from the South, Bembas,lundas Nsengas Chewas, Kaondes, luvales, came from kola (the Luba Lunda Empire) Angola/Congo. Who the heck is an indigenous Zambian.

  152. vote

    It would have been nice if all this energy I see here was a discussion about the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia and not just baseless urguements. It’s not about who came from where but what the Law says.

  153. vote

    LT why do you want to moderate my comment. Check the reply Kalos2121 made to one of my earlier postings. If he can give it, he deserves to get it!

  154. vote

    The educational system of every country does not educate the individual to spontaneously think and act according to natural law,(law of creation and law of attraction) the whole population unknowingly, but inevitably, violates the laws of nature day after day, creating stress in national consciousness. The unfortunate consequence of this accumulation of stress in the collective consciousness of the nation is that disorder, problems, and negative trends become more prevalent in society
    If the collective consciousness of the country is under stress, then incoherent and conflicting tendencies will predominate in society and problems, turbulence, and violence will characterize the nation.

  155. vote

    Kalos2121 you can go kill yourself! No one will miss a clown like you! The issue of RB’s parentage has been settled by legal minders and there’s nothing clowns like you can do to change it. Continue insulting other people’s mums if that will make you feel better.

  156. vote


  157. vote

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