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Lubinda declares he could easily beat Machungwa if adopted by PF for Kabwata seat


PF Kabwata member of Parliament Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda

Patriotic Front Kabwata aspiring parliamentary candidate Given Lubinda has challenged his opponent Peter Machungwa to explain why he has been rejected by the people of Luapula where he had been MP for 20 years on the MMD ticket.

Mr. Lubinda has noted that if adopted by the PF, it will be easy for him to campaign and win the seat because Dr. Machungwa is not a threat.

The former parliamentarian says he has tried his best to take development to Kabwata constituency and has since challenged Dr.Machungwa to point out his contributions to the development of Luapula constituency during the time he served as a parliamentarian on the PF ticket.

But Dr. Machungwa says he is ready to face Mr Lubinda in the battle field.

He notes that the MMD government has done its best to deliver development and that it is up to the people of Kabwata to decide.

Dr. Machungwa adds that the MMD will in the next 40 days campaign vigorously in readiness for the polls.



  1. Ah ah Imwe ba PF, I thought the adoption process finished and why is this chap saying if adopted. Filling of nominations for MPs is one day and it is on Sunday and Kabwata still does not know its PF candidate. This is taking DONCHI KUBEBA too far. We need our MPs to know and start campaigning. We cannot take urban vote for granted. POSENIKO AMANO BA PF

  2. Not any more Lubinda. You talk too much but no action at all. What have you done for Kabwata all these years you have been retained as MP? Kabwata is now changing for the better because of MMD, this time I believe any MMD candidate can take it against Lubinda.

  3. #1 am sure they have problems with the adp[tion process Wynter the joker also wants to b adopted 4 the same constituency

  4. What a gang of F.O.O.Ls   you mean you do not know if you have been adopted??  A few days before filing nominations and this clown is telling us this no sense
    I really for see a mother of all defeats for PF in this round.

    MMD 4 : PF 0

  5. That is PF at its best. The party president has the final list of adopted candidates. Whoever, wants to find out whether he/she has been adopted has to pay something to the cobra. It’s a personal to holder party. Actually, Sata formed this party alone in 2001. He has the right to behave the way he wants. He dictates everything.

  6. Lubinda, up to now you dont know if you will be adopted. This is drama at its highest level. Mwaitaya ba kabwalala.

  7. Bushe aba ba mambala bali serious nefyo balechita!this chap is record saying that they hav bin ready for the elections as far back as two years ago!nway why bother mmd Tiye nayo!!

    • Keep us monkeys our of your human stupidity. We are more organised than you sorry creatures, and we dont need elections. We roam freely without passports and we survive without a monetary system, unlike you human faggots who think you are no longer animals.

  8. Wishful thinking by Peter MaOrange!!!Kabwata is and shall always be PF stronghold….Whether it’s Given Lubinda or any other PF candidate.Ba MATIPA_MMD mwawa ni muchibwato and NI DONCHI KUBEBA!!Kabwata Const. is full of educated pipo who cannot be bought or bribed by cosmetic developments by the MMD..Guys 20years in power is too much!

  9. PF is overwhelmed a lot of people applied that’s why it has taken long unlike MMD where they had to force people to apply like in chiengi

  10. Ba Rasheed what have done ku kabwata for you to rant like a moron?The only thing you have done in kabwata is spread HIV,drukeness,divorce etc through your chi lighty/namakau house night club.I am giving you 2hrs to outline your achievements on this thread.Problem ba PF you think we are all dull.

  11. The opposition has never been ready for elections in Zambia.I wonder why they complain about rigging when MMD is always far ahead of them in terms of preparations.There is no serious party two days before filing its nominations its candidates still dont know who has ceen adopted?

  12. @16 VJ Rigger. Me i stay in don’t know that even a night club is development.If you get HIV-AIDS it’s you own choice and carelessness..DONT KUBEBA!!

  13. Ba PF, the best you can do is continue running bus stops. As we speek, there is confusion at PF campaign centre about adoptions. These guys are real jorkers.

  14. I think that Satanzania will tell us those who have been adopted as PF candidates 90 days after the election! This just goes to show the fallacy of the notion of Satan being ‘a man of action’. Up till now no list of candidates but they have  time  waste at the court house? Is this really a party that will alleviate poverty, create jobs and fight corruption in 90 days? Satanzania would not be able to organise a piss up in a brewery and yet claims RB has not done enough in Tanzania!!! Isnt Sata on record saying that he is the one who caused RB to call the election?

  15. It is only this confused party of kaponyas. Otherwise the other big party UPND finished long time ago. UPND did not wanted their people adopted by PF because PF has no support in other provinces apart from Bemba speaking area and Lusaka province. So tomorow is the nomiation day, PF have failed to find candidate in southern, north-western, part of central and western province. No you are talking of SATA winning by are joking Kaponya with your leader. PF were cheated by people like Chitala, Mulongoti and Mangani that alot will join PF in numbers. where are they kaponyas, you call Mpombos, Chitala and Mulongoti members  who does not represent any seat in parliament..!! My vote is going to HHH…20HHH.

  16. @kizito honestly speaking you are not analytical but full of hate posting trash and insulting will never help you and your so called national and focused party UPND winan election .

  17. PF supporters hate the public media and yet it was the public media that first informed us that the PF adption process had a lot of gaps.Lubinda today doesnt know if he is adopted and this isnt from ZNBC or Times,this is from QFM.My advise to u all is to be objective when something is reported regardless of the media,get to the bottom of it and have facts b4 u rash into commenting.Anyway tough luck 4 PF these are lessons, though bitter but u will get something out of it.

  18. Given Lubinda, the only thing you do in Kabwata is sneek into other peoples homes for adultery. We know that you are sleeping with a sick woman working at the airport.Dont take people’s silence for granted.We will make sure this becomes a campaign issue.You pick the diesease from this woman and start distributing to other women.The woman also should learn to protect other people’s health by being honest. Peter Machungwa should consult extensively on this and bring it to the fore.The mongolian is a health HAZARD!

  19. Lubinda shined in Kabwata because he had no formidabloe opponents then. He is an opportunist who thrived on ephemeral (short-lived) popularity of Sata. This time around Zambians have realised they were being taken for a ride by a Tanzanian Mwachusa. Lubida was a spokesman who defended all evil actions of Sata and MMD. Did Lubinda cherish in PF’s brand of politics that thrived on inflicting cuelity against its members that held divergent views as demonstrated and well televised in the abductions of Zulu & Co. Zambia needs clean politics. Lubinda will face a grand intellectual on the battle field. As Zondwa Sata heads for Mbeya, Given Lubinda must dig into the history of his Indian roots.

  20. May be this time around the pf have also misplaced the paper where the names for adopted candidates were written. Or maybe one disgruntled left out prospect grabed and tore the paper, the Ivory Coast formular.

  21. Not knowing whether he is adopted am sure he is considering defecting and joining Milupi’s party.Lubinda u are in hot soup just leave kabwata for Wynter the comedian of 2011

  22. It’s obvious even if a frog stood on the PF ticket in Kabwata it would win but that does not translate into PF winning nationally. In fact, PF are gonna lose on the national level. The surprising thing is even at this late stage, Lubinda doesn’t know who will be representing the PF in Kabwata – is this what a ‘man of action’ can do!? Pathetic!

  23. Well done PF, you seem to be the only party with a more democratic way of adopting candidates, in MMD, people close to RB where favored and new they would be adopted. Not with pf, everyone is treated equal. Dont worry Hon, Kabwata is your constituency for may years to come. 

  24. The way of one self proclaimed snake. Slippery, mmanipulative, underhand, secretive and sneaky. That is the real meaning of donchi kubeba. Not surprising he’s doing it on his own party keeping the adopted list unknown. There’s one excuse tho, Kabimba lied that if they go to court Sata could win without anyone casting a vote. These lot are time wasters, flimsy and not serious. They cant be trusted with running our great country. Give them a retirement letter on Sept 20.

  25. Seems it will be a walk-over for regular caller Imbuwa wa Imbuwa these two failures together have been in parliament for 30years and have nothing to show, I would rather spoil my vote on Imbuwa.

  26. Personally in the past five years i think Lubinda has been one of the outstanding MPs not noise makers like Mumbi Phiri and Kambwili.

  27. Zambians I hope you are carefully following the High Level Circus in the Central Committtee of PF. Not even Lubinda a Senior member of the party knows what is happening in the party. Only god knows.

  28. MMD will always be ahead of PF in everything. MMD parliamentary candidates are busy campaigning and Sata has not finished hand picking the candidates. I see victory for MMD.

  29. Hahaaaaa….Imbuwa thinks yanking on the radio is the same as being an MP? He can only be PF. By the way, Imbuwa should continue selling in his shop at Lazymen’s he can’t be an enlightened MP.

  30. I feel for Mpombo. You know tgere was a time when everyone thought he was a HERO. He could be heard on Radio Phoenix, front page on post, radio Ichengele ,,,etc. Today he can hardly be seen anywhere. Mulongoti above says he is on the run.

    Indeed MCS, Mmembe where are you to rescue your friend. This man will die of depression. He ows UPND some money,,,,,,,,,,and Now James B.

    Apparently, from look of things MMD is likely to win , so what will remain of him. Already RB had mentioned that Yamunyokola Njala so what more after September 20. May the good LORD surely deliver him from lies. He almost alarmed the Nation. The se are the kind of baboons who can cause war in our country.

  31. My personal analysis is that Winter and Sata thought the courts would stop RB from standing and that would bring confusion in MMD. The all thing is falling apart after very wrong strategies

    1. People will defect from MMD after parliament is dissolved.
    2. RB will be stopped from standing
    3. Mulongoti and Mbita will bring in big votes (Mmembe has even stopped covering them because he realised the are liabilities)
    4. RB is a foreigner
    5. No development has happened in Zambia
    6. RB’s sons are involved in corruption (from mad Mpombo now he his on the run)
    7. The thought H. Clinton will support them ( She said in Africa its very difficult to unseat the seating president)
    All this has failed to bring them the votes they thought would make them win….Kuya bebele

  32. 44 Mwaba// you are correct. going by the latest occurances it clearly shows there is a lot of maturity in the way things are happening in MMD. It shows the MMD are using their experience to outsmart the opposition and believe you me some more confusion may surface in PF. RB is certainly headed for a landslide victory. No wonder why PF wanted to block him.

  33. Are these the same guys who say that they would bring change in 90 day when they cant come up with candidates in 3 years. The elections are in are just in about 6 weeks you idio’ts. And when you lose you will be saying that the elections were rigged. 

  34. Kabwata is rotten. The only good road is chilimbulu. I don’t know what Lubinda is talking about. All the changes happening there are only because the local MMD counsellors lobbied the govt to improve somethings if they want to win the constituency. If you just leave chilimbulu and go inside, you will be shocked at the state of the roads and water and sanitation services. Some homes have never known running water in their houses – they always have to go to a tap and pay the owner in order for them to have water. It is pathetic for Lubinda to boast about that as an achievement. That is what they call being out of touch with reality. Kabwatans bring in MMD this time or continue suffering!

  35. 49 The Engineer (Australia)// You have a point. PF thought they could play arround RB’s parentage and if it worked out they would face a weaker candidate, but lost it out. They have no option now but to face the man they fear so much. It appears they have very serious wrangles internally and it will not surprise to hear of last minute splits in PF. Lubinda actually looks like someone who is about to resign. MMD is certainly a stronger party with more experienced politicians who understand the game and strategically plan. It is a matter of strategy soon Mr.Sata will be at the complainant desk for the self-inflicted misfortunes.

  36. #49 You are really an Engineer. You analysis is perfect. No wonder Australians cannot let go of you. These Perpetual Failures have run out of ideas. Sata is making a last killing out of nominations. Candidates are buying to be nominated. Infact those that were not giving him tips when they were in Parliament will never get it again. A case in point is Mumbi Phiri. Thats how corrupt these thugs can be.

  37. 51 Mwaba// Not even Amartya Sen the noble prize winner economist can prescribe policies that can turn arround a developing economy in 90 days. It clearly shows that PF has serious problems and may be no good advise is given to their president. For sure a better advised party president can not make such wild pronouncements. This is not is time for “Prophetic Statements” anyway.

  38. PF is for Perfect dreamers. It is a party based on lies, slander and emvy. It is a party built on confussion and suported by pillars of ignorance. The majority of PF members are disgrantled one way or the other. The majority are rioters in behaviour and luck common sence. Kaponyaism and huliganism rules.

  39. No 54 and 55

    Its common sense that the average Zambian has become enlightened and exposed. I do not see how what PF stands for can sell in this day and age. I have not heard of any single articulated debate on any issue. Even the windfall tax on mining , they could not put up any credible debate. Am sure even the White Kaponya Guy Scott has realised that he his dealing with baboons. Its a pity that even BoB Sichinga is blinded by insala. The fact is he felt to tick among well educated guys like Dr Musokotwane (PhD Economics) after fulling everyone that he was an economic consultant with an ACCA qualification

  40. Sorry after fooling everyone that he was an economic consultant with an ACCA qualification. How can you consult on issues you have nothing to show for?
    The strategy has therefore failed and even SATA him self is throwing the kicks of a dying horse.


  42. Fellow Bloggers, Is it that my internet is failing me? I can hardly see any new posting on Post website or they have run out news after Mpombo is rumored to be on the run?

    The game has started “Only the strong survive” kekeekekeke kikikiki kokokoko Wina aza yenda kuchita appeal very soon. Mark my words!

  43. The line of rail is awash with illiterates, thieves, kaponyaz, mwamwaziz and all sorts of block-heads and this is were Pa Fwaka is popular. If you leave in the compounds, you get an illussion that PF has a chance of winning, but alas, the line of rail is not Zambia, besides, more and more people in the urban areas are working up to reality.

  44. So if they have not produced a list up to now when are they making the full list…………Ba PF are really disappointing, may be Lubinda will not stand……you have already seen that actually its SATA chosing who stands where were is democracy????? and this is our next President……..thank GOD RB is bouncing Back

  45. #63 Last time I looked, even the Pathetic Failures website Zedleaks is also down. 

  46. If i may ask has UPND published there list? Or probably MMD doesn’t regards UPND cause every one is talking about PF.

  47. Kabwata needs an inspiring MP not an adulterer like Given Lubinda who does not think twice about infecting women with the viruses he acquired from Chilenje Chalala.The twit should be retired in the PUBLIC HEALTH INTEREST!

  48. #27 jane, sour grapes people stopped campaigning on personal issues, you are bitter, bana kukana?You are so hurt boi, relax vimachitika.move on find someone else to suit you.

  49. #69 caroline, what makes you think he got it from a particular person?It seems you re just being malicious.bati chikukola boi,unashishita bakupoka wayamba thought you were a star the first time.we got ya!

  50. Hahaaaaa…the fact is Pa Fwaka is losing again. It reminds me of the last election, I laboured to explain how and why Sata could not lead this country. There are very few Kaponyaz and mwamwaziz outside of Lusaka and the Coperbelt.

  51. Ba 69 caroline, you were the worst adulterer,then you turn around and accuse others of misbehaving,waona yakunyokola njala.

  52. Lubinda has failed us the past 10 years..we need action oriented leaders..not anymore ndate..go stand kwahae like cycle mata wants to do to you…

  53. Whether its the kaponyaz or not kabwata is for opposition.we shall all be there to count in lusaka,then educated ones we shall escort you to the rural areas as usual to miscount your votes.this is not a problem.

  54. Aba bantu, ntota always…..very sturbon, no wonder school was an issue for them. Change now, it is not too late.

  55. Ba 69 caroline,you abandoned your own son in kalingalinga because you want to live alone,that boy is neglected and you talk about morality,take care of your son,you re pathetic what morals have you shown to that boy? Shame.

  56. We need a zambian to run on our party ticket this time.we have had enough of foreigners running in kabwata and lusaka central

  57. LUBINDA has done nothing in Kabwata, what development has he taken to Kabwata.
    The man failed in every aspect.
    Last year we got organised to do our roads/streets and we contributed and raised funds for gravel and caviets and all materials needed.
    Now, when we went to RDA and council they need the MP’s signature to release equipment for spreading gravel and compact it.
    We approached Lubinda to go and just sign while we would put fuel in the vehicles and earth equipment but the man kept dodging until he finally kept away and refuised to sign.
    we had to struggle to do the work manuallly by engaing individuals.
    Lubinda cant even show leadership, so what development is he talking about, apart from mere talk?
    He wont see our vote, we are better off with Machngwa.

  58. MUMBI PHIRI is by far better than GIVEN LUBINDA.
    LUBINDA thinks that to be an MP is to start chessing court cases and neglect your constituency.
    He was misoriented by his party.
    He spent time chasing PF issues instead of those of the electorate.
    PF will vote for him and we will see if he will win.
    He was never an MP for the kabwata constituency people but he was PC (party cadre) for PF.

  59. I am in Northern Province. I was in Mpulungu and Mbala yesterday. These were strong old of MMD but are now STRONG PF stronghold. What this site is portraying and the reality on the ground are two different thinhs. It is unfortunate that majority of Zambians are Kaponyas. So the party with the majority of Kaponyas will win. The trash by Engineers and so many Dr”s will not help.

  60. Hahahaaa the don’t kubeba has now been done to Lubinda such that he doesnt know whether he is nominated,when others like Jean kapata and Nkandu Luo knows.Its because of the email for Afghanstan Given you should wake up.

  61. Just like be the PF KAPONYA will be punished by the FARMER.
    I hope PF knows that FARMERS dont like nosense. They always whipped the Kaponya but as usual the PF is no only PUNCH hungry but also WHIP hungry. Beware of the rural community.

  62. Eh guys,
    LUBINDA has done nothing in Kabwata, what development has he taken to Kabwata.
    The man failed in every aspect.
    Last year we got organised to do our roads/streets and we contributed and raised funds for gravel and caviets and all materials needed.
    Now, when we went to RDA and council they need the MP’s signature to release equipment for spreading gravel and compact it, Lubinda refused to sign.

  63. Given has no match in Kabwata constuency.I was born & bred in this side of Lusaka.PF cannot make a mistake of choosing some body else.He could not confirm that he has been picked because he was waiting for the SG of the party to officially announce the candidates.PF will win by landslide.This is how things will change on 20th Sept2011

  64. ……………..and i have five daughters why do you want me to adopt a ‘son’ from Kalingalinga? Are you in child trafficking?Larry go to hell

  65. Let the game begin. MMD days are numbered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sept 21, we will round you up for corruption!!!

  66. Lubinda was told by Mr. sejani that SATA will not allow you to contest Kabwata seat but he labelled him as a liar. How can you not be informed that you will contest with 24 hours remaining and you are still claiming to win. I am sorry about this party of yours called PF kaponyas. which hatred do I have with PF. I do not like sata yes but this does not mean I hate him as an individual. I do not like someone to tell me to vote this rotten teeth ,man called sata because he is a changed man. NOO…!! Not sata I know him very well with rotten teeth to represent Zambia at UN conferences to embarass me and people of zambia. Choose him as your headman just like Katele Kalumba..not for Zambia understand….look for a better candidate like Chipimo..yes we can talk…!!!

    • #94, is It so difficult to use polite language. Why don’t you join the same PF guys, because your tone and use of verbs/nouns sounds more of PF.

  67. One cant produce a simple list of 150 candidates out of so many people, how can they turn around the economy of the country in 90 days? Wisedom is rare.

  68. Imwe ba kabwa pf has already chosen the mp including lubinda. We don’t want to release the list to you mms to avoid bribing our candidates. The list is very impressive for all provinces. Ne don’t kubeba

  69. Maria Theresa and Larry Am also surprised that each time there is an article about Given Lubinda a disgrunted probably abandoned individual usually called Jane or in this case Jane/Caroline will spew some vomit on the blog which is very far from the topic at hand

  70. Attractive component to content. I simply stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing for your augment and even I achievement you get right of entry to consistently rapidly.

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