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Nominations for aspiring parliamentary candidates on today


Filing in of nominations for parliamentary aspiring candidates is taking place countrywide today. Aspiring candidates are expected to file in their nominations at nomination centres in their constituencies before returning officers who are the town clerks.

Various aspiring candidates from different political parties are expected to provide necessary documents before their nominations can be declared valid.

Meanwhile, Filing in of Nomination papers for presidential candidates which started on Sunday ends on today.

And The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has condemned political parties that have imposed Parliamentary candidates on the people.
FODEP president Alex Ng’oma in an interview with Qfm says it is justified for people on the grassroots of a political party to reject their adopted candidates if they are not wanted.

Dr. Ng’oma who is also a political analyst says it is unfortunate that the claim by political leaders of entrusting members on the grassroots level with powers to choose their candidates and make recommendations to the higher party organs is not practical.

He says the current rejections of some of the adopted candidates by the grassroots in various political parties should serve as a wake up call to the leaders that people should not be taken advantage of.

Dr. Ng’oma further explains that in a democratic dispensation, people must be allowed to choose their preferred candidates.

He has since called on political parties in the country to ensure that the will of the majority of their members is fulfilled.

Major political parties have been rocked by confusion over the adoption process of Parliamentary candidates which have resulted in some defections involving senior party members.




  1. Its no longer bout tha peoples interest its all bout these douchebags getting jobs!!!!!!differrent day same old crap

  2. Do we have a media blackout? I only saw MMD candidates published. Whats happening to the other parties? Still selecting or just want to keep it private til after nominations?

  3. Ba Engineer why the obsession with the PF list? do u know UPND list?If u a simple MMD cadre is havin sleepless nights coz of PF what more those in Lusaka or at plot One?

  4. The problem with zambian political jokes is that they get elected and it is usually at the parliamentary level where they start their national career.Therfore,politics in zambia is not the art of the possible but a choice between the disastrous and the unpalatable because we’d all like to vote the best man but he’s never a candidate.Vote wisely.

  5. No 5
    We want to see the losers….. this year we are writing you a retirement letter. We are cleaning out bus stop politics from Zambia

  6. You will be suprised to see those you failed to adopt are standing on PF ticket.Dont forget that its DONT KUBEBA.

  7. #8 So you are acknowledging that putrid flesh (pf) is made of other parties’ rejects?

  8. MMD having quickly produced the MP list did not meant it was the right time…I guess they are racing against themselves…… PF list is complete right time to publish is on its right time….. Viva wise PF Viva Sata

  9. My foot, where is PF , are they still practicing dont kubeba. The electorates ought to , they got to know aspiring candidates.

    Surely there must be trouble in PF.

  10. #11 I think Potential Famine (pf) are planning to tell us the names of the parliamentary candidates 90  days from today.

  11. Rat Race.

    Don’t be proud of political prostitutes as they are killing people by jumping from one party to another just for money.
    Where are their morals and beliefs in the party they have been with for 5 years?

    Would you marry someone you just met less than two months ago?

  12. Red Card-abena libala south,

    Are you able to shed some light regarding the PF list rather than merely rebutt Engineer’s request?

    By the way PF have filed an injunction in the High Court to stop MMD from distributing their campaign material until they (MMD) have explained the source of their funds. Bizzarely PF has not disclosed theirs either. (The report did not elaborate).

    Wapya Munzi, whatever that means (and I speak Nyanja well).

  13. Most of the prominent presidential candidates have successfully filed in their nominations before the Chief Justice. We believe that the indigenous Zambian aspiring candidates such as Chipimo, HH, Magande, Milupi, Miyanda, Nawakwi, RB and Tlyennji will exhibit their best in-born good natured human characters of never resorting into politics of insults. We pray that these prominent men & woman will campaign on issue-based arguments in a civilised manner typical of our Zambian spirits. Decency is expected of our dear leaders. Let Sata grow up and join his colleagues pa Nsaka and talk sense.

  14. If Sata chooses to unleash his Mwachusan-Tanzanian vocabulary of insults on our leaders, then we the Zambian followers of our respective parties shall deal with him for intruding into our playing ground. If Sata lowers himself to play childish games at our level where “Ife tabana pamene tisebela manyengwe Sata tizamutila matope”. “Ngati ana ena azinyela pamene asewela, a Sata tizabasambika matuvi (twalabashinga amafi)”. That will be the price an adult pays for behaving in a childish manner. Sata and Guy Scott have Tanzania and UK to run to respectively if disturbances flare up in Zambia. This message also goes to Dr. Chabwera, Chitala, Mangani, Masebo, Mpombo, Lucas Phiri, Mulongoti, Musa Mwenye and Sebastian Zulu. It is high time Zambians expressed the love for their own Mother Land.

  15. Ala bane fi p.f napapata mwika panga ichongo nga mwalusa!js Hw do u expect to win wen u don’t have candidates eg:ku mwinilunga,mufumbwe omost  northwest yonse well apart from solwezi.bane namulusa kale so stop wasting yo time and vote for HERB.poor finishers Zambia is not lsk cb woooo!

  16. Its a gud day for the parliamentary candidates vying to represent people on various platforms (Political Parties). Its unfortunate that the former MPs rooted the treasurery by awarding themselves huge allowances at the expense of the poor majority. During this period of campaigning these men and women will dine and wine with every Jim & Jack. They will be seen to dance before would be voters. They will end at anything so long it will earn them a seat in parliament. Let us examine each and every candidate in respective of which political party they belong to. They are all the same. Their main interests is liningn their pockets at the end of the day and nothing else. No wonder some former MPs who have not been adopted by their respective political parties have got upset and resigned in some

  17. Nominations for aspiring parliamentary candidates on today. Yet UPND is hiding its list of candidates for fear of “defections”. People are going to defect anyway because you have allowed corruption in your party. I advise all candidates not adopted to run as independents and split the votes with other parties. Teach them a lesson that corruption must be checked in UPND.

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