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RB challenges the opposition to also disclose the source of their funding


President Rupiah Banda talks to MMD presidential campaign committee chairman Boniface Kawimbe (right) and deputy presidential campaign director Martine Mtonga (left) when he inspected party campaign materials at the MMD campaign center in Lusaka.
President Rupiah Banda talks to MMD presidential campaign committee chairman Boniface Kawimbe (right) and deputy presidential campaign director Martine Mtonga (left) when he inspected party campaign materials at the MMD campaign center in Lusaka.

President Rupiah Banda says opposition political parties questioning the source of funding for the MMD Campaign must also disclose their sources.

And President Banda says he is happy to be in Chipata after being exposed to ridicule, and lies from the Opposition.

President Banda says his visit to the Eastern Province will give him a chance to explain issues to the people of Chipata in particular.

He says that even after declaring the election date, the opposition has continued to look for issues to get rid of his Presidential candidature.

President Banda says the MMD is confident of wining the elections, especially after holding its first campaign rally in Chibombo on Thursday which he has described as a success.

President Banda was speaking to journalists upon arrival at the Chipata Airport on Friday.

President Banda who arrived at about 16:25 hours is accompanied by first lady Thandiwe Banda, former Parliamentary Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga, former Vice President Enock Kavindele and United Liberal party President Sakwiba Sikota among others.

The President was received at the airport by Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Eularia Mwale, Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde, senior MMD and government officials.

And President Banda says the MMD is confident all its adopted parliamentary and local government candidates have successfully filed in their nominations.

The President hopes the opposition has also managed as some parties had not released their list of adopted candidates for the September 20, polls.

President Banda is in Eastern Province where he is on Saturday expected to hold a public rally at Chipata Golf Course.

On Sunday, President Banda is expected to hold another rally in Mfuwe.


  1. Off topici i admit…but can those in the know like Katie Good share with us what is happening with the POST online -they havent updated stories for 4 days? Katie plse….

  2. In other words, our source of campaign funding is questionable, but so is yours.
    Just shut up! This is the Zambian culture, there is no corruption in Zambia.
    We make laws for others to follow, not for us to follow – we are above the law!

  3. Zed is going no where with such levels of character assassination. It baffles me to see a country with 12 million plus population but blessed with abundant resources is failing to lift its people from abject poverty 47 years after independence. What’s even more nauseating is the belief among Zambian youths that older people like the man above in this story who have failed to provide true leadership will develop Zambia. None of the presidential candidates are telling us how they will turn things around. The political circus keeps unfolding before us and we seem to be drawn into all this talk.

  4. Stolen monies now showing off it’s ugly face with impunity. Whilst we true Zambians can only watch at how these foreigners could display their wares on our purported behalf, we are powerless at what we can do. We have to be extremely careful however on how we go ahead to dislodge these thieves from power this year because they are capable of fanning a civil war and run away where as we, the indegenous, the owners of Zambia will have nowhere to run to. This year is a do-or-die year, we have to bring back sanity and indeed our birth-right culture and customs and only elect truely Zambians to lead us to the next century otherwise, we will have only ourselves to blame for leaving no heritage to our children and their children’s children…

  5. MMD, I can’t tell which country you are in from the flag, but I do not believe there is a law regarding donations to political parties in Zambia.
    This is a big problem.
    May I just add that the issue of funding donations is contentious in most countries. For example the UK is always mired with dodgy political donations especially from foreigners.

    The only way you deal with this problem is to have a law that for example prohibits donations from foreigners. However, it’s not so difficult to evade the law either.

  6. I seem to remember MMD having a lot of luncheons and fundraising dinners. I also remember RB refusing to have dinner with one of the donors to the party.

  7. I dont see anything unreasonable with what RB is saying. Would it not be better for PF to tell us where they get their money from and then throw the gauntlet to the ruling party? This is similar to the parentage issue – pf harping on about RB’s parentage when there are questions about Sata’s origins.

  8. VJ has resurfaced, this time in the company of EK, the guy who has been given a contract to build a rail line somewhere in the North Western Province. What are these guys up to now? Is it the votes they are after or are they just nice guys visiting poor people in order the give them any help they can?


  10. The guys look nice, genuine and trustworthy. One could actually trust them with one’s life. After all they are the ones that recently commissioned a hospital in Lusaka. I recognize the guy in dark pants and a white shirt. Though he has a cap on, he seems like the guy who led a group of people to Lusaka Hospital with some Chinese people to commission the Hospital. He was wearing a suit at the function. These guys are cool.

  11. #9 Bakulu, keep on educating them PF. How PF intends to run government with such levels of ignorance beats me. I tend to think that if PF cadres had just a little knowledge of the world around them, they probably would find that there is no need for “change” and join hands with the rest of the progressive Zambians to improve the country.


  13. To begin with, Mwadya Mweka Daddy(MMD) has no assets to fund the campaign and have never disclosed where they get funding from, but we know! From the Chinese and mines. chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi. How are you able to see a speck in oppositions’ eye while you have a log in your eye. First tell us where you get money from and the opposition will follow suit. RB all those vehicles and bicycles and chitenges, where are you getting money from. The chinese and the mines are comfortables to have mmd in power than pf because you have compromised.

  14. We want clean issue based campaigns from all candidates not just giving out chitenge materials, mealie meal, sugar etc. We want to know what each candidates plans for the next 5 years and beyond if they form government. This issue about funding sources should be embedded in the constitution so that each party has an obligation to reveal it’s source of funding by law. And the distribution of free goodies should be outlawed. People vote wisely, think of your childrens children not just tomorrow.

  15. There are only 2 credible candidates RB and HH.With HH his history speaks.RB l say Bravo 2 bringn employmnt even 2 sam of us who never been findn jobs evn wit our degrees cos of experienc.When in the History of Zambia hs ZAF enrolld evry yr bt wit RB hs bin posibo.We just hop many will be pikd.m ored positve myself as am one of the candidates.(Infomation Tecchnology specialist!!!!!!).BRAVO 2 d 2!!!

  16. This buffoon RB has the cheek to even question them whilst the selfsame chap is in China man’s pocket and he dipping his fat fingers in the treasury till!!

  17. #13 I think you need more than the Mpombo kind of evidence to back up your claims. If pf want to have the moral high ground, why dont they practice what they preach if they dont have anything to hide? Dont forget that it is not MMD that has mortgaged the country to Taiwan and Afghani drug dealers.

  18. Chambishi copper smelter owned by chines has brought in containers of VITENGE, JACKETS, T SHIRTS CAPES, WITH THE CHI HEAD of RB..ASK ANY one working at CCS. This is bullshit…Chinese involved in campaigning………..VIVA SATA FOR CHANGE

  19. # 25 if u dont trust CCS come to CB and ask any employee at CCS… u will be suprised to be the sakala u are giving your friend who is telling u the truth..

  20. After RB wins there shall follow mass killin by police to keep order . After that fails zambians shall hang him by the tell.

  21. #24 & 27, Out of every 1,000 statements from PF, 999 are always lies. PF and its cadres are so deceitful that no one believes them any more. Their only chance for Plot 1 was in 2008 when they managed to cheat many unsuspecting Zambians, but now their lies are known even by school children. You find a child coming from nursery school telling you not to tell lies like Mr Sata. I am sure that his children think so too.

  22. @Katie Good and Red Card, I heard it’s deliberate in order for online news not to compete with their print version. Maybe their sales have been affected.

  23. rb was supose to explain his source of funding then challenge others after wards.he cant give a clear answer pantu mambala aleiba.

    • Actually the opposite is true. PF should have come out clean about their funders and then question other parties.

  24. Please someone confirm to me if it is true that PF says when in government it will confiscate and assign all vehicles and bicycles purchased by MMD to constituency offices around the country as common user by councillors irrespective of party affiliation? That is if MMD can not prove no money laundering was involved or public coffers abused.

  25. We all know where MMD funding is coming from! And what is the Inspector General of police doing welcoming Rubbish Banda on a campaign trip? Isn’t he supposed to be non-partisan? I would like to see him do the same for Sata or HH….but who are we kidding! Zed politics…dispicable!

  26. Off topic too my apologies,i conquer with number 3,whats going on wjth the Post online kanshi?they have joined the list of Dead Mail and Times of Banda who update their papers every 3months.

  27. Sikota has become a joke and we talk of educated politicians!. It is people like him who are giving multi-party politics and learned politicians a bad name. What is he doing in RB entourage when he should be campaigning for his party or his aspiring MP’s. Pure political whore! what a letdown when I used to think he was somebody you can look up to.

  28. #31 DRC, I said that PF is a party of lies which will lead to its defeat. Your response is to admit that PF is indeed a party of lies but all the same you have managed to cheat the people of Zambia. Now is telling lies something to be proud of? I thought that traditionally, Zambians are all brought up to detest liars, don’t you agree?

  29. Ba PF umwenso. Bacililalila ubuteko buteko. Kwaliba abantu abacita prefer ukupela president na party than icalo. apofye ba sata tababa namu power balabapela ulupiya ulwingi naka chopper akaonaikako fye so. Nomba bena tababa sure no kuwina, so noshita campaign material mudala ulya ai?

  30. @30,voting is so near,but why dont you ask the people who support “sata the liar” as there prefaired candidate? why is it that alot of people have lost confidence in the party they supported and built in 1991? what was mmd suppose to do to win the massive support from the general populance? if you have relatives in this country and work and earn the same kwacha everyone earn, then you will know the answers to why RB is not a good leader for zambians.

  31. #43 oxmos, We are saying that if there is corruption in Zambia, PF cannot be the policeman. As the saying goes, it’s like asking a monkey to guard your peanuts.

  32. #43 oxmos, The MMD did a lot from 1991 to restructure the economy. However, it could not do much more because of corruption by the likes of Mr Sata and allies, you know why Levy resigned as Veep. From 2001 when Levy took office he tried to cleanse the MMD, Mr Sata refused to be part of the cleansing process for obvious reasons. He formed his own party PF to resist Levy’s attempts at fighting corruption and maintain the status quo. Plunderers regrouped in PF and tried to isolate Levy, they have continued their losing battle with RB. As for the MMD, its complexion in 2011 is different from 1991. The reason is not RB as you suggest, but Mr Sata who hounded out founding members during the third term debate. The rest of the story is well known by the people that matter, the voters.

  33. We know your nigerian paymaster as well asthe chinese!! bring on the money, NI DONCHI KUBEBA!! Twalya again!!! Twalya again!!!

  34. It’s rather too late Humpty Dumpty. We need serious leadership not this Joke of leadership you’ve exposed us to.

  35. These endless completely useless trips to Chipata are now annoying sure. Does this man want to be president of Zambia or Mayor of Chipata, one cannot do these two jobs at the same time, no! As for Sakwiba, just what the hell does he think he is doing? You just wonder sometimes what Zambian politicians are up to, so sad to see someone like him float so uselessly with the political tide of where the bread is buttered.

    • You have to understand campaign strategies. He will spend alot of time in eastern, copperbelt and Northen province. Chipata is to solidify his already guarateed vote.The more people that vote their the stronger his chances of winning. Northen and copperbelt province is to lesses the gap between him and Sata. Sata will obviouslt take these but if the gap is reduced then RB goes through. This is what the opposition need to understand and work against instead of wasting time bickering. Time is running out.

  36. Let all parties disclose their source of funding because we do not want them being used by people exploiting the ordinary Zambians. Further, there is an article in the post where undisclosed ssources have said that MMD is not paying taxes on the campaign materials they’re bringing in and I hope that its merely a story because as a over taxed citizen it is not fair for my little wages tto be over taxed for a few selffish individuals.

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