Lubinda challenges ACC on UPG’s authenticity

PF Spokesperson Given Lubinda

The opposition Patriotic Front has challenged Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Director General Godfrey Kayukwa to clearly state whether the commission has information or not of bribery and corruption on the Universal Print Group (UPG), a printing company in South Africa contracted to print ballot papers for the country’s forthcoming general elections.

PF chairman for local government, Given Lubinda has also challenged the commission to deny ever interviewing anyone on the payment of bribes by the printing company and also deny having information about Mr. Vik Vaid, a representative of UPG, who is said to have been the courier of bribes on behalf of the company.

Mr. Lubinda says the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to take the matter being raised with seriousness as it is raised in the best interest of the nation.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Lubinda says he is ready and willing to provide more information on the raised matter to the two commissions provided they commit themselves to getting to the bottom of the matter.



  1. Has the ACC not told this Taliban that the are not investigating this issue….?
    I think he has run out of what to tell his handlers in Kabul for the money he got
    In case you did not know its campaign time… when you lose don’t say the election were rigged we will buy you a one way ticket to Afgan

  2. He was challenged to give the information to ACC or DEC he keeps telling us the same bull s.h.i.t
    In fact they should a arrest him for knowing about a crime and not reporting it. Talk about what you have done and are going to do for Kabwata.

  3. When is this foolishness going to end? Put it in writing, report you fool, who told you that ACC offices are on Radio QFM?

  4. This will be yet another embarrassment for PF, knowing PF’s perennial ignorance about law, commerce, governance, well just about everything it seems.

  5. That’s what opposition is all about mwebena Zambia.Lubinda is right ba MMD kuya bebele uno mwaka.Zambians need jobs period

  6. What PF and all well meaning stakeholders want are transparent, free & fair elections. Zambians don’t want elections that are muddled with corruption and other irregularities.
    We want the winner to be elected freely and fairly and the losers to accept the result as the wish of the Zambian people.
    Right now the issue surrounding the printing of ballot papers by UPG, with established history of corrupt practices creates a suspicious electoral atmosphere. This has been compounded by ECZ and ACC being obstinate and unwilling to take the complaints seriously.
    What is the motive of ECZ and ACC refusal to investigate despite being furnished with irrefutable evidence? Collusion?…Maybe?

  7. #1 The Engineer (Australia)

    Do not hide your location according to your FLAG here you are in the USA. Hope the CIA can interview you there, to get more information regarding Lubinda being a taliban.
    Are you sure Lubinda is a taliban and has handlers in Kabul and he got the money from them?

    You are a MORON who want to bring Zambia’s reputation in with a bad picture. Surely we have no POLITICIANS who are terrorists nor support terrorism in Zambia!!

    It does not help for you to be in the USA and learn how to conduct clean politics, criticize without LIE and Slander.

    If you accuse someone falsely there in the USA, you will be in GREAT trouble.

    I am really disappointed with your SLANDER and LIES!!!!!

  8. no 11

    Why is this Taliban not going to log a case with the police? He he his wasting everyones time. The ECZ has asked him to go to the police. Where have you heard some one who knows a crimes has been committed and has evidence telling the police that he will give them evidence only if the promise to investigate? Only in Kabul

  9. #10 Imisu ukununka, sorry if I misspelt yur name Taliban Lubinda is just playing to the gallery. He has not lodged any complaint with ACC, just what you heard on QFM. PF said the same about an appeal in the parentage case and it was widely reported in the Post to deceive people, for now take it as nonsense until he lodges the complaint with ACC.

  10. The PF which is( people fool part) are Taliban just want to create confusion in the country with the unnecessary claims over the printing of ballot papers.

    That is why sata declared 7 guns as part of his assets so that we fear him as a taliban

  11. Rashid Lubinda, UPG was announced as the successful bidder a while back; why the heck didn’t you raise your concerns? There’s practically 5wks till elections and you jokers are busy playing hide & seek games while RB and HH are busy on the campaign trail! Cycle Mata will be in for the rudest shock when RB is sworn in for a second term and you’ll have nobody but yourselves to blame.

  12. Dustbin Picker a.k.a. Engineer australia, we will soon post your photo picking dustbins, you are more taliban than Lubinda!!!

  13. The ACC and ECZ are frigthening me, they do not seem to be serious about issues which are being raised by PF just because they are a political party. Rupiah confessed that his mother is shona, but in Mfuwe at a rally he said his mother comes from Chiparamba – Mishoro. This statement was made by RB and not PF. Nothing has been said. The bribe paid by UPG into a Stabic acct has been given- nothing said. MMD has bought vehicles, bicycles, chitenges, without paying tax, nothing said. All these cases require to be looked into without prejudice.

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