5 PF cadres die in road accident

Police spokesperson, Ndandula Siamana
Police spokesperson, Ndandula Siamana

Five Patriotic Front Cadres have died in a road traffic accident in Mwinilunga district, in the North Western Province.

The accident, involving a light truck happened Thursday afternoon at a place called Kisaka at Musele junction.

Police Spokesperson Ndandula Siamana who confirmed the accident says 54 people who were in the truck were injured.

The Fuso fighter light truck which was ferrying the cadres overturned at a junction some 110 Kilometres from Mwinilunga district.

Ms Siamana says the accident happened around 14 hours as the driver of the truck tried to avoid an on coming vehicle.

The driver is suspected to have been over speeding and is currently on the run.

And North Western Province Permanent Secretary Fabian Mumba says most of the injured were ferried from the Copperbelt province and surrounding districts in the North Western province.

Mr Mumba says the injured are admitted to Solwezi General Hospital.

He says he has received reports that the truck involved in the accident was hired from Mansa.



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    The PF cadres are accusing MMD of ferrying people to rallies , but today the truth has come out. Where is Mangani to denie this; The drama continues ,,,and these are the same people that are supposed to conduct door to door campaign. I even suspect the driver was drunk

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      @Fake UPND Source, We are talking about loss of life, not jokes. What has HH’s whereabouts got to do with this Topic. Be Sane Man. People have lost there departed ones you are bring no sense here. Lean to read and understand the topic before you contribute. Grow up Man.

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    Too bad for these cadres. The sad thing is that, even when Government changes, these cadres remain what they are…cadres and nothing really changes in their lives.

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    The truck is from Mansa, PF please, how long will continue cheating zambian about your perceived popularity you always preach about. Your lies are caching up with you SATA. These election will teach a lesson. 

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    The truck is from Mansa, PF please, how long will continue cheating zambian about your perceived popularity you always preach about. Your lies are caching up with you SATA. These election will teach a lesson. I have no dought, you will win in Bemba speaking areas since there are saying even if you are dead, you will still vote for you…not the rest of the country. In north-western province, it is the last nail in your coffin..!!.

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    When a son of an MMD parliamentary candidate drove hiz automobile in group of bystanderz, killing one instantly during a bye-election in North-Western Province, there waz no such newz from the public media. But now that there have been fatalitiez in MARE ACCIDENT involving the oppozition, look at how ballistic the public media haz gone!  

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    An accident is an accident. Anyone can be involved/cause one! Who wants to willfully die/kill others?
    This is a sad thing and should not be a cause of gaining political mileage for anyone especially the MMD because you’re actually the biggest culprits when it comes to ferrying cadres. i just pray that we don’t have any more deaths of this nature. 

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    This is an accident which can happen to any one and any political party.Let’s not politicise death please. Which party does not ferry cadres? MTSRIEP!

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    so these PF whores hire and rent crowds from as far as Mansa just to inflate Sata’s popularity? Swine ***** s.

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    I have read the story quite all right but when I looked at the picture of the lady cop, her beauty wipes all the data off my brain. Tried it like three times. So please comment on this story for me

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    Sad indeed. I hope Mr sata went to the scene of the accident and consoled the bereaved families in a way. wat I have read in the ZWD concerning their running away without going to site or even adressing the scheduled rally is disapointing. It could be true coz in NW u dont cause a fatal accident and stand there to wait, u can be mauled. Waiting for another independent report conerning action taken by Sata and team who Iam told were a stone throw distance away and obviously head about it. I laughed wen some1 wrote that Sata should go to scene of accident, he may exhume another unseen body like he did at the Nyimba accident scene. To me this is his (Sata) accident and he must clear the mess in action and deed, Period.

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    Did SATA find another body lying uncollected at the scene??????
    Truthfully, if it was an accident involving MMD, sata cud have been the first to say un-palatable words against RB, but maturity from RB! he has sent word of condolensences….very mature indeed!!!!

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    Sata and the Post scam has just been exposed. How do you get cadres from Mansa and take them to attend a rally in Mwinilunga district, in the North Western Province? That is a very long distance. 

    The truth always come out. Shame on PF.

    My the souls of those innocent people rest in peace. 

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      Sata caused the accident (1) collecting cadres from the towns and provinces (2) Sata’s driver caused the truck driver to overturn

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    ferrying cadres from one meeting to another,they will only vote once each so what’s the point.
    No crying rigging,ok you useless party. You will only be allowed to morn your election loss for 90 days only.

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    IMAGINE IF IT WAS MMD CADRES WHO DIED! Sata would have barking like a mad dog and the Post would have printed 5 publications today.

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    There are no political points to be had on either side.To hear this again sickens me to the core.Earlier this year we had an overloaded mini bus plunge in a river in Ndola.A few political tears were shed for the young lives lost.It was followed by a another serious accident in Nyimba,eastern province that Sata chose to politicised. In between countless unreported road-deaths.One would think enough is enough,someone should seize this vacuum in road and make it part of their centre piece of political campaign.Not in Zambia,they would rather talk about ‘Kaunda sick in Namibia’,’ballot rigging in SA and RB’s parents.This is shameful.It shows lack of quality opposition in our politics.Development cannot happen in isolation from good road. Other so-called opposition candidates must step up.

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    Ndandula how are you. You never cease to raise my blood pressure. You just turn me on like an electric switch.

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    there there you are i told you about this sometime back when some of you were saying mmd is ferrying pipo to ralies. again when you look at Posts pictures, there are a lot of smartly dressed pipo found at rallies in bushy towns than those of the mmd. may their souls rest in peace and may other cadres who like going for joy rides stop forthwith. all cares that is

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    Ferrying cadres to attend rallies is always part of PARTY mobilisation.There is no single that will address a rally in a given place with potential voters drawn from that place only. However, it is sad for the accident to have occurred at such a time as this.MTSRIEP

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    Mansa truck kills Copperbelt based cadres in solwezi!hmmm………………….These crowds we are meant to believe are not geniune kansh?

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    Ka Fred Mambala always writes the MMD cadres wre bused from other districts,like recently when RB was in Chipata .I wonder what hes got to say now that innocent people have been sacrificed by SATANA!No vote from NWP thats the end bwana.

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    FACTS: The accident happened in Solwezi district and not Mwinilunga. And it was at a place called Kisasa not Kisaka. Kisasa is at a junction to chief Museli’s chiefdom. Thanks.

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    My their souls rest in peace. They died for what they felt was a just cause. Making Zambia another El-dorado.

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    Am back!!! Who doesn’t know that PF is a satanic party which feeds on human blood. Sad moment indeed. Am gone!!!!!!!!

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    nothing that the current government has done to those left disabled and mr sata was at the seen he so it no lie and he can just keep quiet like that

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