Accept EIU prediction, Siliya tells Kabimba

Dora Siliya visits the poor in her constituency in Petauke

MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has advised the Patriotic Front (PF) to accept the prediction by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that President Rupiah Banda will win this year’s elections.

Ms Siliya said it should dawn on the PF leadership that Zambians had seen the countrywide development and would continue voting for the MMD.

She said the prediction by the EIU was credible as it had been done by a credible organisation with an independent judgment.

Ms Siliya was reacting to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba, who accused the EIU of being an imperialist organisation allegedly promoting the interests of western multinationals.

She also wished PF leader Michael Sata good health so that President Banda could meet him in the elections.

Mr Kabimba, who was commenting on the EIU August report which for the fourth time has predicted that President Banda and the MMD would win the September 20 elections, said EIU was getting involved in the election campaigns to protect the interests of the western multi-nationals who wanted the MMD Government to continue in power.

“You’ve got to understand the EIU, this is an organisation that is pro-western , it is actually an organisation of the western media intended to protect the interests of the west.

“The EIU is contracted by multi-nationals to protect the interests of the west,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said despite the predictions of the EIU, the PF believed that it had taken its campaign to the Zambian people and its message had won the hearts of the people.

Mr Kabimba said for the first time, PF had fielded candidates in all the 150 constituencies.

But University of Zambia (UNZA) lecturer Phineas Bbaala said the latest EIU report was accurate and fitted into his own predictions.

The EIU report has indicated that President Banda was more likely to win this year’s elections than Mr Sata.

The August 2011 report from the economic analysis organisation, which covers 185 countries, said President Banda’s victory remained the most likely outcome as he would benefit from the advantages of incumbency, the MMD’s formidable electoral machinery and recent maize bumper harvests.

Mr Bbaala, who is a lecturer of politics and administrative studies in the school of humanities, said the report was straightforward, adding that for the international agency to come up with such observations, it carried out thorough investigations.

“When I started talking about President Banda that he is going to win this year, I received a lot of criticism.

“I am very happy that this latest EIU report done by an international agency has also revealed that Mr Banda will win,” he said.

And Christian Coalition spokesperson John Mwendapole said the EIU report was timely and Mr Sata’s chances of winning the September 20 elections were minimal because Zambians had set their mind to vote for President Banda.

Mr Mwendapole said the report showed that Mr Sata was not ready to contest the elections and that Zambians should understand that the report was based on a technical analysis by an international institution.

[Times of Zambia]


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    Dollar yasila ple\ase dont rub it in,they have already accepted now they are busy fighting over the Party presidency,they have realised that he Cobra has expired.

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    I normally dont comment on what dora says because her statements are hollow.
    Institutions have made predictions but more often than not the actual results have proven them wrong. The same will happen to the EIU prediction

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    Lubinda and M’membe have refused to give ACC evidence concerning the alleged corruption with the ECZ hired printer.
    I hope that What PF and the POST are doing are in good faith because Zambia does not need retrogressive behaviour.
    If people have a concern which is genuine, it is important to raise it; but if they just want to cause confusion, i think that is not the direction Zambia would like to go.
    We dont want a situation where anyone can work up and alarm people for personal reasons and agendum.
    PF and it’s SATA and Wynter Kabinba alarmed the nation in 2008 with their usual stories of rigging whereby they impounded a total of 13 vehicles on 13 different occasions all of which were found to be false allegations. Now they refuse to give evidence.

    • vote

      They refused because ACC under the current leadership can’t be trusted!! If in the first instance, ACC said there was nothing to be investigated and then they do a 360 degrees turn, can we trust them? What next are they going to say? They have not told us anything about that account number! They seem to be waiting for some instruction from somewhere. we need a new ACC!

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    EIU are supporting president Banda because most of the foreign investors are getting our minerals for a song.If our president had a tough foreign policy on mineral taxation Iam 100% sure they would not predict anything in his favour. At the end of the day it is the poor Zambian who is suffering. So vote wisely. This Dora has made money through corrupt practices hence the support. She is a good for nothing person period.

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    Who cares? All the “intelligence units” in the world predicted Nkomo for president of Zim. But who won?

    Anyway at least they are accurate in predicting HH has no chance in hell

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    Actually LT has just become an MMD mouthpiece like the Zambia Daily Mail,ZNBC and Times of Zambia.There is a clear bias in their reporting on the political situation in Zambia.So take LT articles with a pinch of salt.

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    PF wont win this year’s Presidentail elections coz they were dribbled by RB and MMD strategists. PF hoped to cash in on expected defections from MMD which never happened. Now thier campaign strategy is that of homping from one area to another. How can Satanomics hold a rally at Mwinilunga and fails to reach Ikelenge and tells people that he will back in September.PF and Sata thought that if they went it alone they would scoop the Presidency. Now they are feeling the heat.

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    This is one of the few occasions I agree with Dora Siliya – all the best in the campaigns. Which constituency is Wynter Kabimba contesting? Ah, he cannot even be fielded to fight an election – at least Dora is a fighter…

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    Dollllar …she has now realised that she has a constituency too late peolple have decided already poor single lady.

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