ECZ and FODEP urge political parties to participate in debates

ECZ Director Priscilla Isaac
ECZ Director Priscilla Isaac

Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- has encouraged all political parties participating in the September, 20 tripartite elections to appear on public forums.

Commission Director PRISCILAH ISAAC says this will give the electorate an opportunity to participate and contribute to the electoral process.

Mrs ISAAC said that appearing on public forums will also allow political parties to sell their manifestos to the electorate.

Mrs ISAAC however says the commission can NOT force any political party to allow its members to appear on any public forum .

Mrs ISAAC was speaking to ZNBC News in a telephone interview.

Yesterday, PF Vice President Dr GUY SCOTT urged all the PF candidates NOT to appear on ZNBC’s race to manda hill, saying the programming is biased.

And Foundation for Democratic Process -FODEP- says it is unfortunate that some political parties have decided to shun the political debates.

FODEP Vice President Mirriam Chonya says it is imperative that the candidate appear for the public forum so that they can sale their manifestos.

Ms Chonya says the media is the only platform which offers political parties an opportunity to sell their candidates to the electorate.

Ms Chonya was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka on Sunday.

And Ms Chonya has appealed to all political parties to restrain their cadres from Violence.

Ms Chonya says it is wrong for Zambians to agitate violence.


  1. Can you please address the issue of UPG instead of running away from your resposibilities by focusing on less relevant things that will not add value to the smooth and credible running of the forth coming elections?
    Debates by candidates are important but not as important as the questions surrounding UPG corruption at ECZ.

  2. We are enjoying our debates on MUVI TV and other private media where the MMD candidates are being wacked. Abash ZNBC!! To hell with your debates!

  3. ECZ and FODEP have no credibility at elections. We all remember how they ensured that Mazoka lost elections in 2001. ECZ is truly corrupt and all its past leaders must be sent to jail for theft of elections from Zambians. Starting from Judge Bobby Bwalya to Mambilima, all these people have been crooks and corrupt.

  4. UPG scandal is a non starter. move on to next issue, even Sata does not bother talking about it. where is the RB parent issue now?lol.

  5. # 4 Speed.Do you know why Sata doesn’t talk about UPG and RB parent issue ?Because umulandu taubola !!! Remember what happened to the late Kafupi Titus Jacob Chiluba ?

  6. Sata was part of the group that rigged the election against Anderson Mazoka. He needs to be prosecuted for that crime when the right government comes into power. The UPG issue is dead on arrival. If PF feels these elections will be unfair or rigged, they should boycot and get out of the race now. I personaly believe RB has gone out of his way to make sure this election is credible. He has allowed all parties to be in SA at the location where the Ballots are being printed. For the first time in the HIstory of Zambia, the Media is allowing public debates. The Electoral commission invited all political players to discuss how the election is going to go. These afforts are comendable and let praise be given where it is due. VIVA HH & the Real Change team. Retire Sata and Luo for good.

  7. #1, that UPG issue died and was buried when Mr Sata failed to show us where the ballot papers were hidden in Lusaka. Didn’t he claim that he knew where?

  8. So far so good you two ladies, ECZ’s Priscilla Isaac and FODEP’s Mirriam Chonya. This Chonya lady presents herself well and seems to have more respectable credentials than her boss Alex Ng’oma, sorry I mean Dr Alex Ng’oma.

  9. Where has ECZ been when ZNBC espoused itself to RB and MMD, against the taxpayer?

    ECZ ought to address the concerns that have been raised by the nation. Can they prove to us that they are not puppets in RB’s hegemonious clasp?

    They must shut up and prepare for disbanding of this failed institution. So much is wrong in Zambia. There is the ECZ, DEC and ACC, all not useful and a useless drain on national resources.

  10. @ # 6, you are claiming that Sata was part of the team that rigged in favor of Levy to dribble Mazoka??? for your own information, Sata was a presidential candidate in 2001, how can he rig in favor of MMD? When one is led by hatred, they lose reasoning and their hearts are blinded even to plain reality. this is what you are exactly doing. please check facts and comment appropriately

  11. #10 & #11 you are both correct. I got that one wrong, Satan had already left MMD. I may have been thinking of how Sata and Kafupi dribbled KK based on his parents hailing from Malawi. Please don’t hold against me. Even I make mistakes sometimes. I am good at what I do, but I do make mistakes. But this does not change the fact that Sata is bad for politics. He is a liar and a crook. That is a fact, like it or not.

  12. SATA IS indeed a liar he lied on oath and the POST and LAZ are quite about this. This shows that these two organisations are not as impartial as they preach.

  13. Why do you want PF to be covered now? You knew that we wanted to hear from other political players apart from MMD but you kept quite.Infact Dr scot said that,PF will participate in debates organized by other media organizations and not the state media.We’ve been listening to debates on private radio and TV stations. I thought ECZ was supposed to move in and address this issue of coverage a long time ago.When LAZ tried to help,you called them names.Opposition parties have been complaining about coverage but no one heard seems MMD is thirsty for coverage so let them continue to enjoy 100% media coverage on ZNBC,Times of zambia,daily mail,ZANIS…

  14. MADAME ISAACS  AND MADAME MAMBILIMA also you are  problems to Zambians. MMD has not been appearing for debates for many yearseven now only a few appear and some are bosses they come late to debates but ECZ has not raised a voice against that MMD behaviour, but today because Guy S 

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