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Miyanda urge critics not to discourage him from pursuing his dream


HERITAGE Party president Brigadier-General Godfrey Miyanda

Heritage Party president Godfrey Miyanda has urged his critics NOT to discourage him from pursuing his dream of becoming Zambia’s president.

Brigadier General Miyanda says despite his unpopularity in past elections, his love for Zambia and respect for law gives him the strength to go on in a competitive political atmosphere.

He says he is well qualified to be president of the country and urged those undermining his ambitions to remember that politics is a dynamic game.

General Miyanda was speaking in Lusaka on Saturday when he made an appearance at the Press Freedom Committee Forum.

He was answering questions as to why he has continued to race for higher office despite his poor performance.

AND the Heritage party president has called on people not to discourage others vying for higher office as they have every right to do so.




  2. I GUESS Miyanda is thinking the race will be like the old tale of a tortoise and kalulu-the rabbit.
    This time no one will stop half way to get a nap for the tortoise to sneak past through and win, NO. No campaign means no legs. You are basically a sitting frog making noise in the dark. We know after September as usual you will be back in the water were you belong only to be seen again next season election period. What a presidential aspiring candidate. Now wonder all your supporters have gone away except your wife and relatives.
    Ba Miyanda please find something to do rather than waste your time.

  3. Political office is unfortunately won by winning over the “majority” vote and not necessarily by the unique qualities or vision of the leader. The General does not seem to woe voters through campaigns but merely offers himself as a worthy alternative. I have always voted for him because he is the most principled of the leaders we have had since KK.

  4. He only appears during elections time. Where has he been all along? Please can he also show us the list of his candidates for the 150 constituencies. How can he be President without a single Member of Parliment (MP). Anyway, keep on dreaming uncle Miyanda!!!

  5. your dreams have failed and will never translate into reality! After 20/9 you will join the other group of animals that hibernate and resurface in 2016.

  6. I don’t see a lozi ever becoming president of zambia,I am afraid tribalism is alive an well.Vice president yes.On the surface it appears that the general was presidential material 3 elections ago,unfortunately he probably doesn’t have the hidden qualities you need to be head honcho.

  7. If Miyanda wanted to join another party, PF would be the last party he would join, sorry no he would not even think about it. You think that Mr Sata has not tried to woo him?

  8. #1, So you have no faith in your Guy Scott? In general no one in his right senses wants to be seen to be a leader in PF, it’s an embarrassment to belong to and those normal people who want something via PF would rather be in the background. That is what the normal old UNIPists are doing right now.

  9. Miyanda i think you are a problem in zambian politics. can you please support RB. abandon your fack ambitions or dreams. you will never be a president of Zambian. You will die dreaming. Can you focus on something that you can achieve.

  10. General Godrey Miyanda is a very interesting fellow! Probably the most charismatic of all the 9 candidates. He was in the same class with Nigeria’s Abacha, Ibrahim Babangida, Muhammadu Buhari; Ghana’s Jerry Rawlings; Fiji’s Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka and even Libya’s Gaddaffi. All of his class mates have been President except our own General (who only has been a Vice President). I believe he wouild make the best President but is he really destined? He is intelligent and has a high calibre and profile. He is a born again Christian who conducted his own treason defence (the highest offence is any land). If it wasn’t for PF, I would have routed for him!

  11. Iwe ka Abana LSK, niwebo upela utufulo mu pf? Dont flatter yourself. pf yakwa sata. ninshi ulebepelao bufi? nawambula kumwine wa pf?

  12. BRIG. GENERAL Miyanda, your continued participation in elections despite your poor showing is in fact eroding away the credibility that most people have for you. Put the country first than self.
    I personally like and respect your stand on many national issues . You are a genuine leader with a heart for the country. You make rational and meaningful contributions to have politics sanitized in Zambia.
    While its your democratic right to participate and seek any office including that of president in the land, going it “alone” has not helped you, attaches subtext of greed and deprives the nation of the much needed leadership to help steer the country forward after 20 years of MMD misrule.

  13. The Heritage Party’s village concept is the easiest to understand among all parties and provides a better model for balanced development between rural and urban areas in our Country. Among other things, most western Countries have used this concept over the years to get to where they are today, and as such there is a seamless joint between rural and urban areas in infrastructure and services. I know because I live in a village in UK. Its therefore safe to say the village concept is ahead of its time for Zambia. General, its difficult to fly like and eagle when you live among vultures.

  14. Ba General, Your ambitions are ok like everybody else. Your right to political belonging is all yours. But how can you become president without mps? General you should have a strategy to win but all I see is efforts in vain. May you want to appear in book of Guinness.

  15. If this man was born in this country where I am, he would have been either in a mental hospital or highly medicated.

  16. With due respect,the general has now turned into the biggest election joker in Zambia.Such a supposedly respectable man what a shameless stubborn man.Always  playing a victim of circumstances,the biggest cry baby  ever seen.The fact that he cannot see and accept that he has lost support,can you imagine him with state power,he cannot surrender it even after he loses his mandate-Gaddafi mentality.Somebody slap him into reality

  17. Miyanda you already lived your dream when you were VP. Now you are awake and can’t dream anymore. Your best by date is already gone past.

  18. Miyanda is just but a Jocker. Am starting to think he is equally paid by the MMD, else how more can one express his wasting normination fees everytime there is a bye Election knowing pretty well he stands no chance of winning. After this year, he together with Rupiah will be confined to the dust bins

  19. To be honest, The General is not very straight in his head, is he were a normal person he wouldnt have been behaving the way he does.

  20. Ba Miyanda, your inflexibility, and your so called principles are the major obstacles. As long as you do not want work with other people, you will never ever be president. Politics yapa Africa ku kwati strategy ba Mudala imwe. Utulo pamenso. Either you join a popular party or you will forever be wasting your time, and other people’s time.We know you have a democratic right to participate in politics but the problem I have with you is that you are abusing democracy.

  21. General, with all due respect; you’re a joker and time waster. Concentrate on your farm and your wife’s orphanage…

  22. gen Miyanda, whilst you have he right to participate in ana election. We also have a right not to be annoyed by u and your ations. You take on a continous silence on national affairs only to re-appear at the last minutes when elections are called on. You have been doing it through and through. May you reduce the MMD vote not the opposition.

  23. Sorry correcting my # 26 posting above.

    Gen Miyanda, whilst you have he right to participate in an election. We also have a right not to be annoyed by u and your actions. You always take on a continous silence on national affairs only to re-appear at the last minute when elections are called on. You have been doing it through and through. U are a serious JOKER. May you reduce the MMD vote not the opposition.

  24. Miyanda is not as straight and principled as percieved by many. He is just like any other politician who has his interests first before Zambia’s. This guy with his departed friend, Gen. Tembo were so greedy that they failed to remain united after being chucked of the MMD because of their stupid egos. They all wanted to be president and none was willing to serve below the other. That goes to show that these guys lack a basic knowledge of the fact that politics is a service to the people and not an opportunity to be served.

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