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Father Frank Bwalya condemned for beheading a live chicken at PF rally


File: Father Frank Bwalya addressing a PF rally
File: Father Frank Bwalya addressing a PF rally

Luanshya residents have condemned Father Frank Bwalya’s demonstration of killing a chicken at a PF public rally in Mpatamatu over the weekend to symbolize the end of MMD in the district.

The residents are disappointed with Father Bwalya for the ritual practice of killing a chicken and sprinkling its blood on the ground.

One of the residents Shine Mukosha says the behavior of Father Bwalya is a sign of desperation as he continues campaigning for the opposition PF.

Another resident Derrick Lungu has advised Father Bwalya to go back to the pulpit and ask for forgiveness for his unchristian conduct.

And Mr. Lungu has appealed to the people of Roan Constituency to reject leaders who are preaching violence during their campaigns.

He was speaking in an interview in Luanshya on yesterday.



  1. flag Satanic Fr.Bwalya In Ritual Practice Condemned says:
    Thu Sep 01 at 4:56 am

    Satanist PF Cadre Fr Bwalya’s ritual ritual practice Condemned

    Satanist PF Cadre Father Frank Bwalya’s demonstrated ritual practice of killing a chicken with a machete at a PF public rally in Mpatamatu over the weekend to symbolize his party’s planned mass murder of Zambian women and children for rejecting PF on 20th September 2011 is a manifest satanism in PF.

  2. Father Bwalya’s act gives meaning to POLITICS: “POLI”= a latin word meaning many;and the word “TICS” meaning blood sucking creatures.This guy’s acts mirror those of an extreme rightwing nutcase.

  3. From the pulpit discarding Christianity, self delivered to Satanism now taken over with rituals and murderous plans, the case of a wayward hate monger from the church.

  4. I am vindicated Zambians are thugs and barbarians. Only a Zimbabwean born RB can help them. Viva Banda, Viva MMD. Another win for Zim. 

    • You guys don’t even have a Zimbabwean president. Robert Mugabe’s father was Malawian (check Wikipedia you ignoramus).

  5. When satan takes you over, the case of Bwalya from the pulpit to passion for Interahamwe and Exfar extremism is a ticket to expedited trip to hell.

  6. Those who uses the panga in killing, die by the panga. I will be shocked if the same panga Frank Bwalya is flashing and rehearsing on lives of others will not sadly take him.

    • I like your comment and please allow me to take your words as mine, Father Bwalya’s actions are really shocking and the Lord will surely put him to shame, what kind of campaign is that, even if the brutal killing of the chicken symbolises the death of MMD, I still feel there is something behind that, there is a mystery behind all this

    • You pipo supprise me so much. If u recall very well in 2008 PF lost to MMD and MMD cadres made a coffin for Sata demonstratin that he was dead. So what is so strange about Father Bwalya killing the chicken. I knw its because he supports the opposition. I neva saw anyone condemination abt the coffin. Lets be fair gyz these ar just politics

    • It starts frm the one who leading pf,he calls himslf the cobra(sepent)we all knw what a sepent is capeble of. He misled Eve. A sepent is full of deciet,misleading people. How can the so called father do such a thing. We know them. Y wasting your vote,its better u stay home if u don’t want to vote for mmd than wasting your vote by voting for a sepent. No No!! Pa nkoloko

  7. Yes, Fr Bwalya is giving Zambians and the world what is going on in PF. All sober Zambian must take note. Jote MMD and say know to human destruction. We have madness in the country and the normal citizens have the right to defend Zambia fron PF. There is Hitler in the making and Mr. Sata must be kept away from State House now and forever.

  8. Please, good catholics. See what this bemba boy is doing to the church. And you good Zambians from the north see the level and quality that is coming from you. We remember Kapwepwe and those great men. Bamayo na batata, vote MMD in the north and show fellow Zambians that you mean well. God serve Zambia.

  9. Mr. Lungu has appealed to the people of Roan Constituency to reject leaders who are preaching violence during their campaigns.not surprising,this is coming from a mr. Lungu.

  10. Fr. Bwalya too much communion wine, dilute that stuff.

    Zambians you all slaughter your chickens in the back yard in front of your kids, what’s with this hypocrisy?

    • Number 12. there is no hypocrisy. the point is the intention behind the slaughtering of that chicken. come one now use common sense! Fr. Bwalya is using metaphors to mean violence, at home we just want to eat the chicken. did the people at the rally eat that chicken eh???

    • Yeah…………you all kill em so what is the big deal here? Why you have to kill to eat an when the other one does it……….ni ritual. So much PHDs. Let the best that can represent win.

    • Please, do you really think that slaughtering a chicken at home for supper is the same as hacking a bird to death on a stage as a political stunt?

    • Stupid 12. The reason we slaughter chiskens in the back yard as you put it is to protect the children from this ritual, otherwise we will be doing it in the frint yard, you fool.

    • please i beg of u dont be an *****. Its the symbolism of the whole thing. I am in awe of people who defend the undefendable. u wud have done well to keep it zipped!

  11. You have a big job to undo these endless collateral damages in a very short time. Whatever strategy you had in embracing such lunatics as Frank Bwalya is beyond this world.Wynter Kabimba and Frank Bwalya have sabotaged PF. Very careless talk and behaviour in an election year. Mind you MMD has nation wide transmitting ZANIS, ZNBC Radio and TV channels delivering this wreckless behaviour impossible to undo. Zambians will never be partner with a party planning murder against lives.This is really sad for Ba Sata. Where are the wisemen to help him at this critical hour of need when lunatics are of Bwalya’s psychatry are sabotaging PF overtly?

  12. Bloodshed in Zambia soon after the Elections if PF don’t win. Sata was tipped to win by Clinton when she came to Zambia. America is ready to remove RB, if Sata doesn’t win by sponsoring violence just like in Arab World.

  13. This fake priest is a retard! He should stick to the pulpit instead of all this theatrics. Come 20 Sep, Fr Bwalya and his PF goons will require adult diapers just to contain the chronic diarrhea.

  14. Libya way coming soon to zambia, people are bitter and they should never be taken for granted in this years election.

  15. I develop a shiver when killing a chicken, and the Father just does that brutally for fun, its shocking I dont think he is a true catholic.

  16. If uyu umupatili was a UPND sympathizer, I would have already read 100 blogs condeming and ofcourse insulting this fake priest. now that its the other way round its all quiet. ..morons


    • They are elections taking place in one Central African ountries this year and Joshua the “bishop” was obviously refering to this country. Zambia fortunately is in Southern Africa. Are we so deseparate that we are now turning to Joshua to hlep the opposition rig the elections. Aagh SHAME!!!

  18. Where is the picture of the chicken? In this age of technology, even a cellphone will do for good picture. Lazy compromised reporters, who believe in hearsay. Typical MMD propaganda rubbish, no news worthy story. 

    • doubting thomas, you dont need a picture to believe. suppose a picture is produced and Fr bwalya admits that he performed the ritual what would you say hypocrite

  19. Steve…typical PF mentality. Even if the sun fell on your head i believe you would still refuse and ask for proof. This is SATANIC and i pray that the Lord Jesus by the blood shed on calvary protect all those that attended the ritual un knowingly.

  20. For your information, you need to know that killing a white chicken in public is one of the 400 peaceful demontrations acts used world wide. Google it and u will see. Don’t embarass yourselves with your absolute ignorance however, if he did not Father Bwalya should have explained to the people.

  21. #19 – Ba Zambia
    That is wishful thinking on the part of your “prophet” and yourself! I don’t really like RBs leadership, but your prophet will be proved wrong come September 20…we will all see how much of a fake prophet he is! I am sure he’ll change his statement to the effect that he meant another central African country and not Zambia. Magon’ga yama prophet eyo mulechetekalamo! I am sorry to the bearer of this sad news to you!

  22. “Fr” Bwalya should be known for what he is and what he statnds for. In socienties it is not uncommon to have the “off” types. Like in a field of maize plants you find the yellow plants and not the so yellow plants even if so much ferterlizer has been spread over the field. Frank Bwalya should know that the atonment of blood was completed by the Lord Jesus christ when he died on the cross. So for someone so called “father” Bwalya to start slaughtering chickens to symbolize only what is knon to himself it is absurd. The Lenshina era was characterised by similar strange acts.

  23. Don’t worry zambians. This father walya will be silent after somebody else takes over as pf leader from SATA this december

  24. lets hope he is not yielding any machetes(pangas) in his pants and catpults in his arm pits this are the guys who brought war in rwanda in fact he must be arrested i dont know what he is fighting for he will never get a chunk in PF CHIPUBA CHIKALA CHAKWE


  26. Why don’t you put the picture of Fr Bwalya with a chcken in his hands.Useless news full of propaganda.And one funny thing,u said your police were after Fr Bwalya,why did it they arrest him as claimed before?ZNBC yo news SUC.KS it lucks the truth,you can only deceive shallow minded people period!!VIVA PF,FR BWALYA CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK.WE have to FIGHT THESE CORRUPT,BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES.

  27. Franky Bwalya is inducing the shedding of blood in this country. What kind of Fr is he? Like I said before, Bwalya is an agent of Satan. There is no way he can do such a demonstration at a rally. Shame!!! on you FRANK.


    • Silencer, please just travel to Zambia and vote. And how do you plan to do a Libya from the USA? And by the way I do not see any similarities between Libya and Zambia. Zambia is a democractic country. Libya on the other hand was a dictatorship. We will have the UN in there just to help with the logistics of holding elections. If you were smart you may consider the career opportunity because as a Zambian you do have experience of four elections.

      Or is it just beginning to dawn on you that the job you were promised at the Embassy in Washington is slowly ebbing away.

      Campaighn wisely. There is no need for these empty threats.

    • The chaps Silencer is not in the USA. Don’t be fooled by the flag. The flag is most of the times based on the browser you are using. This chap is a hardcore Kaponya blogging from some market internet cafe.

  29. lies lies lies.. ZNBC with no shame… If at all he had a knife on him, he would have been arrested for being in possession of a sharp, dangerous object with no delay, according to our laws and recent instruction and action by police at rallies and other public gathering during this period. MMD/ZNBC should know that we are now very educated, thanks to KK and wont fall for such silly propaganda

  30. At least he killed a chicken, considering that is true, MMD are killing people. who is the hypocrite here. Wake up Zambians!


  32. This demented im.becile moron Frank Bwalya is an illuminati jesuit mason.He should be caged and taken to the Hague for propagating crimes against humanity.Everyone knows PF is losing and it is not our fault that the kaponyas are not prepared for the elections.So just ownup and start strategizing for 2016 ba mambala imwe.Mufunanji kansi?

  33. I think I have talked a lot on the activities on this so called Roman Catholic. Firstly the man is evil and ………………………….

  34. father bwalya has lost it he is baberic and satanic this chap he should go and ask for forgivness cant he emulate his friend father miha

  35. Nkana suppoters killed a white chicken during the local derby (with power dynamos).No one condem that.Viva Fr Bwalya,Viva PF.

  36. Mwebantu don’t worry the devil lost the battle along time ago,Zambia is Gods baby so no matter what they do they won’t prosper in Jesus’ name!God loves Zambia!

  37. Very sad indeed, RB become a muslim and PF turn to ritual sacrifis who else can we trust now – UPND only. Think hard pipo of Zambia and choose a best leader.

  38.  Imwe stop pretending. This is not unusual in Zambia. Chickens are slaughtered like that in Zambia everyday. Whats new now.  You have seen this in your homes or actually have done it unless you are not Zambian. 

  39. In Chingola, we respect this man called Fr. Frant Bwalya so much. These are the people that Zambia needs today. Not bakuwe, aba Lala type of character. Continue Fr. Frank to speak for the silent oppressed majority Zambians. Viva Fr. Frank Bwalya!! Viva!!!

  40. Fr. Bwalya is on leave. Please, don’t come back to the Church. R C church always preaches peace, love and faithfulness. Fr Bwalya, what do you preach?

  41. He is indeed still a respectable and highly educated priest. He is got his Masters in Law and Economics. We envy this man a great deal. Even Jesus Christ was doubted by his own people when he was preaching and healing the sick. At one time he referred to feared King Herod as a wild fox when speaking to Pharises and Scribes. And everyone was amazed……………..for it could happen at that time!! He is having another rally at Buntungwa park this weekend Saturday and i shall definetly attend for i love his pro-poor messages. This guy doe’snt only talk about himself, but mainly talks about the suffering masses. he is got even an orphanage centre in Muchinshi area Chingola. He is looking after 342 absolute orphans.

  42. oh my word! PF has really gone to the DARK side.Please lets pray that evil will not suceed in Zambia.We can not allow such evil.aAd those of you in denial wake up we need to build a country our children and grandchildren can prosper in.Stop thinking of yourselves only.These evil leaders will just lead us into war and poverty.I would rather have a few corrupt leaders than bloodshed in our land.PRAY folks PRAY and VOTE WISELY

  43. Let me add my voice in condeming the barbaric act by this so called Priest. Performing such rituals is very unchristian and one wonders why this fool joined priesthood. He was trying to hide in there but eventually he was exposed. He could not pretend any longer. God has a way of exposing evil people. At first he used to deny that he was not PF. It is a shame for the PF to allow such a thing to happen at their rally. No sane person can vote for such a party. It shows that they are prepared to sacrifice humans for their blood. Zambia is a Christian nation and I can assure those advocating for violence that there will be not such thing. We are going to vote very peacefully for candidates of our choice and ritualists will not be voted for. We do not want blood sacrifices at State House.

  44. #46 unless father bwalya was preparing a meal to feed his cadres I do not see any logical explanation for be heading a chicken and sprinkling its blood.Who does that? One day its a chicken next day it will be a person ….if you allow such nonsense to continue.ABASH weird catholic priest.

  45. We love and envy this man of God here in Chamboli-Wusakili. This clergy is not like dishonest priests such as reverend Masupa who are always looking for hand-outs from the govt. Fr. frank speaks for the oppressed and poor people. He is got money but opts to live simple life. He is supporting an orphanage centre N/West of Chingola. So far 12 orphans are studying at UNZA and pays for their tuiton fees, book allowances etc and actually feeds them from his own resources. He is a great man!! There has never been such a unique priest in the history of Zambia. And that is why most of you cowards and hypocrites are surprised today. This man fights for the majority poor. Viva Fr. Frank!! And continue preaching the word of God which is focussed on the oppressed and the poor. We love U…………..

  46. meanwhile father bwalya have been suspended from priesthood. ia letter by Bishop Banda to frank the bishop said he should now wear priestly clothings or represent and use the name of the church in his activities

  47. Yes we slaughter chickens everyday but in this case it is the intention and the manner in which it was slaughtered. The priest was performing a ritual. When we slaughter chickens we do it so that we can cook them for food. The priest did it to symbolise something which I am still trying to figure out. So we cannot say that he acted normaly – far from it. This was an act of Satanism where you want to spill blood to symbolise something. We have to be practical here – when slaughtering a chicken you do not go to the public so that they see what you are doing. I am directing this to those who are saying there is nothing wrong with killing a chicken, their argument being that we slaughter chickens everyday. Its just that in Zambia we do not have people advocating for the rights of animals.

  48. Its disgusting to see something like that coming from a clergy man. Why can’t he demonstrate christianity in a bid to show how change with be effected. If a clergy man can do that what of these others? Ala tukalaponoka muno! Kick that ***** out of that campaign team. He sends message of DOOM to the people. Where are you PF bloggers? I understand you condemn violence, what is this PRIEST OF DOOM sending?

  49. I saw this priest for the first time last week when he came at UNZA campus to pick up one of his orphan students he is supporting to hospital. To me, he looked simple and a shy looking man. He came back the same day to do the laundry after leaving my room-mate admitted at UTH And he looked friendly but serious in whatever he was doing.

  50. The so called Father walya is sowing seeds of violence in the country before the elections. What explanation does he give for slaughtering a chicken and sprinking its boold in public? Zambians lets watch out characters like father walya. When war broke out in Zambia, Father walya knows where to go. The ordinary people like myself will have to face genoicide like was the case in Rwanda. Zambians stop torelating nonsence from this useless priest. Despise him for what he is encouraging. There is potential for civil disobedience in Zambia. I can see it coming already!!!

  51. Fr. Frank Bwalya is not a pretender like most of you Zambian Economic Refugees. shame on you! This man speaks for the majority poor. he is genuine indeed!!

  52. An agent of Lucifer for real but fortunately sata-nism has no room in Zambia. God loves Zambia, He has and will never leave us nor forsake us. In fact Frank Bwalya’s demonstration is just the patriotic front’s interpretation of ‘Issue based Campaigns’.

    • mr Rev Steven Daka, am disappointed with you and i doubt if you are a REV bcoz most cregy men can not support this immoral act. May our ALMIGHTY GOD transform you for the better before you mislead many souls.

    • We do not see any message of hope in the act of Father Bwalya, beheading an innocent chicken publicly, so what do you mean speaking for the voiceless?

  53. Iyee! God help us. This man may decampaign pabwato followers like me. He needs to be expelled from the party. For its better we run the race without him than losing many. In fact he was supposed to just be glued to the pulpit and pray that the elections will not claim many innocent lives.

  54. How i wish Zambia had many of such priests. This man is indeed brave. And he speaks for the oppressed. WE LOVE AND ADORE YOUNG FR………………!!!

    • You call this an act of bravely?If the chicken be taken to represent a human being,can killing a human being in the manner demonstrated be described as an act of bravely?There things that we need to refrain doing and what Fr.Bwalya did should be avoided at all costs.

  55. This is Attention-Seeking Personality Disorder. Pure and simple. What is not clear is whether this disorder is generic, OR is a result of poor upbringing.

    • I agree with you its to do with upbringing.Sadly, even the theological training he received could not change him.The man should distinguish what is morally acceptable and unacceptable.

  56. this paper has also become compromised!!!!!! your headlines show it all!!!! go back to your good deeds not what you have started…… am suspecting bribery here. :-(


  58. Its good to live in a mission because you are taken care of.Am sure the man is doing things out of frustration because he didnt know that life out there is tough.

  59. Is this act not chargeable? What is this ***** trying to demonstrate by killing a chicken at a rally? is he not inciting violence? Only people with half brains think there is nothing wrong with this.

  60. Looks like when Kabimba made that announcemnt, people as ususal took it casually. PF is frusstrated to the point of perpetuating atrocities against citizens of this country if they were to come to power. Again, this is what I meant when said PF are suffering from prolonged frustartions after losing elections so many times without changing leadership, hence the logical failure on the part of the leadership and even the general membership.The best thing zambians can do is give them no chance otherwise this will be the Zambia we’ve never known! As for Bwalya, the prison cell is beconing him…wait!

  61. #s 16, 31 & 34. Please do not compare the Zambian situation to Libya’s. We are totally different, we have an election coming where we are all going to be given an opportunity to express our desires. Gaddafi was a dictator who held on to power from 1969 while RB has only been in office since 2008 and you have an opportunity to remove him through the ballot if you are not happy with him. As for Father Bwalya and his actions, I think the man has lost and lost it big time. All peace loving christians should continue praying for the man. You don’t slaughter a chicken in public, it is a taboo! Is PF the alternative we are looking for? I now have serious doubts about it. God bless mother Zambia.

  62. Chanda Chimba is vindicated.He stated in bright colours that PF’s POST is a Satanic entity.He further said Sata is a serpent and that Frank Bwalya is not a genuine priest.What Frank did is a 100% satanic ritual,period.People should be wary of these PF *****ic leaders.Inscription in satanism is sometimes done without one’s consent but by attending such events,satanic spirits are imputed in the people in attendance of such events.
    Frank Bwalya was merely practically worshiping his master the Devil and at the same time demonstrating Satan’s desire for blood shed.This is PF’s desire as well,to inflict pain on innocent Zambians.All well meaning Zambians should not vote for the serpent and its party- Sata and PF

  63. # 78 you are wasting your time, you will be shocked to note that most zambians are not seeing anything wrong with this! ala abantu aba batutu!!!

  64. The good news is that Bwalya is almost de-flocked. We need spiritually revolutionary priests, not mentally demented ones like the chicken killer. Please Lord, forgive this lost priest.

  65. PF and its agents such as POST, ‘father’ bwalya and the like seem to delight in satanic practices.
    The POST has been a serious advocate for turning Zambia into a circular state.
    SATA has championed the ‘rights’ of homosexuals and lesbians while embracing for his delight one of the least liked creatures, the cobra.
    ‘Father’ Bwalya perfomrs a ritual by sacrificing a chicken to whoever, I dont know, by shading its blood openly – a clear display of satanic practice.
    PF leadership have armed their cadres and called on them to fight so that they can shade blood.
    The whole goal is to shade blood; how do I know? Simple; a panga is different from a whip. A panga will always cut to bring out blood and their choice of it is not accidental; they clearly have an agenda to shade blood.

  66. One wonders what spirit led him to perform such a crude act? This priest has multitudes within him, a legion of demons that have completely possessed him. You can literally see it on his face, quaint eyed and ever having a mischievous smile.

  67. Oh the sorrow for whoever bore this wicked and evil priest! That of all people, her son should be the one to surpass in wickedness. What a sorrow.

  68. How does one explain this paradox: A priest yet with the bitterest of hearts? Conclusion Bwalya though he may not yet know it is a wizard. But chances are that he well knows that he is a wizard.

  69. That’s what happens when you over rate yourself … u always think every one will laugh at your jokes. Please Father Bwalya, for the sake of your title notwithstanding your faith, reflect. Are your actions, utterances holding well with thy titles – Father, Priest!

  70. His insistence on the RED colour for the so called ‘red card’ is now showing us a different dimension to what we would have thought was the meaning.
    Demons dont always announce where the are, unless compelled by the power of God.
    The demons that moved him to perform the ritual, I believe, were moved by the power of God to expose the evil inclination of Frank Bwalya and his PF/POST consortium to the public.
    Just wait, as Christians pray, they surely will be exposed.
    For all Christians in Zambia, and all that love righteousness I urge you to keep on praying for Zambia.
    The devil is under our feet, and he shall be exposed and embarassed.

  71. Fr. Bwalya’s act of rehearsing the sheding of blood in public is a frightening phenomenon that the PF has hatched to intimidate its opponents. The “Mau Mau” executed a culture linked to shedding of blood, and it is a historical practice that threatenedd the lives of many non-Kikuyu tribes in East Africa. The Mau Mau ritual instilled the greast fear among the Britishi populations. Which group of Zambians is Frank Bwalya plotting to slaughter? Apparently, Bishop Banda has just instituted a half measure to curtail Frank Bwalya’s barbaric behavior by granting him an indefinite leave. Yes Bishop Banda’s political standing is well known. Bishop Banda still needs the likes of Bwalya to execute the dirty job for him. The Security system must keep a close surveilance of Bwalya.

  72. Would it be wrong to assume that whoever ordained this man into priesthood must be shaking his head in heavy shame, blaming himself for not identifying the subtle wickedness this Bwalya must already have possessed?

    But that is how they come, as sly as a snake. But as in this case, they eventually succumb to their true nature, internal and thus display openly what their true character is. Forget the priestly robes he wore, see his public acts!

    For Bwalya, the scales of pretense have finally been shaded, left only to wear bones and skulls on a bare body with only a loin of animal skin beneath.

  73. My free advise to the Catholic Church is to immediately expel Frank Bwalya.Do not just defrock him,but excommunicate him.

  74. I will not at all be surprised if this Bwalya’s inner prodding and greatest wish is to bare it all restrained only by a loose loin cloth and to trade in the business of throwing bones as a kamchape freely.

    Well, there is space at Mr. Sata’s backyard he could pitch up a tent and allow fliers to be spreab by some willing stooges in pf. I am sure he will have customers flocking there.

  75. The PF chose the boat for their party symbol by mistake. This time around the PF’s real hidden symbol is the “PANGA”. These men and women under Sata are blood -thirsty. Since the PF is tribal, which major tribe does this party plot to massacre? When a rumour was floated to the effect that Sata was going to hold a meeting at Freedom Park in Kitwe, relatives send messages to Lusaka saying that several workers rushed home for fear of being brutalised by marauding PF cadres. A political party that preaches hatred and violence cannot hope to attract votes. Let 20th Sept come so that voters can erase brutality in this Christian Nation.

  76. For the first time the catholic church seems embarassed with the antics of this man,the hasre in which they have announced his going on leave sums it up.

  77. A man who can unhesitatingly shade the blood of an innocent bird in front of hundreds of people in this day an age cannot be a church priest but a spiritualist. That is what they do best.

    What wickedness!

  78. VERY GOOD Fr. Bwalya, that Aboligian RB has to go.. tament him like chicken, BUT no blood should pour… the act of reducing life of any kind shouldn’t be demonstrated. Fr. Bwalya is wrong, demonstrate how to make love/sex and eat chicken.

  79. If this act was performed, its saddening.RB and his MMD party could have messed up, but A respctable position of clergyship should never be brought into shame for acts contrary to christian values. He could have demostrated his point in another way. issues of such ritualistic behavior are normally interpreted otherwise. What wuld the priest do when told by God to vote for RB, from his behavior, i think he would deny bfollowing Gods direction.
    have mercy on US lord

  80. Zambia is a blessed country and all these evil intents will not do. For Zambia, God will show which party uses which door on 20th September.

  81. Which silent majority is PF/membe/bwalya speaking for because with those matchetes in their hands, its the same silent majority who will bear the brunt?

  82. Ba LT naimwe, so, killing a chicken is the only news that you picked. Tell us what was he talking about for him to do such a demonstration. Mwatolapo ifyushi mwasha umulilo.

  83. I am really ashamed as a catholic. Bashifwe, have u gone bananas? The other day u were quoted as saying RB tastes like rotten ground nuts in God’s mouth! Really as a priest you can say that? Accuse God of hating his own creation so much that He is prepared to spit him out? Which God are you referring to Father? The same loving God we all worship? The same one who appoints leaders? How can u, a priest, harbour such pathological hate for a person or indeed MMD? How about the MMD catholics in yr congregation? How do u comfort them spiritually when you loath there party that much? Its really sad.

  84. # 4, how dare you call us Zambians thugs? Your generalisation shows that you have the worst kind of ignorance about Zambians. Don’t even let me start. How dare you insult a country that has just given some of your cousins political asylum? Have you thought about the fact that even as I am writing some are still trying to settle in Zambia because they realise plastic face is not going anywhere? Listen, I have lived abroad for years but I am proud of my country – Zambia. We have come a long way to be insulted by a person with a brain case of a chicken like you lazy git.

  85. Dandi Crazy 45// The fact is the priest is not conducting himself as expected of a religious leader. It does not matter how many degrees one has, when behaviour crosses boundaries it has to be condemned by all peace loving Zambians. Rituals are associated with ng’angas not priests. Its misleading for one to be both. Why mix the blood of Jesus and that of animals?

  86. PF has just lost the election. From now onwards, RB doesn’t have to campaign. What a bunch of Satanists PF are. Okay, let us pose this question: do you honestly want to be ruled by someone who ruthlessly kills a live chicken on stage at a public meeting infront of children?? Pliz… We live in a civilised world. What Frank Bwalya has done has not only destroyed his own reputation, but that of Sata, PF, and all those who support PF. If we all go around killing chickens at meetings, what does that say about Zambia’s future. Civil war is on its way…and RB as President at the moment had better stop making jokes about this because he could be the first one to be shot, if PF loses elections. Frank Bwalya is simply making a statement that he is willing to kill…and they have ex-soldiers!!

  87. All of you guys might think this guy is Politicing.

    Actually he is Going Man, this is the beginning of his madness

    Anyway just for the records, RED CARD, RED CLOTHING, CHICKEN KILLING, CHICKEN BLOOD. I don’t this is all about PF and please PF supporters distance away from this guy cos don’t this is about Politics but may and just maybe………..666

  88. tb prophecy
    1. one of the prominent presidential candidate shall die.
    2. the ruling party shall not produce a president. 3. alot of blood shed in October after the elections. deal with it.

  89. thats exactly what PF will do ..kill you..sacrifice and slaughter you people of your eyes!!aitaya Frank Bwalya..

  90. What is SATANIC, Killing LOZI’S or a CHICKEN? Think before you condenm. Keep it up Fr.Bwalya untill we win the battle. RB is going to Chipata, MMD is now history!

  91. # 123 the hour,
    you are not different from Frank Bwalya.
    You love to lie and spread falsehood
    We refute that lieing mouth of yours and ill-concieved ideas.
    TB Joshua has not said anything about what you have said.
    You lier and a clear deciever, a monger of rummers
    Who take delight in lieing to the public, and derive entertainment out of falsehood
    Do not be a worker of eniquity; enjoying evil and causing uncertainty to the public.
    False alarm like an old fire installation which goes on whenever a scent of good perfume breezes.
    Stop your lieing tong from spreading falsehood; TB Joshua has not made any such prophecy. Do not superimpose your imaginations on someone else.
    If the prophesy is yours, tell us.
    If you dreamed about we will simply advise you to stop having bad dreams

  92. The huge appetite for blood in this priest Bwalya is only surpassed by his arrogance. Arrogance even in the face of a clear pastoral admonition by ‘his holiness’ cardinal Mazombwe for all laity and flock to desist from making any statements that would taint the ‘good reputation’ of the Catholic church not only here in Zambia but abroad as well.

    In essence this loose canon, defrocked priest Bwalya, spits in the face of the cardinal, and so, in the face of Authority, of the ‘holy see’ that bestowed Cardinal Mazombwe the honor of stature that he now holds.

    Bwalya by these relentless acts of unjustified defiance and blasphemy risks his body being ‘delivered to the devil’ that perhaps by grace his soul might be redeemed. Pray that this might not happen.

  93. While there are many that would readily vouch Bwalya’s deliverance to the purging fires of purgatory if only to cleanse his soul, there also many who swear that it would be wasted grace if such a favour was done for such a hard-hearted and unrepentant, now defrocked priest that their prayer is that he may fry straight to hell for wishing ill on innocent multitudes of God’s people.

  94. While I am tempted to wish ‘defrocked priest Bwalya’ a straight ticket to hell, my better judgement tells me that pity, rather than wrath, is what he deserves. Walya ali naziwanda. He needs all our prayers, he is a tormented soul. He is possessed by the stubbornest of demons.

  95. Politics aside,those of you supporting this satanic act are making me wonder about your state of mind!killing a chicken with the intention to eat is ok not what he did!apparently this same man was in muf telling the electorate that pf will find men for women to marry!nw are these the issue based campaingns you can talk abt!let’s be serious as Zambians for once and not chant change anyhow!

  96. All I sense in this Bwalya is a plea for recognition, to exercise his true calling, what he has ever always mearnt to do – throw bones as Kamchape.

    We all look to ba Sata to hear that plea and do the honours to avail a small space at his backyard where Bwalya could pitch-up a tent for his calling. That is the only way Bwalya will pacify his demons. Throwing bones, to his hearts content, is the only means Bwalya will lull his demons to a relative rest.

    This will also bring rest to ba sata who has suffered from this priest’s pestering acts.

  97. What is this public act of heartlessly slitting an innocent bird’s neck before a multitude with great ease if not a show of his ‘capability as kamchape’?

  98. I am not a lawyer, but somewhere is within the law there is a chapter that talks about cruelity to animals.

    If it was in Europe or States Bwalya could been in trouble, Though outside Zambia can shed more light on this law

  99. Dead NBC reporting. Next we will hear Sata is flying on magic aircraft in the night to get to his rallies. Desperate MMD B u l l s h i t

  100. MMD, your hour is gone and the earlier you accept this the better it will be for you. You’re just but a waste of our time.

  101. This act means he is calling on his pf supporters 2kill and shed innocent blood of zambians, the act is a felony under the law this so called father will soon face the wrath of law so that no chicken (human being) is killed by panga wielders of pf or mmd. To put the record strait this f ather is said to be helping Orphans ok but the resources are not his he gets financial help from Donors through Church, back 2 his act has already decampaigned 98% frm pf meaning sata will luz 98% vote come 20/9.

  102. If he was a well trained ‘father’ he would have known the evil symbolism of what he did. I strongly suspect he knows what he is doing and he is conveying the exact message he wanted to without actually mentioning the word violence.

  103. #137 hahahahahah ya ati kamchape oh my you cracked my ribs nice one .anyway am not surprised to those supporting walya a satanic priest cos even the devil himself has got supprters.but may all there evil plans go back to them in jesus name.and may the lord God protect RB our lovely presido from all his enermies.

  104. Ama futu, we futu likalamba niwebo. you think abalekweba ati ni satanic ritual iyi tabakwata amano? it can be a practice all over the world but dont you know that most of what happens in the world is satanic? even this homosexuality which is becoming world standard is a way of worshipping satan. in case you should know luciferians rule us in this world. google google, you think google ni bible? this act has an exoteric (outer) and esoteric (inner) meaning. does it make sense that what he did is what will happen to MMD? it was just a pretext to perform the ritual.even iyi symbol bamiletele ba sata it also has an inner and outer meaning. outwardly balemyeba ati dont kubebe. it is also a symbol used by luciferians for horus (egyptian god).

  105. to inner circle it is a talisman to apease or conjure spiritual powers of darkness. just as the black star. i can show you many world leaders who use that new ‘pf’ symbol to communicate their masonic connection as well as bring them luck. frank bwalya ni high luciferian he knows what he is doing. if you engaged me i can prove it to you beyond reasonable doubt! even though pf has openly turned to witchcraft, the Lord Jesus has chosen us a leader already!

  106. A father without any biological children (well, or so we are made to believe)! This chap will run to some devil controlled monastery if violence broke out. You and me will have to contend with the challenge of protecting and fending for our little children.

  107. @mwanamuchende your being frivolous.This is not a time to be petty,well meaning Zambians must be serious ,they must be annoyed with RB.He can’t cheat as with last minute development we are not children he spent two thirds of his in power globe trotting. alabane ni regime change the WIND OF CHANGE BLOWING ACROSS THE EVERYWHERE YOU GO NI DONCHI KUBEBA VIVA PABWATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA HAVE ALREADY RESOLVED TO CHANGE GOVERNMENT.VOTE FOR A MAN OF ACTION MICHEAL SATA.

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