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Lusaka MMD defends William Banda over violence allegations in Chongwe

Headlines Lusaka MMD defends William Banda over violence allegations in Chongwe

File: MMD Lusaka Province chairperson William Banda (L)

LUSAKA MMD information and publicity secretary Greenock Lupambo has refuted reports in the media that provincial chairperson William Banda incited violence at the party’s rally held in Chongwe last weekend.

Mr Lupambo said it was not true that Mr Banda physically attacked villagers in Chongwe Waterfalls area on Saturday in full view of more than 40 police officers because he was not at the scene where the alleged harassment of the villagers took place.

He also said it was not true that President Banda threatened to dethrone Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II if MMD won the September 20 elections and that he had accused her of intimidating sub-chiefs and village headmen over their political stance.

Mr Lupambo said President Banda in his speech called on the chieftainess to embrace all her subjects despite their different political affiliations because they were her children.

“It is not true that President Banda is going to take away the chieftainship from Mukamambo II if he wins the elections. The media should avoid blowing issues out of proportion,” he said.

Mr Lupambo said it was not true that the police tolerated the harassment of Chongwe people by MMD cadres because they were a formidable side which could not be overpowered by any group of cadres.

He said having been among the organisers and supervisors of the rally, he was not aware about any violence perpetrated by MMD cadres. He said Mr Banda was not at the scene because he was in the presidential entourage.

Meanwhile, more than 300 Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) members in Lusaka Province yesterday defected to the MMD, citing better service delivery in the ruling party.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. The assorts were done a day before the rally. Don’t cheat us we know everything. Just because you are in the government don’t think you have it all. You will be shocked when results start coming in on 20th Sepember on wards.

  2. PF thought they could fight after Lubinda and Kabimba told them to fight back..the results was disaster..as for Nkomesha the former MCC in UNIP..you and Silvya Tembo who clings on to the Masebo name for dear life even thought she ws long divorced by Dick..this year you are out of the race go back to dealing…you both need alanigzi…

  3. check todays post were MMD youth chairman has comfirm and very upset with Willy banda’s foolish conduct. Dont defend the wrongs. Viva muteteka and progressive MMD members. Abash banda.

  4. BaPF wanted to believe in their hallucination that they were in control of Chongwe. The result was a rude reality check. In politics it is about weighing your options and not insisting on things that you cannot achieve. Anyone who bothers to go to Chongwe will see that Silvya Tembo is not getting the seat for PF.

    • ukapapa sana, check in today’s post newspaper, a woman had PF chitenge inside and MMD chitenge on top, which mean most of the people who attended the Chongwe rally just attended for fear of being beaten but its “don’t kubeba”. I was a very strong supporter of MMD but because of this ***** called William Banda, I think we need to change government.

  5. You mean in Zambia these days the President’s speech is not recorded? Why should it be a debatable issue what the President said. It should be there for all to hear for themselves. Why should we need interpreters to tell us what our President said.

    • Why do you want to run away from the truth, even Moses your own has confirmed what transpired…. it’s sad and you should ask yourself what price we are going to pay to all these MMD well wishers who have funded the party.

    • Iwe Baboon how do u tok like that? Your mother will be butchered in the end will see what u wud do. Ba Lusaka Times namupwa… cause u are allowing baseless discussions on this blog.

    • Iwe kolwe, you are not Zambian, I think you are Zimbabwean or Malawian. I am not PF supporter but I can’t support what ci William is doing. Don’t you know that this fool is decampaigning the MMD. *****!

  6. Ba RB must be ashamed of himself that things are not going his way. Imwe bantu imwe, William Banda promised RB that he will make sure that Chongwe seat goes to MMD at all costs(meaning violence and juju inclusive) I can only blame RB for not coming out in the open and condemn this chap called ‘Tekere”. Foreigners are the ones terrorizing innocent pipo in order to win votes. But how can u win when u are violent.I will ensure that there is a protest VOTE against MMD its toothless leader and all those terrorists. Francis Kabonde shud be checked for he is not protecting Zambians. I wonder whether he is a Zambian. Because if he was he would have stopped this nonsense by the MMD

  7. There must be a limit to sycophancy! RB was shown on ZNBC threatening to retire Nkomeshya if he wins the elections. What sort of retard can argue with incontrovertible evidence? Go back to school and get some education instead of shouting useless party slogans day in day out!.

  8. Who defends William Banda? Even the devil lucifer cannot defend this man. The devil is scared of this man. That is why he will not die soon. God does not have were to send this demon.

  9. Rupiah must be caged after 20th September. He goes to Chongwe there is violence He went to Mufumbwe there was violence. Ba RB u are a disgrace to the nation. Own up and cage William Tekere Banda or else…

  10. It iz this failure by the MMD leadership to caution/condemn William Banda’z misdeedz that iz sending shiverz and worry in the citizenry.

  11. Somebody assassinate William Banda please for the sake of Zambia.The yob is a known thug.Even 2PAC got served here.Why ndimwe ba manta pa Zed? nchito is just complaining daily.

  12. William Banda is a small rat that like eating our mealie meal in homes. Anyway whr does he stay?We nid his house number.

  13. Viva RB. PF will cry come September 20th. You don’t have to count the chicks before they hatch. They are already celebrating victory of the battle they haven’t won yet. We shall see. Can’t yet.

  14. This Malawian Willaim needs to be caged!!Pipo should have a sense of decency n not trying 2 justify that which is so obvious!Willaim is the symbol of all violence n the sooner that old thug us caged, the better! He is a disgrace to all peace loving Zambians

  15. am sure William Banda has a chopper waiting for him to be airlifted to Malawi on the 19th of September. Sometimes you wonder – do we have patriotic soldiers in Zambia? Or patriotic shushushus who read this blog? You guys move with guns, cant you see that you need to kill this rat before he brings war to Zambia?

  16. What is there to defend about this man. In fact any person who has organised matchetes to butcher others in Zambia should not be defended! Period!

  17. Sad I must say this, but its clear William has proven to the defeated and nearly defunct PF that their useless provocative acts will be met with the brutatily they deserve. PF opted to go and provoke MMD and they rightly received what they deserved. What is sad though is that Masebo is so so selfish as to pay cadres to go and disrupt a presidential rally. She simply did not care about the lives she was endangering. Greedy selfish Masebo!! Thanks ba William and let discipline continue.

  18. PF is scared of William Banda because he is a great organiser, he knows Mr Sata inside out, he knows how to hunt in Sata’s perceived strongholds, and he cannot practice violence because RB MMD preaches non-violence. Under the influence of the William magic, PF members are converting in droves, which is why Mr Sata himself is scared of him. Have you ever heard Mr Sata try to scandalise William Banda?

  19. Lupambo, you are a fool just like your Master William Malawi. When MMD fall you will not accompany William to Malawi he will leave you at the boarder. Why are you defending him?

    your days are numbered. Who knew that Col Kandafi was going to fall? it is a matter of time MMD is going whether this year next year or the year after God will deal with them.

  20. #22 Blessings, sad indeed, you should even change your name to curssings because that utter rubbish! No violence is justifiable, no matter the political stakes! Who appointed you and your fellow cadre hooligans as disciplinarians of Zambians??? If you want to enforce discipline, join the Police and enforce the rule of law and not beating your fellow defenseless citizens like this. Its people like you, William Banda and Gbagbo in Ivory Coast that cause tensed situations escalate into full time war

  21. The PF should just buy William Tekere Banda, I am sure he will fit in the gangster behaviour without problems. He is a typical PF cadre.

  22. William Banda is merely performing the duties left by Sata in MMD. What’s so bad is that PF has elevated the William Banda equivalent to be their President. Lord have mercy on this country.

  23. @11 Kalos2121 – Atleast we have NO evidence of demon posession in WB unlike Sata whose demons manifested on a live radio christian voice programme.This was after staff of this station were praying in the next room when the PF war monger suddenly had an uncontrollable hiccup which led to the cancellation of the show.

  24. I have noticed that UPND supporters you are so preocupied with PF why? why not castigating MMD? PF is not in power, your big enemy is MMD.

  25. Someone should visit this Malawian house one of these days and show him what violence really means! With a 42 Magnum in one hand and a machete in the other would even be better. What a loser, at his age still behaving the same way he did during the cha cha cha days. What kind of a sub-human species is this Tekere ‘thing’ anyway?!

  26. Untill Zambia burns up, that is when you MMD lunatics are going to come to your senses. By then Tekere and his General (Bwezani) will safely be out of the country. I sure hope he will be made to pay for all the crimes he has perpetrated on inocent Zambians when MMD loses in two weeks time!

  27. We will sort you out ka banda very soon.zambia is not yours alone.Ask yourself where ghadffi is at the moment.very soon you will be next ghadaffi in hiding.ur president mr sata,has got the helicopter and he will have acess to all parts of zambia where mmd claims to be there strong holds.wapya munzi.

  28. Ba F.I.K.A.L.A ba MMD mwaba matole. How can you honestly defend an evil person like Bill Banda? This f.u.c.k.e.r cased be the day when he was born. I feel for his mother who carried him in her womb for 6 months since he was a premature. Abe tole.

  29. Chongwe is a semi-rural agricultural disctrict inhabited by a diversity of people originating from Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia) and other provinces. Hence the voters that Chieftainess Nkomeshya is canvassing from Masebo have been heavily diluted by Ndebeles, Shonas, Ngonis, Tongas and other tribes with a strong culture entrenched in agricultural activities. Therefore, Masebo’s political survival is absolutely zero. By nature Zambians are too conservative to switch their allegiance from MMD or UNIP and venture to support the violent-prone Sata and his PF cadres.

  30. William Tekere Banda is a thug who must not be allowed to continue terorising the innocent people of this land. Muteteka has confirmed Tekere’s thug life. All the poeple that William asaulted togather with there relatives and sympathisers will not vote for Rupiah. Tekere is doing a diservice to RB. Am personally a staunch RB suppoter but i dont like the latitude which Tekere has been given to play in the MMD. Does it mean there is no one in the MMD who can tame this thug before people take it into there hands? My president RB, please tame this man or else he is going to scare away your would be voters

    The Party shall ensure that all the public institutions, State-owned enterprises and popular mass
    and similar organizations are led by persons who are members of the Party and who are
    Uncompromisingly committed to achievements of the Party.This ladies and is article 3 of the pf constitution and honestly how the hell do you think you can work in a government position in a country with such a constitution,certainly you cant trust mr sata you cant trust such a man vote RB

  32. Mr president Sata deport this guy william Bamba on 21st september, we are sure he has packed half of his katundu in anticipation of leaving for Malawi after 20th september.


  34. Do this poeple like William Banda even go to church and read the bible?Do people like William Banda Know that Juju is not forever?Do people like Willaim Banda KNOW that death can come at any min second,minute of hour?He is a foolish man,because at his age he can not being doing such things.We know Chiluba did something to his head that he is now not normal.The man is not thinking of how our universties look like,roads,schools,hospitals and so on.Why do have a police servince or are we back to a police force.Where are the motoka’s for the police IG Kabonde was talking about.

  35. Greenock Lupambo you are a LIAR. we all heard Rupiah Banda telling the people that if Chieftainship Nkomesha does not, here in zambia.
    then her retirement is near!!!! what does that mean? as for william banda, he should go back to malawi otherwise, he will die like a dog

  36. We are tired with MMD time yakwana katusheni ala mwatunasha nobufi. You are claiming pali chabe ma road projects koma we know that its not the MMD government doing it. When my President (Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata) comes into power mukamona. Am sure we are going to get yonse ma Mines and PF government is going to do its best.. PABWATO this time

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