All Africa Games: Netball Set For Medal

All Africa Games
All Africa Games

Netball is about to enjoy a rare share of the spotlight with Zambia poised to collect its first medal at the All Africa games in Maputo.

It has been a very poor All Africa Games in one of Zambia’s displays at the quadrennial event since coming away with one medal at South Africa 1999 with a silver in football.

The Zambia netball team, who recovered from their opening two defeats to win five straight games, are in a battle for silver or bronze with Tanzania locked on 10 points heading into their final round-robin games on Thursday.

Tanzania have also won five and lost two games, one of those defeats a 46-42 loss to Zambia in its first win.

Goal difference separates the teams with second placed Tanzania playing Botswana while third positioned Zambia takes on Ghana while Uganda recorded an unassailable lead and have banked the gold medal.

Whatever the results on Thursday, Zambia will win their first ever medal win in the event that began as a demonstration game at the 1997 Zimbabwe Games.

Furthermore, a medal win should help revive the profile of a once popular schoolgirl pursuit that has slid into almost obscurity.

Meanwhile, Judo, 5000 meters runner Tony Wamulwa and Chess are battling to join Netball on the medals podium as Zambia tries to save a second All Africa Games embarrassment after withdrawing as hosts of the same tournament two years ago.


  1. Zambia is one of the most useless African countries when it comes to sports. Zambian sportsmen are always content with merely participating. Winning is a far cry for them. One wonders why tax payers money is wasted by sending these under achievers to these games.

  2. team sports are great and will keep the youth away from criminal activities it’s not always whether you win or lose it’s the courage and determination in trying to achieve your best skills that can easily be transfered to business and everyday life ….best of luck to our ladies make us proud 

  3. We have no national sports council in Zambia.Some of them are out dated,We need young men like Mwamba from boxing to be part of the council,not ba mbuli chebe

  4. South Africa has already won over 120 medals at these games. Poor Zambia will end up with 3 medals at best. As # 4 has rightly stated kwena twa sebana.

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