Government re-classifies four districts to award hardship allowances to affected civil servants

Lake Itezhi-Tezhi in Itezhi Tezhi district

Government has re-classified four districts and has awarded all civil servants in the districts the long awaited rural hardship and remote allowances.

Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner Mary Mukwiza disclosed in an interview , yesterday, during a meeting for all heads of government departments and Union leaders at her office.

She disclosed that her office is in receipt of Cabinet circular No. B7 OF 2011 signed by Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Permanent Secretary Gorge Kawatu.

She said according to the circular which was sent from Southern Province Provincial administration, government has re-classified the district following a verification exercise undertaken by the government and Public service Union officials for the purposes of payment of rural hardship and remote allowances.

“It has been decided to re-classify Zambezi, Isoka, Chinsali and Itezhi Tezhi Districts from category ‘C’ as specified in 2010 Public Service Management Division circular on Review of salaries and conditions of service for employees in the civil service to category ‘D’, “ she said.

The re-classification of the district is with effect from 1st September, 2011 and shall be implemented on government payroll in September, 2011.

And The Itezhi Tezhi District Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Chairperson Chrissy Ng’andu has commended government for re-classifying Itezhi Tezhi district into category ‘D’ for rural hardship allowance.

Mr. Ng’andu has also thanked ZCTU, Zambia Union of Nurses (ZUNO) and other Unions national leadership for having worked tirelessly for the achievement.

The Union leader made the commendation in an interview with ZANIS after the meeting at Itezhi Tezhi District administration.

“Under the D category workers serving within the township will be entitled to 20 percent while those in the outskirts would be entitled to 25 percent remote hardship allowance, “Mr. Ng’andu said.

He said the news had excited workers in Zambezi district as it would provide for all the civil servants to qualify for the rural hardship allowance of 20 percent of their basic salary.



  1. This to me is like a maid, who knows she needs to feed the baby 3 times a day, but she eats up all the baby food and gives some to her visiting friends, then ooops the boss is about to arive, she gets a big spoon and splashes the left overs on the babys lips!!!!! 

  2. AT LEAST Mwadya MWEKA ama DUMBO you have finally woken up to reality just before the clock strikes midnight – alas, NI SSSHHHHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

  3. Very good but extremely bad timing. where were you when teachers were crying for this rural hardship allowance 5 years ago. the same govt put all such genuine concerns under foot but hola, today 3 days before elections, the rural vote is so important. read between the lines, this will in turn backfire soon as we will be told govt has no money

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