Monday, June 24, 2024

ECZ explains delayed official results anouncement


Polling agents, European Union (EU) observers together with ECZ officials and Police officers witnessing the counting of ballot papers cast at Shangombo basic School in Western Province
Polling agents, European Union (EU) observers together with ECZ officials and Police officers witnessing the counting of ballot papers cast at Shangombo basic School in Western Province

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has explained the delay in announcing election results from the rest of the country to the public through the official election results centre that has been set up at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

ECZ Public Relations Manager, Cris Akufuna explained this morning that the Commission has not yet received consolidated results from any of the 150 constituencies in Zambia.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Akufuna said the ECZ has however received results from some totalling centres from around the country but not the general total results from constituencies.

He said results are announced only when total results from a particular constituency have been received and added.

The ECZ Official also explained the delay to local election monitors, international election observers, civil society organisations, church representatives, political parties and the local and foreign media that have been eagerly waiting for results at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre since yesterday.

However, Mr. Akufuna assured the country that elections results will be announced as soon as totals from constituencies have been received by the centre.

He hoped that by 09:00 hours this morning, the Commission will have received some full results from some constituencies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Akufuna has disclosed that the electorate at Nakatindi polling station in Kanyama constituency in Lusaka will not be given another chance to vote following their decision to burn ballot papers yesterday.

He said the only voters that will be allowed to vote later are those in polling stations that did not receive their ballot papers by yesterday.

Three polling stations were affected in Lukulu west in Western Province after the vehicle that was delivering ballot papers was involved in an accident.

Mr. Akufuna said ECZ will this morning use Zambia Air Force (ZAF) helicopters to deliver election materials to the affected areas, adding that voting will be conducted immediately.



    • The ECZ appears to be quite disorganised. There seems to be serious a break down in communication between the operational staff (those reponsible for ensuring that all the logistics were in place) and the Honourable Justice who committed to the 48 hours…

  1. This Western Province delay and lies of broken ehicles has been the story since time 2001. I see it as a way the ECZ is helping MMD to rig elections. For once, i would suggest they do noyt vote for presidential candidates.
    Second, its ECZ’s goal to delay the announcement of results to allow for cheating by MMD in constituencies. If we had PVC we wuld have results by now

  2. MMD is busy making results to go to their favour. VJ is working on Lukulu (3 poling stations), Kapiri (1 poling station), Kanyama (3 poling stations). They will be voting being done today. HH is also sacrificing Southern province to RB. This is very bad. Boma ni Boma. The poling agents are very tired now. PVT should be put in place to avoid losing the elections.

  3. MMD, You have failed to find rigging ways so far, so the delaying tactics are meant to find other means of rigging…… Zwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MMD

  4. 7#

    Why edit Sata. The world needs to know Sata. This is why the man cannot become Zambia’s highest diplomat in representing us on the international platform as a President.

    I also see your point in editing him

    • But why edit the world didn’t edit Obama when he called Kanye West a jack ass. . . so why should the world edit Sata for calling an ***** ana ***** maybe its the ana they should edit because the man is so bembalised. The truth of the matter is that people should begin seeing people for who they are. . . . and that former PF general sercretary is one such ***** and that should not be edit. What about when George Bush called Moore a fool without redemption did the world edit, what about when Queen Elizabeth called Princess Diana a silly girl who needed to be corrected did the world edit that. . . the world should know what we are saying and if people deserve to be called names shall we do just that . . . check the meaning of ***** maybe its better than to be called a jack ass. . . . . . .

    • you ***** also, you also deserve to be insulted, and by the way the world will not come to your rescue, its just between you and don’t kubeba patriots,

  5. Viva PF…all MMD bloggers have gone dead….. busy rigging….shame….the end road for VJ… am sure he never thought this day would come….wait until he sits in Jail

  6. Ba ECZ mutubepe , sorry not this time, we have full live coverage from QFM and the updates so far are very promising, ECZ poorly organised this years elections but the writings on the wall are clear that MMD and RB have lost this time. Thanks QFM for updates.

  7. In Lusaka:

    PF has retained all of its urban seats but failed to grab Chilanga

    MMD has retained all Lusaka rural seats: Chongwe, Lufunsa, Feira and Grabbed Chilanga.

    MMD Keith Mukata gets Chilanga

    Chipungu gets Lufunsa,
     Masebo out in Chongwe, 

    Felix Mutati bounces back,

     Patrick Mwanawasa out and

  8. Come what may,RB thanks to rural votes has won the presidential elections leaving the ka king Cobra as usual hissing and complaining!!Wina azalila nafuti!! 

  9. No insults now bane wait for results and be patient.lukulu  voting to day results on Friday it pa zed everything goes.some ballots were burnt in kanyama and no more voting there,will they still have an MP? Well let’s have peace in all this nonsense! Zambia the real Africa.

  10. In North Western Province:

    UPND has retained Mwinilunga and Zambezi West

    PF is neck and neck with MMD for Solwezi Central with more polling stations yet to turn in ballots.

    MMD has taken all other constituencies with some run away margins including Mfumbwe

  11. With PF and UPND sharing 1 seat each, whole Central province has turned blue under MMD.

    George Kunda has returned his Muchinga seat.

  12. Atishani abena Mkushi,
    ba ECZ twebeni ifyo 4 at 8 said some areas have counted,now what are the results,no interest in counts but out come….nindo mukotina mwebakwasu.impindi ilifikile.

  13. With more technology this time around, it’s amazing how the results are being delayed. Kanyama must be allowed to vote today. That place is too dangerous in the nite for people to go cast their votes. Rigging in the making. A lot were afraid to go vate in the nite to avoid muggings, rape, even murder.

  14. In Western Province:

    Austin Liato has lost Kaoma to UPND but at Presidential Rupiah is coming out with splinting with huge numbers including in the 3 seats UPND has taken there.

  15. These people at ECZ lie with a straight face An ECZ official attributed the delay due to the long distances between polling centres and constituency centres. He said in some cases the distance is 400 km! That is the distance between Lusaka and Chingola.

  16. lets be patient its a difficult process to conduct elections especially in rural areas the roads are really bad to an extent that it can take 4 hours to cover a distance of 50kms no network coverages those who have been there can bear me witness. we need to hear from all consituency before concluding a winner its pre mature to say this has already won whe a lot of stations have not sent thr results.

  17. PF has won Mongu Central at parliamentary level but lost at Presidential to Rupiah Banda

    MMD has also retained all its held rural Copperbelt constituencies. Patrick Mwanawasa has since conceded to the MMD candidate.

  18. These fake delays of vehicles breaking down during this period of elections will add fuel to the already tense situation.ECZ has most of the results now but want to delay.this will bring chaos in this country.

  19. APPOLLO, #11:
    Do you have eyes and ears? Just wait and see who will be at Plot 1 in the next few days. Then you can express your disdain for MC. Until then, I would advise you to hold your vitriol within you. You may just have the rudest shock of your life yet! The signs are all over the wall, for those with eyes to see and a modicum of intelligence to discern!

  20. 49# Mungoma

    Good luck to you. I see you take it from your leader. Have a nice day. I have no Anger, Wrath or Vitriol. I am just watching the results as they come and so far is hitting Sata hard. Masebo, Mwanawasa & Mangani all gone….How about that?

  21. Monitor # am enjoying your updates. chwe chwe chwe………. viva HH Viva RB. ***** sata gone to hide with his magazine POST no more. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. we want to see our children grow and marry them off. may you take away this ***** evil minded sata away from our peaceful land. Thank you Lord our Father, Amen!

  22. Old tricks will not work, voting in Lukulu when counting is still going on and VJ thinks he is the only smart guy, no one will accept that!!!

  23. Imwe MMD is moving swiflty and RB is heading for another unbeaten run us PF and HH continue to record winneles record in there presidential run

  24. Delay is justifiable as there is one polling station that will be voting today. If ECZ announces results it will influence those that are voting today

  25. PF must now start looking for clean leader with white teeth not this dirty man, so far UPND had reached their mark of nearly 38 seats, but we are yet to confirm that,, wait for ECZ as UPND is very civilized party not these kaponyas, celebrating with one seat only…UPND has done very well in western province…

  26. It evident that MMD has no intention of running a free, transparent and fare elections. These delays are meant to manufacture artificial results… Watch out, they will start announcing with PF strong hold and then MMD…. they want to calm PF and then MMD will come from behind…they ve done this every rigged elections…

  27. If I were Masebo the money she wasted for campaigns I would have just opened a brothel in chongwe.She is now politically finished……………..

  28. so ba ECZ what 48hrs reporting were u assuring the nation????? Just admit that you ve failed to work on your logistics. Don;t muck around with Zambians, they are too smart for this crap!!!!!!!!!

    • Am I the only one doing the maths wrongly? Isn’t 48 hrs after polls close Thursday 18.00 hrs Zambian time. I am confused why people think ECZ has not met its goal. By the way Jeff you are 12 hours ahead of Zambia! It is not Australian time but Zambian time!



  30. Monitor you are smart than ECZ pls give them your results so they can tell the nation.Mongu results out but Lusaka stil silent why? Come on VJ do it fast.I’m loving every bit of what I hear mostly in chongwe ! Monitor keep going 

  31. 48 Hours from yesterday has not yet clocked. The polls closed at 18 hours yesterday and some had to be extended. If you do the maths, 48 hours will be tomorrow. But we expect ECZ to make some announcements today 

  32. Monitor is giving you fake results-he is in the USA and has no clue what is cooking on the ground. Reports on the ground are that it is now PF vs UPND with ba Rubbish relegated to number 3-this is sweet, ya everydog has its own like day!

  33. thx 75. I am up to date now. qfm is announcing and I have just spoken to a very reliable source. William is at UTH with two IVs. they may need a blood donor.

  34. I think when we armchair critics where arguing it off between RB and Sata, HH was busy campaigning. We completely removed him from the equation. It is now very clear that it was a mistake for PF to have undermined the pact. It seems RB may win because of the fragmented vote in the opposition. What a miscalculation!

  35. But God can change his mind right? Isn’t prayer about making God change his mind about a situation. So if both PF and MMD pray?!!!

    • Sata was always going to win Lusaka and C/Belt urban, but he’s still going to lose to RB cause of the rural areas where 64% of Zambians live.

  36. Rigging has become a Catch word these days. I propose we do a reserch and call people who have knowledge on the subject and then let the findings be published so that we are all in the know.
    Otherwise every character who looses an election will claim the elections were rigged.

  37. I am thrilled to note that PF is likely to take Mongu central consituency and that MMD has scooped all the 4 Ndola Rural consituencies. This is a warning to all these pseudopoliticians that Zambians are intelligent people who have gone beyond tribe politics and that the tribe card can no longer be used to gain votes. Remember Patrick Mwanawasa jnr, George Mpombo, Mlongoti and the lot yapping about Lambaland. I would like to see their faces. Am proud of you Zambians. VIVA MMD VIVA RB.

  38. days are numbered as others will gnash their teeth for all the sufferings they have caused us Zambians more especially in the area of Labour force at the hands of the Investors. May the next government look into our cry for the benefit of mother Zambia.

  39. Ken Rogers once sang like this and I quote: “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
    Know when to walk away and know when to run
    You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
    There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealing’s done

    Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’
    Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep
    ‘Cause every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser
    And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep”
    Wina azalila, Wina azakondwela!!!

  40. Mmmmm…..Why are we not receving the reults up to now ba ECZ?Remember… promised that within 48hrs all the results will be ready but i can see the situation of going beyond 48hrs.Kindly give the nation the reults as they come in….and dont delayyyyy WHY????

    • So as far as you are concerned  48hrs is gone???you need help with additional math,hope you know algebra because I won’t help you that far. We voted yesterday up say up to 1800hrs by 1800 hrs today it’s only 24hrs.we are therefore talking about 1800hrs tomorrow before we can start looking for sangoma instead of ECZ for results.lukulu is still voting so they could not even give us the bits.

      I’m equally stressed with this darkness mate was just pulling your legs.let us be patient,take a lot of water and garlic you will reach there. 


  42. PF administration is a very unique admin with strange policies and PR such as:
    “*****, *****, *****…” as noticed from the senior PF, SATA, yesterday.

  43. Which part of 48h do people not understand by 18hours tomorrow we get most results with exception of those that are delayed 

    :o wow too much traffic on LT today hitting the 1500 area by end of day sure must tgt 10k

  44. The trick with most dodgy African election outcomes is to let the will be “losers” be in the lead in the 1st fill hours and then in the final hours the would be “winners” start to take over hahahaha. Watch the space!!!

  45. The trick with most dodgy African election outcomes is to let the will be “losers” be in the lead in the 1st fill hours and then in the final hours the would be “winners” start to take over hahahaha. Watch the space!!!

  46. PF Wins
    Kaputa,Bwacha,Kabwe Central,Mkushi North,Kapiri Mposhi,Nchanga,Kalulushi,Chimwemwe,Kanfinsa, Kwacha, Nkana, Wusakile, Luanshya, Roan, Kankoyo,Kantanshi, Mufulira,Bwana Mkubwa,Chifubu,Kabushi, Ndola Central, Chama North, Mpulungu, Nchelenge, Lumenzi,Kawambwa,Mwansabombwe, Chembe, Mansa Central, Mwense, Luapula, Kafue, Chawama ,Kabwata, Kanyama, Lusaka Central, Mandevu, Kasama Central, Mpika Central,Lunte,Mporokoso
    PF have snatched Livingstone, Kafue and are leading in Kazungula.
    MMD Wins
    Mkushi South, Petauke, Chipata, Chongwe, Kafulafuta
    UPND Wins
    Katuba, Sesheke, Kaoma central, Mazabuka, Monze, Choma, Kalomo, Namwala, Siavonga, Gweembe, Dundumwezi, Mapanza.

  47. Monitor is gettingdata from his friends; I mean the people that determine who will be the president. There is God Jehovah; and a god in government of Zambia. The one who says Sata will never be president. In the name of the rural votes. Amen

  48. the upnd guys make me laugh. you can’t just sell your party or your leader without resorting to attacking sata. no wonder you can only manage 500 votes in wusakile an urban area and you claim to be the futureof zambian politics ala bane. you are just a bunch of small minds preoccupied with tribal issues.

  49. PF Wins
    Kaputa, Bwacha, Kabwe Central,Mkushi North,Kapiri Mposhi, Nchanga, Kalulushi,Chimwemwe, Kanfinsa, Kwacha, Nkana, Wusakile, Luanshya, Roan, Kankoyo,Kantanshi, Mufulira, Bwana Mkubwa, Chifubu,Kabushi, Ndola Central, Chama North, Mpulungu, Nchelenge, Lumenzi, Kawambwa, Mwansabombwe, Chembe, Mansa Central, Mwense, Luapula, Kafue, Chawama ,Kabwata, Kanyama, Lusaka Central, Mandevu, Kasama Central, Mpika Central, Lunte, Mporokoso
    PF have snatched Livingstone, Kafue and are leading in Kazungula.
    MMD Wins
    Mkushi South, Petauke, Chipata, Chongwe, Kafulafuta
    UPND Wins
    Katuba, Sesheke, Kaoma central, Mazabuka, Monze, Choma, Kalomo, Namwala, Siavonga, Gweembe, Dundumwezi, Mapanza.

  50. ELECTION RESULTS UPDATE: You guys bringing results. Don’t be daft. Don’t mix parliamentary and presidential results. A lot of what you are misleading people here with are parliamentary results, not presidential. Just be careful not to participate in public misinformation and the blame other people for it!

  51. #125 DADA – If I were you I would wait for official results. ECZ has started announcing in bits and pieces, but we have a long way to go. People should not be excited or make any judgements yet. What is clear though is that as we all expected it’s very tight, which makes everything very exciting…and whoever wins will deserve a part on the back. It is tough, because you have even new-comers like ADD snatching away small votes but actually interesting ones because they are getting votes all across the country. I feel good about our democracy. Once again it proves that if you say a powerful enough message people listen, and it doesn’t matter whichever province. To me that is the most exciting thing coming out of this election and I expect 2016 will be even better!!!

  52. It’s evident that Sata is winning this election, thanks to HH winning in previously MMD strongholds, southern, western, northwest and central. Sata has grabbed his strongholds of northern, copper-belt, luapula and lusaka, leaving MMD with eastern. There’s no chance of rigging this time around. 

  53. According to phoenix counting for Lusaka central still on going but PF leading. PF scooped most CB seats with wide margins dont kubeba seems to have worked on the CB

  54. So far nothing is surprising. It is all as expected PF is doing really well in urban areas and the 2 Bemba regions. I hear RB is sweeping most rural areas in terms of Presidential votes – although in terms of parliamentary votes MMD is in toruble. It is the same pattern as 2008. What will matter in the end is how the final numbers add up. Very simply, the one who will get consistently high votes across the country, even though he is not necessarily winning in many of them, will carry the day and win the Presidency. It was the same in 2008.

  55. PF Sweeps C/Belt, Lusaka, Luapula, Northern Parley Seats As SATA Takes Emphatic Early Presidential Lead (source


  57. kunta kinte the results so far show that PF has doubled its numbers from 2008 results and for MMD the gains are marginal. This is not good a sign for MMD.

  58. #148 BRAGGADOCIO – I’m a scientist who doesn’t depend on elections. I don’t really care who wins because my income does not depend on Zambia. My interest in Zambian elections is purely out of love for my own country and what is good for the country. You and I can agree or disagree on what is right for the country, but in the end history will unfold and prove one of us right. We are obviously speaking from different perspectives: you are a political cadre, I’m an analyst and what I’m saying now can be validated. In 2008, RB won because he was consistently either number 1 or number 2. Sata lost because he was consistently either number 1 or number 3. Sata has learnt from that and we can see improvements this time he is winning even in Barotseland. So it is tight, but it is too early.

    I know you have worked longer hours and you have nt rested but i give 10000% you info is good and i have verified, pliz more update. I LIKE YOU

  60. Sorry Braggadocio – my posting at #152 above was actually meant for #147 BEBETO. But what you are saying at #151 is actually what I’m saying as well. Do you know what I believe? Time for racing and quarelling is over. Now it is time to count the votes. Whatever I like doesn’t matter anymore because people have voted. This is going to be really tight fight and whoever wins deserves it. You see real men fighting here. If we go through this without any fights or violence, trully Zambia is a model democracy. Sometimes we condemn ourselves too much and forget what we have achieved as a country. This is exciting.

  61. Its all about the mathematics between Registered Voters in Urban & Rural Areas. PF is expected to maximise from
    the combined urban areas of Lusaka & Copperbelt which amounts to: 1,618,027 Registered Voters

    MMD & UPND have to maximise from Rural Areas which amounst to 3,549,127 Registered Voters

    ARBUN AREAS = 1,618,027
    RURAL AREAS = 3,549,127
    TOTAL = 5,167,154

  62. NATIONAL Registered Voters

    COPPERBELT 845,569
    LUSAKA 772,458
    NORTHERN 659,534
    EASTERN 644,725
    SOUTHERN 643,588
    CENTRAL 482,013
    LUAPULA 408,937
    WESTERN 394,660
    N/WESTERN 315,670
    TOTAL 5,167,154

    2.URBAN Areas – Registered Voters

    COPPERBELT 845,569
    LUSAKA 772,458
    TOTAL 1,618,027

    3.RURAL AREAS – Registered Voters

    NORTHERN 659,534
    EASTERN 644,725
    SOUTHERN 643,588
    CENTRAL 482,013
    LUAPULA 408,937
    WESTERN 394,660
    N/WESTERN 315,670
    TOTAL 3,549,127

  63. stop complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!just pray that whichever leader god chooses is good for us!!!!!!1that’s all we need to do!!!!!!!!!!!eveything is in the hands of god!!!!!!!!whoever he chooses will be the president as god is who decides everything and nothing can be done without his will… so just pray……..and have faith in god

  64. If banda lost he would become close friends with mangani again who has already lost in Chipata (as they will neighbours again).

    They would enjoy their Mosi together and remind each other how they brought each other down…ironic.

    ok we are not yet there lets wait and see.

  65. As a country we are really behind in terms of technology. Im watching ZNBC right now programme called election results 2011 and they are featuring some pastor instead of broadcasting live from mulungushi they are in their studio.

  66. Mpulungu – PF
    Mwansabombwe – PF
    Mwense – PF
    Nalolo – PF
    Nchanga – PF
    Ndola Central – PF
    Nkana – PF
    Roan – PF
    Serenje Central – PF
    Wusakile – PF

  67. POST website has since downgraded itself to a 48hrly update waste. One thinks thier nkongole has reached neck high and thay are now hoping their salvation is here

  68. Dont celebrate, the OP is on the ground with the help of VJ to fix the presidential result after which the nation will be informed the winner and that is RB. The silence by the ECZ means that something is being done on the ground to reverse the gains of the serpent. RB will win with 64, 000 votes margin.

  69. PF Wins
    1. Kaputa,
    2. Bwacha,
    3. Kabwe Central,
    4. Mkushi North,
    5. Kapiri Mposhi,
    6. Nchanga,
    7. Kalulushi,
    8. Chimwemwe,
    9. Kanfinsa,
    10. Kwacha,
    11. Nkana,
    12. Wusakile,
    13. Luanshya,
    14. Roan,
    15. Kankoyo,
    16. Kantanshi,
    17. Mufulira,
    18. Bwana Mkubwa,
    19. Chifubu,
    20. Kabushi,
    21. Ndola Central,
    22. Chama North,
    23. Mpulungu,
    24. Nchelenge,
    25. Lumenzi,
    26. Kawambwa,
    27. Mwansabombwe,
    28. Chembe,
    29. Mansa Central,
    30. Mwense,
    31. Luapula Central,
    32. Kafue,
    33. Chawama ,
    34. Kabwata,
    35. Kanyama,
    36. Lusaka Central,
    37. Mandevu,
    38. Kasama Central,
    39. Mpika Central,
    40. Lunte,
    41. Mporokoso
    42. Livingstone,
    43. Kafue,
    44. Mongu Central,
    45. Nalolo,
    46. Chingola,
    47. Chiengi,

    PF is having 31.76% on MPs

  70. MMD Wins
    1. Mkushi South,
    2. Petauke,
    3. Chipata Central,
    4. Chongwe,
    5. Kafulafuta,
    6. Mumbwa Central,
    7. Chavuma,
    8. Feira
    9. Masaiti,
    10. Mpongwe

    MMD is having 6.76% (This is for the total 148 parliamentary seats)

  71. UPND Wins
    1. Katuba,
    2. Sesheke,
    3. Kaoma central,
    4. Mazabuka,
    5. Monze,
    6. Choma,
    7. Kalomo,
    8. Namwala,
    9. Siavonga,
    10. Gweembe,
    11. Dundumwezi,
    12. Mapanza,
    13. Kalabo,
    14. Mulobezi,
    UPND is having 9.46% (This is for the total 148 parliamentary seats)

  72. Of the Rural provinces MMD can only win Eastern, Central Northwestern, and western. and they are problem in western as the opposition will get something.

  73. 157 # Observer – It will be the same as 2008. Sata will take Copperbelt, Lusaka & Luapula but will slow down as the 64% of votes start coming from Rural Areas.

  74. @175 Muntu: “UPND has messed up MMD in Western Province.” MMD are in a retirement mood. They deserve a pat on their back as they exit.

  75. #175 MUNTU – Becareful because what UPND is winning in Western Province so far is Parliamentary positions, Presidential votes are still going to RB.

  76. official results by Mambilima from Mulungushi via ZNBC – ECZ seems not to have results mambilima just waffling about the problems/concerns raised by stakeholders.they announce results as they streak in and as at now nothing in mambilima has left stage.


    • # 181 Mpundu – Kanyama constituency has been scooped my friend. Its only in one poling station that has not be allowed to vote. You have eyes but you cant see, you have ears but you cant hear. This is not the end of the road. Half of the 148 seats are yet to come. Just follow me because am on the PVT. Watch the space.

  78. VERY OFFICIAL FROM RELIABLE SOURCE—Wynter Kabimba has written to Ireen Mambilima to start announcing results because according to the RESULTS collected by PF secretariat ,the PF LEADER SATA is leading Country wide by 59% while RB 32%.They have collected results in all polling stations were counting is finished .AT A BIGGER PICTURE,MMD is simmingly to lose elections by a big margin

  79. Hi Guys, what song I just heard on Q fm which goes like “…kombokwe mairo…” Pretty good song. Why don’t these guys say the title of their songs.

    By the way I’m disappointed in my country… this is a place where you can get any live general elections on any website anywhere, even by individual bloggers. What’s wrong with this country?

  80. Where are the elections results… is this deliberate or this is indeed a 4th World Country? Man what is wrong with us. I’m sitting here I’m supposed to go to sleep and I still don’t even know who is leading… ridiculous! Even this blogger Lusaka times can’t give us a live feed.

    Has anyone noticed that The Post website is always down during Presidential elections. Either the Zambia Intelligence Services take it down or they should fire their IT guys.


  82. Though am MMD supporter, I wish to differ with the comment of #184 with respect to MMD wins in Northern Province. Be specific, are you saying MMD has won Nakonde parley or RB has scored high in that constituency? Remember the parliamentary election in Nakonde was postponed due to the death of the PF candidate. 

  83. Thanks UPND, this time you did not spoil for PF but for MMD keep it up. I can see you are sharing the votes with MMD in the former MMD strong holds and PF we drastically reduced the margins in areas where we virtually had no support and has managed to grab a few in some areas where we never existed. Good strategy, not rocket science DORA hey

  84. Mpundu’ #181
    It’s not the entire Kanyama Constituency that has not voted, only those voters who were supposed to vote at Nakatindi Polling Station where ballot materials were destroyed won’t vote. The rest of the constituency voted.
    Litunga is writing the truth.

  85. MMD must be men enough to accept the results without tampering, like Dr. Kenneth Kaunda did in 1991. Zambian are tired with their dirt tactics of stealing elections.


  87. #192 JOJO – Are you differing with him or you are differing with the vote count? Because infact what he is reporting now was heard much earlier in the day. It is not news anymore! RB has taken Nakonde. These results were probably among the very first to come out.

  88. QFM is reporting that that an official has been taken by the paramilitary police at the elections totalling centre for altering the entries of the results. But guess what.. he is not MMD. He is actually a PF official!

  89. Love him or hate him…Win or Loss King Cobra has done great work…to lead a Party and win so many MPs….it is not a small job….Bashi Chilufya Micheal Sata, nimwe bashi mukokota insono…imibanga mise….taka fitala….tamusha ciminine….

  90. But Akufuna you have nothing on your website. You are a failure at your job. Please you and the lot of the ECZ directorship have to resign. When RB was delaying to announce election date he claimed he was waiting for you to tell him when you are ready. You told the whole country that ECZ was ready but if this is what you mean by being ready then we live in different countries.

  91. We are still waiting to confirm the result in the parts of EP, SP, WP, NW and other rurals areas. I will furnish with the rest of results very soon.

  92. If he is guilty he should be sent in for not less than 15 years. Yes the time it would take to completely get rid of MMD in the eastern province.

  93. Manual verification/totaling up at Lusaka Civic centre for Mandevu and Lusaka Central.

    One would have thought computers should help to sort out things. But no kubena Africa they have brought problems.

    Imagine our High Commissions in developed countries still using paper receipts for passports!

  94. SATA is a political genius!! Don’t get me wrong. I actually voted for HH. The man has built a party from nothing.
    I hope his political prowess will translate into meaningful pro poor developmental policies and good governance as well as sanity in our country.
    All the best as we look to the future where we hope to have the likes of HH and CHIPIMO to lead us ……

  95. Fellow zambians lets not take this country and its citizens for granted.We are making a very grave mistake.Remember histrory does not die out.Whatever the MMD and its agents are doing to the zambians will never be written off.We are watching and a few years from now we are going to review all these issues ,because in life no situation is permanent.And none of us shall continue to be where we are now,as such its better to do the right things.So that when our times are over none of these shall come back to us.Lets build our nation and not destroy through acts of selfishness and evil.Must PF win lets accept the same goes for all the parties.We know the tricks from MMD.But not now and not this year.Maybe we must sacrifice something strong.People want change and let the change previal in zambia

  96. The maths is simple pf takes lusaka urban,copperbelt urban,luapula and northern but not the other far according to Litunga pf have 47 seats from their strong hold.upnd have got 14 from their stronghold, what of mmd?we dont know.However what we know is that their are 87 seats which are not in pf or upnd strongholds!Lets wait and see.Be patient guys.So far so good for still need 29 seats to have a majority!GOD BLESS ZAMBIA. which are not in pf or upnd strongholds!Lets wait and see.Be patient guys.So far so good for still need 29 seats to have a majority!GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  97. ECZ has only announced presidential results from 17 constitutions so far; Nakonde MMD 11 378
    PF 9 363, UPND 433, Monze central UPND over 21 000, MMD over 2000, and PF over 1000 (didnt get accurate figures), Roan PF 12 850, MMD 5 301, UPND 321 (source ZNBC)
    Confirmation for Lusaka Central from Qfm Sata 20, 225, Banda 8 357, HH 3 350 Guy Scott retains seat.

  98. So now, on this important day we have a news blackout. When people are anxious to find the outcome of the votes they cast they are denied this very basic right. The only place where you can glean some form of information on election results is this very blog and a few others. It’s not easy, you have to sift and get rid off some gibberish nonsense, false prophets and excess verbiage. What’s left after this exercise is not illuminating in the least. How long are we to remain third world? When KK used to call the whole bunch of officials STUPID *****S, oh how right he was!! There’s no way you can describe ECZ conduct otherwise. In this day with all their computers, telecomunications and internet they are still coming up fatuous excuses. Why are we cursed nefisushi fyamusango yu kanshi?!

  99. Yea Guys, its been hectic must confess…. What is ECZ doing mwebantu??? It seems they are under pressure these guys… Anyway, has Veep gone through in Muchinga????

  100. Have not heard anything from my beloved FILIPINO girlfriend priscilla isaacs,ECZ director. She is so arrogant difficult to reason with.

  101. I dont understand why people should say EU talking to RB… we run a simple majority system which means it can run till the last vote is cast do not confuse the 50+ system where a certain margin can be reached and you can call for the other opponent to conceded

  102. Election results only coming through Qfm and this site. i hope we wont have a power blackout soon. One of the campaign ‘songs’ was that we are now a lower middle income country and this is what we have to show the world for such a status. it is really SAD.

  103. Pepoz,

    Please remember that RB only won the 2008 presidential election by 2% of the vote (35,000) which any one well versed in the Queen’s language will tell you means the skin of his teeth. 2008 was really a sympathy vote after the unbelivable ferrying of the late Mwanawasa SC’s body all over the country. It will take more than Dora Silliers bams to maintain that 2% lead. Most of the newly registered young voters who were not part of 2008 are unashamedly ‘donchi kubeba’ so let those who have ears to hear listen. Lupiah Banda can start packing his bags and Thandiwe can pull her chitenge tighter.

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