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A Patriotic Front cadre celebrates his party's victory along President avenue in Ndola


Patriotic Front members cerebrating their party's victory along President avenue in Ndola


PF Supporters celebrate their party victory in Chipata


PF Supporters celebrate their party victory in Chipata


Patriotic Front's Kennedy Sakeni and his supporters after he scooped the seat in Mansa.


Police form a cordon to restrain Patriotic Front cadres from beseiging the National Results totaling centre at Mulungushi International Conference centre.


A Patriotic Front cadre dances in victory in front of a police cordon.


Patriotic Front youths undress in victory after Sata won the presidential elections.


Sylvia Masebo makes her way into the Mulungushi International conference centre after Sata won the elections


Sylvia Masebo in her car (c) driving in the convoy along Great East road after it was announced that Sata had won the elections


  1. Pic 8-Very hilarious i like that.I feel sorry for Masebo though…but anyway i am sure king cobra will find something for her.Nizi donchi kubeba for shizzle :)

  2. Michael Chilufya Sata is really a genius. He has managed to build a party from scratch to what it is now, ruling whilst the socalled educated have miserably failed despite inheriting parties which already had structures!

    • How true my brother. The educated have been busy trying to belittle the man but he ignored them and did what he does best. The lesson: If at first you fail try again. If you fail again try again, If you fail again try again.

  3. There’s obviously a serious youth problem in ZED and this needs addressing urgently. Sata had better set that as high priority. Zoona ba MMD bana ononga chalo.

  4. 2 Timbalife How true my brother! The educated have been busy trying to belittle the man but he ignored them and did what he does best. Convince people to follow him. The lesson in all this: If at first you fail, try again. If you fail again; try again, If you fail again just try again.

  5. I would like to see those guys in UK and RSA who used to insult us that “Sata will never be a President in Zambia!” We told you prophets of doom! But we are dissappointed with the guys undressing in public right in front of Police? This is unZambian! Please guys behave!

  6. nudity is everywhere in the world and those who have traveled will attest to this. a few examples would include the naked man festival in japan, the carnival celebrations in south america, brasil in particular. this is a form of celebration and let pipo show their happiness as they see fit and stop this crap of its unZambian when we all know better.   

    • It’s not about nudity. It’s just undignified. These pictures will be beamed across the globe, and the media will envitably go for the most sensationalist “African savage” image, i.e. the one above. If one needs to celebrate in his underpants then he should to it at home. If one wants to celebrate in public in front of cameras then at least maintain an air of dignity and keep the clothes on!

  7. Well,goodbye isn´t really good at all.
    I´m now in Trinidad and Tobaggo for a holiday,to my MMD,I say until then.
    Remeber one thing though,in every dark cloud there is a silver linning.

  8. Only one intelligent cnclusion to draw: All HH supporters were bloggers on sites like this one and ZWD. Nowhere near a polling booth, never registered or indeed never even voted in any election in Zambia as most if not all of them hav hardly lived in Zambia. You don’t win elections like that.

  9. MMD get rid of William Banda, Chembe Nyangu, Richard Kachingwe Shikapwasha, Dora Siliya, Chituwo, Nalubambe, George Kunda aka red lips. Mkondo lungu mabenga and the newly Acquired Chikusu the katuba MP. you will be better off without them Oh also Canicious Banda. he will say you for a little silver like he sold his colleagues in RDA ie Resident Doctors Association. and lead to the mass exodus of doctors from Zambia.

  10. Vernon Mwaanga has predicted that President Banda will win the September 20 presidential election by between 44 and 46 percent.
    Mr Mwaanga has given Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata between 34 and 36 percent and United Party for National Development (UPND)’s Hakainde Hichilema between 13 and 15 percent. ( Poll released to Zambia Daily Mail)

    He Lied!! Mwaanga lied to the King. Cut off his shrinking gonads and grind them into cat food! You wanker!

  11. twamichita mi-su-la yenu ba MMD with your confused RB, he has done enough damage to MMD as real members of the party either watch or runaway in fear. Twalimyeeba kale.

  12. I must be sure by now HH knows why Sata was the more appropriate leader for the pact! What a lesson to the under five

  13. I hope the president will appoint Slyvia Masebo as MP and also appoint her Minister of Local government-She works very well especially in that area. I wish her all the Best. Great celebration.

  14. #36:
    Just say u love madam masebo! what did she do when she was minister for local govt? can u explain how she [She works very well especially in that area]?

    Na ine nimpapa saana, kwati ni kabova!

  15. Mr. President, the people have spoken, they have chosen you to captain their ship for 5yrs.They have been with you on your way up and if you humble yourself and work for them, they will be with you in your hour of need. Do not let them down.
    Zambians are peaceful and patient people but once they have decided on their next move, they are very resolute.
    Uplift the living standards of the multitude of people especially youths who have no jobs by creating jobs for them.
    Job creation will ultimately have a positive impact in the general wellbeing of the country. Education, Health, and other social services.

  16. Do not let power get to your head.
    This is the time to start building a legacy that will be revered and well respected by citizens for a long time to come through the delivery of social justice to the people.
    You have worked hard for this and you can destroy it all if you let other non important things consume your time. We have spoken now its your time to deliver

  17. From leader of business house to back bencher. I wish RED LIPPED good health so that he can see for himself president Sata’s hard work. Congrats mr President. Let me also thank you all pf supporters and fellow kaponyas in making sure we send him back where he belongs.

  18. Masebo will be sent into foreign service very soon, so I wouldn’t feel sorry for her. Feell sorry for backbenchers $Dollar Siliya and George Kunda, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #8 that is the result of Ruphia Banda and his MMD unemployment syndrom now surfacing among the youth—a little bit of Tujilijili, and you forget you are in the street and not the shower!!!!!!

  19. ya at last because even voting was so hard,being on the queue for two hours and just waited,am not so patient but that day i did,God bless sata and the people of Zambia.

  20. # 8 I don’t see anybody naked all i can see is happy die hard PF youths in their underwears so stop saying you have never seen anybody in the bamba. Let the kids have fun and enjoy this momment like you MMD enjoyed in 91. Viva SATA

  21. PIC # 8 you Rock, Nomba Naiwe, Bamba ninkhani yakudala sure???? We moved to Boxers?? Hahahaha. Zambians don’t condemn our fellow citizens it is just joy.

  22. Leaders should learn and know that the power to rule the country lies in the hands of the youth. PF victory was hard won and had it not been the vigilance of the youth MMD would have stolen the victory. The ECZ and all those charged with running our public affairs have learnt a bitter lesson and should never at all in future allow themselves to be manipulated by the seating govt. Beliefs such as BOMA NI BOMA should never be entertained. Always let the will of the people prevail. Imagine what would have been the situation had the PF not won the election?

  23. Looks like it’s children and youths celebrating. I suppose Ms Masebo expects a nomination to Parliament and a Cabinet post. Then we will be back with the same chaps who were flops in MMD. Change? What change?

  24. Allow people to celebrate the hard earned victory especially after the Movement For Mad Dogs did more damage to the country’s social and economic well being of the majority citizens. Keep on guys, i like it that way.

  25. Sylvia Masebo is not finished, she has an unequivocal cv and experience. This only the beginning for even better prospects. She made the right decision to leave mmd to join the pf. Life is about principles, and she is not short of them, as her decisions illustrate. There are wide opportunities for Sylvia both in her mother country, regionally, in Africa, and worldwide. Rather than feel sorry for her, the people who are mocking her need to feel sorry for themselves who have no transferable skills, nor experience, other than working as carers and cleaners in the foreign countries. We, the women of substance, have nothing to fear, when one job goes, there are million other opportunities. The secret, is ma degree, ma masters, ma phd, is the mantra. Hilary Clinton? Lost but doing great!

  26. iyo kwena kwali jubilation… can’t help laughing out loud at some of the comments on pic. #8! I hear it’s very hot in Zambia right now, so I’m sure those guys just felt like shedding some loads off!

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