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Michael Sata declared Zambia’s fifth President

Headlines Michael Sata declared Zambia's fifth President

PF President Michael Sata

Electoral Commission of Zambia has anounced that Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has defeated the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy candidate Rupiah Banda in 2011 presidential elections.

Justice Irene Mambilima announced early this morning that with totals completed from nearly all the country’s 143 constituencies, Sata had won with 1,150,045 votes, representation 43 percent of the total. President Rupiah Banda had 961,796 votes, representating 36.1 percent. Eight other candidates shared the remainder.

The totals from the remaining 7 constituencies were not enough to overturn the lead that Mr Sata had amassed.

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    • This is a lovely day in the history of my life, my family & my kids ba Sata God has chosen you to lead us out of this mess. IG Chigili I have no mercy fo you mbuli.

    • Although I am not PF or MMD…today I am very proud to be Zambian. Our system works!! Congrats Mr. President M. Sata. Thanks to RB for accepting the will of the pipo. May God Bless Zed.

  1. Where is Senior Citizen I hear he will have the garage sale this weekend as he prepares to go to Zambia. God hears the cry of the people

    • Victory for democracy… 20 years of MMD was too much!!! and for what?? what did they do in 20 years. This time around we shall be judging them by 10 years if they are lucky otherwise ma fivers chabe.

  2. Where is Senior Citizen and all those that thought we cant win the elections? We told you we will win and you called us Kaponyas…..guess who is ruling now.

  3. Senior citizen go back to Zambia.your visa is now expired. You nolonga work in embassy hahahahahahahajahahahahahhahahahaahha
    and you HH with your supporters you have eaten dust just like your uncle RB

  4. Congratulation Mr Sata , all the best as we promised in MMD. If the people decide we will cede power and honourably we have done so and indeed democracy has won. All the best. We have left you fat surplus and burgeoning economy, but be wise . Copper has been slaughtered today 8.5% down and I pray this will not be a trend. There is a lot of work to do and focus on that and build many more flyover bridges , congratulations and all the best , you will need it

  5. Congratulations Mr. President.
    We prayed and have been answered. Well done. Lets see what lusaka times will be reporting now

  6. Sad day for Zambia. This Buffoon is a criminal who deserves punishment for his past sins. Zambians have made a terrible mistake in electing this Thug. But I respect the will of the Majority. Lets see if Sata will deliver on his 90 day promises. The clock it ticking. YABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA VIVA HH anyway!!! God bless HH… God bless Zambia.

    • Do not judge or you will also be judged. Are you more saintly than Sata? Have you never sinned in your life? Even as you write this you may be habouring some sin in your life. You hate Sata but your hate will not change things. You are the people who destroy things because you are always negative about everything. God is also watching and hearing you over what you are saying about Sata and He will judge you on that too. Be ready to be angry for the next 5 years and waste your good health. When Mwanawasa came to power people called him cabbage but look what he did.

  7. Yes PF well done, for standing up and removing MMD??? Let all those ZNBC chaps be fired.William should be arrested as well. Very stupid man, He thought he owned Zambia.

  8. Yes Cheif boot licker. there seems to be a looming recession. Here in Australia the dollar has fallen beow parity because of the slowdown in the Chinese economy which means demand is low for raw materials. Thats why the price has gone down. Yes it wil be a hard run for all countries for the next 2 years

  9. Another Kaponya in State House! Congrats Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata. We are starting to count the 90 days beginning tomorrow. Don`t disappoint the people who have voted for you.

  10. Zambia the pace maker. Well done my fellow Zambians wherever you are. So Happy to be one right now. May God continue to endow us with peace,

    • Njombwinjo am now here to terminate u 4 insulting me yestaday now dat we ar ruling..U cant hide 4 my intelligency has revealed yo name n location 4 me..watch ths space.

  11. Congrants ba pf. It is a bitter pill for me to swallow. RB is a mature national leader and has a fatherly heart. Well, people have chosen. I just have to live with it. I was and I am still a critic of how pf is going to put money in our pockets and how chinese investment is going to be handled. Lets wait and see. It might work and that could attract some of us to go back to Zambia.

  12. Well done people for the peace and goodwill we thank God. This is just the beginning of things time will tell but change is what we needed. Roll on the good times

  13. MMD bootlicker and Capitalist 3 E’s load of rubbish you had been preaching here. Preach no more. Congrats MCS take this great nation forward. We needed this change

  14. Congratulations Ba Sata weldone and well deserved. You persevered, you knocked on the door several times and the door is open finally. Work hard and shame your critics, finally a true son of the soill born in Zambia at the helm. Bind the people of Zambia together!

  15. The following should start looking for jobs 1 Times of Zambia editor 2 DeadN BC Director General 3 Zambia  Daily Mail Editor 4 Dickson Jere 5 Chanda Chimba the 4th 6  etc etc

  16. Sata has been groomed to be a our President from being a local police to council worker. His is indeed man of ACTION. Zambia is free at last. The Boat sailed over the storms of MMD.

  17. Three Cheers!!
    Salutations Mother Zambia.

    This is a win for all Zambians.

    Now the hard road to bring development for all Zambians, fair and equitable for majority of Zambians begins.

    Hope and Pray His Excellency Michael Sata will work hard to achieve good results for Zambians and add his name to the great leaders of Zambis. The real work starts now.

    Over to You His Excellency.


  19. Chief bootliker, ka kizito, engineer, basakala mwalapila….sata will never be president are you God….all those who said this…time has catch up with you…basakala

  20. The following should start looking for jobs 1 Times of Zambia editor 2 DeadN BC Director General 3 Zambia  Daily Mail Editor 4 Dickson Jere 5 Chanda Chimba the 3rd 6 Chanda Chimba the 4th 7  etc etc

  21. RB disappointed Levy MHSRIP.

    RB said there is no corruption in Zambia. An insult to the Zambian people.
    RB said I did not solicit for your votes. Another insult to Western Province.

    Go to the achives for more.

    Meantime it’s happy happy Don’t kubeba!

  22. Ok now can we see your menu no more dont kubeba.at least he can go to south for boosting.lesa waluse he has saved him from shame.i think this has encouraged me no matter how many times you fail never give up.but honestly this potriat will be scaring me when i come from school in evening to find up on the wall by the door.

  23. 5 Years and I can promise you, we will be stupid to the last!! So that those who were stupid in the previous government can also feel what it means to be stupid. They will learn lessons in “Justice”; press freedom and searching for contracts. And the post will now be their friend; Basakala Nyogo

  24. Ka HH ,you must now be a total confused chap,you are now finished together with your party,RB,VJ,and all those that kept on cheating this UNIP chap RB coup ploter.HHthought was too clever for PF and Sata.Check facts ,all those who turned against HIS Exellency are nobodies now,no one has won any seat they are finished,imwe naimwe mu ma foreign embassy start packing naifwe tubombemo,Dora na ba mwana RB ipekanyeni bwesheni cash mwa vobwele icalo..HHiye uluse,cacine ni under five politician you failed to see how umwela wale pupa.

  25. Congratulations Mr. Sata. Remember to keep the promises made, clean house, change Zambia’s work culture, curtail corruption, make Zambia prosper, ensure that the laws of the country are followed, govern by democratic principles, and do what it takes to stay healthy. One Zambia One Nation.

  26. Congratulations to the Zambian people! I also take this opportunity to applaude Rupiah Bwezani Banda for listening and letting the will of people prevail. All good meaning Zambians should wish him well and accord him the respect that he duly deserves as a former head of state. Now should not be the time for witch hunting, but rather, it should be a time of taking stock of where we have come from and where we want to go. Congrats bashi Chilufya, May the good Lord grant you the wisdom to lead the country of Zambia to prosperity. Zambia is indeed the real Africa.

  27. Litumezi ahulu people of Zambeziland.! Mwawila ncito ban ba mai. twalumba kapati!
    Now work starts….. every body be constructive and productive in your place of work…
    Our new president does not tolerate under performers….you will tell me :d\:d/

  28. Congratulations, you need to unify the whole of Zambia and may the good Lord be with you as you lead our country.

  29. Congratulation Mr Michael Chilufya Sata. Wish you the best and good healthy as you lead the nation to prosperity. Enjoy State House Sir!

  30. Congratulations Mr. Michael Sata. Keep your promise to release our Barotse compatriots unjustly incarcerated in Mumbwa prison.

  31. Sorry my friends from the opposition. You really fought hard and as a former MMD member and leader, I should say it was just politics and we the supporters of PF and Sata are proud of our fight and achievement of this hardworking and honorable leader. Today I will sleep well knowing that the voice of the people has been heard. About the loss of our friend Sylvia Masebo, well we have a job for her. AMBASSADOR TO USA or HIGH COMMISSIONER TO UK. I really appreciate your fight Capitalist, Bootlicker, VJ Rigger, Senior Citizen and pf government. We are not enemies, but have different ideologies only. And these cannot divide us. But make us realize our flaws as a people. I LOVE YOU ALL.

  32. congrats ba Sata, people of zambia have chosen you as their president please dont dissapoint us like these movement for moron dopies.

    • Congratulation His Excellency Mr. M. C. Sata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has shown that people wanted charge, no more riots in the CopperBelt, people are busy celebrating for this wonderful moment. who said Mr. Sata can never be president? shame MMD! God’s time is the best. May God give you the strength to lead the people of Zambia and may He continue to blesss the fruit of your hands and protect your family.

  33. Only in Africa can a half educated, dictatorial , buffoon go to Plot1 . Poverty and Ignorance are a curse that this guy has taken advantage of . Sad day for Zambia . What ever Chiluba did will look like a Sunday School picnic !!! This chap has no brakes or shame or morals. If the Catholics have any moral fiber they will have to be the first to cry foul , since Fred and the Post have already sold their ‘souls’ in a bid to save their Airline and finances .We can forget about press freedom. We should prepare for a whole lot of by-elections until he gets his 2/3 majority in Parliament  which than become a rubber stamp . Just pray that we do not become another Mugabe type Zimbabwe !!!!!!

    • Come on be realistic, you have seen or ready how this party has been progressing until this time. It is the law that you have in Zambia and hence no need to insult the him. You the educated go to Zambia and get be the president. It is better to criticize the law not the people keep the law!

    • It is sad that you alone have chosen to insult when everyone is celebrating. Please, be realistic, fomenting anarchy will not take Zambia far. We need each other as a nation. The last I checked, I found that even the half educated are human beings too. Sadly you the educated one choose to insult. Now who looks half educated here?

    • Wenye wako Zamdrv. You are indeed a big fool. What of Brazil’s Silvo?? Of all the presidents he was outstanding despite his poor education background.

  34. Congrats to the people of zambia and I pray that sata will keep his promise and put more money in our pockets and not mu ma ncho choli? Dont forget 2016 is around the corner!


  36. I am opening an Asylum law firm tomorrow, please ex-MMD get in touch. or else you die at the hands of a man already known to have dictatorial murderous behaviour.

  37. # 18 and 19,

    Impossible to be coerced by any force whose value systems i don’t agree with under the sun. Thus i’m very much here proud and free person under the US constitution. Be rest assured you will live to see and hear more of me to get Sata to work. Giving you time for the fanfare but will keep you on your feet. Now go tell your Minister of Foreign Affairs to see me back in Zambia as you have long been made to believe i’m a diplomat. interesting is that you will live to see me freely visiting Zambia whenever need arise.

    See my message in entry;

    # 4 and 10

  38. This reminds me when Obama won, the feelings are mixed, Happy and just feel like crying,,, the govt for the people,OOOHHH my God what a beautiful day to remember, thank you for listening to the people, when people speaks please listen,DEMOCRACY has prevaled!!!! at long last, CONGRATULATIONS, Mr President Sata

  39. Capwa aba Tonga tabakatepo icalo nakabili. HH was going to be the Vice Pres but their tribalism and nepotism has blinded them to simple rules of maths. You cannnot have support in one province out of nine and expect to win a majority!!! How can they vote for Muntanga who killed Mazoka… they handed PF a presidency can you imagine if Mazako were alive today…

  40. Micheal…. angel of God sent to protect god’s people
    May God bless you and the pipo of Zambeziland….

    Donciikubeba……wilalilila hush! do not forget where you hail from.

  41. I want to know if RB Band was eligible to stand as president. That fool is not entitled to anything other than prison.

  42. PF jail all the national coffers thieves. We’ll a lot to get back. ACC, DEC commissioners, goodbye suckers. Jails are waiting 4 u. Not 4getting F Kabonde and depot Banda 4 good. Look what he had turned our nation into. RB we’ll now dig deeper about yo roots and depot u 2 where u belong. Dora, drink, shag and wet yo bed more, time has arrived for the real deal PF. Big Nose Ronnie where r u? Whose got the last laugh? Mwanya you poppies. Jere we still remember $100 0000 dollars farm purchase. James Banda we are breathing down your neck. VJ? Drug dealer, we’ll c. The list is endless. Justice Sakala remember u not shaking hands with Sata 2 please RB? We r on MMD’s case. Where did they get all the money in a night when they have been a perpetually broke party.in the last 20 years?

  43. I hope the new leaders will be fair and just, and will not seek revenge. The best remedy for past mistakes is use money and resources fairly, and seek to recover stolen money, not just throwing people in prison. And all those cadres, MMD, PF, etc., who were involved in incidents, should be forgiven (except in cases of death); they were incited into violence by party leaders and misled into thinking that was the only way to get fair results. Tolerance should be the way forward. Happy elections, Zambia!

  44. No 92 have respect for the President. Sata has a degree which is much more than your Certificate of Education you moron.

  45. Ba LT, I just feel insulted that you have decided to find a better picture for our in coming President while the past months we have been subjected to pictures that were taken roughly or when he was tearing up due to tear gas. Please, keep your support for RB and MMD. You and Chanda Chimba have been a thorn in this man’s fresh. What you forgot was that people votes, not your rantings.

  46. thanks guys. am not there to cerebrate with you ,am Kenya studying but i have been following the events. i voted with you in my heart. May God give wisdom to mr MCS to guide Zambia and also console RB for a good fight .After all were all Zambians.To HH learn to climb from the stem them things will be possible for you.

  47. Congratulations PF
    ALLOWED carders to terrorize innocent citizens.

    Good beating,you deserved.

    You have taken MMD into oblivion

    Where William?, you will be given lashes old man just wait.

    Where is Lifwekelo, panshi pakosa kumulu kwalepa

    Where is Chimbwi?, i guess he is in kafue national park crushing bones

    Where is Rev. Lungu? ya that chap

  48. Sata is my president for one simple reason, he is nationalist. Zambia is for zambians and will be developed by zambians and not foreign investors. SELF ESTEEM, DIGNITY AND PRIDE IS RESTORED AMONG ZAMBIANS… AND GOD WANTED TO DELIVER HIS PEOPLE THAT IS WHY HE TOOK AWAY THE unrepetant Chiluba in time. He could have been causing confusion…

  49. Congratulations to Mr PF MC Sata on his successful win of the 2011 elections becoming President of Zambia.

    I wish him and his PF well as they endeavor to develop Zambia.

    Blessings to all.
    Matt 6:33

  50. Well,well,well,it had to come.The moral of Sata’s victory story is that when at first you don’t succeed,try,try again.He started with one MP and everybody was laughing at him,he kept on building until the party became the biggest opposition party,now he is in state house leading the most beautiful and stable nation.What a man,what a fighter,congrats ze bigge

  51. Congratulations from MWANAWAKWITU to our bululu and buya. NINE CHALE 1984 CUTEY ENGINE BHLOKO MISS DAISEY DR MAUREEN ZAMBIA is now a beacon in Africa like Botswana and Ghana. Now work begins, praises be to our Lord and sacking Jesus.

  52. @AnAppealToCommonSense-agreed but Ala Bii,Dora,Lifukilo,cifire,chanda chimbwi,william tekere,Kabonde et al benakuponoka.They knew what they were doing.The violence,the corruption we demand justice-its only fair!

  53. Hi Guys, Fuuureeee at Laaaasteeeee!!!!!! Let’s give credit to Messrs. Mpombo, Mulongoti, Mbita, Panji, Sichinga, Patrick, Silvia, Mangani and many others who helped us in compagns….. You’re saints sent by God to sail us to the promised land……. God bless!!!! Congrats King Cobweb!!!!!!!!!

  54. congrats mr. michael chilufya sata, president elect.
    There is alot of work ahead and i hope you won’t start yo 5yr mandate with witch hunting bt reconciliation of a divided nation. Further, i wish to advise pf supporters that pf’s victory does not mean free lunch and that if u dont work hard u will still remain poor.
    congrats once again

  55. Indee.RB izamunyokola njala with his farm girl & Dora. I doubt kanti bazamubweza kumunzi with a mountain of prospective court cases to defend himself. Congrats king Cobra & the gallant people of Zambia as being real winners.

  56. Ba Senior Citizen, you have fought a tough fight. I will not vilify you at all. This was a competition, you win some and you lose some. As Zambians, I think we should put our heads together. The elections are over, but the people of Zambia don’t eat votes. We need to put up a strong and hard working Think Tank to help our nation. There is no need to point fingers. The fight is over. We should give each other hugs and congratulate each other for our various achievements. After all we are one. Sata will not only be President for PF, but all Zambians. In politics we bruise each other, but when the elections are over, the healing must start. I will not congratulate Mr Sata, but I will emphatically CONGRATULATE ALL ZAMBIANS for their peace and democratic behavior. WE ARE AFRICA’S BEACON

    • The President doesn’t need any congratulations from you Kalos2121.
      More than 60% of Zambians have already congratulated the PRESIDENT – King Cobra M. C. Sata!

  57. Kudos, kudos to the newly elected president of Zambia. There is a lot of work ahead. Let us bring some sanity and patriotism to Zambia.

  58. Zambia’s peace and growth trend depends on focusing on things that sustain and improve on these. The new leadership should from the onset indoctrinate and pacify their members to refrain from any acts of vegeance, witch-hunting, unconstitutional arrests and imprisonment,circus bot costly court actions The losers, let us accept defeat and congratulate the new President and his team. 

  59. Congratulations to Rupiah Banda for not rigging the elections as this was my biggest worry especially that he was surrounded by the likes of VJ who is well versed in rigging. Viva Zambians.
    Now Zambian Embassy staff in London Mwanya Mulameka sana ba kabwa.

  60. Don’t forget Mr. Sata that we shall keep a watchful eye on your presidency to make sure you work to the benefit of the Zambian people. This is not the last you’ve heard of MMD as MMD shall continue with vigilance to make sure you deliver on the many promises you made to the Zambian people. I have already marked my calendar as I am already counting 90 days for you to deliver on the promises you said you would fulfill in that duration.

    I congratulate you on your victory but I warn you not to betray the Zambian electorate who gave you that seat. Congratulations, good luck in governing the nation and God Bless you. God Bless Zambia.

    • That is the spirit. Please do not let go like UNIP did. As opposition, MMD MPs and Party must not sell out like those PF rebels. Governments don’t work and get relaxed. Again, Mr Capitalist, please let us put our heads together as a people to work for the people. Sata will get to state house and get drunk with power or wine and forget the promise. It is the duty of the opposition and the people to remind him of his duties. He should not be let free whereby he will think of Zambia when the elections are near. Wake him up when you see him dosing. Thank you. Thank you again for the hard fought campaign. We are brothers again until next elections. No hard feelings brother.

  61. Congrants Mr Sata and Zambia at large. We expected this result. Good bye MMD and enjoy being an opposition party. Lets rebuild our country. One Zambia, One Nation.

  62. This is what happens when you take people for granted. God has heard our cries and today we are delieved from corrupt people.

  63. #122 i feel you and do share your deep misgivings about it.But its called democracy even if people decide to self destruct you let them be.Much remains to be seen depending on how he performs.

  64. Democracy always wins. You can fool people sometimes but you can never fool people all the times that is the lesson for you RB and the MMD.

  65. Congratulation your excellence, Mr Michael C. Sata. We look forward for better  days. Dont forget what we promised our people, they should see positive changes within in 90days. It is achievable

  66. I want just to say we are all Zambians first and foremost. We voted because of our love for mother Zambia. I find it hard to imagine why we should be insulting each other. REMEMBER Sata is not only the President of PF but the whole Zambia. We will need MMD, UPND  and PF to develop Mother Zambia. Cool down friends.

  67. The ***** only ruled for less than 3 years but he has been to more a thousand countries! How do you legistrate for that?

  68. where is those nigger were saying SATA will never rule zambia hunter them now . and where is nafuti nafduti now ? pppfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpf pa apa bwatoooooooooooooooo mamamamamamamama pabwtoooooooooooo tatatata pabwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ifwetwukana votela pa nkholko pabwaaaaaaaaaaaaatoooooooooooooo

  69. Congrats! PF did not need the under 5 to win this election. Dont Kubeba. Dont Kubambila. Well done PF. His Execellence Mr. M. C. SATA. HH’s political career is gone. Sata for 10years. Money into our pockets now. Patrick Mwanawasa, Masebo, Lameck, Mbita, Mpombo, Mulongoti are smiling

  70. Where are you Senior Citizen? with your rotten English? Tawakwata amano, we told you that Sata would win elections………………Dont Kubeba


  72. #85 those are presious words all we were doing was politics and now since the change we wanted has come let us do work and prove that in 90 days we can do it. if mmd graded roads in 30 days what more 90 days. however those that had stolen plz return the money.

  73. Kalos2121 u are a genius have followed your contributions, analysis for a longtime. Very forthright and with vision. Your predictions have come true, where are those bloggers who were calling you names? Change is here and is paramount.

    • Thank you my brother/sister. It is the people of Zambia that have always inspired me. Their suffering and cries of those dying children and women in those hospitals from curable problems, kids going to dead end schools which teach them nothing but hopelessness, kids having half a meal a day has always made me reflect on our past. Zambia is rich, and if only we can work to uplift others, Zambia can be the best place to live in. Again, thank very much. I appreciate.

  74. Surely, this is the change we wanted. By the blood shed by our Lozi children on the 14.01.11, RB has gone!! Now we wait for the price.

  75. Congratulations to Fr Bwalya and his RED Card. The red card has proved its purpose.His objective has been achieved. He should now go back to the church or join politics.

  76. Congratulations Mr Sata and PF… It’s been long time coming. Finally!
    Look in all honest, we don’t know how the govt of Sata will operate but any kind of change from the MMD is welcome at this stage. I would also like to use this opportunity to commend RB and the MMD for being men enough and concede defeat and in the end prevent bloodshed. This is what democracy should be like and Zambia once again has demonstrated to the world that we are capable of managing our own affairs amicably and peacefully, without shading blood! Today I’m really prouder to be Zambian and I’m walking around the office with my smile and my head high, telling everyone about the developments back home.

  77. # 127 Kalos2121,
    You can be rest assured that we carry Great pride over our years of sustained intellectual discourse on differing platforms and this resolve continues to put the incoming Government to work otherwise, politicians will go to work. Like i have always said, Zambia is bigger than anyone of us. If PF faulters, you may hear more of some us learned, exposed and tenacious to mount a tough challenge until he reverts to what is good for the common good.

    Again finish your fanfare as PF then get ready to be put on your feet in few weeks time. We look forward to see how you deliver on the promises made in a campaign social contract. Tell him to behave and unite the country and quit his reckless past on other Zambians otherwise he risk having a deeply divided Zambia. Blessings!

    • You write with exceptional English skills but you hugely strike me as not being a thought leader. There is nothing interlectual in your arguments, reading your articles clearly exposes your bias and predicatable mind. You have fought a foolish battle and you are definitly not an inspiration. But then again, everybody deserves a second chance. I suggest you first apolgise to your wife and children, if at all she is different and dust your ass and be wise going forth. Anyway, our differences are our strengths as a people.

  78. Donchi kubeba fyeeeeeeee! Rupiah Banda should go back to his farm and continue feeding the pigs he left sometime back because they have starved for a long time. Viva President Micheal Sata. Opposition MMD now cries that elections have been rigged.


  80. Lord, we pray that u surround our new leader with wise counsel. Deliver our nation from tribal division. Grant the president grace to rise above such especially in his response to provinces & opposed to him. May any temptations to wield an oppressive rule or police state be resisted with God’s help. May our president rise above petty sentiments of retribution & revenge. May the constitution remain a sacred document to quail fears anarchy. God bless the president. God bless  Zambia as in you we trust.    

  81. Guys, no need for name calling anymore at this stage… let’s just rejoice and welcome our brothers in MMD and UPND and join in in the development of mother Zambia. In elections, democratic elections that is, there are winners and losers and the winners should never look down on the losers. After all it’s all about who can best develop the country.
    After elections all the campaign rhetoric must stop. The whole world’s eyes are looking on Sata and trust me it will never be easy.

  82. Congrats Mr. President!
    Awe kwena cawama. Just a friendly advice to my friends senior citizen and MMD Boot liker: Lesa wabonse bosses. If you cant beat them, join zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

  83. Kubeba nomba!!!!!!! Congrats ZAMBIA, Congrats PF, Congrats PF, Congrats VOTERS! I want to come home and join the celebrations!!!!!!!!!

  84. RB has taken MMD down the drain, just like he did with all portfolios he occupied. MMD is really a party for dumb and useless individuals, filling their stomachs was more paramount than strategic thinking. RB can never be an opposition leader. I predict that MMD will die slowly. HH is the main man now.

  85. The opposition MMD has accused the ruling PF of abusing the Donchi Kubeba slogan thereby unfairly advantaging themselves as Chanda Chimba III, Mwata Kazembe, Edward Mumbi and Dora Siliya scamper for safety’

  86. Congrats PF and President Sata! This is a lessons to many quarters of our society. I hope LT, ZNBC, & others will learn that no one has a monopoly on people and you cannot continue living by manipulation. We are yet to see what LT will now write about. Learn to be impartial and objective.

  87. Senior citizen cool down we are now in control wait for our special speech from our president tomorrow.Also I want you see how znbc will honour us No RB news for 30 minutes it will be MCS Lesa wa bonse tata ni fwebo nomba. Remember the tricks you were making.

  88. From a string of losses in the parliamentary bye-elections, this was expected. Thumbs up to Bob Sichinga for his exceedingly competent political consultancy job for PF.

  89. Congrats PF, please make sure that we deal with all you have promised the people of Zambia. RB has done more harm than good by putting all his relatives in ZAMBIAN EMBASSIES around the world , so please PF we want action recall DARLINGTON in ZAMBIAN EMBASSY (Switzerland)  the list goes on …….

  90. It is a pity UPND is not in the ark, missed opportunity!! but donchi kubeba. Prep the sails we are docking at state house and tell them that UBWATO bwafika.! Viva PF!!!!

  91. Let God be true and every man a liar. They repeatedly said Sata will never be president and have been proven wrong. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. President! May God keep you and give you wisdom to lead this great nation ZAMBIA. Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. l an happy that Sata won fair and square. However, i have misgivings on how he will run the country. He has a bad temper and lacks diplomacy which can cause as a great deal of embarrasment abroad. I am also extremely sceptical that he is a person that can be advised. He should not rule the country at a whim. So for all those celebrating ……my advice is even a week from today we might know who we might be dealing with. It will might not be pretty…I pray that i am wrong because i want him to build Zambia and for all of us to be proud of him.

  93. thankyou jesus. now take your time mr president to appoint your cabinet you need only good brains to help you take the country forward.. viva sata

  94. A lot of things were said during these campaigns, some of them very hurtful. In particular, I refer to the misinformation by some people in MMD, such as Dora Siliya and George Kunda, who continuouly accused Sata of having a gay agenda at the heart of his policies. I suppose we all need to forgive and forget such childish things. However, the abuse of national resources needs to be addressed. Special courts are needed to handle cases arising from this. It is a joke to let cases drag out for years.

  95. I am humbly asking HE MC Sata, the new Zambian republican president to emulate HE Nelson Mandiba Mandela of RSA what he did when he got power from the racists. He never took revenge because it belongs to GOD. And once you follow this root, GOD is going to bless your leadership. Never be fooled by some of your people that you punish your perceived enemies. If you did that, God is not going to bless your leadership because Zambians want development for all and not wasting resources on unprofitable matters to Zambians. Am in Luanda,Angola where I have been following the whole process live on Muvi TV up to when the chief justice declared you as a winner. UNITE ZAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Congratulations M C (WAMBWINO) SATA!!! Change has come and we will be behind you in your quest to transform mother Zambia. Who has kissed the dust now? Well done sir! Please, do not forget the people’s wish/mandate to you: seek what the people are crying for and you shall be greatly rewarded. Let the desire to leave a lasting positive legacy for your nation lead you to higher heights. Your determination to one day rule your nation has come to pass and you have indeed changed the history of our country. Enjoy the celebration while it lasts because tomorrow start the hardest task at your hands. Cheers!

  97. All this time ba MMD u used to think u control Zambian. Now the time has come for u to account for the sins u have committed against the innocent Zambians.

  98. Ladies and Gentleman, PF has won, I ask you as your colleague and probably most hated in the MMD bloggers’ corner. As winners, we must show humility and leadership. Please do not insult anyone. This is just the nature of politics. Insults or anger at each other will not build Zambia to your perception, but bring it down even lower. Today Zambia has proved to the all entire world, that we can be politically democratic than some big powers like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Egypt, Libya, or even Israel. Why then should we be throwing insults at each other. What else are we going to throw at each if we met face to face? Control your anger monster. These new opposition are our brothers whether we like it or not. I have been invited for a celebratory dinner by my Professor. See you soon.

  99. Ba Chileshe Ku Kasama nomba mwakulalya ama “Pork Chops” Ku Ngulula. Namapulanga mwalaleka. Congrats Dr.Sata.:x

  100. God has chosen him as the King of Zambian Presidents in 2011, free at last like Nelson Mandela. No more calling him King Cobra! Mwafwa ba sakalanyogo. Go back to your village, Rupiah Banda and your grandchild wife together with your colleagues, especially Doriah Siliya and the man who brought the fake programmes for the King of Presidents of Zambia. Wish you all the best and success in your work and your life, M. C. Sata P.F..


  102. The rigging machine ran out of oil and then ran out of fuel due to over smoking. It could not just cope with the rest of the journey. Now who’s been dethroned? Surely not the chieftainess!

  103. I will judge sata after a couple of years, all these premature celebrations are unwise. When chiluba came into power i remember the same celebrations but a decade later he turned out to be worse than Kaunda. I just Hope Sata will rule with some sense otherwise if the past is a meter to measure the future these celebrations will turn sour very quick. 

  104. ABASH THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE PASSPORT OFFICE SHOULD ALSO BE SORTED OUT IMMEDIATELY

  105. Revolutionary salutations for the marginalised Zambians. Change has come to Zambia, its time to clean up the mess  MMD have left behind.

  106. I would like to see the faces of all those i d i o t s who were ejacurating false pre-election polls favouring Ala Bee in my office tomorrow. William Banda will be first in the queue followed by BY.

  107. Wow didn’t see that one coming.Pipo let us respect RB coz African leaders don’t just concede defeat ( so hats off to him) as for Sata he started campaigning in 2001 with his weekly campaigns throughout the country now it has paid off .God bless Zambia Amen

  108. The Daily Mail and Times of Zambia website are not responding because the editors have gone into hiding. The chaps never thought things would change, PF here we come. Chanda Chimba where are you? We now want to watch more of your documentaries.

  109. @ 131 and Senior Citizen; take a number and line up behind UNIP. Just like UNIP, MMD will never be heard from again. But I don’t care for Sata either. The people of Zambia deserved better than MMD or Sata. But their desperation is understandable.

    • My Nubian princess the true Cleopatra, we have shown the north we are more civilized and are the true builders of democracy and the pyramids. Let’s meet up on the board walk of Santa Cruz or monterey bay for champaine and lobster dinner.then church :)

  110. Now tell Dora Siliya that i want to give her a child. William Banda in the cells by 12hrs. Find a truck 4 Mr Banda going to the farm.

    Thanks Zambia and congrats president Sata.

  111. Congrats MC Sata, with Gods divine intervention you were destined to Liberate Mother Zambia to another level! Bob Marley once sang a revolutionary tune, “If u r the big big tree? I am the small axe, ready to cut u down, to chop u down” Chatile’ Bwezani sa bwelela..Sata chopped him good…..just like RD Penza did to him @ Munali Sec polling station back in 1991. Bootlicker & Senior chappie get off this blog mwebushi mwe. I tune u x’says

  112. Be careful what you wish for. It might come to bear! Mr Sata will be aware that he will not provide what he has always promised. He is also aware that in five years time he will be the most hated person in Zambia. However, he won’t mind. He will have made himself and his friends very rich by then. Another ‘Saviour’ will be voted in. Welcome to African politics.

  113. A remainder to chief Mwanachingwala I used to tell you always WITUKA INGWENA AMOLU YALI MUMENSHI to day my wise words have catch bare handed foolish to you……..

  114. It is good to have a new party in government. This is the beauty of democracy because other people will try to bring in new ideas. A piice of advise to the new president is not to fall in the same trap your predecessor. The man became drunk with power to such an extent that he was everything. Remember how the public media, city councils, etc. were abused.

  115. Yaaaba! What a day!!!!!!!
    Michael Sata, President of Zambia finally. Good for him but I am not sure whether it is good for Zambia. He has dictatorial tendencies and I dont know anyone in PF at the moment who can tame or control him!
    Change was good.
    Yes, mistake by HH, but do not blame or brand Tongas as being tribalists. Bembas are!!!!!!!

  116. Petro. Thanks bwa mber bobe. Off you go mug boy!

    This is no time for planks like you.

    Maestro He he he he AND HIS HECHI HECHI.

  117. At last Zambia has a new President, Long live the President, long live the people of Zambia, I love you Zambia and united we stand, and the people of Zambia said AMEN!!


  119. ulululululululululu!!!!!!! Donchi Kubeba!!! Its time indeed for change for Zambia – this is the year of elevation for this Nation. There is justice after all in this world – the voice of the people has been heard and respected – kudos to ECZ and RB for not rigging the elections.

  120. Three cheers for President Michael Chilufya Sata

    Hip hip, hurray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hurrah!



  122. MMD strategy was poorly planned, how do you start last minute projects when people had made up their minds who to vote for? Am sure HH and his party are regreting leaving the pact, today he could have been a vice president

  123. Congruturations-it has been a hard fight-they said you would never be president, that you are a puching bag, there you are, you have floored them-life is funny!!

  124. Oh dear! We have got a punch drunk ***** in State House haven`t we? If I was him I would make them punching bags! lol. Aha no need for that but where is the ***** who called him names? I mean the one who said he was not human? Dollar $!!!!!!!


  125. Those hoping H.E Sata will waste his time fighting individuals are deluded. As Republican President we are all his subjects. He will be the loser if he starts fighgting

  126. Congratulations Mr Sata!Its time to unite the country and heal all the wounds.Your place in Zambian history is garanteed.May the good lord guide you and bless you.Theres work to be done and you need to start now.congratulations once again.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  127. It is now time to start working. Within 90 days the house should be put in order. No corruption, reverse the sale of ZCCM, Zanaco, Zamtel, Finance Bank, more jobs, no chinese slavery, and more money in our pockets

  128. Time for jobbing starts now Mr. President! Congrats. I have never liked you but now that you are my president, I will respect you and still rebuke where appropriate!

  129. Kanabe sa Mulopwa bashi Chilufya Sata, well done. To RB, HH, Miyanda, Nawakwi, Chipimo Jr,, thanks too for validating and legimatizing the democracy. Country men and women this is not the time rub salt into MMD self inflicted wounds, but to welcome them on the development badwagon…GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

  130. Kaponyas can now celebrate but it wont be long before things will start to happen. Even when Idi Amin became president people celebrated thinking that all was going to be rosy. But guess what happened. What about Gadafi, Mugabe?…, the list is endless. Just wait and see what will happen in 90 days. True lies of more money in your pockets will be something kaponyas will cry first as there will be no money in their pockets since most of them are just loafers; they will be the first to cry for Sata’s blood.
    HH should just start warming.

  131. Fred Mmembe. Thank you for your relentless efforts to give Sata a voice. You have done it. you were a headline yesterday morning on ZNBC that you ignored injunction. Well done Fred Mmembe. Your editorial was spot on. Rupiah has lost. they tried to rig, hence those injunctions at night, yavuta that’s when they pretend to concede peacefully. They just failed to rig, period. Fred, I want to meet you to congratulate you. Thank you so much, you helped our President, his excellency M C S

  132. Bricklayer, It’s a free country. You don’t have to live in Zambia if you hate Sata and PF so much. But we will not sacrifice the democratic right of millions of Zambians to freely elect their leaders simply because YOU don’t like the choice of the millions. Hell no! Craw back into whatever little hole you crawled from under and wait until you can invent a countrey where you will vote for your preferred president.

    • Kind of missed home… Seeing VJ on tv… Lol. 2008 provided some gud entertainment… This time round, it wasn’t cool hearing bout the riots in my hometown Ndola and worrying about my family’s safety. I hope the next elections will be better and I hope the new government works hard for our people both at home and in the diaspora. It was saddening to have a fellow zambian going through urgent troubles over here and when we talked to the embassy, we were berated for it (I’d better not go into details). I hope the new government will have better people working for us in the diaspora.

  133. HH, thank you, You indirectly helped MC Sata by getting run away margins in Southern Province. Thank you HH. All PF supporters, HH has helped us, let us respect him for that, he’s a good guy. Should just reduce those side kicks at rallies. He he he he. Good chap though.

    PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata wants to have Zambian Republican President , Rupiah Banda, impeached and he claims that he has the numbers from the opposition parties, independents and the ruling MMD to execute the process successfully. Mr Sata said President Banda has created several scandals since assuming office in November last year.

  135. ZNBC dont know what to do with themselves. See what RB did to you? He’s gone and you are left wondering what to do next. You are showing some ancient movies instead of capturing the mood in the country. Even Aljazera is showing celebrations. Francis Ndovi looked pretty upset last night after PF leader was declared Prez. ZNBC, go to hell. He won without you ever covering him in positive light. Always covered him in negative light. See. Go and cover your RB now. he he he he he. Bet there will not be much to cover at his farm. ZNBC ZNBC ZNBC ZNBCZNBC ZNBC ZNBC ZNBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. congratulations to the people of Zambia. As your close relatives and neighbours, we Zimbabweans ar going to learn a lot from your democratic transition. U knw our problems and we have bn following events there with keen intrest. Love u.

  137. Italian Bunga Bunga get a life muppet! The fact remains that 54% of us who did not vote for him are Zambians too! My prayer is that President Sata will not listen to fools like you who think it is time to settle scores! I have differed with the likes of Kalos1212 before but I admire his response in the wake of PF victory. It is time for us to develop our country. As a patriot, I will be loyal to the incoming President and his government as they embark on the hard work of improving my country. Thank God, you are not Michael Sata!!

  138. ZNBC go out on the street and see what crime you committed against the Zambian people. Reflect and repent. News readers reading lies from fake websites, daily mail quoting websites as long as they said anything bad against MC. Go kiss the dust. Bravo Muvi, Post, Qfm, Phoeniz etc for giving MC a voice.

  139. Good to all Zambian, and ZNBC must be overhauled. I told you earlier this year that we are winning! Here I come back to my mother Zambia. One Zambia One Nation, in true spirit we have done it again, no Movement for Mad Dogs!  The corrupt *****s will dance to the tune.

  140. Sata got 55-59% but becoz of rigging efforts, his votes were reduced. So which polls were right? Statistics yabufi. Sishuwa told you 55%. Neo Simutanyi gave the MMD landslide. No wonder he’s a fake doctor.

    • Sishuwa did not give any percentages. I listened to him on Radio Phoenix and read his observations in The Post whenever he appeared. He cleverly questioned all the opinion polls that favoured RB and said that Sata actually “has a credible chance of winning this year’s election because of the momentum he has built since 2001, he lost narrowy to Banda in 2008, the electoral register favours him, enjoys support from the private media and has benefited from prominent defections of ex MMD members including former cabinet ministers who have joined the PF”. But he also said the MMD “enjoys a national presence” and should not be ruled out entirely. But in my view, Sishuwa was more cautious and courageous to say what he frankly thought than Simutanyi and in the end he was proved right.

  141. congraturation Mr President. I salute you my fellow Zambia to remove this MMD from power.I miss this opportunity to celebrate with u. However we will be holding the party 2 moro for the Zambians in kenya.Surely will dance together. Wishing the New President God Health and God guidance.

  142.  #263 You are so right about ZNBC. I stopped listening or reading daily, times etc a long time. But maybe we should understand the position they find themselves in; they are fired, ostracized or shunted aside if they do not toy the boss’s line who is a bootlicker of the president. Hopefully we shall have unbiased and professional presentation of information. What a relief to have escaped another 5 years of inane reporting!  

  143. The inauguration is at 10Am. Congrates to the President elect. Lets keep peace and remain steadfast in seeing Zambia develop. Congrates to all Zambia both winners and losers. We have set a new bar for democracy for Africa perfect or not. Zambia is our motherland and i just love us all

  144. 219 – Mwanawakwitu – Santa Cruz with Moet sounds perfect. You have to be 35 at least for me to get on the plane…..

  145. Congratulations to the new President of Zambia. He has a challenging task to meet the expectations of Zambians. However, he has now become the new President of ALL of us Zambians and as per good Zambian tradition, we will all support him