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Sata sworn in as President (updated)

Headlines Sata sworn in as President (updated)

The inauguration of Michael Sata, Zambia's fifth president has been sworn in to assume.{picture by Dr.Simuyemba}


Chief Justice Ernest Sakala Friday afternoon swore in Mr Sata as Zambia’s Fifth Republican President at the Supreme court grounds in Lusaka.

This was at a ceremony that was attended by former heads of state and Foreign dignitaries accredited to Zambia and thousands of Zambians.

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda handed over the instruments of power to Mr. Sata which include an orange flag and the country’s constitution.

Speaking after he was sworn in, Republican President Michael Sata called for the spirit of reconciliation and love in the country.

President Sata also called on Zambians not to engage in any acts of violence as it can divide the country and erode its development.

Mr. Sata appealed to Zambians to bury the past and start afresh in the spirit of reconciliation and love.

He has thanked the Zambian people for giving him a five year mandate to rule the country.

Mr. Sata reiterated his commitment to the people of Zambia that he will bring development within ninety days.

He also hailed the Electoral Commission of Zambia for conducting a peaceful, transparent, free and fair election despite the many challenges that the commission faced.

The crowd during the inauguration ceremony raise the PF symbol as they sing the national anthem.{picture by Dr.Simuyemba}

And President Sata has vowed to Stamp out corruption in the country, saying his government will not tolerate any acts of corruption.

He also assured the people of Zambia that the rule of the law shall always prevail.

President Sata says social justice will be the corner stone of his governance system.

Mr Sata becomes Zambia’s fifth President after amassing beating nine other contestants in the race which ended into voting on Tuesday 20th September.

His party the Patriotic Front got over 60 parliamentary seats out of the 150 that the country has.



  1. Out of curiosity what language was the speech made in? Congratulations Mr President, never thought I would say that to Sata but God knew long before that it would be so. Now the resposibility is on your shoulders please deliver for the sake of millions of zambians.

  2. Congrats for the victory the Zambian people have given you. So we now know that the rigging of elections is a myth. The same ECZ is now being congratulated for transparency when just the other day they were devils! We should learn to respect and appreciate our own systems like the electral process. Viva ECZ for conducting a credible and transparent election and you have shamed your doubters including the winner. We just hope the people will not be disappointed with their choice.

  3. We have supported you all along. Now we ll start watching your actions keenly. If you miss your step we ll also show you the exit!

  4. Welcome to State House plot 1. We are watching to see how you will tackle corruption. Hope you take a no “nonsense stance”.  Good luck.

  5. Donchi kubeba !!! Finally the boat has docked…kwati bufi.One thing i have learnt from you Mr president is not giving up trying.Now you have achieved your dreams.Congrats :)

  6. Now beging the tough part Mr Sata.As any other human being you will be judged,you will even stumble and you will have some success.The best thing to do is what the wise do on a one way street- that is to look both ways anyway.

  7. You are in trouble Mambala, with just 62 MPs, you have to work with the opposition Us and UPND and 1 IND have 88 seats

    Anyway 90 days and the count Down begins.

    The I D I O T S are in charge , just see how they have stripped on the streets with our children looking. The dogs are in charge

    • Zambia does not need men like you… We are united as Zambians except for a few of you who cannot find a living apart from been in ruling party. Shame on you who live off politics.

  8. Mugabe, Sata and Mbingu, Southern African leaders? I must be missing something. This is a terrible reflection of our values, ideals and indeed standards. Atleast Mugabe and mbingu went to school and excelled once upon a time. God guide zambia and it’s leadership. Let us hope we have quality mp’s (which i doubt) who can stand up to any thuggery and abuse. We really need to start developing quality leadership at youth level so that never again will we be a laughing stock. I hope he leaves international engagements to whover his vice will be or someone capable of speaking at international fora and let him speak to the people who understand him! All the best, enjoy the spotlight (nowhere to hide)

    • Ki noha you must be a failure and a dandahead for you to understand simple things. Who told you to be a president you have to have an academic degree. Shame on you.
      Instead you should learn from OUR president’s perseverance who never gives up and finally he is got it. He is a man who will change things in Zambia.
      Sorry to say this but from your talk you must be a corrupt person and as PF we will fight that to develop this mother Zambia.

      Shame on you once again

  9. Congratulations! Zambians are looking forward to an impartial way of doing things. No more tribalism, please. Always remember that people all Zambian ethnic groups voted for you. Avoid the mistakes of those who held the office before you: nepotism, tribalism, family tree, favouritism, corruption, plunder, etc. Avoid getting high on sweet power. I wish you well Mr. President.

  10. #8 what is your point coz youd don’t seem to be making any sense and nothing intelligent is coming from you. you twisted twat

  11. The speech was great, and yes please downsize cabinet and government positions. No need in one ministry to have minister, deputy minister, PS and deputy PS eg for what?it just consumes government payroll

  12. #4 BOBE & #5 PRETTY. What you have said is very much in line with the expectations of the electorate and as been said before by the majority, in the event that President Sata fails to perform, the people will turn against him. I am pretty sure that the President is aware of this expectation. In all we must confidently look forward to a progressive time ahead. However, we as the electorate must be willing to co-operate with the president on some issues.

  13. #2 ki noha yale The speech was done in English just like any other past president and his speech was superb, lovely with alot of hope. A dream as come true.

  14. Imwe mwebantu,social justice and rule of law are ancient rhetorics which are always said by president-elect especially at such occasions.Translating this to real life situation is one other thing.Lets wait for political and economic emancipation within 90 days.I just wish our new President well in his new endevours.

  15. FTJ and LPM are tossing in their graves today…. when more than half the voting population are in poverty this is what you expect. problem is those who are poor in zambia will always be poor. Hakainde I task you with being the real “opposition” in zambia. Congratulations on plot 1 next stop…….Embassy park.

    • You damn i.d.i.o.t. You have not seen anything yet and you are already talking of opposition. What the H.E.L.L are you up to. Learn to criticise when it is vital. The man has not yet said or done a thing and you are busy talking anyhow. Get to know the rules of the game. If the man delivers, then let him carry on

  16. This victory is for all of us. Sata cannot develop this country alone even if he was a super human being. But he has promised to create an environment in which the citizens can flourish. Let us support him

  17. #8 Hate it or not MMD is gone and now its time for Sata and PF period. Just be rational in reasoning and think properly and avoid such language.

  18. Am a Zambian here in the United States and congrats Mr Sata and i have seen people over here saying he is not educated bla bla, it doesnt matter.He can find smart people who are educated and help him rebuild the country.My concern is four things.You need to resolve the constitution issue and best way to do it is to ask for help from other countries help us implement a new constitution which will lead us into a better future.A house without a strong foundation will fall so easy when the storm comes and in order to build a strong foundation, we need an educated and someone who has nothing to lose to help us write a new constitution and not the crazy idea by Mwanawasa to ask ordinary people submit ideas and when they did, he refused to implement them.

  19. #15 thanks, just asking haven’t heard him speak for some years except for clips on youtube and the infamous bbc and VOA interviews. Glad the transition was peaceful and that people are celebrating. truly hope he does well even though he is not my choice. god bless

  20. .
    Michael – Well done the people have spoken and once again Zambia has shown the world that democracy can prevail without, guns, greed to power and ethnic cleansing measures to stay afloat.

    Hats Up to RB for bowing gracefully.

    Mr Sata – as for the 90 Day Crusade, I still do not concede to that notion understanding the structure where the country is currently standing. If you pulled one, I would be one the people that would rush to write a book about your 90 Day Economical Triumphs and market it to the world leading Business Studies Learning Institutions. That said, we wait and see as you might be looking at a “Gold-Mine-Idea” that none of us is aware of.


  21. Good point #19. People should stop hatin’ and give the man a chance to govern. Name calling will not benefit Zambia.  Whether you like him or not, Sata was democratically elected by the people of Zambia. Get with the program.

  22. Secondly, reform government and unfortunately a lot of Government jobs need to be cut and we need to reform the system and make our Government cleaner, leaner and effective. The people who will lose their jobs need to be given severance money quickly and they need to be helped with free education on how to build new businesses with the money they will recieve and a new board should be formed to help many of these people adjust. Let’s then address reforming our healthcare system, Education and we need serious expertise to help our food security.I live in Iowa here and to tell you that here in our state, one person with knowledge and machinary of farming can be able to produce enough food to feed atleast a 1/4 of Lusaka for a week or more, so why are we failing in Zambia?

    • He’s said among his first tasks in the 90 days is to put in place a leaner government and 2012 budget. I wish a desk could be established in State House where a team could be receiving and sifting through mail selecting constructive mail like yours and compiled for direct communication with the president as something like “Zambian’s abroad communiques” or “Thoughts to Ponder”

  23. .
    In all, kindly do not make it hard for everyone of us that have spent years trying to market Zambia abroad to attract Western Foreign Investors because we realise the bedrock of Zambia will need both Indigenous Zambians & Foreign Investors to work hand in hand.

    Today, I was seating at my office desk and noted that both Reuters & Bloomberg News Feeds were scrounging looking for the new Economical Policies from PF party but found nothing. That matters a lot if you want to attract investors. We’ll look forward to what Bob Sichinga will come with. It also matters also with the people that you will appoint – because on your own you cannot do it. So appoint wisely


  24. .
    Above all Wisdom, Creativity, Inspirations and Hard-work is what we Zambians need to excel. Even the developed nations at one time lived in Dark Ages.

    We’ll glimpse and watch. If you do not perform the same Kaponya’s dancing in the streets will turn against you as you have really raised the level of expectations very high. Finally lets all go back to work and lift the nation up.

  25. SATA should be congratulated wholeheartedly by the following individuals: George Kunda, Dora, Shikapwasha, Kennedy Zulu, Chitimukulu, Mwata, Chanda Chimba III, Gregory Chifire, Moses Kalonde, Charles Chimumbwa, Edwin Lifwekelo , Edward Mumbi, chriticles Mwansa, BIGOCA Peter Ndhlovu, fake rev. Moses Lungu, Neo Simutanyi, The Economic Intellegence unit, Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, ZNBC

  26. #3 rigging was there, atleast plans were put in place, but its because PF leant a lesson in the 2008 elections and this time around they monitored eletions with care and responsibility knowing that rigging plans were in place. Hence there was no enough room for the late MMD to rig in numbers . President Sata praised ECZ in the spirit of reconciliation and development, no need to hit a dead mamba.

  27. voted for the former ruling party who are now the opposition. Must say that Im very dissapointed, but will still pray for the new president. After all he is now the president of all Zambians whether one voted for him all not. His success will benefit all zambians and his failure will affect all Zambians. Therefore we must all pray for our new president and his new team. There are no losers all winners in this. Zambians are the real winners. God Bless President Sata!

  28. We are failing because we haven’t invested money to train farmers in new ways of farming and given them tools to do so.Trust me we dont need many millions of dollars to master the art of farming, we just need a program that will help us get there and we can get this help by partnering with some community colleges here in Iowa. You just need john deer machinary, knowledge of the weather, farming techniques and some money for seed and some land but most importantly an apprentice program. It takes time to develop and 90 days is nonesence without specifics. It is about time we learn on how to trully seek investments for our dead mines and new explorations and changing our tourism industry.Many people would travel to Zambia to see animals in parks than the victoria falls.

  29. What a shame for the state media to suddenly change allegiance. I appeal to the incoming government to avoid being fooled by such media. Infact, make these media more professional.

  30. # 23, you made a made a very important point about food security. It boggles the mind that each year so many bags of corn rot due to inadequate storage. Maybe MCS should appoint you as Minister of Agriculture. Let us also focus on other crops.

  31. I wish to congratulate our new President despite him not being my first choice. Now that he is in the driving seat it is time he started doing details of how his plan is going to work in 90 days. 50 years ago we would have believed such pronouncements but in this age you need to engage everybody. I simply cannot comprehend how he is going to achieve this. We shall wait and see.  

  32. 21 Sept was my birth day. The Zambians just gave me the best present in a very long time – kicking out MMD. Unlike those of you who are always negative, I started following Sata’s performance as far back as when he was Lusaka Governor. The man is action oreiented and he will disappoint most of you his critics. At the end of five years you will wish he was young enough to carry on for another term. And he does not need to be a rocket scientist to impliment such programs that put Zambians first in terms of awarding of contracts from our mines and making sure that our graduates are employed by reducing on the so-called expatriate labour in this country.All he needs are good laws and I believe HH and MMD will agree with him.

  33. To all the young ones,
    Lets respect the ballot verdict and proudly congratulate President elect Michael Sata as doing so is democratic but stand out fierce and objective as necessary watchdogs against ills of Governments.If Sata fails lamentably to deliver, heat up his feet and give him an exit out of power democratically. Start gearing up now for a Generational Change leadership. Start creating webs of local and international networks, mobilize resource pools and develop framing up a winning strategy and sound bites now. Zambia is bigger than anyone of us and she is ours.

    Proudly Zambian.

  34. Mwabombeni shikulu. Am sure the new government will face a strong opposition never seen before in Zambia. The mantle is given to President Sata to rule for the next five years. We are all anxious to see what the outcome will be. With the young guns in the MMD rank and file, President Sata will be made to account for all that he has promised. Mark my words, this might be a one term rule. Investors are no doubt waiting to hear something from the president to help tnem msp out what to do next. Mwikala patalala mwine …….

  35. indeed zambia to be changed in 90 days 
    “Mr. Sata appealed to Zambians to bury the past and start afresh in the spirit of reconciliation and love.” this what he said indeed this is what to means to be a leader and from that other things he said we are sure that he loves the country not the fools we had.. viva PF


  36. indeed zambia to be changed in 90 days “Mr. Sata appealed to Zambians to bury the past and start afresh in the spirit of reconciliation and love.” this is what Sata said.
    indeed this is what it means to be a good leader and from that other things he said we are sure that he loves the country not the fools we had.. viva PF 

  37. Rigging takes place. If it was not for the alert opposition, voters, they would have done it like before. They rigged Chipata Central and Choongwe to fix the two PF candidates. Mandevu, Solwezi are just some tip of the rigging that is done. Viva independent ECZ.

  38. I hope balanashako ubufi bashikulu bantu!what development can you bring in 90 days?Kantemba?How does he put money in my pocket?From Dubai?Welcome to the real world ba cobra!The whole workd is watching you!Like i said during the campaign that you will get state house but not parliament!Why not make a coalition with HH?it makes sense and give him the V.P!Tafikosa kubili.What about Muchinga province?You say you want to reduce govt?The Mmd left 2.5 billion dollars in the reserve bank it must grow not deminish.we are watching!Good luck on day 1.Congrats once again!Please tell them this time!GOD BLESS ZAMBIA. e house but not parliament!Why not make a coalition with HH?it makes sense and give him the V.P!Tafikosa kubili.What about Muchinga province?You say you want to reduce govt?The Mmd left 2.5

  39. Congrats to the new Regime. I was tipped by a Malawian to goole the name: Dr Dambiso Moyo. “you can do it if you like” the lady is one of the to 100 economist in the world, I viewed her interview on a book she wrote “Dead Aid” at Financial times in USA. superbeb predictor of fututure econonomic models of countries and the West are using her experties. The point is Tap ….on the Knowledge of well trained Zambian persons to change economic scenarior for Zambia. I am training in postharvest storage of horticultural produce at PhD level and will definately come and add value to Sata’s regime.

  40. Hearty congratulations, Mr. President! Your use of the Cross as the guide prompts me to pray for you so that 1 Kings 3:9 becomes one of the passages you commit to memory. I pray that you will take the burden where it belongs – the foot of the Cross. God bless you always!

  41. #8 MMD Nafuti Nafuti. We can only say lets put what is in the past behind us. That though doesn`t mean *****s like you getting away with it. This is my president, your president, unless your are from Zimbabwe or Malawi.

    Now goand cry son. It helps.

  42. 43 # General –

    You are spot on. Dambiso Moyo is a Zambian, middle aged woman and an accomplished economical speaker at London School of Economics, Bloomberg, Reuters and a lot of Economical Circuits in USA & Europe. She also advices a lot of Western Leaders about Africa. You should read her book.

    Unlike others who spent the whole entire time posting comments about – My boy friend this and that – on LT Blogs

    Good expose.well thought out as usual.In addition, real development can come if we really re-structure our governance system. As nice and humble our RB was, he failed to improve on our governance system. There are a number of things that can be done within the next 90 days:
    1. Re-negotiate the tax regime especially with the mines
    2.downsize direct government political expenditures e.g reducing cabinet to manageable levels and merging some embassies. We dont need deputy Ministers in my view
    3.Amend the constitution to separate the Judiciary,Legislature and Executive. Why should one human being be an MP and Minister at the same time.
    4.Lay a framework that will genuinely and practically enable Zambians to participate fully in the economy.
    ——-> Cont

  44. 5.Encourage free debate and free media. Restructure all public media
    6.Avoid appointments of unqualified cadres to public jobs. Cadres like any other Zambians must benefit from a general economic empowerment framework
    7.Increase funding to Higher education and research to enable us come up with indigenous solutions to our local problems. Lets us have centers of excellence that will churn out rare skills that we can even export to other countries. Pakistan, India, Ghana, Nigeria rake in billions from their nationals who are working in other countries.
    8.—> Will end here for now
    All the best to the New Rep. President!!!

  45. Barack Obama – On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Zambia on the historic September 20 presidential, parliamentary, and local elections, and I commend you for building on your commitment to multiparty democracy.  Zambia’s Electoral Commission, political leaders, civil society, and above all its citizens all contributed to this important accomplishment.  The United States looks forward to working with President Michael Sata, members of parliament, and representatives of all of Zambia’s political parties to build on the long-standing partnership between our two nations. I also acknowledge former President Rupiah Banda’s contributions to Zambia’s democratic development, 

  46. Independent Observer, or does anyone else on this blog know the make-up of the House so far? The number of MPs each party has in parliament is crucial to changes in legislation as well as ratification of appointment of constituional office holders.


  48. Ha Ha Ha my brother INDEPENDENT OBSERVER, i like your last comment on Dambisa Moyo and i quote:
    Unlike others who spent the whole entire time posting comments about – My boy friend this and that – on LT Blogs ,
    This is what we are talking about..We can generate a lot of Dambisa Moyos from our centers of excellence like that IT Institute in INDIA.
    For example, instead of appointing CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI as Finance Minister, why not consider the following women of substance (and beauty):
    1.Dambisa Moyo
    2.Margaret Mwanakatwe
    3.Mizinga Melu
    4.Mushota from Scotland (ooops, not this one…this is a typo)


  49. Good points # 48. He also needs to introduce dual citizenship so that folks in the diaspora can contribute towards Zambia’s development.

  50. Respect… Real man who starts his presidency with reconciliation and forgiveness,, some of us we are already challenged with his first talk to the nation. Sata may be very different from what Chanda chimba thought he is. forgive them for are ur  brothers?  

  51. #25 Independent observer. Thanks for the complement.
    I also noted that you touched a key issue of indigenous Zambians & Foreign Investors to work hand in hand. No cocuntry will ever develop in hands of foreigners alone. A tower that could not be built from the biblical point was because he Lord discovered that once people are able to communicate they will fulfil their dreams so instituted many different languages and became imposible. Investors employ qualified zambians but the trend is they send them to explore minerals in other countries or do procesing in other countries in exchange of those they bring who can not share any experties with locals. The solution is to put a policy and fuse Zambians. I will read her Book am glad you read it. we need progressive ideas.


  53. Here in Mtendere compound, as youths our lifestyles are close captioned addicted to fatal attractions,pictures of actions are forever played back
    in the midst of mashing and worse still there are no fairy tales for us young black males.Some see us stranded in this land of hell, jail and crack sales.
    Hustling at heart is our culture or the repercutions while busting on backstabbing vultures….

  54. Selling our souls for material wishes and fast cars wishing we live our lives like legends and immortalized in pictures.
    As youths without a focus, life is driving us insane,stuck inside a ghetto fantasy hoping it will change but when we focus on reality we are broke and in chains.
    We also have dreams of living wealthy and making it big!!
    Unanswered questions keep us all stressin’

    The MMD for the past 13 years have continued to overlook our tomorrows,we live in the projects, broke with no lights on whilst most of you bloggers spend time behind your pcs and better still living overseas and you expected us to vote for MMD,my foot….you must be loco!!!!!!!

  55. …..Selling our souls for material wishes and fast cars wishing we live our lives like legends and immortalized in pictures.
    As youths without a focus, life is driving us insane,stuck inside a ghetto fantasy hoping it will change but when we focus on reality we are broke and in chains.
    We also have dreams of living wealthy and making it big!!
    Unanswered questions keep us all stressin’

    The MMD for the past 13 years have continued to overlook our tomorrows,we live in the projects, broke with no lights on whilst most of you bloggers spend time behind your pcs and better still living overseas and you expected us to vote for MMD,my foot….you must be loco!!!!!!!

  56. …Selling our souls for material wishes and fast cars wishing we live our lives like legends and immortalized in pictures.
    As youths without a focus, life is driving us insane,stuck inside a ghetto fantasy hoping it will change but when we focus on reality we are broke and in chains.
    We also have dreams of living wealthy and making it big!!….

  57. As much as we need foreign direct investment, we also need local economic empowerment models. Savage capitalism has its own problems and needs to be checked. For example why should a country like USA which donates billions abroad have poor citizens whom i saw with my own eyes when i visited Washington DC.
    Thats why OBAMA is in problems with the black vote this time around!!

  58. On a lighter note, I think a certain Mr. Chishimba and other ZNBC staff should start making arrangements with South African Airways…:d

  59. 50# The Constant Optimist

    Well articulated. This is where it becomes tricky for Sata. If he attempts to push for draconian bills, they will be rebuffed. Therefore he is trading on a very thin- line because he is not commanding a good figure of MP’s.(68)

    I am not sure how damaged HH is at present. Speaking to some people inside – the feeling so is that he has failed to perform though he has managed to grab seats from MMD in by-elections and the just ended election.

    On the other hand if MMD & UPND MP’s team up then they can frustrate PF. My hope is that good Bills & Programs should be supported by all parties without being partisan because so much is at stake.


  60. RB has left some good working programs & projects. I hope that Sata does not derail them like commonly seen in English Football teams, when a new Manager takes over a good team, then he tries to bring his backroom and players to prove a point, suddenly the team is all gone and derailed to a lower division. Especially with this 90 Day Miracle which is just a myth.

  61. #8. RB and Sata have set the pace for us on how as Zambians we should relate. After a graceful day like this one your sentiments are unacceptable.

  62. #46 Its seem very little is aparent to you on what is wrong with Zambia; Looks like your head is so far down the toilet…go on, eat the roaches.

  63. A feeling of unbelievable, well done Mr Sata. I am Bemba as well so I might as well support him

    I think RB was surrounded by people that fed him wrong Information and made him comfortable, How those opinion polls that tickled his Intelligence were believed is beyond me.
    As much as I feel sorry for him, I have a feeling Mr Sata has come as a president 10 years too late. I hope I am wrong

    I also wonder If LT and the local papers will now Join the Post in writing the right things on Mr Sata. It’s a long way back for the MMD, they have paid for their negligence.

    • my daughter mushota,you have spoken very well.hope you shall continue with the same spirit.mr sata need to change the editors of this paper.

    • Shallow thinking as usual. We give you time to grow up. Perhaps in a few years, you will mature. You are a shame to Scottland. As for Zambia, we don’t know you!

  64. Mizinga melu as finance minister, my foot! cant stand that funny face which she waggs in public as beauty.this woman cant fit in that position, look at the enefficiancy of her bank in serving customers

  65. Well,goodbye isn´t really good at all.
    I´m now in Trinidad and Tobaggo for a holiday,to my MMD,I say until then.
    Remeber one thing though,in every dark cloud there is a silver linning.

  66. Congratulations to Zambia once again as I have done so elsewhere to the newly sworn in President Michael Chilufya Sata. To most Zambians the dust of electioneering is already settled down from the blogging on this site. Zambians have to be alert now with their high expectation of service delivery, employment and reduction of general suffering in the country. Have searched for economic plans under PF been not successful. The president has promised good governance, rule of law, accountability and transparency. These ideals held by the ORIGIN MMD to which the president belonged are values to be strengthened by employing serious implimentation regime and pro result strategies tha can add value to Zambia.

  67. God in his wisdom has given us Micheal Sata as President. Although some of us, me inclusive, did not support him, we just have to accept the fact that he is our President. I can only wish him good success. My advice to all parliamentarians is that they should perform their duties in the national interest and not with the motive of scoring political points thus frustrating the good initiatives of others. It is high time the dignity of Zambia was restored so that we stop been economic refugees. Bravo to RB for conceeding defeat and thus enabling a peaceful transition. It is a good example set for President Sata to conceed defeat should it happen that he loses the next election.

  68. President Sata do not be vengeful, stick to your recociliatory speach during your tenor of office else you will destablise the nation.

  69. Magande as finance minister will do the trick for the economy. Dividing Ministry of Tourism into 3 ministries will make it more effective( Ministry of forestry, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment) Getting rid of deputy ministers, deputy permanent secretaries positions will help reduce the size of goverment. Decentralizing the goverment system will help improve efficiency and reduce beaucracy.

  70. Yes, the people of Zambia have made a great decision. I particularly salute the people of chongwe, chipata central and kafulafuta constituencies. You are great. I had always wished you had voted the way you did. I’m very proud of you. God will reward you for the job well done. How i wish our new president can further punish these selfish individuals by influencing for their expulsion from the party. once again thank you very much for the mature manner you voted.


  72. The serious business of governing starts now. I wish I could pick the new President’s brain on what his plans are for the economy. This time he is not a critic but is in the driving seat. I can see interesting times ahead. 

  73. Satan the president of the country is supposed to act now and bring to the people of Zambia. We have him in power therefore there is no excuse at all. Development should be visible and permanent. We should see more and real development and not the chinese or cosmetic kind of development. Development that last and will be enjoyed by people not only now but for
    generations to come.

  74. Dambisa can be a good ‘behind the doors’ advisor; the way she has been but not in the position of Minister of Finance; such a position will require a home-grown individual with political clout considering the huge local and international interfaces. Margaret Mwanakwatwe on the other hand was (and possible still is) RB’s girfriend (it is public knowledge) and I doubt Sata would love her for the position of Finance Minister where certain deals may have to be unearthed.

  75. chikayeba says, no.17 you are a foolish fool you talk of going to Embassy park as if you yourself wont die,you like it or not,mother Earth is waiting for all.sick or healty.sad.:)

  76. Mwe bantu look at what R&B did in his last 30 days, there about, of his stay at state house. If he and his children stopped stealing earlier they could have achieved a lot for Zambia. If this R&B built so many roads in a short while why can’t Sata do it in 90 days?

  77. Happy day zambia….job well done,,,,, H. E king cobra  though i did not vote for you….because i can’t west my vote on you…because you  were not  my choice….i don’t vote for old pipo like u..now waiting  for 90days development…if you don’t do that mwana…ukaponoka wa ba pamenso kwati nicobra sori
    thank you

  78. i love the MMD and i say,we shall be back.we are going to reorganise ourselves and bring in a new and energetic leader to carry the torch burning.Mr.President Banda your farewell speech was encouraging and mature.stay well my president.loving you always.

  79. Mwabomba BashiChilufya sana. This is a time for us in diaspora to start contemplating on ways to extend our knowledge to our upcoming youngsters and intellectuals especially in the area of physics and chemistry. I hope our new president will pay serious attention to the area of research in nuclear medicine.


  81. Mushota,this is a first,sensible sentiments coming out of your mouth. Most words that get past your dentures are usually a lie. Isnt this your sister posting on your behalf? Just checking.

  82. #59 wouldn’t Dambisa Moyo do well as Zambia’s representative to the UN? It would also place her next door to the IMF and World Bank

    #89 not splitting the Tourism ministry as this would be increasing ministers but reverse the creation of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries back to Agriculture adding the Forestry Department to this ministry and maybe calling the new ministry as Agriculture and Strategic Food Reserves, group all research activities under a National Research Council same level as ministries. Abolish District Commissioner position and liberalize Town Clerk to allow professionals even non-Zambians participate competitively on contract basis. Merge Gender into Community Services, also Sport into Education (Physical Education and Sport Department).

  83. The guy made so many outrageous promises which he will not fulfill. His kaponya supporters will be lining up for jobs at State House on monday and then will be greeted with reality, that their PF has no smart guys to create jobs.

  84. Very sad to note that we have s many negative comments. Zambians, very ungrateful people. God has just prevailed in this situation that has led to celebrations day and night, and we are here talking ill of the instrument used ba Sata. The man has shown me to NEVER GIVE UP. I think we should look forward to a flourishing Zambia where we can go back and contribute effectively other than have young people in the diaspora sweeping streets. Congrats Mr President……….. a very well deserved victory.

  85. They used to say that you will never rule zambia, they even swore and tried to implicate God. Remember in 2001, you just got one seat in parliament and people mocked you. They even the more mocked you in the 2008 elections. But look at you today, you have proved them wrong, you are the president of Zambia, one of the most blessed nations of mother earth. Congratulations H.E. Mr M. C. Sata. Zambia is behind you, even the ignorants on this forum, they just can’t accept it but you are the man for the job. Congrats one more time.

  86. Congratulations Mr President , all the best in everything you , Our prayers are with you. As men and women of God we must stand up and pray for the you Mr President and the country.

  87. #103 Govt has to reduce the goverment but in a wise way. My issue is that the Ministries that can create employment &revenue need to have undivided attention to succeed. Basically, Tourism can sustain the whole of Zambia if it has the govt’s undivided attention. Deforestation can affect the country if it does not get undivided attention by a minister. If trees are grown at commercial level and replanted can become an export industry for Z. I will add help divert people to use bamboo for charcoal. ECZ ( Min of Environment) needs undivided attention to focus on the growth of mines and oil industry. There is need to monitor things like environment and water pollution. Decentralization of Ministry of Tourism will bring efficiency,accountability, transparency & revenue.

  88. #9 life to smart people not like yu is what yu can achieve succesfuly.its not about what yu are doing or what yu did before.Get over it yebo Sata is a smart man.He has achieved what yu will never achieve in yo life time yourself.Koya ko.

  89. #103 I do agree with your other idea’s of the Ministry of sport emerging with the Ministry of education sports department. Livestock and fisheries can emerge with the Ministry of agriculture. The liberalised town clerk idea and abolishment of district commissioner positions. However, the research departments need to be close to the ministries…otherwise efficiency, practicality and communication will be a thrown out of the window.

  90. Congratulations His Excellency the President Mr Michael Chilufya Sata. Concerning your statement and I quote, “Mr. Sata reiterated his commitment to the people of Zambia that he will bring development within ninety days”, we are watching. We have already started counting so you better make sure you keep your promises to the Zambian people. The MMD shall provide a strong opposition as we groom the young to take the powers of the party.

  91. Leadership is a highly contested phenomenon and scholars have produced so many books and journal articles on the subject. Early theorists viewed leadership based on traits and indeed some of these qualities are still evident in the 21st Century. The shift turned to the behaviour of leaders and on this one our new president is below par. The best theory to explicate what has transpired is that of situational leadership. Zambian people were just fed up of MMD and the ‘situation’ favoured HE MCS. We need transformational leaders and I hope we young people can be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of our nation. I wish PF good luck but we shall be watching. Remember integrity and transparency are crucial elements for formulation and implementation of viable policies.

  92. May God bless you, favour you, be merciful to you and be gracious to you as you govern His Chirstian Nation.

  93. On this forum we have people with bright ideas and I hope most of us will go back to our lovely country Zambia. Conversely, the culture of our nation is a huge barrier to development. We need to change our mindset. The culture of brown envelopes and laziness has eroded our values. Who are you mwaiche? What can you tell us? We have also been pa UK. Just do your work and mind your business!

  94. Chanting slogans is one thing but can he deliver or will he soon resort to shut up stupid *****s! I will not trust an illiterate leader like him because they lack mental capacity and ability to accomodate divergent views in as much as theirs were divergent before being elected. Inferiority complex. See Sata’s London trip and hw he answered queries that criticised him! Bola nipanshi bamudala – Zambia nichalo chanzelu viva KK.

  95. to all of us zambians this change is very good and timely,instead of waiting for the 90days lets just work hard with our new president to help ourselves have a better zambia.he cant do it lone so let us all nite as apeople and build a strong nation for our children and their children.it shouldnt matter which political afffiliation u have if your idea is well meaning just bring it out and we shall all benefit,remember its our nation not satas.even if we like it all not sata and his family will never suffer but us so let us help him to help us and not just sit down waiting for him to make a mistake so that we can make fun of it,it wont help.VIVA PA BWATO

  96. awe naciwama saana ubwato na bwabuka i cant wait to get the comment of mwata kazembe who has made his subjects look foolish werever they say they are from luapula.and to you HH i dont know what you were thinking by leaving the pact for your own information,this is your end as well because people will leave your party.this country we so much love it and with this change we are all going to contribute possitivelly to its development just as we have done in other countries were education of an individual is valued.how do you expect a politician with no education at all to be more important tghan a proffessor or PhD holder?let us learn to value education as it is an engine of development for any nation.i would like sata to closely work with korea republic to learn good lessons from them VIVA

  97. At that time Jesus was filled with joy by the Holy Spirit and said, “Father, Lord of heaven and earth! I thank you because you have shown to the unlearned what you have hidden from the wise and learned. Yes, Father, this was how you wanted to happen”. Lk 10:21. No one disputes the fact that education plays an important role in increasing the body of knowledge, however, education has very little to do with effective presidency. If eduaction was so important, solomon would have sought it but instead he asked God to ..give your servant a dicerning heart to govern your people and to distunguish between right and wrong” (1 Kings 3:9). The virtue of wisdom is what is lacking in the so called eduacted and intelligent and you just have to look across the border for the results.

  98. As zambians who love our country so dearly, lets therefore pray for all our leaders that God may grant them abundant wisdom so they may guide and rule their people with fairness. I wish the new President all the best of luck and beseech him to live by the promise he gave to the zambians before being elected to this high office. Indeed, yours is an impossible task if you depart from your promises. Vindictiveness should not even be intertained for we know how much resources are wasted trying to settle political scores rather than improving the lives of people. Formulate new instruments to curb corruption and bring development to mother Zambia. God bless and protect you Mr. President.

  99. We are now in charge. You like it or not. Remember this is African Politics, we will also appoint Ministers and deputies from the opposition and tilt the vote towards us. This is what MMD was doing. Now its out turn, the resources are in our hands. Rupiah just handed over. So don’t tell me that it will be difficult to pass laws.

  100. # 121 Donchi Kubeba – Your Kaponya mentality is exactly what has held us from moving forward as a country, It is people like you that we need to get rid of first before we can really bring about REAL change. BRING IN THE YOUNGER GENERATION, NOT RECYCLED POLITICIANS. GOD BLESS MY BELOVED COUNTRY ZAMBIA.

  101. our beloved country has been taken over by mad rabid dogs,the kaponyas,street kids,illitrates and grade four failures.zambia does not deserve these FARTS.we shall be back.

  102. why do i get the feeling from upnd guys that they more bitter with the pf victory than mmd? jealous. by way the president was the mmd national secretary if you have short memories guys expect the mmd to be assimilitated into the pf soon.

  103. Ba Mwata Kazembe mwatu sebanya. Now that the man that was giving you gifts has gone, what next? It was wrong of you to have invloved yourself in politics. You have really made the Chief cheap and many of us from that area have totally lost respect for you. A Mwata who likes himself is not good for the people of Mwansabombwe. Mwane how could you sink so low, na ngu kutemwa ulu piya yaba. So what are you going to do now that Sata has won? Can you please tell us

  104. flag MMD Chief Boot Licker says:
    Tue Jun 22, 2010 at 6:43 pm You wrote
    Advice to PF/UPND blind followers of Ichilema and Satan. The draft of the supreme document of the land is made public. If you can read please participate and contribute to the constitution otherwise you shall cry foul. Kaponyas need to learn how to read……Cont

  105. Cont # Now I tell you MMD Chief Boot Licker that we do anything stupid for calling us Kaponya and insults to our president. All we are saying lets work together. We know you are at Zambian Embassy in South Africa and have 3 children, 1 at Unza and the other 2 at Uni in South Africa. Thats not important to us.

  106. Its all about the system, which mandates political parties in office to uphold, protect and review the constituition for the sake of the Zambian people. The review of MMD in office, I personally describe it as a complete shame and total mismanagement of time. Congrates Mr President Sata.

  107. Mmmm # 78 Mushota, you are a real Bemba, apapene, uselele ukukabile? You condemned Zambia to Pieces, now you are Bemba?? Well done.

    Congratulations President Sata, RB despite all your Mistakes we forgive you. Thanks for handling over Power properly, We salute you.


  109. Zambians should stop expecting politicians to do all the work for them. I get the feeling from reading this blog that people expect the new President Sata and his PF to do all the work – wrong! Politicians can only create an enabling and favourable environment for us and we are the one who have to toil and do all the work. Most of what is expected from PF have already been discussed extensively above, the major being that of separating the 3 arms of government. I will focus contribution on us, the ordinary people.
    Now the real work should be done by ordinary Zambians. First Zambians should change their mentality and accept that prosperity comes out working hard not from freebies or favouritism and it won’t come overnight – rather it may take even generations.=> Continued below

  110. Zambians should know that we all can’t be bosses or managers at the same time and start respecting those who do menial work such as cleaners, kamalondas (guards) and many others – everyone has a role to contribute to the development of our country. Zambians should learn to live humbly within their means and stop buying expensive things like gadgets, etc – ‘some of us’ and showing off won’t do it. Bosses should stop reading newspapers all day long and improve their productivity instead; eliminate so many unproductive workshops and pay themselves per diems.
    Only then can we develop as a country.

  111. Rigging of elections has been real only that this time around we worked with them so closely wherever they stepped we did just that and our Powerful PVT helped us very much.Takwali ukupilikita VJ bati bapilikitile apa awe epotuli cashupa bati besheko utuma fake dribbling styles awe twasopolola..This time every well meaning Zambia was involved,even aka kwibele.

  112. Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold, this is what the mmd *****s lacked. 6 months from now there will be no mmd. mark my word.

  113. To begin with #8 you should be mature man.Are you a zambian? if i may ask.Then to our new president congrats and may God almighty give you the wisdom and understanding to drive the 13million plus zambians in your boat for next 5 years. I liked and appreciate your speech indeed it was coming from an old man full of wisdom and experience. My plea as we talk about forgetting and burying the past i what to say please lets reconsider the motto our founding father David Kaunda strongly preached about ” ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION” If this can be adopted and put as our nation motto again, then we can proufdly preach oneness. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.


    Cobra we supported you, now show us what you can do. “ Ubufi tatulefwaya awe” … Mudala sitifuna boza….

  115. We start counting from monday when he steps into his office.Mind you,he was sworn in on Friday.Set aside your hatred for our new president.Let us embrace each other and burry the past.Total cleansing of oppressors has to continue.Let us treat foreigners the way they treat us in their own land.This is what we call equality.

  116. To my fellow Zambians that expect politicians to do everything for them,this is the time to stand firm to work hard as individuals.PF will creat opportunities but as individuals we have to fit in where we are capable to be productive for ourselves and for the Nation ,Never forget that we have to create a good nation for our future generation.For those in Leadership musamva zanzake inamva ananva nkhwangwa ili mumutu.Chaona mzako chapita,mmaw’a chili paiwe.Today he mobs for you tomorrow he leads you and your children.Divide and rule is not a way to lead.When our former president came to China ,he gave a speach and for the contents?We all know and fully understand.

  117. No one should treat Zambians like nobodies.Days are always numbered for each and everyone of us.The Lord listens so much even to the marginalized in the society.We pray that the COBRA uses his God Given Vernom to cleanse our system as does ‘ jik to the stains’.Let love and unity prevail.Let him and his government treat the “synovial sarcoma” that has metastasized beyond our geographical borders to all organs. sorry the government structures.This was not seen under UNIP.We will with all our effort build a better Zambia as we look not only into our pockets but also our investiments.Congratulations to the New Republican president H.E.Micheal Chilufya Sata

  118. Its a pitty that we all want to affect how tha man proceeds on his new job, I find it offending for people calling for him not to pursue the people who pepetrated corruption and went about selling national assets without a blink, If a man pardons immorality then question his morality because its with the same pardon he would love to be treated lest he fail to deliver. Its just normal to sweep the house before you put that new mart, lets clean the house then of all the evil that was done in the past govt, lets not push the dirt under the bed, Its only then that the new biggining gets to have a true meaning.

  119. Advise to Mbobo or nsato. He should lead us like RB. We where free to insult him and call him any sort on names on Radios. I felt a freeman unber RB rule. The Economy was good and zambia was developing in infrastrature very fast. But suddenly I don’t why I’m not feeling free anymore. Soweto market is quiet bad. Police should move me. PF cadres made me pay for parking in a free parking area k3,000. I was told they are ruling and they made laws. GOD HELP ZAMBIA>

  120. I Proposed the following Cabinet,

    VP – Guy Scott
    Finance minister – Bob Sichinga
    Minister of Health – Nkandu luo
    Local Govt – Given Lubinda
    Agriculture – Inonge Wina
    Commerce – Miles Sampa
    Labour – Fackson Shamdenda
    Works & Supply – Mike Mulongoti
    Home Affairs – Lameck Mangani
    Foreign Afairs – Sylvia Masebo
    Defence – President
    Justice – Wynter Kabimba
    Education/science -Mbita Chitala
    Transport – Willie Sanda
    Community/Gender – Jean Kapata
    Mines – George Mpombo
    Provincial Ministers – Should be abolished
    Sports & youth – GBM

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