Sunday, July 14, 2024

Bank of Zambia Governor Caleb Fundanga fired


Bank of Zambia governor Caleb Fundanga has been fired from his position with immediate effect.

Sources have told QFM that the bank governor, who was at the helm of the sale of the questioned procedure of finance bank, was fired earlier this week.

Dr. Fundanga was bidding fairwell to his management and staff at the boz headquaters in lusaka yesterday.

Dr Caleb Mailoni Fundanga has served as Governor of the Bank of Zambia since March of 2002.

He was appointed Governor, after serving as Senior Advisor to the President of the African Development Bank in Abidjan, Cote D’voire from 1998.

Dr. Fundanga further served as an Executive Director at the African Development Bank.

Dr. Fundanga also served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance for six years at Cabinet Office before finally winding up in the Office of the President as Permanent Secretary in charge of the National Commission for Development Planning.

Dr. Fundanga’s firing is seen as some of the major changes the new patriotic front government is undertaking.



  1. Once again, due to political pressure, the nation has been robbed of good brains that are supposed to be at the helm of our national economy. This is in addition to Katele Kalumba and many others who have been victims of bad politics that characterised our country in last 20 yrs

    • Corrupt good brains are more dangerous than clean half baked brains. Being corrupt is a behavioural competence which is learnt over a period of time and usually can not be fixed. A half baked clean brain can be trained into a square brick for a square shape. Believe what I am saying, I do it for a living.

    • These are political appointees and they sing the master’s chorus-if they sneeze, they are fired. Wait and see what will happen to the next chola boy.:-w


  3. The man became partisan and forgot about his profession. by the way, there is a rumour he helped MMD deep into national reserves.

  4. it was long over due mwe. alipakama kale, let him go and rest. hw do u sale finance bank jst becoz u want to hit out at mathani? zwaaaa!!!!

  5. Fundanga you have an impressive resume, you are invited for interviews at UPND offices to join our Economic and Development Management Advisory Team (the EDMA Team). Good luck!

  6. No investigation has been carried out by the one week old govt to arrive at such a drastic action.Further the central bank governor should be free to implement policies based on macro and micro economic benchmarks free of political interference.This throws into question the PF govts decision making as a governor should enjoy independence of his office and if need be only a board can make the decision to fire him not the president alone.Where is the investigation? Rule of the jungle it seems.

    • You seem to live outside the boundaries of Planet earth coz if that weren’t the case, you would easily establish compelling reasons justifying Fundanga’s long-overdue dismissal. Finance bank sale to FNB was highly cruel a political scam, which Fundanga allowed!!!!

    • Fundanga was no longer professional, he helped RB in fixing Martani and also helped MMD in helping themselves from the treasury,it was expected…

    • Sorry Sir! He was supposed to work independently but lately he was used just to fix Martan. Shame. These are the effects of R.B’s rule that professionals are affected. How do you support the sale of Finance Bank at 27 billion Kwacha with the infrastructure throughout the country. I smell a rat here. Next is ZESCO for supplying geezers where there is no water.

  7. Gud work Mr president. that man would ve been frustrating ur efforts to develop the nation. that has been my worry bu finally properly taken care of.

  8. Sata said he will make a clean sweep of government. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the drama. At the end of the 90 days all will have been convinced that the man really means business, and hopes  and confidence that a better Zambia is possible will have been restored. This man Caleb was basically a bootlicker who pandered to the dictates of his masters at state house.

    • Even as he sweeps he should not forget to sweep State House especially the man who fired himself before he was fired. He called himself former comptroller before he was fired. He is the most corrupt!

  9. He saw it coming and others know their fate just after the announcement of the cabinet. What can i say,mr fundaga had been a pillar to the development of our society serving the public so thumbs up to you and Best of luck Dr,i guess you are not furious because its change now,remember its their choice to field in a new governor.

  10. Who cares if he is fired? He isnt as poor as all of you. He sits on many boards and he certainly wont suffer. Stop reading this shit and get to work. Sata is all about hard work. Mwenchushi mwe.

    • The biggest chushi is you,who sound sad. Have a life don’t be stressed by politician.They will share what’s there until we elect new one who will start exactly where the last left.why do you think the campaign and insult each other so much? 

    • nafuti nafuti you are one person who cant think beyond your tribe and you very narrow minded,i guess the level of your education,no matter how hurt you are you cant change things H.E. SATA is your hard working president with the interest of all zambians at heart,there is a wider zambia than your little interest with your under five president,UPND is on its way to the political dustbin of beloved country.BE REALLISTIC DUDE

    • you must hate Bembas so much, why l wonder? oh l get it, you saw some bemba guy shagging you mum cos your father couldn,t satify her and now some Bemba dude is giving it your wife and sister Don,t hate the bemba guys hate their massive dicks

    • This guy insisting on using the name “Seveth Day Adventist” is a disappointment to the church, any church for that matter with his twisted language and thinking. This is not political but can’t u just use a different name than embarass the church with your misrepresentative behaviour/words? If you are a real chistian practice what you preach, oh infact you are preaching immorality right there. So leave the church out of it and spare yourself some self destraction.

  11. What goes arround, comes arround, what goes up, comes down…. so the simple laws of reason say. Caleb has done his part by stabilising the financial markets and helping to sustain life of a fragile economy. We look up to the new BOZ chief to rise to the occassion and deliver even better. Good luck to all.

  12. We wont glve you any termlnal beneflts,bad advlsor to the presdo just because you have shares ln FNB,very unpatrlotlc cltlzen.

    We wont glve you any termlnal beneflts,bad advlsor to the presdo just because you have shares ln FNB,very unpatrlotlc cltlzen.

  13. New PFcabinet which was leaked and circulating last night, to be announced this morning by Mr. Sata is as follows: Dr Guy Scott -VP. GBM- FINANCE, Willie Nsanda- Defense, Given Lubinda-Information, Nkandu Luo-Health, Edgar Lungu-JUSTICE, Miles Sampa-Commerce, Chishimba Kambwili-Mines,Winter Kabimba-Home affairs,Inonge Wina-Foreign Affairs, Jean Kapata-Tourism,Wilbur Simusa-Gender, Gerry Chanda-Local Govt,Mike Mulongoti-Education, Father Bwalya-Transport,Mumbi Phiri,-Livestock,Bert Mushala-Energy, Mark Mushili-Agriculture, Lackson Kazabu-Sport, Fackson Shamenda-Labour. This list is speculative and may not be true.

  14. thumb up, we appreciate what you ve done for the nation, very soon people will notice that the taking over of finance bank was for the interest of zambia’s financial institution and enforcement of the law.Not until the gap between the rich and the poor widens more will people realise how mahtani has been abusing people’s funds to enrich himself and the family.Nevertheless we wish the new govt the best of God’s blessings as there make these significant and crucial changes!

  15. This guy was not a minister or DC to be fired in 1 week time. Firing Executives before even announcing cabinet, Mixing politics and economics,,, I am sure BOZ will have a PF cadre who will be printing money at the Order of the president,,,, remember the amin movie?

  16. Nafuti Nafuti get over the loss a see things in the right perspective. Stop mourning your loss and move on. 5 more years to the next elections which you will loss bitterly. Learn the lessons.

  17. What can I say , the Kaponyas are in charge and can’t wait to see what they will do in 90 D and I hope you will keep the stats flowing.

    Caleb, you have served this country with excellency and history will remember you and laugh at those laughing now because under your leadership Zambia built it reserves, stabilized inflation into single digit, attained a B+ rating from global credible institutions. And Under you the Kwacha print press at BOZ was stopped and I smell the resumption of that Kwacha print press to put more money into people’s pockets.

    Remember you cannot just print the Kwacha and flood it on the market and expect to get away with it. We have been down that road and you know the consequences , I hope you do the right thing.

  18. @ 22 respect is important PF we started as a small party and now in government…though some people thot Mr Sata would never be short anyone can be presido including HH. Lets debate objectively.

  19. Indeed stupidity lies in the masses.To celebrate the firing of one of the best brains Zambia has ever produced is shameful.A new broom sleeps better but remember the old one knows all the corners.

    • You even call yourself Wanzelu and yet ulibe nzelu. Fundanga was not supposed to be partisan in his doings. He took it for granted and miscalculated that MMD will rule forever and thats where he lost it. Fundanga is not indispensible because we have many other think tanks in Zambia including myself who can continue where Fundanga left.

  20. I saw it coming too. but he was a good man who tried to be objective but it was political influence that made him even take bad decision. I remember how he spoke againist single sourcing when it came to the sale of of Finance Bank but his BOSS wanted it happen his way. Sad we lost a professional because of MMD govt. Truly goodness shall follow u we the mula u ve minted in 9yrs, u are a DON

  21. Good bye to $30,000 salary/month + allowances.A good lesson to all professionals.Dont poke your noses in Politics.Nevetheless this man will probably get a good job at IMF or world bank.

  22. As I say always, We need to belive in God because under the soon, everything has got time. We need to be prepared for that time. Not only people in Govt, but everyone who is seriousy in life.

  23. From above!!
    Sata whats to make sure that he puts money in peoples pockets by printing money any how, i am sure a grade 7 will take over from fundanga, but anyway the gay can get a job anywhere in the world including ADB, Worl Bank, IMF, Comesa etc


  25. He should just go!!! We dont need him and he hasnt been performing to our expectation.He is just the same as Testicles Mwansa.

  26. This is my message to all you Kaponya and your party.

    There is such a thing as the LAW of ECONOMICS. And its Chief underlying tenet is that IT PROMISES NO ONE SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. And it neither recognizes or tolerates for long the habit of taking without giving. Its judgement is severe and there is no supreme court to appeal to once it start dishing out its punishment.

    As you prepare to raid the treasury , remember you can not take with out giving. Print All money you want without earning it and lets see how far you will go.

    MMD is a proud party and we can walk tall. He inherited empty coffers deep in the hole and we left $2.5 billion excess.

    • what was the reason for haviing $2.5 billion in reserve when hospitals had no medicines, feeder roads in some cases were inpassable and even the rate of the dollar stuck at 5 pin when during levy’s time we so the rate come down 3 pin? he could have done better.

  27. RB state house staff most of them were from Kumawa. He was not comfortable with other tribes though retained them. Not only that but also many key government jobs were given to Easterners. Others have already parked and gone with the departure of RB because they smelled the rat. They know themselves without me mentioning them. Thank you for having made that prudent decision instead of waiting to be fired. Don’t compromise your jobs with politics. Michael Sata all eyes in Zambia are on you. You are being weighed every day and every moment to see whether you are wanting or not. Don’t rule this country using the Catholic ten commandments but use the Zambian constitution. 

  28. No 34 – I am also wondering what the minister of livestock does really? is this not part of agriculture? we are anxiously waiting

  29. Yes, He was FIRED, He may also be charged shortly for white colar crimes. watch this story. This cheap and his friends, crooked alot of small investors 

  30. No. 27 your praises that you have outlined on Caleb were not attained by himself. His minions are the one who made it possible though the boss is always praised. I see the new Bank Governer will do better than him and Zambia will be back on her feets. Surely how can a Bank Governer let the wife stand as an MP? and you expect him to serve the people without being partizan

    • Are you saying his wife has no rights of her own? She is free to participate by her own free will. I hope that was not the reason for replacing him because it would simply be wrong.

  31. There is a time for everything.Fundanga has served the country well but he was an MMD govt appointee so it is only natural that he is replaced by a PF appointee. Zambian Professional must learn to leave on their own not to wait to be fired. The IG, managers at ZNBC, Times and Daily must just resign for lack of professionalism before they are even fired.

  32. Good news!
    I wanted also fundanga to be fired.He became a politician at the end.He was even busy campaigning in chilubi island.he derseves to be fired.professionals should show maturity and non partisan

  33. What a huge mistake. Dr. Fundanga was one of the best. It is hard finding good quality human resource like Dr. Fundanga. The PF govt has made a mistake on this one.

  34. In any real country no central banker is fired just like that due to political change of guard .Where’s his security of tenure?.I forgot we’re being led by ill educated and revenge thusty folks.Watch the economy nose dive as they put kaponyas who know nothing of macro economics in charge

    • I am posting this in 2015 I guess 3.5 yrs from the time you posted your comment.I am glad you saw the future like I did……kikikikik he who laughs last for sure…..

  35. Those rubbishing or chiding Dr. Fundanga should be ashamed. You assume he is guilty of something. That’s sad and typical of us Zambians. Shallow mindedness comes to mind. Like him or not Caleb has managed Zambia’s monetary policy impeccably during his tenure. And by the way he is an award winning central bank Governor. How many of you have those accolades. The guy has served the country well, but sometimes people have to be moved on. C’est la vie. Let us wait and see what the new Governor will do to better him. Caleb, best wishes for the future.

  36. Pf morons, you think Caleb cares? To him this is good because he can not work with Kaponyas, he is too professional to work with chaps like GBM.

  37. Zambian Governments have always appointed academics to run bank of Zambia, the problem with this is that most academics are theorists, you need to appoint individuals that will manage and provide real leadership to the Reserve Bank, just a quick look at South Africa, you will see that none of the ttwo previous governors and the current one are Doctors and people like Tito Mboweni who was one of trhe best governors in Africa was a complete outside and had no previous experience in banking being a qualified engineer. Zambia needs to do the same and forget about appointing an academics dominated reserve bank. Get real leaders in there, i am not saying get uneducated people in there, i am saying spread the pool and not this obession with the doctorate title, there are too many theorist there.

  38. Bye bye Caleb. You started very well as a Professional, but poor finishing …. ( You allowed yourself to be used and was rewarded with your wife being imposed as MMD Parly candidate, against well established MMD potential candidates. Bye Bye Polio

  39. The guy to be appointed will also be fired by the next President. It’s okay, nothing sinister. Let us be objective sometimes. I don’t like Sata but he has to appoint his own team whom he feels comfortable to work with. Every president anywhere in the world does that. Good Luck to the new govt.

    • Chi #55 kUnTa kInTe iwe chi former mmd cadre, we know u, u hav bn postin silly thins abt the current now in operation govt. An’t u ar ashmed that tulekuteka nomba. and we ar in control. Tel whic boma ni boma wer u barkin on iwe pofifi maloba munya pa mputa. enjoin the journey on the boat

  40. I saw this coming and can confidently say that I am not surprised. If the list about the cabinet is true then I would be surprised that Mining was not given to a qualified and experienced mining engineer like Simussa. I know he has a first degree and a masters in mining and an MBA. The best thing is to wait until the conference before commenting further.  

  41. Tu chibombe bombe etuli nu nesele even if this man gets fired he has little or nothing to lose he is learned compared to some of u posting silly comments about him,tomorrow he’ll open a company and you’ll be there taking your ka application .He has been a good deserving man only that maybe he allowed the then ruling party to sway from his ethics but overall he has done a good job at BOZ

  42. no one is indispensable. there have been so many PhD holders of Fundangas caliber or probably more. he sold FBZ the bank he did not even found.

  43. It`s amazing seeing all these MMD cadres flapping about-MMD Bootlicker,Capitalist and the rest. What we don`t know and should be asking is why did he get a sack?

    The man might end up in jail who nows? What we know so far is Finance Bank sell will be investigated. People are pushing for the investigation of Zamtel. Don`t tell me MMD only had angels.

    My advice to you is wait and see. Mwamamanya shani?

    A lot is yet to be reviewed. Calm daown you cadres. Lets wait and see. We have not even touched Dora yet. Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke!

  44. The truth of the matter is that no matter how much PF would love to mantain professionals who worked under MMD government, it will be extremely difficult because RB messed them up. Government was run like it was an extension of MMD affairs. BOZ is purceived as having been used as a tool by RB to settle his scores with Finance Bank Chairperson and Kalebu was like an instrument in RB’s hand. Further, was there any justification for Criticals,Dr. Mukonka and Canesius Banda to be dragged into politics? I feel pitty especially for Criticals. LPM brought him back for purely professional work and after his death only to be messed up by RB for his unsatiable apetite for power.

  45. he did his best as gorvernor, now lets wait and see for the one coming wat he will do though also interested to take the position. I have certificate in social work, do I qualify?

  46. It`s not about qualifications in Africa, it`s about the person who appointed you. This man may have genuinely set up to serve the people of Zambia but surely how do you explain the sale of Finance Bank? This is reason I have been calling for a constitution which reduces the powers of the president. Country Bank Governer is a very sensitive position where ever you go in the world. That is why it has to be independent of political interferance. Just as is IG of police and the rest.

    But in Africa the president knows everything. How do you explain William Banda getting a warn and caution for cases he should have gone in for only to be arrested when government changes?

    Stop crying allyou MMD cadres. Look at the broader picture.


  48. I Hope Sata knows what he is doing for the betterment of Zambia and not himself or his party. I will not judge but the outcomes of all his decisions and actions will speak for themselves as time goes on.

  49. Even if its gov!on dis 1 our president has made a mistake.da man has done his job well.he xpected it so its not smthg new 2 him.stop crying 4 him n cry 4 yoselves hopin dar giv us sm1 better dan him coz 4 him his educated n can get a job anywhr n dats da goodness of havin papers n not only dat his lyf n family is secured.zambians lets giv credit whr its due.4 now we can rjoyc bt hop we dnt cry in future.



  51. Same old story…only to replace him with a worse old guard as we have seen with Chalabesa.Satas old friend from the time he wasLusaka governor. Where are the younger vibrant educated Zambians

  52. Sata fires fires the Bank of Zambia Governor before appointing his cabinet. What is the hurry for? Very interesting indeed!!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting for the cabinet.

  53. I have never been happy with the way our so called academicians have run the affairs of Zambia.In 1991,chiluba appointed a Cabinet of learned class econimists and lawyers but alas the country go stack and today many of the challenges we are facing may be attributed to poor management by those people.Brazil’s former president is a good example of how people with little or No little edcation background can improve,brazil is an emerging economy in the line of india,china and korea.south Africa is also a good example.Mr fundanga started well but he became a Cadre and In a Normal circumstance FB could have not been sold at 27 billion kwacha.Dr Fundanga should have helped zambia and not his masters.

  54. Important things first. Fundanga is a BIG let down. We want Finance Bank and Zamtel back to Zambians. Zambia is for Zambians. Zambia is being saved!!!

  55. please you cant call this firing. Its obvious that they are all going. people like shikapwasha, george kunda, peter daka and dora siliya have already gone. 

  56. # 69 What development?Is firing people before you even appoint in order? ,suppose something happens today and Caleb’s expertise is needed
    will he call him back or just swear in PF ASAP .

  57. Good, this bean counter is highly compromised, in the job since 2002. I remember the pointless jargon press releases about he was feeding us during the election campaign. I’m sure IMF or WB will have some boring data reading job in Washington with fellow bean counters.

  58. The count down begins. First mistake of the new government. What investigation has the government done and what are the findings of that enquiry. Is this how they are going to run government by making such hasty decisions? That’s not the way to go guys. Investigate and give the public chance to decide from your report. We’ll watch as the drama unfolds!!! Well done Caleb. You’ve served your country with honour and dignity. You’re the best of your kind. I doubt if they have some better to replace you with. No wonder Levy had so much confidence in you. Rupiah messed up big time and you have to be sacrificed.

  59. I have just got this from REUTERS:

    LUSAKA, Sept 29 (Reuters) – The tax the Zambian government is getting from mines in Africa’s top copper producer is not enough and may need to be reconsidered, mines minister Wilbur Simusa said shortly after being appointed to the post on Thursday.
    “The money we are getting from the mines in form of tax is not adequate and we are going to sit down with them and discuss so that we reach a win-win situation,” Simusa, a mine engineer said.
    President Michael Sata also appointed economist Alexander Chikwanda as finance minister. (Reporting by Chris Mfula; Writing by Phumza Macanda; Editing by Agnieszka Flak)

    WOW! Already at work before the cabinet is even announced! 

  60. It is very sad to see highly educated professionals reduce themselves to the level of cadres to appease the appointing authority. Fundanga only has himself to blame for this dark spot on his name. The others that should go are Musokotwane, Zesco boss and the semi-illiterate Kabonde.


  62. #60 & 64. Spot on, these MMD cadres dont really know how their heavenly party mismanaged our coffers. Fundanga joined MMD by allowing his bedroom mate to stand for parliament, he single handedly sold Finance Bank with instructions from his master(RuBBish). We are on you MMD this is just the beginning of the end for you cadres, grow up. It was “Dont Kubeba” now it’s “Kubeba”. Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke. Pabwatooooooooooooooo!!!

  63. Not sure about Willie Nsanda being minister. I hope he doesnt get to grow into another cadre like we saw with MMD.

  64. This may have nothing to do with Finance bank as much as this transaction was questionable. PF has a preferred young man. Well we shall wait and see what this preferred young man will have to offer as well. He is brilliant by the way…… further comments

  65. Wow!!!!! Thx Caleb. Enjoy ur retirement and may IMF look towards your shinning face.
    I am surprised that MMD has left 2billion yet it was robbing farmers whom have not been paid yet, 2billion yet there is no medicine only panadol in hospitals, 2 billion yet schools are dilapidated, 2 billion yet the roads were wells if not an oasis, the list goes on.

  66. Cabinet reduced to 19 from the very unnecessary 22. Lets see those MMD cadres argue. Mr Capitalist,MMD Bootlicker. Here we are! Theman of action has started. We have gotten rid of 3 Ministers and 3 deputies how much does that save you?

  67. Openly at mulushi Fundanga and family donoted 10,000,000 and Elias Mpondela also 5,000,000 THROUGH Mutiti.The was standing on the MDD ticket ku Chilubi Iland,his wife is the sister to to Mr Chomba owner of Euro Africa Buses.All our man are in Euro Africa.Mr Chomba was MD for UBZ and KK Lost he chaged the buses into his name,since the order was in UNIP name.Just like the mayenge equipment that also was in the name of UNIP,but the late was playing using the during UNIP meetings and when UNIP lost it was wako niwako.

  68. Fundanga had become a cadre under the MMD, any wonder the wife stood and flopped in Bangweulu???? He can go enjoy his retiremen tpackage!!!

  69. BOZ was as tired as MMD and bereft of ideas to progress further Fundanga has played his part but became to partisan. I just hope the new BOZ governor will be prudent and help Zambia move forward. If Fundanga has done a wrong then he will most definitely face the law enforcement agencies. 

  70. Congrats bo Inonge on your appointment as minister.. Now get down to work. Nice seeing a ministry led by two mature women not those who were showing their bum to get a vote.

  71. Caleb was one of the better brains we have in zed but it is the right of the govt to appoint or dis-appoint. He should be ok even w/o the job. Allowing his wife to stand has backfired. My issue is the decisions have been made even w/o a cabinet in place. Let us discourage the idea of one man making all decisions that is what killed KK, FTJ and RB’s regimes. We need to operate within much better institutional and legal frameworks

  72. Italian Bunga Bunga you are great. These MMD cadres like Bootlicker, Capitalist etc what is really wrong with them my God. Way to go H.E.M.C.C. Now am really proud to be a Zedenian.

  73. Lubinda information minister, shamenda labour didnt hear about Kabimba. Im dissapointed about justice Sebastaian Size Zulu really!Simbyakula could have been better choice.

  74. The cabinet has been announced, almost secretly. hey we wanted to hear it first hand, but no radio station covered it……….why? Is this how we will be led. Where is freedom of the press?

  75. Good morning

    Well, the heat is on… and the day of reckoning has come.

    The controversial sale of Finance Bank may just be the tip of the iceberg. Let’s hear what Mr. Fundanga’s side of the story, and please no shrugging of shoulders when it comes to money matters. Accountability and transparency is a must.

    The cancer of courruption in our society is still malignant and the new government is doing well to deal with it right from the start, or else the whole essence of the democratic change may be lost.

  76. Don`t think Winter got anything did he? Zulu is OK in my opinion but then again Bragga, it`s not about what one has got, it`s about the man in charge. Look we are here talking about Caleb, surely the job he was doing there was remote controlled.

    I hope HE MCS leaves professionals to do their job. Look at the cabinet Don Chi Chi had! Powerful people but they had to do what he wanted. Pathetic.

  77. Zambia’s New Cabinet. Guy scot-VP Defence GBM, Transport Communicationand Works W Nsanda, Finance Alexander Chikwanda, Foreign Affairs-Kambwili, Health Dr Kasonde, Labour, Sport, Youth Gender-F Shamenda, Agric E Chenda, Mines Wibur Simusa, Information, Broadcasting & Tourism-Lubinda, Local Government-Nkandu Luo, Chiefs Affairs-Inonge Wina

  78. The justification to sell Finance bank at $5000,000.00 by fundanga is what has 70% contributed to his dismissal. The other one is being partsan when you know that you are a government worker.
    That Is why having degrees and phds is not what can develop a nation. HH campaigned on grounds of degrees and phds. Hahahaha Viva sata

  79. It was time to go we appreciate your contributions but let us have new blood and energy coming in at BOZ, am sure he saw it coming just like directors at ZNBC and ZESCO are waiting to leave the doors


  81. a central bank governor is just as powerful as a president in that he looks after the economic well being of the nation through monetary policy hence he should show some backbone esp when the govt is corrupt. The sale of finance bank for one is his failure to do so as he is in-charge of overseeing the operations of all banks in Zambia. as great a governor he was it too a single act to mess it all up. Lets pray for a governor that understands the importance of an independent central bank

  82. good riddance tho he was unprofessional. Use to take quik action to please ‘them” ne lomo shalipya kuli whisky, alya pafula

  83. I learn from 42 that mmd left 2.5 billion dollars in the coffers when the majority of Zambians went without medicines in our medical institutions, had to pay high fuel prices because someone thought it was better to have cash than provide even just the basic nessecitys. This looks like a gimmic was done so that the dollar rate was rised to 5pin. Imagine 2pin for a dollar. We could have had cheaper fuel and food.

  84. The only blow is loosing Mutati…I wrote to him to jump ship…what a waste…. Dr. Fu goodbye…. pointed friends and relative in BOZ…. goog riddance

  85. his wife was busy campaigning for the MMD in just ended elections…am sure they saw this coming as a family..such positions i believe one is supposed to be non-partisan…ni shhhhh iya mumutima lol..

  86. Yes, Felix mfula needs to be Governor, the guy is very sharp and Fundanga was threatened by him. Fundanga wapya lelo twa kweba nomba, ke ke ke

  87. Bootlicker you are such an ****.Our party is a progressive party, fundanga did not keep his eyes on the ball over finance bank.

  88. It’s time for a new thief to get rich,politics it’s all about chewing public funds while it lasts.God never put me in politics, just give me wisdom I work for my wealth. 

  89. Excuse me peolpe and ba WD. He was not fired. His contract came to an end and he decided he wasn’t going to renew it months ago.

  90. Uncle Caleb u have retired and not fired u have done it and we r proud of u.No one can match u that’s y LPM had to call u from wherever u were.Let standard 4 remain he will soon regret this decision.U bloggers(PF) stop commenting without brains just advise your standard 4 president correctly. Bob Sichinga so sata cannot trust u for BOZ not even MOFNP good for u at commerce i think u will now be quiet crooked fool.

  91. They are preparing to steal these Guys form Bemba clan. I can assure you that all the positions will be offered to Bembas,,,just like in Chiluba. wait and see. Lozi, you brought this to yourself. You Inonge Wina will be vice president. SATA is not prepared to be replaced by anyone. The vice might even go to Dr. kaseba..!!

  92. Those who know that they abused authority in the MMD government can do well to resign on their own, rather than waiting to be fired. ZNBC directors, ZESCO director , Zampost PMG, Workers’ Compensation ZP, inspector general, Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, District Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries and all those holding high positions in public offices but were seen to endorse dictatorship and misrule of the former regime must resign unconditionally.

  93. Ati inflation on single digit. But Kwacha has been devalued? Me not understand. 8.8 per cent inflation in the country where is the money going? And why is everything in Millions? Cut the zeros off the stupid Kwacha and stead the currency, do we have economists in Zambia who can do they job or have they all left the country?

  94. I savor, lead to I found just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  95. Oops! I scanned the top and bottom of the article too fast to realize this was a guest post! Still, great work. I love these ideas and I??ll probably spin them to work on my blog

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