President Sata names Guy Scott as Vice president and reduces cabinet size by only 3 ministries

PF Vice President Guy Scott
PF Vice President Guy Scott

President Michael Sata has appointed Patriotic Front party Vice president Guy Scott as republican vice president. In an announcement this morning, president Micheal Sata merged some ministries to reduce the numbers of ministries from previous 22 to 19.

Some of the other appointments include Alexander Chikwanda for Finance, Godfrey Mwamba for Defence, Given Lubinda for the new merged ministy of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism.

The cabinet has also seen new entrants into the front bench like Chishimba Kambwili for Foreign Affairs, Panji Kaunda as Deputy Minister of Defence and Wilbur Simusa as new Mines Minister.

Sebastian Zulu is the new Minister of Justice and the Minister of Home Affairs is Kennedy Sakeni.

Others who have been appointed are Dr. Joseph Kasonde as Minister of Health and Emmanuel Chenda is Minister of Agriculture and Livestock.

Former ZCTU president Fackson Shamenda is the new Minister of Labour, which has been merged with Sports, Youth and Gender.

Bob Sichinga is Minister of Commerce and the new Minister of Education, Science and Vocational Training is now Dr. J. Phiri, Professor Nkandu Luo is the Minister of Local Government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection, while Esther Banda will deputise Professor Luo.

Inonge Wina is the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Willie Nsanda is Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications and Dr Joseph Katema as Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

The President has also appointed Katombola Lukulo as Southern Provincial Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu for Western Province, Josephine Limata for North Western, Freedom Sikazwe for Northern Province and Miles Sampa for Lusaka.

Other provincial ministers are Solomon Mbuzi for Eastern, Davies Mwila for Luapula, Yamfwa Mukanga Copperbelt and Philip Kosamu for Central.


  1. Thank God Guy Scott is VP, this man is seen PF sail through difficult times and I for one I am happy that is now VP. I wish him all the best.

    • Mwe Lesa twafweni..Ya he probably was one of the big spenders towards campaigns but surely he cant make minister in such a sensitive ministry

  2. am not sure about GBM i hope this cabinet is just a twmporal one until things stabilise otherwise mr sata should choose some people from the oposition i for one would second people like magande

  3. Congrats new cabinet. its now time to work.
    i have one serious observation tho, cabinet is full of northerners and luapula guys, its not representative…. no southerners, is it because of the way  they voted?

    • While I agree with your general observation regarding Northerners and Luapula guys, Wilbur Simusa is a Southerner though representing a Copperbelt Constituency





  4. Alexander Chikwanda for Finance that is excellent. Reduction of three ministries is a very good idea. The change we believed in. Man of Action. Scott Muzungu (VP) – He deserves the post.

  5. Junior GBM ulicikopo. What do you expect when southern province could not even give PF a member of parliament. good move. It about those who are committed to cause of the masses.good lookin cabinet

  6. Am not impressed with appointing Kambwili a bully to a diplomatic ministry. And also pardoning judge ngoma who is on bail just because he was sata’s bodyguard

  7. On second thoughts it could be based on his “wife beating” skills. President Sata get real GBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what will we do? throw mealie meal at the enemy. OK still support PF but deeply disappointed

    • you know what? i’m begining to suspect GBM was working with katumbi to secretly supply savimbi with arms. remember when eduardo do santos accused the zambian goverment at one point, but years later it turned out that katumbi was the culprit, so whose trucks was he using? GBM? because what military expirience does GBM have? unless there’s something i don’t know.

  8. Bravo Michael, no more nuisence DCs and thats fine!. The British are back….hehehehe.. kekeke… No more contracts for Ding Dong!. But talk to those commercial farmers who have no respect for locals.

  9. Ok GBM not so good move but Sata had no choice but to reward him coz he sponsored the party on many occassions from his own pocket….this means all contracts to supply mealie meal to the army will be given to him to get back his cash he donated to the party…..politics is a hard game

    • Gud question abena Dont.. This raises the issue of grooming young blood. I pray that bene Sata, guy etc r looking @ the life of PF in the future. Our politics need 2 mature in this regard. We need 2b looking ahead.


  11. What has happened to the faithful PF follower Kabimba? Or did he want to be VP and rejected any other position? Congrns to Guy Scott-he has been through thin and thick with Sata and deserves to be rewarded. Also good move on Panji-he worked hard to propell PF with his peoples’ pact. I think father Bwalya also need to be rewarded as a ‘small’ minister. Please Mr President, also give a job to the young Patrick Mwanawansa. Oooh what about the Post chief-is he not tired of being a newspaper head for so long-this should have been his time to move on into politics as a minister or even permanent secretary. What about Masembo, Mpombo, Mulongoti,………oohh my God, the list is endless, there are too many people to please, Sata must be having sleepness nights. Good Lucky PF!

  12. Ba Nsanda pliz move in on Zampost quickly. The company has been mismanaged and its being run without an organisation structure. We have documents to show the levels of plunder. The company was a playing ground for MMD cadres like Jazzman Chikwakwa and James Bwezani Banda. Come and see the vehicles the Zampost CEO has bought for himself and the house he has renovated for himself and see the costs involved.

  13. The composition leaves much to be desired but let’s give them time and see the performance. I’m still in stitches with GBM and Kambwili’s appointments Lol!

  14. What has happened to the faithful PF follower Kabimba? Or did he want to be VP and rejected any other position? Congrns to Guy Scott-he has been through thin and thick with Sata and deserves to be rewarded. Also good move on Panji-he worked hard to propell PF with his peoples’ pact. I think father Bwalya also need to be rewarded as a ‘small’ minister. Please Mr President, also give a job to the young Patrick Mwanawansa. Oooh what about the Post chief-is he not tired of being a newspaper head for so long-this should have been his time to move on into politics as a minister or even permanent secretary. What about Masembo, Mpombo, Mulongoti,………oohh my God, the list is endless, there are too many people to please, Sata must be having sleepness nights.Good Lucky PF!

  15. Congratulation G.S you deserve it well. One thing is for sure with Sata, he will make sure his Ministers are doing their job properly. I know for a fact the he is a no nonsense man

  16. What has happened to the faithful PF follower Kabimba? Or did he want to be VP and rejected any other position? Congrns to Guy Scott-he has been through thin and thick with Sata and deserves to be rewarded. Also good move on Panji-he worked hard to propell PF with his peoples’ pact. I think father Bwalya also need to be rewarded as a ‘small’ minister. Please Mr President, also give a job to the young Patrick Mwanawansa. Oooh what about the Post chief-is he not tired of being a newspaper head for so long-this should have been his time to move on into politics as a minister or even permanent secretary. What about Masembo, Mpombo, Mulongoti,………oohh my God, the list is endless, there are too many people to please, Sata must be having sleepness nights. Good Lucky PF!!

  17. There is NO ONE from the SOUTHERN Province who is in PF who can do the job. Where do you want the president to get Southerners from? Stop your cheap tribalism. 


    • Sata has got Wyllbur Simusa who is a tonga so this is an all inclusive cabinet…Those who are saying that the cabinet is composed of northerners count and you will find that is not true…Give the man some time please, he knows what he is doing!!

  19. I am happy with Guy scott appointment not sure about GBM hope he puts his partriachal act together. Impresive cabinet not doubt they will deliver

  20. u guys, ministry of defense is not all about ranks but trust. it is a very sensitive department of the Govt. I think GBM is okey besides the man has also appointed Col. Panji kaunda who is a professional in that area. this is a good cabinet for Zambia. #4 dont show ur foolishness like that. The cabinet is not about tribes but what individual posses regardless of his tribe. Don’t bring confusions in our country you I.D.I.O.T.

    • I think you are the I.D.I.O.T.  KK was a good teacher on not to be tribal and no matter what, he always balanced his cabinet.  This our dear Sata has not done which will create a problem with chief’s in our provinces.

  21. You PF Chaps…….how can you have a cabinet of “Call boys”…..Willie Nsanda, GBM????? Zambians wake up pls. You deserve a better cabinet.

  22. his labour of braving the streams and the mountains in the remotest parts of the country have finally paid off. he displayed maturity and nobility for zambia. his truely a zambain …he deserved to be VP

  23. No cabinet is permanent.He’ll initially work with them and then do reshuffles where and whenever necessary. What’s your problem you MMD chaps? Doesn’t he have the rights to chose his own lineup??? Let’s give then chance … the problem is that most of you chaps are scared of change!!!

  24. No. 4, if HH was forming Govt, 80 -90% of his cabinet would be from southern, not because he’s tribal but his MPs are from there…stop whinning like a spoilt poodle and look at the positive side. BTW, all the Lozi activists have been pardoned, a commission of inquiry has been set up and the Ndola Stadium and the new Lusaka General Hosiptal have been re-named after Levy Mwanawasa…muletasha bamambala.

  25. uuuuuuumm…….GBM???????? i got alot of questions….are there no other better alternatives???also i have serious questions how do you merge ministry of information with tourism..not a gud idea to me …but lets see how things will move from here

  26. What more can i say Mr president wonderful small cabinet you have. At least you have saved millions of tax payers’ money. Though am a bit worried about your choice of defence minister GBM and his deputy! And you looked handsome today my president. All the best! Now that the cabinet is in place, let the work begin. 83 days to go!!!!

  27. Laughably shameful ‘apartheid’ comment from one who lacks the capacity to see the irony of his own racism… who cares the ethnicity of the ones who lead…let them just do the best job possible for ALL Zambians to develop. My funny bone is tickled at how the international PR boost from head scratchers keen to show their knowledge of our history will kick in…watch and see

  28. No.18 and 32, You guys are hilarious. Typically one would feel safer with having a tribes mate as Defense Minister and probably one who knows nothing about guns and warfare. He had to be given something at least for his contributions to the party. 

  29. yayayayayah. Thanks Mr president for giving us your cabinet, congrats Dr guy scott you really deserve it, you pushed hard PF party day in day out. As for GBM we wait for to see you to perfom, good lucky.Anyway mu zambia tamwaba ne nkondo so you can handle it. More free melie mael to defence force.:((

  30. The composition of the cabinet is determined by the voting pertain to a very large extent. In this case PF got most sits from CB LSK LP and NP and in these area the majority are Bemba speaking fellows so it is only reasonable for Sata to have such a composition. Imagine HH for govt, what do you think his cabinet would be if not 99.9% from SP. As for other PF sympathisers, there a lot of people waiting for the President to fire them especially those in diplomatic service and our Perm Secs. Lets just wait and see.

  31. the learned people you had in the last government were thieves and tricksters and now you’re saying this cabinet has thugs and call boys and kaya che.

    who qualifies to be in cabinet sure?


  33. What does the constitution say about acting president????? I thought Deputy Ministers were going to be removed, then i was going to celebrate coz there is NOTHING they do! Can anyone of u tell me what they do coz when Minister is out another minister acts on that Minister. DEPUTY VICE PRESIDENT (Stop valve in case Sata dies or just political appeasements) I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL

  34. Mwaponoka bambuli GBM ku diffence,the only disappointing thing is that 92% of the cabinet is from Luapula en Northern,may sam1 xplain?

  35. GBM was chief donner to the party and he just had to be rewarded….unlike most of you complaining, the Ministry of Defence is the safest portifolio that even an incompetent millionaire like him can handle. All the service chiefs report directly to the President, the Minister just has to ensure the infantry is fed, clean and happy.

  36. Ladies and Gentlemen i deserve some credit check below full list.HERE IS THE PF CABINET

    Vice president: Guy Scott
    Deputy Minister E.C. Lungu

    Cabinet Minister S.S. ZULU
    Deputy Minister N. Simbyakula

    Cabinet Minister G.B. Mwamba
    Deputy Minister P. KAUNDA

    Cabinet Minister A. B. Chikwanda
    Deputy Minister A. Kansembe

    Cabinet Minister K. Sakeni
    Deputy Minister Mwaliteta

    Cabinet Minister Dr J Kasonde
    Deputy Minister P. Chikusu

    Cabinet Minister C. Kambwili
    Deputy. Dr Effron LUNGU

    Cabinet Minister E. T. Chenda
    Deputy Minister. Nicholas Banda

    Cabinet Mi

  37. Disappointing Cabinet,How do appoint pipo like GBM who has been abusing his employees through insults and fun dismissal.Older timer Chikwanda has bounced back donot we have young and vibrant men and women to serve as cabinet ministers?

  38. Scott is a good move his been sata 2nd hand man from many years don’t know about GBM fortunately zambia is at peace with its neighbors unless south africa/ drc decide to invade us lol

  39. Willie Nsanda and GBM have achieved alot in their lives and i wish if we would learn something from them then always just passing bad comments on these guys. Why do we have to call them names. Why cant we look at their positive side kanshi

  40. uhmmm……………… comments reserveed??????, cant see winter kabimba, or may be i need to go through the list again.

    Lets see who the new Boz boss will be, it will be interseting to see SATA’s choice.

  41. Good cabinet but for Kambwili and GMB comments reserved. The Background of them is so fishy especially the mine boy from Nchanga mine club social band! Then the wife has to move back to Lusaka from UK! uuuummmm Wapya munzi!!. For the Mine engineer Simusa it is spot on, worked with him knows his mine stuff well! But for the mine Changa changa/entertainer KS scrap metal deals too much! Rail line slippers oweeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. #4 Please dont show your ignorance like that. What tribe is the Minister of mines Mr. Wilbur Simusa? So the only Tongas are the ones from UPND? Your are an I.D.I.O.T.

  43. PF is not about succession but success. Where are the Kaponyas? I wish Mutati and magande were in this cabinet to show case the opposition. Viva Mukolo, Viva PF.


  44. Please understand that Sata can only appoint ministers from his party’s elected members of parliament most of who are either from Luapula or Northern provinces. He only has 8 to nominate and he had to reward people who worked tirelesly hard with him in the dont kubeba(behind the scene). Im most happy with VP appointment Dr. Guy Scott, He derseves it, I hope he even takes over from Sata when constitution is reviewed and accommodate him to stand as president after Sata has served his terms. GS is a great guy and a hard worker like Sata.

  45. Voted PF with the full knowledge that we are just playing in the same old muck. Just changed the play park. Real change will come with new people and ideas. I am thinking Chipimo. Having said that …Good luck to the new cabinet….GBM??? Mayooo!!!!

  46. Anyandule are gone and now comes NSANYA. I know Sabestian is a lawyer but come on guys!!!! Where is the yourth and the names to the new or combined ministries do not make sense at all. I am not worried about who comes where for it was well known and watch the space, SATA is down. He has fallen come what may. Every president does balance tribal affiliation, it does not matter whether SP did not contribute an MP but dues must be given. Southern will leave………..

  47. Well, it now palpably evident that there is a pernicious skills shortage in Zambia, looking at your sample cabinet.. LT please publish the whole cabinet list before most of your faithful readers become bald by ripping out their hairs in sheer frustration.

  48. Honestly you dont expect HEMCS to appoint his cabinet outside parliament, do you?Most of elected PF MPs are from Northern/Luapula and hence the seemingly tribal cabinet.Let us now get down to work..Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  49. Ministry  of Local Government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection.. My foot!!!. whose sick idea was that?

    Abbreviated as MLGEEEP

    • if only you understood the role of the local authority in many countries around the world you’ld know this change in name is important. And also i feel its done in view of the impending implementation of the decentralization policy where local municipalities will have more powers dealing with issues of environment, early education( pre-primary) etc.

  50. Mutati and Magande had their time insansa kuchinjana, please these fellows did not contribute to PF and they cant just be given jobs on a silver plate moreover there other intelligent zambians who can do the jobs


    • Iwe – ubututu. I guess its difficult for you to see any sense in watever SATA does and it seems you will never appreciate his efforts to bring morality and end corruption in ZED wen he succeeds.


  52. Iam not a supporter of PF ,but our President deserves support from all of us.The appoitment of Dr Scott as VP is welcome.Investors escpecially commercial farmers will be encouraged to invest in the country.The reduction of ministries and the scrapping of DC’s is a step in the right direction.Good start for PF but you will be judged by results.

  53. #49 it depends on how you defend the language technicalities as you interprete the law. I thought he would be ellegibile but after some careful study I was left yawning. Its trick on VP.

  54. Its payback time now!! Remember GBM complaining about him not being paid by the Ministry of Defence for the food stuffs he supplied them?

  55. No Southerner in the new cabinet. Common guys we asked for it and have no one to blame but HH and his recycled MPs. What will HH deliver for Southern Province this time around.

  56. Teacher: What do both Zambia and the USA have in common?
    Chanda Chimbwi: they both have black presidents and white vice presidents

  57. We wait to see what the new cabinent can do. Reservations, yes. But we gave MCS mandate to run our affairs in the best way possible. I pray it would take but a littlewhile for the president to revisit some of these appointments. GUY Scot and Given Lubinda are the best appointments for me. We know their work culture and output. Bob Sichinga at Commerce and Inonge Wina at chiefs’ affairs are also wise appointments. will reserve comments on the others for now. On the whole a good cabinet Mr President.

  58. Reminds me of the feeling I had when FTJ named his first cabinet. It seems ministerial appointments are based on loyalty and reward and not expected performance.( to expect different would be to miss understand politics). Obviously any one in power would prefer to work with people that subscibe to their agenda and ideals.Now we can only wait to see how the new government will perform. May we all dedicate ourselves to serving our country and support the new office bearers. Lastly I suggest that our new constitution contain a parliamentary role of comfirming by simple majority vote all cabinet appointments.

  59. Is that a cabinet or some fellowship club of old folks,running Govt is serious business.Appointment should not just come because you campaigned hard.Panji Kaunda was declared bankrupt and any right thinking person cant afford to bring him near power.

  60. Impressed with the Cabinet but waiting to see how they will perform. Nemo # 30 if you don’t have a life, keep away from the blog. Stop obscene language. Let’s learn from each other’s view and opinion rather than insulting one another. If someone offends you, just ignore and contribute positively

  61. congrats VP Dr Guy Scott.good news for international meetings and the complexion reflects the general pop.whites but black inside

  62. I concur with the bloggers who are in support of Guy Scott as VP. His hard work contributed a lot to the success of the PF. Congratulations to the new cabinet. The big question is, What about Winter Kabimba?

  63. Congratulations Your Excellency. What a marvellous Cabinet. This cabinet is well balanced. I wish the new office bearers all the best. And for you critiques stop displaying your shallow tribalistic and racist comments. how can you start protesting against the cabinet which has not even started working yet? that just shows how stupid you are!! viva New Cabinet viva!

  64. Congrats Dr guy scott you deserve it, you worked so hard, hope your appointment will attract more meaningful white investors in Zambia.

  65. good strategy. the old guys are meant to teach the young ones how the government operates and later on take over from them.On appointment of Guy Scoot as our V.P shows that our country has matured in democray and we are above petty politics.This is a good example to the rest of African countries.Go scott we love u.If Obama can be the prseident of the USA. why not our scott being the V.P

  66. Now lets put the “by only 3” into perspective. Yes HE MCS has reduced his cabinet by only 3 ministries.

    What does this mean? 3 Ministers, 3 deputies, “6” cars for those 3 ministers, 3 houses, 6 mobile phones, less ZESCO bills (saving the environment), 6 wives (yes 6 wives). The list is endless.

    Well done HE MCS. Happy for bo Inonge. Great woman and I am not even from Southern or Western Province.

  67. # 95 there is nothing wrong with the appointment of Dr Scott as VP.He is a Zambian who deserves credit.I hope the cons can be amended so that he takes over after Sata serves his full term.

  68. No Southerners in the new cabinet. We asked for it by following HH and his re-cycled MPs. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We only wish the new cabinet good luck and consideration for the silent majority of the people in southern province.
    I always thought the split of Agric and Livestock was good. I also question the MINISTRY of COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, MOTHER AND CHILD HEALTH. What has happened to Social Welfare. Are Chiefs going to get more consideration in the PF Government seeing the new Ministry – MINISTRY OF CHIEFS AND TRADITIONAL AFFAIRS. Hope that the new Ministry can look into Chief Wrangles as soon as possible and tame excited Chiefs

  69. You pipo stop saying nasty things about our president and his newly appointed ministers,unless it were your parents being appointed regardless of their age and calibre.its gud that most of the pipo in his cabinet he knows them and their weaknesses,and stop the crap of saying that he will drop dead,,,,,,,,you can die even before him,dont be foolish trying to say things which you dont know,moreover permanent secretaries do the job,a minister just delegates………………go back to sch to be able to understand things not just vomiting…………..Viva pa bwato,hang yourselves frustrated losers……..

  70. i am dissapointed with the whole cabinet!!am bemba bt the president should have picked aleast young man and woman for most of these ministerial positions as he said in his campains that he would want young man and women to have a portion of this country’s weath!!!Mr president what about the age limit you talked about??I dont bring our moral down please!!PF FOREVER!!

  71. Good team under the circumstances Mr. President. Now its time to start working. There is a lot do…. As for the new ministers, Congrats but we will be watching you very closely!

  72. I don’t know what I expected but am kind of left wondering whether this is the best team. and the deputy ministers, what are they for? these positions should have been scrapped. well lets wait and see.

  73. Why appoint people who didnt contribute to the victory?plz people get real .Mutati and magande can just go to hell.they are other people who can do the job.

  74. I bet a lot of PF cadres like Mr Capitalist and Bootlicker are shocked by this clever move by HE MCS. Mature and experienced cabinet to hand over to the younger generation. Congrats Guy Scott. We have broken the barriers!

    What aman of action! Now get down to work all you guys! We need to clean up the mess left by MMD thugs. They raped our country with impunity.

  75. To all the Tonga’s complaining, Simusa is from the South, but an MP in CB, shows you other provinces are beyond tribe but performance, learn from this.

  76. way to go Mr president, new Ndola stadium is named Mwanawasa stadium coz he solicited for funds to build it and new hospital in lusaka also named after Mwanawasa. RIP Levy you are honored.

  77. I bet a lot of MMD cadres like Mr Capitalist and Bootlicker are shocked by this clever move by HE MCS. Mature and experienced cabinet to hand over to the younger generation. Congrats Guy Scott. We have broken the barriers!

    What aman of action! Now get down to work all you guys! We need to clean up the mess left by MMD thugs. They raped our country with impunity.

  78. Besides being first in succession if something happened to the president, what is the role of the vice president in government? I personnaly feel that we should have Dr Scott in a more strategic position such as, Development and national planning, than his current appointment. However it is what it is. I assume that our president and his advisors have considered all this in their decision.Long live Zambia!

  79. Good efternoon

    Mixed feelings about appointments is a natural thing. I personally feel it’s too early to make any jugement, since the bottom line is yet to be drawn. Let’s be fair and give them time to demonstrate their individual abilities to perform.

    The Captain has just chosen his crew and the ship is now ready to sail on the ocean… this is the time to hold on steady as we move on, not for commotion.

  80. Impressed with the Cabinet but waiting to see how they will perform. Nemo # 30 if you don’t have a life, keep away from the blog. Stop obscene language. Let’s learn from each other’s view and opinion rather than insulting one another. If someone offends you, just ignore and contribute positivelyThanks 

  81. Look at the Cabinet President SATA BEMBA, Minister Of Defence Godfrey Mwamba BEMBA

    Foreign AFFairs CHISHIMBA Kambwili BEMBA, Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde BEMBA, Minister of Finance Emmanuel Kasonde BEMBA, Transport Willie Nsanda, Nkandu LOU….. the list is endless!!!!!!! They are back people watch your pockets


  82. I think most bloggers were not born when whites ruled this country,GS cant be vice president,remember the pigs issue,willie nsanda the oil issue,Nkandu lou the INCASA,GBM,wife battering,Sebstian Zulu?the post will do well to revisit these stories,Fred publish the stories as u claim to dig deeper,or r u waiting 4 ur appointment?

  83. I think this is a good idea except that more women should have been included in the cabinet, let alone young people. I wish to advise the president that he should begin to groom a young person right from the start to avoid a vacuum should anything happen.
    Wish the new cabinet all the best.

  84. I cant see any dominance by Bembas in this Cabinet. Take time to check. But where is Kabimba, Masebo, Mangani, Charles Banda,

  85. Southerners DONT complain you never gave PF any MP, politics is a game of appreciations. so just wait for HH in 2016, otherwise Chipimo Jr mighty even win over HH come 2016.

  86. Shot on for Guyscot but for the others and the merging of the ministries didnt someone advise or its the best kept secret until the final day. e,g ministry of local government….… what follows? am stuck

  87. Willie Nsanda and GBM are not worth those ministries, those two are pathetic to say the least! I wonder if they will last long in those ministries! They are too dull to deal with serious issues involved in those ministries. Well let us wait and see!

  88. I am wondering why among those who are appointed to cabinet positions there no names of people from North Western Province. Does it mean the entire province has no people with brains yet its the palce that is contributing alot to the national treasurery. Was this an oversight or we are yet to be relagated to the back seat.

  89. it looks like a promising cabinet. please ba sata turn around the management of zambia as i know you to be a target and result oriented man. Godbless you

  90. QFM Reports that: President Sata has also incorporated some MMD members of parliament as provincial and deputy ministers in his government.
    These include MMD Chilanga member of parliament Keith Mukata as commerce deputy minister,Forrie Tembo as Information ,broadcasting and tourism deputy minister , Nicolas Banda as Agriculture deputy minister,and Dr Patrick Chikusu as health deputy minister.

  91. Congrats Mr Scott, im told though that ba Sata warned all the appointed men and women to be on time otherwise if they didnt he would take it as lack of seriousness and revoke the appointments. Good thing for scraping the DCs off, i didnt really see the need for it except to attend corporate functions, end of year parties, and officiate at important people’s weddings. Im particularly grateful about this.

  92. Guy Scott deserves the position of Vice President but the appointment of Willie Nsanda, Chishimba Kambwili and GBM is a total disaster. You need men and women of intergrity communication, foreign affairs and defence. These three guys have no morals and substance. GBM and Nsanda are wife abusers and so what do you expect from them. I dont even know if the can speak proper english. The appointment of the three is such but I know Sata has no choice because those were the funding giants of the party. I personally have no hope and trust in this cabinet unless a miracle happens

  93. GBM,Panji, Kambwili not really inspirational some choices like lubinda, chikwanda, mubukwanu might actually excel. Luo, I have mixed feelings about and I think Inonge Wina could be better utilised not thrown into the not so necessary ministry of talking and mixing with chiefs. The next step will even be harder as Sata really needs quality at PS level and the field to pick from is wider. I think a Mwanawasa strategy of getting some of the best brains from opposition would be ideal but hey sata also has to pick people he can work with and who are willing to work with him. I had hoped for slightly better but then again not really shocked. Scot is a good choice for political reasons as it allows sata to consolidate his hold but not very good for the pride of the black nation

  94. ministery of defence is given to some one loyal than a friend,so GBM has been loyal and all his resources fund the compaign and rallies…who woul;dnt do this? Scott congrats you deserved it and Panji

  95. we know that you are advocating for chipimo for 2016 because he is a fellow bemba. when it is done by upnd its triblism. when it is being advocated for by the pf on tribal lines it is not trbalism. What is this nonsense! Gentlemen lets think above tribe, otherwise we may regret in future.The divisions on tribal lines in this country may become so wide if we are not careful. From some things big things are ignited. CAREFULL.

  96. Ministry of labour ,sport,youth and gender???? and GBM Minister of Defence???? not really good moves.Willie Nsanda should be a provincial minister atleast if its about gratitude…not to head such a critical ministry.Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Given Lubinda is an excellent move.

  97. #4…get bak to pre-school n learn manaz n wat it means to work..#43 gud word..this is about wu can perform and deliver wat the zambian pipo nt only want bt nid…gud mo dan confident they ll deliver to our xpectations..nt evrything, bt atlist most of it…BIG UP TO THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  98. This true Rubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish cabinet ,am sure the 1.1 million votes you got came from Bembas hence your paying them back with ministerial appointments .

  99. To demand and indeed expect equal representation is not Tribalism!!! In defence of the president, to advance his agenda he has to work with people that agree with him. If in his oppinion most of them happen to be from his tribe, then that is what it is. however like I stated earlier we can use Dr Guy scott in a more policy influencing role. Plz Mr President either place Development and National planning under the office of the VP or create a whole new role for the Dr where he can direct our development in the right direction. The Title is just a title. He only becomes a factor if for some reason the president can not perform his duties, I would like to see him have a more direct contribution in development as his credentials in this area are un questionable.

  100. What leadership qualities does Willie Nsanda have? GBM as defence are you kidding,you should have put Panji Kaunda at least though his intelligence sources or acumen are suspect as he predicted bloodshed,Nkandu Luo- perhaps this time all houses will be painted blue? She failed as a minister before,Dr Kasonde as health minister – ha ha ha, Yaba kwena Zambia.Well let the game or is it let the looting begin! Hope after this we won’t look at the late Chilubas govt fondly.

  101. Guys Chenda , Katombola Lukulo are  from Southern. More over you never gave him more MPs.Just one if i recollect well. All the provinces are covered unless you don’ t know where names come from. Check the names before you judge. 

  102. what is this Minister of Chiefs…there are only 286 chiefs in Zambia compared to 51% women majority. This cabinet won’t work!!!!

    • Lol! Kashimani kanishamzy dont be disappointed! Minister 4 Chiefs and Traditional Affairs! A first in the World! How much of tax payers money will allocated to this rubbish?

  103. The 90 days count down can now begin. I love my president, he seems to have a very good strategy for he has even appointed chaps from the opposition MMD. And most positions have been taken up by Technocrats in the respective ministries. Though am not so comfortable with GBM. With the man of action in the drivcing seat, i think it will go well.

  104. Those who are yelling that Tongas are complaining are just foolish. I am a Tonga and not complaining at all. One thing you must understand is we Southerners are guided by principle. Its not a matter of having a position even when you do not agree with ideologies. Sata’s cabinet is a reflection of what he believes in. How for heaven’s sake can we be ruled by the likes of Nsanda, GBM, Kambwili, is that the cream of Bembaland? Better alone than with bad company. In southern province we are self reliant and so we do not depend on appointments to survive. However beware of this Bemba cabinet coz Bembas have no regard for other people’s property. Hope there will be no looting. Shame indeed.


  105. what about the money scott robbed zambian in chiluba goverment when he was minister of agriculture. he slaughtered his more than 10000 pigs and paid himselfs some compansation in pritics of a deasese. Wake up caffers!!!

  106. I like the ages, you are crying youths, youths, youths! Which youths?? You chaps have too many conflicting interests, still smelling breast milk. You look too good to be entrusted with positions. No under 5!!

  107. We thank you his excellency, the Republican president Dr Micheal Chilufya Sata for these appointments.We wish you wel and long live.

  108. #159 Zulu .Mudala NW kaili ifwe tayatutemwa ze biggy. Taifwaya ubwato kailimudala so ifwe first twazeta shani, twalolesha twamonafye ati mudala apa kuipompopa fye no kuzanda zoona. Yashani kaili utuma voti ku NW. Manje kwati UPND yalibasansa umuchanga mumenso so ifwe mudala tapali ichesu zoona.

  109. crony capitalism is back were one is rewarded because they bankrolled.It is true the saying”IF YOU GIVE ONE YOU WILL GET A HUNDRED BACK”.The hundred will come from somewhere in the dark corners of the national treasury.GMb has been investigated by law enforcement so many times but the smell of currency has kept the investigations at bay.A chance to start afresh has been squandered.Alex chikwanda in the important ministry of finance please

  110. We still gona debate appointment cabinet regardless of whether it is Sata (or HH in 2090!!!)…the question is: Is this The BEST the country can offer… without a doublt the answer is NO…. I’m for the new GRZ but let’s face it some of the cabnet minister know zip about the scope of work they’re entrusted to performance. I guess the only qualification for office is party card which cost less than one dollar…

  111. Oh dear! @#171 Tit. Kwati taili bwinoiyo we. Calm down son! Were you Minister in the MMD?

    Just asking?

  112. Best move that Bob Sichinga has ever made paid off.  Prove them wrong Bob.  Show them you know what you have been preaching.

  113. 1 Tim 2:1-5

    urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.


  114. #177. PanAfricanist if only people knew you are as thick as they come. It`s alright hiding behind a computer but reality is another thing. Most of the people in the new cabinet are better qualified than you are and you know it makes sense!

  115. Posting 29, It is not true that Kabimba has not been recognised. Remember, he is the Chjief Executive Officer of the Party and you want to separate the two. You dont want the Party to go down because he is focusing on Government r the other way around. NW Province, am not sure if he has not nominated someone from there, what about bo Limata, NW Provincial Minister???

  116. No. 61 Political blogger. Check you stats, 90% Bemba? Don’t think so. You are probably from Eastern Province you stupid fool. Just check how many Easterners have been appointed. You should learn to appreciate. If HH was president you would have seen 100% Tonga appointees. 


  118. Works and supply minister, Willie NSANDA – Zambia has 9 provinces, please ensure within 90 days that there are atleast not less than 10 in number tower cranes in each province on construction sites for capital projects. We want to see tower cranes all over Zambia!

  119. Any comments

    7. Ministry of Health
    a) Cabinet Minister – Dr. J. Kasonde
    b) Deputy Minister – P. Chikusu

    17. Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health
    a) Cabinet Minister – Dr. J. Katema
    b) Deputy Minister – J. Kapata

  120. Very well deserved appointment of Dr. Guy Sikota! ooops thought position was meant for Saki Sikota missed it; it is is Guy Sikota instead.

  121. Yes I said it yesterday. Now you see again. Mr President we are looking at you. It looked like Eastern Vs Northern. I think its true 97% are all Bembas what about other parts of the country? Shame. 90 days is slowly passing away. Zambia is for all zambian and we need representive government. The old boys are back and we shall again stand in lines to buy commodities.

  122. Excellent set up.I don’t care which province any of the chosen people is from.But if they don’t deliver then fire them. Viva ubwato lekeni SATA ateke.y

  123. I pray and hope the Minister of Agriculture(Emmanuel Chenda) will be good in that ministry because thats the hand that feeds the nation and provide the extra to the world as good income source in exports

  124. Clearly this is a Bemba Cabinet. Only a Bemba will deny that. All the other tribes who voted PF have been snubbed and slapped straight in the face….we told them they wre being *****s and I hope they feel like *****s now!!!

  125. We are counting down. 83 days remaining as of 29 September, 2011.

    Waiting for “more money in our pockets”. Hope it doesn’t mean “inflation”. Meanwhile the COUNTDOWN continues

  126. Say what you may, this cabinet is not representative of our national motto of “One Zambia, One Nation”. It is highly tribal. I can sympathize with el presidente but the man is head of state of a country with the most presidential powers. Let him use his freaking powers to find us people from even just 10% of the nation. For goodness sake we are a nation of 72 tribes. We cant have this chintobentobe select. God bless our president with health & grace

  127. The cabinet is in place now and the public is informed obout the people and their competence and how they are expected to deliver services to Zambia. Wait a minute how was the cabinet arrived at? Commentators assure me that the cabinet is from one region of Zambia with two provinces. Ability and competence in Zambia comes only from Northern and Luapula? Let the Zambians judge for themselves. However, some choices made are quite fantastic eg VP Guy Scott, ministry of finance and mines. Some appointments are quite a disappointment in foreign affairs is one and other potential individuals are misplaced eg Inonge to Chiefs and Traditional Affairs whatever that means. A lot needs to polish up for cabinet to be effective.

  128. When u say its Tribal, what do u mean …….G. Lubind, Guy Scott, I Wina, E, Chenda and the many Zulus, Tembo and Lungus , Banda, kaunda etc i think its not so Bembalised.

  129. Yes my fellow Zambians, celebrate the Whiteman’s rise to power, I hope you all will accept the fact that Apartheid is on your heals… White use Black when they need to and spew then out when they gain power… Remember Shaka? Remember OJ? Remember Michael Jackson? Remember Obama? Tone down the celebration and Sata better watch his back.

    • Rasta, I advise you go easy on the herb.. U sound like one of those African Americans who blame everything on “The Man”. What is the basis of your going on about apartheid being on our heels. Is it bcoz Guy is white? Careful what u post, rite now u r de 1 who sounds racist n almost inciting apartheid..

  130. Judge Ngoma has been padoned!!!! Is it the same ngoma who was given bail a few days ago? Wait a minute this guy is innocent until proved guilty under the Zambian constitution. He was found guilty by the high court and appealed to the Supreme court and his case has not yet been head, meaning the due process of the law is not exhausted! Why has he been pardoned while his case is still in court? Has the president consulted on this matter? Scares me……..

  131. Every one is luaghing at the appointment of GBM, GBM is far much better than Mwanawasa’s first Defense Minister Mwamundila Mulyokela who was a mealie meal dispenser in Chililabombwe . The guy had no idea of governance he used to work ku mukwawu

  132. I really did not see any intellect in the president during his 5 minutes press conference. Worse off, the idea of leaving out southern province is not well standing! As president he has to distribute his cabinet beyond revengful borders. Besides, Zambia is one and he should not be suprised if he gets more criticism from the southern this time around. Remember what happened in Southern Sudan!!!!!!

  133. #209 Q&A – Please we know you just want to support your own tribal president. But don’t belittle Mwanawasa’s appointments. There is no way you can compare Wamundila Muliokela and GBM. GBM is a villager and kaponya with money. Wamundila is by far more educated. Try another lie.


  134. Good cabinet Mr President! however am a bit skeptical about the new Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional affairs, is it really necesary, what the hell are they gong to be doing, it should have been a Department under the Ministry of Community Development, what do others think?

  135. # 200 thats an advice am giving u.doesn”t matter the place they come from what matters is the performance.Be mature.why looking at tribes or u hate that tribe.nafichitika bane.there is nothing u can do, u *****

  136. we are awaiting ….. ooooh.
    I hear the Mr. P will not attend a regional summi… in Malawi. things are beginning to Happen. BOZ p fired. that too is interesting. soon opposition party leaders will be asked to go to exile until next elections. Traiblal show and the music is ……….

  137. To all those doubting thomases, Hon Chishimba Kambwili, ninshimbi sha pa Mine, He is the right person to get rid off all those unnecessary diplomatic appointments under LPM and RB. Before you open your mouths and criticise, go to and listen to the three budget speeches he hummered in parliament. You need men with real balls to undo the damage in Foreign Service. Viva PF and Congrats on this one. Show them Kambwili, you have my support!

  138. This is the Bemba party for sure, it was the names that where used as qualifications for cabinet & not ability. The Welensky government on the move & all the retired guys have been called back, when is the time for the new generation going to come in Zambia? PF government on the move. The boat is salling, our hope is that it will reach us on the other side of the ocean.

  139. ## 205: Muna Dekhane,

    Our political syustems is such that the President appointe Ministeras from within Parliaent. Therefore, it is from the pool of his parliamentarians that he must choose Cabinet Ministrs. Of course he has the liberty to nominate eight MPs and later appoint them as Ministers. You will realise that this becomes tricky. I supposse he has tried some regional balancing but some people like Bob Sichinga have to be appointed for their skills and expertse.

    On Finace, I suppose he is trying to bring in financial and fiscal discipline, Mr. Chikwanda is a respected politicain from the UNIP school. Southern, North-Western needed to change with the wind, otherwise it becomses difficult!!!

  140. Segula Gigo,

    tell me of a province which has produced an MP for PF and yet sidelined??? He can only nominate eight, he has even gone out of his way to appoint Chilanga MP from UPND and Katuba MP from MMD into his Cabinet. We need to stop voting on tribal lines. Besides he had to ensure he nominates provincial Ministers who come from regions, that exhausted his nominations!!!!

  141. Cli Chief, read 218 and 220, Southern Province needs to open up like Western and Eastern, its no use just voting a bloc UPND vote, even those who stand on other Parties and your people!!!!

  142. # 210 No intellect but u saw wisdom. The person who was suppose to be vice president is no other than HH ,NO HARD FEELINGS.He didnt utilise his chances.HE defected from the pact,i think is regretin.He could have been the next president,but that is a pipe dream.ukujejela kwakonko pugwa tasakama

  143. #212 Leonardo has a point as regards to this ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs coming in as a department under the new MCDMCH but we have no choice but to wait and see. The big question everyone is asking though is where is one Wynter Kabimba? Congrats to all the appointeess, yes even to GBM but i hope its not too soon a ‘congrats’ to him. Wapya GBM coz you will definitely be the first to go!!! GBM milling mu barrack we don’t want

  144. #181 MIMI very foolish and narrow mindedness, wheather you are in Tongaland or bembaland the PF government policies will afect you one way or another because they are the ruling government.

  145. @Kunta-Kinte, I was born and bred in Chililabombwe where Mulyokela was a mealie meal dispenser to miners for over 15 year what are you saying that guy did charcoal burning as part time business the guy used to stay just opposite Kakoso Cemetery so what can you tell me

  146. Mutabaruka ### 222
    You have hit the nail on the head, HH had this Vice Presidency with a number of other Cabiner Positions. He was offered o literally ride on the back of the PF but he squandered that chance!! So what do you expect Sata to do, amend constitution and nominate 10 from Southern Province to appoint them Minisers, sorry try 2016 but then, ther is a little matter of NAREP, then!!!!

  147. I’m glad to note that polical chancers like Mlongoti, Mangani, Masebo, Mpombo are left in the cold. Work hard guys and deliver on your promises. A new, vibrant MMD will be watching you.

  148. I give credit to Sata on labour he seems so serious on labour hence appointing former unionists there, Shamende (Former Congress Of Trade Unions), Mbulu (MUZ). Plus Mines Musukwa also former MUZ.

  149. I know that a lot of damage has been done in the past but we must learn to start afresh. We must learn to judge people by their character and performance and not by their tribes or the colour of their skin. Why don’t we simply wait and see what they can do before we condemn them for anything they have not even done? We would be hypocrites to ourselves if we claim to keep the good principles of democracy wich the West teaches and yet we are seen to be segregating and sidelining each other on the basis of ethnic or cultural differences.

    I believe it wont be long before we find out who the REAL patriots are… those who have the best interest of the nation at heart and those who don’t. Ye shall know them by their FRUITS… not by their tribe or skin colour!

  150. We happy for pf but this is tribalism coz 70% are from one tribe and we need to promote gender how can he appoint only few people from other tribe some nothing i think Mr president you need to livisit the list this is not the way it should be NOOOOOOO:o

  151. No 212 understand politics; it will be the job of Wina to deal with hot potatoes- Barotseland Agreement promised during elections!. She is from Kwahaye so she has to deal with fellow Lozis making noise over this ok.

  152. I’m Bemba, but this is way too many Bemba’s pleeeeeeeeease. include Tongas and Luvale please. No Offense what brains does GB have? Now mwaitaya ba Sata here.

  153. Simusa is a tonga!what do upnd want ?southern never voted for PF?I think even musukwa should be a tonga!U just wanted somebody who lives in southern to be named a minister?ha ha ha i think let us stop stupid tribalism in zambia.The cabinet is well balanced.It seems most people talking don’t know zambian names hence saying the all cabinet is bemba.learn your tribe names before u’re disgraced.

  154. Great Job Mr. Sata!! Shame ’em dos guys! We cannot see ’em here as they used to say you will never be President of this country! Wow!

  155. #231 Nine Chale
    Powerful contribution, we need such minds on the blog. Well said. I agree with you hundred percent, because if we start judging people by the outward appearances, we will be making huge mistake. We should, for now thank our President for the decision he has made, in choosing what he has chosen, and let’s give them a benefit of doubt and see if they will not perform. If they can’t, then sorry they must be shown the door

  156. Fiercely Tribal appointments – Watch the beginning of the Elite Bemba Establishment…. The most shocking appointment is of Willie Nsanda – Let the plunder begin….

  157. To saying too many bembas…you re including pipo from luapula, Centre, CB and Lusaka in the Bemba category…Bembas are from Northen Bob Sichinga is now

  158. Senior most ministries that reflect the character of any serving president are the following:

    Ministry of Defense

    Ministry of Finance

    Ministry of Home Affairs

    These are key ministries that give a national face of any Government.

    Then followeed by

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Ministry of Health

    This said, this iss a Bembas’s Government and not Zambians period!

  159. #254 This said, this is a Bembas’s Government and not Zambians period!?what do you mean Bemba’s are not zambians?come to earth my friend.

  160. I have waiting for this moment for a long time and now my heart can rest a bit and wait for there fruitiful work to be done. It is my prayer that everything will go well for this government for the betterment of every Zambian. God bless you Mr. President, you will be accompanied by our prayers.:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-

  161. Sata’s tribalistic bigotry stinks to the very heavens above. Just how could all senior cabinet portfolios go to Bembas? This is no way to run a country, he will sooner than later only have himself to blame because he does not have any majority in parliament and will need other MPs from other parts of the country to operate a functioning government. Though I am glad about Guy Scott, colour does not matter any longer and Obama’s election is a true tastement to that.

  162. Those complain that the President has left out Tongas are sick and are not being sincere. Who told them that UPND is synonomus with Tonga/Southern Province. Tongas have been appointed into this cabinet, the only thing that has not been done is to pick anyone from UPND to serve in this cabinet. Lets not talk tribes, we are all Zambians and no tribe is more Zambian than the other. If those appointed can deliver so be it.


    1. Office of the President H.E. Michael Chilufya Sata

    2. Ministry of Defence

    a) Cabinet Minister Geoffrey B Mwamba

    b) Deputy Minister Colonel Panji Kaunda

    3. Ministry of Finance

    a) Cabinet Minister Alexander B Chikwanda

    b) Deputy Minister Alfreda Kansembe

    4. Ministry of Home Affairs

    a) Cabinet Minister Kennedy Sakeni

  164. 5. Ministry of Health

    a) Cabinet Minister Dr Joseph Kasonde

    6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    a) Cabinet Minister Chishimba Kambwili

    7. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

    a) Cabinet Minister Emmanuel T Chenda

    8. Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry

    a) Cabinet Minister Robert Sichinga

    9. Ministry of Local Government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection

    a) Cabinet Minister Prof Nkandu Luo

    10. Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health

    a) Cabinet Minister Dr Joseph Katema

    b) Deputy Minister Jean Kapata

    11. Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications

    a) Cabinet Minister Willie Nsanda

  165. Has Western Province received its pledged Vice Presidency? Could it be this Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs given to

    a) Cabinet Minister Inonge Wina?

  166. # 222 & 223….Lets appreciate wats good!! Dont just blame.The cabinet is very fine,You had a chance and had a cabinet with such pipo like Mike Mulongoti,Shikapwasha,Dora,Daka etc.The only peolpe in that cabinet were only two ie. Chituwo and Mutati.You fired inteligent chaps like Masebo and magande so wat do you want more!!!!! You want the president to listen to you????Give credit were it is due.

  167. Has Western Province received its pledged Vice Presidency? Could it be this Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs given to

    a) Cabinet Minister Inonge Wina?

  168. Shame to all u UPND carders. Wynter told u that with or without UPND the PF will form government , you laughed at him, now that the PF has formed government you are crying for positions using the tribal tag. Which MPs did u want President Sata to get from UPND? Be real. Win you own election, if u can, and appoint yourselves period, simple. And who told you that anyone who comes from Luapula o Northern Province is bemba. Even President Sata is not bemba.

  169. Now the boat has finally sailed. Surely twaabuka. Viva Guy Scot you have the heart for the country just like our president. But GMB Glash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. lets give the new cabinet to work. I do not see tribalism in this selection but a team which understands one another and with the purpose of delivering to the Zambian people. Am sure we shall see the direction of their development in the 90 days as they clearly explained during their campains.They did not say that they will do all developmental projects in 90 days but that we will see the direction:d

  171. Countrymen who promised western province the vice presidency? Be factual. Look at the composition of this cabinet. The President has tried to balance it, its not easy to accomodate to all. All provinces have a representation, the youths have been catered for, the women, the intellects, the average Zambians, the labour movement etc. Its 99% perfect to lay the foundation, and this is cardinal for the PF to the deliver on the promise.

  172. i thot mwansa kapeya oso dserved to b in this cabinet as minister of information and brodcasting any way iliche kaili tiziba mr lubinda ninshimbi

  173. Thats why Zambia can never develop, too many simple minded people. “He deserves it he worked hard” What has someone campaigning hard got to do with them deserving to be vice. What social and economic development qualifications does he have? 

  174. Just woke up man..did i hear GBM is minister of Defense and Willie Nsanda Transport? thats a joke right. Sata and his jokes..sto playing

  175. Nsanda is a good businessman, that means he has an enterprising mind and the drive to provide leadership to the professionals in the Ministry. He does not need to be a professional. All he needs an educated PS.

  176. Within a week has already broken a record, he has made three cardinal errors that are giving us a warning of what is to come; appointment of VP (remember Kabimba’s court case agains RB’s parantage?), nominating of more than 8 MPs at once, 2 more than what the constitution stipulates, pardoning of his cadres when cases are still before courts of law, the list is endless!

  177. Within a week Sata has already broken a record, he has made three cardinal errors in a day that are giving you Zambians a warning of what is to come; appointment of VP (remember Kabimba’s court case agains RB’s parantage?), nominating of more than 8 MPs at once, 2 more than what the constitution stipulates, pardoning of his cadres when cases are still before courts of law, the list is endless!

  178. This is the come back of UNIP of 1964….
    The change everyone wanted good luck bane… efwe kuno kulatambako fye no kuseka

  179. Ba #Airtime, you think MMD guys are complaining? Just wait my dear, that’s what Dora used to think! By the time you know your man will be gone! This supersonic speed at which your man is making errors, who knows what he is going to do tomorrow. Comic!

  180. @212 Mpinganjila- Speculation over cabinet is overtaken by facts as they stand. Zambians have stated thaat cabinet is 98% Bemba. and that other areas have not been covered. However, we do not mind as long as they perfom for Zambia but its a bad practice by any leader as head of state. What will happen when another leader takes over? Zambia graduated from that practice for younger generation to invest in in other areas of national interest. Sata has to enthuse youths on progressive democracy and good governance. He reduses cabinet posts and creates many more irrelevant posts with mispositioning reasonably qualified members of his party. Zambians will watch with keen interest for tangible results political rhetoric is over and we wish the new govt to succeed hence our positive observations.

  181. Good appointments atleast no guys like mike mulongoti,mangani,masebo,chitala.this shows that the president knows bootlikers and he wants serious pipo he can work with even when things are tough not just chancers like mulingoti.Angela Chifire thought she can be appointed by resigning before Sata appoints cabinet.Pipo u are calling kaponyas like Nsanda and GBM those are the pipo who know that in life u only become rich by tamanga not just pretending in offices but doing nothing.Zambians be ready ukupalauka for the sake of our country!

  182. Guys ,Wilbur Simuusa is the Tonga  he has been given a very big task as minister of mines . please Tongas do not complain. 

  183. First of all, you cannot have kambwili as foreign affairs minister when the man can barely construct a sentence in english. gmb, willie nsanda, panji, zambians get serious. dont just support even when you know that there is no chance of this cabinet standing a second term. God forbid what am about to say but if sata died while guy scott being veep, that would be the end of pf. zambian can never have a white president. its like having a black president in the uk. mmd will surely come back. 

  184. This cabinet is a joke. What will the minister of Traditional chiefs whatever be doing????? How can you have ministry of mother and child health separate from Ministry of health? It is the most nonsensica creation since independence. Functionally, Sata’s cabinet does not make any sense at all. I could have done a better job. This vindicates some of us who insisted that PF is too dull to run a country. Watch this circus now. Zambia is in trouble!!

  185. #292 never say never.we were told Sata and Obama will never be president.just because your father did not make it doesn’t mean you will never make.

  186. Tongas what on earth are you asking for, You are asking a favour from us Kaponyas, Never under the sun will we appoint any soul from your area. You think we have a memory of a rat like HH. *****s, you can wait for 2031 or 2036 maybe your small small party that can not even be seen under a microscope will have been reformed by the new generation of Zambians, maybe a bemba or Lozi or Lamba will be leader of your party by then.

  187. in any case WINTER is party chief executive who has to run the day to day activities of the party. In most cases he is supposed to be paid by the party. Therefore he does not need an involving Job else the party will suffer.This is how they operate in europe. This separation is good for the party and government.He will remain talking on behalf of the party while Given on behalf of the goverment.

  188. OK guys tizafika ku 300 lelo…


  189. The National Team (Football) is chosen on performance! Nothing more, nothing less. It is a shame that UPND destroyed the pact. If they did and some remained and fought the battle what can SATA do? He has to choose from what he has not from what he does not have. Now will will see some defections but please Mr. President don’t pick any of the defectors! They will spoil the beens!

  190. Sata should have found five or six people from provinces, as it is now, its mostly full of bembas and stealing, here we come again, round two, we wil rule you as themost important tribe, the way chiluba treated us but mwanawasa did us bad…

  191. 245 the most stupid fool. I am not a tonga but zambia is for all. Why are always talking about tongas. they are zambians and trully bantus. Be careful how you comment about tongas. tongaland goes beyouynd southern province upto the copperbelt. some of you bembas are joint visitors to the bantu botatwe land. please mr. president you have started at a long note. Sorry to say I am a catholic and yes I am. We never thought a Catholic president will do such a thing. and we shall help him but will judge by his fruits which already he is showing. shame Mr. Sata

  192. Umuntu Mutwe, I agree with your point: There a lot scumbags on this blofg who think the obly authentic tongas are those in UPND. How sick is that? By the way, Sata has absolutely no obligation to appoint anyome one from the losing parties. None! Get over it and learn to live with it you sore losers!

  193. Guy Scot! WOW!.. JUST been telling my friend, our VP is White… I am very proud of my dear Zambia… I am NOW busy bossing fellow Africans here in the diaspora!
    Well done PF.

  194. 6 from MMD in the cabinet. i can see Mr President had alot of admiration for Mwanawasa no wonder the naming of Ndola stadium and lusaka general hospital. he also embraces some opposition appointments just like mwanawasa….yet in the papers they were at each other. good work Mr president we are watching.i guess UPND MPs deserve the tretment for receiving money from RB to sabbotage the pact. i guess by now your money is finished and now you are just nashing your teeth at what you have missed.

  195. MR.TEMBO, 301, You say you are proud to have a british white man as vice-president? You really suffer from inferiority complex. For me its the saddest day of miy life as Zambian.

    • Yambe.. Does it bother you that Guy is white? He has the heart for the Zambians, ready 2 serve the pipo n make a difference. By a differnece I mean going forward, uplifting de lives of our brothers and sistas not leaving them even poorer. I believe thats what we all want. If his heart is in the right place, that is what counts not his skin colour. Teifyofine..

    • Yambe.. Does it bother you that Guy is white? He has the heart for the Zambians, ready 2 serve the pipo n make a difference. By a difference I mean going forward, uplifting de lives of our brothers and sistas not leaving them even poorer. I believe thats what we all want. If his heart is in the right place, that is what counts not his skin colour. Teifyofine..

  196. i thought simusa,mukata and shamenda are from much do you want you tongas is zambia tonga aware there are some good tongas who i ask to help there brothers to understand that zambia is made of 73 tribes.abash day light tribalism.

  197. Mr. Tembo, probably are
    you just a cleaner there in the UK. Its lunch time here in the Silicon Valley, and all the 6 whites i am having lunch with say its backward to have a british guy as vice-president—dont you have capable Zambians?

    • Its funny you can listen to six whites shile in Silicon valley – USA, which has a president who is half kenyan and half white (remember – there is a chance that she is not 100% caucasian). i for one think Sata has done favourably well considering that this British was born in Zambia and has neever gone back to Britain, he has been ther for Sata and PF for over a decade ( if this time frame is worng am sorry) but the argumment of your six white friends is trully shallow minded, BUT WHAT IS YOUR OPINION!

  198. Mr.Tembo there should be better reasons to celebrate Guy Scot’s appointment. Like he is a hard worker or he is a bona fide son of the soil. But I feel embarrassed that you sir would go bragging where you are  at the mare fact that he is WHITE. Pliz man, don’t do this to yourself. I hope the people u telling this are thinking that u represent us all Zambians. Your self esteem can use some redemption sir

  199. Mr.Tembo, i rest my case, you seem to have thousands of miles away to travel. I feel bad for you! Especially that you are a Zambian brother!

  200. HE MC Sata has reduced the number of ministers (Full ministers and their deputies) from 66 we had in MMD to 46, for sure this is a man of action and he means business.

  201. By the way P. CHIKUSU the deputy minister for health has a PHD in Pharmacy so
    he should be refered to as DR. PATRICK CHIKUSU.Good combination Medical Doctor and Pharmacist
    .i hope they will work together in harmony to represent all professionals allied to the medical field Radiographers,Nurses,Lab technolgists,medical assistants,pharmacy techinicians,physiotherapists,phlebotomistsand clinical officers.Hospitals and rural health centres are run by some of these people.


  203. This is a bemba cabinet. Never in the history of Zambia had we had all key ministerial position assigned to one tribe. Sata is simply a tribalist and no ‘clever’ talk of what HH would have done would hide that fact. If Sata wanted to balance up his cabinet he would have utilised the 8 nominated MP positions to appoint prominate people from other provinces into key positions. The fact that two thirds of the PF Mps are bembas is clear testimony that PF is a bemba party. All you bembas who like calling others tribalists should be ashamed of yourselves. Your lies have been unmasked, even RB was far better.

  204. HH is not as dull as some of you PF cadres are. He could have used the 8 nominated positions to appoint people from other provinces into key positions. By giving all key positions to Northerners you will end up with all key jobs being given to the same people and this will cause discontency among other tribes. That is why Chiluba became unpopular and it is no surprise that Sata was the key man in Chiluba’s regime. Sata could have given key positions to some non bemba PF MPs to balance up things but he chose not to.

  205. Tongas don´t complain you never voted for PF mps in southern province and be reminded that your tribal upnd will never rule zambia, the all eastern, copperbelt, central, lusaka, northern and some parts of western provinces will never vote for HH… bwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  206. Fellow country men and women if you donot understand zambian constitution and politics you better keep quite. The zambian constitution does not allow president to get MPs out side parliament. Bembas,lozis, voted for PF, Tongas, luvales, lundas and kaondes for UPND and Easterner voter for MMD.
    Majority of PF MPs are from Luapula, Northern and Copperbelt. President Sata picked his ministers from his MPs. if you want him to appoint from Southen and NW please give him MPs. look at Western province PF have two MPs and both of them are Ministers. Tongas be open minded and grow up. Mind the way you vote, you will be coplaining each and every time of elections. Lozis have learned and very soon they will be doing very fine. HH will take you no where, the guy is very selfish, arrogant & immature

  207. Bemba tribalism is not anything to fret about. We all lived through it during the Chiluba regime and are yet to see the worst of it under President Sata. The tragedy is when the other tribes in Zambia use Bemba tribalism as the reason or excuse for their own version of tribalism. You don’t fight against a disease by spreading the infection. Rather, you fight against disease by suppressing the infection. You don’t fight hate with hate, instead, you conquer it with love. There’s no question that this is a Bemba cabinet. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the other tribes in Zambia are just as tribal against the Bembas as the Bembas are against them. Where is this going to end and who then can be said to be right?

  208. 10 nominated mps, new ministries?? Without parliamentary approval. Twafwa. Democracy has gone. MCS (cobra) the dictator. ABC minister of finance he was in this ministry in the KK timea. He ram his company (apollo construction) into bankrupcy. How does he inspire confidence in the vbusiness world. Sebastian zulu justice, guys he was AG in KKera. Ifintu fayali chinga since then . Mawe. Kambwili foreign affairs. The guy has no diplomacy coupled with GBM, tuleya kunkondo. Let’s start digging bunkers to hide in. Ba GBM will make cash na ma contracts.
    I thought MCS said he will fight corruption. Merging to capital intense ministries of works with transport aha wiat and see corruption. We are in trouble. Let thge circus continue.
    Viva impeachment.

  209. My bemba brothers and sisters, we don’t hate you. We simply do not want tribalism in our country. Peace in Zambia has also been achieved by systematically accommodating all tribes in the running of the govt. If you remove that factor you are creating chaos. Sata has no justification for giving almost all key ministries to Northerners. If he wanted to balance up his cabinate he could have done so by appointing the non bembas in his cabinet to key ministries or alternatively he could have used his nomination quota. He didn’t do so because he is by nature a tribalist. Trying to deny this fact is more less like behaving like a theif who is caught stealing and claims that ‘na tolafwe’ when caught red handed.