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Sata orders Shamenda to immediately revise minimum wage

Economy Sata orders Shamenda to immediately revise minimum wage

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

President Michael Sata has ordered for the revision of the current minimum wage which stands at K 419 000.

Mr Sata says the current minimum wage is unacceptable and shameful. He has ordered Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda to immediately revise it.

And President Sata is disappointed that 15 billion kwacha is owed to civil servants in unpaid gratuity. He is further saddened that over 8 billion kwacha is owed to the Ministry of justice.

He says a commission of inquiry will soon be appointed to investigate the payments of gratuity including the payment of over 500 million kwacha gratuity to an individual sitting at the National Constitutional Conference.

He says a commission of inquiry will soon be appointed to investigate the payments of gratuity including the payment of over 500 million kwacha gratuity to an individual sitting at the National Constitutional Conference.

Meanwhile, President Michael Sata has withdrawn the nomination of Willie Nsanda and Samuel Mukupa as Members of Parliament.

The two were on Thursday nominated and appointed Minister and Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications.

The President says he has withdrawn the nominations of the two because he had over nominated by two people.

President Sata says instead of nominating eight people to parliament, he nominated 10.



  1. Ba Sata you are doing a good job may the Good Lord protect you & make you even wiser Sir and please make sure PF works hard and win 3 more terms so that under5 & his tonga peoples party can learn abakali bakali: tepano tuli

    • How it would have sounded good if you never went tribal on this! Can we talk about Zambia’s development and stop tribal politics! It is sad that the people we have in leadership do not even understand what Zambia is and where we are coming from. How did we get independent etc. Be wise! Stop the tribal nonsense and get to work.

    • Am sure this is not the seventh days church opinion, please do not jeopadise the names of the churches. This is just being foolish

    • *****, Bembas are always calling other People tribal. If one lead a political party and is not bemba and has strong support from his home province, then he is a tribalist. I am sorry to say that I am beginning to see and understand the mentality of these people.

  2. lets go my president. our president at work. consider also tourism in livingstone by giving our local cab drivers to be carring tourist from airport to various lodges and hotels. this will put mo money in pipos pockets unlike is the situation where all the much needed dollars are paid abroad and o the come with are receipts. viva locals jogs more money in pockets/

  3. Good move MCS, we are already see you doing the work as promised. 419000 is really a shameful and no wonder people resort to stealing and corrupt practices in their place of work. Salaries need to be revised so people are appreciated and motivated to work diligently for the betterment of Zambia. 

    • I hope you are not one of the corrupt disgraced Zambian footballers telling us about corrupt practices!

      Anyways, trust me when I say that no matter how high a wage for many of these workers, they will always steal and be corrupt. Better to pay them crap from the beginning…

  4. Ok, this is what is called putting Government to work. Encouraging developments so far and I think that all well meaning Zambians should rally behind this effort and support the government in any which way they can. I will reserve my comments about the current selection of cabinet members until I have seen what they are able to do. Evaluation to begin 90 days from today!

    • by the way, you mama is a prozy in SA how much does she charge ? R5 coz of she is sick face wise and your wife and sister need a bemba pipe to bring a smile to their faces you tongas have nothing to offer them

    • Moderator are you Bemba?? You can post tribal remarks from this **** and not mine?? Hat is this **** doing in the UK anyway? Just go back home you dog. Your mother sue have thrown you away and kept the placenta.

  5. Mwaba J @ 1 Boi ba Sata bakali, nijanji, not ka HH ka under kaba tonga tribal party kamutofwya nika yanwi kachepa sana, tell the tonga tribal party to come dozen 7 bachepa

  6. Some civil servants are also paid below the minimum wage so you should revise their salaries also. This is a good development but lets us not lose sight of the fact that we might make it expensive for investors to do business and the Zambians will lose even the little they are getting.

  7. Here comes the circus…President Michael Sata has just fired Willie Nsanda and Samuel less than 24 hrs after being appoitnted. Ba Sata calm down…

    • The reason is simple for even a dull person to understand. You cannot say he has fired them just understand the situation it is simple and straight forward. No need to complicate matters people!

  8. The president who did not even know how many people he was nominating? Inconsistency and very embarrassing indeed. Take a breather and consult your team. You have some brilliant people around you, use them and do not just dictate.

  9. Mr President, can you also ORDER all the companies to employee people on a permanent basis and not those short contracts and casual bad harbits all the foreign companies have been imposing on the work force. There is this casualisation going on in the Mines, Shoprite, Lafarge Zambia and many more and this must stop Mr President!! Some of these companies do not even pay overtime-you work on weekends and late hours for free servive, meanwhile there making billions-crooked indeed!!

  10. Mr Minister sir, first of all congratulations for your appointment. Three issues for you

    1. I work for KCM and indian company , can you please address on the number of Indians who are supposed to come and work in Z. what is on the ground is that we have all trades in the plant at the ratio of 1 zambian to 3 indians in all fields.

    2. The money being paid to indians lowest is US$ 6000 compared to US$ 1100 paid to a zambian and on top of that these indians are accomodated and fed free off charge and they also get car allowance of US$ 7000 upon rece iving mine numbers. 3. when investigating these facts please dont announce your coming to kcm if you want to get the true picture of what am telling you.

    GOD bless you.

    • My friend take up this issue with ministry of labour, and keep on bombarding them with emails and phone calls until they do something, actually threaten to report who ever answers the phone to the office of the president, i can guarantee you something will be done:

      P.O. Box 32186, Lusaka, Zambia. Tel: +260-211-221432 , Fax: +260-211-225169, Web-Site: http://www.mlss.gov.zm,

  11. I have been observing on all social media that Zambians are too cynical and always want to pick the negatives.#13 & 14,Of the good things carried in this story all you have decided to do is just to pick an oversight which has been corrected already.nsanda and the other guy where not fired but dropped has the president can only nominate 8 mps.he is new in the office still going through an induction and orientation.let’s not be too negative and cynical but support the government.cynicism is not a good and we must defeat it.

  12. good move but again more job losses because not every one will aford a maid a teacher get K1.somthing. and there are other people who work for private companies who get about K1.2m that means he/she can aford a maid.

  13. for heavens sake how many commissions of enquiry are going to be set up and at the end of the day at who’s expense?the tax payer once again!and for how long, the only thing i commend u for however is rethinking the minimum wage that one is commendable.

  14. yes mr president thats a good move sir ,419,000 in deed is useless.please ba kataka look at the cry of the civil servants with the peanuts we are geting we are falling to live a normal working class life we are therefore forced to go to microfin.letshengo ,nedfin and bayport whose interest is so high hence your H.E our appeal to sir please.

  15. A Cobra when it shades its skin is still Cobra! Zambia is bigger than one tribe, if 11 of the 19 members of Parliament list Bemba as their primary language then we have a problem! Imagine if all those Bembas were Tonga or Lozi for that matter, there would be protest and chaos in Zambia, but all no, you are only labbelled tribal if you are Tonga or Lozi! In The US, a blackman is not racist, only a white man, Bembas are not tribalistic!!

    • Very true, I am sick and tired of that. I hope this one is not a thief like the guys they put in office once upon a time. Wait a minute, he was one of them wasn’t he. Bloody thieves

    • Did you ever pass thru Grade 5 and 6 to learn the tribes of Zambia? There are no Bembas in Luapula. Bembas are found in ONLY 5 districts of Zambia. Kasama, Mporokoso, Luwingu, Chinsali, Mpika and Kaputa. Tribes from Luapula include the Aushi, Chishinga, Batwa, Ngumbo etc. FTJ Chiluba is was NOT Bemba but Aushi or some such tribe and yet you will find 90% of Zambians believe the guy was Bemba. Kaunda is not Bemba, go ask him. Most of Satas MPs came Northen, Luapula, CB and Lusaka, hence his cabinet might seem ‘Northern/Luapula heavy). What did you want the poor guy to do? Appoint HH as MP, or Douglas Syakalima? Those guys were calling him a mad man three weeks ago and betrayed pact. Even the MMD MPs he got are those who were not in the forefront insulting him.

  16. Good move,however i am not seeing it going beyond 500pin,thats the reality looking at Zambia’s economy.One dreamer is suggesting k1million,where are you going to get the money to pay that kind of money?

  17. Revising is one thing, compliance is the issue. Even at K419,000 many companies are failing. You can fix it at any rate, but the challenge is the practicability.

    • its all about political will and what will happen to non-compliant people. I am an employer and I will be watching the minimum wage seriously so that I am on the right side of the law.

  18. Thats it Mr [email protected] better go to hell if u dont know what u are vomitting.We all have to support him .Lets work together and support his works and lets remove that premitive way of thinking looking for someone”s failure.lets be patriotic its our country

  19. Mr President, the act of accepting a mistake immediately it has been pointed out is A VERY BIG STRENGTH TO YOUR GOVERNANCE!! We know you are not an angel; and you are bound to make mistakes. But by hiding the mistakes you act like super-human as was the case with the last government. You over appointed by 2; and within 12 hours you have revoked their appointment; that is great. Thanks for that; it all counts to political discency. We now need a forum to communicate our ideas to you Mr President.

  20. Mr. President we thank for standing to your word of action in 90 days there you go orders shamende to review salaries, i tell you civil servants depend of financial institutions for survival our payslips are so bad with deductions.

  21. Mr. President we thank u so much for  standing to your word of action by improving our lives in 90 days there you go orders shamende to act and review salaries.  Civil servants depend on financial institutions for survival our payslips are so bad with deductions. Shame the devil who thought you will not make it.

  22. @pf haterz,we nid pipo lyk u,lol,ati “hz fired”kip showin yo dullnes in open ts entertainment 2sam of us,n hey u hv 5yearz of hurtin insyd,thats a long tym!all da best.

  23. # 24,

    Thats inferiority at its worst. You are saying there are 11 Bembas in the cabinet while giving a blind eye as from which province each is from. Just to educate you a Bemba tribe consists of 4 provinces of Zambia,
    1. Luapula
    2. Northern
    3. Central
    4. Coperbelt.

    It is so due to the fact that all these people in these 4 provinces speak smilar language and they have same names. For example, the name Mulenga is found among the Ushi of Luapula, the Bisa of northern, the Lala of Central.

    So dont be tribal man.. and dont cry since you did not want to work with PF. Just shut up.

    • What education can you provide?? Have you seen the tribal remakes coming from some so called Bembas?? These are early days but that buffoon will steal sooner or later. That’s how Kafupi started off didn’t he?? Thieves

  24. Please Railway Systems of Zambia is another company abusing the labour. When are they going to visit us please! Its just more money for those with white skin! why should it be that way in our own country. Let Railway of Zambia take over please!!!

  25. Some of us were retired by Chiluba who underpaid us our gratuity in 1999 and are still owed. Please our dear president ensure that what is owed to us who have suffered immensely are paid our due. Bless you.

  26. Good. Just beware of inflation. More money in circulation may increase prices of goods thereby nullifying the increase in minimum wage.


    • That is the more reason I deslike this Liato because I expected that the workers would be well catered for him coming form the unionism……but these people are the same remember Chiluba and workers strikes….he even fired Doctors….lets wait and see this tired Shamenda can do

  28. # 32, dont lie.copperbelt and central provinces are not bemba land. plse go back to school.you bembas are the waste tribelist.how can a cabinet of 19 ministers 11 are bembas shame.

  29. Yeah, ok – only the word “immediate” makes me nervous. Watch out for inflation and unemployment if this is not done correctly and with adequate thought.

  30. If the Kwacha gains value we might fail to pay salaries and rental – so best deal with all issues of strenght and cost of doing business then other all other things fall in place.

    • And what happens if a company is in loss?? workers don’t get paid, as an accountant i know how to turn a profit into a loss without breaking the law….

  31. My Dear people … u live in zambia yet u dont even know ur labour instrument … the minimum wage is 419,000 add allowances of 347700 = 766700 .. and this is for a general worker like watchmen etc … let me educate you on how a business is run how much taxes r involved n u make ur own assumptions … dats the prob with u uneducated lazy arses …

    a business with a turnover of 200m annualy has to pay vat @ 17.5% , napsa @ 5% , 5% is paid by the employee , paye @ 25% in excess of 1m , direct taxes is @ 35% … workmens @ a rate of 4% average on annual turnover on top of that you have to pay owners rates , personal levy , hight cost of energy and communication and cost of doing business

    Why is the govt not putting emphasis on reduction of taxes to cater for unemployment

    • well put Mboma, but remember that you claim back VAT depending on volumes of your company sales against purchases – you don’t lose out on VAT.

  32. cntd …

    the govt is setting up on useless commissions for what ? … let bygones be bygones infact zamtel is operating more effieciently now and they should also privatise zesco which is utterly useless … yes increase minimum wages but reasonably as all employees will cut on workforce hence more money in their pockets for a few but more umemployment … 90 day reform does not mean u just go about using ur tounge instead of ur brains … if i were an employer i wuld definately have to bear in mind my cost of doing business and if it doesnt pay me i will not employ any one more like everyman for himself and God for all .. all previous regimes were not stupid but worked with reality on the ground …

  33. Can you also remove the MPs gratuity or at least half it half a billion with a duty free GX never mind allowances cannot be sustained in this country….

  34. Most of you are thinking of the minimum wage in terms of chinese investors. Dont forget that it also affects the under-paid over-worked maids and garden boys in your own houses. Whatever minimum wage will be decided is what you will have to pay your house servants too; dont forget that. Meanwhile is everything just going to be ordered and commandeered from state house???? What is the job of ministers if sata is going to muddle in everything?? And why order all these changes publicly, why not talk to his ministers through established channels like cabinet meetings?? I thought the election campaigns were over! Oh I forgot that he has to continue appealing to the dull masses who blindly follow him. Awe twalatekwa!

  35. Good move Mr. President. And you have once again shamed the critics by reversing Nsanda’s appointment. It shows how you respect the constitutio. Bravo presido

  36. Please people, don’t get so excited, The president should first address issues the COST of doing businesses before he goes ahead and to increase the wage bill of companies.

    Encourage production and not the HRM activity he is going

  37. @48 AWE Spot on Sata is playing to the gerllery so that kaponyas, bachibombewombe etc will praise him as if govts before pf never worked through thoughtifuly what is being announced. In Europe and America, they are implementing cuts to service debts but also to induce growth quantitative easing. Meaning that any borrowing or expenditure has to balance with its source of funding. If Sata wonna implement (minimum wage) we assume money is available left by the last govt. Well done then move to other wastage expenditures which are plenty including phone talk time. George Kunda registered his young brother’s children at UK universities, and reduce huge allowances for officers in the course of their normal duties.

  38. They say every dog has its day! Today, its time for Tongas to be humiliated! One day, God will hear them. Seventh Day Adventist insulting the Tonga speaking people should know this is a group of people that stands on a point of principle and I admire them for valuing principles against greed.

  39. Every decision has its positive and negative side and I agree with the President that we should increase the minimum wage for our people including myself……
    I am also thinking here of the many people (civil servants and others) who employ maids, it will definitely going to be beyond them to continue employing such people for help.
    On one of my travels I met teachers (qualified primary school teachers) complaining that they are paid less than ZMK300,000.00, this amount is less than what I pay my maid and to make matters worse most of such schools in the shanties are run by Zambians.
    Zambians are actually very exploitative and sometimes very mean or is it greedy.
    The government will need to strenthen the inspections department to succeed in this area

  40. #32 WHY HATING BEMBAS – Stop lying. Copperbelt is for Lambas. Lambas are NOT Bembas. Central is also mixed. Luapula is for Lundas. The fact that Lundas speak mostly Bemba does not make them Bembas, they just have an inferiority complex that is why they have given in to Bemba. You can try as hard as possible to justify your Sata’s tribalism but it won’t wash away. Just enjoy your low standards while they last. Zambia has gone to the dogs, we know that. Don’t pretend to be a human being, just accept who you really are – we might respect you more for that.

    • # You speak with no authority. The more you generalise the more wrong you become. languages are dynamic, the fact that Lunda’s of Luapula speak Bemba does not mean they are inferior. What about the lunda speaking people that were posted to eastern province and their kids only know chichewa? its only 2 weeks of his presidence, we have 4 years, 50 weeks, u will die pofye na anger

  41. Ba President King of Sevant we a commission of inquiry in how the money for the 2011 All Africa games was used by Mr Mulonga and the National Olympic committe and the Director of Sports Mr Nakachinda.Please also the constraction of the Olympic Youth Development Center the 18 billon the goverment put in how it was used by Miss Moyo and Clement Chileshe.Even how the new contract to set up 5o rooms was done.Futher more why wrong people are at that centre without any papers.The all Sports In Action are the workers and his relatives.

  42. the minimum wage is not the only issue in the ministry of labour. the whole document called labour laws of Zambia need revisiting. by zambian law if a worker dies, your law says you can be paid K450,000 plus one bag of 50Kg of mealie meal. how many people can you feed in K450,000. the employment act, the pension act all talk about three modes of terminating a contract but the law is silent on how the benefits should be calculated in a private company. it only says a civil servant can be paid not less 2 and half months per year served. this has brought confusion in the private sector to the extent that people are dying and the family is only paid leave days and the last pay. labour officers are also a problem leaving these important offices to be run by secretaries. solwezi is an example.

  43. Sata seems to be on the right track,i only hope he involves technocrats in the many decisions he is making..Good luck your Excellency.

  44. so who is the new transport minister and the wage thing is it better to have more money or reduce the cost of living i wish 419000 pin would pay for my house food childrens fees and all my needs in 419000 the kwacha should trade stronger let 10 thousand kwacha buy you more than 2 bottles of 500ml coke

  45. we all wish 419000 can pay for everything but the reality is that our currency is weak and the amount we are talking about is what we spend on a busy weekend just drinking. its peanut!!!!!!! we will get there with more positive decisions . some guy say he wishes Sata would consult before making decisions. my friend that is how that office operates. he has advisors left, right and centre and then as a President you only choose to listen to Dora…nosense. go and rot in the mountains of chipata.. ***iwe!!!!

  46. this minimum wage thing is an issue in every country.US the minimum wage is $7.45 an hour.this is not a living wage in the US too.It is poverty level wage.The right wing politician here are reluctant to increase the min wage.because this will increase the labour cost incurred by companies who hire.this companies who are on the edge would go out of business the workers would be out on the streets.Therefore good consideration is required before adjusting the wage.President sata is right however to look into this because the difference between the have’s and the have nots has increased tremendously.in The US the top 1% of the rich control 65% of the wealth.

  47. If I employed 10 people on minimum wage and production is at 50 %. I would fire 5 of them and pay them double the minimum wage, boost their morale and increase production to 60 or 70%. I win. Unemployment goes up and government loses.

  48. Seems like dictatorial tendencies to me. What is parliament for? Does the president in Zambia make all the decisions all by himself? By the way, I thought minimum wage is computed by the hour. Huh!!

  49. @ Mboma you sound uneducated by trying to justify the K419,000 minimum wage. You just talk to sound educated without really understanding issues. Anyone who tries to justify K419,000 minimum wage lacks education and understanding of day to day issues. Go back to Zambian and earn that money.

  50. Pronouncements of appeasement without technical analysis will boomerang. All this Govt. will do is just clear the reserves and look like it is the change we needed – and then 2 yrs from now reality will seep in. From the look of things, the country will be run by Commissions of Inquiry. Already I can see delegating responsibilities to people who do not have expertise in the related area – Mr Kabimba and ERB. If Mr Sata is not careful – we will be worse than 1991 – a lot of goodwill wasted. There is an opportunity to move the country forward here – it should not be wasted.

  51. Kunta Kinte @ 57, while I don’t want to engage myself in all these tribal talk, I just want to point out one thing as to why the Luapula Lundas speak the Bemba dialect, please read again your history of the Luba-Lunda migration you can google this on Mwata Kazembe or simply Kazembe village, and to all concerned these tribal inclinations will not help to move Zambia forward we are all Zambians, we inter –marry and have children, we don’t want them to grow into a divided Nation.

  52. Prepare for layoffs if the minimum wage is too high. Small businesses like lodges I doubt would be able to afford a wage bill in excess of K500,000 per employee.

  53. Who is going to pay for all these commissions?? Who is also going to pay for all the name changes of public assets??? The MMD left so much money that Mr. Sata has gone on a spending spree creating commissions and changing names at a whim. That money should go to development programs and not commissions.

  54. there’s a lot of corruption going on that’s why companies pay little,for example at KCM. The system is, @ contracts office  head and his juniors will advertise then there is the committee to award a contract and then there is the end user  where the contractor will be working from and the head of that department who is to recommend on the best contractor.Now the policy is that you have to give the contract to the lowest bidder.Now a contractor gets a contract of  K50000000 from that, he Head of contracts office gets 10%,his juniors10%,the committee 10%,the end user10%,the contractor is supposed to pay himself and he needs to save.After paying the10%s K20000000 is gone,He/she has 20 workers.how is he/she going to pay the workers?so minus corruption everything is possible.  

  55. Did you ever pass thru Grade 5 and 6 to learn the tribes of Zambia? There are no Bembas in Luapula. Bembas are found in ONLY 5 districts of Zambia. Kasama, Mporokoso, Luwingu, Chinsali, Mpika and Kaputa. Tribes from Luapula include the Aushi, Chishinga, Batwa, Ngumbo, Lunda etc. FTJ Chiluba is was NOT Bemba but Aushi or some such tribe and yet you will find 90% of Zambians believe the guy was Bemba. Kaunda is not Bemba, go ask him. Most of Satas MPs came Northen, Luapula, CB and Lusaka, hence his cabinet might seem ‘Northern/Luapula heavy). What did you want the poor guy to do? Appoint HH as MP, or Douglas Syakalima? Those guys were calling him a mad man three weeks ago and betrayed pact. Even the MMD MPs he got are those who were not in the forefront insulting him.

  56. If Bembas have infiltrated most of CB, who stops any other tribe from moving to whichever part of Zambia they wish. In the Northern province you also find the Mambwe, Namwanga, Lambya, Lungu, Bisa not just Bemba. Sata won Isoka, Mpulungu…those are not Bemba districts but they wanted change! Stop being tribal and accept reality. I used to think Lusaka was ‘eastern’ oriented with Nyanja spoken. CB and Lusaka vote sata because the urban areas are the ones that bear the brunt of economic woes. And Sata convinced them a long time ago that he was on their side. So Lusaka and CB voting is not tribal but just the poor who believe the guy has been on their side (whether that is true or not remains to be seen)

  57. Now back to minimum wage….think its not a good idea. Work should correspond with input. More money will be coming from other sources, was hoping for some tax relief. ha ha ha ha

  58. indeed 419,000 does not match the expense of cost of living in zed.if the income tax free band is at K800,000 to K 1m.Why put min wage at K419,000?it’s shameful.Also our labour officers need to work they do not even carry out inspections.They sit in there offices watching employers exploiting workers.if District commisioners are no more the Minister should be empowered to appoint labour officers.

  59. @#72 & 73. Capitalist. Your arguments have become very hopeless and are based on bitterness. Yes we know there is ACC but the guys are more corrupt now than they even were under Don Chi Chi. Reason the late LPM set up a Task Force which your father disbanded immediately he came into office. Infact they also need to be investigated and a foo”l would use ACC.

    Are you saying we should just forget about all the crimes you guys committed and pretend everything is okay? If all Sata does in this five years is to clean up the mess you left then he really deserved my vote. You can not develop with corruption being the norm. Clean up and move on. This is what LPM was doing unfortunately he died. We know what happened at Zamtel and how Dora was shielded by your father.

  60. #79 Contd. Developed countries use commissions to investigate and learn from the mistakes which were made. Since you plonkers got kicked out, Capitalist, you have become very jittery one can even see through you. If you didn`t do anything wrong so be it but commissions are necessary where ever you go. Yes they have to be paid for and yes the tax payer pays the price but if you asked the people of Zambia whether they support these commissions, other than the people jittery like you, 90% will say yes. Development is expensive batata.

    How do you think abuse of office will end if all we will do is “move on” and sweep everything under the carpet? As for minimum wage, I always say Africans have no hearts. Do you know how much the current minimum wage works out to?

  61. What we need now is a short to medium term plan for this nation to move forward for each ministry say each should have a list of top ten agreed upon. I am thinking the core being more money in the pocket as the principle. Each ministry should aline its thinking to this. For example Agri should start looking into markets and how we can attach exporting within the region and UN agencies. At some point even call for open ideas from the public and time to time look at the proposals. what we all what is development otherwise this peace won’t continue.

  62. We need more jobs and not this nonsense of changing names and wasting time on commission of enquires.We vote for PF so they assist create jobs for us.Two weeks is almost gone and nos ingle job has been created by PF…….Am now becoming frustrated after my vote to PF.All the president is doing is audit through what MMD was doing and not saying we have created so  much jobs in Zambia through initiatives….we are not interested in talk talk and change names we need jobs as a priority.The difference is that CROWN RB was talking about job creation and not setting out commisions for what commissions for his inner cycle…

  63. Ba Sata you are a steel metal, that’s how the president must work.Go ahead,cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Well done Mr President,but please take it easy.You have 5 years and not 90 days to complete your mandate.Also consult with experts in your party b4 making so many decisions.Take it easy.


  66. @Bunga Bunga (the original) No govt in Europe or USA can institute a Commission of Inquiry and appoint a Party cadre of the governing party to head it! That is nonsense that only happens in backward countries ruled by the likes of Sata. Who will take seriously findings by PF Secretary General Winter Kabimba?. PF investigating MMD; where is the impartiality in this? This honestly is a very id.iotic move. A Judge would have been better. May be it’s been done for the sole purpose of giving Kabimba the opportunity to make money seeing he has been ignored for a cabinet position?

  67. I am appealing to the president through the Ministry of Labour to also put an end on the age discrimination being practised by almost 90% of the firms in Zambia-I mean this thing of stating on the requirement for jobs advertised-many firms require that a candidate must not be over 25yrs,not over 35yrs,bla, bla-is no good good at all. How do they expect people over 35 years to get jobs? Does it mean if you ar declared redundant and you are over 35 yrs,you can never work again? It is against the Law in the UK and USA to descriminate someone based on age-everyone regardless of age must be given an equal chance to proof himself/herself.Please Mr president,put an end to this as it is discouraging many educated citizens abroad coming back home to come & contribute to the running of the economy

  68. Minimum wage is something good but sholud not be restricted to workers only but also Politicians.It’s not fair for someone to be paid so much for just dosing or drinking tea in Parliament and after 21/2 years to get K400,000,000.00. Plus Am suggesting these MPs should be paid like those on Contact. Too many allowances for doing nothing.

  69. Hi, Neat post. There is an issue together with your web site in web explorer, might check this? IE nonetheless is the market leader and a huge part of other people will miss your wonderful writing due to this problem.

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