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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Mahtani gets back Finance Bank

Headlines Mahtani gets back Finance Bank

Dr Rajan Mahtani (r), Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and former Munali MP Mumbia Phir at State House

Republican President Michael Sata has instructed Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda to with immediate effect return Finance Bank Zambia Limited to the rightful owners.

Finance bank had been sold to First Rand Bank of South Africa by the previous government for alleged breach of the Banking and Financial services Act
President Sata says after carrying out a research, he has noted that they are no proper documents for the sale of Finance bank.

The president was speaking at State house this morning during the swearing in ceremony of Amos Malupenga as new Information and Broadcasting services permanent secretary.

The Bank of Zambia, last year, seized Finance Bank from its shareholders for violating the law through unsound practices, including insider borrowing.

The Central Bank last month announced the sale of Finance bank to South Africa’s First Rand at a cost of $5.4 million, a move that raised a lot of concerns from various stakeholders.

And former Finance bank chairman Rajan Mahtani says the truth on the sale of the bank has finally prevailed.

Dr. Mahtani says Zambian investment has been restored to Zambians adding that at least a thousand jobs that were at stake have been secured.

Speaking to journalist at State house this morning, Dr. Mahtani said the sale of the bank was politically motivated by the previous MMD government for reasons known to themselves.



  1. Who cares really? terrible Journalism

    I think Mr Sata is not consulting anyone before embarking on this merciless ruling, that will have a lot of us educated people know that he is DESTRYING this country already


    • GO back to school CHIMUSHOTA your English is horrible and very disgusting.you should even stop praising yourself to be educated, if you are, then education has gone to dogs.

    • for the first time little sister you have made sense. he has also fired 72 DCs and told them to vacate houses. am wondering if he realises there are children involved, exam time etc. lt doesnt matter if they are opposition, they are people, families, with rights… 3months notice would have been fine.,

    • Bakalamba if u are that educated you would have atleast known that a 1000 jobs where on the line because of that sale. Now i just wonder what education u ve got. Maybe its sex education.

    • mushota you scum of the earth loser how in the world did you get raped by jim crow that u hate your own kind what u lost your marbles you always sound like a stupid hypercondriac gal spilling vitriol hate for zambians i have no quarrel with moving over to the oc the other colour but dont despise your culture you toilet head collecting scottish shit

    • Politics can be very dirty mate. You will be suprised how very much informed Sata is on all these issues. When you hear the opposition guys making noise everytime, there is usually something to it. Most of the times these things come true. I can rest assure you he has been given some legal briefings to this whole matter and he given his options. What President will want to take decisions that are open to legal challenges, none of course. Wait and see if SA Rand is going to go to the courts at all.

  2. things are happening. Mr President are you sure you have done all necessary investigatations. The speed is too much and i feel the president has tooo mucch power. we are heading for troubles ..oohh. be sure of legal action from the other parties

  3. The president , is Changing many strategic decision as though they are operational.

    I am sorry to come to the conslusion that he is basically acting and showing tendancies of a dictator who necesarily does not consult people before reaching a decsion. This is a demcrartic country, How about someone explaining to the President what that all means. He also need to be reminded that he has 5 years to stamp his authority and not the 90 days that the dull bloggers are treating to be serious, My point being that he will not be judged by what he does in 90 days or 1 year but 5 years when the elections come.

    Any inferior retard person that expects the man to change Zambis is sactioning the country to be headed for major collapse. I feel anger and sweating in my bra, already. Thanks

    • So it’s not good that he is already making changes he promised. You would have preferred that he waited until his 4th or 5th year before using his Presidential powers?
      I’m also curious, how do you know that he has not been consulting any of his people before making some decisions? Do you expect him to give detailed list of each and every person he consulted b4 making a decision?

    • N0. Mushota must be sick in the head, she is one of those who benefited from the discarded regime. it is not Zambia that is making you sweat in your bra, please check you have lice need to see a doctor. you are such a disgrace, you conclusion is fundamentaly defective, may be you have magots in your head. I have observed that every time you open your mouth sewarage comes out, you TASINTA girl.

  4. Finance bank was not owned by MMD or even GRZ for them sell it. Giving it back to the owners is the only decent thing to do. I hope RB has not chewed the money

    • Thats a lot of ignorance mathani
      owned 30% of the bank,the rest was owned by the bank of zambia and some foreign individuals. How on earth can a bank internationally listed buy another bank without documentation. If there is no documentation then how do you know that it was sold at $5.4m.

  5. There are no reasons for the sale. Rather justifiable to cost 1000 thousand jobs. Good move Cobra true to your word. 

    • you are right, all those people would have been unemployed, and that 5 million dollars wouldnt have even been seen.

  6. How??? this is a joke right? MUSHOTA i guess you meant DESTROYING?? ofcourse yes things are getting destroyed slowly but sure.

  7. Did we just make another mistakes zambians, comeon mr president, consult onb these issues. Mathani yes has worked hard to make Finance Bank be where it is, i mean he has worked hard to compromise the BFSA.

  8. Zambians we are in for it. One day we will wake up to a rude shock that he has decided to sell this country. Abashi dictatorial tendancies, abashi Sata

    • But pa Zed, what do u want kanshi? Ku bantu, takwaba chi suma! before Sata’s 90 days, you were like “lets see what he will do in 90 days” now that he is making changes in his 90 days, you are hating and trying to find something negative to say. People, there is power in the tongue. Why don’t you just for once, think and speak positive about your country?!
      Do you want the President to explain in detail every single step he takes b4 he makes a decision? Come on now! You are fearing what hasn’t even happened.

  9. Mahtani bank rolled PF and he was promised his bank back should PF get into power. I will be surprised if someone as decent as Mr. Chikwanda will agree without carrying out proper investigations. Mr. Sata claims he has done some research into the wrongful sale etc. etc. Please show us the results of this research. As each day passes, my fear for my country increases!!

    • Mies Sampa, a close confidant of King Cobra was director at Finance Bank. He organised funding for PF and that is the crime Mahtani committed. What was wrong with funding a political organisation anyway, it is allowed under our constitutional laws. Cant anyone see the ills of Chi Rupiahs leadership? Zambians forget easily, no wonder we are collective failures

  10. You guys if you don’t understand how things are done, keep quiet and just watch SATA clean up the mess. How do you question that wise decision to bring back finance back to the rightful owners. When this rubbish was created by MMD where were you, and why didn’t you question. I can see that you are now being used by the loosers.

    • Thanks for showing the world how foolish you are. Thinkers dont insult, they debate issues professionally like Mushota. She is more wise than you brother.

    • you will rember mushote’s word moses be careful give advice and not to instit you insuit a gal ur insuit ur own mother and sister and ur female relatives

  11. Well,quite wholesome pragimatic approach except for repucations.I feel the man is too in a hurry to please sumone -some- where…! Lets watch the pace.! Its clear tat Malupenga is being rewarded for PF publicity /image building which the POST handled brilliantlly.Perhaps Raja financed the PF campaign.Time will tell.

  12. Right or wrong, businesses do not like presidential decrees of this nature. It is always advisable to give a semblance of a rule of law.

  13. The team which was investigating the whole issue didn’t find any documetantion leading or involved in the sale of the bank at Ministry of Finance.Therefore,the team which was assigned to do the job by the president report accordingly.

  14. Well well well,this supersonic speed of doing things should be watched carefully(remember when FTJ assumed office?).The commission has already done investigations?One man show unfolding.
    Amos PS…..!we call it pay back in accounts.

  15. I believe this is a wise move. There was need for prudence in dealing with such matters and BoZ acted improperly by selling the bank in the first place. However, let them know the intricate details then return it back the owners.

  16. surely one good afternoon we shall be informed that part of the country has been sold. A wrong choice indeed for our Peaceful and lovely Zambia. A dictator and Buga in Office. Tribalism has sold off our homeland. A good five years to go then we are oooooooo

  17. #5 Mushota MMD selling FBZ for only $5.4 overnight is a form of dictatorship. Why should people lose ther jobs for a sale that did not make sense? Are you going to look after those families because of irrational moves by MMD? The whole deal needed to be reversed. If FBZ is meant to be sold let it be done in a transparent and accountable manner.

  18. Amos Malupenga PS? Good, but it explains why The Post are calling for support to the current govt. They have their share: PS, Press aid, …….. Zambians, lets support with eyes wide open, not with blind loyalty of the 90s.

    • true belive me u the post supports the ruling the party so at the moment we do not have a paper thats talks about the ruling part,so which paper will critize them PF am so worried

  19. Here we go. Orders! orders! orders! What was the point of setting up a commission of inquiry. Zambians admit, you have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. You ignored the character of these guys PF.

    • BMC
      Thanks but i just discovered you copied and pasted my post on ZWD blog. Thanks for agreeing with me but dont plagerize please.

  20. Maybe he knew the data even before he became president? If they is no documetation what investigation are you going to continue doing???

    • Yes why continue with investigation without documetation because documets backs up
      the investigation,he(SATA) clearly said that am giving a mouth to investigate and get back to me.why continue going where there is no road.he didt get pipo from the street to investigate mind you.DO not forget that we are yet to hear about ZAMTEL


  22. I think that is the best way because the MMD regime did not justify reason for sale of the bank. RB and the MMD vuvuzelas you are shocked we told that days are numbered.

  23. #28 BMZ where were you when FBZ was being ordered to be sold for only $5.4 million when it had assets over K27 billion kwacha. Where was your commission of inquiry suggestion? They need everything reversed and then analysed as the sale did not make sense.

  24. Why is Mushota commenting on Zambia when she hates Zambia with a passion? Mushota please stay away from our politics and concentrate on Scotland. You insult Zambia every single day and now you have the audacity to question how Zambia is run.


    • I agree with you in totality that Mr Kanganja is a very royal person but he also has tenderncies of emplying his own relatives into the civial service. Right now there is a young girl from the Zambia Air Force who he promised employment by virture of coming from the same Chief dom. I can even give you the full names.

  26. ati ‘the truth has come out’ wat truth?

    That u bankrolled the PF campaign?

    We want decisions to be made AFTER an investigation. All we have heard is u have ur bank back so who pays of the previous owners?
    We seem to be headed to the dogs and fast. Our president is takin as down Zimbabwe road n its not gonna be pretty

  27. Most Zambians are used to things taking a long time, like the CRC for instance, such that when something is done expeditiously they are alarmed!

  28. Mushota 5. You have always said stupid things on this forum, despising Zambia, and just talk negative things about Zambia. Keep your to yourself. You do not know who Sata is. All the things he has touched on so far were done wrongly by MMD. Talk of NAPSA issue, Zamtel, Anti-Corruption Clause, Constitution Conference, ERB, ZESCO etc. All were used by MMD to steal money. Be objective. Sata won’t mess up, and he is not messing up. He cleaning mess create by MMD Dora, Shikapuba, George red lips, Fundanga.etc. In any case Mushota, if your bra is itching, get your Irish thing sooth it. Why sweat about Zambia when you have disowned and disassociated yourself from Zambia. You foolish. If Sata messes up, he will have his time in court, or end up like RB, but so far he is on the right path.

  29. A questionable sale of finance bank has consequently been followed by a questionable reversal, we can only wait to see the truth about this transaction come out.

    Time is the best book keeper it awalys make sure the the every event,s trial balance setlles with both side equal. We will wait and see

  30. zambia belongs to zambians .why sale everything to foriegners the only sin mathani comitted is to sale the the house which ruphiah banda used as collertral. viva sata

  31. Even the sale of ZCCM and other companies sold by MMD Since 1991 to 2000 should be revisited and probably given back to the public and if there were corrupt negotiations,culprit should be brought to book. i dont know where our president is rushing to because he has 5years to go. whats going on???

    • Why delay a decision when all facts are there? Do you think he would reverse that decision without having all facts before him. They knew the nature of the sale even before they assumed Govt. Now they just filled in where they had empty dots and voila!!! Do you think they were blindly opposing the Sale? No need for procrastination my friend.. This is not RB Govt. We’re in a new era and things will change drastically!! Props Mr President.

  32. Imwe ba Sambia, you voted for the man, deal with it! After all he is doing everything within the constitutional powers vested in him. The problem is not with Sata, its with the constitution. Obama might be the most powerful leader in the world based on US military assets, but when it comes raw power, he has nothing on our Sata, thanks to the useless constitution which needs to be shredded to pieces! No checks and balances, so enjoy the ride mubwato and stop crying like little b**thes!!

    • Can’t agree more. People are quick to complain even right decisions. Therefore, whatever happens there should be no cries shaaa…

  33. In zambia we dont need to waste time consulting. We need someone to push us. Look how Lusaka is dirty, we just need someone to scare us a little bit. We like easy money. CMS please go ahead and despline a lot of us zambian

  34. But why was finance bank sold?
    How did they choose FNB to run the administration of the bank during the transition period?
    Who did the revaluation of all the assets for finance bank?
    Why did they sell finance bank to FNB only?

  35. I fear the pace at which Sata is making decisions and acting, surely he should have given time for his commission to submit the report and then act on it, not to announce a decision few days after giving the mandate to the commission. The Zambia people need to know the all truth about what transpired at finance bank. he is not a judge, thats why there is seperation of power in a democracy. where are the judges. Why is he employing people from the post, doest it mean there are the only private media practitioners we have in Zambia or maybe there was some secret PACT reacherd between the PF and the Post.


  36. ZAMBIANS, there is destruction going on in our country while we are looking on. We seem to be vindicated those of us concerned with the pace at which issues are being executed by Sata. Yes he is the president but hasn’t prerogative of wisdom above everyone else. Banking industry is so complex that the issue over Finance Bank can not be grasped by Sata let alone the new govt. in less than 2 weeks old. Be educated, all banks in a given country operate under quidelines from a central bank -BOZ. Any bank found wanting is warned and asked to adhere, after further flaws next inspection will result to BOZ to take action such as the one BOZ did. In UK Leeman Brs. Bank went through the same and is up for sale. In USA banks were bailed out for similar reasons.

  37. He did not set up a commission of inquiry but ordered the Justice minister to investigate and perhaps the minister found that there is nothing to investigate since there is no evidence of the sale. what was Mahtani doing at State house when this pronouncement was made anyway. The giving back of the Bank to the owner is good but if he has breached the law let him face due process of the law. The BFSA must be amended because the constitution guarantees ownership of property by every citizen and so the provision relied on by BOZ to seize the Bank in the first place is unconstitutional.

  38. HE MC Sata,
    Job well done. You have saved many jobs of Zambians. Why should be a viable Bank worth Billion of Dollars be sold to foreigners at a song of 5.4 Million Dollars? Further the selling was done in secrecy. Only a dull person can criticise Sata on this. Sata has done well on this…jobs of Zambians are saved…..

  39. ##5 Mushota,
    Iwe KA Mushota, you MORON MONKEY!!! I am not one fan of Sata but for sure what LAW OR JUSTICE did President Banda and the MMD follow when repossessing FINANCE BANK from Mthatani apart from discovering that Sata and PF had transactions in this bank?

    And by the way, the late former President Chiluba, had a bone to CHEW with Mahtani (after he accused him of being involved in the 1997 COUP), so he could have INFLUENCED President Banda (together with disgraced lawyer Sikota) to persecute Mahtani by GRABBING the Bank!! What a DISGRACE!!

    Sata did not even hide to the Zambian people that Finance Bank will be given back to its RIGHTFUL OWNERS!!!

    I am so excited to hear this Finance Bank being given back to this Zambian investor!!!

  40. Has anyone asked the staff at FBZ what they think? I am sure they have stories to tell about this bank and how it was run by your god Mahtani. At least Mr Sata can give a full explanation of the investigation not just that there was no documentation of the sale at Ministry of Finance! Did he check BOZ? give the bank back but just make sure it was for the right reasons that mahtani is truly an innocent man not just that you sacrificing the staff to please an old friend. Mr Mahtani now improve the conditions of service for the staff especially the unionised staff you have failed these people for years!

    • I agree with 47 & 56. The rate of change is very fast without not much support evidence. I was a senior Banker in Zambia and i know much of the insight of many Banks and how they conducted their day by day Banking operations, insider lending, unprofessionalism and all that. We need to be careful, Sata should carefully investigate before lashing to anounce unfounded decisions. Our county may be destroyed if we are not careful.

  41. The Pres should have 1st put in place a cabinet, then after he should have after cabinet deliberations made the Ministers responsible make the annoucements. The are not life & death decisions, they could have waited for another day or 2.

  42. #44 Immediately,

    I we chi Immediately!! Didn’t you see SIKOTA at State House with President Banda when he was one of the INVENTED witness in this GRABBING of FINANCE BANK?

    You blindless CHU CHU!!!

  43. If you people only knew, the same 1000 employees RM is referring to were breathing a sigh of relief from the slave conditions Mathani has subjected them to over the years and this reversal means less money in their pockets and back to slave trade for them….

  44. Which law has he used to over rule the court judgment passed on the possession of FBZ? reversing the sale is different from reversing the possesion, which was done correctly. What was Rajan doing at state house in the morning? If Sata truly wants zambians to hv decent salaries, he wouldnt have given the bank to rajan becoz rajan pays little and employees parkistans as directors.

  45. Wow I am scared at the rate of speed the president is moving. Within two weeks in office a lot has taken place. I bet you most pipo are now worried whether all these moves are rightful hope nothing back fires. I think let us slow down in this 90 days slogan, the old man might end up making wrong decisions which will cost the country big time.

  46. unless you are a saddist, the sale of Finance back and Zamtel, had put close to 10,000 job at risk. do a simple mathematics, each one looking after an average of 6 people. You are talking about over 60,000 people affected plus extended families. by just two instutions !! surely you give ceaser what belongs to ceaser, I could have done the same, and that is what we were calling for so why cry now? unless you belong to those who had a share of the sale andsooner than later you will followed by the ACC, now that Muyukwa is gone. Well done MCS.

  47. This kind of overnight enquiry/government by decree approach may be enough to win support in the compounds and from a handful of bloggers at LT, but ultimately undermines Zambia’s credibility as a place to do business and could easily destroy the economic growth that PF must depend on to achieve greater equity.

  48. Why waste time to investigate when there are no documents? At least if there were fake documents then you can waste time. Before elections, RB and his friends were warned not to effect the selling of the bank, they are just reaping what they sore. What benefit did the owners got from such a sale?

  49. In malawi Mahtani’s Finance bank was closed off and is not allowed to business there bacause of money laundering and failure of adherance. Believe you me Sata has got it WRONG and remember Mahtani financed part of Sata’s last campaign when he was defeated.
    If PF wanted the truth BOZ will provide evidence that Finance bank was posing serious issues to the financial activities in the country. Put its sale aside, the truth is something gravely toxic to Zambian economy existed at Finance Bank that needed correction. ZAMBIANS you will come to recall and regret this in the near future and this is without prejudice.

  50. #43 Muna Dekhane,

    You are the most DULL Zambian i have ever heard off!! Did you renounce your citizenship anyway?

    Sata is being honest and straight forward than former president Banda who was hiding behind the so called JUDICIARY and Bank of Zambia FUNDANGA, when in fact he was the one CALLING the shots on Finance Bank grabbing from the innocent MAHTANI!!

    Well done SATA!!!

  51. Uko uko,supersonic speed ka! This causes for concern.There is no way a big bank like FNB can purchase a bank without any documentation.Where is there legal team then,lets wait for a show down.

    • Honestly speaking can such a powerful bank like FNB buy a bank without docs ? please they have such a powerful legal team and look at their efficiency in services. Ala twebeni fye ati pali ilyashi apa. Bushe bu dont kubeba nomba bwakukila ku state house mwa? icalo cesu lwaakosa.

      Business if allowed to operate by presidential decrees like this, then watch.

  52. Some posts here are from dunderheads! During campaigns Sata promised to reverse the sale of Finance Bank! Where were you?

    • Did he actually talk about real real policies during the campaign? All I heard was donchi kubeba – i.e. we could maybe tell you our policies if we wanted, but would have to kill you if we did.

    • Did he actually talk about real policies during the campaign? All I heard was that the elections were rigged and, of course, donchi kubeba – i.e. we could tell you our policies are if we wanted to, but would have to kill you if we did.

  53. Zambia has gone to the dogs. We are in deep matuvi. Its not even a month yet and there are so many blunders. Twafwa!

  54. Well, well. If you want to reverse corruption do not wait for due process. You wait for due process and it never happens. The system will defend itself. My only plea to the President is please another one or two bombshells and that should be enough!!

  55. for sure the bank was sold for a song…..let rajan have it back but he must be told to behave and not bring back those old coolie executives who were busy doing nothing but just “chewing” at the expense of the locals….twanaka!

  56. #56 Muna Dekhane,

    Uli chipuba sana you Muna Dekhane!!! Surely you should have known that Finance Bank was closed off in Malawi because of the Dictator Bingu wa Mutharika is a friend and relative of former President Banda. That is why President Sata was forced deported from Malawi on false grounds on political reasons.

    Open your eyes and your EMPTY BRAIN which does not think. You BLUE MUTWE KOLOKOMBWA IWE!!!

  57. Conditions of service is an issue which Shamenda must follow up with keen interest. I wonder, what does Joyce Nonde Simukoko (Secretary General of the Finanacial and Allied Union do, ? have they not explained about the slave conditions? come on guys now direct all those to relevant bodies. at least the major issue has been sorted out. Imagine the new ownersa were telling employees to resign and re-apply regrdless of number of years they have worked?? that is good news for me Martani get back and move on.

  58. #55 Your analysis is one sided. What about the Zambian or investor who starts a business like FBZ? Does Zambia look credible for investors if govt can sale an investment overnight without the t’s being crossed and i’s being dotted? This sale was controversial and people did not understand why it was being valued at such a low price and done in such a rush.

  59. has the 30days elapsed already? why is he rushing. am becoming vey uncomfortable with my presidents leadership style

  60. #60 Sola,

    Which blunders you feces!!! Sata is just following what he promised us Zambians that Finance Bank will be given to its rightful owners!!

    Even where you are right now, politicians who are elected follow through their promises after that elections, so what is wrong with Sata following through his ELECTION PROMISES?



  62. Has Chi Sata become a small god, that he can do anything he wants without consulting. Zambians we are in for a rude shock. We will pay for the legal fees amd breach of contracts, and wrong termination of employments. watch the space.

  63. this plane will crash,the supersonic speed at which it is cruising is beyond control.what realy scares me are not the injuries the pilot will sustain but his passengers

  64. Mushota#### Easy does it girl!!!! Easy Easy dear, no need to sweat in that mannar.

    I too think the president’s breakneck speed is queit dangerouse to the continued developement of this country. There are fundamental things in an economy that have to be preserved no matter who the president is. Change doesnt really mean that you destroy the foundation of what your friends tried to build but change in policy direction. There is no way you can approach strtegic policy changes like its operational changes.

  65. for once i agree with Mushota :) …., Zambians, i hope my worst fears for the country wont turn out to be true. I mean, yesterday this board is fired, today that CEO is fired, those news reporters are huntered, and tomorrow judges will be fired!!? I feel for a business person caught on the wrong side in zambia at the moment- all ur investment will vanish when His Excellent wakes up on the wrong side :) FNB has just put up a statement that they r awaiting formal communication in the FNB-GRZ transacation regarding Finance Bank. Scary zed times indeed

  66. No. 5 HE MCS has not even reached the promised 90 days indeed you will really sweat if you were eating with RB your days are numbered. Please tell us where your relative Chanda Chimba and Siulapwa are. We want to deal with them also. Our President is in a hury to clean up the mess. i PITY you if you are there maybe because your parents were raping the country with RB. Brace for hard times

  67.  My concern, whoever is that we are moving from a democracy that has a constitution into a one man state (yes one man state not one party state). The presidents needs to understand that he is the leader of the country and he does not need to score cheap political points and in the process undermining the constitution. I thought he had done a good thing by asking the finance minister to investigate the sell and provide information in 30 days. Has the minister already done that? By making this decision the president has undermined the process. I think it is time we started voicing concern on this unilateral decisions before he decides unilaterally to change the constitution and declare himself life president. The MMD government was bad but mr president you are now worrying us.

  68. nkani yalula manje, ladies and gentlemen do you all have life jackets? This titanic is headed for the iceberg!! Trust me on this one!

  69. @68 SITUATION. The reversal of sale is something the current govt should carry its investgations on and validate or invalidate reasons BOZ recommended action be taken on Finance bank. I assume you are conversant with banking regulatory measures in a country. The truth stands from VERY CREDIBLE sources that Mahtani and Finance bank had failed to adhere to central bank instructions repeatedly. In Malawi they simply blacklisted Mahtani and finance Bank to do any business there. Again I say this without projudice for the sake of Zambian industry. Reversal of sale is fine but Finance Bank left to operate without govt checks is potential to economic sabotage to Zambia.

  70. Good afternoon

    Like someone has already said, this is a two way equation. If you say president Sata has done wrong by giving back Finance Bank, then you’re saying that MMD was right to authorise it’s sale. Then we need to find out what led the MMD gov’t to make that decision because in my books, it’s not the government’s job to address all irregularities and thereby directly intervene into the competitive business environment. This only leads to arbitrariness and economic injustice, which defies the principles of a free market economy.

  71. #55 it is funny how you call supporters for the reversal of FBZ decision ‘compound people’ and a handful of LT bloggers. Most LT bloggers live abroad and are exposed to how the western world functions. They can not be hood winked by economic theories of selling a bank for only $5.4 million as we live in a place where accountabiity, transparency and results is part of life. Those people you call ‘compound’ people are called Zambians who own the country too.

  72. #71 MR ABILITY

    Which HOT FIRE?

    Only corrupt people like George Kunda, you people (relatives of MMD leaders) at foreign missions who have stolen GRZ money e.t.c are the ones who will be JUMPING FROM A FRYING PAN UNTO THE HOT FIRE, 1000 DECRESS CELCIUS.

    What Sata TOLD the ELECTRORATES was that dubious deals like FINANCE Bank grabbing, Corrupt former Anti Corruption Commission Director Kayukwa, Compromised former Bank of Zambia head Fundanga, will be corrected to fight corruption in Zambia.

    Actually Zambians are waiting for the Anti Corruption Law which was removed by George Kunda to be reinstated back so that TIME OF HARVEST will COME finally!!

    You are a CRIMINAL who has no feelings for the suffering of Zambians in poverty at all!!

  73. The President is doing his Job now! Who cares whether he did consultancy or not! Things are happening very fast to close up 90 days


  75. #5 mushota, you are very right. I do not think in 1 week a full investigations for such a decision could be conclusively fair. This is a total circus!

  76. Sata i love you and i will continue suporting you.You have a very important trait that this country desperately needs to clean up………..just a bit of dictatorship.Please Mr Sata sir, answer my following question within 10 days.WHEN ARE YOU FIRING ALL HIGH COURT GUDGES,MAGESRATES AND SUPREME COURT JUSTICES,LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY?

  77. #78 Your analysis may have its valid points. However, what influenced BOZ to sell the bank at only $5.4 million dollars? More information needed to be given to the public.

  78. Our President has heart for the common Zambians! What he is doing is merely what he promised us. Lets continue paddling Presido!

  79. Ba UPND nembwa yabo(ZWD), insokanda nashibasumaula sana pamatako. Balesabailafye. Can somebody help them with the medicine?

  80. #81 well concluded need not to add any further….. MMD is failing to swim in the opposition sit so condemning everything that is been done that which we agreed should be done…thanks President Sata……. Tu emwemdi(MMD) you said Sata will never rule…. which God or god were you consulting with….no one had the balls to apologise for the insults…Viva President Sata

  81. Why can’t we just discuss issues without swearing at each other. Check your language this is open to kids do not teach them insults.most of the blogger use vernacular language not to clarify a point but insult.

    Mushota brings her/his comments to irritate you and honestly it beats me how people jump at the opportunity to insult. You really have time on your hands to insult the whole day shame.

  82. Thanks HEMS for the good heart on things that were not done in order. Is the Tender Board going to be restored? Tender board became useless during previous regime! Shall we know why this was the case?

  83. :d The issue of FINANCE BANK like all investments in Zambian MUST be protected by the law. Investments or businesses should never depend on the mercy of politicians but must thrive on merit. Laws must be strong enough to protect businesses and their security of operations,making it hard for any politician to abuse them. SATA must transform the institutional legal framework to achieve this goal. Our caps off to U Mr president for the Actions so far…..next is the new Constitution within 90days Mr president,plz act ….act ….act,its the action that will speak come 2016!! 

  84. fuseki to all people supporting corruption.how could u sell the bank at 27 billion kwacha?Did RB ask anyone when he was selling the bank?Sata said within 30days the report would be ready.The report is ready and swowing that no selling documents are availble.Anyone who wants to know the truth ask somebody who works at bank of Zambia.Fundanga made a wrong choice on this one.RB used him terribly for corruption.U can’t sell a bank at 27 billion with full of branches in all corners of Zambia.come on zambian let us be objective and stop tribalism.MMD was just corrupt govt.Zambia would have been sold.When i came from canada i cried to see poor zambians.Zambians should benefi the economy of our country.why should individuals control the poor people?I’ll support sata on this one.HH is a loser

  85. Yes, all Zambian assets that were sold or donated illegally by the half-term former president must be reposessed and returned to their rightful owners, the Zambians.
    The next should be the piece of land in NW province that was given to Mswati of Swaziland by RB, we want it back. Land is precious anywhere in the world and you don’t just mess about with it.

  86. The chaps at BOZ erased all documentation on the porported sale so what else do you people want Sata to do kabili?

    • If the doc were erased as you are claiming blind brother, dont you think the buyers FNB will produce the same to safe guard their money? It is good to think properly before you support something blindly. FNB right now are just waiting for the official notification and the n they will speak out using the proper channels than state house one man’s show.

  87. Returning the bank is certainly a good idea but the way it was done, awe sure!!!!! There is a serious gap of information here – can a transaction of this nature, whether legally or illegally, be done without documentation? This is dull indeed either on RB’s part or Sata’s part. Lets see who is really dull here and I have a feeling its not RB!!!

  88. @76 Tekton. Thanks for your opinion unfortunatetly those of us with a critical eye are wrongly perceived not pro PF. We need not to be, but its our constitutional right to question those that rule us regardless of the party. The Post newspaper has without shame ceased to report as all its staff are lining up at State house for jobs. Especially those with Bemba names pity those from Southern, N/Western change names its easy to do.

  89. Its the revival of the Concorde aeroplane, with its supersonic speed! I feel thrilled and scared at the same time. But I think I will hold on, as this seems to be a once a life time experience!!!

  90. I wonder if Mr. Chikwanda will ever head the ministry of finance looking at the speed with which Sata is already ordering him around without first asking him to carry out the necessary investigations. I think the finance minister is drinking from the King’s poisoned chalice and he’s not the only one. Watch how the cabinet will have changed 6 months from now. By the way, why ask if we made a mistake as Zambians? The writing, as far as the King’s style of leadership is concerned has always been on the wall. Your ballot paper was a suicide note my friend – a mass suicide not for that matter. 

  91. Wow! at the fact that the bank is back to it’s rightful owners, and Wow! that this was done in a scary two weeks. My conclusion the opposition should push for the reduction in presidential powers. A law to directly audit the ministry of defense should as well be commissioned. The opposition need to have the speaker position period; my president please deal with areas that really require attention, like education and agriculture.

  92. RB and his MMD got money from FR of SA for their campeigns and promised FBZ in return, to assure FR the declaired that FBZ is aready sold to them thinking they where going to win the election. this is what goes on in the system people, how else do you think doccuments are missing for the sale of such an institution? MMD(RB) right now is in hot soup! alachinda pelete.FR needs its money back. Sata is working real good, there is nothing to consult about this massive plunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. So Mr. Presiddent, what happens to the commission of enquiry set up to look at the Zamtel and Finance Bank sales? Does it mean their jobs have also vinished like Nsanda’s?

  94. Zambia is for Zambians. The Bank belongs to Zambians. Who ever wants to have a bank in Zambia is free to set up one. Sata well done. Some of these MMD cadres musquarading as civil servants will derail the programme. Fire them.

  95. We have to leave Sata do it his way after all we put him there. If it was HH I will understand the noise but Sata is not new in the politics of Zambia and this has been his way of doing things every where he has been and ever since I knew him.I believe this is one of the qualities that made him the people’s choice against the 10 presidential candidates. 
    Stomach it please and see what Zambia is transforming into. He won’t sell any party of this country he is just action oriented. Put the estigushers down we are not on fire this is the cobra I know. What were you guys expecting ?just be alert but believe me there is no need to cry.

  96. I was very critical of the sale of this bank to the South Africans as it was hastily sold by BUFFOON RB, all carried out when Parliament was dissolved and no cabinet in place….as much as it is right that the bank goes to owners, lets forget that its this owner who overseeing things when they were giving out loans to shareholders.
    In other parts of the world they likes of Mahtani wouldn’t be let to operate even a cafe as he messed up bigtime.
    What happens to those toxic bad debts BOZ was talking about? How is Mahtani going to manage them?
    One thing is for sure is that someone somewhere is either $5million poorer or richer!!! 

  97. I think a lot of people think I hate the new government and as a result they really hate me. As the saying goes if your enemy is about to self destruct, just get out of the way otherwise you will be part of the debris.

    I will stop blogging till the 90 days is over, there is a lot to watch. I will just stock up my popcon supplies and just watch the show without comments since some people on this blog are just paid to attack me , insult me and debase my contributions.

    See you after December 23rd 2011 and hopefully as HH said we shall have the following

    1) New Constitution
    2) More money in your pockets;
    3) Windfall tax;
    4) Barotse Agreement restoration;
    5) Free 15 bags of fertilizer per farmer;
    6) Upgrading shanty compounds;
    7) Liberalization of air waves

  98. Number 1, you can’t even spell a simple word (destroying) correctly. Your education?? should even be questioned. You are the chaps who probably got educated?? through corrupt means under the MMD government.

  99. The speed and frequency of Sata’s “immediate effect” decisions is quite worrying.Did he wait for the report or an investigation as to why or how the bank was sold? That tendency of quick unilateral decisions is revealing some hidden authoritarianism or dictatorial tendencies.

  100. Haters hate the Man or love him, but the truth is he is one of a kind. A brilliant Man cleaning up the mess MMD did. let us support him, it is early days and in the right direction. Zambia shall be developed. Give us PF chance.

  101. # 109, I can guarantee you that your negativity won’t be missed here and that job you have at the Embassy will be no more by then!!LOL
    How can you stand up for the highly corrupt MMD gov’t?? Are you a benefactor?? Please stick to your promise and don’t come back until 90 days has lapsed.

  102. wen under 5 aka HH sold zambian companies dubiously with ftj and most of our people into abject poverty, upnd and its pact partner never said anything. whats this nonsense of these two loosers complaining about everything.

  103. #1 mushota and some folks here doubting this decision by HE President sata, this is how it happened, 1- the sale of Finance bank by MMD was dubious and very cheap, 2-Mr sata promised people affected during campaign that as president he would reverse sale of this bank, 3- two weeks ago when Sata sworn in his cabinet a commision of inquiry to probe the sale of Zamtel and finance bank was formed. So now after the finding of the commssion of inquiry its evidently that MMD and BOZ sold Finance bank dubiously. Mushota, follow the issues that come on this blog dont just comment. Mr president thank you, you have done a right thing to protect what belongs to zambians.

  104. The way things are unfolding all widely circulated print media belongs to PF the post is now GRZ owned.wonder who will spill the beans for us,i think post is now tired of court cases,it is time to reap.

  105. The decision is the right one, however more light is needed to be shed on this shoddy deal so that those with muddy fingers are exposed. Fundanga was the first guy to be fired by this govt, therefore the President must have already some clue as to what had transpired, this was coming…

  106. Circus is in town. What kind of leadership is this. Finance Bank was grossly mismanaged and if BOZ did not act quickly, our small financial sector would have been is disarray. Last time I explained the effects of contagion and Mr. Sata’s govt must prepare for what is to come if this bank is run the way it was previously run.

    Mr. Sata, this is a huge blunder. MMD worked very hard to stabilize this economy, reduce poverty, reduce unemployment, increase GDP and increase wealth for the people. Do not destroy what took a long time to build.


  107. My advice to President  Sata is to stay clear of these matters from now, this issue has too many politicians fingerprints. Its high time an Independent Financial Watchdog with teeth was set up to deal with these matters (Not BOZ or Ministry of Finance), 
    What’s stopping these chaps messing up again, these gestures don’t restore investor confidence especially if they looking at things in the long term.

  108. A Man of action is cleaning up all the Mess the MMD left, strong to protect Zambians Not weak leaders like RB. Hate or dont like him, he is the best candidate people wanted out of 10 candidates, and he is a president. Time for too much talking is over its now time for actions. After 90 days there will be fresh air in Zambia.

  109. Mwenye in the driving seat again. Truth be said Sata has inferiority complex and to him mwenye or muzungu are on the same level as God. Watch this space and see how this tendency unfolds.

  110. Guys If you can buy a bank for 5 million US dollars then Iam coming back to Zambia next week to buy Stanbic. 5million is what they ask you for a franchise for autodealing down here in Joburg.

  111. # 132 Mr Capitalist
    ” MMD worked very hard to stabilize this economy, reduce poverty, reduce unemployment, increase GDP and increase wealth for the people”
    If MMD did all that surely they would have had a landslide victory, by the way which wealth are you talking about, I’m starting to doubt the integrity of most of your chaps who were cheerleaders for MMD. Most of you were just benefactors of that corrupt regime, just swallow that bitter pill and move on as that gravy train is no more the tap has been turned the f… off. 

  112. FBZ is one of the most profit making local Banks. BoZ were not proffesional when they decided to be influenced by politicians. There was no justification whatsover to sell FBZ. The President may be in a rush but he is also doing the right thing.

  113. ..gg..! he is surely the king cobra..lets hope he won’t run out of venom..this action man..i will say no more..but at least the cobra should stop this one man commando ways..he better stop running the country like his own piggy bank. oh god! 5 yrs is a long way to go…

  114. The circus has arrived in town. Those of you who have eyes can watch…. Zambians you are in very serious trouble..
    Most of us on this blog do not stay in Zambia and you should thank you lucky stars because the DOGS have come to town
    Someone is going to have the last laugh very soon and am already start to see who

  115. Terrible mistake. Rajan has been given back the Finance Bank so that he can pardon Fred Mmembe’s debt. We all know that. Stinking corruption. All you PF cadres don’t forget that Sata is not in State House forever. The only way to go now for Sata is to be voted out, just like any other leader. These decisions he is making, unless he dies in power, he will pay for them excatly the same mistakes RB used to make, thinking that he is all powerful. Zambians are not *****s – be careful. Rajan Mathani is being given finance bank back so that he can liquidate Fred Mmembe’s debt for which Fred was already in court. Fred is now appointed Permanent Secretary. Now, if you don’t find that corruption then I don’t know the type of animal that you are…But he is not Presido forever!!

  116. Guys this is shocking and worrisome – I know we are excited about the ‘new broom’ etc but I think we need to be objective. This is a major decision which will have ripple effects on how the world perceives Zambia. I can tell you now that there are alot of worried investors out there.

  117. #143 Why didn’t you express the same worrisome attitude when FBZ or Zamtel was being sold? Any govt who came in power whether HH or Magande would have probed this one and been forced to make a decisive decision.

  118. In case you wondering if Sata is having influence on Business…listen to this…Alll miners working for Chinese mine on CB, got 50% increase and all the casual got perm appoitments…there is method in the madness…Sata go get them by boy…

  119. Where is Amos’s integrity! We thought he could neither be bought nor sold. But he has gone for a job that he might just lose. I hope no govt rewards will flow to the post. I fear for the public media! we might be seeing childish changes coming…

    And Fred, is this what you short changed us for! The Barotse Fracas was engineered within the circles we are seeing to rob the hearts of the Lozis from MMD. Mwabobeni ba PF and POST

  120. How did mahtani end up owning 75% of FBZ? Who used to run errands for former UNIP Ministers?and when chiluba came into power, Mahtani showed them the middle finger, running away with there money and businesses. Im sure they will investigate him soon, Sata knows.

  121. VIVA SATA. For things to be Ok, the man MUST be a temporary dictator. All Assets that exchanged hands fraudulently in the previous government MUST be reversed. Let him not take the judiciary into disrepute and thus use an iron hand to manage all irregularities that caused the judiciary make wrong decisions to appease one man.
    This ADD president, Charles Milupi must just keep his trap shut and let change and nomality prevail. When RB and his cohoots were making illegal decisions using and directing the justice dept and tender boards, he complained. When all these things are being reversed, he is still complaining. What is his motive? He should just shut up and work on making his party more formidable.
    Look at HH. He is quiet coz he knows he would have done the same. VIVA SATA. VIVA ZED.

  122. Most PF chaps on this blog have brains. They use their heads to think instead of their brains. Last week Sata ordered an investigation into the sale of Fiance Bank and Zamtel and a report to be published within 30 days? If indeed there are irregularities why cant Sata inform the nation what those irregularities were. When Finace Bank was repossesed atleast the prrevious government gave us a list of reasons. Sata`s report should have countered those reasons one by one.

  123. Most PF chaps on this blog have no brains. They use their heads to think instead of their brains. Last week Sata ordered an investigation into the sale of Fiance Bank and Zamtel and a report to be published within 30 days? If indeed there are irregularities why cant Sata inform the nation what those irregularities were. When Finace Bank was repossesed atleast the prrevious government gave us a list of reasons. Sata`s report should have countered those reasons one by one.

  124. MR SATA is erractic fellow bemba of mine but in a democracy there guidelines the legislature which is parliament is the mouth piece and peoples messenger has been overstepped and that Mushota sounds like a disgruntled person who thinks all things come from the white man she hates her skin and creed thats worsor than an uncle Tom and then she decides to nick name her self after the the late thief remmy Mushoata




  127. The circus continues…….

    President Michael Sata has nominated an undischarged  bankrupt person Panji Kaunda as Memebr of Parliament  against the constitution of Zambia
    The constitution of Zambia states clearly that a person declared bankrupt by the court is disqualified to be elected or nominated as Member of Parliament.
    Panji Kaunda, a nominated MP and deputy minister of defence was declared bankrupt by the High Court of Zambia in January 2004.

  128. I have no time to waste. I will make sure that I put this country on the right path in 90 days. So time wasters excuse me. There is too much mess to clean up

  129. hey #1 [Mushota], if you are that educated as you state then you should know better that the President is simply trying to clean up the corruption mess and give back what belongs to Zambians. 

  130. I think the constitution in Zambia gives the president too much power that he can do anything at any time without question. He can also carry out a research without results and still do what he wants to do. In a nutshell all Zambian president are made to be dictators by the constitution. Can’t blame Sata but the system that is at fault. Mr. president go ahead and use/abuse the constitution its your right. But wait a minute maybe its time we removed some clauses in the constitution, change them or give them to the people. What a life in Zambia. Iwe Kamushota don’t worry about insults its new culture in Zambia now. I end here. 

  131. I cry for mother Zambia, Let us bless ourselves for worse things coming, this man is acting like a total dictator 

  132. Henry Miller once stated, and quote: “Actually we are a vulgar, pushing mob whose passions are easily mobilized by demagogues, newspaper men, religious quacks, agitators and such like. To call this a society of free peoples is blasphemous. What have we to offer the world besides the superabundant loot which we recklessly plunder from the earth under the maniacal delusion that this insane activity represents progress and enlightenment?” How uptly put and how precisely applicable to the current Satanic era Zambia has plunged itself into! Remmy Mushota once said Zambians risked voting for a mad man one day, that day has come.

  133. Those who are supporting the reverse you will be shocked to see at how much Sata (actually your tax payers) will pay to buy that Bank back. There is no way that umwana wamusungu would make such a big transaction without any legal document!! Bonse abalesapota this sale you have no idea on international business transactions! Keep reading the Lusaka times and see the drama unfold!! WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS!! FNB has brought world class standards to banking in Zambia and that is what we need. Not the way your banks kept treating you like dogs that are fighting for food!!

  134. Abena Zambia mulansekesha ine,what on earth do you want?That bank was dubiously sold.And after that you were crying about it irregal sell off.Sata comes brings,the bank back to you,you still complain that he is fast in doing things.Thats why we behind you are not used to seeing 4 birds killed with one stone.Wake up zambians,Sata is on the right track,do you need to consult to remove the dirty in Lusaka?where on earth?Sata is cleaning Zambia,he doesnt need consultations on staight forward thing.Let him do his work,he’s got less time left,infact he’s even slow,i wish he could double the speed.Give the president time,mmd you had the stage @ your figure tips,but just messed things up ,so let the Man of Action do the work.

  135. It is truly shocking to see the level of ignorance being exposed on this blog. I am not a PF supporter nor was I an MMD supporter but any well meaning Zambian would rightly question the reason behind the possession and subsequent sell of FBZ and with the facts that went before the courts, some of us were inclined to believe that the whole thing was politically driven and relished the change of Gvnt so that all irregularities can be exposed for all to see and appropriate action taken. But it has to be pointed out that the way Mr Sata has handled this and indeed anything he has done so far since being appointed as head of state has left me in total awe. At least MMD had some trumped up charges to instigate the re-possession proceedings before the Courts and used existing powers vested….

    • you are right bro… Its very disappointing of the things that are happening in Zambia. Its one more show. Its pipo the creat dictators.
      Are we this dull?

  136. Continued…..
    in BOZ to sell on FBZ. Wrongly or rightly, at least the followed a process that is enshined in Law. Now PF has not even informed the current owners (as stated) and I wonder whether or not their investigations went as far as asking the SA bank to prove owenership and how that came about? I am sure they would have had some documents from that. I do not think Sata’s position holds water at all and is merely exposing his ignorance and lack of respect for the rule of Law and process. Similarly, he pardoned Mongu rioters even before they were convicted by a Court of Law??!! Isnt that interfering with the Judiciary? He should have waited until those that are innocent are set free and those that are guilty be convicted and sentenced before exercising his powers to pardon them.

  137. Tell them Mr. President, tell them what time it is. Do not worry about these naysayers and second guessers. We have had too much garbage for 20 years. Some people thought that they were above the law. You have a mandate to shake things up, so do it without apologies. How come people never questioned the legality of what MMD did over the years? For example, there was no justification for selling FB, especially at a sorry $5.4 million. That so-called transaction was insulting to the people of Zambia.

  138. you assholes called Zambians now can experience and feel what it is to be ruled or governed.. and see thing moving ..not the bullshitting you have grown used to and just talking talking every time.. we have the developed world to catch up with and we cant afford wasting money to investigate what everyone condemned just a few weeks ago and knew to have been corrupt and wrong.. I am not even yet President and you are bust complaining about Sata.. fuxes .. I THOUGHT MY MOTHER WAS BAD WHEN SHE USED TO FORCE ME TO TAKE THE BITTER CHLOROQUINE MEDICATION but thanx to her im still alive and older


  140. # 174, While we understand your sentiments about Malupenga being dull, you have not told us at what level you went to school with Amos. Sadly, you as a cadre for MMD, Rupiah Banda preferred William Banda and Shikapwasha over you. So, we really do not think you are any better than Malupenga and any of those that Rupiah worked with. It seems to me that you are just bitter that your school mate is at State House and you are here blogging. Blog more, maybe Rupiah Banda will appoint you as his Spokesperson. Nisabaila tumfwe. I told you MMD cadres that you will gnash your teeth. Here we are, that time has arrived. Now you are even finding dull people, but you failed to do so in the MMD government. Ulechula fye no mutima boyi.

  141. #171 you should have really started worrying when MMD left 80% Zambians unemployed. MMD never built industries but sold everything they could lay their hands on for a cent. Rules were broken when doing that….Investors and Zambians like order in a society and President Sata is trying his best to do that.

  142. Iwe # 5 you are so stupid…..Sata should not consult anyone in the FBZ saga that will be time wasting and money. The Presido has done a commendable job to call a spade a spade. Let Zambia belong to Zambians and stop the rot. I like this action man, the country needs such a leader no ass kissers like yourself. I am confident that Pres. Sata is doing absolutely fantastic so far. I have hope for mother Zambia.  

  143. Ha, I thot you bloggers were the ones crying out loud that Sata was not doing anything after being elected Presido and you even started counting the 90 days. Now that he has started work, you are crying about supersonic speed. What is it that you want kanshi?

  144. country in reverse gear!!!! Is the report ready already from the comission of enquirries..? PF support please show some inteligency at least on this one!! the world is laughing at us read wild not the post alone napapata

  145. great news for the post job well done. You are now a govt controlled paper together with times and daily. M’embe is finally happy.. he has been waiting for these for 20 years man congrats

  146. RB borrowed money from Mahtani and floated his house as surety and RB being a person he is, a failure,he failed to honour the agreement and Mahtani had to sale RB’s house to recover his monies and this relegated RB to his small farm. So RB’s reason to sell Finance Bank was a way of getting back to Mahtani.

  147. Abana bapaZed wanted a tough guy in State House,now we gat one.Read the history of Dictators,eg, Adolf Hitler,Bennito Mussolin,Saddam Hussein,Idi Amin Dada, and make comparisons with our King Cobra.Firing,appointments of relatives and close friends to key positions,making critical decisions without consultations,humiliating political opponents and killing some(though we are not there yet),humiliating Priests and Pastors in public.But see how they are removed from office,not with a vote but VIOLENTLY.Sata the Dictator will leave office a very sad and miserable man.History repeats itself always.TAMBA BEHAVIOUR.

  148. So state house has become BOZ, and has also become the Supreme Court, right??
    We are in a celebration gear but we need to watch out because we risk eroding the power and authority of our institutions of governance.
    You hear that a lsit of civil servants is being formulated at state house to take up the DA jobs to replace the fired DAs.
    If civil servants will take up the jobs where is the institution of the Public Service Commiossion.
    The longer we take to recover from our celebration mood, the riskier it will get for us in terms of losing it altogether.
    We may end up creating a worse governance system than what we have replaced.

  149. For your own information, ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls, Mr Sata, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia had and still has people giving him information from all corners of the country. That is why he was able to back his statements.

  150. All we can say is “Babemba che”! You will see where this country is headed. He has started with a bang, nice talk and some impressive moves. But wait. The Post has started irritating him and you will see how he will become arrogant very soon and will make the mistakes people were talking about. The reign of terror is almost starting. The boat will rule but for one term. This reign is headed for a worse ending of its first version (The FJT one). This is simply a continuation of the FJT rule. VBery soon evryone will realise except our northern friends and soem of their mbuyas.

  151. There goes the uneducated ZAMBIANS again. Sata and his boys are already at it. Who gave this guy this much power that he can just undo a sale of a bank. What i want to know is what does he owe Mathani. Every one knows that Mathani has not done straight business in Zambia and yet here comes Sata protecting him. He needs to go to court and prove that the bank was illegally taken from him. Lets not pretend that Mathani is a saint……..not even close. We are already back at pretending that we are going to fight corruption. Such nosense!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing Sata is going to do for Zambia that is positive. He is an old dog that can not learn new tricks. Zambia needs some one young and very educated who understands the new world order. :(

  152. I could not resit this @ Mushota you’re a puke that no one will want to clear. Your spelling is pathetic and you stlye yourself as learned and yet your’e just a piece of tripe. Just stay focussed on that Low life drunk wife beater sottish man you claim to be engaged to and continue drowning your sorrows in some deprived area you live. I bet you live in Oxgans or some dingy part of glasgow filled with drug addicts and cheap guzas like you. Continue in your quest of being cheap heifer and not worry yourself about issues in zed, which are of no relevance to the so called scots who laugh at us zedians and our beloved country.

  153. No. 158. Know your law:-
    Most bankrupts will receive an automatic discharge of their debts within 9 to 36 months after the date of bankruptcy, as follows:

    First time bankrupt with no surplus income 9 months
    First time bankrupt with surplus income 21 months
    Second time bankrupt with no surplus income 24 months
    Second time bankrupt with surplus income

  154. For Number 158:-

    Most bankrupts will receive an automatic discharge of their debts within 9 to 36 months after the date of bankruptcy, as follows:

    First time bankrupt with no surplus income 9 months
    First time bankrupt with surplus income 21 months
    Second time bankrupt with no surplus income 24 months
    Second time bankrupt with surplus income

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