Opposition MMD appeals to Sata to abide by the constitution

MMD Deputy National secretary Chembe Nyangu

Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has appealed to Republican President Michael Sata to abide by the Republican Constitution in his execution of powers.

Party deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu has told Qfm that President Sata took the oath to protect the Zambian citizenry regardless of religious or political affiliation and that this should bear fruits.

Mr. Nyangu says it is unfortunate that some perceived political opponents are being subjected to public ridicule, a situation he says should not manifest in Zambia’s democratic dispensation.

He says President Sata should govern the country under the umbrella of one Zambia one nation as he is a leader for the whole country.

Mr. Nyangu has since charged that members of the former ruling party are living in fear following recent attacks by suspected PF cadres and further calls on the PF government to unite the country.


    • thou shall not steal
      thou shall not lie
      thou shall not covert

      which of these did you guys not break??? Armsgate, ZRAgate, Finance bank Zamtel Gate, Roadworks gate need we continue??

  1. Its rather unfortunate that the MMD has forgotten so fast what they did to people in opposition when they were in power. The MMD has to realise that what they were doing to others is not right! So its time for them to dance abit to their own tune

    • We ought to move on for a better zambia, evolve man.Build for a better future imagine what would happen if the PF govt repeats everything the MMD was doing-meaning there will be no progress.Think wise and ask for wisdom.shame

    • I am not an MMD supporter but guys, the attacks on MMD cadres are too much. At northmead market, some makerteers were attacked and their stalls and goods burnt to ashes. Including the shop of the Market chairperson. Bikiloni is also in shit. Kitwe the same thing happened. The other day Michael Zulu was complaining about the victimisation of artists who supported MMD. You cannot solve a wrong using another wrong!

  2. That is the breeze of being outside. You remember how mmd used DEC to teargas Sata and team. Now its chiwamina Gal kuluma mbuzi.


  3. 1). Nomination to parliament of a personal with a judgement of the bankrupt is a seriou sbreach of the constitution.

    2). In the absence of commission of enquiry finding, fiiring of a constitutionally ratified Anti-corruption Chief is unconstitutional as is with the Chief Justice.

  4. MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu is justified in his pursuit of constitutional protection for members of his party who are suffering ridicule and violence at the hands of overzealous law-breaking PF supporters.

    We wish the MMD were saying this from a position of having been different and exemplary as a governing party not so long ago!

  5. MMD your time to be in power is no more, let the man of action do his part in his own way but to some extent you are absolutely right, As he leads let him lead with the spirit of one zambia one nation. no segregation, no racism, no tribalism and nepotism and together we can do it and achieve development. Political affiliation shud not be condoned.

  6. His brother and mentor Dada Idi Amin started the same way as our Zambia’s motormouth is doing breach of the constitution with unparalled impunity.

  7. Stupid hypocrite, MMD is just reaping what it sow. Actually you are yet to face the wrath of the cobra. Now that you are in opposition you want to sound like you are saying sensible things yet you had the chance and all you did is pour insults on MCS and the opposition at large. Mwaibala baba how you persecuted and abused state machinery? Have you already forgotten  so soon? Wait until the law the MMD abused visits you *****s! You are living in fear because you know the crimes you committed and you have already judged yourself. Everything has got its own time Mr Nyangu, now it is your time to be treated the way you treated others.

  8. If only you had people in the people’s constitution that upholds the rule of law… Maybe, would have been checked. HAVE A TEST OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE! You Thought you will be in power forever.

  9. I dont support any violence acts from any political parties. The police shouls be above partisan politics and respect the law. But what Chembe Nyangu, shouldnt forget is, why should MMD members live in fear if they are clean – didnt steal. Mind you the guilt are always afraid. Watch out, Next time dont still even a ngwee!

    • There are two issues to be considered here. The fear addressed in the statement is from lawless individuals attacking others and taking the law in their own hands. That has to be roundly condemned ans so far only Lubinda has commented on it in a rather “go ahead” manner. This is anarchy, the very result of the deception of “dont kubeba” ideology. If anyone will be rightly tried and found to have stolen by the courts of law they will face the law, reaping what they sowed. Where justce in the law is concerned, we will all condemn. But let there be rule of the law in everyone’s actions including the president’s.

  10. What constitutional issues has the preseident breached. Dont just say things because you want to talk. TALK SENSE. The PF has strongly warned its party members not to be engaged in any forms of violence and no one has been beaten up or otherwise threatened in any way. Even William Banda was just arrested in a good manner without hurting him in any way. You should appreciate and pay credit where it is due.


  12. Why are u living in fear? You only have 2 live in fear if u know that u dd not uphold the Zambian law wen u were in power. For this, I can assure u that the law will visit u Mr. Nyangu. There was too much lawlessness under the MMD regime thus the great fear. Sleep Zambia clean Mr. President!

  13. ” … following recent attacks by suspected PF cadres… “; keep quiet if you don NOT have what to write about. They are just suspecting that it’s PF. It should have been “by known or proven PF …”
    this is the 14th day and you are already crying!!! Come on guys, breath a little. We need to finish the sweeping of the dirt before we can initiate our developmental projects. By the way how come all the MMD sympethisers and cadres are now angels. You sow terrible seeds during your time and the people you hurt so bad are just personally getting back at you. It’s not the government; it’s those individuals you had mistreated. You thought muli ba muyayaya. This is a great lesson! Viva Mubwato!!!! Donchi Kudabwa!!!

  14. The statement from Nyangu would have made sense few months ago directed to Chanda Chimba, Dora Siliya, ZNBC, Times of Zambia, William Banda to name but a few. RB did nothing to stop these and I think it is nice for Sata to be silent oso

  15. @ 15 KCI walasa. These people have a short memory. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The tables have been turned. Zwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! fi MMD. Chi RB & SONS you were thieves. Mwanyaaaaaa bambuli.

  16. Look who is giving advice! If only RB and you mugs respected the constitution, you wouldn`t have:

    Accrued half a billion in rentals (Tax payers money)

    You wound`t have sold Zamtel for two bob, yes two bob after a certain Dora single sourced.

    You wouldn`t have sold Finance Bank without following the procedure.

    Don Chi Chi knew he was going in but suddenly things changed (I hope LPM is still slapping the man up to now)

    You wouldn`t have allowed Zambians to work under slavery conditions.

    Need I go own? There is a lot more to come out. Tip of an ice berg this is for now!

  17. let the law take its course…….how do you mean by public ridicule…nganiwe kabwalala ninshi niwe kabwalala…lets call a SPADE, A SPADE…period.

  18. Why all this talk about unconstitutional dismisals and the like? HE MC Sata is doing all this very much in line with the law. You must read carefully as he always adding “subject to parliament ratification” which is within the confines of his jurisdiction. So Who says the President is out of the law? All the chaff must be burned. Fire them MC Sata. You did not hide about kicking hard all economic saboteurs when you assumed Presidency. Kick them harder. Viva Jesus!

  19. Ya sad unfording of affairs wen sata and mpombo were tear gased chembe nyangu never said anything now his shown up let it be so and sata should continue to keep quite let them mmd fill it as well.Do to others as u would love them do unto u so its cool this way.

  20. It’s our turn to beat you. Why CRY. Anyway its true. Am a PF supporter and I compaigned for my President but am getting worried with the speed at which we are moving. Speed kills, he is exhibiting excessive energy and as a result he will make costly mistakes. We are talking to him don’t worry.

  21. The PF govt should rule according to the constitution. A democratic nation like Zambia cannot be run based on “presidential decree” but healthy debate in parliament. It is shocking that the president so far has run a “One Man Commando” type of govt by re-naming airports at a whim (regardless of the costs), firing at a whim and even hiring bankrupt ministers against the constitutional requirement.

    The PF promised to respect the rule of law and the professional running of institutions. Bank of Zambia was overlooked when the president, through decree, decided to give Finance Bank back. The president should remember that it is the Zambian people that put him in power and he should therefore fulfill all his promises which include ruling in accordance with the constitution.

    • Mr Sata wants to justify his appointments of Finished people by advocating 65years as retirement age. Twakana.
      PF you promised to pay retired officers on time now you want there retirement to come when you are out of office. No No pay them now and dont run away from your obligations and promises. At 55 we want more money in the pockets ba mudala

  22. In case you havent noticed sata is quoting the relevant clauses when executing his work….by the way why weren’t this MMD minions talking when their boss broke the Law?….better yet why was william banda allowed to beat up people who had a different political stand point?…we are not advocating for violence and shame on all PF members who want to take the law in there on hands…what we are saying is……chimo ni chimo…whether PF or MMD in Power…dont just talk just because you are no longer the ruling party…was the MMD a law abiding party….please Mr. deputy national secretary…lick your wounds in silence!!!!

  23. Where were you when we lived in fear.One zambia ,one nation,*****tttttttt,didnt u know about it,when you brought Malawians in tracks to vote ,didnt u know about 1 zambia 1 nation.FEEL IT ,IT IS HERE

  24. This is a timely warning to Zambia and Zambians. That, Billions of Kwachas have been stolen through dubious means especially through contacts which never were, is, serious matter for all the Zambian pipo. I have always warned of the Malawian Mafioso and connection, these pipo know very well that sooner than later, they will be rounded up to answer certain charges and will NOT, I repeat, will NOT surrender or give up easily. These pipo are capable of putting Zambia and it’s citizenary in turmoil. They can even kill in order to destroy certain evidence and past deeds. My timely warning to you all is to ask every body in Zambia to be on the look out for what is to happen shortly; especially the security forces. Don’t say I never warned you…


  26. Ba Chembe tapali abengamumfwa ifyo mulebwatabwata ikaleni fye u thot Sata wil never rule.Y nt talk of chi william tekele banda chaliipaishya abantu like Mr Stali. a man full of obliginal knowledge. shut up we do nt want to hear yo nonses again Mr President continue the fight againts corruption.

  27. @#27. Capitalist thanks you are back. Ehe he he he he! Sorry I couldn`t resist that.

    You guys are suddenly angels now. Can you please tell us why:

    You didn`t arrest William Banda when he was committing those crimes he will be appearing in court for now.

    Can you please tell us why Zamtel sell is being investigated.

    Can you please tell us why Finance Bank was sold in a hurry and for two bob.

    Can you please tell us why ZNBC, Daily Mail, Times never covered or were busy slandering the opposition especially H.E MCS. Why copper was being sold without being honestly declared. Unless you are telling me you never heard the former President address his concerns regarding this.
    Can you please tell us why Chanda Chimba has suddely disappeared and erm, Siulupwa.

  28. #27 Capitalist Hope you now feeling how we used to feel when your master set rabbid dogs on us. You complaining before we even find our own ”chanda chimbwi” to do RB in equal measure.

  29. #31 Contd. Why you guys denied people their money by not paying half a billion in rentals!

  30. yaba life is good today yesterday mmd youth chairman chalwe resigned and joined pf .calling his H.E to forgive him .this chap was very stupid while in mmd was in power he thougt nyama soya will be there forever.my president suffered alot for this country.he was insulted,tear gased and humiliated by ,chalwe,lifwekelo,mumbi,dora.wiliam,chimba,chihana,tandiwe refered him as mwana wa muchigololo,hh,mark,cloud,bogus pastors .

  31. I agree HE has to abide by the constitution..he has no upheld it in his recent appointements and even some removals that were created by Acts of Parliament…its unfortunate but hey guys u cat your vote for Him gotta live with it and @ number 3 i dont know what planet u live on PF cadres have been terrorizing people from opposition since the new Government came into power..and y’all wonder why we remain so backward it all starts in the mind..very shallow

  32. I eagerly await the demise of Kunda, he’s the most senseless lawyer i have ever seen or heard of.” msana wanzili, Nawakwi vows not to be intimidated, Lusaka Times, May 29 2010

    @ #32 msana wanzili, the above is the type of posts you make. I can never feel like you. I can never feel as evil, vindictive, hateful and satanic as you. I can never feel that I should wish for the demise of someone so please, never say I know how you feel because you are too evil for me to know how you feel.

  33. Tell ’em MMD.Their emporer thinks you rule by decree when in fact you only govern by the law.Sata is not the ruler of zambia he is just there to govern.The ruler of zambia is the law that why many mature countries emphasize “rule of law” and not the rule of men like in Sata’s kaponya republic.


  35. Clean up.All of them.Leave behind only the clean ones.Let the dirty ones face it right.Let Zambians feel like Zambians in their own land.Let Zambians love and respect each other.Let Zambia be a Zambia for all people of Zambia.Let people respect others when they are holding higher offices.Let them remember they are there to save all Zambians and not be selective in the way they handle Zambian.THERE IS TOO MUCH ANIMAL FARM EVERYWHERE.In AND out of Zambia.

  36. Demise as in the end of his career maybe?…Capitalist still jumping to conclusions to make his point sound true.
    It was the MMD style to shame without facts and still looks like it.
    Don’t believe a story on a blog is always 100% true and run with it for 90 days.
    Example Taliban emails and drug lords.
    That was so funny it nearly became gospel for mmd cadres.

    Zambian media is not fair still to this day.
    Some will learn the hard way.

  37. MMD you easily forget how you used to abuse your zambian. you used to beat pipo, and evicting them from their plots for your own benefits, so you are just reaping what your sow. this shud save as a lesson to others. PF go go, they shouldnt complain. MMD you should even shut up, you are finished, just join ka HH kalibe nzelu monga imwe.

  38. I have never heard an accused person in court,asking for forgiveness before his case is heard. we are waiting for THE POST to start giving us details, so that these chaps stop acting all innocent.

  39. You see, favour/fate/karma/chance and other members of this family have no respect for anyone. Be kind to people, show some humility cause you just don’t know what lies ahead. Who’s bowing to whom now? Who’s pleading now? Indeed, this is a classic fairly tale, a lesson in life. I really never imaged this man would rule but destiny has proved me.

  40. Bafikala ba MMD when Chanda Chimba was busy humiliating Ba Sata what did you say!!!!! Mwaba amafi mumatako.

    Ba Sata has been a subject of riducule for the past ten years under the MMD rule. You insulted him ati tasambilila, ni homosexual, he smocks daga and so on and so on. Mwashuka Sata would not revenge but will make sure justice prevails. Fikala fwenu ba MMD ba shetani

  41. Oh!!!!! now you need protection ka????????? why did you protect Sata when a boy Chanda Chimba insulted him verbally??????? ba fee colour mulebako serious.

  42. MMD you are not yet screwed up. I can assure you guys that you will pay dearly for all the wrongs you did when you were in control. You thought you will rule forever. Remember that you will be under PF rule for the next 50 years. MUZACHUCHA!!!!

  43. MMD need not worry that is the normal happening to the opposition in Africa, I am sure this is new and strange to you for now. You had a chance to stop this kind of politics but you did the opposite. PF I hope you will find a balance when to stop teaching a lesson MMD otherwise tides may shift in the near future.

  44. His brother and mentor Dada Idi Amin of Uganda also started the same way as our Zambia’s motormouth is doing breaching the constitution with unparalled impunity.

    1). Nomination to parliament of a personal with a judgement of bankrupcy is a seriou breach of the constitution.

    2). In the absence of a commission of enquiry per parliamentary order finding, firing of a constitutionally ratified Anti-corruption Chief is unconstitutional as is with the Chief Justice.

  45. Pls let’s respect Sata as he cleans up the mess left by Movement for Mass Destruction. Each time Sata fires and hires the constitution is quoted. Take time to read the appointment letters. So don’t accuse him of not following the constitution. Now, MMD has fast forgotten how it abused state funds. Is that constitutional? You sold Zamtel for a song without following procedures…. you sold a people’s bank FB for a song, quickly without following the constitution… What are u crying about when Sata is working hard to get back to respecting the constitution. Sata we are behind you. Go, Donchi Kubeba!!!

  46. guys guys ba MMD were told by the zambians to give them a new constitution and wat did they do ammended it to siut them, so mwapya the same constitution is going to burn you

  47. The aquital of Judge Ngoma makes interesting reading, the brutul beating that was shown on ZNBC is overwhelming evidence against him.In my view he is no different from William Banda who should also be pardoned as the H.E stated”crimes committed under political……?”

    • amake plse dont show your ignorance mupublic. Judge Ngoma was not aquitted he was pardoned. HE MC used his powers as per ZED constitution. the president stated those were political sacrifice.

  48. eeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zoona vintu vichinja who thought the OUT SPOKEN DORA, WOULD keep queit trying to hide her bums for sale? where is she by the way? shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ba mmd donchi cry b4 you r even crusified. the pf govmt is using the same constitution that william banda was following. the same constitution that mmd used to sell FB, that is the same constitution that ba presido used to return the bank to the owner. so dont think that the constitution has been changed no!!!! any way u resused to change it. ba kabwalala bena mulepapa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. So the MMD saw nothing wrong when chanda CHIMBWI ridiculed sata on tv…and now you are talking about the constitution when it suits you….RB was even asking people in Kabwe if they were watching the same stupid stand up for Zambia….did RB follow the law when abusing public funds to fuel the most extravagant political campaign in southern Africa?…..did you adhere to the law when awarding contracts for selfish gains…..did he care when soft bum broke the law over zamtel….did he care when the police killed people in Mongu?…did he care when he asked for his gratuity at a time when he wasn’t entitled to it at the time….

  51. His excellency, Mr Chilufya micheal Sata, when somebody leaves the toilet, its not good, polite and courteous to come sniffing around; naturally the room will be smelly. As the smell is expected,especially after good “eating”, please don’t make the smell your pre-occupation in your presidency unless you promise yourself that the toilet will be smell free.

  52. Oh dear! Capitalist is not going to answer. He is playing selective “hearing”. When you hit him with something he is uncomfortable with, he will pretend not to see/hear. A few days ago when they were in power, he would jump at anything and call you Kaponyas. How the “mighty” have fallen!

    Mr Capitalist and his economics failed to convince people of the CB, NP, LP, LSK P and partly EP including CP. Take away SP, his economics were only working in EPmainly. Got to feel sorry for him, he lost his job.

  53. @ #52 Truth teller

    The constitution guarantees freedom of speech which Chanda Chimba III enjoyed when he was airing his documentaries. He did nothing wrong legally and I challenge you to quote the law he broke. The constitution also guarantees aggrieved parties to drag perpetrators to court if they feel they have been defamed. President Sata did just that and an injunction was granted against Chanda Chimba III’s documentaries. That was a civil case BTW.

    Legally Chanda Chimba III did nothing wrong.

  54. Ati “umusalu wali pe samba, lelo uli pamulu” olo ati “eko usulile ekopa noko”, in English they say “the stone the builders refused has become the head corner stone” or simply “those who where the dogs have become the gods” and vice versa….Ba Nyangu, life is the greatest lesson, live it, learn it and become a better person.

  55. reorganise yourselves as opposition. we need a very strong opposition that will protect many zambians from un called for victimisations by pf cadres.


  57. Yaya,fellow country men and women…the president has just started working and for sure the country is in a total mess we must not hide in the name of the constitution which you failed to give the people of Zambia instead you opted to perform a Sangwapo at your so called NCC shame.We have a task to fulfill.All those crying they know we are catching up with them,where are people like Saviour Chungu who declared to campaign for rb in Luapula,VJ,Katele the computor man fake doctor,with such people who openly talked ill of a friend you think such can be brought closer,come on they must also pay in some way..Sata keep on cleaning we are with you only abamilandu are afraid of you,bawelewele.

  58. To hell with you Chembe Nyangu. Why didn’t you raise your ‘moral’ voice when your MMD was abusing and ridiculing innocent zambians. Whoever letimimately criticised RB and his govt, RB would say ‘yamunyokola njala’ as you and other minions were on standby to laugh your lungs out. As Dora Siliya was victimising innocent teachers and other civil servants, you were conspicuously silent. When William Banda was assaulting innocent Zambians, you were quiet too. So you could be saying the right thing but it should not come from your mouth. Let others on higher moral ground say it. When you enjoyed unbriddled access to state media that brutalised Sata and others with divergent views, where was your moral voice. So just shut up and continue licking your wounds.

  59. Looking at the amount of corruption we had and extent to which money was stolen from gvt by MMD thugs,these crooks may plot something stupid against our president to prevent being arrested and convicted. esp that senior army officers where equally corrupt. Pf should improve security on our president. many of the MMD senior members have gone into hiding what are they planning?

  60. elo mwamona ati constitution is important bamambala. u just have to suffer and if it means killing u the better, u disgraced HEMCS with yr vuvuzelas

  61. Matibini wins by one vote. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PF again. Donchi Kubeba.

  62. Nyangu, Sata never said he is the president for all people. He said don’t Kubeba.. meaning whatever he will be doing is a secret. Read the PF constitution 1st. Very soon the party constitution will be the zambian constituition. We are in reverse gear comrades. How did you allow him to win?

  63. Infact you are a plunderer. You were enjoyng cabinet status though you were outside government. We know all this. So don’t throw stones.

  64. Ha ha ha ha i told UPND chaps that Mitibin will win.ha ha these guys are loosers indeed.HH yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again in dark.underfive will be a looser as usual.

  65. Breaking news: Judge Patrick Matibini has been elected Speaker of the National Assembly. Good for the PF. Sign of good tidings.

  66. #68 we did not allow him to win. We voted for him to win. Reverse gear for thieves and corrupt pipo. For us that earn honest living we are waiting for the fruits of non corruption, proper use of funds and proper collection and taxes.


  68. #14 I wonder whats up with them too, but thank God i don’t have to read or listen to shikapwasha’s nonsense anymore. That man just irritated the matuvi out of me. WHEW!

  69. Am shocked that Mr Nyangu is talking about the constitution now…where was he when George Kunda was Vice President even after Parliament was dissolved a lot of people condenmed it and called it Unconstitutional, the late President Mwanawasa fired the then DPP against the constitution Mr Nyangu never saw anythging Unconstitutional what has changed now about the constitution the he should speak out…….shame on him

  70. dont worry chembe.we re still cleanin from the roots to the leaves.its our time 2 clean zambia rotten MMD(basakala)

  71. Who gave this****space anyway, its only weeks ago wen you monkeys were busy beating our brains and your stupid R.B did nothing, now today you want protection from Mr Sata ? you must be insane iwe kolwe, fuseki! its pay back time for now atleast a month stay indoors you fools, you realy realy stepped on so many pipo. Mwefipubamwe.


  73. Ba MMD its just time, you enjoyed when it was your time now its Pa bwato. You said we were sinking, sorry you failed to dribble. My condolences

  74. can RB now use his language? who has kissed the dust between the two? But ba mudala munali na language yoipa fulu kaponya. LELONILELO

  75. Ba chembe dont cry now tapalati insansa kucinjanya .That is exactly even worse what mmd whilst in power was doing now have a feel of how PF in opposition was feeling “do unto others as you would like it to be done unto you”.

  76. BHow to Lose an Election
    by RB

    How to Quickly Endanger Your Person
    By William Banda

    How not to Listen to the Cries of Your people at Your Own Risk
    by RB

    A GUIDE TO Claiming Other Peoples’ Achievements
    by RB

    How to Marry High Profile Ladies when You are a Kabova
    By M C Sata

    Ten Steps to Becoming a Surrogate president
    by H Siulapwa

    How to Lose a Husband and Claim He is Weak in Bed
    by Dora Siliya

  77. Sata is doing what is expected of a leader remember the buck stops with him if things collapse people will not blame his advisors but him therefore he must take personal responsibility for every action he takes

  78. Nansambu bashi Kapwasha balikwi? I was always in the papers (Daily Mail, Times) and on ZNBC. Where is he and Dora? Did Dora vote today guys?

    That’s the reason why when you are mandated to draft a constitution; you draft a constitution for “the people and by the people” NOT selfishly setting out a constitution to protect your backsides as you never know what tomorrow brings.

  80. In democracy and a health one for that matter there should be someone lossing and the other winning. Losing is losing, but one vote should be a sign that we shall have checks and balance in the parliament. That is all that should matter to common people like me who have little interest or do not earn a leaving via politics but is affected by politics. Congratulation to Matibini. We should slowly over time respect those who contest for position and not shame them for losing. that is not health for governing.

  81. iye i feel sorry for people like capitalist, Senior citizen, Chief Bumlicker. Ba Senior Citizen has even gone quiet, or maybe he is packing his bags bag to Chamboli lol uluse bakamba. Its so sad though, when we used to talk you guys thought we were fo.ols now you know what it is when things are wrong and no one is doing anything about it. You talk about constitution, did the constitution only appear when Sata was sworn in as presido? Capitalist why didn’t  this definition of violence against the opposition exist during Wlliam Tekere Banda? Tamula ti bamambala, we are just doing what you taught us to do thank you for the lesson.

  82. Fellow bloggers, especially Those affiliated to political parties, let’s be objective and ridicule those in office when the bend rules, the law and the constitution. These are in place to protect the vulnerable and society at large. However It appears whenever someone points to anything wrong in the conduct of Mr Sata or the PF, they are met with allegations of being Pro-MMD. More worrying are these repeated attempts to justify the PF “ills” by comparing them to those of the Previous administration- as if it’s ok to abuse your position just because the previous Gvmt did so. some of us are patriotic Zambians who want the best for our country and will criticise Any administration for acts that appear unconstitutional, unlawful or indeed unacceptable for our fledging democracy

  83. You MMD chaps should keep your mouths closed…let us lead quitely……if you have nothing to say go to your farms like your boss chibwezani

    • Ka Kafupi that’s why kafwila….he knew Cobra will win…..so nomba bena ba RB bu stupid bwabo let eveyone steal as they wished…total mess mmd leave PF and the Presido to rule with honesty and dignity. u scared phaks why you trippin now….in fact if it were here (USA), the CiA will pounce on your stupid ass right away….!!! mwalanya ba fi color….more fish to fry!!! u gonna swaet in your phaken bows u nutss….!!! viva Pres. Sata….please continue…..I want back the Zambia I know with ZCCM in full swing, markets were flourishing….we had pro football remember….good skools…..we want a Zambia for Zambians….!!! natasha bane!!!

  84. the ruling party just want to bring peace through curbing corruption first,hau can you start riding a bike without checking if the peddles are fine,so live the ruling party to clean the corrupt act left by the former regime.

  85. #2, #3 and #4 thank you, you guys have said every thing. Maybe MMD need to be reminded of that, they have forgotten so soon just 12 days out of office.


    Leave our “MEN AT WORK” to get on with the hard task of clearing all the CRAP & RUBBISH YOU LEFT!!!!!

  87. Today …..TODAY you MMD Tools want ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION..when you were the same MUDA SUCKERS for 20 years living like power never ends SSHAAA you MUDA SUCKERS .tody ati one zambia one nation .
    somebody slap that Frak Face ..PLEASE!!!!

  88. Today …..TODAY you MMD want ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.. 20 years living like power never ends SSHAAA .today ati one zambia one nation .

  89. Ba Chembe Nyangu and MMD, These were your Words,Actions,Habits,Character and now this is your Destiny. Don’t complain this is your beautiful reward you planted the seed you are now reaping. You reap what you sow. THIS IS A LESSON TO ALL IN WHATEVER AREA YOU ARE. Don’t burn the bridge when you cross the river you need the same bridge when crossing back.

  90. MMD are tasting the bitterness of their own medicine. That is life. They thought they would be in power forever and were always saying ‘boma ni boma,’ to imply that MMD would do everything it could, including rigging, to remain in power. Shame to you. MYSRIP.

  91. we told that we need a new constitution u never listen to us and to day you are complaning of the same constitution you left you just have to humble your self it’s time for us to rule this country by removing corruption. just wait for us we are coming for becouse you have stolen from the poor. i can asure u that mumbwa prison is waiting for you were you sent innocent lozi’s over BA

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