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Three children drown

General News Three children drown

Three children of Madimba area in Lilanda compound in Lusaka have drowned in an open water well.

According to information obtained at Chunga police post all the three children are aged three years old.

Eye witnesses told ZNBC News that two of the Children are a set of twins while the other is also a twin from another family.

Corridar Tokwani says the children were all found dead in the well Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Tokwani suspects the children where playing near the well in which they drowned and died.

Meanwhile, residents of Madimba area in Lilanda have bemoaned high incidences of children drowning in water wells in the area.

They have since appealed to Government to improve water reticulation in the area to reduce on the number of water wells.


  1. Lets call it the twin tower attack.Anyway jokes aside.My heart goes out to the the families of those children.It is not easy losing a child especially at  such a tender age.MTSRIP

  2. This is not government problem. People must cover their wells. Zambians take some responsibility for once. You cant always look for aid even with the simplest of things.

    • And where are they supposed to get their water from if they cover the wells at the moment? Don’t make comments if you dont understand the circumstances. These wells are their only source of water,hence the calling of the Govt to help with water connections. Have you even been in the area to understand the situation?

  3. #2 Nubian Princess, exactly my thought aswell. If it was here in Germany, the parents would even get sued for negligence and for contravening against the duty of caring for their infants.

    • And where are they supposed to get their water from if they cover the wells at the moment? Don’t make comments if you dont understand the circumstances. These wells are their only source of water,hence the calling of the Govt to help with water connections. Have you even been in the area to understand the situation?

    • This is not German my friend.It is called Zambia.You have to spend a night under the roofs of Lilanda to understand.Hope you got that bazungu batu.

  4. who dug those wells in the first place.

    why were they dug and what was the reason. who benefitted or who is benefotting from them.
    before we condemn the gvt someone somewhere is responsible. look for him and hold him accountable for the tragidies.

  5. Where are those politicians who promise us manna on earth. No piped water, no facilities to allow children to play in decent enviro……….Now death of innocent young ones. Parents should take care becoz even us are not safe. Someone will die in a drum of kachasu malt ku Lilanda.

  6. some dumb person replied to my comment above talking about they cant cover the Wells because they are the only source of water.

    You are very daft, have you ever seen a Well? My parents in Kitwe have a Well and it has a removable cover and so do their neighbors.

    • Dont become emotional mami.Lilanda is not Kitwe by the way.Dont just prove to be even more dumber and dafter than those people you have mentioned.High time you learnt how to appreciate other peoples opinions.Now go and take a nice nap mami…you have done enough cursing for today.

  7. My parents have a well too. It has a cover which they lock when not using the well. It is not only children that can fall into the well but even drunks.pipo with bad heart, thieves or enermies can throw anything poison etc into wells. Some pipo that abort use other pipo’s wells to dump stuff.
    But again on the twins that have died it is suspicious. How do anyone leave three kids unattended? hope some did not perform some rituals with the kids.

  8. :( has any of you people being in an accident????????????? i have and its not time to start pointing fingers at anyone coz it was an accident and by saying things you dont even know about adds more salt to the injured show some compassion for once, we know u gat opinions but its better you keep then to yourself when it comes to death.

  9. King Mamba – You take a nap! and stop accusing me of cursing. I did not use a single curse word in my post.

    Parents need to be responsible for their kids, period. How do you let 3 year olds roam the neighborhoods like goats without parental supervision? All well owners must cover them and stop blaming the govt. for everything.

  10. Imiti ikula empanga.It breaks my heart really to realise that we have lost part of our future through the death of these dear children.MTSRIEP.Bloggers,mind your comments.This is serious.Death is not a joking matter.

  11. Its unfortunate that such a thing has happened. My condolences to the family of the late children. May you find comfort and strength in the Lord our God. May The Souls Of Our Dear Children Rest In Enternal Peace.

  12. This was a sad story indeed.God always inform people in advance to avoid any endanger of lives.
    like in the ancient israelites he informed them to build parapets on top of there roof tops to avoid such unnecessary accidents that can bring blood guilty.In the case of the lilanda well which seemed to be used for watering vegetables the owner should have mounted a wire fence around it and these children could not have drowned in it.

  13. Nubian Princes I know you now!!!!!!!!!!! Just by the kagrammer and where ur parents stay……….. away ichalo chinono……….. will call you

  14. The message here is that we need piped water. With that in place, all these wells can be filled in and closed. No more children, drunks or people with bad hearts falling in and drowning.

  15. okay #2 i agree wit u, ts nt the govnmnt prob,the guardians shud b arrestd for negligence, sure how cn sme1 let 3 yr olds be unsupervsd .. Ah chani ba ba.

  16. By the way,Madimba area is not in Lilanda but Chunga township.Lusaka water and sewerage company were welding a leaking tank on 13th September 20111 and water has not been restored to the area since then.Can some one look into this problem.I live there and i am sure these young ones were looking for water.This tragedy happened during the day.Imagine! Ministerlusaka province and local gvt please save us.

  17. There’s no use in blaming the parents, because we don’t know the particulars of the situation. Perhaps they are sick or working. As carefully as you can watch children, they will take advantage of a distraction and disappear off to explore. It’s not as if it was a situation of clear-cut neglect, for example, if they were locked in a hot car while the parent ran errands. So let’s wait before pronouncing judgments on them, and pray for the families.

  18. This is off topic, but has anyone else here been unable to comments posted on ZWD? I tried posting three different ones, but it said they were awaiting approval by a moderator or something. None of the posts used profanity or were indecent, but were calling on ZWD for being hypocritical in declaring Guy Scott a racist without printing the context of his comments and for allowing disgusting tribalist hatespeech all over their comments section. It’s frustrating that they wouldn’t print my comments solely because they were critical of ZWD (poor journalism on their part) but I’ve resolved to no longer visit their website. Also, I pointed out in my posts, Lusakatimes posted the election results first, so I guess they didn’t like that!

  19. Let us begin the “Health & Safety” campaign in Zambia. There are a lot of hazards in the country, which now call for civic education about the safety of people.

  20. #21,
    I left visiting, and therefore posting on ZWD because it is no longer that impartial and exciting media facility it used to be. It has gone with MMD and UPND.

  21. What a loss! I just hope that these people will soon have piped water as promised by Sata so we can prevent more deaths.

  22. As a mother of twins,I am very saddened to hear of such a terrible tragedy.What the mothers to those children must be going through is unimagineable!!My thoughts are with the families.
    A word of caution:Where were the adults when the kids were playing by the well?Parents:Guardians and care givers,lets be cautious as we take care of these little ones.Life is precious and once lost it cant be bought or replaced.Its all in that moment when you just want to do your own thingy for a little while that tragedy may strike!!Rest in Peace little Angels!!

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