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Sata disappointed with attacks on DPP

Headlines Sata disappointed with attacks on DPP

man of the moment...Director of Public Prosecutions Chalwe Mchenga (l) listens Justice deputy Minister Todd Chilembo after launching a lift at the ministry of justice
Director of Public Prosecutions Chalwe Mchenga (l)

President Michael Sata is disappointed with media stories attacking the integrity and credibility of the Director of Public Prosecution DPP- Chalwe Mchenga.

The President says he will not allow a situation where people who can not defend themselves are judged in the media.

President Sata says he is not comfortable with stories appearing in the media attacking the integrity and credibility of someone who can not defend himself.

The President says he will not lead the nation on witch hunt and advised people with evidence on Mr. Mchenga to produce it to the Anti Corruption Commission or to him as President.

Speaking at State House Monday morning when he swore in Justice Permanent Secretary Mbolowa Muyaba, Mr Sata said he wants the Ministry of Justice to operate freely without interference from anyone.

The President Sata has also sworn in Deputy Army Commander Major General Topply Lubaya and Charity Mwansa as Permanent Secretary for Lusaka Province.



  1. Interesting! especially that the first story under Related news is “Sata condemns DPP for freeing Chinese nationals “. Nothing against HEMCS though. Happy with most of the pronouncements made so far.

  2. Well said Mr. President! You cannot run the nation on hearsay. Some people, it like they know it all and if we are not careful they set the nation on fire. Let the new Government do its work without undue influence from anyone.

  3. Mmmm president are you sure you are saying this today? Use your head more now than your loose mouth coz you will soon in trouble because of your tongue.

  4. Mr. Sata, Zambia is a democracry where people are free to express their opinions on issues, including people’s characters. The media are within their rights to question the suitability of Mchenga for the position of High Court Judge. The media are fora for the expression of the diverse views existing in the country. If Mchenga feels hard done by, let him sue for libel or slander.

  5. Muchenga is a hard working man and very professional, the previous administration simply tried to use him as a pawn, like they did to many people both in Government and NGOs to advance there agendas. It is not right to ask the president to fire every Jim and Jack. Well said Mr Presido, let them report him to the relevant authorities period!

  6. The first useless statement Sata has made since becoming president. He is beginning to lose it. I’m getting dissapointed. I was almost archiving my UPND card but ney, I will still hold on to it. He is almost beginning politicking.

  7. Funny how the language changes the other side of power. PF thrived on hear-say until they landed in power. All the corruption you accused others were just hear-say until you investigate and give us evidence and trials in courts. For now Mr president, they say there is no smoke without power – oh, sorry fire. Maybe you can investigate the stories then dispel them accurately other than intimidating the press. Are we already at the bully stage???? We ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!!

  8. This is shocking especially in light of Sata’s reaction to Mchenga’s release of the Chinese nationals who shot at Zambians. Inconsistency was one thing Sata has been reknowned for and it’s such a shame he has stated manifesting it so early in his presidence. I honestly wonder how long this presidence is going to last, is a heart attack does not topple Sata within a year, his tongue will twist him out of power. You know, you can take a man out of the bush but you can never take the bush out of the man. This could be the shortest presidency Zambia has ever seen.

  9. No 11: The Jackal:

    Integrity requires that, if you are being forced to do something that is against the moral values of the nation and your own principals, you must quit. The fact that this DPP did not leave and instead carried out the work of his then master to the latter, shows you that he can not be trusted with high office and he has no back bone. These are the kinds of individuals the country does not need. If you are unable to stand for what is true and what is right then you have no right being in service of the nation. The president here is wrong and whatever blared glasses he has used to support this man, he must remove them immediately. This DPP has no back bone and to make this invertebrate a judge will be scandlous, he deserves to go into self employment.

  10. Right on #Wise Realist. This guy seems to think we are all PF supporters blinded by winning the election. Zambians are not foolish and they are watching closely every little step taken, every policy statement denied.

  11. No. Mr. President, this guy let the Chinese who shot miners in Maamba get away without facing the law & FTJ case…

  12. ba president naimwe why?

    of course not mchenga.

    dont loose it because of this useless traitor. what are you up to now?
    who does not know what mchenga did in the mmd gvt. people have spoken against this man its up to you to take heed or loose it. we bembas say: UUKWEBELE IMFWA YAKWA NOKO MOTANSHI.

  13. And those post bunkums who think RB is going to jail forget. The post should never think that they are in Sata’s inner circle by installing their goons (Malupenga Chella etc). Sata has no inner circle. That circle is only in his head, the Wilms circle. The outer circle is the aristocratic circle to which he was welcomed by two relatives: KK and RB. Mmembe the commoner swine is far, far far.

  14. If Chalwe cant defend himself, then give us his defence for being a pawn!! The NAPSA Finance Director upheld her honour but this guy DIDN’T. In other words, then dont fire anyone else and bring back the ones that you fired!!

  15. I don’t understand when he says he cannot defend himself…he is still alive right so he can stand up and defend himself! Yes and how does it feel to be on the receiving end of the Post newspaper editorials?

  16. Mr President, just like you didn’t evidence to deal with Mupeso, Kabonde just to mention a few so is Chalwe Muchenga. He acted with impunity on very serious national matters such as refusal to appeal Chiluba’s case, refusal to register Chiluba’s London judgement, release of Chinese nationals who shot their own employees in Maamba. The ACC is already aware of these ills, just deal with this guy just like the others, NAPSA. BOZ period.

  17. Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata has condemned the decision by Director of Public of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Chalwe Mchenga to enter a Nolle Prosequi in a case involving two Chinese nationals who shot at 13 miners at Column Coal mine in Sinazongwe district.

    Mr. Sata said that it was unfortunate that the current Constitution does not . . .. .


  18. on this site, why don’t the people put their true names instead of the fake ones portraid here guys, what are you scared of? mind you, this just a debate

  19. # 7 – yes ofcourse. The fact that he is Bemba makes Mchenga easier to defend. If he was from another tribe, he wouldn’t be defending him. The president used to be at the forefront of condeming Mchenga every day and night. So was Sata saying all those accussations without proof??? Let’s learn to be consistent. Don’t apply the law selectively. Tribalism wont take the president anywhere. Out of the 13 million people, 10 Million people are from other tribes and he needs them if he wants to govern well and fairly, especially if he wants to be respected.

    • of course baba, and why are you scared of putting your name, are you writting fake stories or you are contributing bogas stories?

    • I am sure you will soon notice that on most blogs, internationally, people use ‘blogging names’ even when you know their true identity. I suppose using your true names is fine too, i like using pet names and i change them regularly….All the best, i hope you dont land yourself in security problems.

  20. One had to put this in context and I hope even the Post does not misunderstand his to be Sata breaking camp with them, though they should know that as head of State, he will not afford to maintain close collaboration with them, or appear to be taking instructions from them.
    It is simple, Sata is now President and he will not undermine a constitutional office like that of the DPP, even he has misgivings about that office, he would want to do it constitutionally and he must appear to protect that office. And he will also not use old issues in retrospect to fix the DPP, he will be observing him from this moment on!! MCS will be his own man, not anyone’s puppet!!!

  21. Mulipa Banda?there is no such a name ‘Mulipa’ in the east. U ***** u want other people’s names wanya u won’t get it. !!!!!!

    This is Chanda Chimbo the 16th

    • u must be a dog their in america, whether you like it or not this is my name, am Mulipa Banda from Mulipa Village in Chipata in Mugubudu area, and you mwana wa satana

    • u must be a dog their in america, whether you like it or not this is my name, am Mulipa Banda from Mulipa Village in Chipata in Mugubudu area, and you mwana wa satana. imwe baba ndimwe agalu mwanva

  22. And when we said The Post haz not shifted goal posts from inception, somebody called us namez. Our popularly, overwhelmingly and democratically elected President Michael Chilufya Sata should treat this Machenga with kid glovez, – iz my humble appeal.

  23. Why are people questioning or complaining about the presidents statement? Have we forgotten so soon that our current President fli-flops on most issues. This we were told and we thought it was just some ‘insult’. here we are now! There are many more to come! Already the windfall tax he said no to reaters when they interviewed him. Also the FTJ language has come back ” bring evidence” oh Cry the beloved country!

  24. # 27 Gokigo Milazhe Mchenga is not Bemba, he is from Eastern Province. His other is Farai, mixed parentage I believe. The president maybe in possession of previledged information which most of the bloggers on this blog do not have.

  25. What i know is that mchenga will be fired.what the president doesn’t want is people to think the media is controlling the situation.he doesn’t want witch hunt.chalwe will be fired wether he likes or not.The man doesn’t just want to interfire in this situation.

  26. Its not us to provide evidence Mr president but Muchenga or your Self to Explain why he entered a nolle for kashiwa and Stopped the appeal on Chilubas aquittal.

  27. If HE MCS is serious about fighting corruption, then this guy must go period! He is man with no backbone, he withdrew the Chiluba case and failed the Zambian people on many occassions. If he had any intergrity he should have resigned back then. We are watching your every move Mr. President and should you fail us we shall speak yet again in 2016, no favor and no fear, this guy must GO!

  28. If HE MCS is serious about fighting corruption, then this guy must go period! He is a man with no backbone, he withdrew the Chiluba case and failed the Zambian people on many occassions. If he had any intergrity he should have resigned back then. We are watching your every move Mr. President and should you fail us we shall speak yet again in 2016, no favor and no fear, this guy must GO!

  29. You cant fire a DPP, you need to apoint a commision of enquiry if there is any misconduct on his part thats why they want to make him High Court judge. His tenure of office is protected by the consititution.


  31. Those shot at were Tongas so this counts for nothing to Sata. If is was nyama zamu Nabwalya poached by Chinese and someone let them off the hook, he would have had Mchenga executed by now. This man’s tribal bigotry will tear this nation apart. And just watch his foreign service appointments, all ambassadors to major western countries will be reserved for people from his own tribe. He is talking Zambia back to the stone ages.

  32. LT don’t be stupid! Since when did the site manager start approving comments on this blog? I am disgusted!


  33. Tribal politics at it best. Go on micheal, this is the reason we voted you in., to protect your tribesmen. if you lose it, we will chuck you out come 2016, remember we bembas are the majority

  34. Mchenga comes from central.people saying sata wants to protect bembas are from bantustan party.ha ha we all know that UPND is a bantustan tonga party

  35. Mchenga comes from central.people saying sata wants to protect bembas are from bantustan party.ha ha we all know that UPND is a bantustan tonga party

  36. I hate to do this especially if I have to be on the side of the President, but those toying the tribal lines, please just cut it and leave Mr Sata alone. As I said on the other thread , there are a lot of weapons to use against this President, there is no need to see tribes in everything he does. Can’t you just call him flip flopper, can’t you just call him Serpetine, can’t you just call him Sat**n, I mean there are many adjectives you can use against him , but not tribe please. Cut it people.

    He has told you to give him evidence, why not take him on it, after all he is a man of action and am sure within 90 days he will deliver.

    Just leave our tribe out of this please lets have a civil debate based on real issues

  37. ## 37,

    You are spot on, the President would not like to be seen to responding to aparrent directives from the media, that is what he is trying to put right. You are also dealing with a constitutional office here and you cant just expect him to go and fire the gentleman win nilly. The alleagations facing the DPP are well known, but they are also a bit in the past and difficult to use now. As for the ACC, electoral issues were current and we went into elections with fresh allegations, so his dismissal was more direct!!!!

  38. @ number #26 we are fearing no one and we are afraid to be porched to be editors at Times, Daily and ZNBC Lol. U re in SA and us are in ZED ..Lol. We don’t want to be friends with the intelligence period. 

    Chela leaked the info to Mmembe and Mmembe later called Chongwe. Chela is leaking information to the post I guess. How did Chongwe know? As for the candidate let the intelligence investigate Mchenga in 4 hours. Or HE SATA has forgotten and he spoke to win votes. 

    Only the intelligent will survive 

  39. this is the first thing i don’t agree with Sata. muchenga must go, he’s the worst DPP Zambia has ever had. he made more blunders than most of the people Sata has fired. am also inclined to think on tribal lines on this one. i hate tribalism but on this one mmmmmmmmmmmmm Sata is being tribe!

  40. chiluba said; ‘ when i was in opposition, i had a certain angle of looking at issues, but now am in government and that angle has has dissapeared.’

  41. Maybe he has a point form the angle of Constitution office and President being in charge but the PR needs to improve on his part because he will and very soon be converting friends into enemies instead – just over interpretation. Let us wait and see what the POST writes tomorrow to confirm this view which seems to attack them.

  42. Yes,
    Provide evidence that hes corrupt.How would you feel to be accused without proof.Viva SATA.Sorry Membe and your post,you cannot control everyone.

  43. ba president please dont disappoint me. that mcenga chap has to go period. if its beyond him then he shouldnt have said anything. how can you make a man without a spine a judge, am sure there is something in the constitution which can be done to the guy other than a judge, please ba shikulu ba sata dont disappoint us so soon.

  44. It is so sad that everything revolves around what the POST think. How unfortunate. Reminds me of what one Simutanyi once warned of the monster that the paper was becoming. That was just a few days after RB became president. History repeating itself……Hallo, someone.

    FAZ have caught the Sata fever and have fired D Bonnetti LOL or they are trying to clean house before he gets to them kekekeke

  46. If this true then we are in for a rough ride, am afraid our President is starting to get a bit too comfortable with corrupt surroundigfor my liking. Its not like he’s been President for Years or monthst but already he’s starting to develop amnesia forgeting where he’s just come from. If he continues like this our support he’s enjoyed for some time now could be withdrawn, its not unconditional support.

  47. Mwe bantu, u mean that u don’t know that the constitution protects the powers of the DPP? When he enter into a nolle prosequi nobody shouls question him and he does not explain. Looks like most of you were just born yesterday. There’ve been precedents in Zambia on these powers and in the past there was no such kind of yapping that we are getting today..

  48. The constitution protects the DPP from being removed from office unless it is for Incompetency, inability to act due to illness or other incapacity or misbehaviour. What Sata is simply saying is that those with proof should write to him and he shall then set up a commission of enquiry that will look into the issues raised against the DPP. If found wanting they recommend to the presido that he be fired or that he is competent and therefore should carry on as DPP.

  49. Article 58 of Constitution states; (2) A person holding the office of Director of Public Prosecutions may
    be removed from office only for incompetence or inability to perform
    the functions of his office whether arising from infirmity of body or
    mind or misbehaviour and shall not be so removed except in accordance
    with the provisions of this Article.(3) If the President considers that the question of removing a person
    holding the office of Director of Public Prosecutions from office ought
    to be investigated, then-
    (a) he shall appoint a tribunal which shall consist of a Chairman and
    not less than two other members, who hold or have held high
    judicial office;

  50. The bottom line is that Mchenga MUST resign if he expects respect from the Zambians. It is very much on record that his past performance as DPP was severely criticised by the majority including HEMCS. Why can’t Mchena tell HEMCS that he cannot serve under him based on past criticism comments made against his performance? This in my opinion is NOT the only job that Mchena can do in the country unless if he lacks self confidence. What a shame to a legal professional like him. What the president MUST do is float two names and call upon the registered lawyers to vote for one as DPP? We must move forward.

  51. This DPP Boy is very proud; Why cant he just resign that make us waste resources by appointng tribunals. Walilya ko chapwa!

  52. @bragga u hv brought an important point the president needs to consider all issues before firing him. i differ with sata on his defending this guy.
    please pipo lets discuss issues based on facts.

  53. It is alarming to read tribal remarks all the time – I am assuming most of these remarks are coming from post-independence bloggers; perhaps even post 70s bloggers??? When we have Sibeso Mulenga, Nachalwe Zulu, Habeenzu Nkandela, etc., it is scary to imagine what would happen to these cross-marriage products should this hell you keep advocating broke loose! Lets start restraining ourselves from this frivolous and useless exercise before we accidentally light a fire we will fail to extinguish! PLEASE.

  54. #63 CHOMBA MALAILA – do you know how to sing the song you have named yourself after?? I’m not Bemba but some of my closest friends are actually Bemba. My question to you is this: so what do you call Bisa people? Isn’t saying that a Bisa is not Bemba the same as saying that a Lushonkonono is not a grasshopper? It doesn’t make sense! Sata is Bemba, period.

  55. #78 KALOK – call a spade a spade. Some of my closest friends in Zambia are very Bemba and we argue about these things, very frankly but civilised. Sometimes blog-comments can make things sound too serious than they really are. If Sata is making suspicious appointments, people should be allowed to comment openly. Certainly speaking for myself, I can’t claim to love Zambia more than Sata does, so I want to support him and I know that some of his decisions make sense. However, when he fluffs we should call it just that. The moment we stop talking then he must worry!! People must understand that most of us mean well and understand that he cannot be perfect. The mistake is made by PF cadres who want to project him as perfect human being. He is not perfect…like on his Bemba appointments.

  56. Hi Msana Wanzili #67, i love your comment. You are staunch supporter of PF and i wish Sata had you on his council of advisors.

  57. If there is anyone who can put the post/Mmembe in his rightful place its Sata. Im sick and tired of mmembe thinkin he can continue setting the agenda for this country. let sata deal with Mchenga at his own pace; we dont expect him to fire/hire someone each time the post says so! lekeni ba sata bateke. abash post

  58. If Lenje=Ila=Tonga=Toka then Bemba=Bisa=Aushi=Chishinga=Batwa=Ngumbo=Lunda. one zambia one nation. whats the fuss? all are people. Clever, dull, genious, dumb and dumber are found in all of them. except some are more dumber than others. ke ke ke ke ke

  59. If Lenje=Ila=Tonga=Toka=Soli=Goba then Bemba=Bisa=Aushi=Chishinga=Batwa=Ngumbo=Lunda. one zambia one nation. whats the fuss? all are people. Clever, dull, genious, dumb and dumber are found in all of them. except some are more dumber than others. ke ke ke ke ke

  60. Bloggers! maybe we are not seeing the big picture but yet again this is a man who has a family and needs the job, So let us give the President a chance to govern as he sees fit, he might be prevalaged to know something we all dont.

  61. L T where’s the news ? what about the opposition news. we shud be reading about the opposition as well and how they are reorganising themselves. whos the new leader of mmd?
    Now that sata is president there is not much to scandalise him with.

    imwe bafikala bonse who r tribalistic mwaba ifimanyami bafkala. actually what u realy detest is bemba speakers rather than bembas. u are racists of the worst kind who fail to distinguish between bembas and bemba speakers ba kamushi imwe.


  63. Mr. Donti Kubeba #87, which Lunda are referring to? Lunda is not spoken in Luapula. You can only get lunda speaking people in north western province. Though they claim to be lundas there i have never met a lunda speaking person from luapula.

  64. All of a sudden Mchenga is a man of integrity in the eyes of Sata. Sata lead an onsalught againt DPP Mchenga when he was in opposition. Talk about double standard – what has changed between then and now? It’s hasn’t even been a month. Sata’s supporters and those who worship him as a messiah must be licking their wounds now. I just hope they misquoted him on this.

  65. For those arguing that he must know something we don’t know, please stop defending something that can’t be defended. This is a public servant and we don’t care what he does in private – we can only judge him by what he does in public. The employed to serve the people of Zambia and it is to them that he has to justify everything he does. Besides what secrecy can there be around cases such as the Zamtel RP Capital; the airport Air Traffic Management Surveillance Radar system; Kashiwa Bulaya; Chiluba looting; etc.? These are issues that had public commission of enquiries and went through courts of law. I mean one of the reasons RB and MMD lost elections is, partly, due to this guy Mchenga. Sata is just shamelessly going to bed with this guy and people will soon see htough him.

  66. Problem is Sata is strategically way ahead of the media. Muchenga holds a lot of information which the predo would like to milk from him. He does not want to be pressured into firing him by the media. In short he is saying media please leave me alone to do the job. While some individuals have narrow personal issues to settle. Government is more strategic. Zambia can not be ruled from the  Post.

  67. This is very interesting, am interested to hear what Mmembe has to say especially now that he has one of his boys at state house and another with Lubinda. Saw what you wrote in your Post Paper

  68. Mr. President a piece of advise
    Don’t fire Mchenga you will be accused of inconstitutionality, the DPP is a constitution office,remember the ACC issue ? Simply let his contract expire and when it does don’t renew it in national interest. We all know the disastrous decisions Mchenga made. Appointing him judge? God save us! I really get worried when i come across a lawyer without principles, let alone a State Counsel. Remember Lucy Changwe and George Mpombo? Same offence, one prosecuted another goes scot free. When he becomes High Court Judge i believe the same standards will apply.

  69. No. 79….You get the Bisa and Tumbuka speaking people both in Eastern and Northern Provinces of Zambia. The President wants to call this stretch Muchunga Province. Bisa are not Bemba and Tumbuka of Norther Province are not Bemba either… Some may speak Bemba fluently and so do some Lozi ladies I know speak Bemba as if they are Bemba. Ushi are not Bemba.Some Lunda of Mwansabombwe in Luapula can speak some Lunda dialect similar to that of North Western Lunda.So to say Bisa is Bemba is the same as saying Chewa are Ngoni or Nsenga are Tumbuka. Nshokonono is in the Grass hopper family but its not a Grasshopper. This is My contribution.

    • Kiniti kapa ani sikabala hande? Iam dissapointed with u Cobra,the little trust i had for you has ceased forthwith. Is it becos he is a Bemba? Work up Michael that boy is a disaster.~o)

  70. LT be impatial and declare your intrest in this media so that we know where to post our opinions. The post newspaper has done so and we know they are employees of PFgovt.

  71. Hello Zambia, Sound warnings and what will be the order of the day in Zambia is dipicted in what Sata has just said in his press statement. To Sata Muchenga is just victimised by press. He has just forgotten only few months ago he condemed Muchenga and described him not fit for the purpose. This is typical of Sata he says one thing over someone and in the same breathe says totally different. Does this surprise you fellow Zambians? Mr Sata has noy been diagonised with dementia to forget easily what he said before. This is justice according to sata. Report to ACC if not happy with Muchenga or report to him personally as president. Ney Mr president we the Zambian people deserve an upright transparent presidency.

  72. zambians must rise above tribal lines and begin to look at realities. It is time we began to demand what is entitled to the Zambians. Let every Zambian take a kin eye on what is happening in our country and record for future reference so that you judge well in the forth coming elections. Time for peacemil leadership is gone. Zambians trully require genuine leadership now and we have no time for time wasters. Let us all watch with eagle eye like we did to Rupiah Banda.

  73. Sata is now President & is now showing bad signs of brain wash. We have seen from the past presidents that Statehouse does this, in just 2 weeks he has shown signs of being infected with some brain cell killing virus!! This DPP is the most useless we have had in this country.

  74. The issue is the H.E. is comfortable with this person for one reason or the other. Which means he is slowly moving away from the principle of action based on truth established. He should act in the same manner he did with other office bearers especially that he is on record calling for this person to be removed for having failed to register the London ruling in our courts for Chiluba. Are we about just to see his true colours now….

  75. Its gud that the President has sent out a Stern warning against this Witch-Hunting which has been taken advantage of by the Post(Mmembe).it was now becoming like Govt has shifted to the Post, as if instructions SHUD come from there…I think in as much as we appreciate the fight against corruption, HE must keep his boundaries, now that ba Sata is in office…Mmembe doesnt own Zambia…He too must be careful lest this fight against corruption doesn’t catch up with him too and his Zambian Airways saga on money from parastatals they got.he too must realise that even the Post has been 20YEARS in reporting, and like MMD, they too need to be TIMED OUT..its time for other papers, we are now in a new Season

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