Sata urge FRA to collect all maize and pay farmers without delay

President Sata
President Sata

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has warned that he will not take kindly to maize being soaked due to inefficiency and has tasked the new Food Reserve Agency director to ensure maize is collected from farmers and paid for without delay.

And the President has appointed former Pemba UPND MP David Matongo as FRA director and promoted Zambia National Service (ZNS) deputy commandant Brigadier General Nathan Mulenga to commandant and elevated him to the rank of Major General.

Mr Sata said Mr Matongo, who is former Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZISC) managing director, is fit for the job.

“We must collect all the maize and dump it on the doors of millers, who must ensure they pay for it,” the President said.

Mr Sata retired FRA director Professor Loveday Malambo and director of purchasing Lazarus Mawere in national interest.

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Emmanuel Chenda says about 20 percent of the maize risks being soaked if it is not secured.

Mr Chenda said in an interview that government has put in place measures that will protect maize from the rains and also from thefts.

And the President has also appointed Brigadier General Alick Kamiji as deputy ZNS commandant. The President said, after swearing in the new ZNS chiefs, that the armed forces have abandoned their roles.

He said government does not have to spend money on feeder roads neither does it have to contract people to build bridges when this can be done by defence forces.

He said government does not have to spend money on feeder roads neither does it have to contract people to build bridges when this can be done by defence forces.

“Why should maize continue getting soaked when these wings are there? When officers are retired, why are they not being paid because ZNS is supposed to be the richest wing among the defence forces?” he said.

The President also said it was illogical for the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) to spend US$98 million to refurbish a building using a foreign contractor.

He said because of the bad roads, the previous government procured two 4×4 vehicles at K3.6 billion to be used on poor roads at the expense of Zambian people. He said the vehicles were flown into the country.

President Sata said ZNS should go back to what it was created for, saying this will bring a big change to Zambia.

Meanwhile, Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) is expected to complete the production of 30,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser next week.

The company, which was contracted to supply 30,000 tonnes of fertiliser under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), has so far produced 24,000 metric tonnes and has a balance of 6,000 tonnes.

The President also said it was illogical for the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) to spend US$98 million to refurbish a building using a foreign contractor.

NCZ executive director Richard Soko said the company is expected to complete the production of the consignment next week.

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock contracted NCZ to produce and supply 30,000 tonnes of fertiliser meant for the FISP for 2011/2012.

“We have produced 24,000 out of the 30,000 tonnes of fertiliser under the FISP, and we are targeting to produce the remaining balance by next week,” he said.

Mr Soko said this in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

He said Government through Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is expected to collect and distribute the fertiliser produced so far.

“Distribution of farming inputs has started in some parts of the country and we are expecting Government to collect soon and distribute what we have currently produced,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Soko said the company has so far produced 10,000 tonnes of fertiliser for Nyiombo Investment out of 20,000 tonnes consignment for this farming season.

He said the remaining 10,000 tonnes will be completed after the completion of the FISP.

On the current fuel reduction, Mr Soko said it will contribute to lower production costs although its business is mostly based on raw materials.

“Indeed the reduction of fuel will lower production costs but, it will not necessarily be measured as we have already bought all the raw materials needed for production,” he said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


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    Alright Sata,but you’re putting the cart before the horse.We saw pictures of unworthy FRA food depots where maize is stored in the open only to rot or be raided by rodents.First make sure you have enough foodworthy storage silos then give your orders.

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    Yes the ZNS has been laying idle and not doing its intended role that protect and provide security which includes food securuty. Yes thos silos need to be refurbished and all necessary iquipments and logistics in place.

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    Rb failed the country hw can you honestry spend such amount of money on two vehicles on the expense on the poor farmers & retiries.shame on him.

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    Is that cost of those 2 vehicles right or it was a typing error? What kind of 4×4 vehicles (2) would amount to K3.6b? Someone made a fake invoice and chewed the rest of the money…..even if theyare special vehicles I doubt they would cost that much…..whether shipped or brough through on land..

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      Its posible coz eg(Lexus LS600HL-2011 model is about $187,000(FOB)if yu add freight and other charges yu talk of approximately $210,000/unit.Add customs clearance wich is approximately 80%of the total cost.And those may hav been talored made.The one am talking about is juts a nomal one.

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    This is a working governement of HE MC Sata, governement voted by the people, working for the people and serving its people. Honestly there is no need for the farmers waiting for their dues after they supply maize to FRA to feed the nation. why subject them to poverty after selling their products? and how do you expect farmers to start cultivating on time if they not paid on time? Mr president yes put up the mechanisim to sure that farmers inputs and compasations are paid are on time, not like it was in MMD regime farmers suffering.

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    Mr president!! Am really impressed with the way you are running things.This is very good and i can see a better Zambia soon.Why should maize (our staple food)get to waste?Someone did not do his/her job correctly.Bring in pipo who can perform sir.

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    Ralph i was thinking the same bc $700,000 for 2 vehicles is insane, even bullet proof lexus limos shouldnt cost even half that much. I still think President Sata may have mis spoke.

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      Am surprised that you use internet yet you can’t use it just to google and see the range of most expensive vehicles. Please do that and comment with facts.

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    Rb need to be probed and if found wanting he has to go to jail, its clear he abused our country’s financial system at the expense of suffering people. And its indeed time to put to work all security wings of our country, they have been sitting idle for longtime just getting easy salaries.

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    It reassuring to see the president and his cabinet are working to correct the wrongs committed by the previous  government. What a mickey mouse way of running a republic Rupiah employed! We always said the man had no clue what he was supposed to doing as head of state. No wonder he opted for world travel to kill time. Next time be careful who you employ to govern your country. We have had a bunch of jokers occupying plot 1 who delivered zilch and focused more on enriching themselves and having a good at the expense of downtrodden masses.  

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    David Matongo, the recent past MP for Pemba, is a deadwood. The fact that he held those portfolios has nothing to do with brilliance. Have we just forgotten that Kaunda gave such positions to balance tribes and purely based on loyalty? He was replaced by Mrs Mutinta Mazoka as he did NOTHING for Pemba as MP for TEN years. Not even one single borehole. This is another mbili yakale appointment. We have so many young Zambians who can deliver, the same old finished politicians are coming back. We will eventually belive that HH had a point. I am still studying Sata and some appointments like this one is just useless. Same old recycled ideas. Vote for a younger generation in 2016.

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    I think the cost of the two cars includes shipping too.The fact that they are custom made and flown directly to plot one should have cost a fortune.

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    RB’s government sold Long acres lodge to some foreigners…how come that was never reported ummm??Banadya mahafu.

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    #13 the tone u re using is the same tone that has made the Zambian pipo NOT to vote for HH. We loved Mazoka because he did not campaign on trible line, segregate pipo on age. We the Zambian pipo have voted for Sata and we were well aware of his tribe and age when voting. Stop being a bitta assshole and look at the good thing happening in the country u fu.cking tonga asss

    • vote

      I am forced to respond to you as your undemocratic myopic brain tells you I have no opinion of my own. Who tells you I am tonga anyway? Obviously the first thing that comes out your Bemba mouth are insults, I expected that, tubule munyela pamenshi. I was born and bred in cb, a PF stronghold and I might be PF youn know. I know Mr Matongo and Mr Maxoka was my fathers close friend, you can’t tell me nothing about them. If I am tonga and don’t support Matongo’s appointment, where is the tribalism there. Learn to debate issues and not tissues you douche bag. Like I told I am from cb and I am highly capable of insulting you, but I have too much class for you. Wait and see, your Matongo will be fired for incompetence. We need younger people appointed on merit.

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    Nothing is expensive. Kapoko bought hummar vehicle using stolen cash. What is 3 billion kwacha. You are going to use the same vehicles as well. You condemned purchase of chopper and the jet, auction them we see. Millions of kwacha will be spent on all those that have been retired. Agric minister not fit. After press conference, the guys are eating alot just at state house. Food from outside catering, whose money?

  15. vote

    Sata makes things seem so simple. Does this mean that RB and Dora Siliya were just syealing?And when is Sata going to turn to RB. We need to see RB, Siliya and RB’s children fixed for the wrongs they did.

    • vote

      friend what we have so far are words and that is not what we call achievement. may be you need to check the dictionary to understand the word it self. As for us we are waiting to see the fruition of the same then we can speak like you .Have a blessed day.

    • vote

      Of course within a short space of time he has suceeded in creating a very tribal govt to serve Northern and Luapula provinces!

  16. vote

    i think the man of action is doing the right thing we should give credit were it is far so good what more ka 5 years akokalapwila i think we should even come back to zed guys.. 

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    This is very ridiculous for RB to spend so much money on useless motor vehicles & if found wanting definately the law should visit him.He thought he wil lbe voted back what a miscalculation and with the turn of events, those vehicles should be seized.What extravagance kind of spending bwana RB did someone inflated the cost price so that mwalyamo awe please it was too much takwaba kwati muleshita locomotive.Maize should not go to waste with proper planning Ba FRA please as the president has told you do a good job for Zambia that is our staple food.Silos were built by KK especially along the line of rail TAZARA you store our food & pay farmers dont keep those hips like what MMD did just to give it a show ati bumper harvest.Come on guy collect and take to the millers ubunga bufwile bwabwela

  18. vote

    Iwe ci Sata which Zambian company do you have in mind that can refurbish Society House to acceptable modern standards? let the South African company complete the job. We dont want another Simson and the communist concrete monstrous that pass for skyscrapers along Cairo road. There is simply no Zambian company that has a track record of putting up modern buildings. Iwe ci mudala ci Sata learn to pause and think before you engage that motormouth of yours. Maputo, Dar, Gaberone, Kigali etc are all being rebuilt and beautified with structures built to standard by international contractors and all you can do is mourn. Pathetic Kabova. God forbid that you stop the society house project! Sometimes I wonder whether Zambia is cursed!

    • vote

      Likota ulichipuba sana stupid lyo walitumpa ulekwatako umuchinshi. Ulifontini sana i wonder what sch u went to kep yo stinkin mouth shut:o

    • vote

      You have very little grey matter. Refurbishing a building at $98 million and for an i.diot like you thats fine. No wonder this country can’t move forward.

  19. vote

    Sata the UNIP and MMD govts you served in lamentably failed the agriculture sector. It is only under Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda that Zambia learnt how to grow food. So Sata spare us that nonsense you knopw nothing about Agriculture. You have never even owned or run a farm. You are a typical Kabova. Learn from what Levy and RB did rather than pretend that you are an expert. I would advise you to look at the shortcomings and improve upon them. You’ve made a big mistake replacing Dr Malambo. He is the one who is in position to know the shortcomings of FRA and how to improve on them. Matongo doesnt know anything about the FRA. Learn to think strategically.

    • vote

      **==check also with the zambia embassy in france dealings. odd appointment by the last regime.
      white man as ambassador since when?

    • vote

      wanya ******* mulekakwa uno mwaka nganiwe ka upnd wanya tamwakatekepo na ka under five kobe kachatile. pabwato tuleteka viva man of action .

    • vote

      Thank you bro, tell these **** who support blindly, even when Sata makes a mistake. FTJ started the same way

  20. vote

    I don’t think its neccessary to replace all that were under MMD some are very good professionals and had no choice not to bite the fingures that fed them. the same people being appointed now will be doing the same. It shouls have been a matter of directing them to do what you want other than firing everyone.

  21. vote

    K3.6 billion for two cars is excessive bane!!. Especialy when you consider the fact that these cars were imported free of the huge taxes which we all have to pay on cars. So, the real cost of these cars had you or me been the ones buying would have been around K6 billions!!! This is stuff for celebrities in USA or the Oil rich Arab folks and not a servant of the poor people in a under developed country…

  22. vote

    Tongas you have your appointment in Matongo. Again you are complaining …. Ninshi??

    • vote

      The problem is that mubonfya ******* ba wiso ukutontokanya. I detest ass holes like yourself that further tribalism. Learn to use yo head to discern what is appropriate to say. Ama tole mukanwa

  23. vote

    Boys you should be watching Top gear then you will realise that there are also vehicles that go for $1million.

  24. vote

    people like number 24 are the ones who will hinder the political dreams of HH and his tribal clique known as UPND,you sound like some bitta politician who is licking the wounds of election loss of 20th september, learn to appreciate positive strides. You dont oppose just for the sake of opposing.n just to worn you , it is an offence in Z to defame a president and you can easily be traced and procecuted be careful lol…

  25. vote

    Alot of u bloggers suprise me,working does not end at making pronouncements,u say give credit where it`s due,where is it due here???We will wait for the appointed people to deliver then we will give credit.It`s easier to say secure the maize but for that to be implemented is another thing,be realistic.

  26. vote

    Now I have no more doubt that my vote didn’t go in water, Sata will really do it for mopther Zambia. Great move Mr Sata.

  27. vote

    Am very happy how the president is doing things.
    Please you ministers and your deputies and all
    Micheal has appointed follow what he is doing.
    VIVA SATA VIVA PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. vote

    brother # 33 well said ifibatonga tafitasha nangu wafyupila nkanshi yabo. ifibantu ifi ubututu hh is finished chatile.learn to appreciate when the president is doing good things iwe chi # 24 *******

  29. vote

    #38 Natasha! Get lost! Sata is useless! Govt by decree! Idi Amin in the making! Never trust quarter literates. Mind stringing a few words in English? I am not all that fluent in your primitive Congolese language.

    • vote

      Chi 39 mind u we ar able to track u. mmd has lost u seem to be a desperate cadre wo shame on u let the big man work. U a the only foolish creature am seein u is sensless. u seem to hav 3 and half senses.

    • vote

      Ulimwana wamuchani Musiwa. I guese u ar from the premitive tribe which i can nt mention. Inchito yalipwa ka. ukutemwa ukwiba. This govt, does nt like stealin wembutuma we. U think we do nt hav capable Zambian workers who cant build. These so called investors, don’t they use zambian labor force to do the work. workup when ar zambians goin to enj ther country. u a ar such an *****. Mind u do nt insult the President. beta u insult yo fellow bloggers like me. otherwise u wil be tracked down.

  30. vote

    Even if ba Sata doesn’t go through in 2016,still i don’t see HH being president,HH dissapointed the Zambia people when they needed change the most.He decided to pull out of the pact but thank God, the wish of the people was still heard. He didnt have the people at heart,he had personal ambitions. The next upcoming president after President Sata is Elias Chipimo not HH unless we Zambians have such short memories.

  31. vote

    I feel ashamed to be Zambian when I see the H.E on news talking about irrelevant issues that are not in line with the meeting.The meeting with the Angilican Bishop is one example why talk about an M.P who got his residency papers in 1978? What has that got to do with RB or the religous meeting he was having?God give us strength to out up with this man for the next 5 years

  32. vote

    The President will do well to concentrate on making institutions of Government be for Government business only. In Zambia, we have got too many businessmen in government. No one should use a government office, phone, vehicle for personnal businesses. Even the foreign trips, if funded by GRZ, should be for GRZ work only. Many good, hard working and decent people are being demonised now, who were simply the victims of flawed GRZ systems. If nothing is done, what we are witnessing now will be repeated with every change of Government.

  33. vote

    98 million US$ for a building??????? OMG. This is like a cost of a plant that can employ more than 500 people and support 2,500 Zambians.

  34. vote

    both hh and rb are like hyenas ni ba chimwi they have destroyed their parties cause they never fought fhem.mukose ba mwine no nonse soon will know what ka under five got from mmd when he abandoned the matongo will reveal soon.good luck ba kateka besu.

  35. vote

    back to a command economy,,,if HH didnt pull out of the pact who Was going to be in opposition??? You wanted democracy to die you lumpens from northern province,,,pF WILL BE BURRIED SOON,,SHAME FOR RULING FOR ONE TERM,,HH WILL BE MUYAYAYA PRESIDO!!

  36. vote

    # 47. You typical Tonga, just keep quite. HH will never be president,you people are trible,just look at the way you are talking. you are not even ashamed!!

  37. vote

    Ohhh I thank you very much Mr President. The agri sector really needs serous attention. Zambia can easily be the African bread basket

  38. vote

    #24 Chikonko, nothing will change My Sata is on the seat,  say your rubbish, my brother, the boat is sailing, TOUGH!!!!

  39. vote

    #44 yes indeed let him get to work once he is done with the investigations lhe can then call for a briefing and inform the nation of outcome.By the way i have never been a card carrying memebr of any party the only reason i voted MMD was to avoid this circus.So much was fuss was made over the mobile hosptals yet the minister today wants to continue with them why no sell them.Lets not forget the acheivemnets MMD made under our dear beloved Mwanawasa i doubt if Sata will break that record
    .A reminder Sata was # 3whenthe western companies like Dunlop were closing he should have spoken out to avert the situation

  40. vote

    Who is HH? I dont know him since i was born,so i cant boast about him,and if were you you DR OBATALA i should be ashamed to say he is MUYAYAYA,sorry?

  41. vote

    I am waiting to hear when the president will change his statements to pro-result pronouncements. If he had said they have paid all farmers in the country for collected maize, that would have been a credit. Farmers have delivered maize and it need not take days, weeks or months to deliver payments. Enough money was left by former govt even if they stole some. Save us from the usual language of “Kapitao”, do this do that etc. Just pay farmers, only yesterday had to send money for school fees back home after being told that in Eastern province have been waiting for money since August. You also talked about soaked maize, again tell the nation you have collected all the maize within short time. Do not bore us with tribal appointments by delibelately apoint one from southern province.

  42. vote


  43. vote

    Daily Mail writers should go back to school. What kind of report writing is this? So disjointed and confusing.

    Anyway, lets wish the govt well and success at improving Zambia.

  44. vote

    Good afternoon

    I did some research on our Vice President Guy Scott and I was very happy to learn that he is very competent when it comes to the implementation of food security policies.
    He made notable achievements as Minister of Agriculture in the food crisis that developed after the “drought of the century” in 1992. With this man on our president’s side, Zambia can’t go wrong.

  45. vote

    all you people what you should do now is thank God for Mr Sata look how many days has it taken him to shake  the country which RB OR HH wouldn’t have done  sata  for Good  go my man  i prey to God to add more years and  wisdom  as  he rules us  

  46. vote

    Bravo and very true with regards to the defense force. Its high time they actively became involved in the well-being of Zambia and not just foreign missions…

  47. vote

    # 40,it seems u only want Zambia to be ruled by Bemba’s. That will never happen. By the way it was during the rule of non bembas i.e Levy and RB that Zambia had any development.All the past Bemba presidents messed up our country(plundering & looting).God help us that the current regime delivers.

  48. vote

    Cobby at work, shaming the TONGA Party. Ba tongolilo mwawa. Let Cobby finish his term and hand over to Chipimo

  49. vote

    Work in Progress!!! Are you still counting??…Yes ZNS has Civil Engineers, Water Engineers, Building Surveyors and they have been sitting on their hands for 20 years. MMD crooks didn’t want anything to with them as they wanted to award the contracts to their ghost companies. All small works should be awarded to them which makes sense.

  50. vote

    @31 you re right there are cars worth that much,but does our economy allow?Jay-Z bought an engagement ring for Beyonce at $5m just like the way finance bank was sold,and thats a different econonmy.

  51. vote

    selfish… i jst saw peter daka with a range rover 2010 series…i dont think any minister can afford that…these guys should go to jail….

  52. vote

    I dont know whats wrong with these Tonga fellows,HH will never be president of Zambia. I can vote for any other tribe but not Tonga,you have shown us what you are made of. Its just unfortunate that its not every Tonga who is like these bloggers here.
    Elias Chipimo is next!

  53. vote

    “I got a lot of Ph.D.-types and smart people around me who come into the Oval Office and say, ‘Mr. President, here’s what’s on my mind.’ And I listen carefully to their advice. But having gathered the advice, I decide, you know, I say, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’ ” George W Bush — Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 3, 2007

    Sounds familiar to something going on in Zed, doesn’t it.

  54. vote

    Tongas have brains,bembas think with the tribe! I cannot vote for a bemba crap…..matongo the tonga has brains why didnt bwalya take the appointment,,,you are also begging magande to be the governor why not mulenga…..

  55. vote

    @56. Yes did so much that he killed all his pigs during the swine fever era and paid himself from government coffers. And that was when FTJ was still clean – he fired him. Anyway, that’s yonk years ago and he has since changed. Bravo Guy Scott

  56. vote

    You would think that some chaps like this troll DR OBATALA from Zambian Watchdog would learn a think or two after being exposed in the west. Oh no, still too narrow minded as ever to see beyond someone’s surname like those daft tribalistic planks on ZWD.
    If you are against an appointment at least back it up with an alternative candidate with qualifications and experience to match, this not crappy ZWD website you have to do better than that.

  57. vote

    with due respect. am TONGA and i voted for PF on principal. those of you insulting entire TONGA tribe you’re making a grave mistake. Sata won in Lusaka, get facts correct Tongas and Lozis are majority in Lusaka and made Sata win. today we become Tongas and sata belongs to you angels alone who have no tribe. You have opened our eyes Remain blessed angels

  58. vote

    I urge the Office of the President to locate this blogger # 69 DR OBATALA, he is a danger to our country as he can incite tribal hatred! Blogs are not meant to air irresponsible sentiments. Rupiah procuring 2 LEXUS vehicles at ZmK3.6 billions is criminal and he should not be paid his gratuity until he resells these vehicles at his own cost and refund us! FRA was abused by not only top managers, but also employees who procure maize from rural farmers and supply to FRA for good profits. The army and Zambia National Service should be engaged in road and small to medium constrcution projects by the government. This kind of set up helps to optimise the use of scarce resources and create employment as the army will need more people as they are given more contracts. VIVA SATAs’ policy direction.

  59. vote

    i just want to thank u mr prseident for dissolving FRA Board we are looking foward to see the dissolution all managemet boards in colleges which were run by former ministry of science this ministry failed us because they let principals to appoint there own relatives and friends to run the boards so how can a person supervise the person who appointed them, all boards should be abolished in colleges like ZIPSIP, NORTEC,TVTC ,LTBC,LBTC, LIBES and all principals runnning this colleges have over stayed and hinders the progress of this colleges looking forward when this caders will be removed

  60. vote

    i think i owe this man an apology i didnt know he can work this way. for those saying its one man not government i think i see the sense in him comanding other wise people wil remain idle and get paid for nothing.he has to comand thats why hes a leader.thank you so much HE i just came back from western union to send money to my dad for fertilizer oh thank God now he can buy more when he gets his money and ready for another bumper havest.

  61. vote

    #70 DR OBATALA “The ********”
    The next Zambian Football Coach will be a Tonga man maybe that will help you sleep better at night!!

  62. vote

    A brand new Lexus RX 450h 3456 cc costs about £65K top of the range, add armour plating, Bullet proof glass, security tyres and rims still do not see it hitting £100K not even a Range Rover Sport which is a far better model would cost that much. That’s approximately £450K for two cars is ridiculous include air freight still hideously expensive for a modest car like a Lexus.
    I can only imagine BUFFOON RB with his very young wife on his lap browsing through 2011 car brochures before the elections and ticking all the boxes. Its just disgusting!!
    Its high time you let relevant authorities to start bringing people in for questioning!!

  63. vote

    I agree with the president that any leader buying such vehicles costing so much when majority Zambians need meaningful development. Advice to Mr. Sata is let investigative wings establish case and let courts pass judgement as is with many fraudulent transactions. Am sure by now the 4 Billion Kwachas paid to people managing Nakonde boarder has been established. Zambians want to hear arrests made pending court hearing. I hear some people urging for some Bemba president in 2016 elections. Its too far, however, Bembas have to convince 7 pronvinces that they can gun a national character and those appointments justified in orger to appeal to Zambians. Once beaten twice DONCHI KUBEBA.

  64. vote

    30,33,60&68The problem is that mubonfya ******* ba wiso ukutontokanya. I detest ass holes like yourself that further tribalism. Learn to use yo head to discern what is appropriate to say. Ama tole mukanwa

  65. vote

    30,33,60&68The problem is
    that mubonfya ama tole bawiso ukutontokanya. I
    detest ass holes like
    yourself that further
    tribalism. Learn to use yo head to discern and think about what is appropriate to say. Ama
    tole mukanwa

  66. vote

    I am also a True Blue, my advice to all MMD supportes id to just fold our hands and watch as the 90 days elapses. H.E Sata was MMD very blue for ten years and glad he includes himself in saying that Zambia achieved nothing in those years. Let us wait and see how our inflation will drop to 3% and kwacha compete with the dollar. You can not run a nation like a house my friend, he has already started buying MMD members of parliament, next in line is Sarah Saifwanda for Gender ministry, she has been paid K300 million. Right now everyone is on a PF high, time will telll. Wish the president success.

  67. vote

    K300, 000,000 when all are concentrating of these fake witch hunting, MCS is busy appointing relatives and former MMD members. IS this a testament that PF has no People and MMD should still provide leadership????? Sherry Thole appointed ambassador for giving money to PF, appointments on MERIT?

  68. vote

    No wonder Zambia is really underdeveloped. No wonder our Universities cant even make it in 60 top universities in Africa. Sata makes an appointment and people ululate that —- Sata is a great man. What is worrying is that Zambians cant even remember what Sata promised to deliver in 90 days. Sata himself does not even want to talk about the promises he made.Secondly, Sata has so far FAILED to outline his vision for each province i.e. the picture of what he will achieve in each province by 2016. Any competent leader (anywhere in the world), begins with an outline of his vision. Regarding his FRA statement , Sata should have begun with a picture (vision) of what the agriculture sector will be like in each province by 2016 when his term ends. Sata and his PF dont seem to know where they goin

  69. vote

    DR OBATALA @ 47, exactly what is your doctorate in, stupity? I mean, my God, what will it talk to take your tribal head out of your ass and come to face the reality that your tribal rantings will take you and your tribe nowhere? You want to know where if HH didn’t pull out of the pact who Was going to be in opposition??? I’ll tell you: the MMD , fool! It is the largest opposition party and will remain so for the foreseeable future! And you and your HH and UPND will continue to remain in the rear with your tribal gear where you belong. Doctor, my ass! Wake up and smell the coffee, fool!

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    DR OBATALA @ 47, exactly what is your doctorate in, stupidity? I mean, my God, what will it talk to take your tribal head out of your ass and come to face the reality that your tribal rants will take you and your tribe nowhere? You want to know where if HH didn’t pull out of the pact who Was going to be in opposition??? I’ll tell you: the MMD , fool! It is the largest opposition party and will remain so for the foreseeable future! And you and your HH and UPND will continue to remain in the rear with your tribal gear where you belong. Doctor, my ass! Wake up and smell the coffee, fool!

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