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Mofya Chisenga ,former Miss Universe Zambia , passed away last friday 14th october ,reportedly due to complications during child birth.

She was crowned Miss Tourism Zambia in 2004 ,and represented her country at a number of international pageants such as :

  • Miss Tourism Queen International Pageant 2005 in China
  •   Miss Universe 2006 in Los Angeles California.
  • Miss Leisure world 2008 in China.
She will be greatly missed.May her soul rest in peace.


  1. RIP. Why should people be dying due to complications of child birth in Zambia – and at UTH for that matter? Why?

  2. No 3#Are you serious?! I understand that most deaths related to childbirth are avoidable but even the countries with the best health care have these deaths occurring. It is very presumptuous of you that the death was due to negligence of the hospital

  3. The F**ng UTH DOctors and their incompetence. Its pathetic that they have drifted their focus to HIV anyone who presents sick the first thing they think of is HIV rather doing generall tests. The Family should indeed sue the f***ng Doctors. Its *****ic that simple pregnacy complications cant not be detected by the so called UNZA trained Doctors. i think the Government should be sending Doctors to Western countries so thay can learn proper medicine. we need to protest i wish ni was their i could have been at UTH. its too much of UTH Doctors killing inoncent women we all know they are incompetent hidding behind luck of equipment

  4. #6 I am very serious. Go to UTH and you will see how pathetic the situation is. Nurses even ask patients to look for their own beds. Some are sleeping on the floor.

  5. a first year student from a Western Country can do better than those UTH Doctors. all they F****ng do is pull their F****ng shoulders so every patient can know who they are. mwe fikopomwe ba shit.

  6. In this time and age someone should die of child birth complications. Zambians Doctors would be imprisoned. People hardley ever die with a heart attack now. Its managable. What a shame for it to be so common. RIP Girl

    • It happens everywhere. What is wrong with you people? When God says it’s over then it’s over. Rest in peace Mofya. 

  7. #6 Shut it. you are anoying some of us who survived the odeal. F****ng UTH Doctors the president should establish an inquiry for every woman who dies during and after child birth. Dull Doctors. i am very angry i can explode. Stupid doctors

  8. MHSR in peace!! giving birth is one risky transaction i equally died but thank God i was resuscitated. If an expectant mother can not go through normal delivery ceaser should be welcome!! It’s really complicated.. my daughter is now a year old but i will never forget that traumatic experience. Too bad mofya.. GOD bless your family

  9. @3, am sure no one has power over death apart from God alone. So dont blame anyone for that even in best health cares in the world pipo are dying over child complication. Ecclesiates 3:1 going down talks about time for everything was assigned, time to be born and time to die. So God has His on plans instead lets accept every situation we find ourselves whether bad or good just like Job in the Bible did. May her soul rest in peace.

  10. The first lady is an obstetrician, she should help improve conditions in the Obstetric unit at UTH. Sad that such a young girl should die due to preventable causes.

  11. ulale muchibote chamfumu mukashana, God knows knows you had big dreams for your future, I hope the baby survived so that the family will have a remembrance of you.

  12. rest in peace mofya…….im in tears,kaluba nd family….we re far away from zed,but we re still mourning our sweet sister mofya with u guys…mofya we will truely miss u….gone too soon

  13. I lost my only sister due to complications arising from child birth…so sad such avoidable loss of life.My sincere condolences to the family.

  14. These politicians will never do anything to improve the health services if they have access to SA hospitals. The best thing is to ban them from using tax payers money for those leisure trips so that there is urgency to improving our services. Tax payers have been scr@wed for too long pa Zed.

  15. MHSRIP, its sad we can lose such a young beauty so early. Is she survived by a husband???? just asking, I convy my condoloncnes to him!!!

  16. Ilya nincila ! mwaliishiba? I see most of you dont know it. Thats the same with the bloody UTH doctors they cant help the baby girl. problem ba fikala mwalitemwa ukutomba tomba causing this problem. But no tu banakashi no to twine like to be slaughterred even when they are pregnant. may her saw RIP and wait for Jehovah’s judgement day

  17. Its sad and very mythical. An old man once told me to sleeping around with other women when my wife was pregnant. True to his word, there were complications on child birth until confessions were made. it could the boyfriend was sleeping around with others girls and vice verse.

    She died full of life!!1 My her soul rest peace.

  18. She had full blown AIDS having been in denial for the same. CD4 count of 15.Treatment started one week ago. Had a sudden diagnosed cardiomyopathy in labour and could not stand the pushing during labour. Assisted delivery as one would get in best centres was given.Died from heart failure.Minimal blood loss at delivery

    • This author works in UTH and was present at delivery.Please stop demeaning us .Get timely advice and accept treatment early.We have very big brains despite working under pathetic conditions. RIP though….

  19. Bimbe Njovu,
    Is that what you wrote on her death certificate?? You sound one close to the treatment and upset with the bashing that UTH has taken here, but you coy=uld have been humane and sensitive to the family in divulging these details!!! Whatever the condition, we are saying it was untimely to lose her!!!

  20. “I am told she died here at UTH, she died last night at 22:00 hours Friday.

    What happened was that on September 27, about three weeks ago, she was admitted with malaria in pregnancy then she was discharged. Then yesterday she was brought in a very critical condition with pulmonary oedema in cardiac patient. That’s actually fluid in the lungs,” Mbangweta said.


    “She was in a very critical condition but our doctors managed to deliver the baby at 13:00 hours using forceps because of the condition that the patient was in, she was quite ill. After delivering the baby, they decided to resuscitate the patient and the patient was actually there, she died THIS IS ACCORDING TO THE POST

  21. Ok I’m UTH trained Doctor but currently working elsewhere. From what i read in the POST, this beautiful young lady died from pulmonary oedema due to a cardiac problem. In simple terms, this means she had a heart problem (whether underlying or not) complicated by pregnancy state. Pulmonary oedema means excess fluid in the lungs because of poor heart functioning. Some of you may have seen patients with heart failure having swollen legs – that is the excess fluid; now in the lungs. In pregnancy state, a woman develops a couple more liters of blood (from a normal 5 litres for an adult) to allow for further circulation to the unborn baby. In the immediate aftermath of delivering, all women will have excess blood but the body has physiological mechanisms tht help her come to normal state. Now

  22. Now, if she had poor heart function (most probably hear failure) and the expected increased blood volume that the heart has to deal with once the baby is born, it means the situation was quiet dire. What I also read is that she was brought to the hospital a few hours before delivery and died same day after deliver. The scenario above means she needed close monitoring prior to delivery to monitor both her general condition, heart function/condition, blood pressure versus excess blood volume and fetal wellbeing.

  23. One critical way to deal with pulmonary oedema is to give drugs that will ensure the kidneys produce a lot of urine and other drugs to make the heart work with agility; but the kidneys can produce only so much urine. In fact the excess blood after delivery worsens the heart failure. The pulmonary oedema compromises breathing. It’s a pity we lost her but her case was tricky but not insurmountable. MHSRIP.

  24. @Red card “Kelvin”, Do u have proof? May God deal with u accordingly! U should be ashamed of your self! Do not judge others and think that u squiky clean.

  25. Joachrome, I’m just saying what happened, if one should not  from hide reality. She had CD4 count of 15.Treatment started one week ago. 

  26. @ Wow, you seem to talk like one who has no common sense at all. yes, the woman complicated heart condition even prior to coming to the hosp. women die in labour becaused of the three delays, delay in seeking medical attention, delay in getting to the appropriate health centre, delay in instituting ncessary intervention. doctors should not take the blame alone. infact, the zambian doctors work under extremely stressful conditions which go unnoticed because no one cares to recognise the efforts, except in such enventualities.In Mofya’s case and the time she sought medical attention, death was inevitable, and am sure the attending doctor did his/her best to save the baby. and is nt everything that good, that pure dullness to assume such!

  27. Minsters,and old rich Balies stoping chewing our young ladies in Zambia , you are killing them, with you old school Virus. These government Guys also refuse to use condoms because the girls are young. See what you’ve done. Mr Kunda, how’ze your health these days.

  28. And get a western doctor to work under our conditions.. Then you’ll see how they get amazed at how our doctors make precise the clinical acumen without depending on the machines and using their intelligence to try as much as possible to use the lil resources @ hand, which our western counterparts can’t do!! And all this is done for free! You will never ever get that in western world, you pay through your nose to get medical aid, and if you don’t, you die..

  29. You guys Doctors and Nurses are also human beings who dont rejoice in the loss of life , let alone maternal death, you should see them how sad and devastated they become when such a death occurs , remember life is precious therefore no Dr. or Nurse can wake and go for work to go and kill somebody even now they are mourning with the entire nation. Remember also that it is during this time that we should seek the face of God, this mag. is for the following number 3,8,11,12 &16

  30. Dr. Jinx Cercal Plexus,
    I alo read the same article you refer to and most of what you have said and yopur analysis sounds acuurate. However, I am not sure they brought her to UTH t deliver or it was due to her acute condition due to the Pulmonary oedema you refer to. My interpretation was that decision to deliver her was made to save the baby when Doctors realised chances of her survival were slim. Or probably in the hope that if she delivers, probably that would reduce stress on her and both mother and child could live, whatever the case, am not sure all blame could be apportioned to the medics, this was just another untimely death.
    By the way, we lose a lot of such young women in simmiallr manner, its just that Chisenga was a celebrity and we all identify with her, MHSRIP

  31. This author works in UTH and was present at delivery. Please stop demeaning us . She received adequate treatment that she would get elsewhere. Even a consultant was present at her delivery.Please do get timely advice and accept treatment early.We have very big brains despite working under pathetic conditions. RIP though..

  32. May her soul rest in peace.Sad to die at such a tender age and leaving a baby behind who will has been denied the chance to know her mother.Life can be cruel..

  33. Oh shame we will miss you rest in peace and may God heal the broken hearts of the people close to you have left.

  34. Dear drs. take it easy i know it pains especially looking at the conditions you work under sometimes you cant even find a gloove to examine the patient with but yours is a calling take heart and keep cool you gallant men of Africa.

  35. Her death sounds preventable. The President said “he does not deserve to be president if a woman dies in childbirth” He set up Ministry of Com Dev, Mother & Child health. I pray he sticks to his word and saves lives. I pray her family will take care of her baby as though she is alive. I also pray that God will comfort her child through out his /her life as there will always be a void there. I pray no one blames the child. But this type of death must be stopped. God has given us knowledge we can do something about it. Im sure this lady was hurled with insults by nurses as she was dying. PLEASE Mr President look into the attitudes of maternity nurses.
    @50 Dr Plexus. constant observation is something UTH does not provide sadly. Perhaps they are overwhelmed.

  36. I never knew her personally but her death has touched me as a woman and mother. I feel sorry for people who have had to endure such unnessary loss. Whatever led to her death for her family is now inconsequential. But all I can say is rest in peace, your job is done and you used your talents as God wants all of us to do. Its a shame it had to be this way. Looking forward to the new Ministry swinging into action and seing how the new Government plans to tackle this. Preferably they should just build a hospital or hospitals specifically dedicated to Ob/gyn and early child pediatrics like 10 years and younger. The ped wing at UTH is not enough.

    • Yes this is a good idea. Hospitals must be built specifically for pre and post Natal ailments. Its also a pity that we only have one children’s hospital. How do we look after our future without a focus on the little ones’ health?

  37. You guys have so concentrated on the complications of child birth which was not even the cause of death, this story is twisted because the girl died of pulmonary oedema and they only did the delivery to save the baby. I think LT exercise smoe professionalism and get confirmation before rushing to reporting some stories.

  38. Deaths from childbirth are markedly higher in the Developing world. We must look at improving our health systems so that we do not lose young mothers like this so often. As it is if you go to our rural areas all young women have to resort to ing’anga in times of pregnancy. Government please work on health ministry first before anything else!

  39. Something need to be done to improve the standard of healthy in Zambia. Alot of people have died because of lack of good equipments and proper trained medical team. I know for sure thousands of women die from these type of complications everyday in Zambia and nobody cares or brings it to anyboby’s attention because they neglect people from rural and poor parts of Zambia like SHANTI COMPOUNDS. These are should be some issues well educated women in Zambia should be teaching or advocating about instead of fighting over MMD/PF issues. This is a wake up call to everyone in the communities to work towards improving healthy sector than dempending on the Govt to deliver, i know their are some olderly women to form groups like Midwife campaign groups in areas where they live. RIP young lady!!

  40. @Wow, I always refused when somebody told me dullness is natural, but with you, I believe dullness can be congenital, you were born with it.. Making conclusions to something you have zero idea about. That’s the defination of both stupidity and dullness, you actually do sound like a unza wanted-to-be graduate but you were dropped out coz of ur natural dullness. Sorry to say but its too late to save you from it. Unless you had a functioning brain but unfortunately,you were not born with one. Its not necessary arguing with a dander head like you.

  41. Healthcare in Zambia is rubbish. Today a mother should not not be allowed to die in childbirth. What is this rubbish. Someone should have been monitoring her during pregnancy. When they she was getting close to delivery they doctors should have done a C-section. Some times it is too late to save both mother and child, but they could have tried in this case. Unless she suffer pre-eclamsia. Pregnant women sometimes suffer from pre-eclamsia due to high blood pressure caused by pregnancy. Nurses and doctors should know this in Zambia. We are still so far away from knowledge in dear poor Zambia. Bloody third world country where pregnant women do not count. Sick sick sick country. The govt puts money in schemes like HIV/AIDS and ignore prevent measures of other ailment, ONLY in Zambia is HIV/AID

  42. That is a very sad, sad situation. MHSRIP. I am not sure whether blame can be assigned to the hospital at all in this situation. There seems to be truth in the comments of some bloggers regarding Mofya’s pre-existing medical condition. Its a blessing they were atleast able to save the baby. I am certain that our underpaid ,under-appreciated heros of the Ministry of Health(or whatever Sata has chosen to call it) did their best. They are human to and not on trial here. We moan the unnecessary loss of life but also applaud the efforts to save her and her baby. Journey well young sister!

  43. And for those lashing out at BIMBE NJOVU and DR JINKS, doctors job is to give an honest account of what happened. I thank you both for your forwardness. We can blame other all we live. The answer lies within. We have got to start respecting ourselves and looking after our health better. The reason AIDS/HIV is such a problem at home is that men cant keep their things in their pants and women cant cross their legs. Put a condom on and stick to our partners and get regularly checked. That is the answer. We almost have no old prominent people. Our elders prey on young men and kill their wives and the young. Tule umfwa! 

  44. oops, prey on young women and kill their wives and the young. We have a real problem in zambia and we satisfy our egos at the expense of our lives and those of people we love. Will anybody be left in 50 years time,i wonder????? its a national tragedy. 

  45. Life is too short lets live it to the fullest but lets also take precautions. Ladies should refrain from this promiscous life for the sake of the money. Lusaka ladies especially go to extremes to keep up with high life, its expensive to look good, if you cant afford be content with what you have. They are alot of such cases and i wish when talking about the cause of death when a person dies, can be that open to help those left behind, that indeed HIV/AIDS is real. And to all the big men out there please exercise some decency, if you know you are + why would you want to take a young life, you have had your share leave the young woman enjoy hers. Its really a shame besides you even have wives at home whats the use wasting a life. May God chastise your sorry A.S.S.

  46. May your soul rest in Peace,I wish the doctors would have done something about the Fluids in her lungs so as to save her life after childbirth.Hopefully her baby will be in good hands what a life!!

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