State House instructed us to buy cars – Ng’ambi


WORKS and Supply Permanent Secretary Watson Ng’ambi has said his ministry received instructions from State House to single-source the procurement of four armoured luxury 4×4 Lexus motor vehicles.

President Sata recently questioned the logic by his predecessor to buy two luxury vehicles worth K3.6 billion amidst other pressing needs in the country, and also ordered the police to look for two other Lexus vehicles that had been procured.

Mr Ng’ambi said the ministry received instructions to seek permission from the Zambia Public Procurement Authority to allow it to buy and make the vehicles bullet-proof in line with the specifications that came in writing from State House.

On Sunday, through his administrative assistant Mikatazo Wakumelo, former President Rupiah Banda said he was not a procurement officer to be involved in the procurement of vehicles and that people who bought them were still serving in the Government. That was in reaction to revelations by President Michael Sata that Mr Banda’s administration bought four luxury Lexus vehicles and wondered what value they were adding to the people of Zambia.

Mr Ng’ambi said State House generated the quotation from one company in Germany and delivered it to the ministry to facilitate the purchase of the vehicles. “You know that we cannot buy anything that State House does not want. We received instructions and a quotation from one company in Germany to buy the four vehicles,” Mr Ng’ambi said.

He said having made all the arrangements, officials from State House, the Government controller of transport at the Ministry of Works, John Kasanga and other security personnel travelled to Germany to supervise the stripping and armour-plating of the vehicles.

Mr Ng’ambi said no-one had authority to question what State House had arranged because specifications on where the vehicles should be bought and their details were received from there.

He said a Government team went to Germany in August this year to supervise and facilitate transportation of the vehicles to Lusaka. President Sata recently questioned the logic by his predecessor to buy two luxury vehicles worth K3.6 billion amidst other pressing needs in the country. Speaking when he swore in Zambia National Service Commandant Nathan Mulenga and his deputy Alick Kamiji on Tuesday last week, Mr Sata expressed disappointment at the expenditure on the luxury vehicles.

However, Mr Banda last weekend welcomed the investigations into the matter, saying he was not a procurement officer. He said he was available at any given time to answer to any clarification which the current Head of State may have before they are made public.

{Times of Zambia}


  1. Are we talking about ~$700,000 for 4 armoured cars, which is ~ $175,000 per car. To me this looks normal. Let’s move on to the next, really serious issues. Are you sure that Sata will get a quotation to beat this? And how do you advertise an open tender for presidential security detail? Please let’s be serious.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I came to the same conclusion when I did the maths…. especially when one considers that this cost may also include total shipment and delivery. I guess the question is not so much the cost as to whether these were a necessary investment for Zambia. Why four of them….and only two seem to have been accounted for

    • Also lets look at the team who went to supervise the strpping and what not, the cost for the travels, accomodation, subsistence allowances and other expences, i think there is need to carefully look at this purchase of such luxury vehicles, honestly this is extravagant use of our hard earned PAYE.

    • Who said they should have advertised the deal? Sata only questioned the morality of the cost in relation to the needy Zambians. Dont you read?

  2. Opinion: Easterners cannot be separated from Malawians. Dictatorship is the only way Malawians know how to rule. KK and RB were dictators. Mugabe is Malawian. Luapulans and Northerners cannot be separated from Zaireans. Looting, corruption, ethnic division and chaos is the only way Zaireans know how to rule. Chiluba showed all these traits. It is not difficult to guess how the incumbent will rule.

    • Keep on being mad whilst we rule over you.Look at the entire Katanga province Luapulan and it is growing to a status only to be rivalled by SA.Here in the UK it is called having blueblood.Solution for you?Just inter marry…

  3. #2 you are stupid…you drive a corolla and you think that amount cant change the lives of some underprivileged zambian people…shame on you Not a LOWyer…

  4. No we are talking talking about $175,000 per car. we only have receipt for two vehicles worth 3.6 Billion. The intelligence have revealed that they were four. we are looking for the two other vehicles together with their cost. The two worth 3.6 which are bullet proof are at state house we are figuring where they are and the cost.


    • Brabus, Yes it is possible to buy a Japanese made car from Germany. Obviously manufactured by some other company like Daimler under franchise arrangement or simply by Toyota Germany. This is very normal in today’s global economy. Toyota has several manufacturing plants in parts of Europe and the USA. Perhaps the issue at hand is why so much money was spent on two cars to protect one hopeless old man…  

  5. Sata’s fight against corruption is guaranteed to make him enemies, this includes enemies from malawi, who would want to blow him up, he needs thos armoured vehicles and they dont come cheap!      

  6. I think all ministers should not get new Toyota Prados and cars!!! Until Zambia Police has enough police cars and UTH and all major Hospitals have enough Ambulances

  7. These are armoured 4×4 Lexus vehicles equivalent to Landcruisers, and not the Lexus saloon vehicle shown in the picture.  The president should be properly protected unless we want to see an assassination soon.  The price looks reasonable.  If Sata does not like armoured vehicles, can he please sell the Mercedes Benz fleet at State House and he can either use his Toyota Cressida or better still a donkey cart!  I doubt if the Nissan Patrols and Pajeros with darkened windows that State House use are properly armoured.  The President’s security cannot be compromised.

  8. ‘He said a Government team went to Germany in August this year to supervise and facilitate transportation of the vehicles to Lusaka’..So RB was so sure of winning the election coz that was a month before the last general elections.

  9. Num 2, no wonder you are Not a LOWyer, coz your reasoning is so shallow. Its not about affording, its about necessity. Question is did he really need these 4 vehicles? all of them? for what? are we in war torn country? Just less than 2 years ago a fully armored benz was procured for state house, surely isnt that enough? if one cant see anything wrong with this purchase of 4 unnecessary vehicles, then he needs to be in a mental institution being sedated ba Not a LOWyer!

  10. Why does he even need 1 of them…No Logic…there is no need for a president of a nation whose populations (majority population that is) is living in abject poverty to lead a life of an Arab…absolutely illogical…look at the plight of the people…Viva Sata!!!!

  11. Why armoured cars?was RB under threat? You can see now that RB was not ready to give up power.He bought the cars in case Zambians react to the outcome of rigged elections. 

  12. By any means, let’s avoid insults. These are security details and the amounts are not that surprising. It reminds me of Chiluba’s revelations of the State House Tunnels. Later he realised he needed them. Sata is just being too fast with some of these ‘revelations’. I have heard two different versions from the current President, at first it was 2 and now it is 4. He should chew before he swallows. And there is that refugee MP from WP who was given and NRC by the MMD in 1978 :-) By the way, you can buy a car from one country and have it amoured in another. The number is not bad either, 2 decoys and 2 real stuff! Who would want to order another pair when they are trashed. The thing that should be of issue here is to find out where the other two are. I rest my case, now you can insult!

  13. Stupid not a lawyer.never take zambian for granted.if you are coming from a well to do family fine but many of our people wallop in poverty which that money you re saying is little could have gone a long way in purchasing drugs in our poor hospitals and also purchase other things which may be required by a poor zambian in rural areas.

  14. @#11, Ree the Don, Imagine sending  a team of Government officials from different ministries to Germany to buy 4 cars. I believe they where more than much was spent on their upkeep,allowances, air tickets etc. as if not enough, the cars are flown into Zambia. all these costs put together could by another armoured car. For what? I dont think we could be talking if RB bought just one car.

  15. Please ZAMBAINS even if we are complacent and think President SATA is a liar, what nonsense is this YOU MMD BLOGGERS?

    1- LEXUS is JAPANESE vehicle why come from Germany???
    2- We don’t have a LEXUS Dealer in Zambia (Toyota Zambia) is not authorized and can not service those vehicles, to mean, they have to fly them to South Africa for service????
    3- Where are the other two vehicles???
    As his name suggests, “BWEZANI” He really wanted to bring Zambia down and backward. This is silly extravagance, Navionelanji style. When poor Zambians are suffering. LET WHO EVER BOUGHT THE VEHICLES EXPLAIN, WELL DONE SATA.

  16. Not a lowyer,people are using strong words against you because they cant understand your levels of reasoning.I mean were the vehicles necessary??Why not direct the funds to pay outstanding pensions,thats what a real leader would do & Mr sata couldnt help but be apalled by such kind of leadership.Retirees are told government has no money,but k3.6 billion on two cars is negligible,right???

  17. We are 13million in Zambia so the government of rb could afford to give each one of us K1million and remain with a lot of change to go hospitals etc.  Selfish rb.

  18. The question is not on the price, the question is on why the need for 4 when state hse already has armoured mercs and numerous 4/4s ?.dig deeper and you will find the banda clan behind this with sons and his niece based at the embassy the main players.

  19. no 8 brabus, a lexus is any brand of a car that is luxurious – do your own research – i think because you have only seen a lexus toyota you think a lexus is a toyota. 

    • You are wrong, @ 8 is right?? Lexus is Premier Brand (Franchise) for Toyota and very Japanese Do your research properly.. and in Africa only South African Dealers are authorised to distribute the vehciles… check my comments @ 34

    • Dear #25 ine wine. Please note: – Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. They now make them in mid range for middle class income earners. I nearly got one, but went for a Nissan. What you just described is a Limousine or Limo for short. .

  20. @ 20 YOU ARE RIGHT, this is how STU.PID MMD behaved, why send people all the way to GERMANY for Cars? When will your Dealerships in your country benefit? What was the cost of flights and hotel accommodation??? Very silly and dull. Damn thank GOD MMD is out. I did not imagine such stupidity.

    • Will PF govt be giving details about the security of the President and defence issues in the public budget? You do not tender presidential security mwana!

    • Bullet Proof armored vehicles have nothing to do with presidential Security, they are standard and can be ordered in a Dealership. Something is wrong with this deal.

  21. Most of bloggers here are small time thinkers who cant think beyond their noses Guys like #5, #8, #12,#13 give us a break and go drink Chibuku please. Its so clear that this topic beyond your scope. Dont think with your buttocks!!!

  22. Not a LOWyer, is the purchase of these vehicles a priority for zambia at the moment???? 5 to 7 women sharing a bed in UTH, school kids sitting on the floor, roads in disrepair and so on and so on, the presidential motorcade unit is adequate for now we do not need these lexus things. that money would have been put to good use, setting up more institutions for higher learning as the current ones are not adequate to march with the current population.

  23. The good thing is that there is Google cache and this excitement we are witnessing with the new govt, will be checked against hard facts when they settle in. Security of the President is not cheap however you look at it. Every President, no matter how modest he is, will be expensive to protect. This sitting President is known to flip-flop so much that we will forget we had this argument at the beginning of his tenure. 

  24. Noy a LOWyer,it seems you have half a brain………Problem is you guys want to live beyond your imaginary means.Are you telling us $175,000 is nothing.This translates to $175,000*K5,000=K875,000,000.You would need almost your entire 35years of emploment life (if you are lucky to have started work at 20 years)to earn that much of money.An average zambian does not earn K24,000,000 per year.Mulekwata ko uluse guys.Was RB under any form of threat to his life,why would mugabe or mbingu want to kill RB?

  25. Bwezani Banda says:

    After doing all those air miles in the Presidential Challenger,I wanted to try another expedition. I was going to start a new challenge-world tour in those Lexus cars.

    You Zambians are very jealousy people. You kicked me out because you couldn`t stand my wife and I doing this. Shame on you.

  26. @ Not a Lowyer: What serious issues? The point is that it is not about the materiality all the time. Regardless how small it seems, it is the principle that matters. Fraud must not go unpunished. What you ought to know is that anything that has got no receipts or supporting evidence does not exist.

  27. But where are the other two that Mr Sata is not aware of their where abouts. Maybe one is with Henry and the other with James Banda. Bala bakaka.

  28. @25 NOT TRUE, Lexus is the Premier Brand for TOYOTA??? @ 8 is right?? Please Don’t start something you cannot handle; WE have many Automotive experts on the blog??

    Lexus = Toyota
    Infinity = Nissan
    Mercedes = Maybach (Brabus is just an accessory?? Additional options like AMG???)
    Ford = Lincoln

    Just for your Information and correction??

  29. bafikala 4 armored cars of that standard plus other related costs & fees can add up to K 3.6 billion.what should be questioned is the MORALITY to buy the cars amidst of poverty or RB thought Sata would lose and later would want to assassinate him?
    As of now let president Sata start using those 2 cars! locate and get the remaining 2 cars and use them as well period! if there was some inflating of figures let the officers involved pay back! otherwise lets spend more time of DELIVERING, mind u we are remaining with less than 70 days now.

  30. PF start checking reports that RBs niece who works at the embassy in germany to gether with his sons masterminded this needless purchase. RBs brother in law , the same girls father, was in germany as part of that delegation that went to see the cars.

  31. I agree with LOWyer, sometimes we Zambians are too petty; $175,000 per car sounds normal. Why four of them? coz other visiting presidents will also use them. Just next year (or is it 2013) Zambia is hosting a World Tourism conference; shud visiting presidents use toyota corollas!!! Single sourcing Germans are the best at armour plating veichles for VIPs and there are few other choices. Those who think a lexus is expensive try a benz or maybach as some other presidents use.

  32. Lusaka the capital of this country only has 1 fire engine. This money could have been better spent on urgent essentials such as emergency services equipment badly needed in this country.

  33. @ 25: Do not be insanely ridiculous trying to look very literate when in fact you are a half baked brain cell. Look, Lexus is the luxurious branch of the Toyota Corporation. Bottom line!

  34. Absolutely no need to spend that much for the vehicles…even a toyota corolla for zambia’s president is ok as long as it is amoured. This country needs these resources for schools,hospitals etc. people need to go out in the rural areas and will see how life is tough in zambia. community schools without desks,poorly paid teachers..etc  sata must be supported on this item. 

  35. #16 Not a LOWyer,
    You and all those who reason like you have vested interest in these RB plunders. What is your problem, are you doubting the permanent secretary who handled the purchase? I am beginning to think that you are were a beneficiary in these financial abuses.

  36. The issue is neccesity not the buying itself,for $175 000 for a 4*4 armoured Lexus,yes that price is normal,you dispute because you are used to buying from Nagoya junkyard.

  37. Not A LOWYER: I think you have a big point which our friends are not seeing. Questioning the morality is in itself too myopic. In just about three months, Zambia will be going to the AFCON. The question is what justification is there to spend money on a team which might not make it to thequarteri-finals? And why should Ministers be riding in Pajeros and not scooters for them to show their passion to save funds to be used on health?

  38. @ Dongo Na Sundu: Good start but then as usual, poor finishing. Those in authority need to have some ‘reasonable level of resources’ to maintain the respect of their subjects. Do not be petty over small items like Pajeros.

  39. Security of a president is very well gurded issue.It increases with increasing threats.Obama was desighned an amoured cadrec and his security is pretty expensive and heavy because every terrorist given a chance can blow him up. The threat that the president of Afghanistan faces is far more than the threat that a president in Zambia can face. Obvisously no president can inherit an amoured car which was used by his predecessor and which is well known by others. Obvisously there was a security brief before the purchace was made public.The all deal stinks of nepotism and unecessary luxury anyway.

  40. In line with corruption fighting now we need to know how PF is going to creates jobs….people want jobs …so far the minister of labour has not told the nation how may jobs have been created and 90 days is almost over…….the nation needs a strategy on poverty reduction this gossip does ant feeding people…

  41. Sata is just dull at first it was 2 and now its four which is normal for a presidential car.You can’t risk the life of a president on a Corolla car.Your president should learn to think through his head and not throat.

  42. Point of correction K3.6bn for Four (4) armoured 4*4 presidential vehicles and they are not his but GRZ. Lets sale them if we dont need them, period.

    • Thats very true they should sell them and channel the money else where instead of complain about it and letting everyone know what was bought in state house.

  43. @3 Keep on being mad whilst we rule over you.Look at the entire Katanga province Luapulan and it is growing to a status only to be rivalled by SA.Here in the UK it is called having blueblood.Solution for you?Just inter marry…

  44. I thought Lexus was a Toyota brand, why then where the vehicles acquired from Germany instead of Japan? Should i take it that Lexus is manufactured in Germany or that something fishy by State House was going on. Why single source the vehicles, It is better to put the acquisition to tender and get the best price for the vehicles? RB, whether this was legal on not, man you were spending money like there is no tomorrow.

  45. Gadafi am sure has more than the lexus and are missle proof but were his he? you see what sata is saying is not to protect himself you only need to work for the poeple and not for yourself on the expence of the majority. the office of state house is for a servant for the poeple and when a particular servant works to the benefits of his poeple he enjoys more even after his works like mandela , i wonder why many fools think presidents need too much protection and making more poeple die of hunger ,lack of medicines

  46. Mr President, get on to real business, can you pay the retires their dues before december, Those vehicles are already government property. Now that you are in GRZ, you will be exposed to start mentioning billions and trillions but utilize those monies for the betterment of Zambia.

  47. This is really trivial for the President to be wasting time on. Let us put things into context. Just a few examples of cars that mere mortals (kaponyas among them) drive around the globe.
    2011 Rolls Royce Phantom $380,000
    2012 Rolls Royce Ghost $250,000
    Bentley Continental $181,200
    And perhaps they should have bought the 2010 Mercedes Brabus E V12 at a princely $715,000. If you are looking try an armour plated Toyota Landcruiser for a kindlier $150,000.
    The point I am making is that HEMCS will soon find that he and Dr. Masebo deserve, for security reasons, Presidential like vehicles to take them around and a Corolla does not fit the bill. Let us focus on real issues. This is trivial and will soon come to pass.

  48. #56 Tekton, All OEMs have factroies around the globe especially Toyota the no. 1 car maker in the world. This enables them, among other things, to build cars to local tastes and specification. Interestingly you will find Japanese people importing Toyotas from, say, the UK because they are more better tooled e.g. on safety. Germans import USA made BMWs as well. Hope that answers your question.

  49. Mr Am Not Lawyer government procedure states that if a tender is not open but selective by law you are required to have at least three quotations before a purchase can be made, the law is very clear on this particular issue.

  50. Making a car bomb and bullet proof is always more expensive than the car itself. Ask South American drug barons. $175,000 per car landed cost may not be too far from what is expected. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

    Also, how do other countries source amoured cars for their heads of state? Does any one here know?

  51. Help me remember the presidential candidates who stood for MMD’S NEC elections which saw Rupiah Banda emmarged victorious and the death of President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa Sc. (i) MAGANDE NGANDU, (ii) Professor CLIVE CHIRWA, (iii) NEVERS MUMBA SEKWILA, (iv). RUPIAH BANDA BWEZANI, (V). SONDASHI LUDWIN…etc. Here is free advice to my MMD Party members. Among the people i have mentioned here who even stood for the presidency of mmd after levy’s death is Dr. NEVERS MUMBA SEKWILA, stop the rubbish of HH, you have a president to take over from PF in 2021 August 14th ( FROM NOW just make use of NEVERS MUMBA SEKWILA as yuor president REMEBER RUPIAH BANDA Left us a prophecy yet to be fulfilled that MMD will come back yes in 2021 August14th. NEVERS TAKE THE MATTLE FROM RB.

  52. The merc that the president uses cost K 5.2 billion, bought by late Mwanawasa but he never used it and it took years to build. There must be reasons why they bought four lexus and there are security issues involved here which bars open tender. Lets get RB to explain why he bought four vehicles.

  53. You chaps are not realistic this is alot of money the value is 3.6 if we add freight its probably half that price coz they are being flown up to Lusaka. If we assume even the other 2 cars (missing ones) are the same price it could even reach 18 billion. He needed to get one to add to what he had not 4 thats extravagant for a poor country like Zambia.

  54. Keep in mind that as you insult RB for buying 2 or 4 whatever which you don’t even have facts yourselves, he has left a fat account of international reserves amounting to US3Billion. When your Serpent starts chewing into those reserves, you will think he has brought the development we need. He will ransack all the reserves, and the Kwacha will tumble like the Zim Dollar.

  55. State secret. No tunnels to reveal so the only thing is to reveal the Lexus amoured vehicles, zim gold and a fighter jet which is in Israel God knows how it got there. Can we get more entertaiment please.

  56. @ Not a Lawyer has a point of sorts. A VX Landcruiser without armour costs in the region of USD180,000 at Toyota Zambia. Now, all the generals, ministers etc ride in these. So for us to mourn over USD175,00 being spent on an amoured presidential vehicle is being blind to how much else we are spending on cars as a country, or indeed being blind to how much brand new cars cost. Is 4 of them too much, I dont know. But one thing is for sure, when the head of state travels to rural areas, he needs a 4X4 vehicle, and not a mercedes. How old are the 4X4’s which were in stock @ state house and did they reach end of life to warrant replacement? Others opposing Not a Lawyer equaly have a point. Should we be spending this much on cars at the expense of medical supplies in hospitals? No..

  57. From the start of production, Lexus vehicles have been produced in Japan, with manufacturing centered in the Ch?bu and Ky?sh? regions, and in particular at Toyota’s Tahara, Aichi, Ch?bu and Miyata, Fukuoka, Ky?sh? plants. Assembly of the first Lexus built outside the country, the Ontario, Canada-produced RX 330, began in 2003. Following a corporate reorganization from 2001 to 2005, Lexus also operates its own design, engineering, and manufacturing centers, solely responsible for the division’s vehicles.

  58. I’m PF and Sata supporter…but will Sata be talking about operational issues that perm sec can handle…Come on guys… Sata needs to restrict himself to Governance and Executive issues..These are tactical issue which controlling officers must tell us..not the Head of Start.. Since Cabinet was announced I have only head from Sata and Kandu Luo…What are the other ministers doing…

  59. All politician are human, who need systems in place to control them. Just like most of the bloggers they through words which are unthinkable to each other or leaders they do not agree with, simply becoz no one is there to control them on the keyboard. The principle is to put checks and balance. We need the opposition to critise each and evry decision in order for HE Sata not to get out of control as was the case with RB. When a person stops taking in critism look out for begining of falling or failing, best example is MMD. Ask VJ he will explain more

  60. 6- I drive a Toyota corolla and am happy with my car , I don’t need to please anybody with a big monster of a car . I don’t need to please people who never saw a flush toilet before they came to the Copperbelt 

  61. C’mon PF when has buying cars become a crime in zambia … Sata bought thousands of cars and pangas for MMD. Please attend to the promises we will not be distracted …..

  62. It is very clear that KAPOTU @ # 82 and a few other MMD plunder supporters blogging above do not understand that the documents at the ministry of works account for 4 vehicles but only 2 were received. Secondly, there is so much pretence that K3.6 billion was for all 4 vehicles, it was each vehicle and this tells that each vehicle cost US$720,000. Is it really fair for a president of a country like Zambia to aspire to own the most expensive luxurious monstrous vehicles? Start understanding that HE MCS is a very simple guy and he will not allow this kind of abuse on his watch. For us who are wih him we understand how appalled he is by this LEXUSGATE! We will actually action them!

  63. @83 Answer me, when has buying cars be it Lexus or Bentley become a crime????  PF, you are just sooooo excited with the demise of MMD but remember the next party will do the same to you. I said Sata used to buy pangas for chawama wars ….. thats more a crime than buying a lexus, by the way, isn’t the car standing next to satana? so what was stolen????

    Just get real guys I know you suffered to be where are now, but graciously treat the opposition with the same respect you expect.

  64. @ 83 While still ecited about investigating everything including teabugs for state house … lets also investigate the Merzaf houses … how about that? Maybe while we are still at it … lets investigation the money laudering, lets know how PF funded their campaigns.

  65. All those people defending RB on this one must be miles and miles from reality.Do you remember the woman who gave birth out side the hospital because the Banda govt couldn’t care less?That was when the ‘hour’ stopped ticking I’m afraid.Can someone help me with this question which has bothered me for a few days…A 74 yr old man like RB amassing so much wealth in 3 years.How long is he going to enjoy that for?If I were 20 maybe I would be tempted but 74 mwe Bantu!!

  66. Sata we salute you. What is wrong with the current protective cars that were at state hse ?.Some of you bloggers Stop acting like Zambia is rich…we are a nation were the majority still cant aford 3 meals a day. Were the majority of kids struggle to afford education.

    RB was weaving deals. All these purchases were made to look a neccecity by his sons who had fingers in all deals above $500K passing through the airport. That is fact. When customes find a clearence of goods worth more $500K, state hse got involved. Sata reinstate abuse of office hence forth. That is why it was scrapped by RB, so he could go on spending sprees.

  67. Iam not a procurement officer “RB”. The one who made that decision is still somewhere there in top government offices. So gentlemen hold you insults, let the law take its course someone is there to explain on the cost and for whom the where meant fall because RB is already expressing ignorance of the entire deal.

  68. i dont know if sum of you in here were born yet when mubarak was almost assasinated in ethiopia when he went for a visit. lucky he was using his amoured benz car. Presidential security is not a joke if troubled presido comes to zambia for a visit and u have renegades here he can be killed. By the way a presidential car is an office as such no any other person or presido can use it apart from the incumbent. A minimum of 2 is acceptable but for the 4 katwishi. Luk at this PS who else can giv u details apart from state house security aides those are the ones who know the specs and u foolish chaps how do you advertise a security sensitive job mwebantu. u c even kaunda at 1 time thot all zambians luved him until he was pelted with oranges. i feel sorry 4 shikulu sata he is losing it fast

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