Spotlight on Dr. Dambisa Moyo



As Zambia celebrates her 47th independence ,we put a spotlight on a woman who is making her country proud and is an inspiration to many .

Dr Dambisa Moyo is an international economist who comments on the macro economy and global affairs.

She is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How there is a Better Way for Africa(2009) and How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly and the Stark Choices Ahead(2011).

 Moyo is also a regular contributor to financial journals such as The Economist and Financial Times and has appeared as a guest on networks such as CNN, CNBC , BBC , and FOX Business.


  • Dr Dambisa Moyo was born (in 1969) and raised in Zambia.
  •  In 1997, Moyo earned a Master of public administration (MPA) from Harvard University’s Kennedy school of Government.
  •  She earned a Master of Business administration (MBA) in Finance and Bachelor of science (BS) in Chemistry from American University in Washington D.C.
  •  She holds a Doctorate (DPhil –Doctor of Philosophy) in Economics from St.Antony’s College ,Oxford University; her 2002 dissertation is titled “Essays on the determinants of the components of savings in developing countries


In her 2009 book Dead Aid , she discusses foreign aid and why African countries should not rely wholly on it for development. She is brutally honest about how “charity” is actually killing her country Zambia and other African countries.

Moyo explains that Aid is actually worsening the levels of poverty .Countries that were receiving the most amounts of Aid actually had very low average annual growth rates of -0.2%! In the last 30 years when the amount of Aid flowing into Africa were at its peak, poverty levels rose from 11% to un astounding 66%!

“Transferring large amounts of money from one government to another encourages corruption, creates Aid dependency, kills off exports and disenfranchises Africans,” says Moyo. The main problem is that, according to Moyo , “Many Africans are now addicted to Aid.”Foreign aid, in a way, brings up corrupt governments by providing them with freely usable cash. These corrupt governments interfere with the rule of law, the establishment of transparent civil institutions and the protection of civil liberties, making both domestic and foreign investment in poor countries unattractive. With fewer investments there is limited economic growth, which leads to fewer job opportunities and increasing poverty levels. In response to growing poverty, donors give more aid, which continues the cycle.

Dr Dambisa Moyo does not just criticize foreign aid ,she also highlights alternative sources of revenue for developing countries, such as ;

  • private capital markets,
  • foreign direct investment,
  • trade,
  • micro-enterprise lending
  • remittances and private savings

That does not mean that Governments would stop being corrupt, but the corruption would be reduced due to the fact that there would less “free” money to throw around. People are more likely to be careful with money they have worked hard for as opposed to money they have been given.

Thus, in Moyo’s view, the starting point of helping Third World countries is to stop pretending that the Aid-based development model currently in place will generate sustained economic growth in the world’s poorest countries. She suggests telling Third World countries that the financial flow will end in five years. Other than temporary disaster relief, there will then be no more Western cash to underwrite African failure.

You may or may not agree with her views , but she does bring about some good points in her book . Our leaders should take time to read it.

Many people has good things to say about her work . She was invited to Rwanda by President Kagame to discuss her thesis and the President bought copies of the book for his entire. He says that “Dead Aid has given us an accurate evaluation of the aid culture today”.


  • In 2009, Moyo was honored by the World Economic Forum as one of its Young Global Leaders .
  • In May 2009, TIME Magazine named Moyo as one of the world’s 100 most influential people.
  •  In September 2009 Moyo was featured in Oprah Winfrey ‘s power list of 20 remarkable visionaries.
  •  On March 14, 2011, Moyo spoke at the annual Observance ceremony marking Commonwealth Day in Westminster Abbey. She spoke on “Women as Agents of Change” in the presence of the Queen Elizabeth II , British Prime Minister David Cameroon and 2000 guests.
  • In the same month The Daily Beat  also selected Moyo as one of “150 Extraordinary Women Who Shake The World” along with Hilary Clinton, Madeleine Albright  and others.

She is an inspiration to all Zambians especially women.



  1. She is no more educated as I am . She is being called Impresive? For what?

    I have contributed more to Zambia, sent clothes for my rekatives sent money, as well in excess of £5 000 in the last 3 years. I have intentions of buying land with my fiance and building on it

    And Oh I have a Masters , CIMA and ACCA, so in as far as I think she has done well. I am believe I should be in the forefront as I clearly have contributed to this country apart from being very educated. One who knows what I have gone through to study, will realise that mine is clearly a better feat. My name is Mushota Chimfwembe


    • You dumb COW.
      You are always saying you will never come back to Zambia as it disgusts you.
      Now you say you spent only 5000 pounds supporting Zambians.

      Dambisa has contributed more in this world than you can ever do.
      When have you written an analysis about the problems of the world and how to solve them?

      Once again please be quiet with you ME ME ME attitude.
      It’s sickening and colonialistic.

      If you want to contribute to Zambia’s problems then use your mind like Dambisa has done and not your degrees.

    • I also googled your name and there is nothing I discovered about you. I thought perhaps you are an intellectual and we had overlooked you. But just like I assumed, you are trying to get some fame by posting annoying comments which you think are intellectual analyses of important issues. Grow up. And this should be the last time you should dare compare yourself to well accomplished women. You are simply not in their league.  

    • Oh please spare us you jealous attitude. You can’t even spell relatives and you want to make noise about being very educated. I know you excuse, “typing error” well educated people check their work before posting on a public platform.

    • You should feel ashamed and embarrassed for posting this comment. I feel sorry for you that you had to compare yourself to anyone. Where is your self-esteem? Where is your sense of pride for who you are?

  2. Hahahaha @ 3 Ba Mushota, I dont find your comments funny but this one is really funny. This Lady Dambisa Moyo has brains jokes aside. She has Inspired many including myself. She does not boost about her qualification but she draws attention to issues we take forgranted. if you are not be inspired by her work, nothing will inspire you.

  3. #3

    I reckon its relatives and not rekative…you have a Masters, in what?Your comments are always quite interesting, always reflecting your very interesting lifestyle…but surely dont write about educational achievements that you have not attended, its weird and quite frankly, embarrassing.

    Dr Moyo should be asked to employ her expertise in Zambia. It is clear in her writing that she has Africa at heart, and now is the time (long overdue)to employ the best of policies in Zambia and create Just Institutions that can create flourishing lifestyles…Congratuation Dr Moyo on your new book.

  4. As long as Zambia continue to ignore such resources and dwell on mediocrity we are seeing in zambia, the benefits remain a pipe dream.

  5. I have never head about her. But going by what has been presented here, she can contribute alot to our country. PF should look for her and give her a job in line with her profession.

  6. so refreshing to read an article about a zambian woman making a mark on the map.
    young girls there is more to life than brazilian weaves and all that vanity.strive to be a bigger and better individuals.
    kudos to you Dr Moyo

  7. There is nothing PF can offer to Dr. Moyo. Let let excel to the whole world where she’s appreciated, don’t mess her up and donchi kubeba!

  8. @3, Mushota. What books have you written? Maybe you are just good at studying. All Zambians must be proud of this women, respected across the world.

  9. Beautiful in her brains and appearance. Next Time it will be Prof Clive Chirwa. I salute you but u most of u successful Zambian who are doing well you are owez abroad is it coz we can’t pay enough?

    I am inspired

  10. In her interviews, Dambiso, does not say she is a Zambian, rather, she insists that she was born in Zambia, but is actually Zimbabwean. Brilliant girl, stop claiming her for Zambia.

    • Which interviews are you talking about?She has never claimed to be a Zimbo so don’t push her there.Some people have dual heritage and if they are more than the ohter then you need to respect that.There are many many Moyos and Dambisa’s in Zambia.I have an English sirname but that does not mean I am not Zambian…

    • Dambisa is pure Zambian you muppet. She was born in Zambia of Zambian parents, both mother and father. She is Tumbuka. Do your own reserach, and I guess you wouldn’t understand that either.

  11. I was NOT diminshing what she has achieved. Clearly she she has done well for herself, but all I am asking is to look at things in bigger persepctive!
    I said I am zambian and I am a woman and I believe I am just as educated. I also believe that education of Of USA is inferior to the UK.

    Its like compating the UNZA with WIts, or Cape town Universirty! or even Evelyn Hone college and UNZA. Whilst finishing my ACCA I also had The BSc Degree in Applied Accounting at Oxford Brookes. Besides My MBA started at Thames Valley University and finished it at University of the West of Scotland. My record is their and speaks for itself. Its not about boasting just facts!!

    I think she had done well, but I am just as good and maybe on her level. As i explained my zambia contributions also Thanks

    • Oxford Brookes…not Oxford. TVU – one of the worst rated unviersities…do they have an MBA programme, and Uni of West of Scotland?? I didnt know it existed! American universities have better funding and have more nobel laureates coming out of their instituitions. I was going to ignore you and post a positive comment on how inspiring Dr Moyo is but I just thought you needed to be put in your place. Don’t think any degree earned out of Zambia is something – with those types of institutions you should not waste your time and money, you are a jealous and vain simpleton I hope we never meet! Keep on Dr Moyo I want to be like you one day ;-)

    • lol!! Oxford Brookes and Thames Valley Uni can not be compared to Harvard and Oxford Uni!! Come on chick. You are a hoot though!

    • you are clearly deluded! Just from your command or lack of it even, of the English language…youre not allowed to claim equal footing with Moyo later on qualifications. you are Intellectually inferior!! stay in your lane!!

  12. Ba Mushota, She is a Doctor and you only have a ka Masters in what ever shit you studied by opening your legs. Typical of Zambian girls who are always jealous of other girls achievements. I only wish she can return to Zambia and contribute to our development and even become our first Zambian female president. She is also good looking. 

  13. Mushoooooota! Indeeed women dont support it other. All you so in that articles is competion? By the way, who are you? Can somebody who knows explain. I new to this blog in terms of contributions but i think i have always found your remarks childish, provocative and lacking in subsistence. Are you comedian, so that we take you for who you are?

    Moyo, you are fantastic, keep it up….by the way, are you happily married?

  14. @Mushota, I think you are missing the point behind this article. The celebration of one person does not mean others did not do well too.I am sure there are others in Zambia who are equally, if not more, educated than Dr Dambisa.Her contribution is being recognised here and as an African I am very proud of her. Let celebrate one another. Think abundance.

  15. Iwe ka Mushota # 15, uchinje mwaiche aha, ninshi kanshi iwe?!
    She did her PhD at Oxford Uni but you are busy playing the PHD (pull her down) syndrome!

  16. @14Which interviews are you talking about?She has never claimed to be a Zimbo so don’t push her there.Some people have dual heritage and if they are more than the ohter then you need to respect that.There are many many Moyos and Dambisa’s in Zambia.I have an English sirname but that does not mean I am not Zambian…

  17. Mushota well done.We agree you are educated and appreciate that.Being educated i am sure you knowthe difference between PHD and masters that you have.Dambisa has shared and is still sharing her education, imparting it to others in different but high forums.Once you do this you too will easily be recognised.In the meantime we shoulod appreciate what Dambisa has done and perhaps emulate…role model especially as a woman…

  18. @14 (Sonsolo Nomuchelemo)
    I did not know that Dambisa Moyo’s father Steven Moyo(former DG at ZNBC) is Zimbabwean.Even her Musician younger sister Marsha Moyo is equally Zimbabwean?

    • WORD!!!!!
      Spot on ba Shooter thans 4 shooting these good 4 nothing pipo who like saying things from without. Eh data

    • Its easy. Some of us did engineering then MBA then ACCA. I know of other engineers who have branced to finance and banking for instance.

  19. Mushota Chifwembe, I admire your openess that expose your foolishnes. You put yourself to on competition platform no one asked you to. Listen and listern good, there are many ladies who have PhDs in Zambia and working silently, my wife is one of them. Dambiso is yet another woman that has earned her reputation as top 100 economists. You begin comparing education, ok she did her education in USA, as a means to the great end, her research and topic was practical not only Zambia but third world countries. Challenging the WEST who are giving you AID. Its like you bite the finger that is feeding you. I doubt what IMF, WORLD bank and etc felt, yet it was a kind eye opener. Common, she was opening your & my eyes that as long as we depend on AID we shall remain poor, Do not CHASE your OWN SHDO

  20. Very impressive woman. We need more of such women, how i wish government or NGO can organise so that she can be giving motivation talks to young students in zambia.

  21. Iwe, Ka MUSHOTA, akantu Kobe, what have you done? Ukuiufwa??? Tapali nefyo Ukwete?? kamakaka? Nawikuta Beans? wachilya akachelo na Bacon?? You are jealousy?? There goes an educated Girl not Iweee? You just depend on your Boy Friend??? thumbs down on you.??? I will publish your name and number?? wachila??

  22. By the way I googled your name MUSHOTA CHIFWEMBE…surprisingly nothing comes out of on the internet,out of your name. Try with Dambisa Moyo, and you will see what comes on internet. If I gave you my true name, you would be amzed a number of Intrenational orgnaisation that have cited my research see a number of publications that comes out. More importantly the number of jobs that have been created as a reasult of my research and work. That is what we say, not only sending clothes to relatives and planning to build, you are still dreaming Mushota.

  23. I just googled “Mushota Chimfwembe” and the name only shows up on the LT site. Is there any other site that name appears on?

  24. Our Sweet Mushota!!! are you Zambian today?? well Happy Independence Day, One Zambia-One Nation-One Colour (Mushota’s Muzungu Boy Friend)

  25. #29. Charity Banda, thats is a way to go. I salute your reasoning. Make a proposal am sure Dambisa will be more than willing to reach out to our young girls. all these things are achievable, I have met other women of substance like a Kenyan Prof. Ruth Oniango, who 14 years ago I met her at an international conference and introduced me to FAO director and WHO Directors and told me that her legacy was to be remembered as a means for young ones to excell in their career. So Charity, I applaud you.

  26. MCS appoint Mushota your economic advisor or advisor to Minister for Finance he needs someone more engetic then himself to run around and open doors..Dr Moyo is a Zambain but his first wife Dambisa mom is from zims….

  27. This woman has always be an inspiration, she makes me so proud to be Zambian. She deserves a diplomatic passports as someone has already pointed it out. 

  28. Ba Mushots congratulations on your academic achievements and your ability to mobilise 5000$ in aid for your poorer relatives back home. I hope you also raise a similair amount to support your husbands poorer relatives in scotland..we also hope you and your fiance will buy land to build in Scotland..otherwise we are proud of you and your achievements as well…oh and for your information Dr. Moyo got her first degree from UNZA..but now appears on CCN, BBC,VOA…but heck you are right there is no difference between your education and hers except she has done something positive with hers….

  29. Wait a minute!

    People I think she had done very well. Well done Dr. All I am saying is I have done just as good, and I did not pick up my qualifications on the street. I worked hard and pardon my ignorance but I do believe I have as good an education as she has, whether she has contributed to the world or in my case Zambia is another thing altogether
    The majority if not all, who are joining the bandwagon of merely being scared of her and talking of her achievements when she has done little but selfishly been using her education outside Zambia are the same ‘nymphs’ and ‘lizlings’ who are for some reason not respecting my achievements
    You discount my £5 000 contributions and endless counts of clothes sent to Zambians. What has she done for the poor children on the streets?

  30. Also ‘General’ You are not as educated as you sound and I doubt your wife, (he or she) is as educated as you point out. I can see through you and as I can all you ‘Loose Canons’ should look in the mirror before you attack my educational contributions and restrain from mumblings and clicking on , down arrow no confidence. As I believe Zambia is rather fortunate to have produced some like me, and I have no reason to be in the google engine, I am a house lady there to contribute to Scotland, zambia and please my man, Nick. That is my motto in life, and if you are not impressed with that, you are deluded and need help !
    I am not going away I will not be discouraged I shall educate you and many others till you start things I see, and are as wise as I am. Stop the hate

  31. Mushota, typical bemba chap with craped behaviour. You rarely find such stinky vomit from other tribes. This is a fact whether you accept or not. They are never happy to see others prosper except themselves. wicked attitude. You must change. Why talk about yourself instead of giving credit to Moyo the subject. Its all about yourself heeh!!!!!!!! That selfishness and self centredness is a cancer that must be fought aganist. They are not even ashamed as you will see more pathetic reaction to this mail. I have spoken and you have heard. You must change, I repeat you must change

  32. Ba Mushota can as well convince others by works not self praise as the case is. dambisa’s works speak for her. she does not need to tell us what education she has been through. am sure such works can be commended and recognized even without a first degree. thumbs up girl !!! your looks hey, nafwa!

  33. She is very impressive indeed. I learnt about her when her name was mentioned by bloggers suggesting potential BOZ governor.
    Without sounding like belittling all her achievements, I still think she is the types who are good at theory and not really practical. She worked at Consultant and at Goldman Sachs where she worked in the debt capital markets and we all know how Goldman Sachs contributed to the GFC. Again I’m not trying to blame her for the GFC.
    Listening to her interviews on the negative effects of aid to Africa and the way she credits China and their global economic emergence, I came to conclude she is a plural pundit who is good at ‘affirmative action’ of economics.

  34. I’m an engineer and I know a lot of people (including myself) who knew long time ago about how bad aid is for Africa, except those people never had a ‘star’ power and a global platform to argue this case. One didn’t need to have degrees to know that. Also to advocate an instant and complete abolishment of aid for Africa is asking for too much… we need a gradual phase out.
    And the China issue is on everyone’s mouth although only God knows for sure how it will turn out. For Dambisa to blame the West (where she serves on many boards) and credit China is a bit of hypocrisy to me.
    As much as I respect her achievements, I reckon she could serve Zambia in an advisory role.

  35. The onus is not on the government of the day to engage people like Dambisa, whom I personally admire, but on the individual themself to want and be willing to make a contribution to the nation. Therefore, if Dambisa like me and other educated people (yes I have a PhD, BSc and now on my MBA) feel to want to contribute to the country then they must be seen to be taking the first step. I’m pretty certain that there are a lot more people of her calibre that have and are making significant contributions to the country today

  36. She is now a ‘celebrity’ economist and it takes more than achievements to succeed in a political volatile and corrupt ridden Africa as a governor of a reserve bank. It’s very easier to succeed in the West if if one was lucky enough not to be prejudiced than it is in Africa. That said she is a remarkable lady and we all need to be proud of her.

  37. dr.damwiso moyo is not zibambwean but her parents were zimzim and become zedians.but her she is zambian by the k.maduma and many others.she does not hold any zimzim legal documents but hers are zambian,even on CNN she said that she is stop politiking.

  38. Dambisa is a regular guest of the Andrew Marr show and she has always impressed with her analysis of economic issues and the press. Mushota, can you write to the BBC so that we see if they will be able to view you as credible enough to appear on this show? I can assure you that the questions you will be asked will not be about the clothes and moneys that you send to Zambia. And stop associating yourself with Zambia when it suites you. ZED does not need you.  

  39. Not sure about Mushota (I have read her contributions and I think they sould controversial) but I reckon she might have a point in her #43 comment above. Forget about how controversial her comments in the past might have been, but just try to ‘listen’ to what she says in that comment, it kinda makes sense to me.
    I think that comment actually applies to many of us in the diaspora and not just Dr Moyo. We work our asses off in these countries we live in but if all these achievements don’t help our people back home, then I reckon we count for nothing (from Zambia’s point of view that is).

  40. I wonder why pipo have to fight and defend themselves that they also have PHDs, degree and so on….The article does not mention anything about self praise, p,ease try not to go out of topic. Some of you have too much LOW SELF ESTEEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)>-

  41. It does not matter what you have achieved what matters is doing your best at whatever you do. I think that is what separates Dr Moyo from most of you. Even if you are a cleaner do your best and achieve your dreams, if it is to better yourself educational wise then go for it and you will be proud of yourself. You might not be like Dr Moyo but you will be in your own special way. Dont be jealous be inspired. 

  42. A person that always has a habit of over-turning everything in order to draw attention to oneself clearly has a psychological problem. This is what I see in our sister called Mushota. One of the biggest lessons in life is to realize that you cannot do everything and neither can you be everything. Even people that do what may be termed as the lowest paid jobs are just as important as the ones that sit in very big offices. I have read Dambisa’s book and must say that it is one of my favourite books. Great people just go about doing what makes them great and do not sing about it.   

  43. Indeed Dambisa Moyo is a role model and I admire her greatly.Just wondering is she married? I ask because I’m wondering if its possible to attain such standards whilst juggling being a wife and mother.Is it possible to be a Dambisa Moyo and be a hands on mother and wife?

  44. This ka Mushota thing is not even educated. If she was, at least she would have heard of Dambisa. Maybe ask her about Lady Gaga and ther hollywood stars, perhaps she would comemnt intelligently. Wouldnt be supprised that she is one of those who have been struggling to go past ACCA level 1 for the past 10 years.

    • Estou a terminar os Anjos Pistoleiros e a sugeir vou mudar de ge9nero; tenho ali o Roberto Bolaf1o, com o livro Estrela Distante, e0 minha espera… acho que vai ser a minha prf3xima leitura, ainda ne3o li nada deste autor e estou bastante curiosa…:) Boa semana e boas leituras!


  46. Mushota…u very insecure little girl…did Moyo scare the crap out of u..just study hard ..u will be like her… Moyo is one of the many Zedian intellectual capacity with no names oversea…just like me…lol

  47. whoever you #3 using the name Mushota you are a disgrace and give credit where it is due

    what you are saying is the same rubbish that Maureen Nkandu said about not being honoured with a Diplomatic passport when it was given to Cherise. 

    Stop being trivial and do something we can see. I dont remember seeing £5,000 worth of clothes being given to the needy but I as sure as the sun rises have read Dambisa’s book and saw Cherise make us proud on telly

    So my dear, do the honourable thing: congratulate this lady and then set out on a mission to do us proud!

  48. Mushota, Those of us on global Google engine did not put ourselves like on face books, that is where you miss the point. Just like Dambisa Moyo, she has not put herself, I mean you do not need to advertise yourself, its all about what you have and done period, You ar free to fantacise the way you like, it will not change my status. I do not need to advertise snf please or fanatcise that I hold a PhD, which I do, neither do I need to tell you that back home in Zambia I am a landlords whereas in your case you talk of clothes and plans to secure land…may you be delivered. Let me end here, seems you suffer from jelous syndrome

  49. bafikala bonse nkalani zee alase!!!,,,,,even if she is educated she has no heart for Zed thats y she is abroad,, Professor Nkandu Luo The Most Educuted Woman in Zambia and not only zambia bt de all Southern Africa is in Zed. Profesor Luo is de first African woman become a Professor..Manje Hule Dombisa na naiwe cock sucker Mushata muyambe kutivuta,,,,,,infact Dombisa will never even reach where Professor Luo has reached,,,,,,,porn star

  50. People, the topic here is about Dambisa’s achievements. It is not saying she is the highest achiever among Zambian women nor does it say no Zambian woman has achieved more.
    A country like Zambia has many people who have achieved in their own ways. Think of those honesty teachers many of them female who taught us in grade one, most of them with diplomas in teaching. Are they not achievers. We owe our PHDs to them.

  51. I like this Mushota girl. She is very bold and ready to take on men. LT should recognise her for that. We need more strong willed women in this world. Like Dambisa Moyo.

    Both Mushota and Dambisa are contributing to mankind in different ways. LOL

  52. Mushota, you must be a snob; dimwit; jerk; jackass. Your mouth as always runs like diarrhea. Your purported qualifications do not much your ingenuity and sophistication, it`s a wonder how you navigated through. How I wished you were a wheaty, breakfast of the champions, I would eat you. Kudos to Dambisa and no one will take anything away from her. She`s smart, well rounded in her specialty, has depth, is assertive ….the list is endless. Well let`s just say what she deserves is nothing other than a perfect score. She`s been with the best and Mushota can remain with the rest.

  53. Mushota is extremely influential on this blog, not doubt about this. She has single handedly steered the discussion away from Dambisa and her great works. That’s no mean achievement. Now the comments, have snowballed into domestic squabbles between educated people and one Mushota! LOL!! Strictly stuff from the pages of kachepa 360! 

    I enjoy her posts because they represent a change from the predictable comments you find on this blog. I never take them seriously, though.

  54. Lusaka Times its good of you to write this profile on DR DAMBISA MOYO. I have to say that I know DR. MOYO and LT blogger aka INDEPENDENCE OBSERVER who are both taking the Zambian flag on the International map. From humble beginnings, these two guys are young, vibrant,  very rich and breaking barriers in the western world where  when you are black for that matter African, people don’t just take you serious. Their efforts, investment and charitable works they have brought to Zambia speak volumes.

  55. Thanks Moyo keep it it up we need such Zambian to help us here back home on how we can develop our country …Dead Aid …these are facts of life …Zambia was going to be ok if we had not waited for the foreign aid …now we are slaves to the donors ….

  56. Mushota your facts are wrong . UK universities are not better than US universities. That is why you are neither educated nor learned despite your ACCA, CIMA, Bsc amd MBA.

    University rankings are arrived at by various institutions using various criteria such as the one below. Apart from University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and University college of London. All top 20 universities are from the US.

    The University of Shanghai Jiao Tong compiles its annual list by ranking the 500 leading universities in the world’s, using criteria such as the number of Nobel Prize winners, the number of research papers published in leading magazines and various other academic achievements relative to a university’s size. Harvard University in the USA is at the top of the rankings.

  57. @Mushota, you are very shallow minded. You are boasting with an MBA form a school which is not even on top 100 of business schools in the world. You do not even require a GMAT to get admitted to study for an MBA at Thames or west London. Shame on you!!!

  58. Dambisa fits in the above criteria rankings of quality university contribution and to the well being of the world. What academic contribution have you done to be recognized.

    My BA and MA are even from the better ranked University of Manchester than the university you went to.
    what is ACCA, CIMA, BSC and MBA if we don’t know what your academic and professional contribution to the global world affairs.

    The University of Manchester has climbed six places in the annual league table published by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. The University has improved its world ranking in 2011 by climbing to 38th place in the respected league table. Manchester is now ranked sixth in Europe, and fifth in the UK

  59. # 23 and others, Sorry to disappoint some of you but Steven Moyo, former boss of ZNBC, though born in Zambia, is of Malawian parentage. If you are a Zambian, you do not keep saying, I was born in Zambia, you say I am Zambian, she does not say so. All the same we are all proud of her.

  60. Dambisa is great lady, she is done Zambia proud. A number of her ideas in the two books she has authored make a lot of sense. Each time she is on C-SPAN2 tv in the US i make sure i find time to listen to her views on the global economy.

  61. Dr Dambisa Moyo is a commands a lot of respect from the ecomonic front, and whilst some may wonder why she is working abroad and highly appreciated tehre it is because she has been to zambia and spoken to our previous govt. who did not want to know because the foriegn aid they recieved was ending up in their pockets.
    So mushota you never cease to amaze me. Second hand clothes from barnados and oxfam who cares about your 5000.00 scottish pounds, wonder how many men you had to sell yourself to be able to get that money. Like I’ve said before, you’re a waster on a a scrap heap who is of no relevance to anyone except your drunk wife beating scotsman youre engaged to.

  62. I used to tease hert a lot in class at St mary’s, but now look what she has become. You inspire me a lot and well done to you.

  63. Who is this Mushota? What is special about ACCA and CIMA? These certificates are only recognized in the UK, and developing countries. You cant get a job using these certificates in the USA. These UK courses only teach people how to memorize and not how to innovate or invent.

  64. Dambisa always makes it known that she was born in Zambia, but does not claim being Zambian! Ashamed to be Zambian??? She probably resents being Zambian and we are wasting time being proud of her and thinking she is a sister and a “daugther of the soil” when she only identifies with Zambia as a country of her birth, but not as a citizen.

  65. Dr Dambisa Moyo is very much Zambian! Born of two Zambian parents, went to school in Zambia and only for further education did she travel abroad. It’s a shame that we as a people have reduced her global contributions to her heritage. Oprah, Time Magazine, CNN, BBC, CNBC all refer to her based on her field and achievements. Other African nations and the world give her more respect than we as Zambians do. Thank you LT for the recognition. As for whether or not she sends clothes to Zambia, what’s that got to do with anything? do you think Ghanians yelled at Koffi Anan when he was Secretary General about clothes? seriously? People please give respect where respect is due. I suggest we spend more time dialoging about the points in her books (if you’ve read them) & less on her heritage.

  66. Dr. Dambisa Moyo was educated through scholarships, she has done well for her self but seriously who would fail to get the same education if everything is paid for and all you have to do is attend and pass.

    Mushota, if you educated yourself without scholarships, then well done to you too. It is not easy to educate yourself privately with out help like scholarships in the UK.

    I remember one of Dr. Moyo’s former professors’ criticized her for bashing the very people and countries who paid for her scholarships to be were she is today academically. Having said that, I think Dr. Moyo can play a big role to move our country forward.

  67. I was not going to respond to Mushota but her stupidity just got worse and worse…a few things, gone are the days when it was enough to say you were in England, now everyone comes to England and knows Oxford University from Oxford Brookes – the two are very very very different, ok! Secondly no one in their right mind would go to TVU to do an MBA, that is like going to UNZA or LSE to study cookery, its unheard of! You are clearly not that bright and will never have Dambisa’s brains and acclaim so you got jealous and threw a tantrum in a public forum, are you normal???

  68. Ba Mushota
    …you are very dull, your spellings are bad..worse than a grade 7. Who told you American education is inferior to British? Foreign education is not always reconginised in developed nations…ACCA, CIMA…that is not recognised everywhere. You shouldnt boast about your education, its shallow behaviour, let people acknowledge your achievements. You cant be on the same level with Dr Moyo, her achievements speak for herself, she doesnt go round blowing a trumpet showing off to people. From your posts on this column its easy to assess your childish character….you have spent 5pin quid in 3yrs …who cares and what change does that bring to people? Keep those facts to yourself we dont want to know, your efforts will speak for you if at all you are spending amounts you mentioned.

  69. Mushota you are one of the TOP 5 MOST INFLUENTIAL ON LT. I am sure that is a honour to you if you need any credit. 

  70. [email protected] Jigga, i was the one who suggested she could be a good governer with all the experience she has and good for gender balance at BOZ. However, I find it ironic for scholars who are excited about China’s rise. I think of a future when China takes over the USA hegemonic status (as many scholars’ have predicted) and shapes the international norms in its own image. Just a few weeks ago a Chinese two year old was accidentally run over and sadly died later. I could not believe any human being could have walked by and ignore a little angle’s agony. Human rights issue is still contentious when it comes to China’s rise. I believe Economic growth paves way for arms build-up (evidently happening) and leads to arms race. i Love Dambisa but i agree with Jagga

  71. “the problem is that aid is not benign-its malignant. no longer a part of the potential solution, its a part of the problem, in fact aid is the problem. it crowds out private investment, fosters corruption, fuels conflict and undermines the rule of law” Dambisa Moyo……..

    smart, very smart, now Mushota lets see if you can come up with something that’s as analytical than than….

  72. OK, Zambians, please learn to be analytical and critical. Yes, I admire her and am very proud that she, as a Zambian, has taken the economic world by storm. But how many of you have even read her book. I for one argue against the core argument she makes. I am not the only one. Check out for reviews on her book, check out her own mentor Jeffrey Sachs’ strong criticism against her ideas.

    Give credit where it’s due, but also learn how not to get mesmerized without first applying some grey matter first…

  73. As for Mushota, I find you very entertaining and take all your comments with a pinch of salt.Keep it up. I for one thought Zambians have a good sense of humour but seeing the reaction you got here, I say there are some pretty uptight, defensive fellas and gals here constipated on their relative success. It’s like you are an affront to whatever they have achieved. Get a life you morons. She is a comedian here, so take her as that. No need to get all touchy. Damn!

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  75. Fantastic web site. Plenty of useful information here. I am sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your effort!

  76. I am an African American woman and I am very proud of Dr. Moyo for all that she has contributed to her country and internationally. Keep up the good work lady.

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