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Sata U-turns on China(updated)

Headlines Sata U-turns on China(updated)

File:Chinese Ambassador to Zambia following proceedings during the post elections thanks giving prayers

President Michael Sata on Saturday said he would welcome Chinese investors, promising to strengthen relations with Beijing, in a U-turn on his pre-election anti-China stance.

“When we were campaigning people were complaining about the Chinese and I promised that I will sort the Chinese out,” said Sata who hosted a luncheon for Beijing investors at the State House.

“They are also going to sort me out and so we are going to use them to develop,” he said.

Sata, who was elected in September is known for his tough stand against the influx of Chinese investment into the country, particularly in the mining sector, which he says does not benefit locals.

They are also going to sort me out and so we are going to use them to develop

He observed that although China with had a big population it was developing at a faster rate and wondered why Zambia with a small population is faced with so many developmental challenges.

He said China was developing because of ‘aggressiveness’ exhibited by the Chinese people in getting what they want for their country.

“Let’s give China proper specifications because what I know is that specifications have a back-up. China with a big population has got less constraints but developing so fast why because of aggressiveness by the Chinese people.”

“Zambia with a small population with 13 million people has huge constraints comparing with China with a bigger population. This should not be the case since China is at our disposal today,” President Sata said.

The President said he would utilize the Chinese Government in his first five-year tenure of Office so that Zambians largely benefit from their Chinese counterparts.

“The Chinese can do with one meal a day; use them properly and if you find there are more Chinese on one job, don’t blame the Chinese, blame the immigration officer who gave them work permits. Do they deserve those work permits?”, he asked 

“Don’t blame the Chinese, blame yourself because the Chinese are willing to work, they are very hard working people,” he said. “The Chinese can do with one meal a day; use them properly and if you find there are more Chinese on one job, don’t blame the Chinese, blame the immigration officer who gave them work permits. Do they deserve those work permits?”, he asked

Mr. Sata said the Patriotic Front (PF) policy is not different from that of the China therefore the reason for sending Dr. Kaunda to re-new Zambia-China friendship which he said dates way back in the 1950s.

At the same event, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao disclosed that the volume of trade by Chinese companies stood at US $2.8 billion in 2010 while the total trade and investment with Zambia stood at US $ 5 billion respectively.

The Chinese Envoy further pledged to assist Zambia in various economic sectors such as agriculture, construction, health, technology, trade, science, schools, hydro-power sports stadium as well as the provision of grants and loans.

And Chairman of the Chinese Corporation of Zambia Shin Hu said the Chinese community has so far invested US $2 billion translating into over 30,000 jobs created for the local people.

Mr. Hu, who is also Chairman for Chinese Non- Ferrous Metal Corporation, appealed to the new Government to protect the Chinese investors in the country and further pledged to work with the Government of the day.

Chief Justice Ernest Sakala, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini, Cabinet Minister and their deputies, former Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister in the Chiluba regime Dipak Patel, Zambia and Chinese senior government and China Communist Party Committee and PF senior party officials were among the people that attended the luncheon at State House.


  1. It’s called politics. . .. . and economics in this particular situation.

    I am just wondering what EXACTLY he means by  “They are also going to sort me out and so we are going to use them to develop?”

    • I think he means they will sort him out financially. Reading between the lines, he seems to realise the immense wealth that China possesses, into which he is able to tap in order to reward Zambians with economic development (more jobs, more money, faster growth and so on.)

    • I think he means they will sort him out financially. Reading between the lines, he appears to realise that China has such immense wealth into which he is able to tap in order to reward Zambians with more jobs, more money and faster economic growth.

  2. Donchi kukeba principles at work! Now lets hear those who were insulting RB for his relationship with China.BTW is KK the new minister of Foreign affairs? Let the old man rest please,he did enough for this country.Trips for an old man are not good.Please don’t kill our KK do your own donkey work

    • Who in their right mind would vote down such a sensible post. Henry you are absolutely correct, Why is KK being used as a foreign Minister? The traveling can’t be good for him, let the old man enjoy retirement.

    • That’s why he is called “envoy.” Former heads of state are used the world over as envoys of some kind to countries of economical and political importance to the nation. Look at Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, etc, are used by their respective sitting presidents or prime ministers as envoys. Let KK do it if it’s OK with him.:-w

  3. Sata should’ve known that a begger can never be a chooser….foolish pride!! He’ll U turn on a lot of things includung more money in the pocket, just wait and see!!! Kaponyas, the holes in your pockets will get bigger…trusting fools!! serves you right!!!

  4. RB was right by referring to him as ‘mambala wakanthu’!! I can imagine how his donchi kubeba boys are feeling.Its now a donchi kubebe boomerang on them.

  5. Ba LT stop distorting information. Sata never said he would not work with the chinese during the campain trail but said the chinese should not do jobs that are meant for Zambians and they should not mistreat Zambians in their companies. Even after elections he told the Chinese Embassedor of these grievances. It is suicidal to ignore china but even more suicidal to let them do whatever they want. Sata is encouraging non of the two. Which u-turn is that?

  6. As my name-sake would say, ” once again the gods part cheeks and ram c%ck in f*%king ass! ”  The game of international politics is a tricky one and if you are a novice at the international arena , you better ask somebody. Good call to get help from KK. The Chinese are a tricky and crafty customer. If they can bring mightily America to it’s knees who are you with your cheap donchi kubeba childsplay? Domestic policy is far easier that foreign policy and it’s a dance for pros. It’s hard to get rid of the Chinese once they are in. Shoulda listened to Gaddafi but then again dead men tell no tales!

  7. One thing is clear, we cant chase the chinese away, in as much as we need them they also need us. Sata is in the right direction, let us use the chinese to develop zambia.
    And be reminded sata did not say he will send away the chinese only those bogus chinese investors.
    Intelligent people will use those who are more intelligent or advanced then them.

    viva pf viva sata

  8. Even developed countries rely on China for investment. Who are we not be benefit from them, charecters like Sata dont understand the fundamentals of economics even basics like comparative advantage.U see we need China more than they need us before elections he was saying tukabatamfya now u-turn???How can our own president be encouraging quick fix behaviour (90 days bull shit) as an old man he should know that things take time if you rush you crush..bakaponya mwalamwenako hahahahaha u need to work mwana to earn no free money government can never feed you.

  9. You see Even developed countries rely on China for investment. Who are we not be benefit from them, charecters like Sata dont understand the fundamentals of economics even basics like comparative advantage.U see we need China more than they need us before elections he was saying tukabatamfya now u-turn?????How can our own president be encouraging quick fix behaviour (90 days bull shit) as an old man he should know that things take time if you rush you crush..bakaponya mwalamwenako hahahahaha u need to work mwana to earn no free money government can never feed you.

  10. Have the Chinese offered to pay Sata’s helicopter hire debts he accumulated during his campaigns? I hope they did not deliver trunks of dollars behind the scenes. Tu maChinese are corrupt. 

  11. The difference you are failing to appreciate between RB and Sata is that the former was an ass licker while the latter isn’t. Don’t you see that the aim is to benefit from China as much as China benefits from us? Making a U turn, rescinding a decision, redrafting a proposition, is that a such bad thing? 

  12. Sata has accepted to swallow a bitter pill to realise that China is resolving major financial problems in the US and the European Union. Retaining the Chinese entails a glimmer of hope for the numerous jobless kaponyas and those that are currently in employment. PF cadres must have been placed in a confused state. I need to understand the treacherous meaning of this theme DONCHI KUBEBA.

  13. Lol, that’s why it is always best to delegate. With the limited vocabulary our most eminent leader has, it would be a thing of ridicule to send him anywhere of any import. He is rash in tongue while slow in intellect. Tis a thing of sadness to observe. The Chinese plunder and pillage . So I wonder, what entreats does the good Sata get for getting Mother Zambia to part cheeks and receive deeper ramming from the Chinese ? Time will tell!

  14. There is no doubt that Zambia like the rest of the world is firmly in the “Dragon’s Embrace”. All we have to do is ensure the embrace does not choke us but is mutually beneficial.We should not forget that the Chinese are not here because they necessarily like us but for the business opportunities we offer, they are here for their own interest, despite the political rhetoric of comradeship etc.

  15. Yes what do you expect its all about politics:” its called grandstanding, its called negotiation, its called bargaining, its called compromise what do you expect!”, and off quote. 
    “When we were campaigning people were complaining about the Chinese and I promised that I will sort the Chinese out,” 
    We told you bwana that you cannot do much without China in this world. WE also told you to swallow your pride over China.

  16. King Cobra, now you are talking modern politics. You sure got this one right!
    As for KK, the man is NOT being used here but he’s rather rightfully giving back to the Zambian people–creating oppotunities for his beloved Zambia at every slightest oppotunity gets. A man is always useful to his people as long as he can breathe. He’s setting a good precedent for our past presidents now and in future. Viva Sata! Viva China! Viva KK.

  17. Any Leader that welcomes chinese in His Bedroom must be voted out. We want their investment but they must be given a distance from state house. useless. Am PF but this is useless. Chineese tactics to abuse people is to buy the president first so that people have no where to report to. Sata must not forget that we are tired to be abused by these guys and His strance on them made us Vote for HIm. You can see their desperation to win in president shows that something is wrong somewhere. We have amercans, canadian, british, etc. they are not scared or threatened because they do things straight.

  18. Sata ni mbwa yakalyele. Now going back to his vomit. I wonder how Taiwan is feeling about this issue. Please do not just Sata’s utteraces about the Chinese. We all know how he campained and remember his 90 days is almost half way gone. riding a train with breaks and Sata is applying more acceraration to it. Ni jinga kumutentemuko.

  19. Its not U- turn, its a good strategy. Everyone is looking up to china including the west. I should think that the president was well advised.

  20. Its funny how people are saying this is not a u-turn when it clearly is! Sata’s anti-chinese and xenophobic sentiments are well known and documented. Please dont be like #30 and try to treat us like ignorant children. Sata won the elections partly on his anti-chinese rhetoric. This is a humiliating climbdown however you want to put it. Is it not only two weeks ago when he was kissing the hand of the english bishop and saying that Zambia should focus on building better relations with the bankrupt West and not China? And now somebody wants to tell me that this is not another flip flop on the part of Sata? So what does this mean about taxing the mines and the working conditions of all those gullible f.ools that voted for him?

  21. MCS has relegated himself to home affairs minister. It is time he started making friends with fellow Presidents in order to market the country and himself. Guy Scott seems to be playing the role of President at the moment. Could it be a lack of confidence? Only Sata can answer this question and maybe those close around him. Even the foreign minister has been reduced to a mere figure head.   

  22. As somebody has previously stated, the only consistent thing about Sata is the fact that he is always inconsistent period. Two weeks ago he was ‘standing up’ to the Chinese, today he is kowtowing to them. Reality bites! Sata is now a friend of the infestor! Looks like he did a donchi kubeba on all those xenophobic kaponyas and Bemba tribalists who voted for him. Next to go will be the abracadabra more money in your pocket ru.bbish. RB you have been vindicated.

  23. Good move H.E sata,hakainde should bring back the house which was for lima bank..zikomo

  24. editor please it’s not really that mr president had his back on chinese all he wanted was a fair deal with china investers. don’t tell me that one could’t see how unfair conditions of services and quality of their products are


  26. At least the presdo has co0me to turns of overstanding that no one has ever choked to death by swallowing them pride. China is even bailing out USA and Europe dem so way to go MCS. Lets see if you can do whatever you promised now that the doors are open.

  27.  What happened to I will kick them out ? I remember Sata being interviewed On  BBC newsnight giving speeches on how the chinese should go but look how things change. These politicians are all the same they will tell you what you want to hear and when it comes to action it’s something else

  28. The headline is misconceived and wrong. There is no U-Turn for God’s sake. MCS promised to sort out the Chinese. The Chinese have had a free reign with RB and LPM. The mentality of the Chinese to do things gang ho has to be curbed. Every country has rules, whether you go there rich or poor. 400,000 Chinese entering Zambia to trade at markets etc is not reasonable and I am disappointed by LT suggesting that MCS should not talk straight with the Chinese and alert them to the dangers looming if they carried on misbehaving. Zambia needs investment but we need to benefit from such investment. We don’t care how rich China is, if everything is about them and not us!

  29. zambia the first country in africa to seal diplomatic ties with china. 47 years on what do we have to show off this friendship

  30. I would have loved 2 read Fred M******s satinist paper 2 hear what their dirt opinion is on this matter after all that noise from them about chinese.Am sure the man is considering leaving zed coz he is so ashamed

  31. #8 Amanyama, the u turn is coming from Sata’s mouth yesterday on TV when he hosted more than 150 chinese and mentioned that he had u turned and would from now “deal with them” and use them whatever that meant. Now he is sending KK to go and apologies in China for having had big mouthed himself against them in China, let KK rest and let him go and apologies in person to the pipo of China.

  32. C’mon guys!! Revisit the infrastructure development of the USA. Outside slavery tell me which one has no Chinese signature? Talk of the rail lines, the Hydro Power dams, etc. The truth is that USA has for years mutually benefited from these guys. How do you think China Towns were formed all over the USA – they come and don’t go back. Sata need KK to teach him the tricks as to how he quietly kicked these guys out after TAZARA

  33. we need Chinese investment we just need to bargain better to get more out of the deal ……an one who turns down chinese investment is a ***** cause you won’t be getting that money from the west for the next 5 + years 

  34. Guys, here you see an intelligent president at work. He knows that there is nothing wrong with doing business with bamwisa. He wants to use their money to develop Zambia but on our terms and those terms include treating our people well and not flooding Zambia with Chinese people. The message he is sending to them is clear- come and do business with us but do not mistreat my people because if you do, I will get nasty. Vivra PF! Vivra MCS!

  35. In politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends. As the Sata govt moves to embrace the Chinese as partners in development, the ground rules at play will be different.
    Chinese investment is welcome in Zambia but we certainly don’t want to see the Chinese come to Zambia and start ukuteka no kushitisha inkoko pa Soweto market.
    We don’t want the Chinese to bring wheelbarrow pushers from China when locals can do such jobs.
    We want the Chinese to treat our people with respect and dignity and respect our laws at all times.
    I know Sata will ensure that these basic requirements are complied with and the Chinese will not have a free reign like they did under the Rupiah govt.



  37. This is not good!!!  How can anyone trust the Chinese?  I though that President SATA could clearly see through the fog being generated by the Chinese.  They are raping Africa, Zambia included.  Get  them out, NOW!!!!!

  38. Good afternoon

    I wouldn’t call it a U-turn. To me it sounds more like a strategic balance after doing a reality check. I believe that our president still wants the best for Zambia and will not allow us to be rolled over by the Chinese but he has to play his cards right.

    We need to understand that there’s a diplomatic “Zugzwang” in these bilateral relations. When dealing with Chinese companies, Zambia is not only dealing with individuals but with entities that are closely related to the Chinese government. So there are strategic interests on both sides. However both countries feel about each other, the most important thing is to stay in dialogue and find ways of accomodating each other.

  39. He has don’ta donchi kubambila to his donchi kubeba followers. Use them to get power and that is what Sata did..

  40. Well, Sata u are now in power, please u turn as many times as possible and lstly u turn yourself of of that position. Remember that when you are born the next thing is to die, same when you are elected into office next is to be removed thru ballot or leave office when your two terms expire. Do the work and STOP VIDINDO

  41. VIVA President, Why not??? If we can Use them for development. I don’t see anything wrong with the U-Turn?? Especially that he is doing it for all ZAMBIANS.

    Ba Mudala SATA, Please appoint a Prime Minister to represent you then, Young and Modern so that he can negotiate better. Ba Former President Kaunda is Old now, use him for a few tasks within Africa.

    I am putting in my Application for the Job.

  42. King Cobra has been “sorted out” by the Chinamen and Bwezani is having the last laugh!! (in his own words he is a frequent visitor at State House).

    Ba shi Panji has taken over Foreign Affairs. Now you can move Kambili to take charge at Labour so he can at least sort out the Chinese in Luanshya. I hope you know what a decision like this can trigger at the grassroots, given the behaviour and attitude of the Chinese towards our people. We hope that you have not sold out on the crusade to improve the welfare of the lot of our people.

  43. We have a new foreign Affairs Minister..ba KK. Its sad that the President has appointed ministers that he is not confident with..Kambwilli is a waste of taxpayers money.
    Whoever thought that the Chinese will leave Zambia has got mosi in his head, they are here to stay and all over Africa…In future they will use force to forward their interest…

  44. Seems the dragon has tamed the cobra! I laugh when I read contributions which say that this is not a u-turn – WTF! Cobra used to call the Chinese ‘infestors’. If you have an infestation what are you supposed to do – why get rid of it of course not have lunch with it. I guess when the windfall tax is not implemented, there will be some coming to write here that he never said he would introduce a windfall tax, or more money in our pockets, or a new constitution in 90 days! Seems the cobra has only now realised the importance of China to the global economy and Zambians voted such a man into power voluntarily! The phrase the most st.upid nation in Africa comes to mind.

  45. The level of understanding for some bloggers on this issue is very shallow. As correctly pointed out by a number of bloggers Sata has always stated that the previous arrangement was heavily balanced towards the Chinese and the labour laws were not considered to be applied by the RB Government. This is already changing as witnessed by the majority of the Chinese company raising the salary of Zambian workers and improving their working condition by supplying them with appropriate protection clothing. For Sata to state that ” We will sort out the Chinese and they will sort me out”, this simply means the Government will ensure that right procedure is followed when bringing in so called technical assistance for only roles that Zambia can’t find. 

  46. International press widely reported that then PF prez was toning down rhetoric this time round. No u-turn and seems both sides should be pleased to have continued relationship with Chinese plus added following of labour laws, checks and balances. Non issue. The so called BRIC countries are holding the international purse strings. Reality check for all global players. Headline could have been humorous – Reality Cheque?

  47. #54 Dont play with words and then try to insult our intelligence. The man called the chinese ‘infestors’ period. All his rhetoric has been xenophobic and anti-chinese. When RB was working with the Chinese pf were saying that he has been bribed. Cant the same thing be said about Sata? What exactly has changed in the way that the Chinese do business in Zambia? Zambia as a poor land-locked country can not afford to tell the Chinese how they conduct their business operations and that reality has just set into Sata’s head but how long it will stay there is another matter entirely. Just a few weeks ago, this same Sata was saying we should do more business with the West who dont have money and are queueing up with their begging bowls to go and get money from China.

    • Dont be foolish, Europe is not queuing up with begging bowls if Europe was to go down economically then how much trade would china loose since the EU is the biggest trading market in the world. China, can produce as much as she likes but if she is trying to sell what she produces to poor economies she will become broke very quickly.

  48. In addition, the condition of service for Zambian workers will be improved. In this regard Sata has not sold out his belief or what he promised to the Zambians. We will get the Chinese to possibly fund and construct proper needed infrastructure such as roads – this time around job to be done by correctly vetted Chinese companies and supervised by our own road engineers that will be equally vetted for corrupt practices. Think for a moment, if the road spec requires 10 tons of tar, 10 tons of cement, 20 tons of sand etc but due to corrupt practices all the requirements are reduced, surely there would have been corrusion between our own engineers that pass that work as satisfactory. The whole system requires to be cleaned and we will see this happening in the Sata government

  49. Now you all know that elections are won by saying what the electorate want to hear rather than ther entire truth! So, just work hard for yourself as an individual – it’s the only thing that’ll bring you more money in the pocket folks!!

  50. Hooray! That is what a President should do! Tell the people one thing and do something else. Dr Chiluba uased to call it ‘political engineering’ and KK used to call us ‘s t u p i d i d i o t s.’ Long will Sata reign! He may even get a third term that eluded Chiluba, because in the next Parliament, it will be ONE party participatory dermocracy and wamuyayaya!

  51. Sata the only president who invites an infestation to lunch! Hahaha! he did a donchi kubeba on the kaponyas. The chinese will behave with even more impunity now. 

  52. #60 the saint, dessist from such *****ic babble. Rights for gays in zambia? You have right to remain silent like Dora! You can’t put Sata in the same league as ftj and super Ken. Those guys were and are eloquent. Not prone to utter any venomous dribble. Sure I love that Sata is quick to act but if these actions are too hasty can be the sparkplug to war. I would advice backdoor diplomacy( and not in the manner you are thing, The Saint, you sicko! ). Some issues are better dealt with behind closed doors. 

  53. All of you just relax and let action man perform on your behalf. You should be happy and excited now that corrupt and uncaring MMD is gone forever unless of course you are RB’s children and Dora. He has 

  54. PF is going to be a one-term party. With his cuddle with the Chinese and changing blantantly on his Chinese stunt, which shockingly he is treating like a joke – let him dissolve parliament now and see the massacre tha PF will receive! The opposition are raring for him to dissolve parliament. But now I know he won’t. However, in 2016 he will be humiliated. No president has ever committed so many blunders openly in his first month in office. His very strength is proving to be his archilles’ heel. That’s why we say being educated helps, because you can analyse situations and not bwata-bwata carelessly whatever comes to your head. Next time we need a graduate in state house. The 5 years to 2016 will feel like a century now!! Goodbye – last time I’m ever commenting on Sata. He is a loser!!

  55. President Sata is just reassuring the Chinese that they are free to conduct business in Zambia provided they comply with labour and investment laws. There is nothing like U-turning on anything. Sata has been consistent on what he wants the Chinese to do. Have you forgotten how the Chinese got excited during the Rupiah government to the extent of disregarding labour and invetment laws? The gesture by president Sata is positive because it is a process of removing undue apprehension from the Chinese who had been indoctrinated that Sata and PF would chase them if they would take over power. The Chinese in Zambia had been indocrinated with Sata phobia to the extent of funding the MMD massively to prevent any possibility of Sata becoming president.

  56. Quote: “They are also going to sort me out and so we are going to use them to develop,” Reading between the lines, the president seems to realise that China has immense wealth into which he can tap in order to reward Zambians with more jobs, more money and faster economic growth.This is why he is saying they will sort him out (financially).

    The Jamaican slaves had a saying: “Play a fool to catch the wise” which means that sometimes it’s smarter to just sit back and observe before you do anything. Act like you’re ignorant to the facts, when actually, you’re fully aware, and receiving knowledge. There will come an opportune time to act in accordance with your plan.

  57. Sata is showing that  he is a very dynamic leader, and that is what we need. World economy is moving fast, and you have to move with the times. This is what presdo is doing. We support you MCS. 

  58. why does he want to be sending KK everywhere? KK is an old man who should be over used especially travelling long journeys. If Sata wants to say thank you to the Chinese, he must do it himself. It seems he wants the old man to do donkey work for him, he can send Kaunda’s children if he wants. It is not fair to be sending Kaunda when ever Sata feels embarrassed for his previous attacks on foreigners.  

  59. only shallow minds belived sata would chase the chinese. What sata was refering to during the campains was fake investors, not all chinese are fake investors. While Sata and his PF are looking to balance the investor equation more into Zambias favour, RB and his sales men did not care were the equation weighed more the next day, as long as to day they got x-amount for now. Everything was for sale under MMD. Nothing was sacred. Zambia belonged to the world first, then second it belonged to suffering zambians. Any broke arsss lebanese or indian or chinese would came to Zambia and make a buck at the expense of a zambian.
    This is what sata is against. This is why he was voted into power.

  60. Come on Chinese!!! Don’t be afraid, it was just an unreflected threat. Now the big man can see through the ‘real political lenses’. 

  61. The equation here is pretty simple: Zambia needs investors and China wants to invest.

    China is not just investing in Zambia but in many countries in Central Asia, South America, North America, all of Asia, all of Europe and Africa. If Zambia think it doesn’t need China’s investment for development and want to put political blocks on it then it will be fine with China too. There are plenty of countries, particularly in the Africa continent, that can use more of China’s investment.

  62. #8 Amayama. You are not ashamed at your level of inteligence to fail to recall to memory Sata’s utterances against the Chinese in the past, analyse a position Sata is now taking over Chinese as a complete turn round. Read # 29 Upfront. The Chinese now know that Sata makes political rhetoric that will never match with what he stands for. Save the founding father KK from long air trips and let Kambwili be watched like in a zoo without any idea why he would be in China. PF govt will find themselves at the end of 5 year term still not knowing what to say and do in govt.

  63. There is this thing in Zambia: People are worshiping Sata. It is wrong. All of us know that Sata is a liar. He never means what he says. I remember the same people including Sata worshiped Chiluba when he became president and they turned against him when he made some mistakes.This worshiping thing should stop.

  64. Sata is now saying ” China good”. Where are his supporters who told us he will kick them out? We told you Zambia can’t do away with China but you chose not to accept this fact. Now that “The Great Leader” has embraced them you will now start chanting about how wise he is. Now
    go and buy yourselves some cheap Chinese pants to cover the nakedness you gleefully exposed in celebrating Sata’s victory

  65. Did Sata say he will send the chinese back to china or did he say he will sort them out for poor conditions of service, ill treatment of workers and infesting in chickens and pigs? Leave the chickens and pigs to Zambians, just bring in the machinery to hatch the eggs and process the pork.

  66. Is this one of those flip flops of our President? May be, but I give him kudus on this one. No Head of State/Government worthy his/her thought can ignore China in the current world political dispensation. Any apology on the President’s out bursts against Chinese “infestors”? guess this is reserved to his next door closed meeting with the Chinese Envoy to Zambia. May our own Envoy, KK, will apologise as he did to the Angolan Government on his behalf

  67. What? Sata shifting his position? Never! This is so unlike him – the principled man of the people that he is! I simply can not believe he has made a complete u-turn on the rhetoric that propelled him into state house. I think he must have been misquoted as Sata is a man of his word. He does not play to the gallery and in no way would he manipulate people to vote for him and then just abandon them once he gets to state house as that is so unlike him, a man whose every utterance you can trust with your life and that of your children. 

  68. Great leadership means making adjustments as warranted just like football teams make adjustments to the game plan as the game is being played. The president is doing just that and him being a smart man, he maybe just playing porker with these chaps. I can almost guarantee that no chinese manager will even think about abusing zambian workers as they did under mmd. Lets wait for the results before whinning like some people!!!

  69. Only those who dont know that the elction victory for PF was based on lies and false propaganda will think that SATA is U-turning on his promises.
    Those of us who know that he was lying we are not finding any stranging think, because we knew that he would do what he is doing, and that what he was saying were lies.
    Do you feel deceived? Well, the mistake you made was to believe lies – you should have known, you have been with SATA long enough.
    It is also important to note that governance is different from commedy.
    The commedy SATA used to perform on the campaign stage cannot be taken into governance, unless he wants outright failure in his leadership.
    As we debate now, SATA has faced terrible challenges already and he has many times consulted both RB and KK and they’ve advised.

  70. Blaming RB on the Chinese, the windfall tax and many other stances he took would be considered a blind action.
    Greece, right now, a european country has to bend to so many demands because it is in need.
    African countries will take many years before they can claim outmate indpendence on both social, political and economic issues.
    Dictating what zambia wants to the Chinese and other foreign investors is like a father whose daughter has been kidnaped and the kidnapers are demanding Millions if the daughter has to live else she dies, and then the poor father says, “how can I pay you as if you have done any work”. Because doing so by this father will meaning losing the daughter.
    Now he has to choose between his millions and his daughter by way of sacrifice or not.

  71. Flip-flopping is reminiscent of a real serpent. The odds are, since Sata likes threatening as recently evidenced with the Parly, the Chinese probably gave him a test of his own medicine by threatening to pull out(conjecture),only then did Sata  see the magnitude of this  whole debacle as the consequences would be monumentally disastrous and unprecedented. What a rude awakening for comrade Sata, The Master of Ceremony (an epiphany; so they call it, ask the Catholics).  We will never use the Chinese. They have been and will still use us; our resources, natural and human. I thought one of the reasons for his popularity was to deal with the Chinese and this contributed quiet significantly to his votes. I hope he will strengthen labor laws and level the playing field. We can only hope.

  72. RB and other presidents before, whether we knew it or not, had to make un popular choices for the sake of the lives of Zambians and the economy.
    Certain sacrifices had to be made to see you and I where we are.
    Well, if you did not know that, I hope you now know.
    You must also know that SATA will do the same, unless he chooses the route of Mugabe which cared less about the suffering of the citizens and their dying as long as him was safe.
    Did his move help him, No. he has actually slowly but surely gone back to the begging mood because he has realised it does not work.
    Why do the nations of the world dance to America? You must understand that those who have have more power over those who dont have.
    Tell me if the maid hates being a master or mistress!
    Life is like that!

  73. IF you think that RB made bad decisions, my promiss to you is that you will see SATA make worse decisions than RB and the others before. But some of those decision RB and others made which were viewed as wrong by the general public which SATA will amplify are actually going to be beneficial to Zambians, whether you understand it or not.
    Why do I say so? Simple, take for example the issue of Chinese. Cheap labour is part of their social and economic lifestyle – I hope you know that.
    You must also know that most of their products are not on the expensive side and that is why the rest of the west has turned to China. You want to be unique and force them against their belief concerning labour??? Well, “they are also going to sort me out” says SATA.
    And you what are you saying???

  74. Sata has made the right decision to u turn. Even the EU has gone to china ask them to pump money in their weak financial system. So why should Zambian leaders pretend otherwise? THE KEY WORD HERE IS: INVESTMENT WITHOUT PRE CONDITIONS.

  75. don’t blame the Chinese, blame the immigration officer who gave them work permits. Do they deserve those work permits?”, he asked

    Is this Sata saying this? Awe this is serious U-Turn guys …What happened to his firebrand tongue that used to condemn china for sending labourers to Zambia?

    Now he is blaming the immigration department. It is suddenly not the chinese fault. Anyway Ba Shikulu is a father of flip flop for sure.

  76. So are you saying you wasted you vote by voting for SATA? Well, maybe yes, maybe not.
    I cant tell you that you wasted your vote; but what I can tell you is that you will not get the promises and expectations the way you wanted them.
    This may improve, but depending on choices and decisions that will be made, things could get much worse.
    So, did you waste your vote? No, you simply excercised you democracy; sorry if you feel cheated now.
    Because you should have felt cheated the time you were being told, may be you vote could have been used differently.
    Do you think you vote could have made more sense if you used it differently? Its up to you to tell, for me i will simply say, maybe yes, maybe not. But what you are seing is what you are gona live with the next 5 yrs, all being equal.

  77. I see SATA taking the very route RB used concerning Chinese and the Windfall tax.
    RB said we have to ‘negotiate’ with the investors; SATA is saying we have not forgoten about the windfall tax, but we have to ‘negotiate’.
    RB said the chinese are important part of out economy; SATA says the chinese ‘will also sort me out,.. so I will use them for development”
    SATA goes an extra mile and holds a luncheon at state house in honour of chinese investment in Zambia.
    SATA goes further and vindicates the Chinese and transfers the blame to the imigration department.
    The only difference we will see between SATA and RB concerning the issues of investors is NOT IN DEEDS but in the STYLE OF TALKING.
    Those of you who like taking notes you can write this one down in your diary.

  78. Sata is a politian..tell pipo what they want to hear…He is going to be stupid to say what ever RB was saying… Go Sata u know how to play the game.. on the other hand the chinese know that they are dealing with a different animal called King Cobra..

  79. Imwe mwebantu what u turn are you talking about? What MSC has done is to tell the chinese publicly that he wants a win win relationship. He wants a china that respects locals and pays its workers well. So there is no u turn at all but this is a non corrupt engagement. Thanks Mr President

  80. Sata;s symbol is that of a snake. king cobra. if we look back the snack is what cozed sin in the beggining for Adam and Eve. this Satan of Zambia is a real trator. he spoke againist chinise and today he has gonne to work with them. the man is not trueth full at all, he is a very very bad and dangerous laeder. people should not truest his leadership at all. the man is sick in the head. ba Sata sure today with Chinise

  81. A win-win relationaship is what LPM and RB also stood for.
    It is the same win-win situation that is going for.
    And you and I know that a win-win situation is not determined by one party.
    The Chinese have to be partly happy and the Zambians have to be partly happy.
    There are sacrifices to be made from both sides.
    It is therefore completely unnecessary to try and imagine the outcome of a win-win situation.
    At the begining you only go in with a wish; the negotiation will determine the direction and destiny of the outcome.
    I asure you that in a win-win negotiation, normally the equilibrium sifts to one with greater negotiating power (which is the higher weight) in order to make the scale balance. This is what has always naturally disadvantaged Zambia.

  82. Elyo lwanya! The BIG-U-TURN of the century! I wonder what the Taiwanese are thinking…Using KK?? Well people, imagine Kambwili before Dos Santos or the Chinese President and you understand why his boss can’t send him

  83. Guys, it’s a u-turn, no matter the way you look at it. The people he used to call ‘infestors’ are the ones he is befriending now. Hey, what about the abolition of the post of secretary to the treasury, the President said he had abolished the post because it was not necessary, not knowing that the post was created thru an act of parliament. And when George Kunda made known this anomaly, the govt said it had actually not abolished the post. this was another u-turn, like it nor not. Please bring the popcorn basket this way, i need some too!

  84. Now the Chinese have got what they wanted! To prove that Sata is arrogant but a coward. And the Chinese have made their position regarding wages and conditions of service clear and firm. That there wages are better than those of Zambian run companies. The Chinese had respect for Mwanawasa and RB because there positions were clear. For Sata, the Chinese have realized he has no principles. So, the miners on the copperbelt should brace themselves for dissapppointments because there demands for better wages will never be granted any serious attention by their employers. And why didn`t Sata meet the Zambian businessmen first? This would atleast signal that as he promised during campaigns, he put the interest of Zambians first.

  85. That is it! End of the game of coruption. From now on, it will just be rhetoric; no one to be prosecuted. Within the 90 days, money will be posted in someone’s account; the Chinese know how to silence Presidents and get them to bow. This is the beginning of a long journey in support, NOT against, corruption in Zambian. The Mafia target families of presidents; the Chinese get to Presidents!!! Yes, we need to embrace the Chinese but this has happened too fat; within 90 days!

  86. I can see there are mixed feelings about this. Yes, Sata’s move is undoubtedly plausible, but it’s the political flip-flopping that makes him not so reliable. He gained so much political mileage during the campaign over this matter and to turn around just like that, makes you wonder what he had been about all these years? I am sure there a few more surprises coming from the Pres and they’re all welcome as long as they benefit the majority of the Zambian people. For now, this vindicates RB’s uncompromising stance on Chinese investments.

  87. Pipo don’t be naive! No one under the earth at the moment can reject Chinese investment. Even U.S.A salutes Chinese investments. Zambia can not do without Chinese after heavily investing in Zambia. If Sata today say to Chines, I don’t want your investment go. Who will suffer? Zambians off course who will lose employment and you will be the same pipo who will blame Sata. What Sata need to do is to make sure that they follow labor laws and and pay Zambians well. Not a situation where they want to go even into your bedroom. NO NO!!! I know Sata can’t do that if they do that they will know that he is not RB. I have a lot of faith in Sata that he is for the poor.

  88. The president is wondering why China with a bigger population is developing faster than Zambia with a smaller population. You must understand the role population plays in economics. By virtue of its population, China is the world’s largest single market. Everyone wants to do business in such an environment. Manufacturers have moved to China from the West, for instance, because the cost of doing business is low and the market for products is massive. Its population attracts FDI. Conversely, Zambia’s small population can’t attract substantive FDI.

    • Are you sure there was wisdom in RB or you are just politicking? Is that wisdom where he allowed the Chinese short a Zambians at coal mine and went way with it? Allowing the Chinese investing in selling nshima, pushing wheelbarrows, paying a Chinese 10x than a Zambian doing the same job? Conniving with Chinese to procure Mobile Hospitals, Mandamanda and abandoning roads after money has been paid. Come on man! Don’t be so naive. Is this what you call wisdom? If yes, then I doubt your integrity. Sorry!

  89. Today will go down in the annals of Zambia as the day that RB was vindicated. Anyway kudos to Sata, he managed to dupe enough people and ensure that his unrealistic populism got him to state house. Sata got what he wanted, shame the same cant be said for the poor souls that voted for him.

  90. Chiness knew a long time that RB would loss the elections. They supported both SATA and RB during last years elections.They know how to maintain their investment without much risk.the first strategy is to analyise the political situation on the ground and later be willing to support the winning candidate indirectly but showing a direct support to the incumbert.second align themselves with the rulling government.

  91. China has just paid Sata’s personal debts which he accummulated during his years in opposition. Don’t play with money! They are the same chaps who gave RB a million dollars – and also bought Chiluba a BMW. We knew this was gonna happen, I just didn’t think it would happen so early and soon after the elections. He hasn’t even put up a fight at all – he’s fallen for it and Chinese are now his best friends!!. So why was it that he used to shout about RB and Chinese? What are the PF supporters saying now? This is clear betrayal of the voters he conned into believing that he would sort out the Chinese issue. He is now telling you that why the Chinese bring their own workers is because you are lazy. It’s back to politics as usual and we are not even 2 months since he took over power.

  92. In african politics, it is all about giving promises you know you cannot deliver and get in. There is enough gullible people out there. It will always work.

  93. During RB’s era the Chinese used Zambians to amass wealth for now Sata wants things to be opposite and told them we shall use you, give you conditions and not to let you do substandard jobs

  94. The people to be pittied most are those that took SATA’s promises as truth and placed all their hopes in the ‘Man of action’ hoping he would be a ‘savior’.
    All No. Do not place your hope in man.
    First, the youth has been hit by SATA’s policy of 65 yr retirement. You may say, no job creation does not come from retirement – well, retirement does create vacancies for others to fill up.
    Now, it is the Chinese friends, for me it is a good thing he has embraced them, but he lied that he would do things differently. The young man hoped SATA would fix the Chinese, but now SATA cries out that the Chinese are fixing him, Oh my!!

  95. # MARK X is still strong in trust for SATA.
    His hope is as strong as ever. If he sustains this trust up to 2016, he will vote for SATA again.
    That is the unwaivering comitment we need Mark X.

  96. only foools would belive every thing a politicin says while on campain. Sata was not voted in because of his rhetoric aginst the chinese, he was voted in by the 70% of zambians living in abject poverty. PF voters are wise enough to know how important china is. Only sore losers from MMD were hoping Sata was foolish enough to evict fro zambia the fastest growing superpower on earth . Dreamers.

  97. i see there are people rooting for this man to fail regardless of whether he makes a decision thats in the best interest of the the country. the elections are over, u lost and now get over it. give me one politician or leader who never changed course in the best interest of his country? if anything, civilised people should be welcoming this that we have a wise president who is not using a whip like idi amin to kick the chinese out all just to make a point. its called wisdom not UTURN!.

  98. People who are criticizing Sata on his crusade on corruption are ignorant and are not appreciating the enormity of corruption. In Kenya despite the fact that the country knew that it was facing a severe drought it went on to sell its grain reserves to middle men at subsidized prices who sold it to the local market at exorbitant prices. Today people are dying of famine and it is estimated that as much as one-third of the Kenyan government budget vanishes through corruption. The courts in Kenya target small fish and leave the big fish much as it is in Zambia.

  99. Contd.The cases of FTJ, James Banda and Dora Siliya are typical cases where the courts’ judgment has been suspect. There is no doubt in my mind that the control of corruption will result in many people having more money in their pockets. My only fear is that Sata may not sustain the fight on corruption. There are too many vultures sharpening their claws read o pounce. It is a lucrative business. Sata has clearly blamed the previous government for giving the Chinese contracts without specifications in contract with Tazara where there were specifications.

  100. Cobra is clever !That is just a tactical change in position.If USA’s economy is in the hands of China who are we to continue bragging? All Sata needs is to push for realities like true salaries and taxes. Chinese are capable to trade farely only if our leaders are strong on that stance.
    But ba Sata do not easily give in to these peopel like your predecessors.TEKENI BOSS !!

  101. We are happy with genuine Chinese investment. What we don’t want is the over-populating of Zambia with bogus investors.

    Let the investment translate into development for Zambia and the welfare of our people.

    If you Mr President don’t secure the deals that make Zambians richer, you will only have five years in Office, if not less.

    Don’t forget so soon that we showed RB and MMD the “Red Card”. It can be shown to you too, if you disappoint us.

  102. Manyengwe is what is happening in present day Zambian politics! Uku tekuteka, mafifwe aya!! Ifisushi proper! Where is sound leadership? Leadership you recognise by its absence!! Shame on you Micheal Chilifya Sata!! Ebwaume ubu bwine? Atase. Please respect us as your subjects!

  103. They say charity begins at home. The President should have hosted a lunchon for Zambian businessmen first. They also say it is better late than never. I hope is that the President should host the Zambian businessmen/women and explain his vision for Zambian Investors.

    On the foreign policy the President has not started his stand, as President on an Opposition Political Leader, on the One China Policy. He he going to flip flop or he will stand by his view of recognising Taiwan as a country apart from China. When is the Zambia embassy in Taipei going to be opened? Is he going to accept the credentials of the Taiwanese envoy to Zambia? Just asking. I believe this time around is KUBEBA.

  104. You will recall that FTJ used to say on corruption, “show me the evidence” and RB refused to accept that there is corruption in Zambia but this is what the BBC had to say recently, “After years of misrule and corruption Zambia, which recently elected a new government, is seen as a beacon of stability on the continent.”

  105. Looks like the name RB makes some people want to puke. Well and good. The only thing that will happen is that his vindication is happening faster than the vomit can come out of people’s mouths. Hatred will just eat you up. RB is going nowhere but shaming you haters. I used to like his straight talk at times by calling others as ‘amambala’ and ‘yamunyokolani njala’.

  106. DEFLATED! Ha, Ha! Ha! This episode shows us the occasion when the Cobra despite being garrulous failed to spit it`s venom on the Chinese let alone bite. Maybe he needs to go to CFB for a medical check up on his glands and fangs.  Anyway, Mr. President Sir, we`ll still keep the flame of hope burning, we believe you can do it. We hope you are not a flash in the pan. Many were hopeful they were going to grasp the Zambia dream this time around and wouldn’t want it to slip away. People would be distraught

  107. Chinese work with all sorts of people: dictators, corrupt, straight, etc. It is known as pragmatism. The challenge is up to Zambian people to forge win-win partnerships with them. If our leaders decide to put money in their pockets, like the last bunch did, we can not blame it on the Chinese. China’s non-market behaviour is both strategic as well as driven by the huge demand for raw materials. They need friends because very soon (10-20 years) they will be in conflict with the US over resources. The friendships they are establishing now will become very important to them especially at organisations such as the UN.
    As Zambians we should fight to avoid dependency on China as this is a big problem, in the long term. A diversity of different actors is important. For now this is OK :-)

    • There is no diversity of different actors.  When was the last time the Americans did anything for Zambia?!  They themselves claim that they support the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  That’s all.  The Americans don’t support any infrastructure development (apart from their massive embassy – if you can queue to get inside for a visa), they is no single American company that is mining in Zambia or exploring for anything.  Zambia has no options but to go begging to the Chinese for capital.  Watch Sata start grovelling to the Chinese before the 90 days are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Ah, well, there we go again. You will be dying and go to your grave poorer than you started and still believe Sata is out there working dilligently and honestly. A lot of PF supporters are in denial – the same way MMD supporters were when all the signs were that RB was losing elections. While Sata is playing all these games, you remain un-employed and will be so for years. He has just told you that Chinese employ their people because you are lazy. People are refusing to accept that disappointment has started with the man they thought was different. He is an action man, yes, – but in which direction?? He will have most of his policies implemented in 90 days, I’m sure. But less than 1% of those will actually bring money to YOUR pockets. Because you are in denial, you won’t agree with me.

  109. now PF supporters have you seen what politics is? Most of you where born in the middale 80s onwards and you don’t know anything about politics.. Sata knows politics and how to use pipo to get what he wants. He used you. He knows that your age beleives in lies.. He gave you the lies you wanted and you voted for him.. Chines businessman sorted sata with grudas(we call it chivalamulomo) next is the 90 days sweet talks.. Wait for the budget .. I will laugh louder.. RB was just to honesty and straight foward… RB you can’t win with honesty in Zambia, sorry big man

  110. H.E. President M.C. Sata is just doing what he said he would do; keep the Chinese but provide checks and balances, in short give them specifications and tighten immigration loopholes. PERIOD.

  111. Yes, its inevitable we have to do business with China. Like other progressive Countries we have to. However, the extent of change in the Presidents tone of voice to the Chinese so quickly clearly suggests there is something else going on here. Its not a win-win voice any more. The pendulum has swung too far too fast in the Chinese favour. Labour laws now watered down??. Suddenly our people are at fault?? Lazy?? Not aggressive enough, he says?? This is the president talking?? So our people should get shot at, its ok now?? Where was this type of vocabulary during campaign?? Lets face it, the President has been compromised somehow. This is not rocket science, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck.

  112. Honestly we need people from Israel to develop Zambia not Chinese! People from Israel built the University of Zambia, but Chinese used Zambia as a Cold War ground in its fight with the Western World.

    I look forward to the time when Americans and British people/investors will come to invest in Zambia. Chinese people do not understand Zambians at all!!!!!!!

    The Zambian government need to make a department for the orientation of these Chinese investors to the great Zambian culture and Sata should not impose Chinese culture on Zambians!

    Chinese investors have prejudiced thinking towards Zambians in regards to laziness, they think Zambians are lazy even when they are sick. Chinese thinks Zambians are thieves when in fact they have courtesy and honesty!!

    Sad indeed!!

    • Keep dreaming!  The Westerners are broke.  The Chinese now have all the money in the World.  Be on the winning side, instead of your pro-White stance. Kolwe!

  113. Did father Bwalya support Sata because they wanted to impose CATHOLICISM on Zambians? No wonder Sata asked to have a Chaplain at State House. What a shame!!

  114. At the rate Mr Sata is going, i wouldn’t be surprised if he chased the chinese as per original plan. The Chinese be better warned that this chap is unstable, he is emnbrassing them to day, tomorrow if he wakes on the wrong side he will chase them.

  115. Dipak Patel out of the woodwork!! Its not long before Cobra brings him to the fold and he appoints a choncholi to his cabinet! Watch this space.

  116. If the chinese take a trunk full of money to sata,it is called homage and the west call it a bribe.  ‘you should not appear before a king empty and a gift makes room for you’ it is a chinese tradition gotten from the bible.

  117. Is this SATA talking or its somebody else!!!

    “Don’t blame the Chinese, blame yourself because the Chinese are willing to work, they are very hard working people,” he said. “The Chinese can do with one meal a day; use them properly and if you find there are more Chinese on one job, don’t blame the Chinese, blame the immigration officer who gave them work permits. Do they deserve those work permits?”, he asked

  118. #Senior Engineer RTD ,
    And you, what do you say about Britain?
    Or what does ZNBC say about britain?
    We seem to be too colonised.

  119. Masipa!!

    To all the kaponyas who got cheated that Sata is their saviour, here is the reality – China is bankrolling the World and Sata has no ability to sort out the Chinese.  He is now blaming you for being lazy!!  

    Even the Europeans have gone begging for $100bn from the Chinese to help with the European bail-out fund.  The Chinese finance the American dream by buying US govt bonds and treasury bills. The Chinese have bankrolled your stadia, your new power stations, the whole of Chambeshi etc etc.  No European will put money in Zambia when they themselves are broke.

    Litoci la mahe!!

  120. That is the way to go, this is now reality. America can’t do without Chinese money, now Europe is begging for Chinese money and who are we to refuse Chinese money. All we need to do is streangthen our labour laws and Government should lead by example.

  121. Fine! Yes we are too colonised and it is a fact of history. You cannot compare ZNBC and BBC in terms of impartiality. Have you forgotten the untruths ZNBC used to peddle on its airwaves on Sata on behave of RB. BBC has caved itself a niche of impartiality worldwide.

  122. Ba Kaponya dumped by their don ….. funny!!! So what was the hype all about, MMD did the right things to develop Zambia.

  123. This president is difficult to understand.The other day he was telling that British Anglican bishop that he regretted the MMD’s decision to abandon the Western countries in preference to the East and that that is what had made Zambia to lag behind in terms of economic development.Now he is embracing the East which, according to him, has made Zambia poor.What next?And by the way, when is he also hosting a luncheon for the Zambian businessmen?

  124. MMD was in phases Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda. ve heard mixed comments like RB achieved much instead of wasted much. To be in good relations with Chinese does not grant development unless there is prudence in the management of revenues. If the Chinese want to continue bussiness should we say no even if they want to reform? No one is refering to what the Chinese ambassador told his people. It is a biased debate, with prejudiced feeelings and un assesed statements. It is a win-win situ which both sides want.


  126. ba donchi accept the reality not dreams that were preached,yo driver is taking you in the wrong direction,proud fools,wait and see you will regret.this is the only development offered within 90days hiring and firing back in UNIP time

  127. Ba Sata why are you doing this to Us? We voted for you so that you help us with these un caring chines, they chesed 89 of us from work in Chingola and you Minister said he can not defend us. You mislead us baSata, is this what u ment when you said more money in our Pocket? Now we know more suffering for the next 5 years.

  128. For all of you who believed the propaganda that RB was bribed to bring fake Chinese “infestors”, please tell us how many fake ” Chinese infestors” including vegitable sellers or chicken farmers have been identified and deported since PF came to power. Tell us how many Chinese companies have been de-registered for poor working conditions since PF came to government or do we take it that all Chinese companies are now paying Zambians high salaries.

  129. I am lost what is the stance of the president with regards to Chinese investment? Is he going to change from one stance to the other? I hope he finds his foot soon or these people will not take him as serious as he would like them to take him and his govt. There is need for clarity when addressing national matters of this significancy. How is he going to be sorted out? If the president says he will be sorted out by the Chinese, what about the common man on the street? Please my president listen to advice on depromacy and how to address these issues. We are praying for your success for it means a lot to this nation.

  130. # 148 Senior Engineer RTD,
    You make me believe you do not watch BBC news!
    Which BBC is impartial, are we both talking about the British BBC?
    I hope you mean a different BBC, not the one I know.
    UK BBC being impartial – thats a joke!
    Do you watch BBC, CNN, F24 concerning middle east events? Do you call that impartial??
    They reporting on Africa, you call that impartial?
    You must be using the word in opposite, not in real sense. They just did so about Zed because the previous administration refused to accept gays and lesbians – I hope you know. This is an important matter to them, and now they have threatened to stop governments that will not legalise gays and lesbians – I trust you know that by now.

  131. Sata(n) is a wrong person to govern this great nation.Anyway this is what most poor Zambians prayed for,A LEADER WHO WAS GOING TO MAKE THE CHINESE SHAKE WHEN THEY SEE HIM.RB was too soft according to most PF cadres.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.Tamba behavior.Sata(n) is a hypocrite.The chinese will grow even richer,Zambians have become secondary citizens afterall.DONT KUBEBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. What will happen to the deal with the Taiwanese, is it because his friends are now out of government that he has U-turned. I bet the Chinese will pay the loan to Taiwan if at all it does exist to keep this relationship in Zambia. The bible says be “slow to speak” the priest should remind our President so that he does not embarrass us each time he has to take back his words.

  133. Sata should have had meals with these people ourside state house.
    but he hs given them the highest honor amidst his attacks on them.
    anyway, the truth is he has wxwmplified all exploiters in zambia.

    the pain goes to our suffering zambians. it must have sunk painfully to those who voted for this man, and for those of us who knew that these are the lies that took place during campaigns. cheating unemployed youths

Comments are closed.

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