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Government suspends Zambezi Airline Air operating certificate.

Headlines Government suspends Zambezi Airline Air operating certificate.

Zambezi Airlines Boeing 737-500 aircraft

Zambezi Airline has said that it has learnt with shock government’s decision to suspend its Air operating certificate. Government over the weekend suspended Zambezi Airlines operator certificate citing serious safety concerns.

Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Permanent Secretary Dominic Sichinga who announced the suspension says that government will soon institute a tribunal to make inquiries on the airlines operations.

But Zambezi Airlines Chairman, Maurice Jangulo says the Airline adheres to safety and aviation regulations relating to aircraft maintenance.

Dr Jangulo says all its aircrafts are maintained and certified by a South Africa, company, Jetworx.

Dr Jangulo says the airline is working round the clock to ensure that its license is re-installed.

He was speaking to ZNBC News in Lusaka on Sunday.

Efforts to get a comment from the Mr Sichinga to react to Zambezi Airlines statement failed as his phone was unreachable by press time.

Last week at least 50 Zambezi Airline passengers were stranded in Lusaka after their scheduled flights to several destinations were cancelled. Among the affected passengers are those who were supposed to fly to Tanzania, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The cancellation followed Zambezi Airline’s failure to secure alternative aircraft as the company’s own planes were grounded. A check at one of the named lodges in Lusaka found several of the passengers, whose flights had been canceled booked there.

The stranded passengers said that Zambezi Airline had allegedly failed to find alternative planes. However, Zambezi Airways was able to charter a plane to carry passengers , who were stranded in Lusaka for 3 days, to various destinations.

Yesterday, passengers were stranded at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula Airport in Livingstone following the suspension of Zambezi Airlines’ aviation license. A check at the airport found at least 40 passengers, en route to South Africa, in a state of panic.

And one of the passengers, Pessie’ Van Clove expressed disappointment over the development further advising the airline to improve its communication strategy.

A check at the Zambezi Airlines office at the airport found the place locked.

Government yesterday suspended Zambezi Airlines from operating on reasons of failing to adhere to safety and schedule regulations as required in the aviation sector



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    • This is the work of the Corrupt Fred Mmembe and Sata. Much as I don’t like Zambezi Airlines, this matter needs to be handled in a transparent and professional manner. Mmembe is trying to bring back the corrupt Zambian Airways. I used to like Nchito, but I am beginning to dislike these crooks. We will get them when we come into office. Umulandu taubola!!!

  1. My mother was one them Stuck and she 65 years . She was left stranded  in Jo berg for 4 day and stuck in Livingstone for one day. 

  2. I think Zambezi needs to improve. You cant operate an airline as if its a Rosa that travels between Soweto market and Bauleni compound! Pull up your socks Jangula.

  3. here comes nonsense again, african politicians and lies. who do you want to fix this time around? look at the big picture *****s.

    • What big picture are you talking about?Did you know that Zambia is currently blacklisted by the avaiation board as a result of unsafe avaiation standards?

    • I agree there is a bigger picture. As for Zambia being blacklisted, I think its a way to shut out African competition to maintain a monopoly. Air France has 2 or was it 3 crashes within a year and a half and yet they arent blacklisted and yet we havent had any crashes and we are on the list. Please

    • First, despite the number of crashes, you cannot compare the French aviation safety standards with those of our airline, and secondly, it the foreign countries that have said Zambezi Airways cannot land on their soil due to some of. May be you should there investigation reports of the last two crashes you referred. You don’t have to wait until there is a crash before you can act. You the same chaps will be saying our politicians were bribed to let the these planes continue flying.

  4. This suspension has Fred Mmembe and Nchito brothers do.get prints written all over it. I see the restoration of Zambian Airways. Looks like Mmembe is going to have the last laugh. vacuum created so launch a fast airline. Why is this industry so tied to regime changes

    • You are so correct. This is the corruption of Fred Mmembe and Sata. This is why Mmembe supported Sata’s run for presidency and now it is paying dividends for this crook. Parliament needs to step in and put a lid on Sata’s corruption. Stop him in his tracks. What a Useless country this Zambia is!!!!!



  6. In my view Zambezi airline is better than some airlines I use and have used before. I support the gvt in most progressive activities but I happen to differ with the minister on this one. Zambezi airline is a Zambian owned airline.The gvt should promote and protect such investments. If Dr Jangulo was overlooking certain aviation rules, it would have been better for the ministry to summon him and give him a period to address their concerns rather than suspending the licence. This is my opinion on this matter.

    • Pepecho I totally agree with you the Ministry should have given them time to address all the concerns than suspend the license, this is proper witch hunting,government try to be above board don’t implement vigilanty tactics twapapata please

  7. If the aircraft are maintained and certified according to international standards in South Africa, there shouldn’t be any problem. What exactly are these “serious safety concerns” that have compelled government to ground the airline?

  8. I remember how Zambezi airlines celebrated after the suspension of Zambian airways… what goes around ,comes around.I hope this suspension is not political.

  9. Too may routes with fewer planes for a young airline and they have too many recycled dodo of managers. The company needs fresh brains. …….

  10. yaba..what politics can do..they are trying to fix someone over this one now..so that mmembe and his defunct Zambian airways can come back..!

  11. “Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Permanent Secretary Dominic Sichinga who announced the suspension says that government will soon institute a tribunal to make inquiries on the airlines operations”. This sounds fishy, what is it that Zambezi airline has done to deserve a tribunal?The airline has been doing fine and improving daily. I have used the airline from the time they started the south route. 

    • To say they have been doing fine and improving daily is an overstatement my friend. The service of ZAmabezi airlines has left much to be desired, unfortunately. There may be political manipulation yes, but the airline seriously needed some action, as in yesterday

  12. Zambezi airline should respect time and should have reduced number of routes. It does not make sense everyday delayed leaving Ndola 01 00hrs instead of 15 00hrs

  13. The post carries a story saying that Zambezi airline owes National Airports $2.2 million, Iam not sure whether its related to them being suspended but of interest is in the Story carried in todays post they mention that the airline is majo0rity owned by Maurice Jangulo who also owns Nyiombo Investments which enjoys government fertiliser supply contracts. From the Posts story I can conclude that the airline is being shut down through just hit at Maurice Jangulo who obviously is not in good books with Membe, and the Nchitos. Just when I thought the change of government had brought sanity to things.

    • Not only the post carry the story on zambezi airline, times of zambia and daily mail have the same story. Wafwa walemana.

    • Let’s wait and see……………lol. It’s democracy. It appears everyone close to PF wants to use the opportunity for their own interests at the cost of national development. I see people taking advantage of the dictatorial type of governance to satisfy their interests. As for the cadres everything is fine so long it’s from PF and most remarkably when it comes from MCS. They have no time to think about the bearings of these developments on their lives, what so ever.

  14. Why is the homo newspaper happy about this sad development? Yes Zambezi Airline had its challenges but not to warrant its license suspension.Just because Dr Jangulo is percieved MMD should not victimise him.

  15. Zambia is becoming a country of commissions of inquiries. We are getting used to: “with immediate effect” and “commission of inquiry.” How many are we going to have in the end?

  16. First of all, any airline that does not stick to aviation rules needs to be grounded and heavily punished and asked to sort out their issues before they can be allowed to fly people again.

    Having said that , I smell a fat rat with Zambian Airways fingers prints all over it. If what am hearing from the rumour mill is true, then this is indeed sad.

    Key questions, why was the airline not warned and the public informed? Why has the PS not specified exactly why the grounded the airline? Why did the South African civil aviation together with other SADC members allow an airline violating civil aviation regulations to fly into their airports?

    Why is the Govt setting up a tribunal into the operation of a private Airline? I suspension based on rumour?

    This is very very suspect.

  17. Come on ba PF. I thought you were for genuine change? Stop the vindictiveness of the MMD Government and be different. Be above board.

  18. Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Permanent Secretary Dominic Sichinga who announced the suspension says that government will soon institute a tribunal to make inquiries on the airlines operations.

    I think I will side with those saying Nchitos are behind this. If the government has irrefutable evidence that this airline was violating civil aviations rules, why then set up a tribunal or commission of Inquiry to establish the truth.

    This is not sale of ZAMNTEL or Mongu riots. This is a private business with specific guidelines to follow and if those guidelines have not been broken, then tell us and prosecute Zambian Airlines. No need for wasting money on Commission of Inquiry. Do as we did for FBZ, taking them to Court.



  19. How do you act without facts as clearly indicated by the PS Sichinga – “government will soon institute a tribunal to make inquiries on the airlines operations.” This is utter nonsense and you cannot run Government through tribunals and other similar shenanigans as it is costly to tax payers. The best the PS would have said is that “there is an increasing number of flights being postponed by Zambezi Airlines, which may suggest serious safety concerns”. Even at that the licence need not be suspended but all flights are grounded whilst investigation is being carried out. The aspect of licence not being suspended gives confidence to the Financial Institutions that have credits facilities with the airline. As things stand and given past experience of other airlines, this could be goodbye 

  20. AWA – Africa wins again! From a frying pan into the fire…… Why can’t we just learn to support each other? If the rumours have any beef, why not combine Zambian Airways with Zambezi Airlines with the two camps holding shares,……….. and maybe later on float the shares on LuSE. Isn’t it possible to bury the hatchet and move on? my poor lovely Zambia, what next?

  21. It is good to hear the full story than one side of the coin. LT please tell us the story in its 4 corners. Its more of the operator than the GOVT reason to suspend.

  22. Can we get the the bottom of this. Some people are saying they are not members of IATA and they have not paid there workers for some months now. Can someone tell the nation the truth?

  23. It is increasingly becoming difficult to do business in Zambia. Any reasonable investor will have to think twice to do business in Zambia. GRZ must create a favorable environment to do business and not interfering in the private sector. Yes, GRZ must continue to regulate the industries but not too much interference in the private sector. 

  24. As far as the POST are concerned, Jangulo is a ‘Bantustan’ and therefore does not deserve the priveledges accorded to a higher citizen visa-vis, a kolwestan.

  25. good at suspenstion,firing and appointing the only development wthin 90 days,more money in our pockets or their pockets,dont worry be real ba donchi heading in the wrong direction,wait and see within 90days

  26. Its a shame. Problems at Zambezi are real, but what they need is support of every zambian including GVT not suspensions and victimization. GVT must buy shares in the airline and encourage a public listing so that all Zambian should have a stake in the airline. The only winners in all this nonsense is foreign Airline. I am in the Aviation industry and am afraid that we are the laughing stock in the industry 

    If a new airline under meembe and nchito opens, the little benefit of doubt i have for this government will all but disappear. Sata will then have little right to talk about corruption unless to accuse himself 

  27. i am not surprised, i was stranded at joburg airport last year when zambezi airlines cancelled my flight. staff could not not even give a proper explanation.

    • Hey, its their normal routine…i once flew in the country via S.A.A,it was a return to joburg but on the day of departure,S.A.A chattered Zambezi’s smallest plane to fly us to S.A as they could not due to technical fault..I was almost denied to fly that morning as there was a ‘letter’ missing on my names on the S.A.A ticket in comparison to my passport..i had to call S.A.A manegement to sort it out, coz if they allowed me to fly out they should have surely allowed me to fly back in,after all it was a return ticket..S.A.A manager was equally shocked as the error required common sense which zambezi airline lacked according to the situation…

  28. Well even here in Australia a budget airline Tiger Airlines which is owned by Singapole Airlines was grounded for safety reason for some time.The only silly thing about the Zambezi airlines is the so called tribunal,what for?Do’nt we have aviation exparts who can scrutize them without wasting tax payers money on useless tribunals headed by dull ,hopelss ,thick headed PF cadres like winter Kabimba and Zulu?When is more money going to start trikling down to the thugs on the street.By the way how much do those people who sit on these useless things get per sitting?Quickly tell me you government of thugs!

  29. Just bunches of thieves taking turns to rule the country.

    They steal votes to win elections by telling lies to gullible voters. Once in power, they turn back on their promises, dont care about people who voted for them (one MMD MP even resigned soon after being voted) and continue business as usual. Its a case of do and say whatever you can to get a chance to put your piggy nose in the trough.

    Its all about themselves!

  30. For the few times i and my wife have used zambezi,i’d say..i was waiting for this time to come.where service is concerned,Zambezi airlines knows NADA,i should be fair and say,i enjoyed their low prices at certain points…BUT still service was crap..Last month my wife got stranded at OR Tambo international airport in s.a for 4hrs and management couldn’t explain the delay,for a flight which was supposed to leave at 5:30PM only to leave joburg at 9:30PM..Bollocks..7 that wasnt the only time..this should be a wake up call to management..somebody had to do something

  31. Better safe than sorry…you can’t compromise with safety even the leaner budget airlines like Southwest, Easyjet and Ryanair know that… 

  32. edited
    Horrific – no communications, delays, delays – up to 10 hours just waiting with no information and no idea if you ever going to get home or get there. For Business people don’t even try it – not worth it. Staff incapable, untrained to the very top!

  33. This airline is very fo%olish. Instead of being shocked, they should have first asked themselves why. The reason is very simple. Regardless of which airline you are and who the owners are, you can not leave passengers stranded for 4 days without taking care of hotel bills and arranging alternative flights. Some idi%ot Zambezi airline employee did not bother to get maintenance certificates sorted out.

    Stranded passengers were left to fend for themselves and they complained. The revocation of the licence was therefore inevitable – just you wait until the passengers sue. No apologies or refunds were offered to passengers. This is damaging to Zambias image. I do not see this company surviving the new work culture. Someone must be fired in Zambezi Airlines before we can take them seriously

    • kissing dust made simple..i agree with u, but instead of firing someone, for the sake of our brothers and sisters who have families to feed, who are working there..they should give this airline a heavy fine so that it learns from its id%otic behaviors…swines

    • what fine, there is nothing the Airline did, I support PF but on this one?? NO they acted really foolish. As Zambian I will call the ministers office because e need answers. this nonsense should come to an end. this is not what we want to our country. Believe you me the word has become way smaller so these guys better behave themselves.

  34. Maurice will be the first to tell you that the airline was in serious trouble even before the elections. RBish children wanted to buy it from him 

  35. NEXT we shall be reading that Zambezi Airlines has been taken over by the government. Is this a back door way of creating a national airline within the proverbial 90 days? I feel angry that successive Zambian governments are abusing their power to intimidate and fix their perceived enemies. Shame. When is this charade going to end?

  36. Good afternoon

    #19 MMD Bootlicker very good questions. I also feel that the Ministry of Works & Supply had enough time to act and they should now be in a position to provide clarity into the matter without necessarily instituting a tribunal of inquiry.

    The way forward would be to start liberalising the market and open it up for more competition.
    Much as we need airlines that are safe and reliable, too much state-domination in the aviation market is not good because it makes operations and expansion difficult. Europeans, for instance, are becoming less protective of their commercial interests in their state-owned players, making them fitter to perform.

  37. If there is real concern for safety, Zambian airspace should be closed to traffic. No airline worth its salt lands at Lusaka International airport at night. Why? They don’t trust Zambian air traffic control systems. British Airways pilots have reported near misses over African airspaces and have had to communicate with other aircraft via short wave radio. You all remember that RB said the Presidential helicopter had no lights so he had to leave Ndola early. Night landing in Zambia is not safe.

  38. True, Zambezi airline needs to be sorted out. I have flown on this airline between Dar and Lsk, twice. On August 8th this year, the flight from Dar to Lsk was 4 hrs late. I ended up arriving at Lsk very late and missed all my appointments. On August 27, my return flight from Lsk to Dar was 2 hrs late. This is unacceptable because such inconsistency in schedules causes us to miss connecting flights with other airlines. So, if Zambezi airlines does not improve, shut it down Bob. Jo well done.You have our support. 

  39. Most of these planes operating within Africa can not pass the stringent European safety regulations as they are either outdated or do not meet safety regulations.

  40. Zambia Airways – liquidated because Chiluba did not like KK.
    Zambia Express – disbanded for suspected gun running for UNITA in Angola
    Mine Air Services – franchise to Zambian Airways.
    Zambian Airways – broke and busted, owes GRZ millions of dollars. RB and Siliya uncompromising.
    Now Zambezi Airways.
    IN SHORT: If you want to invest in air travel in Zambia, take your money elsewhere. Even Somalia is better.

    • Saint it was Aero Zambia that was into gunning running. Zambia Express which was linked to Mahtan was closed following differences with FTJ.

    • The Saint, it was not Chiluba who didn’t like KK; it was Penza who didn’t like some Zambia Airways employees who had swindled his business at one stage. Chiluba was just spoonfed political diatribe like what happened in Libya before the bombing started!

  41. We are now used with this new mmd turned pf .their style of ruling is exactly the mmd firing that is perceived mmd and pf cadres or relatives to those in power. U will be taken to court for nepotism. Mr cobra with namakando u will be the worst zambian leaders we have ever seen

  42. Very good points indeed from all of you! Planes bane are not like Ashiok buses for UBZ which you can allow to travel from Nakonde with passengers so that when it drops passengers in Kamwala then it can go to Malambo road for repairs. Planes fall from the skies, and when they do, it is not institutions like RTSA to manage the outcome. Planes kill people of multiple nationalities. But whatever happens, we do not want a resurgence of Zambian Airline, Aero Zambia etc. We need to get serious with life.

  43. At long last. For those of you who feel this is victimization, you may not be aware of the near disaster that happened around August on a flight between Livingstone and Cape Town. The only person that saved the day was the captain on that flight and he should be highly commended for making a crucial decision that saved at least 50 lives. I am so shocked with how the airline managed to cover this story up and it never hit the press. The pilot on that day was C Mbalashi and he openly admitted that luck was on their side. This incident alone should be enough to get the airline grounded. Another thing I know for sure is that their staff are not treated professionally and Jangulo has failed to provide proper leadership for the company.

  44. I hestitated to comment. But, let me say this, the services of Zambezi airlines were questionable. Imagine in Cape Town they had an office which was operating between 05 and 08hours, just to escape rentals for the premises. Half the time you had to find the offices closed. Secondly, they appeared cheap, but were expensive than SA because they were not including TAX. How can you operate an airline lke makeshift business?? Having said this, I hope its not political but they need to pull up services. # 19 MMD Chief Bootlicker is 100% right on this issue, thumb up.


  46. #40.1, Onegino, please please tell me – which is of greater consequence between revocation of licence and loss of life? Do this simple maths. The livelihood of the employees of the idi%ts at Zambezi Airlines (and their families) is of very little consequence if the same idi%ots do not take their jobs seriously. The airline industry involves peoples lives and there is little tolerance for mistakes and delays. Someone in Zambezi Airlines is very clearly in the wrong career and firing them is actually helping them.

    We have for far too long compromised professionalism (and as a result peoples lives) by being sympathetic to incompetent employees and the fate of their families if they are fired. I am very happy with the PF directive and have no doubt it is meant to protect passengers.

  47. ok finally. too late though.  for bloggers before you make comment, try 4 airliners and include zambezi, you will hear frequent passengers for answers.wake up call good.

  48. I was stranded in march this year and i even commented that Zambezi Airlines is finishing faster than UBZ . the ground crew could not even tell us the truth they just kept on saying it will arrive soon , soon became 17hrs and 17hrs became please come 2 moro sunday 13hrs , we got to ndola airport on sunday but the plane only came in at 17hrs , shame

  49. What do you expect when Zambezi Airlines employeed majority of the former Zambian Airways.Some habits just die hard, and surely cost the innocent their jobs.

  50. @57 Headman. shame on you. too ignorant. stay put if you dont know know what you are talking about. i wonder what means of transport you use to cheapen your dear life.its a pity my brother.

  51. The air line industry has dodged Zambia for a long time now. I agree with reasons advanced by # 47 The Saint. The air line business almost checks Zambian moral attitude and committment in this area. The defunct Zambia Airways was opearting in league with Ethiopian Airways which today is one of the most successful air line in the continent. Zambia airways had engineers, infrustracture, pesonnel and intangible asset. It just needed a commercial corporate image away from political interferance. It had potential to be the same as Ethiopian, SouthAfrican, Kenyan airways successful story. Due to reasons stated by # 47 above, Zambia is un able to run a truely Zambian airline because we would like to run an air line as a personal company in a competitive industry that does not take mediocrity.

  52. my grandmother said,’ never mix business with politics.’ thanks granny, am now witnessing your wise words.

  53. I smell a rat, so the whole suspension of the license comes just after the government is talking about a national carrier. Some people must be benefiting from the lack of competition in Zambia’s aviation industry. Promote competition and the industry will see a drop in air fairs, better services and increased safety not killing off one Airline before introducing another, come on guys this ain’t the Kaunda days.

  54. This circus will not end in Zambia, believe you me – this will not end. Why, greed. Make the ownership structure public.

  55. @ 61 pluss other bloggers please brother men read widely and you have facts.Quite sad, my fellow brothermen you are educated academically but  you dont see. would you remember and are you aware zambezi airline is not allowed to fly  to europe or indeed guinea, angola and cape verde?  for the simple reasons they have suspended the licence. i thought you  all knew about this when it was announced 4months ago. pull up your reading resources chamarada.

  56. This story brings me bad memories. In 1994 my family and I lost £3000 after Z Airways suddenly went into liquidation and the staff at that ndeke house were disgusting in their handling of the situation. We had to find money to fly BA, the world’s favourite airline. Since then I vowed never ever to fly on any aircraft bearing the name Zambia. I agree with someone who said even Somali airways are better organised. Running an airline carrier is not like market stall business.

    • Distant Drums! How did it happen that you got such a service? After that liquidation in December 1994 even employees lost legitimacy. You (like the employees) were at the mercy of the liquidators. Some of us lost personal stuff at the Ndeke House because we could no longer access our offices after that. Ask about experiences and you may just be grateful you lost only 3,000 Pounds. Some of us lost real friends to depression and actual deaths!!!!!

  57. I personally think this is an operational issue rather than political. I was once a victim of Zambezi Airlines way back in January this year when I got stack in Dar for over 8 hours. Zambezi airlines hired a ‘cargo plane’ from RSA to fetch us. So dear bloggers i think its time Zambezi Airline sat up if they mean business.

  58. @65,66. KEEP IT UP BUDDIES. you talk like this. you uplift my spirit. you are very lightened  zambians. i was just about to even put up something for the rest of the bloggers, just to know how late the govt is to have suspended that. because the EU did that as far back as 2009. i suppose the editors should have helped our ailing and not so researching citizens by carrying editorials for hot topics. BLOGGERS FIND THIS:  EU under fire over Zambia aircraft banTIME PUBLISHED – Thursday, September 17, 2009, 9:26 am [http://www.lusakatimes.com/2011/10/31/government-suspends-zambezi-airline-air-operating-certificate/] JUST AS GUIDE BEFORE YOU PUT CHEAP COMMENTS. GROW UP ZAMBIA!

  59. Typical muntu ! Unless there is a tragedy then you want the airline sususpended ! No more Gabon . Good move Sichinga airline accidents are no Joke !!!!!!!!

    • Not true, nothing to do with safety, it is really a shame on our New Government. They have wrong advisors. Belive me, I know Jangulo Personally and have reviewed their Aircrafts. We can share alot just that its online. this is rubbish.

  60. Now we are seriously getting concerned with PF’s approach to things, this is wrong especially when you are preaching Citizen Empowerment. Zambezi is Local Zambian owned?? It is surprising how Government would evoke a license without even warning the Airline. Let’s not pretend this is a political move and will hate we Zambians.

    I support PF but this is stu.pid. Airlines like Emirates will think twice operating in to Zambia? It has sent a very wrong Message about our Government.

    Government you better tell us the truth than behaving like dictators. Just know that some of your decisions will hate PF. SAME OLD ZAMBIAN NONSENSE STORIES. WHEN WILL WE CHANGE????

  61. Can the PS be specific on this matter, what safety rules are not adhered to by the airline company? otherwise such nonsense will continue . Zambia airways, zambezi airline, foolish.

  62. @4 What big picture are you talking about?Did you know that Zambia is currently blacklisted by the avaiation board as a result of unsafe avaiation standards?Check out the standards set by the Germans on the website, maybe that might help.

  63. Time to get rich for Fred Mmembe & the Nchitos!!!!! But don’t worry…. the taxi drivers and kaponyas are blank….

  64. Awesome development, was one of those stranded. First this company has poor PR it had to take the South African Airport to calm stranded passengers. Some passengers went on to say Zambezi was always late and never on time, found two planes been worked on in RSA because they are faulty.

  65. I agree with you bootlicker 100% this is outta rubbish and we expect speedly review of this stupid decision by govt. There are rules and guidelines that need to be followed both by gvt and the privated sector. If indeed Zambezi Airline flouted those allerged regulation, they must have be saved with a warning and there after follow through with those offences. This witch hunting of politics is rubbish. Leave this airline alone please!! BaSata its too early for those kaponya tenderncies

  66. These days it seems Zambia has no educated people involved in running the affairs of the country. I wonder why all this decadency!

  67. Fellow Zambians, Zambezi operates a new fleet of 737s, better than what Zambian Airlines had. Something is wrong and it is Political nothing else. It is very embarrassing that we wanted change and some Nonsense that MMD did is getting repeated. This is nothing to do with SAFETY.

    As a Youth PF I would not tolerate this?? We will make sure the President get the Message. Shame on Gold Diggers give such silly advice to our Government Officials.

  68. Looking at comments above and especially dim people like @@@@@@Bootfimofimo who now only contributes when he thiks he has a point, you sit down and see why Cho Ncho man can respect Zambians.

    @Bootfimofimo we are talking safety here you plank. You were bragging you don`t use dodgy airlines like Kenya Airways which is by far better than this junk yet you find it fit to support this airline. Until people die, that`s when Zambians get up with their fickle support.

    Pathetic, selfish, dim Zambian!

  69. 66 Distant Drums, probably because you where away from Zambia when the Zambia Airways liquidator was paying off all those owed, I know of a friend in similar situation who was compenstated after the airline went into liquidation. There was a period when creditors presented documentary evidence for their claims at the Building now housing Electoral Commission of Zambia. In fact the policy after liquidation was that priority should be to pay off creditors then staff last. Also because Zambia Airways had lots of assets compared to debt most creditors were paid off. You could still possibly pursue your refund £3000 was a lot of more, even now it still is.

  70. why? is all i can ask don’t they have better things to do the poor on the streets can’t afford to fly so they don’t care + if the airline has a credible maintenance program why halt them ?? these guys are killin zambian business the only guys happy are about this are SAA, BA , Kenyan airways 

  71. I dont argue against GRZ suspending lisence or this or that…but GRZ must know that an airline or any company with international outlook needs time to wind -up ..hence a grace period (three months) should sufficed to get proper close to business transcation. I know of ‘rumours’ that RB is shareholders in Zambezi Air…but in my opnion.. GRZ can not manage businesses like a farm…

  72. ulunkumbwa, the

    *Nchito brothers are lawyers, and no experience in Aviation or medical field (Saint John’s Hospital).

    *Maurice Jangulo from fertiliser to Aviation, what a shame, what in God’s name are we trying to prove. Government shud find a solution to this airline problem in the country. We need a national flag carrier, chansoni sana, zambia is the only country in Africa that does not have a National flag carrier.

    • chanda, what we lack in Zambia is the spirit of true genius. Do you know that Steve Jobs had more of a marketing prowess than a technical one? He linked himself with geniuses who could translate his vision into true products that were appealing. We do not necessarily need specialists running their fields. We just need proper project managers and leaders willing to listen, listen, listen and listen… Watch successful companies and you will see why Zambians are failing at business…

  73. Post boss and your laywer friends (the two bothers) we know you are in the right position now, but stop this issue of ruling behind the smoke screen. Just come out and form a party or joint PF. We are tired of this type of pulling strings in a nation like you do in your back yields. Stop this once for all. We have the change we wanted but do not spoil it please.

  74. Poor Zambezi Airline after scoring a wonderful job of evacuating the Zambian Diplomats from Libya, Tripoli after the war of Gaddfi.Please rescue them from whatever woes the airline is going thruogh,remeber our history of Dag Stadium in Ndola…….it was never built and where is Hon Hapunda to tell us the story of Dag Stadium?

  75. #81 ZOZI-A-ZOZI,
    I must thank you for your advice and I’m now wondering if I have already lost out or not. As far as I can remember our 1994 Z Airways tickets are still there somewhere in our files in Lusaka. I will try and have a go on this one. Thank you very much.

    • Thanks I am on it, What PF have done is embarrassing. I dont believe their claim because there aircrafts just got inspected. there is something Fishy

  76. While all businesses clearly have rocky areas, it is critical that these airlines do not jeopardize public health, safety, the security of Zambia, the foreign image of Zambia, and its international obligations. Zambezi Airlines is among the 274 black listed to fly over Europe. Which automatically means that it does not meet the applicable safety standards. Data is available that they infringed specific regulation criteria or do not meet the standards.
    However, one has to be naive to believe the leadership so far has exhibited level headedness in the way the have handled a number of issues. The management of Zambezi Airlines should have been summoned to show cause why their operating license (obtained legally) should not be suspended. This should have involved the aviation wing of Governt.

  77. #81 Italian Bunga Bunga (Original)

    Do you know how to read or did somebody just read and type for you? You know what , before you start calling people names like dim, at least make an effort to read what they said. Read the first sentence I wrote in comment # 19 before you make an imbecile of yourself in a public fora, then come we debate again.

    My beef is not about safety my beef is about not telling us the truth and instead promising us a tribunal. If you don’t find this ridiculous and suspicious, then you need your head to be examined.

    When Finance Bank was about to collapse, BOZ explained came up with evidence and took the directors to court. They did not just close the bank and say we shall constitute some tribunal.

  78. I addition, you do not need a tribunal to look into suspension of the operating license. The Government is fully equipped with enough resource to be resolve the issue of the license with out wasting financial, time and human resource. Let us guard the resources judiciary. Past commissions and/ or tribunals have cost the poor people billions.

  79. If you kill by the sword you will die by the sword. We remember how RB went on rampage to so out the enemies after the 2008 elections. Its a cut and paste business.

  80. If the decision is genuine Why is Yafwa Mukanga Minister of Transport and his PS, not open to take calls? Ok let them go to Let the people say so that they get our view on this. There is no safety issue; it is Cheap old African politics. Damn Zambia, I thought we will move forward but with this?? I am very disappointed with the way things are being done back home. .

  81. @#90 Bootfimofimo. I know you are one of the mods (the staunch MMD). If you look at my post you will find that you are being dim again.

    You are a typical African Politician! Anything that the ruling Party does has to be suspicious. You were here bragging about how you don`t use such crappy airlines yet you are smelling a rat. Any chance that rat is you?

    Look we have been told the decision was safety reasons. What else do you want? Can you prove your suspicions? Remember how you used to say prove this prove that?

    I love how you are hurting! Nafuti Nafuti! Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke!!!!!

    • Why hold a tribunal? You are wise so pls fill us in? Tribunal here COI there. Next we shall be holding a COI to look into why pple are growing old or how pipo are breathing. We are wasting money and more money. Civil aviation shd do their job, analyze the problem and tell us why they have put a stop to the airline. No more tribunals, aint pple paid to do the work the tribunals are paying allowances for…Italian fimofimo I hope you are not a stranded psn like the country Italy itself.

  82. The suspension is political. We should allow businesses to compete fairly on level playing ground. The people as customers are the ones who will benefit from this competition. If government wants to repay Fred Mmembe for his support by letting his airline to re-commence they should just issue a second licence and check that he owes noone else any money before leaving the playground to business.

  83. so some of you are pretending as if you don’t know what is happening. Fred membe is broke. all his money was is zambian airways after LPM an magande promised a partner ship with the cgovernment to form a national airline…When RB came into power so the irregularities bcoz the airline was in debt and it was the govt through magande to bail it. RB refused and ordered it to be closed… the post money kissed the dust. Membe went to sata and had a deal to fight MMD and support sata at all cost. If Sata wins they revive the national airline deal and give membe the money back ..Please don’t forget Membe got a loan from Fainance bank which has been dubiusly given back to mathani wake up Zambia

  84. What a star Mmembe is! If it was not for him, RB would still be president. 

    Batata Bootlicker mulichipuba. Sebana wikute ka?

  85. Mwalakoewela. PF do not allow your good name to be used in such devious schemes. Are Zambezi a scare to life? somebody please explain. The citizens are the masters. So tell the story in simple everyday language like “Zambezi use lorry drivers to fly their planes” or “The engineers use Zinopindirana spares from Fiat 132 etc.

    Second tell us why the Nchitos and Mmembe are starring. If the guys are so vicious as to bump Zambezi off and for Dr Jangulo to lose up to US Dollars 20 Million. Time has gone when people assumed Zambians are sleepy. PS tell us what you have done. And if you are also a cadre: My dear brother you will have to go


  86. HE has just appointed Xavier chungu as PS luapula is this the change we wanted? Membe will again change his support maybe to hh

  87. Would it have been wise to suspend the airline after a serious fatal accident? Ask Dr Jangula if he was allowed to fly into Europe from time of inception of the air-line to date. If not why? On the other hand, gvt should have grounded the aircraft on the basis that the air line maintains the aircraft then resume operations once certified air worth. We need to have our own investments as Zambians. Just straighten the way we conduct business. No fighting among Zambians please. Correct and support each other.

  88. It will be interesting to see the fight the Tonga bull a.k.a bantustan will put up against the onslaught from the pack of kolwestans.

    ltimately the Kolwestans will overpower him but, I think he will have exposed a lot of cracks in their scheming.Their win will be short lived before their new airline goes under again.

  89. Zambezi airlines was promoted on political lines. Those that rise by the sword shall fall by the sword. They would be foolish to think they were going to have an easy ride under PF.

    Govt owned airline in the pipeline.

  90. GRZ


  91. Running an airline is not like running a shind pepa business ask Fred Mmeembe he knows better on this one!

  92. II’m fed up with Zambia politics.. Too cheap.. Chiluba wins brought scotland yard to invest Kaunda. 3 story books where found.. LPM came into power Chiluba investigated only to set free. Task force was formed and millions where spend just like on squad from scotland yard.. RB came into power wanted to stop this nonses of investigating the predecessors.. helped chiluba and ignored Masebo misdeed on purchasing the heaseles even though tetamashimba insisted on investigating her..RB what a great president,.. Sata comes he start the monkey business again .. bringing up nonses… Let see what chirwa and HH have to say.. I regrated voting Sata

  93. mmmmm.this is an interesting one.
    the planes look good in the flesh tho i’ve never flown this airline. Reading some of the posts about terrible customer service it seems that the beauty is only skin deep.

  94. The airline should have been given time even 21 days to bring the fleet of planes to compliance failure to which the Govt should have then stepped in and shut down the airline.This kind of leadership we are seeing now is dangerous to the economy of the country.What we see here lack of understanding and maturity, Tourists will vote with their wallets Zambia unstable.

  95. If any of you checked my earlier post, it gives you ample evidence that the issue is safety. All of you should also note that the license has been SUSPENDED. The little English I know suggests that when something is suspended, it is a temporary measure. The airline should sort themselves out during this suspension. Those suggesting that the airline be given 21 days to sort out the mess baffle me. If there is a crash as a result of poor safety and there is loss of life within those 21 days won’t we now turn and suggest that the government should have grounded the planes?

  96. For the 1st time in a long time, the PF government must be commended for this decision. i am a frequent flyer and i know what it feels like for the plane to go bumpy and shaky. Air travel must be a zero error affair at all times and this airline has not lived up the expectation. Zambezi airlines, Air Malawi and Air Zimbabwe, must all be ground for serious safety lapses. How can you have a plane covering so many destinations in 24 hours?

  97. I wrote in an earlier email that I flew on Zambezi Airlines for the first time in September and after a horrible, horrible experience i vowed never to use this airline. After my experience i told the management that they were bleeding customers and sooner or later the would go the way Zambian Airways went. Zambia needs a decent airline and am afriad that airline is not Zambezi. Zambezi airlines is totally useless.


  99. Look at this bloggers

    Kaunda=Zambia Airways; Chiluba=Aero Zambia; Mwanawasa=Zambian Airways; Banda Zambezi Airways; Sata=Ubwato Airways or something like that. Another Airline is coming watchout.

  100. I have noticed that most of you are posting with out facts, it’s. Pity. I have flown on Zambezi more 20 times, their troubles started about 6 months ago , mainly due to expanding to too many routes with no additional aircraft, end result disaster. I have been stranded in Ndola before, on several occasions flights have been changed of  off operational challenges, one of their Boeing 737 500 is leased to air zimbabwe. Whilst they have leased a DC 10 to run around their routes. On 2 occasions  they air craft have had engine failure, U don’t need a degree to see the risk they put their passengers  .let them pull up their socks no one wants to close them down, 

  101. The problem with Zambian businesses is that most owners lack principle. You open an airline and exoect to get wealthy at first time of asking? The business first needs to hit break-even level and the benefits flow, most likely after 10 years, airlines need to go through a hard period for about 10 years.

  102. i knew this story even b4 zambezi airline being grounded. its just a matter of time,they are coming and one think for sure zambezi has learned from a mistake, the gouv. did this just to try and help zambezi fixe few thinks. crap comment about zambezi on this wall are coming from former zambian airways workers who did nt get that chance 2 work for zambezi. please review ur cv or u just need more experience . please take note that 80 perc. of zambezi employers comes for zambian airways. gud day

  103. It may be true that the decision may be political – but “he who comes to equity must come with clean hands”. Zambezi does not have clean hands and they used the demise of Zambian Airways to quickly cement their market presence. The operations were full of 1. deception eg they would quickly close their Joburg check-in counter so that passengers pay exorbitant amounts for new tickets as opposed to a minimal penalty 2. misrepresentation in terms of kwacha-dollar equivalents and schedules 3. Recall there was an EU or such intl report that warned their citizens against traveling on Zambezi airlines. I was on a UN sponsored trip and got a Zambezi itinerary and they refused to fund it as it was not amongst the designated safe airlines. These things are real and Zambezi has had its hey-day

  104. I for one have supported zambezi having flown with them either myself or my family on no less then 12 occasions. NOT once did the plane arrive on time NOT once and never was an explanation given now i am a pragmatic person and accept that budget travel is just that budget travel!!! i never found the plains to be in poor condition or the flight staff incapable of doing there job the underlying problem with zambezi is too may routes too few aircraft and the classic story of needing to miss a day and start the whole schedule again on time. all said i will not use zambezi again as i dont need to be told lies about why we are not where we should be i just need to pay for my ticket take off and land on time sorry for zambezi if you are shut down due to politics but me thinks you are shut down du

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