FODEP Demands New Constitution Roadmap

FODEP Executive Director, McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director, McDonald Chipenzi

The Foundation for Democratic Process has demanded for a clear roadmap from government on the new constitution.

FODEP Executive Director, Mcdonald Chipenzi says it is not enough for government to just promise to deliver a new constitution without a roadmap.

He has told Muvi TV news that Zambians are anxious to know when a committee of experts tasked with delivering the constitution will be constituted.

Justice Minister, Sebastian Zulu recently stated that the constitution making process is not about the document but its quality.

President Michael Sata promised to enact a new constitution for the s country within three months. In his inaugural address to Parliament , President Sata said that he would constitute a committee of experts to analyse the recommendations of all previous constitutional review commissions and come up with an inclusive draft law.

“We are committed to delivering a new people-driven constitution within 90 days,” said Mr Sata who campaigned on a populist platform and was looking to capitalise on MMD’s failure to enact a new constitution after a lengthy process that gobbled billions of Kwacha in allowances to the NCC delegates.



  1. Imwe please, this man has resurfaced? Mwiateni and tie him to a rock and go throw him in the Crocodile infested Luangwa river.

  2. There is nothing sinister in the demand by FODEP. Very soon, all other credible institutions such as LAZ, TIZ, Caritas, EFZ, CCZ and ZEC will be asking for the roadmap just as they did during Mwanawasa’s time. The Constitution is not private business and was a high priority campaign topic, which will not easily slip away.

  3. When shall Zambians learn? We don’t need to rewrite the constitution every time there is a new government. It is the parliaments responsibility to pass relevant amendments to the existing constitution 

  4. The 90 days are soon coming to a close and the only promise Zondwe has fulfilled is jobs to his relatives and tribesmen. This presidency has all the hallmarks of a failed and disastrous one, the man is just plain mad. Just how one person can embark on a quest, alone, to fire and hire hundreds of people within such a short period of time just vexes me, and deeply so! The next thing you will hear is that Dora has been appointed minister of “Sansamcation” and Kaseba has subsequently quit state house in disgust. Anything seems possible with Zondwe, I just fear for the embarrassment next time he attends a foreign conference with other heads of states. Imagine kneeling kissing Bishop William’s hand, what will he do when he meets the Queen herself??????????

  5. we have all the submissions from the previous govt and that is needed is to tell the nation when and how it will be done.

  6. Just as I thot,the constitution making process is headed for doom.PF obsconded from NCC.Its time for opposition to teach the serpent -sATan a bitter lesson to respect democracy.

  7. Mr. President please set up a commission of enquiry on how the NCC failed to come up with a constitution..let them come up with a position within 30 days so that the other 60 can be spent handing over to the people the document you promised…

  8. the ballot thief is not Chipenzi. Its Dr. Ng’oma who have been sent to observe ballot printing stole a ballot and claimed he went their to research. Natolafye syndrome. the man has no shame indeed.

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