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Britain has not asked Zambia to legalise gay rights as a pre-condition for aid-Carter

Headlines Britain has not asked Zambia to legalise gay rights as a...

British High Commissioner to Zambia Thomas Carter
British High Commissioner to Zambia Thomas Carter

THE British government says it has not asked the Zambian government to legalise gay rights as a pre-condition to receiving aid.

British High Commissioner to Zambia Thomas Carter said the UK government’s provision of development aid to the Zambian government is on the basis of commitment to the reduction of poverty, respect for human rights and issues pertaining to good governance.

Mr Carter said in a statement made available in Lusaka that the British government engages in regular dialogue with its Zambian counterparts to monitor their commitment to progress against underlying principles.

“The UK government’s provision of development assistance to the Government of Zambia is on the basis of its overall commitment to reducing poverty; respecting human rights; improving public financial management; fighting corruption and promoting good governance and transparency,” he said.

He said the UK government raises issues with governments when there are serious and systematic violations of those rights. Mr Carter said to date the issue of gay rights has not arisen with the Zambian government.

His comment follows a statement that was made by UK Prime Minister David Cameron in Perth, Australia, during the Commonwealth heads of government meeting that human rights reform in the Commonwealth was one issue on which leaders failed to reach agreement.

Mr Cameron was reported to have said that countries receiving UK aid should adhere to proper human rights and end a ban on homosexuality.

And the Zambia Episcopal Conference has maintained that homosexuality is wrong and that Zambia as a Christian nation should not support such acts. ZEC spokesperson Paul Samasumo said the Catholic Church has not changed the position it had during the campaign period for last month’s tripartite elections when the issue on homosexuality was at the centre of political debate.

Father Samasumo, however, said in an interview that it is not right to discriminate against people practising homosexuality. “It is clear that we made comments during the campaign period on homosexuality because the Catholic Church regards all homosexual acts as wrong,” he said.

Fr Samasumo said homosexuals need help from the Christian community. He, however, said it is not good for Christians to prejudice people who they think are doing wrong.

ON Wednesday, Chief government spokesperson Given Lubinda said that Zambia will not enact pro-homosexuality laws in a bid to get British aid. Mr. Lubinda said the country would only enact laws supported by its citizens and in line with the Zambian culture.

“David Cameron must be reminded of what we agreed when we met in Paris for the Paris Declaration. Cameron was there, I was there,” said Mr Lubinda, an opposition parliamentarian at the time the Paris Declaration was penned.

He added: “When we met in Ghana, we came up with the Accra Agenda for Action and both those declarations are that no country will use its aid to influence the policies of an aid receiving country.”

He said Zambia was a sovereign state and would make independent decisions on which laws to enact.

“It is wrong for Mr Cameron to try and use aid as a way of influencing policies and laws of Zambia or any other country for that matter,” said Mr Lubinda.

“Zambia will not be pressured to formulate laws or policies by any foreign government,” Mr Lubinda told Lusaka-based Hot FM Radio

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Zambia will only enact laws supported by the people. We do not support homosexuality, so Britain can keep its aid.

  2. These gayish norms and accomodation for their deviance has never been part of our culture and we’ll never accept it even at the risk of having our begging bowl thrown into our faces.Seriously,how can you look at another hairy chest and say you’ve found true love? That makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. Atase!!! Ebuchushi ubu bwine ytf.promote gay rights in your own home n to ur family,atAse! Dont think we are fool ala! Ifipuba mu zambia fikakonkelesha,dont follow everything u see on dstv pliz.these western countries have no culture,they re work is to stArt useless trends.next time they ll tell u its ok to sleep with your mother if u dont we ll cut aid,wtf is wrong wit pipo especially chi#1,learn to say no.ghana,uganda n nigeria have openly told cameron to f.uck off with his gAy rights lol bend over if u want food atase.imagine ur own brother sleeping wit another man,atase! Our generation is up next lets nOt be corrupted at infancy.

  4. Father Samasumo,Speak clearly dont twist your tongue. I know u like screwing men yourself. but thats not right. U have alot of sisters please change

  5. David cameron has lost his minds, maybe be needs to be reminded that ukuto
    Ba umunobe kumatako its not in our culture as africans, besides we ar a sovereign state we make our own laws, so aide from Britain kutiyababafye bane. Aide with conditions ukutumpa ka david cameron, i wonder what kind of pipo you govern.

  6. The High Commissioner should remind Cameron that the sun set in the so called “British Empire” more than three decades ago. Young David can not bend, influence, “whitemail”, brow beat sovereign states for crumbs from his table. Please tell him where to get off! He should tell that to Robert Mugabe and see what reaction he gets! The world order has changed so many times over. Homosexually may be acceptable in British society, not so in many African countries. It is insensitive and ridiculous to want to export an abominable practice to those that find it despicable just because you have some coins to ring in your pocket!!

  7. Please Cameron and Carter, we have our own culture and traditional we have to preserve regardless of whether you perceive it backwards or uncivilised. We clearly do not need your aid in exchange of homosexuality or lesbian. Zambian have already told you stop your aid for we know we can survive without it. Zimbambwe has proved to you that it can do without Britain and for sure it has done.
    Now what the hell is wrong with Catholic church, you have never been clear on homosexuality. What type of a church is this which wants to protect men to mary fellow men. Be reminded that we still have the reformist in the present day life who will break away from you


  9. This issue of gay rights is an emotive issue to the West. However, this is cultural and depends on what a particular group of people can accept at any given time! In old Africa girls were ready for marriage as soon as they could have periods and there was no issue with that. However, this is no longer the case now and people have moved on. African society is, in general not ready for homosexuality. This cannot be forced upon us.

  10. We are not ready for this and that is why Zambia is a christian nation. This is also abuse of rights. ‘lesbianism and homosex is going too far in your rights. why is nacotis and related drugs denied? If these destroy the body, then how does homo build the mind? This is western culture which should not be forced on others. The west do’nt like witchcraft practiced in africa and we do not want homo allowed in the west.


  12. We don’t want your filthy money. We will never support homosexuality even if it means going back to barter system.

  13. Our christianity tag also entails that we show love to everyone and help sinners and not pretending that they dont exist. Simmilarly, our culture and tradition are not static but dynamic and have been changing with time, who knows, tomorrow we may find it culturally tolerable to acknowledge that we do have people with deviant practicies among us and we wont wish them away.

    Having said that, Britain can not and should not use AID to force us to legalise anything. I would not call for legalising but also not criminalising gays!!! I love them women and have nothing to do with homos!!!

    1 John 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

  15. The western world should politely be asked to stick this gay stringed aid where the sun does not shine… And they know where this is.

  16. Ndiye kuti a Chamerion amene aba akufuna kuti ife anthu a dziko la Zambia ndiena mafrika, tizimaonsa kukwondwelesa kwambilili pomwe azungu aba, azichinda achibale athu mumathuvi awo?

    • Kodi Inu, munachindapo mumatuvi? muziwa bwanji kuti gay ndiku chindana mumatuvi?? Inu Ichimwene mwanama Boza yazoone apa?? athu a u gay ali ndi ukhondo wakababa kulibe matuvi ndithu? ndipo kuja kunthu simu ngaziwe ngati muli mukati mwa nyini or mumatako?. ndithu ni tight yoophya,, nonzuna kwakababa. nkalani chabe chete ngati simuziba zinthu iziii.

      try it one day you will never go back?? Mnnnn

  17. This country will remain backwards if we dont legalise homosexuality. What people are scared of, is beyond me!
    Because gays can’t marry, it’s very difficult for partners to help each other in difficult situations like medical crises. The burden of support and decision-making typically falls in the laps of other family members when it should fall to one’s chosen life partner. 
    people are able to take time off to help their hospitalized spouse. Gay couples who cannot marry don’t receive the same help, so much of what gay partners would do for each other must be shouldered by the community at large.
    Gay Marriages Will Help Stabilize Society Generally,Gay Marriage Could Benefit Marriage Generally

    Ghana Parliament since yesterday vowed to Review Legal Status of Homosexuals…

  18. There is nothing wrong with being gay!!! Why would God make someone go to hell the second they are born, just because they are gay!!! Who cares if someone likes the same sex/gender!! as long as they are happy! Why can’t gays feel the joy of being together with someone or marry someone like straight people do ! They are not abnormal. To them being straight is being abnormal ! It’s like the whole racial thing ! to “blacks” we are different to them, like they are to us !  Of course not, being gay or a lesbian is a perfectly natural and perfectly normal thing. Be proud of your sexuality!!! There is nothing wrong with gay people. The fallacy usually lies with the observer, whose thought process has been skewed by misinformation and prejudice.  


  19. A connection forms once you realize something special exists. I do not believe any true feelings of a human being for another can be wrong. Sexual feelings are part of nature. To deny same sex relationships would be as close minded as saying that white people and black people shouldn’t date or other such archaic thinking. 
    Zambians should embrace this man, and ask of him to ask the president to allow this to happen in Zambia. . in fact it is scientifically and psychologically proven to be natural from birth. Those who disagree are living in yesterday’s society … Society has changed and should continue to evolve … just accept people for who they are because they are no different 

    • Mushota come back home ok you are being very silly,u might be in scotland but the fact still remains u r zambian and as a zambian its upto u to preserve our culture even if you are on planet mars,listen girl dont involve god in your argument the bible is very clear on homosexuality and its forbeidden….the homos are mentally challenged……

  20. with this character among the leaders or UK Prime Minister David Cameron Commonwealth will break up,you don’t give help to your friend so that you can start controlling him.the time that friend will know and read your mind he will stop getting anything from you,so that he can remain free and WE us Zambians we are Free 

  21. Morals are unwritten rules of what society considers right or wrong. Societies are different because of different factors including geography. Western societies accept gaynism and most of our Africam societies don’t. Please, respect our moral standing, this is what we consider morally abhorent and we will shape our societies the way we want and not manipulated.

  22. All the characters in the article seem to have something in common – they have contradicted their bosses and are simply doing PR. All the same, we do not approve of homosexuality. Homosexuals have debased minds which cherish vile passions according to Romans 1:20-32. Homosexuality is not a human right. Rather it is a lie from the devil who wants all homos to end up in hell. Homosexuality is a high order of rebellion against God. By and large, all homosexuals need repentance and deliverance from their vile passions and futile thoughts that have bewitched rich economies.

  23. @ Mushota, it appears that you are one of the few people with a brain above your shoulders. Zambians continue to bow to the idol of prejudice! So what if I feel your sister is hotter than you? The human body is but a suit that we inherit or put on on our journey through earth. Ultimately, we are spiritual beings, divine and made perfect why should the body limit your choice of love relationships? Your hypocrites are pathetic! Condeming gays while on the other hand you are sleeping or coveting underage children! Wake up Zambians! Carter and Cameron have a point, the same draconian homosexuality bills that you applaud where given to you by Britain who have since repealed them. Why are you holding on to them? Culture? What culture? Sad bunch of beggers!

    • So sleeping with under age children should be legalised and the perpetrators’ human rights must be recognised for such, is that what you are insinuating?

    • YOU ARE REALLY ONE SICK, MESSED UP EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING, U NEED GOD you must really enjoy having sex with your own children and your own parents, keeping it in the family hey you shit digger

    • No sir! You are wrong! You are the one that is bowing down to every ideological wind that blows in the west. Just because the west is more economically and technologically advanced does not mean that everything they adopt should be co-opted into our culture without question or close examination. We do not have these laws just because they were handed to us. They were already in line with our cultural norms. It is not our spiritual side that drives this perversion, it is the flesh. It is a product of carnal desires gone amok. Just because an ideal is old does not mean it automatically becomes obsolete. That is a dull generalization that people that want to look smart espouse just so they can appear to be with the times. Just because it is popular in these times does not make it right.

  24. The desire to mount your own type is not normal. In the first place, we are not designed to mount memebers of the same sex, so even nature and religion despises same sex mounting. Perverts have found a way of legalizing abnormality. If it is not normal, it can be corrected or atleast, it should not be promoted or encouraged. Mushota, don’t feel civilised by pretending to be part of the Western society. I pressume you have adapted well, and fitted perfectly into the European style…I will choose to understand you.

  25. This is not even about “gay rights” its about them getting to what they have always wanted, Power! Beggars can be choosers too!

  26. And the day came when the natives – aka negroides decided to embrace the white man’s god as their own. They condemed, in the name of christianity, they hated in the name of christianity, they killed in the name of christianity but alas, amongst the mediocre majority who had the audacity to call a foreign religion their “culture” were a few that remained stead fast in the African concept of love and the divine creator. A creator who was spirit and devoid of gender, race or sexual orientation, a creator who summoned the winds from the North, South, East and West, fashioned all beings in his/her likeness. A creator called the great I AM who resides in each and every being, gay, straight , bi, trans, black, white, yellow, red etcetera adneaseum… Ubuntu… the god of Africa.

  27. Laws of nature do not support gaynism. For example, nature drives living organisms to desire to reproduce and survive. This is where natural selection comes into play. Even in-breeding produces abhorent and negative results. If nature dictates that you must not mate with your same sex, why should we encourage it? …I pressume most here who support it feel more civilised than their African brothers and sisters simply because they are living the dream.

  28. @ Afrocentric…….just reading your comments, I can deduce that you are an above average indivudual. Even when I don’t share your ideals, I still find interest in you way of argument. On principle, I will not support gaynism because it is not natural.

  29. @#25 and 28, you brain washed *****s, if you know anything about research then you know that you always have your results before you start the project. All you have to do is keep on tweaking your datset till it gives you the required results that u can actually explain. you are not born gay! Its a life choice that you make, its a disgusting act that makes me want to vomit. Don’t come out like you know stuff that it was scientifically proven that being gay is genetic. It just shows how shallow minded you really are, these so called AID donnors hav other motives at heart thats why they expect us to legalise homosexuality. They want their people who come for the so called AID work to legally defile our kids. I say No to this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Oh how I wish we could debate constructive issues like unemployment and corruption with the same passion and vigour that most of you incoherent bigots have displayed. I am sure Zambia would be a developed country by now. Get back to work and stop using your employers’ internet on non productive issues or alternatively, get a dongle and pay for your own internet!

  31. Can then somebody explain to me the importance of Culture and morals. I know that Culture is more dynamic than morals are. morals are a standard by which a society chooses to exhibit and follow as unwritten rules to a more accepted way of life of that society. A lot of factors affect morality issues, but generally, there is a standard a society will identify with.

  32. If Cameron and his goons continue on this path we will chuck them out of the commonwealth.
    As for Mushota and all you morons supporting gayism and /or lesbianism I have one statement for you “GET BEHIND ME SATAN”.

  33. gay people ndi a galu, sorry even dogs knows which female or male dogs are. please Zambian people think twice, if it means being poor, we better be

  34. Everything in life is made for a particular purpose. For example, the mouth was made for eating food and as a channel for giving out sound. If you wake up one day and discover that instead of talking with your mouth, the sound is coming from the anus then you need help. Sleeping with a fellow man and putting your man-hood in his anus is simply against nature. The same goes for a woman kissing and doing the same with another woman. Even animals in the wild know better than human beings with a brain that can reason. God calls people that engage in such unnatural acts as depraved. The next thing you will see is the legalising of sleeping with dogs and for our friend @Mushota in Glasgow sleeping with horses. 

  35. In the quest to sound more knowledgeable and more civilised, some Africans have gone overboard and embraced issues without questioning, as long as it is the white man promoting it. I have a question to ask. In Africa, why is it that these issues of gayism are only emerging now? Is it that people can now talk about them freely now, or that society is more tollerant than it was? If it has been effectively suppressed in the past, has society lost out something?

  36. Mr Carter do call that aid you gives us money yet you request for something in-return…Take your gay aid else were!!!!!!!!

  37. I think as a nation we enjoy unproductive activities such as debating gay issues. This issue can not be solved by legislation. How can laws of a country affect what people will do behind closed doors? The only output of this process will be the further polarization of our community on this issue. We want to see the PF govt tackling the problems we have with health, education, jobs etc. Homosexuality will always be a taboo in African society whether there are laws in support or not. This PF govt should get to work to solve more solvable problems than this one.

    • There is no polarization here sir. The overwhelming sentiment is that this is not a societal norm that we will allow. To be nonchalant about morals is not wise at all. The book of Proverbs says “The king does not wield the sword in vain”. The logic you are using can potentially open up the door for all manner of debauchery. Where do you draw the line?

  38. If Cameron and his goons continue on this path, we will chuck them out of the Commonwealth. As for Mushota and all you morons supporting gayism and/or lesbianism I have one statement for you “GET BEHIND ME SATAN”.

    • what a stupid statement – *chuck them out of the commonwealth*..do you know what the commonwealth is? You do realise we are in it only at the behest of Britain?

  39. Homosexuality will never b accepted in Zambia not even wild animals behave that way. Zambia will maintain its cultural and traditional norms no infiltration from the west

  40. UK are talking about Uganda where they are calling for death penalty for gays. Do people really support that? If so you don’t deserve to be Zambians. 

  41. It’s all because of these tuma imported American churches. They are not normal. Normal churches may not support homosexuality but they don’t call for death!

  42. TO HELL WITH HOMO AID just imagine what would happen if all men became gay and all women turned lesbos, where would the human life come from. Ka David Cameron has failed as a PM he is trying to divert attention from his failings, his tory party has been wiped out in scotland the scots are heading for independence from the uk, so CHI mushota be very careful with your cross dressing both you and nick are men,it won,t be long before you become outcasts in the highlands

  43. Mr Caeter the British High Commissioner is not sincere in his statement with his Prime minister David Cameron. Cameron stated it very clearly in Australia recently that all countries who receive british aid have to improve their human right records including gay rights. Zambia receives aid from britain and so in Cameron’s statement Zambia have to think serious over gay rights. Having said that, the western countries have emraced this strange abnormal and abhorent prictice with fear and trapidation. Dare say against it, one is ostracised, demeaned, and labeled racist and so everyone has to accept it. They want to use that method for aid in poor countries. That is what Carter fails to say on behalf of his masters. To bring the point home all my stay in Europe for more than ten years

  44. What’s wrong with Mushota? Are you practicing these things? Is that how you managed to go to Europe? This is shocking Mushota. I know you have your rights to do whatever you want but please don’t involve God in your madness. God created Man and a Woman for a purpose and if you don’t respect God’s arrangement, then you are a sick person. Please forgive me for using bad language but i think i needed to tell you the truth and help save your Soul because it’s so precious than Material things Britain wants to give you.

    • You are assumingwe all believe in God…do you think your argument is stronger because you mention the Almighty? Or is it a crime to hold a differing opinion to yours?

  45. @ Shaka, there’s no need for you to be hurling obscenities at Mushota just because she holds different views from yours. She like any other is entitled to her opinion even if that opinion may be different from yours. We cannot continue to debate or hide behind the religious, moral or cultural cloack but we must view issues from a pragmatic perspective. Nietsche in his critique of morality questions this view by stating that, nothing is sacred, nothing is absolute, nothing, we might even say, is true. Our morality is not a set of duties passed down from God but an arbitrary code that has evolved as randomly as the human species itself. The only constant is that we, and everything else, are constantly striving for more power, and the only constant virtue is a will that is powerful, and fre

  46. I have never seen gay people publicly displaying their infactuations publicly, nor seen them being accepted by the general public. Infact if seen they are attacked and police have to be called. They live in fear but come to the media and speak against those who desdain them. Have never seen toilets for gays only but go to normal toilets not to justfy their normality, but failure to defy normacy of human being(whether man is gay-he/”she” goes to male toilets, so is lesbian woman. They now agitate another right to walk in nudity. Right to walk without clothing on and they have been allowed in certain areas. This Britain and its allies want to push it to the rest of the world. Normal? yes to them but not the rest of the world. Better be without aid than aid with human deprevation.

  47. Carter, I see some misplaced shrewdness in what you are saying, First remember that Zambia is a CHRISTIAN NATION so most of our people believe in the bible where homosexuality is forbidden and from (bible)where most of the human rights were actually taken meaning we are on the right course as we are than your Britain which wants to pretend to support human rights where you want to smuggle in homosexuality.

  48. @57, 

    Doctor’s study human anatomy to understand how the body works and medicine in order to know how to treat it when it is not working well. The bible is a testament about how the universe and human beings where created and the reason for their creation. Read Romans chapter 1 and 2 and the account of Sodom and Gomorragh (spelling) in Genesis to understand what God thinks about the SIN of homosexuality. Just because people are doing it does not make it right. I think people that engage in this activity should not be condemned but instead be helped to come out of it.   

  49. In Singapore spitting or urinating in public is a criminal offence. Who has condemned this? Should Singapore change its laws to suit the UK? Should l sleep with my conserting dog, cat, single mother if the statutes or local moral laws forbid this? Yes we should respect individual rights but within our laws as we have them. We need not stone homosexuals to death but we should deal with them as the law provides in the same manner the law deals with prostitutes, porn-traders and porn-stars, consensual incest (the fact that I have a crash on my sister from birth does it make it right?).

  50. The problem we have as humans is to be emotional when reacting to things.What the High Commissioner has said is straight forward,Zambia subscribes to universal human rights whether natural or legal human rights and some of them will obviously collide with our culture and customs. In as much as most of us do not want to accept that some people are gay,we still cannot force those people to be straight neither can we monitor who they sleep with so even the ban of homosexuality is a waste of time because gay people will do their acts in privacy,banning them from doing personal things in their own time and privacy is an infrigement of the same human rights Zambia subscribes to.It is a tricky situation which should be debated with caution so that we do not have barbaric laws in our country.

  51. Next time we will be told to enact laws that support Pedophilic child molesters, drug traffickers and the likes. There is a song by the late PK Chishala “Lesa atemwa ng’tapangele Eva” If God wanted to create a gay society he would have created another Adam. Of all Gods’ creation, humans are the only creature that indulge in such sinful acts. LORD HELP US.

  52. To those that are in support of the british PM. I wonder what you would have said if such a statement was made by an African leader, let’s say MC Sata. I am sure you would have said he is mad and you would have NATO over his head like it was with Gaddafi.

  53. No homo!
    Zed has too many problems to tackle. Worrying about sexual preference is the least of our worries. What happens behind closed doors should stay there.
    We don’t want homos in our country. If that is not plain enough, then all donors should keep their aid(s) to themselves.

  54. We need to be hard on the issue of homosexuality and soft on the person gay/lesbian.Homosexuality has become the biggest political issue especially in the west where for one to be elected they must show a willingness to support it.Look at Obama for example,he was under so much pressure to promote laws that favour homoxesuality.Most of the biggest political fund providers put the same conditions on politicians and threaten to chuck them out if they do not promote gay rights.On the issue of whether one is born gay or straight,I have made my own observations and some gays end up being like that as a result of having been abused as a child.For arguments supporting that they were born that way-there is some truth in that.From my christan point of view there are inequities we are born with…

  55. some people are born with a some strange tendencies from birth and you wonder how and why.On the other hand it is a choice of whether you want to be or not to be.Unfortunately the world has been dragged into concentrating what they do in the bedroom.You can see it even in entertainers.Some singers are more popular than others because they promote that e.g lady gaga, Elton John etc.Actors/actresses like Angelina and brad have said they wont marry until all gays have the freedom to marry and so on.

  56. This is more like mothers who go to church with babies and because they want to gossip outside, they pinch the poor baby to cry so they can have an excuse to go outside. Everybody seems to be making gay people an excuse for everything. Leave them alone please. Users!

  57. People that engage in this practice need help more than condemnation. The aim of anything evil is to pervert the original intention and purpose of that thing. This is what is called abuse i.e. abnormal use. The ass was not meant to be pocked like the real thing [ excuse my use of language ]. This is what you get when you are a begging nation like Zambia. Guys like Cameron and Obama know that they cannot raise a finger against countries like China because it is able to stand on it’s own and speak it’s mind. Until our country is able to stand on it’s own economically, we shall always dance to the tune of the likes of Cameron.  

  58. Haa ka Cameron, take you evil to UK. Where have seen an animal mounting on the same sex? yaba umuselu waisa bane….mounting on your fellow ma?? Atase we dont mind your aid if thats the condition.

  59.  This issue is a bit tricky for me as a straight man,i dont condone Homo’s, but there is nothing sexier than watching two women getting their freak on.SO lets atleast allow Lesbians  

  60. What is wrong is wrong.Not every legal act is ethical.Homosexuality! Not even dogs practice it.Zambia is a christian nation and we have to defend that.
    We have to defeat the voice of the minority non christians.

  61. We have got a lot of “Bokosi” (hups) around us in Zambia to look at, why look at your fellow men when we are endowed with pleasant Zambia queens? Come Britain our are not for sell.

  62. Does this musungu(in pic) also practice gayism? His face looks odd. And for kamushota do u know that there are pipo who have sexual feeling for dogs? Should we also accept them?

  63. it wud be easier for me to understand nuclear physics than to understand the thinking of people who condemn things that are not practised on thier bodies. being gay is not contagious. being gay will never in anywhere make the so called heterosexuals lose not even a single hair on thier bodies. let the gays be. they are not the reasons why there is coruption, theft and all forms of injustice which yu cant even condemn. LIVE AND LET LIVE, people. there is enough space on earth for human diversity. spend your energy catching the thieves who are making it hard for poor people to be free from poverty. VIVA HUMAN DIVERSITY

  64. Whatever PM Cameron said the fact of the matter is that aid that coming to Africa is taxpayers money; minority of those tax payers happen to be gay & are voters hence have a say where their £££ goes. Its just beyond me why all of you are protesting you are the selfsame people who have been feeding off this aid for decades…the “pink” dollar (Specific aid from gay organisations/ lobbies) has been instrumental in Aids research & with very fruit results which in the end is beneficial to YOU.YOU can cry all you want about not accepting the aid but your politicians & the doctors need that aid unless you are willing to pay more tax, work longer hours BEST you SHUT UP.Whats someone’s sexual status got to do with you…Politicians just use this as a political football as you are sheep!

  65. Look you arrogant British slavemasters it is not aid! You owe it to us. It is payback for all the minerals and slaves you stole from our continent. We expect it for the next 400 years. So stop acting haughty about it and just hand it to us under no silly conditions.

  66. what was going in Camerouns head 4 him to say such silly words,cater is just trying to cover up.we can survive without them.i see no reason why African nations should be part of the Commonwealth.these guys are so silly they still have the British empare in there mind.atase!

  67. White man’s God? We knew the Hebrews before the Europeans. They said they found heathens in Africa meaning Islamic societies whom they enslaved and sent across oceans. The oldest Christian church in the world is on the continent of Africa. There were many open gays amongst the colonisers. Progress is not accepting everything you read…the Western world is unable to provide a sole moral compass when they rewrite history…

  68. Sledge hammer kaMushota. She/he is a filthy chap. No manners at all. We are Zambians AND WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN SAME SEX AFFECTION. We have enough bums like those of Dora to go round. Why pick on fellow men or women. Ba Dora kambanipo namwe apa – zikuti bwanji mama !!!!????? I end here!

  69. STU..PID, what’s this nonsense in Zambia? Why a big deal about being Gay?? Damn Zambians let’s not pretend? Why do you have to tell me whom I should F.U.C.K with?? If I Love doing it with boys so what?? Or Girls to themselves??? We have to move on and give every people their chance and freedom to what they like. Let Gays be given their right why being so back ward?
    Given Lubinda?? Don’t pretend, you have f.u.cked with Boys before?? U fool?? Whom do u want to Impress?? Zambia is or all Gay Lesbian, straight, Beaches now you even put them on TV for Ready for Marriage? Why not run ready to turn back t straight??

  70. The british have no class.they always like to tell people what to think and what to do,after they will expose you and your country without a second thought.not to do everything the engish people tell you to do,or copey there way of life.they like to teach people a lesson.uk is an island.

  71. @94
    Please enlighten us who has “class”….you chaps are afraid of your own shadows, just because you are tolerant to something that doesn’t mean that you agree with it. A person with a closed mind on any subject seldom gets ahead. Intolerance means that one has stopped acquiring knowledge.
    I have worked with gay people in the past in work environment so does that make me gay!!
    WAKE UP!!

  72. God didn’t create Adam and Steve!!!!! He created Adam (Man) and Eve (Woman)

    The devils a liar –  Gay sex is better than heterosexual sex….This is like the lie that Satan used on Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). He basically told her that God was holding out on her and that she would become like God if she ate the forbidden fruit.  Believing that the taboo would be better than the permissible, Eve sinned by eating the fruit.  Likewise, Satan loves to tempt people to believe that homosexual acts are going to fulfill their desires.  

  73. >>>>While they may bring temporary pleasure, they come with a high price of consequences (emotional, physical & spiritual).  One that is virtually guaranteed is that the person will become enslaved to lust just like the people in Romans 1:24-32. Heterosexual sex within a marriage relationship has the highest potential for sexual fulfillment of any sexual act. God designed our bodies to unite in this way physically, emotionally and spiritually (Genesis 2:21-24).  When we’re in harmony with the Creator’s design in a loving relationship with our spouse, we’re aligned to experience the best sex!>>>>

  74. >>>>>Let’s now consider God’s design for sexual love.  Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden and God saw that Adam needed a companion and helper.  God hand-crafted Eve and brought her to Adam.  The scripture comments that this was the model for the rest of mankind:  “For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24 NASB).   Notice that God did not make a man for Adam, but rather a woman. He also did not say that man was to be joined with another man to be one flesh.  He blessed their heterosexual relationship and commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28 NASB).>>>>

  75. Does God hate homosexualsGod loves every person (John 3:16).  He has made them in his image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-27).  What God hates is the sin that corrupts people’s hearts, enticing them to rebel against God. Because God loves us so much, he has placed many sobering warnings about homosexuality in the scriptures.  To those who will turn away from their sin practice, God offers mercy, forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ (2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Peter 2:24).

  76. Homosexual desires are examples of the sin nature that all people are born with (Romans 3:23).  While gay temptations may be very strong, they are not exempt from God’s law.  God gives us the responsibility to resist our sinful desires, and not allow them to rule over us (Genesis 4:6-7, Romans 6:11-14).  He gives us power and healing through the Holy Spirit so we can live as truly changed people, and not just pretend to be so (Romans 8:11-13, 2 Corinthians 5:17).  Claiming people are born gay is attempting to justify sin.  Using that rationale, people such as liars, hypocrites, thieves, child molesters and cannibals could also claim they “were born that way.”  For further information on the born gay debate, visit NARTH on the web or Dr. David Foster’s

  77. Situational Homosexuality  
    Situational, or “emergency” homosexuality is commonly defined as sexual activity with partners of the same sex that occurs not as part of a gay life style, but because the participants happen to find themselves in a single-sex environment for a prolonged period.
    Some single-sex environments that frequently become venues for situational homosexuality include prisons, military bases, ships at sea, convents and monasteries, athletic teams on tour, and boarding schools and colleges. Situational homosexual behavior is so common in these venues that in some cases nicknames have been created for those who indulge in it; for example “rugger-buggers” on rugby teams, “jailhouse turnouts” in prisons, and “lugs” for “lesbians until (college) graduation.”

  78. The idea of situational same-sex sexual activity is not a modern one. An essay by Josiah Flynt, published in 1899, told of situational sex among the male American hobos with whom he traveled. From the armies of Alexander the Great to the trenches of World War I to Desert Storm, male soldiers have taken comfort in each other’s arms; and from harems to convents to boarding schools, women who were forcibly separated from men have been finding each other for centuries.
    Situational homosexual experience can range from the frightening, such as prison rape and sexual domination, to the comfortable, such as the lesbian experimentation that occurs within the relative safety of a college campus.

  79. @ 97,98, 99,100
    So then why don’t you let God punish them not YOU like he will punish the adulteries, cheats, thieves, rapists, paedophiles etc

    @101 102
    Do you even know what you are copying and pasting!!LOL

  80. No.95 look at the life they live in england and visit other european country and see.here we will not allow gay marriage.you will hardly see male disguse at night as a female.maybe for a joke.the english are a laughing stoke.

  81. Is it not ironical that the most anti-gay comments are from people living and breathing the same air with Homos!

  82. @104
    Who said anything about marriages?? Do you honestly think most of the English and Britain agree with it and practice it, they are just tolerant, once you understand that then we will be on the same page. The joke is on you who is trying to sweep it under the carpet when it exists in Zambia, homosexuality has been around for millennia, do you honestly think the law will stop it…it will just drive it under.  

  83. I am sure Cameron was referring to the situation in Uganda which is alarming and not Zambia. But our politicians, since they think this is what we voted them for, are reacting to the caution from Cameron. I do not see what is wrong for somebody to advise you to be nice to one another. I always thought judgement is from God and not men. We need to put our priorities in order and leave the gays alone.

  84. And we take Cameron to be educated? John Mills of Ghana has taken a strong stand against UK PM. I remember the days of Pan Africanism. We Africans need to unite. We are educated and we can stand by ourselves. Let us not be cheated, what natural resources does UK have? Most of those countries depend on us. Lets open our eyes and work for ourselves. There is a time UK was poorer than Zambia is today. African leaders unite. Imagin keeping bulls of catle only and expecting them to reproduce! All you peaple out there, stop taking pride in working for the white men. Let us consider our nations first. I remember Japaese working just geting a meal in order to develop their country. Today we delight in having been to Japan.

  85. Mr Carter Thomas; when you talk of human rights I know what you are refering to. You in the UK gay is part of human rights. If you strongly like gays then give them citizenship in the UK and keep them forever. Let them (gay) be with you and not Africa. Its a pit that as old as you are you can’t understand this issue. Even in science sex is a reproductive act. Have brains you old peaple. Even chickens, ants etc, reason better than you on this. A cock follows a hen. Father Samasumo; imagin you are having a discusion with JESUS, will you contribute like what you said? Koff has insulted you. Not good but you need to know JEHOVAH GOD in full. Read JOHN 17:3. @ Nubian Princes, aligne yourself well. Even in plants there is a male and female. Even magnets have positive and negative ends.

  86. @109
    Couldn’t agree more with you…how Homosexuality makes the headlines is beggar’s belief, in Zambia its just petty subjects like cheap Party politics, Tribalism and Homosexuality that get the most attention. Articles on LT concerning Developmental and Safety issues that should close to their hearts get a maximum of 25 comments on a good day and article is sent to archives….You chaps should look at the bigger picture, politicians will forever use you like they did during the campaign about this selfsame subject….WAKE UP
    @ 108  insults are uncalled for…take that vulgarity to your mates at the tavern.
    @110 why? Because I’m tolerant and open-minded and you are not hence it makes me Gay 

  87. 10 Mulenga,

    ” Zimbambwe has proved to you that it can do without Britain and for sure it has done. ”

    Zimbabwe is what this is all about. They have an election coming up this year or next. Morgan Tsvangirai right now is speaking up for gay rights.

    They are using the issue as a political weapon. I would not be surprised to all of a sudden find that UK sponsored NGOs are going to complain about attacks on gays, just before the election.

    The MDC cannot win while running on their neoliberal platform, so they are using tricks, including not paying for goods delivered to their Grain Marketing Board, money farmers need for new inputs, to make next year’s crop fail.

  88. My Neighbours, even you have been approached by the demonic behaviour which Britain is trying to commonise? We need to work together in fighting against this deadly disease which is more dangerous than HIV Aids and the imperialists are using it to colonise our countries again.
    And what is this aid thing? Britain and America plus all the imperialists are making our government lazy by depending on this so called aid. We need to say no to aid and allow our governments a chance to generate its budget by itself not this handouts. Even worse, so many strings attached, war, gays, illegal adoptions………… Imperialists are cruel

  89. @114
    Easy for you to make those utterances in your comfortable lounge in the US of Aid but can your country men sacrifice to pay more tax, work longer hours, so they shouldn’t depend on aid? C’mon now they only imperialist here is China now as it has the money USA, UK are broke broke broke broke..that type of talk sounds like a broken record now!!
    WAKE UP!!

  90. Koff/[email protected]/10.I declare interest;I am an enlightened Catholic, straight and female.Only you,Chanda Chimba and Dora Siliya seem confused with the universally well known Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality-ITS SIMPLE;HATE SIN BUT NOT THE SINNER.This position is infact similar to the position on capital punishment;DONT MURDER THE MURDERER.The Catholics have NEVER advocated for legalisation of homosexuality in Zambia but like all true Christians,they donot believe we should demonise,mistreat and hate/kill gay people.This issue should be discuss with level headed ness my friend especially that we are no longer in the campaign period coz like it on not gay men are plenty in Zambia.They s….w each other,then go to their wives,your sisters, girlfriends etc.With multiple concurrent…

  91. With multiple concurrent sexual partnerships so common in Zambia,I can assure you gay men are in YOUR sexual network.I dont know why people who consider Mugabe as a hero on gay issues fail to mention the murder trial of one black Zimbabwean police office who killed another officer for calling him Nkhomo’s ‘wife’.It goes to show just how hypocritical Africans in general and African men in particular can be-in private some of our vocal critics of gay issues are practising homos.Like a normal catholic,I dont support homosexuals-neither do I hate them

    • “I am me” at 119, what exactly are you saying????None of us who are anti-gay are saying we should kill them. We are against legalising it. Whatever people do in secret is their business ofcourse e.g adultery – BUT when you are caught or you do it openly, it becomes society’s business to deal with you according to the law

  92. These white people are living in past groly, what aid exactly is mr Cameroon talking about. Its a known fact that these whites are as broke as a church mouse, so threating zambia with this guy rights thing won’t fly at all…FYI Mr Cameroon, there a new kid on the block her name is China. A word of advise to Mr cameroon and whoever you represent ” keep your ill gotten treasures to yourself thats if you have any left for they bring nothing but sorrow”.Surely God will make a way for Zambia..

  93. #26, you think so low! F**************K your ass. Keep Britain to British,  and we are going to keep our Zambia for Zambian. Aid or no aid,  God is there for us.

  94. Zebb Mpinganjira @20,I agree with you 101%

    The hypochrisy…..consider other sins from a biblical point of view;Adultery,fornication etc.I have never heard an adulterer(male) being insulted.They are praised instead.

    Considerate @111,Festus Mogae,the respected former president of Botswana thinks we Africans need to give homosexuality another look, of tolerance as others have said, in the face of HIV…and he is straight.Jay Jay its good if people can comment on this issue but I wish they can do so without insulting

  95. Never used to understand why Muslims call you guys Infidiles. I think I do now.

    How on earth can you tell a people to legalise Homosexality – man doing another man in the anus…what a shame! David you are sick and you need help. Go to Arab world and tell them same rubbish and you will not come out of there alive.

  96. Mushota #26
    Where do you come from? Homosexuality is a method the devil uses to show his rebellion against Jehovah God even further. Its not normal for a human being to have sexual feelings towards same sex people. Its an abomination. If animals know the difference between male and female, what about you and me? Lets not allow Zambia to be forced to enact bad laws for the sake of foreign aid.
    Mr prime minister please save us from those bad practices. We have a culture to defend.**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==

  97. Mushota #26
    Where do you come from? Homosexuality is a method the devil uses to show his rebellion against Jehovah God even further. Its not normal for a human being to have sexual feelings towards same sex people. Its an abomination. If animals know the difference between male and female, what about you and me? Lets not allow Zambia to be forced to enact bad laws for the sake of foreign aid.
    Mr prime minister please save us from those bad practices. We have a culture to defend.**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==

  98. @123
    For your information infidels are people without faith & according to the Koran anybody who is not a Muslim is an Infidel. So where to you fit in?

  99. @123
    Do not be blinded in thinking homosexuality doesn’t exist in the the Arab World.It does…Its just that its underground; remember this is a culture of arranged marriages, where boys and girls are not allowed to date, where there is a separation of sexes ie; schools, shopping malls etc…
    I’m fortunate enough to have worked with colleagues from the gay community here in the UK in the past and was always surprised as to why they despised some members of the Islamic community. Every time i quizzed them on this, the answer I got was that some members of the Muslim community who were “happily  married” in the day were the same chaps who frequented the Gay clubs at night.  

  100. There are two separate issues going on here. First is the behaviour of consenting adults, which as a civil liberties issue, I don’t think the state has anything to do with. I think that adult homosexuals are already protected through the constitution, which has a very broad anti-discrimination clause, in articles 11 and especially 23. From the Zambian Constitution of 1996:


    11. [Fundamental rights and freedoms]

    23. [Protection from discrimination on the ground of race,etc.]

    (1) Subject to clauses (4), (5) and (7), no law shall make any provision that is discriminatory either of itself or in its effect.

    • MrK, read further the chapter on exceptions to the general rule you present. What consenting adults do in secret is not the State’s business? If they are smoking marijuana, counterfeiting currency, using illegal drugs, comitting adultery, etc is there no law to deal with such when you are caught????

  101. (Continuing with Article 23)

    (2) Subject to clauses (6), (7) and (8), no person shall be treated in a discriminatory manner by any person acting by virtue of any written law or in the performance of the functions of any public office or any public authority.

    (3) In this Article the expression “discriminatory” mean, affording different treatment to different persons attributable, wholly or mainly to their respective descriptions by race, tribe, sex, place of origin, marital status, political opinions colour or creed whereby persons of one such description are subjected to disabilities or restrictions to which persons of another such description are not made subject or are accorded privileges or advantages which are not accorded to persons of another such description.

  102. However, in the case of Zimbabwe, after British minister Peter Hain’s boyfriend Peter Tatchell put President Mugabe under ‘citizens’ arrest in London, there has been an amendment to specifically exclude homosexuality from these protections under their Article 23:

    (5) Nothing contained in or done under the authority of any law that discriminates between persons on the ground of their sex or gender shall be held to be in contravention of subsection

    (1)(a) or (b) to the extent that the law in question—
    (a) gives effect to section 7(2) or any other provision of this Constitution; or

    (b) takes due account of physiological differences between persons of different gender; or

    (c) makes provision in the interests of defence, public safety or public morality;

  103. (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), a law shall be regarded as making a provision that is discriminatory and a person shall be regarded as having been treated in a discriminatory manner if, as a result of that law or treatment, persons of a particular description by race, tribe, place of origin, political opinions, colour, creed, *sex, gender*, marital status or physical disability are prejudiced—

    (a) by being subjected to a condition, restriction or disability to which other persons of another such description are not made subject; or
    (b) by the according to persons of another such description of a privilege or advantage which is not accorded to persons of the first-mentioned description; …

  104. Secondly however, there is the abuse of donor aid to remote control our governments, and not make them do with their populations want. This is the picture they are trying to paint, before the upcoming elections: a Zimbabwe that is anti-gay, that has political violence and persecution of the poor MDC, and that cannot feed it’s own people – Finance Minister Tendai Biti is actively sabotaging maize farmers by ensuring that he Grain Marketing Board does not have the finances to pay them for goods already delivered.

    They want to create a second Libya type scenario in Zimbabwe, where they can overthrow the government and steal the diamonds, the way they are now stealing trillions of dollars of Libyan oil.

  105. MrK @132, there is a legal difference in the usage of the words “sex” and “gender” on one hand and “sexual-orientation” or “sexual-preference” on the other hand. The Constitution of Zambia does not use the words “sexual-orientation/preference” – trminology that gay-activists use and western influenced human rights instruments. Read further the same chapter/article in the Constitution and you will find exceptions at the end.

  106. WHY should UK be so concerned about homosexuals to the extent that they cut aid? What about the more important and significant (in terms of numbers) of women’s rights? Children’s rights? Disabled rights? Prostitute’s Rights?

  107. 134 Thuks Kay,

    ” MrK 132, there is a legal difference in the usage of the words “sex” and “gender” on one hand and “sexual-orientation” or “sexual-preference” on the other hand. ”

    I don’t know if that applies to the wording of the constitution. I have e-mailed the UN about this, and have had no response to date.

    You make a good point. The word ‘sex’ is I think deliberately vague. In fact none of the terms, which have been taken from the UN Charter of Human Rights, is defined in the Constitution.

    However, because the term ‘sex’ is vague, it can easily include sexual orientation, gender, etc.

  108. 135 Thuks Kay,

    ” WHY should UK be so concerned about homosexuals to the extent that they cut aid? ”

    It is called divide and conquer. A lot of people in the media centers of the world are gay (Los Angeles, New York, London, etc.).

    They want to get them on board in a crusade against Zimbabwe, which is all about getting 1/5th of the world’s known diamond reserves in the hands of Anglo-American De Beers, so they can have a national diamond mining monopoly, like they have in Botswana and South Africa.

    That is why Zimbabwe is always in the news, and the DRC never is.

    And it isn’t race either. It is obvious why they consider the death of 6 white farmers in Zimbabwe an outrage, but don’t raise a peep about hundreds of farm killings in South Africa.

  109. #28 mushota. U re a F.ool, who raised you? Ati zambia will remain behind! Be proud of your nation,we re one of the few countries that never had war.our forefather fought long and hard so we cud do away we the ways of the western world here u are talking about we ll be left behind,wat does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet loose his soul,the westrn world is literally shiti.ng on you and you busy eating there s.hit. Have some dignity,learn to say no.next time it will be incest.


  111. Personally, i will never have empathy for homos. Therefore, I do not agree with father Sumosumo when he says we must be sympathetic to homos. its like saying we must be sympathetic to people who are into bestiality. No matter how you look at it, homosexuality and bestiality are unnatural acts and against God’s principles for man.

  112. No offense, however if you get stuck with issues of ‘morality’, you’ll never get why this was made a political issue to begin with.

    Davide Cameron doesn’t give a damn about human or civil rights in Africa. He doesn’t give a damn whether there are elections in Zimbabwe or any country at all, and he certainly doesn’t care about the legal rights of gays anywhere on the planet.

    Cameron is a billionair. He is in power to represent the interests of Anglo-American De Beers, British Petroleum, and the Rothschild clan.

    So why raise the issue of homosexuality today, and in concert with a newly converted Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe? Because this, like the murder of Muammar Ghadaffi, is part of a psychological war for the public opinion in the West.

  113. Britain wants to get it’s hands on Zimbabwe’s massive diamond deposits.

    They can’t say so out loud, just like they couldn’t say that they wanted to get their hands on the trillions of dollars worth of oil deposits in Libya. (44 billion barrels, at $100/barrrel, that is $4.4 trillion.)

    If the UK invades Zimbabwe, there is going to be a massive civil war that leaves tens of thousands of people dead. I don’t think South Africa will allow it as long as the ANC is in power, but they too are are the mercy of Anglo-American De Beers.

    The same conflict that was fought out 130 years ago is being fought out today. And many of the tactics are the same. Ginning up public support by demonising their opposition is one.

  114. @140 
    so you will have empathy for adulteries, cheats, rapists, thieving politicians stealing from the poor???

    PM Cameron is nowhere near a billionaire later on millionaire…the UK has neither the money or the resources to invade Zimbabwe…You are just a deluded alarmist who sees conspiracy theories in anything they west does, where were you when your Ghadiffi was using jets and tanks to attack his people….where were your cowards the Arab league? Do you even know how many Zimbabwean refugees are leaving in Britain and receiving free education and housing as asylum seekers compliments of Mugabe?

  115. #135 Thiks Kay & #140 Jay- Logic, I hear you.

    In his book “The Destruction of Black Civilisation”, the author Chancellor Williams writes about the traveller who asked an old man: “what became of the black people of this country? For ancient records show that the people of this country were black. What hapenned to them? ”

    “Ah,” the old man sighed. “The lost their history (identity), and so they died.”

    How long will Africans depend on the West to define their History, Identity and Lifestyle for them? Is it asking for too much when we say we want to rule our own destiny?

  116. castrate all those gay chaps in Zambia..nonsesnse..if they legalise gays ,they might as well legalise beastiality!!!

  117. 143 Jay Jay,

    Courtesy ‘of Mugabe’? Courtesy of economic sanctions which torpedoed the Zimbabwe Dollar from Jan. 1 2002 onwards, as intended.

    Zimbabwe was ‘taken out’, exactly as Greece is being taken out. Or Lehman Brothers, or Bear Stearns.

    The often used phrase ‘Mismanagement By Mugabe’ (TM) is a focus grouped campaign slogan, intended to obscure what really happened in Zimbabwe.

    So people present you with a lot of froth and anger, but equally few facts.

  118. ” where were you when your Ghadiffi was using jets and tanks to attack his people…. ”

    ‘His people’ being the ‘rebels’. Who couldn’t organize a p-up in a brewery without NATO air support, and who only excel at torturing defenseless civilians. On which the ‘western media’ is completely quiet. After all, they have their oil now. They are going to be as quiet about human rights in Libya as they are about human rights in the DRC.

    And when did he do that? Alternatively, where were you when the people of Sirte were massacred under the guidance of NATO, by elements of Al-Qaeda, monarchists, and the freaks of Misurata?

    ” Massacre of Blacks in Libya By NATO-backed Rebels Continues As World Watches “, by Milton Allimadi

  119. @147
    With you regarding the West, its a case of “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”…so where is your Arab League in regards to Syria… oh wait a minute let me see..it is just western media propaganda…everything has conspiracy theories written all-over it in your little book. I’m not that gullible that I’m spoon-fed everything by western media I do my own research thank you very much!!
    Please lets stick to the subject at hand instead of internet trolling!!!

  120. I do agree with all of the ideas you have offered to your post. They are really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for newbies. May you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

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