The Lionel Messi workout


In the last article , football workout ,i discussed a general workout for all players , more of a warm up . Today football fans can learn how to workout like ,arguable ,the best player in the world today, Barcelona’s  Lionel Messi . Messi is known for his speed ,agility ,and balance . Those are the aspects we will be working on.



“W” Run

how its done;

  • Lay 5 cones in a W shape, 10 metres across the top, and 5 metres deep.
  •  Start on the furthest left point, jog backwards to the second point, sprint to the third, jog backwards to fourth and sprint away to the right point.
  •  Wait 20 secs, then reverse.

Dead leg run

how its done;

  • Place 8 hurdles or cones in a straight line, with the final one 5m out from the end.
  •  Run down the cones, lifting one leg high over each.
  • Use a good 90-degree arm drive and push your knee high.
  •  Sprint out to the last cone, repeat with opposite leg


Horizontal hops

how its done;

  • Set out 6 cones: 3 in a straight line, at a hopping distance; then from the end, one at 9 o’clock, one at 12, one at 3, all 5m away.
  •  Hop to each cone, then sprint out to one of the final cones.
  • Walk back and alternate the hopping leg.
  •  Do 3 sets of 8 reps

Get ups

how its done;

  • This is great for leg drive. Lie on the floor (always alternate position: back, side, front, etc) count to 5, then get up as quickly as possible, then sprint 5m.
  • Perform 3 sets of 8.
  •  This trains total-body coordination.

Two footed bounds

how its done;

  • Lay out cones the same as the horizontal hops exercise, but instead of hopping, bound with two legs over the first 3, then sprint and swerve through the 9, 12 and 3 o’clock cones and back to the start.
  •  Perform 3 sets of 4


Backward lunge with side flexion

how its done;

  • Start with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and core tensed.
  • Step back into a deep lunge with right leg, extend your right arm overhead and side flex.
  •  Push back to the start with left leg.
  •  Do 8 reps of 6 each side

Shelf stacker

how its done;

  •  Reach and lunge down with both hands to the outside of your right ankle
  •  explode from there in a diagonal movement across the body, as if putting something from the floor onto a shelf.
  •  Do 15 reps on each side.

Alphabet drill

how its done;

  •  balance on your left leg.
  • Extend your right leg in front and draw the alphabet, then repeat on the other side, maintaining posture and balance the whole time.
  •  Repeat on other leg




  1. If Lionel Mess takes the World Player of The Year Award again, then the whole thing must be done away with az it will have lost significance.

  2. if you’re seen doing this today in Zambia, Tommorrow two special doctors will visit you, one from Chainama specialised in mental cases, the other from UTH specialised in born dislocation.

  3. if you’re seen doing this today in Zambia, Tommorrow two special doctors will visit you, one from Chainama specialised in mental cases, the other from UTH specialised in bone dislocation.

  4. Thats a workout every footballer does but you never see them perform like messi. A good footballer like messi is good not because of his fitness alone but how he thinks, strategizes and fluidity in football. Thats one thing most footballers lack they think being fit makes you good when good footballers spend most of their time thinking about how to play and out do their competition.African footballers are the biggest culprits we have probably the fittest players on the planet and yet when it comes to strategy it’s like headless chickens. Just look at teh ghana vs brazil game from the 2006 worldcup the ghanians were faster and fitter than the brazilians but how they lost 3-0 is pains me , I almost  threw my remote at the damn TV that day. Workout all you want but if you lack intelligence

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