Zambia exported 496,000 tonnes of maize

Workers from the Food Reserve Agency packing maize at a shed in Choma
File: Workers from the Food Reserve Agency packing maize at a shed in Choma

Zambia exported more than 496,000 tonnes of maize to its neighbours from September last year to October this year after a bumper harvest left it with a surplus of 1.6 million tonnes, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) said on today.

The maize exports went to Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Burundi and Namibia, the FRA said in a statement.

The agency said over 496,000 tonnes valued at 427 billion kwacha ($86 million) sold on the export market and that about 300,000 tonnes valued at 250 billion kwacha sold on the local market.

Total maize stocks held by the FRA by October 2011 amounted to over 1.9 million tonnes, including about 300,000 tonnes in carryover stock from the previous season, it said.

The FRA planned to sell slightly over 1 million tonnes of maize as soon as possible and use the proceeds to pay back loans the agency obtained from commercial banks, it said.

Zambia’s maize production in the 2010/2011 season was projected to rise to over 3 million tonnes from the 2.8 million tonnes produced last year, a crop forecast showed in May



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    All thanks to HE.RB we had bumper to bumbper harvests!!
    These incorrigible PF cadres can’t even handle ZESCO with the recent major blackouts.Shame PF!!!!

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    Has Sata seen this??Why was he saying amataba yaonaika and making it all look bad tekanya chimudala!! These are facts from Reuters ka

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    RB is not a god that some of you chaps think he contributed anything to the bumper harvest the country experienced last yr.All glory has to be given to the most high GOD for that harvest.You are so dull to incorporate RB in the bumper harvest.Wat were u going to say if there were no rains last season?

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    The policies that RB put in place where agriculture is concerned speak for him. He does not have to say anything. Let’s see what Sata will do since we are under the same GOD.

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    But mulifipuba imwe ba MMD and UPND supporters. You are so dumb, you behave as if you were all dropped at birth. These statistics are supposed to be given regularly so that we are informed about how much is coming from which sector and how we plan on investing the money. This is true for minerals too. The total turn around annually is supposed to be known by all. If these statistics are not made public, its very easy for the corrupt to extend their hands into the coffers. So, just by publishing the numbers, the PF govt has done extremely well because now I know that we even fed our neighbours and realised so much. Where did the money go? Is that what was used to paint the country blue by RB and his stooges actually its you # 1, 2 and 3. You are RBs bone left over chewers.

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    I have never understood why people need maize for?
    How about rice? How about potatoes
    I wonder if there is a correlation between one‘s IQ and Maize and its by product nshima
    When In Zambia I restrained to eat that mashed up hardened pudge because I didn’t think It was as healthy and certainly not as more modern as Rice.

    I would love someone to educate the some merciless people who mistakenly atone maize is anything important and I certainly would not forgive anyone who lives by maize or Nshima I don’t find them attractive at all I am afraid

    Nick thinks it weird people eat this 24/7. I don’t blame him


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      There goes Mushota the D**ck Sucker..Thinking rice is more modern than Maize..they are both grains for crying out loud.Wheen did the asians start eating rice?

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    Why is it that when I am at the office and using a Mac to post at lusakatimes it shows some wierd flag and when I am using my Ipad 2 it shows my location in glasgow. Could someone explain this?

    I find it absurd that maize, is in the forefront of news
    I want people to stop living in the past, move forward eat Nshima as a by food. It is very unhealthy and you would be damaging your health style big time.

    The look of nshima at times when my aunt made it just made me lose apetite, Its a myth and an injustice to be feeding that to people that are not as intelligent as some of us


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    Mushota, take it easy. Barrack Obama visted his grandmother in Kenya so many times before he became president of the USA. On those visits, he s seen smoking a cigarette and sitting on a stool under a grass thatched mud house. This is called humility we kapuba we. Because of that, he was respected by both black and white who voted for him in numbers thus ushering in the first black president of the USA. Can you with your cheap talk compare to him? You sound illiterate because rice and maize are the same. They are carbohydrates (starch) that are eaten in combination with other food preparations to add taste. Don’t answre back because I am older than you little girl. Grow up!

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    Good news for Zambia. I really enjoy my nshima and I am very attractive and handsome that those who eat rice want to have part of me. I get energy from the nshima and I am proud of it. You Mushota just want attention and you are so irritating and backwards.

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    People here cant get the story, In this story it means FRA can sustain itself. it made exports. actually its buying and selling business. From Farmers to export. What PF is sayin in this story is that is FRA must run independently and govt must not always come its aid. Previous gvt always gave money to FRA every year then what happens to their sale. think think

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    Rain may be there and of course God is omni present, but RB used God’s blessings to produce maize in record bumper to bumper harvests. We have yet to see others will use the same God’s blessings, not claiming credit for what other people left.

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    Ndate, its not RB of Sata who farms. Its the farmers you Mushota like thinker. If the PF have paid all the farmers in time and collected the maize to safe storage as they have done, the Farmers will do much better than when RB was President. Bushe imitwe yaya kwisa kanshi? Join PF and we shall teach you how to think.

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    Well done to HERB and his administration in turning Zambia into a regional food exporter and thereby earning the country forex. This is what is needed if we are to utilise our abundant land and water resources and make us less dependent on mining. The same, can be said about tourism but at the moment Chilufya thinks it is ok to supplement your protein intake by engaging in poaching. Apparently pf want to increase the number of bags of fertiliser handed out to peasant farmers without saying where the money will come from seeing as though the Chinese have told Chilufya and his minions that they wont allow him to implement windfall tax.

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    The price of maize meal is determined by millers at wholesale and retailers at retail price and not by FRA. For poverty to be totally eradicated a stock market for maize must be established so that the State through its proxy FRA does not determine the floor price for maize. In that way, a bumper harvest will means lower price an a famine, higher price.
    I think Mushota may have a point. Maize meal consumers have lower IQ. Look at African Americans with their corn bread and the Latinos with paela!

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    Mushota, your flag is determined by the ISP. In UK, some mobile phones are routed through Europe or Ireland.

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    GK You are there rebuking my intelligent comments and I see having joined the bandwagon of worshipping Obama, Your decision to isolate yourself from a caucasian and side with a kenyan makes you a racist to start with, and I have little time for people like you to be honest. you are worthless and you would not survive the life I have led that has seen me come here in scotland and be with the man of my dreams.I used to think that you were a big pain in the neck. Now I have a much lower opinion of you.Stop undermining me,Brains aren’t everything. In fact in your case they’re nothing
    Stop belittling me, I am 27 There is no vaccine against stupidity

    You are talking about Ndate in#15 , You have Diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas, grow up and learn from me.

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    After the death of Mushota, LT carried out a survey wishing to know the views of our bloggers and this is what they said;

    Senior Citizen…´´Mushota’s blogs reeked like pure rotten menstrual blood´´!
    MMD CHIEFBOOTLICKER…¨The fact that she came from a poor family, she always had a tragic flare for failure,really her demise is good riddance!
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    …Lusakatimes Chief Editor…´´That floozy lady going by the name of Mushota really had never been to tertiary education and beyond, she used to expose her mental mediocrity.She was a shame and a sham of a human brain´´!
    I’m glad she is gone!

    Nine Chale… ´´Mushota used to waste her online time by writing assumptuous rubbish that is non progressive and provocative in an irritatingly joking manner.
    She should have listened to Gaddafi but then again dead men tell no tales! She was rash and rush in tongue while slow in intellect.I at one point in time thought that she had ALZHIEMER Disease!´…

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    …Yhaki Khadafi…Mushota had oral diarrhea,her reasoning lacked the most minimal principle of understanding issues,used to think using her black ********.
    No blogger worth their salt on Lusakatimes would tolerate her.

    Luciferous Calyptus…´´I have never witnessed such manner of flawed thinking like Mushota showed on LT?She puked such intellectually bankrupt verbature like she had TOURETTE´S syndrome´´!

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    Thanks, amazing that one learns even amasing as much education as I have.Well I dont know why as big a company as I work for , they would obtain an ISP from a diabolical country such as ukraine, but then again lets be honest. I hate countries that are very cold and Ukrainians having belonged to the Soviet Unions are the most racist bunch I have ever come across.

    I have had the terrible unpleasure of saying hello to some Russians on some first class business trips and they have never bothered to even say hello.

    I wonder why


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      @ Mushota,

      Where have you had the chance to meet Ukrainians, Russians etc. on the corner of Addis Ababa Rd.???
      And you wonder why ppl don’t say “hello” to you?! Look in the mirror sometimes. I notice you are very egoistic and full of you yourself, what do those Scottish feed you with, I know dog food has lots of proteins, but don’t eat nyshima because maybe your ISP will show Zambia and you are truly not one.

      ewe futcek gold digger

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    We have ready market in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The GVT must sell another 800000 tonnes and FRA must start to be self sustaining. This is big bussiness Where the GVT can be making profit and support farmers in various fields. But no crops should go to waste.

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    Let me start by introducing myself,I´m Mushota´s uncle.
    After her death on 7.11 2011,it was found that she used to live in Dambwa North Livingstone where she met Nick.Time and agin she had an insatiable desire to go to Glasgow,so Nick made her have sex with dogs atleast thrice a day,that explains her relationship with Nick.Moreover,her disturbing behaviour can be attributed to the fact that her mom had anal sex with a man from the former Zaire and to her surprise she fell pregnant,matter of fact,her mom had menstruation during her pregnancy…a disturbing occurence that explains Mushota´s Tourette´s syndrome.
    From onwards I Chota will be briefing you on the real Mushota.

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    LT would you censure this execuse of a human being #25. There is no room for such insults and please delete that comment. He is so desperate, for attention its unreal.

    I usually dont comment on people that have nothing to offer and constantly keep exposing themselves tih as much drivel as this scumbag


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    Any view, opinion or information submitted in the comments is the sole responsibility of the respective contributor or visitor to the site.They do not in any way represent the views of and LT cannot be held responsible.


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    I see You are ‘chief chef editor’ then of LT? What have you cooked?

    Go away you parasite, you come out as desperate and I shall not respond to you dispicable selfish human biological mistake.

    Ekkymowl like you have no reason to breath. Your yardstick of measurement you are trying to use against is too far fetched you are wasting your time. You are a sewer rat, I am probably being unfair to sewer rats because they live for a purpose and i dont think you are as useful as they are, judging from your attentive cap locks on your keyboard, you keyboard warrior


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    Could someone confirm that Albidon are being shut tomorrow?

    I have reliable information that the Chinese are selling it to an Australian company and most of the employees will be made redundant

    Horrible news my first boyfriend works there


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    i love you mushota.pipo are jealous of your accomplishments. keep the same spirit of posting without you LT could be a dull site to visit. lol

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    Lifting that big bag on the head teti umukoshi wa ingila mukati. Jesus Christ. And you people why not leave Mushota alone and let her post as she wishes. It is a free blog. If you think you are better than Mushota then show that not bad language yaba

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    I doubt if we will ever have another bumper harvest in Zambia. Soon we will start importing yellow maize or getting it as humanitarian aid with these kaponyaz we have who has no idea of how an economy should be run. I forsee the worst budget in the zed history,come friday. RB was a Man,see the exports Data?

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    I didn’t know we have made so much money. But where does it go anyways. Zambia is a very rich country, but look at the fellas in the picture lifting those heavy bags – no wheel borrows and ask them how much their pay is.

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    Good evening

    These are very good numbers. We anticipate another bumper harvest next year and hope the current leadership maintains favourable policies so that we can continue to feed the entire nation and export a surplus to our neighbours at the same time.

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    @MUSHOTA- This is Chess not Checkers, these are warning shots, after your next comments I give you what I got! I will wipe your mediocrity out of this blog.

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    @Njombwinjo- You seem to be a confused individual. Black outs are due to expansion works at Kariba and will stop in 2013. Whoever calls RB ‘his excellency’ is deluded. RB is a careless rat who served less than a term. He said, ‘I just want to finish Mwanawasa’s term’, we helped him keep his word!

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    I understand Zimbabwe has not paid for that maize, FRA can you clarify this matter. Mugabe got the maize on credit and he has not paid. All this is RB’s ?

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    Please Mushota i would like to learn from you, i am your follower, please be my teacher, and infact i also wanted to make sure that i mention that you are very pretty and intelligent and i like everything that you write. May you please be my teacher?

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    Am not surprised we only export to countries in the neighbourhood of zambia.The poor maize storage and handling where some storage “silos” are out in the open would rule out exports to countries with higher demands on hygeine standards.FRA with all its money still stores maize outside open to rodents,humidity and to be tampered with by any ill intentioned thug.Food for human consumption should be handled better and its amazing that we don’t get sick.

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    No 41 I am flattered to hear that. however I have to decline your trap Invitation just came back home, switched on lights (unlike in Zambia where there is a black-out) I have quickly taken a shower and made some soup for Nick who is not yet here for some strange reason, I wonder where he is
    I quickly spread my legs on the £3000 sofa we had bought from DFS on new’year sale on the 2nd of January. Lazy as i look I am flicking through sky and I come here and post a quick comment before i sit in my lazy chairNow that is life, no what people are leading there in Zambia I am afraid. By the way I am told its very restrictive of people to come here now, I guess a lot of people missed out, sorry some of us by virtue of divine intervention we are here. Isn’t that how life should be?Thanks

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    Fellow bloggers please, be informrd that the real Mushota died.Postings on 28 and 29 are fake.How can you be so amoral….I mean appeasing some bloggers here and at he same time hurting Mushota´s family by pretending to be her when you are not, Everyone knows she died in a car accident.Matter of fact ,Nick,her boyfriend is seriously admitted in the hospital.Please show some respect,if it´s not for her (Mushota) atleast for the family.That´s all we are asking for….is that too much to ask?
    Chota,Mushota´s uncle.

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    FLOOZY LADY!!!!!!!!!!

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    There was no Bumper Harvest and selling Corn to other Countries is a Joke.This forum has dumb heads men and women with a low IQ

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    LT web editors, please do something about people like Mushota who bring nothing but personal attack comments to to your blogs. I started coming to this site to read news articles and intelligent input in the way of comments by my fellow Zambians. Now we get people like this Mushota lady who wants to talk about her personal life hence generating abuse from other bloggers which just completely diverts us from talking about real things that are affecting Zambians. LT if you value your website you will controll the blogs coming from Mushota and others who use this website to seek attention. If you don’t it will become trash like K360.

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    Well done “Zambian Farmers” and the good MMD agriculture policies. I hope the new Kaponyas’ government will maintain these policies so that our ever harding working farmers can produce even more to feed half of the continent. Again well done MMD and RB, we miss you as we go through all these confusions brought about by PF who according to Kabimba are still in shock at having won the elections, hence the many mistakes they are making. God, they cant even appoint a PS without making stupid mistakes.

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    Producing for export is one way of creating more money in pocket. I the budget can be tilted towards infrastructure development then we will enhance production in the country

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    Mushota, we kapuba we. 27 and you think you are old? Bushe, the primitive things that you write here, do you think we ae happy as Zambians that we have produced a lankhead like you? Obama is man to admire, you little twep. He has principles and that does not make me a racist in anyway. Obama belongs to both black and white except that our genes are more dominant whenever we bear children with white people. Even you, your children if ever you will have some with Nickellodion, will be black. Ngaba Boyfriend abo ku Albidon mine, nabo balekubombelako inchito? Iyo, ulimukali boyi. Why don’t I work for you too?

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    Great news MMD. Once again we have shown what kind of a govt you where. Zambia will never have such great president in the near future. The current one is a disasier.

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    Mushota my friend . Udyela mwandi,,, back home there is circus of Govt. To my suprise it has become difficult to differentiate between kaponya and so called learned.. When they support PF and Cobra discission.. its a shame… Imagine porching has been indirectly lebralized…PF cadre beat up colleagues to near death (its on camera) the president pardon them to be heroes.. Yet the guys where trying to advise the president about pact which sata later adopted the advise..William BAnda.. hasn’t beaten anyone yet he is being persecuted …its a game pack back home my girl

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    I agree with Mushota at #26, #25 is just too much. Mushota irritates but she does not insult. plse spare her, she adds more life to this blog. Lets debate issues and accormodate people like her.

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    follow the story and contribute to the story positively than commenting on this Mushota issue. to be honest, am happy that maybe the mealie-meal i bought yesterday, maybe its the maize from Zambia. i have just heard from the news that Zambia is still exporting the grain to RSA, Zambian farmers please keep it up

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    @ 9 & 10 Mushota, Well may be if you may explain what a Mac is, as not everyone may know what you are talking about. What do you have a Mac book Pro or Air?? Also upgrade your I pad to Ipad2??? You seem to live in past as well.
    With regards to Maize, I am sure you were a fat chubby baby because of porridge from Maize. Come on; don’t know what we use maize for other products like cooking oil that you use to Fry your bacons???
    You are such an Entertainer we need to give you an award. Please disclose your name.

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    FRA?? That bag of Maize looks heavy on that Youngman; don’t you have electric loaders which corporatives used to have in 80s and 90s?? This is why people die back home. Just two days ago we had those two workers killed by glass sheets. The guy carrying the bag looks an underage, this is child labor.

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    Kamukati said it like a true zambia it made me laugh ” I really enjoy my nshima and I am very attractive and handsome that those who eat rice want to have part of me. I get energy from the nshima and I am proud of it”

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    What bumper harvest when thousands of Zambians are starving in many parts of the country while some can only afford a meal per day!

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    @ 67 ,maize is not free unless your growing it yourself even it’ll still cost you some money, thou i believe the state shoud had out some of extra maize to the poorest 

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